Closing in on a sweep in Bird-land

Talk about a get-well weekend for the offense. John Smoltz and Clay Buchholz have both had starts they’d like to forget, but it appears as though the Sox will still give the Orioles the broom treatment.

The one night the offense didn’t cash in a lot, they didn’t need to, because Beckett was Beckett again.

Remember all that panic a week ago? It didn’t take long for the Red Sox to get their swagger back. Everything that Victor Martinez hits is hard. Mike Lowell continues to look great when rested. Youkilis and Ellsbury are more scorching than the Baltimore weather.

Six big games coming up, two at Tampa Bay and four in the Bronx. The Red Sox are going into it with a nice wave of momentum.


Sox bats are alive and well but the starting pitching still concerns me. Nothing has changed my mind after seeing Smoltz and Buchholz struggle and struggle is a kind word to use.

The brooms are out in Baltimore!

You are right to be concerned about the pitching, Brian. Adam Jones (not Pac-Man) HR just demo’ed that again!:/ GO SOX!

I still say there is a need for Clay but I can’t figure out his utter incompetence today. I mean he’s making an utter fool of himself. This after complaining about not being in the majors.
Meanwhile, Masterson is gone. I can’t figure this out.

The only way I can figure that, Dave, is that Cleveland did not want Buch for V-Mart–they wanted Justin. So we made the deal. Toronto reportedly wanted Buch, so Theo kept Buch in reserve for a Halladay trade. Sometimes that’s the way you have to work it to get prospective deals done. It’s business, pure and simple.

You’re right Greg. So far our trade has been great but what a shame to lose Masterson. I would have loved to lose Delcarman. A terrific arm and very inconsistent.

Opps!! Thanks Greg!!!

So – I think we better score a few more runs. Does not seem like our pitchers want to win today!

I agree wholeheartedly about Masterson, Dave. Cleveland was right to want him! I agree–Masterson should be special, in the not too distant future!

Hey Julia. Blow out today on both sides. Clay must feel utterly humiliated.

Sure does seem that way, Julia!:/ GO SOX!

Okay – I did not see who did it – but one of the Red SOx have put a bubblegum bubble on George Kottaras’s hat and he didn’t know for several minutes that it was there! VERY funny!!!

Nice job Jacoby! Let’s get some more runs! Leading by a TD is too tight for our BP! (?):/

They did the same thing to Dice-K at least once last year, also, Julia! It is a riot!πŸ™‚

Smoltz & Beckett responsible for the bubble!

This is a crazy game Dave! Buchholz gets no decision and we scored 14 runs!!!

Get em in V-MART! GO SOX!

I don’t remember seeing it last year Greg. Nick Green was losing it – he was laughing so hard.

Hey – there are dark clouds heading into Camden Yards. We might be in luck and have the game called because of weather!

4 hits for V-Mart! Talk about a good pick up.

More action in the O’s pen

WAY TO GO, V-MART! (This is why we traded for him, Dave! Not to mention that he can be a catcher!) GO SOX!

OK Julia and Greg…this is just getting shameful. It’s like a Sunday softball game between two teams.

That’s another way to score runs!

I have the WS 07 video Julia (Sorry, it was 07 I was thinking of!), and they show Dice-K with the bubble on his cap, and he’s looking around–“Who did that?” It’s a riot!

As long as we win, Dave, I’ll take it! GO SOX!

Greg, Jason Bay had that same streak…and now?

Score that play – 6-3-4-6

Strange. V-Mart wanted NOTHING to do with it!!!

I see the optimist has resurfaced! J-Bay will pull out of it, and V-Mart will encounter it. It is the nature of the game, Dave. I am not concerned about that–and neither one is Gag-Me!

Dave – other then wanting the game to end – why do the O’s keep bringing in pichers? They are wearing out their pen!

Greg — good point about that. Anything is better than Gag-Me!
Julia — Let’s hope the Orioles have the day off tomorrow (LOL)

Perspective, Dave, it’s all about perspective–short and long term!

White Sox need to get a rally going. Go White Sox (LOL)

Greg and Julia,
I’m going to make a prediction here…I think that the Oreo’s don’t have a great opportunity for a World Series Title this year…but I could be wrong (LOL)

Come on, DelCarmen! We need you to continue being Dr. Feelgood! We need some long relief today (and the large lead SHOULD help!)–get it DONE! GO SOX!

Greg — excellent point. I guess it doesn’t make sense to me why we pay boatloads of money for players who don’t ever justify the salary.

YES!! We all have to be White Sox fans so the Yankees can remain winless against a team with “Sox” in their name!

Delcarman’s one great headache is finding the strike zone. It’s always been his weakness.

Way to go out on a limb there Dave! You didn’t bring your saw, did you?πŸ˜‰

I never feel warm and fuzzy when Delcarmen is in.

30 years ago today Thurman Munson was killed in a plane crash.

And we are concerned that a 9 run lead isn’t enough. That’s just wrong!!

EVERY player, even the league minimum, is a boatload of money, Dave, compared to what we ordinary peons get paid. These large salaries are all a matter of scale, and “keeping up with the Joneses”. That ship sailed a long time ago, whether we like it or not. It’s the poor (literally!) guys in the minors that get hosed!

They are showing on NESN – some little boy who has been asleep most of the game. Must be an O’s fan.

Have I mentioned how mush I DON’T like Markakis???

Julia, you are welcome to make “mush” our of Markakis anytime!πŸ˜‰
And what was that you were saying about being concerned when we have a large lead?! SIGH! 2 more runs! GET THIS GAME OVERWITH, SOX! LET’S GO!


And Dave – have the O’s been eliminated from the playoffs yet?? LOL!!!

Cheers Julia.


Like I said earlier, they always find the one who is yawning! Hmmm!…

Okay – I am going to take my youngest son out to dinner in a bit – I’ll check back later – PLEASE!! Cheer them to a win!!!!

Tough play to make, even if that had been fielded. Finish the inning, Ramon! GO SOX!

Saito warming up. Oh yay.

J.D. Loser,
I don`t see why Boston puts up with J.D. cry`s all the time Drew. This guy get`s a hang nail and he sit`s for days. I`m glad he is the Boston`s pain the backside. I sure know that he isn`t worth the time spent on baby sitting. Boston is a great team and they deserve better than J.D.

True enough, MRowe–we’ve been saying so for a while now. We just hope Reddick pans out so that Drew can move on!…

Par for the course with Roberts.:/ Get the last out, Ramon!

Good, got the inning overwith. Now, can we do the same thing in the final 2 innings, preferably with no more runs scored???!! GO SOX!

Dave called this slow-pitch softball earlier, Garry! True enough!

And the posting out of order resumes!…

Good job Dustin! Let’s get another rally going! GO SOX!

Nice running, DUSTIN! GO SOX!
Slow pitch softball, it is!

There are some who would call this baseball…… but it looks more like slow pitch softball to me with the way these guys are banging the ball around the park. Well, I guess it’s a good game for hitters to pad the old numbers. The pitching is going to have to be better than this over the next six games.


Not only the next 6 games but the remainder of the season. I have said this several times on here… after Beckett and Lester there isn’t much left in this rotation. There must be a starter that steps up and becomes the #3 starter. Right now that pitcher doesn’t exist. Penny has lots of talent but he can’t get past the 6th inning and has been consisent. Also Penny has a track record of tiring in the second-half. Buchholz has looked o.k. in (2) starts but other than that, not impressed. He is a very young arm in a rotation and he’ll have his ups and downs. Smoltz is trying to work himself in but the results haven’t been there….yet. I still have hope ( some confidence ) that Smoltz will get his act together. Smoltz might make an impact in the pen, we’ll see. Wakefield was solid in the 1st half but he has been known to tire in the 2nd half…maybe this break will help Wakefield.

I thought I was watching the Sox and O’s, not the Pats and Ravens. Then again if it was the Pats playing, they would have 30 or more on the board. Looking forward to that happening this season but first things first…Let’s go Red Sox!

17-10, so we have a football score again! Hmmm!…
Yankees were leading 7-5 in the 9th.

Rays lost to KC, 4-1.

So we CAN get Adam Jones out! Let’s see if Markakis follows suit!

We did it! We got Markakis out! Progress!

LONNNNG fly out there, but a 1-2-3 inning nonetheless! Finish the game, Sox! LET’S GO!

Nice job, Rocco! GO SOX!

Nice job Jed! Let’s shoot for 20!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

No go on the White Sox, Julia. 8–5 Yankees.:/

Interesting way to get the final out. That’s why you hustle out of the box, guys!
18-10. Not pretty, but we FINALLY got it done! GO SOX!

Sox have finished the easy games. Tampa Bay and the Yanks will decide if the Sox go to the playoffs. They could easily have it either way. They are in good shape but pitching is an issue. Going to be very tough games ahead. Good luck Boston.

I like to LOOK at Markaikis!!!


Does Markakis like to look at you??? Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmm. lol.

I guess it was too much to ask the White Sox to beat the Yankees 4 games in a row! And did I read correctly above? We FINALLY got Markakis out! WHOOO HOOOOO!!

I have never sat through a game before where we scored 18 runs and I was worried that we would LOSE!! ugh! Hopefully the day off tomorrow won’t hurt our momentum.

You will NOT believe this stat!

Carl Pavano is 9-8 for the Indians and has thrown 125.2 innings. He was 9-8 in four years for the Yankees and threw 145.2 innings.

Actually, yes Julia, I do believe that stat on Pavano! That’s why they could not wait to unload him!

Now that we are playing the Rays next, Ginny, are you going to join us again?πŸ™‚

That would be just in time for the Rays series, Julia!πŸ™‚

Ginny has been away at her parents this past week and they don’t have high-speed internet access. I think goes home tomorrow Greg.

Hey! Ellenc!

I’d like looking at Nick Markakis as well, in a Sox uniform in the outfield! Do you think the O’s might ever get tired of honoring Markakis’ 6 year deal for $66 Mil?

Hey! Julia! and Greg!

Every time I think about the way the Yanks dumped Carl Pavano as soon as they could, I wonder what Johnny D was on when he tried to suggest that the Yanks are so much more empathetic toward their players than the Sox are. Doesn’t he remember his former teammates Carl Pavano, Bobby Abreu, Doug Mientkiewicz, Mike Myers, Kei Igawa and Jason Giambi? Was he not listening when the Yanks forced long-time contributor and major championship contributor Andy Petitte to take a major salary reduction in the off-season. Doesn’t he recognize that he and Hideki Matsui are soon to be ballast off the Good Shop Yankees?

Now don’t get me wrong, I respect their right to make business decisions favorable to their team, the same way the Sox do. However, judging the Yanks by the way they treat contuiningly productive players like Derek Jeter is like saying the Sox treat their players well in light of the acceptable extensions they have given to Big Papi, Beckett, Youk and Jon L.

To say the least, I find Johnny D’s apologist defense of the Yanks annoying. He’s been with them a total of what…4 years…leaving the Sox to cash in on an opportunity to make more money…no more…no less. Now he wants to deify the Yankees and demonize the Sox simply because the Yanks gave him more money than the Sox chose to.

I’m sorry, but I’m going to chuckle when he’s playing left field for the Royals next year for half of what they were paying him when he first jumped ship. What goes around comes around!!!!!

Alright Gentleman, Time to pick it up a notch!!

I heard about this just this morning…. I had not heard anything about this before.. Surprising 2 ways… that it happened and that it is Remy’s son… baaaad

BOSTON (AP)?A Boston newspaper is reporting the Red Sox fired two security staffers last summer after an investigation into steroid use.

Jared Remy, the son of Red Sox television commentator Jerry Remy, and Nicholas Alex Cyr both told the Boston Globe they used steroids, but denied any knowledge of drug use by players.

The Red Sox issued a statement saying they worked with Major League Baseball in investigating the staffers, but said that investigation is confidential. Major League Baseball said its investigation was ?thorough and detailed.?

The Globe says state police confiscated a vial of steroids from Cyr?s car just before last year?s All-Star break and Cyr told police he had bought the drug from Remy.

that was from July 31 Boston Globe

Dont forget that in the 4 years with the Yankees he was on the DL how may of those years… Seems that considering the Yankee years, he’s turning his career around… lol

Dbenj: I am aware that he is a really good player but I hope that you and I like LOOKING at Markaikis for different reasons!!!! lol

Dbenj: I think that you are right… Don’t alot of players go “home” for their final seasons, ala Griffey??? I believe that “johnny what’s-his-name” started in Kansas City…

the DL comment was regarding Pavano

and Brian: Unless Markaikis is into looking at ~not really ugly 50 year old women~ my guess would be …. NOT!!!

I saw that item about Remy’s son also. BAD NEWS INDEED! I hope that did not contribute to Rem-Dawg’s health issues!:/

I t couldnt have been good for him!! But I think that all happened in the summer of 08 before he was diagnosed (just thinking about when they announced that Remy was undergoing treatment)

Hey, St. Louis Cardinals are bragging about their recent offensive upgrades (including Matt Halladay and our Julio Lugo) and are now claiming they are the team to be in NL central. So Matt, I wish we had too… but mentioning Lugo as an offensive upgrade, just proves that it was Dave’s and Ellen’s vodoo dolls and pins all along!!!! We apparently had a star in our midst, and couldn’t realize if for 2.5 years.

who me…? voodoo dolls… lol…
Apparently Matt Holliday was either bored to tears and head and shoulders above the other players at Oakland talent wise or very unhappy with his situation there, because he is tearing the cover off theball AGAIN>>> it appears at his point that they ARE the team to beat period…

The Dodgers might have something to say about St. Louis’ WS chances, at least if Zazu/ Mr. Mom doesn’t go on “maternity leave” again!:/ But St. Louis is looking good right now!

Ellen – that news just broke the other day in Boston. There was no word of it when it happened. I’m really sorry that one of the guys was Jerry Remy’s son. It had to hurt him – and we need to hear about this months later why? To sell news!!

Don’t forget how the Yanks treated Joe Torre either….what a way to go out the door after everything he did there….

I am wondering if Francona knows that Kotchman is hitting .320 after the All-Star break, and Varitek is hitting .200.
C V-Mart
1B Kotchman
3B Youk
DH Ortiz
against rigthties
C- Varitek
1B- Youk
against Lefties

I know eveyone is talking about Masterson, but the one that really hurt was Haggadone. After last years TJ surgery, I read that he was hitting 97 on the gun. Nasty lefties are hard to find.
He was Linecum’s teamate in college, and Lincecum said he has nasty stuff. Hope this dont bite us in the butt.

rooster: I like your lefty/righty lineup. The essence is V-Mart has to play everyday. With V-Mart in the lineup, he can effectively negate JBay’s prolonged slump. What a potent lineup would be if Bay’s bat awakes!
Did anyone watch Msterson’s debut with the Indians the other day. It is strange to see Masterson in a different uniform and in his usual long socks. Masterson pitched 3 scoreless innings. Masterson is far better pitcher than Buchholz. Shapiro is not stupid, the Sox have to give up quality to acquire V-Mart. Hope the trade will prove to be beneficial to both team.

Hey everyone,
After reading today’s article, I was a little more able to deal with Martinez. Giving up Masterson killed me. Not only was he a fantastic arm but he’s also a great guy. To see him go felt awful.
Having said that, Martinez can help out first base, catcher and DH and that’s three positions and therefore he’s the bandage the Sox have desperately needed.
Having said that, it is obvious that we have a SERIOUS issue with starting pitching. Dice-K is whining himself to a season off, Smotz has not found his groove and Penny, despite tremendous effort is throwing softballs at batters (not velocity but location). That leaves Clay and he’s starting to look like a rookie that belongs back in the minors. He can’t face Baltimore? That’s scary. Now if Tim Wakefield comes back and back strong he’s going to save our team. That’s a problem though. Tim has his off days and you can’t have those in the World Series.
In the end, Martinez may be a great bandage that still sends the Sox home in the fall if they can’t get their starting pitching in order.

Yea, you can win in the post season with two lights-out SPs (2001 Arizona DiamondBacks Schilling/Johnson), but you can’t make it to the play-offs winning 2/5, especially in this division. Dice-K and/or Wakefield need to fulfill their spots in our rotation, or we may not get the chance.

We had our chance to build a sizable lead during the soft part of of our schedule that lasted over a month, and of course, everyone went into a slump and we actually lost ground, and gave up our lead. So now we have to close the hard way.

Rooster7, I like your LH/RH matchup entry also, with one possible exception. I am not confident yet that Papi has righted his ship, so I would want Lowell to do a lot of the DHing. He is, after all, one of the few consistently producing bats in the lineup, and DHing would help rest his hip. We don’t want to subtract his bat while we’re adding another!
Haggadone may indeed be a player that we’ll wish we had back, but I am willing to live with that, the same way I am willing to live with giving up Hanley Ramirez for Beckett and Lowell. That trade has benefitted both teams, and if Haggadone, let alone Masterson, benefits Cleveland, good for him (and them). But I am willing to live with that. Many have wanted to have Tek move on, and have a newer catcher take over. We have that now, if we don’t let him get away via FA (a la Orlando Cabrera–not one of Theo’s better moves!), at least until Kot and/or Exposito emerge and mature. I hope we don’t screw THAT up, or we WILL wish we had Masterson and Haggadone back!

Greg: If V-Mart continues his hard hitting, Theo will not let him get away via FA. I don’t think Theo rented V-Mart for 1 year and 2 months giving up Masterson, Hagadone, and Price.
Pending the outcome of the TB series, I think Sox should recall Bowder to pitch against the Yanks on Thursday. Smoltz can conceivably steal the win with enough run support. Can the Sox score many runs against Joba Chamberlain? Cam V-Mart make the difference in offense?

Ordinarily, Andy, I would have agreed with you about V-Mart not getting away via FA, but after Cabrera and or SS fiascos, I have to see it to believe it.

Evening everyone.. I, for one, would like to see both JBay (I think that he will come to see he’s not worth the money that JD wasnt worth..) and Martinez wrapped up.
The Yankees are up against that buzz saw otherwise knwon as Doc Halladay… They have Pettite going.. Come on ROY BOY>>> treat the Yankees like your boy toy!!!

Hi All!

The lineups for tonight are:

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, 1B
4. Kevin Youkils, 3B
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. J.D. Drew, RF
7. Jason Varitek, C
8. Josh Reddick, LF
9. Nick Green, SS
— Jon Lester, SP


1. Jason Bartlett, SS
2. Carl Crawford, LF
3. Evan Longoria, 3B
4. Ben zobrist, 2B,
5. Willy Aybar, DH,
6. Carlos Pena, 1B
7. B.J. Upton, CF
8. Dioner Navarro, C
9. Gabe Kapler, RF
— Matt Garza, SP

Sorry everyone, but I don’t have a good feeling at all about this series with the Rays/Yanks and even this entire month. Have you looked at our schedule for August? Garza has been so tough on us, we have to answer. But if Lester does not take this game one, we could easily go 2-4 or even 1-5 over the next six games. I fear the best we will do is 3-3, then there is the rest of the month — with no breathers anywhere. The way Smoltz, Penny, and Buckholtz are pitching, it looks pretty grim. This is month to bury the SOX (for our opponents). A couple of 2 for 5 cycles in August, and we might be watching come October. I think this is a critical month for us to stay in the running, with hopes of run in September, with Dice-K and/or Wake. We are not going to get there playing 500 ball or even worse 2 for 5. I don’t see the bottom of our rotation delivering — where did the premier pitching depth in suddenly MLB go? I still think we could take a series with Lester/Beckett, but getting there is going to be a big problem, unless some other SP steps up NOW.

… and I’m praying that our bats stay HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

Let’s GO RED SOX!!!! I wish we were playing anywhere but the Trop today – BUT I HAVE FAITH!!!!


GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DGN: PLease don’t be so positive, you could be in for a letdown if you keep up the Pollyana attitude…lol.. OH and take off my rose colored glasses…
go sox!

We need to hit Garza early and often!! V-Mart has good numbers against him – I hope they continue!


Even Mauer cant throw out Crawford// Brian thats who I wanted from your team!!

Just great – The Yankees already have 2 in the first inning off of Doc.

Now Lester is shook..Calm down buddy!! Come on FOCUS… you already have 2k’s make it 3 with no score!!!!

Crawford! grrrrr…….

I HATE playing in the Trop!!!

Hey all!! Ready for the game???

The Sox are going to crush all opposition this month!! They are just coming off a BAD slump and their pitching will come together, Schmoltz and Penny will live up to expectations and fine-tune their stuff. Dice-K hopefully comes back in Sept for his final run and curtain call with the Sox. Buchholz emerges as a stud–well, I can dream– and Bard and the bullpen kick a-$!!! Let’s go Sox, make us proud; the dark times are behind you! GO GO GO !!!!!!!!!

One thing I like about being a Sox fan is that I can indulge my pessimistic side to no end and fit right in, or I can put on Ellen’s rose glasses and fit right in.
I love being a Sox fan.

Good Job John… You held them to NOTHING!!!! and got 3 k’s……. NOW COME ON BATS!!!!!

Arnie – I like your thoughts and I’m going with them!!! LOL!!!

So far so good for Lester!!!


So glad we “held Crawford on there”……NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LESTER!!! Just get him out!!!!

Okay – you got out of that Lester!



YOUK!!!! And the fun continues! Red Sox up 1-0!!

And Drew struck out…..sigh… least it was swinging.


I’d like to stuff that cowbell up ……………………..

I’m with you Ellen!

We need to HOLD them Lester!!!!

I’m at work so I cannot watch the game, but I like to check in on the comments here. Julia, your comment on Drew “at least it was swinging” made me laugh. I think he leads the Sox in K’s looking. But if a pitcher makes a mistake with a pitch over the plate on a day JD feels like swinging the bat watch out!

Cmon Sox!!!!

new thread!!

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