Another tropical, er, Tropicana night

Here at the Trop. Where are all of you on this nice summer night?

Just to give you a quick update, Tim Wakefield’s back and shoulder feel great, but his calf has been stiff, very stiff. Seems to be a nerve issue. That said, the knuckleballer is doing better than a few days ago, and could throw a side session tomorrow.

Dice-K will throw his first side since going on the DL next week, either Tuesday or Wednesday. You won’t see the Dice Man pitch for the Sox until September.

Still nothing on the David Ortiz situation, as the slugger is waiting for the Players Association to get his test results from the Federal Government to figure out exactly what he tested positive for in 2003.


Lester is looking a little shaky tonight.

Hey – don’t you be hitting Nick Green!!! Grrrr

COME ON PEDEY!!! You can do it!!!

COME ON V-Mart! Bring them HOME!!!

Ooooooh!!! Leading Off for Brownie Points: ELLEN CULLUM

Ellen, from the previous thread — sorry about that — next time I will try to tone down my confidence a bitπŸ™‚

e more patience at the plate than I’ve seen in months.. good for US!

GRACIOUS! It took a year and a half (in dog years anyway!) to log on to this bloody system! Sir Fearless Leader, you have your work cut out for you! This thing SUCKS!
40-some pitches in 2+ innings for Lester? NOT GOOD! Good thing there is a SO going!
You guys can HAVE the Paul McCartney concert! One thing I won’t miss at all..
How is everyone tonight?

I’m with you, Ellen–put those cowbells up someone’s…(Are you listening, Ginny?!)
2 more LOB! SIGH! GO SOX!

Dice-K is warming up in side sessions! Oh, YAY!:/

not e more!!
Thats ok Dave.. we all need to vent every once in a while!!!
Has anyone ever typed out a word, and you know you’ve spelled it correctly but it just doewsnt look right, so you search your brain to find a synonym and use it instead of maybe being wrong???

Way to go YOUK! (From the 2nd inning!) 1-2-3 inning, Lester! Let’s GO! GO SOX!

Hi Greg! Perhaps we can all join together and so the Rays fans what they can do with the cowbells!πŸ˜‰

I think the next time TB comes to Fenway we ought to give everyone an air horn AND a cowbelll… REALLY SCREW THEM UP

Here’s a thought: How good is V-Mart at throwing out runners as a catcher? (But I can hope!…)


Actually Greg – I thought I had read that he isn’t that good at throwing out runners.

Ellen – I will stand outside Fenway and handout the air horns!!!

Nice job, Reddick! One more, Jon! GO SOX!
Ellen, I hear you on word selection; I know I’ve spelled a word right (I am a good speller, when I’m not typing…) but it is often not the word I really want to use!
Is anyone else having posting problems also? SNARL!

Youk just keeps getting on!!!

Okay – NOW I can even POST comments! I am going to look at other options for us!!

No Greg – I would NOT go inside – I promise! But this noise is Tampa is AWFUL!!!

OK, Youk! Another HR, please! GO SOX!

Well, so much for that, then! V-Mart will just fit in with everyone else here!

OK, Papi! Get on base! GO SOX!

Par for the course for Papi (?!):/ GO SOX!

Is Julia trying to find her way back into Fenway again, to see another game?πŸ˜‰
Good job, JD! Get em HOME, now! GO SOX!

My gripe of the day/night. I am not a fan of (2) game series.

Garza is doing his usual against Boston. He has given the Red Sox fits!

Boston needs to take advantage of that GIFT!

Pena has a hole in his swing, now he has a hole in his glove! Pena won the gold glove at first base last year, this year in 2009 he has 9 errors. Youkilis or Texeria should win the gold glove this year.

Let’s go Tek!

Not so much there, Tek!:/ GO SOX!

Brian, I don’t think Youk will have a shot at the Gold Glove this year because he will have played too many games at third. Along those lines, Victor Martinez is certainly not a Gold Glove first baseman. He about as big a clutz around the bag as I’ve ever seen in his first few games with the Sox.

I don’t like these 2-game series at all, either, Brian!
Got a tomato you can sent toward the Trop?πŸ˜‰

A short inning would help you, Jon! Good idea! GO SOX!

6 K’s! That works! Makes the higher pitch counts worthwhile!

Nice work Jon! 7 K’s! GO SOX! Get some RUNS for Jon!

Lester is looking stellar!

2 H for each team, eh! Both must be getting a lot of BBs or 3-2 counts, since both have that many pitches, with that few hits.
5 K’s for Garza, I guess I just confirmed my theory…

I think Garry is right about Youk not so likely to win the Gold Glove.

The Rays are single-handedly making the SB relevant (and the Red Sox are helping them…).

Let’s hope Lester can keep it up this inning!

I would prefer to see Lowrie at s.s. than Green. Right now Green is not hitting and when he isn’t hitting, go with the guy that has a better glove and that guy is Lowrie. Also you put another lefty in the lineup against a pitcher that has given your team problems over the last year or so.

OK, Jon! 1-2-3- inning! Let’s GO! GO SOX!

If we’re choosing between Lowrie and Green, I agree with you, Brian. Can we see what’s behind Door Number 3 though?:/

Keep it up, Jon! GO SOX!


Palmeiro won the gold gove at first one year and he was the D.H. all season. I wouldn’t disagree about the number of games played for Youkilis, that would be an excuse to give it to Texeria. The N.Y. media would make sure of that.

Is Ginny thinking about stopping by, Julia? She can leave behind the cowbell…

The last Red Sox player to have a 5 hit game for the Red Sox before V-Mart on Sunday – LUGO!!! No Red Sox batter has done it before. According to Donny-O

Yea, the umps almost cost us that inning — not getting to watch the whole game — is he consistently bad? not calling strikes for Garza as well?

So I understand from the AFLAC Trivia, Julia. LugNuts did something right? Hmmm….

Leave it to Gabe Kap…Get the last out, Jon! GO SOX!


I think door #3 will be Jack Wilson during the off-season. I’m with you, I think door #3 would be the way to go.

I just had an email from her – she can’t get the game on TV but she might check in. She just got back from vacation.

Let’s hope so, Brian!…

Come on back, Wake! We’re gonna need ya! GO SOX!

Over the weekend, we saw some of the best home plate umpiring of the season. I thought all three of those guys did a good job. Tonight, we’re right back to a bozo who can’t see the strike zone. So far, it hasn’t cost Lester, but it has caused him to throw many extra pitches…… now this last one is costly with a walk.

Looks like that was a strike!…GO SOX!

Hey everyone, is it safe to visit tonight?πŸ™‚

Nice play YOUK! GO SOX!
No, it hasn’t cost Lester in runs, Garry, but it has cost him in pitch count…
And then, ironically enough, they advertise the Umpiring School! HMMM!…

I think Lester was screwed on that one. That pitch crossed the plate at his knees! The home plate umpire ( Gerry Layne ) has squeezed Lester on 3 or 4 different occasions already.

Yes Greg – he had the last 5 hit game for the Red Sox! Go figure!



Rats, looks like the Yanks are going to beat Halladay tonite.

It’s safe if you’ve hidden the cowbell, Ginny! How have you been?

Come on, YOUK! GO SOX!

I wonder if Gerry Layne is an “instructor” at that Umpiring School…then we’re all screwed…

When is Nick Green going to start hitting again? or Lowrie for that matter? maybe we need Lugo back to make sure these guys hit — or — hey lets play Martinez at short-stop LOL — then we can play everyone who can hit — and Jason and George get to keep playingπŸ™‚

I don’t think Julia could handle anymore cowbell, Greg! LOL!
I’ve been great, just got home from vacation (too much family for me, though). What’s with the umpires tonight??

Pedroia takes Garza deep! Gotta love it!

Garza strikes me as a very odd individual. I’m not sure if his elevator goes all the way.

Great catch by Pena.

Yes Greg – he had the last 5 hit game for the Red Sox! Go figure!


Battle of the bullpens now?


Brian – as long as we can puch Garza’s buttons that is all I care!!

Really Ginny? Maybe he hears cowbells in his nightmares! lol!!

3 pitches, one SO! That’s economical! Get another one, Jon! GO SOX!

Julia – As a Rays fan, I wonder about Garza…he seems a bit…out of it… even during interviews!

Garza strikes me as a closer who missed his calling…seems to be cut from the same cloth as Pap! HMMM!…

Jays have just scored 2 runs in the bottom of the 8th off of RIvera! Rally continues!! GO JAYS!!!

One more, Jon! GO SOX!


DGN, I’m not sure it wasn’t LugNuts who messed up Lowrie’s and Green’s timing! HMMM!…

Come on, Reddick, get on base! GO SOX!

Commence playing the violin, guys! Cry me a river!…

Toronto’s staging a comeback…. GO JAYS!!!!!!

Greg… “Hand me down my WALKIN’ shoes!!!

NOT GOOD hitting Pena

I can’t believe Oki walk Gapler on 4 pitches, not smart — he really lucked out with the DP — otherwise, Francona’s quick trigger was gonna look really bad — not out the woods yet.

No kidding, Ellen!
Not so good, there, Jon! GO SOX!

MEMO to Rays fans – Do you really think Lester MEANT to hit Pena??

Never a good sign when the leadoff hitter gets on in a close game.

Let’s go Oki.

Lester with a solid outing. The home plate umpire squeezed him about 3 or 4 times during that game, that made Lester throw another 10-15 pitches because of Layne’s poor strike zone.

I agree with Garry…this past weekend the umps were solid behind the plate.

Yankees got one back in the top of the 9th – COME ON JAYS!!!

That is wierd, my comments (DGN) are getting posted under Garry — it will be interesting to see if more of you all start to agree with me now, LOL!!!!

NICE!! DP boys!!!

Last year Navarro would have come up with the big hit, not the case for Navarro and the Rays in 2009.

I agree with Kevin Kennedy ( never ever thought I would agree with him ) Navarro should have been bunting.


Bring on the heat!

Here comes BARD!!!

Thank you Tito for taking Okie out quickly!

I cannot believe Okajima walks Gabe Kapler on 4 pitches.

Good thing Oki got the DP earlier, or we’d really be in a spot. Come on, guys, get the last out! GO SOX!

You CANNOT walk the number 9 hitter with two outs.

I would have let Lester stay in as well, just like I wanted Beckett to stay in during Sat. night’s game. Squeeze another out or two out of Lester. The Red Sox don’t have a day off until Aug. 17th. You don’t want to burn out your pen.

Are we trying to make things hard again, Green! Got fortunate there!:/

Nick Green did a nice job for the Sox earlier this year, but I really prefer Lowrie at shortstop. He just knows how to play the position better. Green makes me very nervous as once again he uncorks a throw he should never even have attempted.

I wish Tito also had not brought in Lester to start the inning. It came back to haunt him!:/

Longoria loves Red Sox pitching.

I hope Bard doesn’t get rattled here.

Yankees won 5-3 off of Doc & the Jays.

We need runs here – I do not like the one run lead!

OK, Jacoby, let’s start a rally! Get the run back, and more! GO SOX!

Aybar scares me.

Greg, I actually thought he should have let Lester continue, even after hitting Pena. He was throwing well and the pitch that hit Pena was just off the inside corner. That was Pena’s fault, not Lester’s. I prefer a tired Lester over a fresh Okajima.

Sorry, Garry. Not going to agree there. Whether Oki should have come in, that’s another story… GO SOX!

From Ian on Twitter:

Jon Lester now has 14 quality starts, just one less than ace Josh Beckett. #redsox v #rays

When Longoira hit that H.R. I said on here, I hope Bard doesn’t get rattled. That is what has happened. Bard’s throw almost ended up in Bradenton.

Good for Jon! I hope it translates to a quiality WIN! GO SOX!


Maddon always out-coaches Francona — he got 7 out of Garza; Francona got obsessed with pitch count and lifted Lester after essentially 6 (Garza was up to 120 as well) — that will be the difference in the end.

Sucks is right, Ellen! Not good!

For the love of…………..sigh………

Well the article on Bard on our web-site didn’t help much either — just the thing you need to jinx a pitcher.

Is Bard choking under the pressure?

Did this have to be the night that Bard wasn’t “magical?”

And does it have to be so blessed NOISY in the Trop? MY EARS hurt!

What the HELLO was that?! SIGH!

I think that is one word for it, Garry…

Well thank you for stuck balls! That was one odd play BUT WE NEED OUTS!!!! K PLEASE!!

These broadcasters are idiots, they have no clue about the rules. The runners get the base they are going to plus one base…….. AT THE TIME OF THE THROW….. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE THE RUNNERS ARE WHEN THE BALL GOES OUT OF PLAY ……… ITS WHERE THEY ARE AT THE TIME BARD MADE THE THROW.

……and oh by the way, I think Bard is choking under the pressure.

DelCarmen is warming up. Oh, yay!…

Gee whiz! We CAN get outs! Who knew?!:/

For the love of…….what is happening to the Red Sox?? Bases loaded…no outs?????? AND ANOTHER BALL!!!



These guys are comical. The funny thing about it, they believe what they are saying. Free comedy for you and I.

Is it the Tampa announcers who don’t get it??

Brian, don’t you think Joe Maddon would have gone ballistic if the umpires made a call as bad as the clowns are portraying it to be? I’m sure they explained the rule to Maddon, he scratched his head because he had no clue either, and said OK.

So we are missing all the comedy, er, tragedy by watching NESN? HMMM!…

They are clueless Julia.

Brian, Kennedy is George, Staats is Gracie….. LOL!

That is so sad Garry!

SO….are we all having fun yet??


Quite true about Maddon’s reaction.

These announcers don’t know the game of baseball, absolutely clueless! Hard to believe that Kennedy was a manager ( a poor manager at that ) he should know this rule but for some reason he doesn’t.

I have seen that type of play happen several times over the years. At Wrigley Field ( there are pens are on the side ) other places as well.

I’m amazed Staats and Kennedy are getting $$$$$$$$$$$ for this!

Nasty change-up by Delcarmen. Gross looking gross at the plate.

Delcarmen? I don’t think this going to end well.

Julia, broadcasters have nothing in the world to do but to be prepared to call games and learn and know about these situations. These guys are pathetic.

Waaaaaaahhhhhhh! That’s a shame. Waaaaaaaahhhhh!


The names I have for them are alot worse, my mother would be mad at me if even called them that. LOL!! For now…I will call them foolish!

Instead of whining and crying, Staats and Kennedy should be able to explain exactly why that call was made the way it was…….. These boobs are incompetent.

I know Garry – they can be annoying – kind of like DAVE ROBERTS TONIGHT!! I know you don’t like Eck Ellen – but I want him BACK!!!!

LOL! Will somebody please put these guys out of my misery?

At least we get Wheeler out of the game.

Garry – that’s why they are announcing for the Rays and not the Red Sox.

Hi all. Great effort by Delcarmen. Garry, you have called the annoucers idiots, imcompetent and pathetic. We get the picture! Give it a rest!

JD makes it impossible to be nice to him…. I give up he sucks


Here is the rule right from the rule book….. I said it was the base the runners are going to plus one base, the rule book makes it simpler by just saying two bases.

g) Two bases when, with no spectators on the playing field, a thrown ball goes into the stands, or into a bench (whether or not the ball rebounds into the field), or over or under or through a field fence, or on a slanting part of the screen above the backstop, or remains in the meshes of a wire screen protecting spectators. The ball is dead. When such wild throw is the first play by an infielder, the umpire, in awarding such bases, shall be governed by the position of the runners at the time the ball was pitched; in all other cases the umpire shall be governed by the position of the runners at the time the wild throw was made;


Oh joy – if Manny gets in trouble we have RAMON!!!

OK Staats, the next words out of your mouth should be, “I’m an idiot.” …… OK, now whine about the rule. Of course, it should be changed…… it didn’t go your way.

Great work Del Carmen. Walk the freaking leadoff hitter.


I am still irked at our skipper on this one — if you go with Lester in the 7th — given him a chance (he is better than your bullpen). If you are not going to go with him — bring the bullpen with a clean start. That combination of moves, is going to cost us this game — sorry I just to feel the optimism tonite — the first of game of a 2-4 or 1-5 streak coming.

I wish we had Francona managing our players, and Maddon managing our games — personally, I think Maddon is the best manager in the AL.

Oh look – we didn’t throw out the runner at second


What a great play by Green! We have to get the bats going now. Three hits won’t get it done. GO SOX.

I think we need to try to put Lowell in the game — 3 hits all night, amongst only 2 hitters?

Time to put VMart at catcher, Lowell at 3rd, get another bat in the line-up.

REDDICK!!! Someone must have punched him in the nose!!

bed time for me.. I cant watch.. i’m bad luck again…

I’m with you, DGN, on the roster moves…
Nice job Reddick! Now, CAN WE GET HIM HOME, PLEASE?
Come on, MIKE! GO SOX!

Night Ellen!

This is not looking good which is pretty obvious I guess. GO SOX.

Good job, Jed! Mike would have agreed with you, Dave Roberts, on the pinch-run move!


That didn’t cut it!:/

This game is PAINFUL!!!!!!!

AND A HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT GOOD!!!

Do we want to win?

Oh good – what – are you going to WALK IN THE WINNING RUN???

Thank you REDDICK!!! WE have an out!!!


We have another out!


Fantastic! GO SOX.

Man, I can’t believe we got out of that one — our offense has to reward our pitchers now — its just not right !!!!

That’s one way to get three outs! Not my first choice, but I’ll take it…

Two gigantic squanders by Tampa! Good for us. GO SOX.

The Papelbon Project is warming up! Oh yay!
Come on, YOUK! GO SOX!

Perhaps Big Papi will do something other than strike out or pop up.


Thanks, Ian. Now let’s see if it gets us a WIN!

I don’t think we should have Papi and JD back to back — not a good mental combination right now.

Hey, DGN, I understand Loopy is still available for call-up!:/

I wonder which Paps will show up!

Way to hustle for the out! GO SOX! GET THE WIN!

Francona has managed us into a corner — we only have 1 way out — win in 6 outs or its Tashito against the Rays — am I forgetting anyone? call Masterson back from the Indians?

Hey Ian, are you able to follow the comments when they post out of order? (!)
I think Pap will have to come out for another inning, Paul.

Ian, thanks, and thanks for the blog, and I apologize for some of my commentsπŸ™‚ — funny I am having trouble posting now, so this message may duplicate.

Youk is really an all-purpose player!

to all you guys and gals who are still awake and commenting, you truly are the best. Your dedication to this blog does not go unnoticed.

I see Saito is warming up, so we’ll see who does come in!
I add my thanks for the blog, also, Ian!

Ian, thanks, but are you trying to make some of us feel guilty for some of our comments — if so, I apologize, and thanks for the blog! Ironically, I haven’t been able to post since your comments, this is about my 4th attempt — but the game is still on.

It is a little easier for us out here on the West Coast!

DRAT! Upton tracked that one.

We are at the bottom of the barrel folks.

This is just a great community of bloggers. You guys just get it. And I say that as Pap blows one by Longoria.

Hey, Julia, I see you are back! We’ve still got a couple East Coasters on here!πŸ™‚

Is anyone else having posting gremlins tonite — everytime I post, if it succeeds — it places my comment about 3 or 4 post up — in front of comments that have been posted for minutes — maybe my browser cache is messed up, not sure how it could possible be doing that.

Good work by Paps. Does he come back for another inning?

Yes, DGN, this has been going on for a while, now. Hence, I asked if Ian could follow our postings! They are often out of order–if, as you noted, they post at all! I’ve had a couple postings evaporate into the Ether!:/ GO SOX!

I can’t believe we don’t go with Papelbon one more inning, looks like Francona is conceding this game, to manage the rest of the schedule.

I’m not sure why Pap did not go another inning, either, DGN! (Here’s to posting out of order!):/ GO SOX!

Nice job, Saito-san! One more! GO SOX!

The only way out of this game with a W now — is to score about three runs in the top of the 12th — (assuming we get one more out). You can only tempt the baseball gods so long.

That would be a good time for V-Mart to start, Brian! Good idea!

Thanks Ian! We just LOVE our Red Sox! But I thought only Red Sox-Yankees game were suppose to go this long! lol!!

No Paul – Saito they said was warming up.

Maybe Ginny needs to tell them to can it, Julia!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

How about getting Buckholtz up — he didn’t pitch that long on Sunday — maybe he can redeem himself?

What happens if this goes a few more innings? Who will pitch?

Halladay would have given us a quick game, all right, Brian!

I thought that you might have gone to bed Julia. Pretty late for you but it is summer vacation isn’t it.

Another tight rope ahead

Hmmm!…Is that a good thing, Julia?:/ GO SOX!

DGN. It is doing the same for all of us.


Can you believe these announcers are still talking about it??? I have seen that type of play happen many times, especially at the Metrodome, Wrigley Field and whatever the A’s are calling there home park now. Kevin Kennedy has said over and over and Staats as well, they need to change this rule. My oh my!

It seems in the last year or so, the Sox play marathon’s in St. Pete. Saito is the only one left in the pen, not good news for the Red Sox. Where is Van Every when you need him??? LOL!!

Nice job, Saito-san! GO SOX!

Saito is all that’s left. Penny would have to be next out of pen.

The Sox bats erupted for 18 runs on Sunday and tonight they can’t do anything against this T.B. staff.

When will V. Martinez hit his first H.R. with the Red Sox???? Hmmmmmmmmmmm could it be tonight????

What has happened to B.J. Upton??? He looks awful at the plate!

Hey, maybe Arnie will catch the end of the game LIVE when he gets off work!πŸ˜‰

Thanks Ian. If Penny comes in tonight – who pitches tomorrow?

Brian/Garry – I’ve had TB fans emailing me & DMing me on twitter about that play. They will NOT give it up!


I assume your not a fan of these marathon games. I’m guessing most Boston writers were hoping for Halladay to be a member of the Red Sox. Quick games when he is on the hill.


BUCHHOLZ is warming up!!!


Staats ( oh by the way…the worst perm or wig of all time ) and Kevin Kennedy have gone on and on about that play. One thing they keep forgetting for some reason, the Rays have had one chance after another to win this game but a lack of clutch hitting..Of course they are not talking about that, just that call. Amazing these guys get paid.

Buchholz warming up…Bowden for Buchholz in N.Y.????? Assuming Buchholz went multiple innings.

Good stuff by Saito. Buchholz? I don’t have a good feeling about this but I didn’t earlier either and we are still at it.

I don’t have a good vibe with Saito but so far he has proven me wrong.

Anything in the air to c.f.—Upton will grab it. He reminds me of Devon White out there, White and Upton have long strides. So much talent Upton has but he is missing something at the plate this year, he looks lost up there.

Brian – you know “when” we win this game, that play is all that will be in the papers tomorrow in Tampa!

Does no one want to win this game?? We are going on 5 hours!!!

Why are they pitching to Longoria??? He has feasted on Sox pitching all season and he took Saito deep on Opening Day. Put Longoria on first. Take the bat out of his hand.

Why are they pitching to Longoria??? He has feasted on Sox pitching all season and he took Saito deep on Opening Day. Put Longoria on first. Take the bat out of his hand.

Bottom of the 13th – let’s see who will come out!!

Bad luck for Youk.

At least the cow bells have quieted down!


Well – that was a bummer – IF I CAN COMMENT TO SAY THIS!!!

I’m sorry Francona backers but the Red Sox should have NEVER pitched to Longoria in that situation. That is a no brainer!

Where did the bats go?????


The sad part is…Everyone knew but Francona and the Red Sox. I remember vividly earlier in the season ( 2nd game ) Longoria took Saito into the monster seats. On top of all that, Longoria is eating the Red Sox pitching for lunch!

Sadly Brian – we see this happen time and time again – we score a ton of runs in one game and then none in the next! And only 17 hours until we get to do this all again! lol!!

Nice play at 1B! One more out, please! GO SOX!

The Red Sox bring out the best in the Rays. That all being said, it’s (1) loss…A tough loss for sure but this Sox team has vets on it and a manager that will not panic.

Please Penny….low pitch counts early and who knows maybe you’ll see the 7th inning.

Got that right, Brian, and Saito paid for it!:/

Why did Lester get pulled? He was shutting Longoria down all night… Then, BANG and finally BANG! Geez. WTF Tito?

7th inning decision cost us — I suppose you can say there is always tomorrow. But one just has to wonder if the Rays our in our heads — if we don’t turn this trend around, they will start thinking of us they way we think of Baltimore — but I suspect they already do.

Yep, you’re right, DGN, that 7th was pivotal. I still think Jon should not have come in at the start of the inning, but once he was in, he should have stayed in…You could be right about the Rays being in our heads, but then yet, why wouldn’t WE be in the Yankees’ heads?!πŸ˜‰ Just a thought! GO SOX!

Night all! See you all again in a few hours!

Thanks Ian!

Well, we get to try this again tomorrow..Until then, night all! GO SOX!

Hey, Jim Maynard! How goes it? Until tomorrow, take care! GO SOX!

Hi ya Greg! It’s all good here in Texas. Gonna be in Arlington for the next sweep (OURS!) in a week. How’d you like the showing the Nation put forth in Arlington last month! Heck, we had more Sox fans than I’ve ever seen at the Ballpark. Too bad the boys didn’t play as well as they could have. Back for another try tomorrow. Nite all!

Just got home after a loooong day. Started at 8:45 AM.
The Sox just can’t seem to beat the Rays. Not one run off that bullpen!!? Cmon guys, they aren’t sprinkled with the fairy dust this year; they’re just another team!!! It’s frustrating.
So I am going to remove the rose colored glasses, thanks Ellen, and face the reality that if the Sox don’t start to have a little consistancy and if Penny, Schmoltz and Wake don’t pitch really well in August it could be over by mid September.
GET SOME HITS!!!! Throw strikes.!! Did you see how many walks the Sox gave the Rays? Well, yea, I guess you did; you folks watched the game.
Red Sox players!!! Don’t make me come over there!! Swing the bats, make the pitches!! GGGRRRR…….

dgn.. I wonder how many “tomorrows” we have left??….

0-5, .179 avg. after All-Star break, it can only go up? The margin of error keeps getting smaller.

Tough night. Now 1.5 games back and the looming Yankees are days away — I know — the OBVIOUS.
This is a deciding point. All I can say is I wish we had Masterson back to build for next year.
That’s all I can say. Love you guys!

The Rays own the Sox at home and away. No matter who is pitching for the Sox. If the Sox had to face the Rays in the playoffs again this year, the history would repeat itself. I don’t even what to get into Francona’s in game managerial deficiency.

I think the one thing that could not happen to the Sox in the first game of this series happened. They basically blew out the bullpen last night and didn’t get the win. Worse than that, Brad Penny is starting tonight and chances are he won’t go much more than five innings, which means more work for the bullpen. That means, win or lose tonight, the Sox head to New York with a tired bullpen and no innings guys like Buchholz and Smoltz set to start games there. I don’t like how this road trip is shaping up.

When Saito came in to pitch in the bottom of the lucky 13th, the game was all but over. Saito had the nerve to shake off Tek and pitch to Longoria. Who was to pitch the 14th if the game remained tied? Buckie?
Josh Reddick had the taste of the good major league pitching last night. I hope Reddick is spending time with Dave Magadon and learns how to adjust to major league pitching. I cannot and don’t want to envision a tired bullpen going to the Yankees series.

Hey! Gang!

Yes, yes, I know, tough loss last night, and Tito can be second-guessed for whether or not they should have pitched to Longoria in the 13th. To me, the bigger second-guessing opportunity is why in the world haven’t the Sox added a pitcher to the bullpen since trading Justin M. away? They are running a reliever short, and it caught up to them last night when they tried to run Saito out there for a 2nd inning. Why isn’t Bowden or somebody in the bullpen. They put Marcus Macbeth in there as a placeholder, but then sent him back down when they needed the roster room. I recognize the roster remains tight, and I like what Josh Reddick has done in the short time he’s been with the team. But pitching first, folks. I suspect that if they had pitched Buckie last night, they would have sent him down and brought Bowden up. To me, that is a much more grievous error than to pitch to Longoria or not to pitch to Longoria? Tito deserves criticism for not screaming at Theo, who ultimately has the say on the make-up of the roster.

Your thoughts and criticisms……

Another great roster move! Josh Reddick is on his way to Pawtucket. And a Yankee reject Billy Traber is about to be recalled. Why not Bowden?

Dben – your thoughts about pitching maybe answered:

according to

The Red Sox have not yet made a formal announcement, but Josh Reddick is on his way back to the minor leagues with lefthander Bill Traber poised to take his spot on the 25-man roster for tonight’s game with Tampa Bay. The Red Sox have an obvious need for a fresh arm in the wake of last night’s 13-inning loss, during which manager Terry Francona emptied out his bullpen. All six Boston relievers appeared in the game and Clay Buchholz was due to enter in the 14th had the game gone that far.

Traber is 7-5 with a 3.32 ERA in 32 games (four starts) at Triple-A Pawtucket this year.

I DO NOT like that this is coming at the expense of Reddick!

Lineup for tonight:

Red Sox

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, 1B
4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
5. Jason Bay, LF
6. Mike Lowell, DH
7. Rocco Baldelli, RF
8. Jason Varitek, C
9. Jed Lowrie, SS

Brad Penny, SP


1. Jason Bartlett, SS
2. Carl Crawford, LF
3. Evan Longoria, 3B
4. Ben Zobrist, 2B
5. Pat Burrell, DH
6. Carlos Pena, 1B
7. B.J. Upton, CF
8. Gabe Kapler, LF
9. Michel Hernandez, C

David Price, SP

And is it really to much to ask for only a 4 hour game tonight! lol! Okay – as long as we win I don’t care HOW long it lasts!

See you all for the game!

Also – for why they didn’t walk Longoria in the 13th:

If you’re wondering why the Red Sox didn’t walk Evan Longoria in the 13th inning of an eventual 4-2 loss tonight, manager Terry Francona indicated that he felt the club also would have had to walk Ben Zobrist to make the decision worthwhile.

Speaking after Longoria hit a two-run homer off Takashi Saito to give the Rays a much-needed win, Francona said that walking Longoria and Zobrist would have left Saito facing Joe Dillon with the bases loaded. That scenario introduced the possibility of a game-ending walk, something the Red Sox did not want to risk given some of Saito’s issues this season.

Though the Sox did walk Longoria in the ninth, that was a slightly different situation. The Rays had a man at second with one (not two), and the walk opened up the possibility of a double play. Zobrist subsequently obliged with a bouncer up the middle that Nick Green fielded while touching second base with his right foot before throwing to first.

“If you’re going to go all the way to the bases loaded, you’re looking at a guy with 40 pitches,” Francona said of Saito. “I wish the ball wouldn’t have gone out, but I don’t think [walking Longoria] was the right thing to do.”

Though Clay Buchholz was warming as the emergency reliever, Francona said the Sox had not planned to bring Buchholz into the game until the start of the 14th inning so that the pitcher, who is scheduled to start on Saturday, had sufficient time to get ready.

Also from

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