Dice-K in English

Daisuke Matsuzaka surprised one and all by opening his briefing with Red Sox beat writers — and the NESN camera — in English today. Here is what he said regarding the recent controversy.

And, by the way, his English was very impressive, easy to understand. I can’t imagine speaking Japanese like he spoke English. One other thing to note. Matsuzaka looked noticeably leaner then when he last pitched for the Red Sox on June 19.

“I want to clear up a few things,” said Matsuzaka. “It was not my intention to make the meeting public or to criticize the Red Sox. The person who wrote the article is my old, old friend. I still trust her and this has never happened before. Training, no problem. No problem with the Red Sox. We will work it all out. I want to thank all my fans for their support and I can’t wait to see all of you when I go back to Fenway Park. Thank you.”


It’s official LHP Billy Traber is here and is available tonight!

I’m glad we have another pitcher but I am sorry to see Reddick sent down. I guess we will see him come September.

Wha? Hu? What about another pitcher?
Also what was this and Dice-K? What was that #$#4 about? Now he’s blaming the reporter for getting the story wrong? What a big ‘lean’ baby.

Here is the story Dave. Is that what you’re asking? Or is it my comment on Reddick? Also – via Ian on Twitter – Buchholz is available in case of an emergency tonight. Pray for no emergency!!!

according to Boston.com:

The Red Sox have not yet made a formal announcement, but Josh Reddick is on his way back to the minor leagues with lefthander Bill Traber poised to take his spot on the 25-man roster for tonight’s game with Tampa Bay. The Red Sox have an obvious need for a fresh arm in the wake of last night’s 13-inning loss, during which manager Terry Francona emptied out his bullpen. All six Boston relievers appeared in the game and Clay Buchholz was due to enter in the 14th had the game gone that far.

Traber is 7-5 with a 3.32 ERA in 32 games (four starts) at Triple-A Pawtucket this year.

I am eloquent Greg, Aren’t I? LOL!!!!

I’ll try to improve on the quality of my comments!🙂

DBen (from the prev thread), you are certainly right that we needed to get another arm up to pitch in a game like last night’s. Pitching to Longo was a mistake, but you are right, bringing up another arm was at least equally a mistake!
That said, WHAT THE HELLO??! TRABER? Andy was right to call him a “Yankee reject”–and we’re sending Reddick down to bring up TRABER? To quote the ever-eloquent Julia: “JUST SHOOT ME NOW!” ACK!

Thanks Julia, that’s exactly what I was asking. Not a bad decision but Reddick has been on fire so it’s unfortunate but it also may just be a temporary fix for a night or two. Surely they’ll need Reddick for the Yanks .
I feel so bad for Francona. I truly believe he’s trying his best and he’s probably more upset than anyone else at the situation with the Sox. If the Sox can survive the loss tonight and the sweep by the Yanks and turn it around they’ll be fine (LOL)

I saw during the off-season that we’d signed (sighed?) Traber, and all I could do was shake my head. THAT’S called BP depth? I don’t think so! Brilliant, Theo. NOT!
This, right at a critical time of our schedule, when we’re attempting to remain in the pennant race? Yeah, right!:/

Hey all… I’m not going to say much tonight (she says now).. 4-7 aginst the Rays this season… Glad to see a fresh arm.
Go Sox………

You’re welcome Dave! On the last thread I copied from Boston.com Tito’s reason for not walking Longoria in the 13th.

While I know the Sox are not at their best.. We are just 1.5 back… A win and a Yankee loss and things are alot better..

It’s only a game and 1/2 Ellen – we’ll get it back.


Penny – we need you to have a BIG game!!!

Penny had a pretty good inning with a little help from Lowrie. He needs to give the Sox some innings tonight, no room for one of his 5 or 6 inning efforts. GO Penny!!!
Runs Runs Runs!!!!!!
Can’t wait to see Billy Traber…….NOT!!

I don’t know what the numbers show but Ellsbury can’t buy a hit against T.B. They shut him down in the playoffs a year ago.

Something tells me Price is going to give T.B. a solid start. Will Penny do the same for Bos.? This is where it gets interesting for me. Beckett and Lester are a dynamite duo but the other three, who knows what we’ll see from them.

Bowden should be called up to help this pen. Bowden had (1) appearance out of the pen this year and he blew the Yankees away!

Billy Traber, are you kidding me????

*&^%$ Cow bells!

Penny’s only start at T.B. was a solid one. I am hoping he can duplicate it.

The bats need to wake-up! Make Price work!

The move makes no sense. Those does anyone know when Bowden last pitched? Could he be called up in a day or two?

Way to go Bay!!!!!!

Great throw Lowrie! Did Dave Roberts just compare you to Jeter?

GREAT play Jed Lowrie…Incredible throw. That is the reason why Lowrie should be at s.s. and not Nick Green.

Penny looked good in the first inning.


I gave it a quick search and Bowden last pitched for the Paw. Sox on July 30th. I’m guessing he might be pitching tonight or tomm. night. He should be wearing a Boston uniform tonight!

Mitre is being Mitre again for the Yankees! Jays up 1-0 so far in the bottom of the first.

Will this H.R. get Bay’s bat going again??? I hope so! It doesn’t take much for a good slumping hitter like Bay to snap out of it.


Once again Varitek has NO SHOT getting a baserunner! If I am Zobrist, I would take off for 3rd base. Why more teams don’t run against the Red Sox is beyond me. The Red Sox don’t care about the baserunners. Absolutely mind boggling.

Yankees down 2-0!

That ball was CRUSHED by Pena.

Can we JUST ONCE catch someone stealing!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Well – that wasn’t good.

Thank you Rocco – even if the Rays fans weren’t very nice to him.

I see we already cannot hold a lead! (?!) SIGH! Another episode of Brad Penny’s “Excellent” Adventures begins again! SIGH!

Imagine if Tek’s bat didn’t break!!!

Jason Varitek must be pretty strong if he can break his bat and hit a ball to the wall in left!

A leadoff double goes by the boards.

We have got to hit Price up early & often – we have got to drive up his pitch count!!!!


As to Ian’s posting to start this thread, re Dice-K, I think he’s going to have to do quite a bit more if he wants to rebuild the bridge he burned. I hope he understands that!

Damn – Yankees have got a run back – now 2-1 Jays

Do we need someone warming up in our pen?

Julia, we have a ‘pen tonight? OH YEAH, we have Billy Boy Traber! (Yankee Mole?!)


I see we have Brad Sixpence working tonight!:/ SIGH!

Penny is making my blood pressure go way up. Cmon Penny!!!!

Get ready Greg – Donny-O just said if this continues we will see a lot of Traber tonight. His name doesn’t ring a bell to me

Rick Sut “Drive Me Off A Cliffe” is on. UGH! I can’t listen!
Julia, you don’t want Traber to ring our bell, or yours.

Well there’s something new – a team stealing a base against the Red Sox! When was the last time I saw that?

Greg – can he honestly be worse then Penny?

We speak often about various relievers not giving us the “warm fuzzies” Traber might as well be a porcupine. I put him in the same category as Loopy.
See, Greg can be an optimist, also, Dave!:/


Okay – I see Tito’s wisdom – I would rather Buchholz against the Yankees then Penny!

Nice hit Youk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just heard that the Sox have called Mark Clear up from New Bedford Retirement Acres to be the setup man for the 8th. God help us!

Come on, J-Bay! We need another XBH! We need to get runners HOME! GO SOX!

Is there a TON of foul ground in TB or does it just seem that way??

NOT GOOD! We still need to get runners in!
Good ol’ Mark Clear! Is Bob Stanley joining him?

Julia, did I answer your inquiry about Penny vs. Traber well enough?:/

It was subtle Greg but I think I got your point! lol!!

Can’t we recall Eck??

That stupid Trop dome reminds me of the Kingdome! NOT A GOOD CONCEPT!

Memo to Penny – you do understand the concept of a strike zone – right?

Greg, Bob Stanley is driving the car. Rich Garces is navigator. Calvin Shiraldi is riding shotgun. We need Dick Radatz!!!


If we are bringing in Schiraldi, I really WILL throw in the towel!

Well – he at least got the lead off man off……sigh…

Leave it to Sixpence to warm up Upton! SIGH!

OH GOD!! Not Schiraldi!! UGH!! I’m going to say it Greg!!!

Just SHOOT me NOW!!!!!

How are you doing, Arnie? (Aside from the game?)

I rest my case, Julia, your witness!

huh – we didn’t get him out at second. That surprises me….

Put Schiraldi on ice – MAYBE we won’t need him! I still want to see Eck in the game!!!!!

AND I can’t comment!!! UGH!!!!

Well, I just got in from having dinner with my girl friend and I told her I didn’t like the pitching matchup tonight. As we walked in the door, I told her I thought the score would be Tampa 4, Boston 0. Pretty close.

I got in just in time to see Longoria steal second without a throw being made and I continue to be amazed at how the Sox pitchers are so incompetent in dealing with baserunners. I think it’s a huge problem that has cost the Sox games and could be very costly in the long run. Tek has no chance ….. oops, there goes Upton.

Put Schiraldi on ice – MAYBE we won’t need him! I still want to see Eck in the game!!!!!

AND I can’t comment!!! UGH!!!!

I absolutely cannot stand Staats and Kennedy. It irritates me just to hear their voices because I know that behind that irritating sound there is something ignorant being said. It really makes watching a Sox game a difficult and tedious task. I think if I had to watch the Rays all the time I’d give up baseball.

ESPN just showed the SB %’s last inning, Garry. Worst…Last…Worst…Last…

I have the sound down on the ESPN game because I have the same reaction with Sutcliffe.

Well, we’re making David Price look like a Cy Young winner, again!

Greg, I am doing well, thanks, a little tired from too much work, but that is not a bad thing. A bakery and a restaurant not too far from us just closed so I am glad to be tired. Can’t blame the economy for those 2 closings, one was overpriced(the bakery) and the other was personal problems. But when a place closes it causes all of us to cringe a little.

I get it, Arnie! By the way, I haven’t been able to get to watch your show, due to our schedule, and our move. I hope they replay it, at least once.

Greg, believe it or not, here in Jacksonville, we are in the viewing area for Rays games, so ESPN is blacked out tonight. Otherwise, I’d be watching it there. However, your statement about their being last doesn’t surprise me even a little.

Nor does it surprise me, either, Garry. I figured Jacksonville would pick up Rays games, since we pick up Braves games.

I said last night (before getting scolded by Ellen) that we will probably go 2-4 or 1-5 on this series with the Rays and Yanks. Unfortunately I see no evidence that we will do better.

It doesn’t look good, I really suspect we will be out of the division race by Sept — unless the SOX quit playing footsie with Dice-K and Wake and get them back in the rotation (or do something to fix our pitching — it just isn’t deep enough (anymore) for this division.

Kevin Kennedy used to manage the Sox. How far has he fallen to now be Deputy Dawg to Duane Staats? LOL!

Hey, DGN. Unfortunately, with Dice-K, I am not sure he would be a help to us!

2nd and 3rd, no runs! SIGH!!

We also pick up REDS games, Garry–go figure that one!

Well that was a wasted opportunity!

DGN, at this point 2-4 looks pretty good. Sad to say….

Wakefield can’t walk without limping. His hurt back is causing problems with a nerve in one of his calfs. There is now no date for his return.

Greg, I have the MLB Extra Innings package, but all the Rays and Marlins games are blacked out here. Seems really stupid to me.

Toronto back up 3-2 over Yankees

pleasepleaseplease Penny get Longoria out!!!

WOW! An inning ended! GO SOX!

So how many games have the Jays made up on us?…:/

Ask nicely and you get results! LOL!!!

Bringing back the Rant and Grant, Julia? Or did you need to Rant first?😉



I’m trying a new approach tonight Greg! Maybe it will work!!

I have to get used to V-Mart’s number, though–I haven’t gotten used to the 41 at 1B (or Catcher!)😉 GO SOX!

COME ON, J-BAY! Get back on the hitting track! GO SOX!


Yankess are honoring Muhammad Ali before the game tomorrow. Great guy and all but why?

And the Yankees have tied the game up again.

Yanks just tied the game–Swish-Swish HR.

Haha, Youklis cussing in the dugout after he made an out!! I think his intensity and bad temper elevate him from every day player to all-star. I like it!

I do too Arnie. you can see how much he cares – I like that.

We can certainly use it, Arnie. We need someone(s) to show some life in that dugout!

Are we playing in Yankees stadium with all the HR??

So much for that ball. Sixpence has done it again! SNARL!

Delcarmen & Trebor warming up – sorry Greg!!

JSMN! (Is that used in texting?):/

I like it Greg.

Yankees up 4-3.


OMG – we threw out a runner!!!

Too bad about Wake. Here he had a legit chance to win 20, and Lord knows the Sox need him, and he gets hurt. Back problems are tough to deal with. All that pitching depth seems to be gone.

great – Yankees up 6-3


So true about Wake, Arnie! He did have a legit chance at 20 wins.

It is shocking Arnie how quickly things can change. I really hope that Wake can come back soon. I think the number of years he has in pitching is finally taking its toll on him.

Nice job, Rocco, and nice fielding, Rays! Now, GET HIM IN! GO SOX!

And that is way you always run out the hit.

Got that right, Julia! Pay attention, kids!

One run in, on the installment plan. Let’s get some more! GO SOX!

Okay – one more run back – can we get like 3 more while holding them??? PLEASE!!!! Remember – I’m asking nicely…..🙂

Because she still has the Rant and Grant in her back pocket…

Delcarmen….Gross pinch hitting for Kapler

6-4 Yankees.

Trading Gabes, eh, Julia?…

Either one, he can grab some bench!…

One more out, Dr. Feelgood–we need him tonight!

And that wasn’t it! SIGH!

Sorry Greg, I have to….

JUST SHOOT ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Red Sox are threatning here in the 8th. This team is a team of vets and they will not QUIT.

Amazing to think that Delcarmen gave up his first H.R. of the year. Of course he picked a very bad time.

The Red Sox are threatning here in the 8th. This team is a team of vets and they will not QUIT.

Amazing to think that Delcarmen gave up his first H.R. of the year. Of course he picked a very bad time.

One out too late…

The Red Sox are threatning here in the 8th. This team is a team of vets and they will not QUIT.

Amazing to think that Delcarmen gave up his first H.R. of the year. Of course he picked a very bad time.

Is this painful or what?? This NOT the place we should be playing before going to NY!!!!

Geez, first pitch swings. What happened to deep pitch counts? One thing my son has grown tired of is this carousel of postion players. It’s nice having great backups, but this “change-the-lineup-daily” thing that Tito is playing is driving us nuts.

Ugh… can’t watch any longer. Taking my son down to the field for BP. You guys have a good nite!

YAY Pedey!!! pleasepleasepleaseplease keep it going boys…..

Nick Green in the outfield? Oh boy…

V-MART!!!! pleasepleasepleaseplease don’t waste it boys! (being nice seems to be working)

And memo to hitters! STILL NO OUTS!

And memo to hitters! STILL NO OUTS!

Nice job posting twice, MLB.com! Not exactly!

Martinez is certainly earning his keep with the bat.

He only got one out there? THAT was fortunate! GO SOX!

Longoria could have had Pedroia by 20 feet at the plate.

Hey, Garry–we actually THREW OUT a runner!

Longoria’s head was NOT in that play.

True enough, Jim. I would not be as irritated by that carousel, in the short-term at least, if it were producing more runs, though!

Let’s see if Nick Green can keep HIS head (and throwing arm) in the game!

Are we missing Reddick right now?? GREEN is in Left!

I think we need an IDOBELIEVE

GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yankees up 8-4 top of the 9th.

Anyone have Reddick’s cell number?

Okay – Drew can pinch hit but we need Green playing left?????

Oki has a wiffleball pitch working tonight. Looks like he took lessons from Wake!

You WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS!!! Via Ian on Twitter:

Paul Byrd and Red Sox reach agreement on Minor League contract. #redsox v #rays

Oh but Julia, we have Yankee Mole Traber instead!

And now we have Paul Byrd also Greg!!!!

GOOD! Oki got the job done! GO SOX! YOU CAN STILL WIN THIS GAME! (Top secret memo…)

Can’t post now! Timely! GO SOX!

Well – that hurt

We can sure use Paul Byrd, Julia! Bring him on! DFA Traber while they’re at it!

They have signed Byrd to a minor league contract. Maybe we will see him in NY. We need to see Reddick or someone – we can NOT have Green playing left!

I might be able to help with the Dragon blood. there was a crow feather in my front yard – will that help?

Well, that was freakin’ depressing!

OK, Sox, you’re going to need some magic in NY. Let’s see…….gotta get me a chicken and a shaman, voodoo dolls, High Priestess, smudge sticks and a head-hunter. I’ll be back!!!! Anybody got any eagle feathers? Dragon blood?

Hi gang. Just a quick check-in. Another depressing loss. ZERO for eleven with RISP!! That says it all for me. Don’t shoot yourself yet Julia! I’m out of here. Paul

I’ll try and wait Paul! Okay – the next 4 days are critical!

See you all for the game tomorrow!!!

Paul Byrd doesn’t have feathers, does he? We’ve got turkeys!😉

Maybe I should use those feathers as quills for my proclamations for Yankees losses in my position as Lord High Mucky-Muck! Aka, Court Jester…

Paul Byrd did a more than decent job for us last year.. I hope that he has stayed in “shape”… I like him when hewas with us.. Got to be better than the ol’ favorite Schmeltzie….

Hey, Ellen, your staying off the blog hasn’t helped–we might need a Plan C.
Well, take care, all! GO SOX!

Julia, send whatever you’ve got!! Cornmeal and tobacco!! Sandalwood paste, kum-kum powder, betel nuts!
Right now I am drawing pentagrams and putting the candles in place! Ghee! I need ghee lights!
Any Sox fans in New Orleans??? I need some dirt from Marie Laveau’s grave!

Arnie I’ll gather whatever I have and get it sent to you. Maybe Mike can have the air force fly it for us.

Greg – START WRITING!!! We need those proclamations!

Well, time for me to cheer up with a seegar! Thanks for hangin’ out tonight!
Tomorrow we WIN!!!! WIN WIN WIN !!!!!!!!!

Night Arnie! See you all tomorrow!


The Sox need to buckle down and focus in Yankee Stadium….they ain’t playing the Orioles this weekend….they have to beat the good teams too…

guten Morgan, alles. mein Freund Judge. Das Englisch von Dice-K ist besser als ihr Deutsch. lol
Paul Byrd won’t be ready till September 1.
When the Yankees and the Sox met last time, I believe the Sox were similarly 2 games off the pace. The Yankees were flying high and the Sox were limping into that series. And see what happened to the series.
It would be exciting if Billy Traber win the game in relief tonight.

Everyone is talking up the Yankees as if they are the 1927 Yankees. They have been on a torrid pace of late, playing very well. I will give credit where credit is due. There pitching has been solid and they are coming up with clutch hits and winning games late. A sign of a very good team. That all being said, the Red Sox are (2) games behind the Yankees in the loss column. Coming into the series, one team is hot and the other team is limping. Talking about contrasting styles on the mound tonight, the young with Chamberlain and the old grizzly vet is Smoltz. On paper it looks like the Yankees will win tonight with ease but the game is played on grass and dirt. I have said this many times, Boston is a veteran team and there manager will NEVER panic! In my opinion, times like this is where Francona stands out as a manager and earns his $$$$$. If your the Red Sox this is a situation this team should embrace. You play the team that is in front of you on the biggest stage in baseball. It should be a fun weekend! I’m glad the Sox are out of St. Pete–that place is a house of horrors! I never thought I would ever say that but the results don’t lie. Also how good was David Price last night???? This kid hasn’t even scratched the surface yet, he will be around for a longggggggg time! He doesn’t even know how to pitch yet, scary!

Also I would like too see a start for Kotchman this weekend. Martinez sure looks good at the plate. That H.R. he hit was a no doubter. I would like too see Martinez get more starts behind the plate and have Lowell play more at third and of course have Youk at first. Sitting Varitek at times, I don’t have a problem with that but I doubt Francona will do that. We shall see.

Brian: I would pencil in as many lefties against a RHP in Yankee stadium. I would play Kotchman at 1B, Youk at 3B, Ortiz DH, V-Mart catching, and Lowrie at SS. Lowell is to pinch hit for Koychmann and Lowrie later in the game.
I guess Francona won’t go along with it. V-Mart will be at 1B and Tek will be catching tonight.


I agree with you there about having as many lefties in the lineup. Stack it up!

I think sitting Varitek at times is a good thing for everyone involved. I know Varitek loves to play every game, the guy is a warrior but having him sit here and there will keep him fresh. That is a win win for everyone involved. As this season gets deeper, the catcher is the first position to feel it. That is the toughest position in sports! It effects him at the plate, no doubt. Varitek would never admit to that but it has too.

Boston had there chances to win both games if not a split but couldn’t come up with the CLUTCH hit. Pedroia had his chances but he couldn’t get the job done in these last 2 games. Varitek ( showed incredible strength on that broken bat ) had a leadoff double and at the end of that inning, he was standing with third base coach DeMarlo Hale. A leadoff double should be a GURANTEED run but not the case last night. Lowrie struck out and in that situation, you MUST make contact and advance that runner. Make it a productive out, something this team hasn’t done lately. They have done that so many times over the years. Little things like that, can make a BIG difference in the outcome of a game. As they say, it doesn’t show up in the box-score.

Paul Byrd should be available come early Sept. I guess Al Nipper wasn’t available. LOL!! Then again has anyone seen Wes Gardner lately??? HA…HA…HA….

Brian: We have seen too many games where the leadoff double did not turn into at least one run, not just last night. Too mant times. Funny I was thinking about Al Nipper also. lol
If Smoltz can give us 5 strong innings and avoid that big inning, the Sox have a good shot at winning the game. The Yankees have problem scoring against a pitcher they have never faced like Hunter Jones. I am hoping that Billy Traber can shut down the Yankees for 2 innings and get the win in relief.

Dbenj: Sorry about that!! Its just that we have had SOOOO much pessimism on the blog lately, my apologoy to you.

I am starting tonight in Rally cap mode.. rally cap, rally sneakers, rally shirt, rally shorts. and I even have a rally COW!!!! The candles will be lit and the voodoo dolls will be in place… I have a Johnny whats-his-name doll (no, its just a barbie) and I’m going to CUT ITS HAIR!!!!! I will also have the dog doing Rally WOOO-WOOO’s with me.(thats hysterical). Candles will be lit prior to 1st pitch… 1st pitch, when I will be here to do the pre-game cheer… IDOBLIEVE its time for that!@!!!!

Just out of curiousity, how does the coversation go between the Sox and Paul Byrd..
Hello? This is Paul, who is this please? Theo?? Uhhh..
Oh yeah, Epstein. how are you Theo?? REALLY?? that good, huh?? Well, I saw the game Tuesday night.. Oh just a fluke, huh?? Well, you see, I’ve been working out and spending time with my family since you didnt pick me up….
Oh, whats that?? YOu need some help?? Well, gee I dont know Theo.. 100, 000.. that doesnt go as far as it used to..

I’m sure it wasnt like that but wouldnt you like to be a fly on Theo wall sometimes????


What makes a great hitter is when guys are in scor. pos. and that hitter comes thru in the clutch. Some guys can do it and others can’t. My opinion, that hitter wants to be in that position, he can’t shy away from it. We all agree that there are too many times runners in scor. pos. are stranded. A hit here and there and the Sox win a game or two in T.B. Credit the T.B. staff. I’m with you regarding Smoltz and (5) strong innings tonight. Ideally I would like too see (6) strong innings from Smoltz but baby steps first. This could be a start for Smoltz where he turns the corner. His problem is locating that fastball! I really believe that it will just click for Smoltz on the mound. Just like it did with Schilling in 2007. Will it be tonight????


Maybe Dave F. can write something funny about that conversation. I hope Theo didn’t have Byrd’s number in his blackberry. LOL!! If he did, I am at a loss for words! HA..HA…

Paul Byrd told WEEI that he is here to help the Sox win the WS. He will do whatever asked to do. On second thought Byrd may be a better alternative than Bowden. Bowden gave up 6 runs in 3 innings last night and his ERA jumped to over 4. My subjective projection how well a minor league pitcher will perform in the bigs is by multiplying his ERA by 2. So far I am right on target with Buckie.


Remember how well Bowden pitched out of the pen earlier this year against the Yankees?? He pitched (2) scoreless innings and the Yankees didn’t have a clue against him. Of course that was when Texeria couldn’t hit anything and A-Rod wasn’t in the lineup yet but all I can go by are results and Bowden looked sharp. David Price struggled in A.A.A. ( Durham ) this year but look at him last night, he was dynamite! I wouldn’t mind seeing Bowden take Masterson’s role in the pen. Speaking of Masterson, he might start next week for the Tribe. The Indians close out there season in Boston for 4 games. Chances are Masterson will be on the mound for one of those games. Even though he was in Boston for a short time, he’ll get a big ovation. Obviously I’m getting ahead of myself here. Lots and lots of baseball to be played.

The Yanks didn?t have a clue against Hunter Jones either. I believe in the same game. I am ambivalent about Bowden. I didn?t like him coming out of ST. I wonder why Theo is holding Bowden back and opted for Byrd. I am looking forward to seeing Bowden in September.
Hopefully when we see Masterson in Fenway, the Sox will have the division locked up. How about the perceived confrontation between V-Mart and Masterson? There will be a standing ovation either V-Mart hits a HR or is struck out. Simply powerful.

You talked me into it. The write up is in the blog.
Please comment. I integrated it with an article about improvements at the Tampa bay ballpark.

Dave, I wish that the blogspot site had a link for comments that we leave here about your articles to be reflected in the comments section on blogspot. It is not easy to keep up with multiple blogs, let alone commenting on each. That is why I (for one) have not “commented” on blogspot. I do so here–because I am here already. By the way, good entry on Dice-K’s “bulletins”!
Andy, I think your metric of multplying a pitcher’s minor league ERA by 2 is a good one (whether it is uniquely yours or not). I have not been so high on many pitchers who are touted as “the next big thing, because of that very question.
I liked Bowden better than I did Jones, but I think both will do well with a little more time. We could have used either one in the BP in that 13-inning game. (Even if Bowden is being groomed to be a starter–sorry, Jeff). GO SOX!

This season is eerily shaping up like 2006. Remember, prior to that season the Sox seemed to have an overabundance of starting pitching and traded away Bronson Arroyo. Then, it was about this time of year and injuries started to rear their ugly heads and the Sox had a key series with the Yankees in which they were swept out of contention. Here we are again, with two aces, but the remainder of the rotation being a rookie and a couple of has beens while Dice-K and Wakefield are on the sidelines and we’ve traded away the only other viable and reasonably proven starter (Masterson). So much for a deep starting pitching rotation. Injuries are playing a role again as Bay and Drew struggle with muscle pulls and we wind up with Nick Green in left field last night. There’s no tomorrow if the Sox don’t at least split this series in New York. It will be a struggle for the wild card if we see a repeat of the 2006 performance. GO SOX!


It does remind me a little of the 2006 season. Boston in 2006 at the trading deadline that year had one of the best records in baseball, I think only Detroit had a better record. Theo and the Red Sox stood pat ( not the case this year obviously ) in 2006 and the team fell apart. The inuries did add up quick that year. I remember a game in Seattle where Youkilis was in l.f.—like Green was the other night. Also that same year, Ortiz had some heart issues ( was checked out at Mass. General ) and Zazu laid down like a dog….no surprise there. Boston got swept at home in a (5) game series with the Yankees and just like that, they were toast! Add salt in the wound, Papelbon got hurt in early Sept. and he was shutdown for the season. Other than that, 2006 was a GREAT season. LOL!! I don’t think it will be that way in 2009 but then again, I didn’t think 2006 would end that way.

I think you are right, Brian and Garry, in comparing this season to 06. Compounding the problem is that the Rays and the Yankees are both in the mix this year. Pap may not go on the DL this year, but it doesn’t seem to matter–he is just to shaky this year to be counted on. Dice-K is not likely to be effective even if he comes back “healthy”, and Masterson will be missed. It is shaping up to be a long season. I do hope Wake is able to return and be effective, but I am not confident of that. SIGH! GO SOX!

Hey! Ellenc!

I’m not sure what you’re apologizing for…Flirtting with me works better (lol). I think that we all have to come in off the ledge a bit, and take BosoxBrian’s advice (gagggggggg!!!![lol]) about trusting Tito. The Sox either have it or they don’t. With the injuries they sustained in 2006, they didn’t have it…but this is a different team. Unfortunately, my Yankee-loving son-in-law is heading to Cleveburg tonight to spend the weekend with us. If the Yanks show superiority this weekend, it could be lonnngggggg! I’m not sure which will be less tolerable…the Yanks winning the weekend series, or my wife getting a new Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy after whe have gone the past two years without dogs!!!

In terms of the Yanks not knowing Billy Traber…wasn’t he in the Yanks organization for a while??? Lets see if VMart stands up and bees (****?) counted this weekend. Wouldn’t that be a nice turn of events!!!!!

Josh Reddick is on his way back to Red Sox and should be available for tonight’s game. It is not known whom he will replace. Stay tuned!

JBay may be heading to the DL.

I heard on ESPN radio earlier that JBay would not be in the line up for at least 2 games… I’m thinking longer if Reddick is on the shuttle back up! Prove yourself kid!!! Nows your BIG chance… Can you imagine being a rookie and facing the Yanks on tthe Biggest “big show” Stage???? I’d pee myself I think!! lol

Well, here it is, folks. The series we have all been waiting for. This will show us, as Dbenj says, whether the Sox have what it takes or don’t. It will be a struggle, the Yanks going full bore and the Sox in some disarray. But, one thing you can count on for sure, even if the unthinkable happens and the Sox take a nose-dive, we will be here to cheer them on with Ellen leading the way.
And, oh by the way, all the rituals, incantations, mantras, sacrifices, meditation, fasting and vision quests went well. The witch doctors camped out in my parlor are a little annoying, but what the hey, it’s for the Sox, ya hafta do what ya gotta do!!
GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For tonight’s game. Youk -LF. Kotchman -1B, Martinez catching, Lowell at 3B, Ortiz -DH, Lowrire SS. not in that order.

I am not willing to jump off a ledge by any means, DBen, but this is gut-check time. Show us what you guys are made of, Sox! GO SOX!

Lineup for tonight:

Ellsbury CF
Pedroia 2B
Martinez C
Youkilis LF
Ortiz DH
Drew RF
Lowell 3B
Kotchman 1B
Lowrie SS

Love Youk going to left, epitomizes the gamer that he truly is… Kotchman may be sleeper tonight to hit Joba around. Except for Drew, who has hit a little bit lately and Jed batting ninth, this is a very solid lineup tonight.. They may need 10 runs to win but I think Youk moving to left is great

sounds like were reafy to GO!!!! Arnie did you happen to catch my post earlier about rally cap mode??? I am FREAKIN’ WICKED READY!!!!! WICKED, ISAY!!!!

Aye, Youk in left field. Looks more like 2006 every day. Well, the addition of Martinez will certainly help offset some of this stuff but pitching is the biggest concern. I really hated to give up all those prospects, but Halladay looks a lot better in the rotation than Buchholz, Smoltz or Penny at this point. It would be so Huge for Smoltz to come up big tonight. He has a reputation as a big game pitcher ….. let’s see if he’s got any of that mojo left.

Line for the Yanks also tonight:

YANKEES (65-42)
Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui DH
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Melky Cabrera CF

Pitching: Joba Chamberlain (7-2, 3.58)

Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Dustin Pedroia 2B
Victor Martinez C
Kevin Youkilis LF
David Ortiz DH
J.D. Drew RF
Mike Lowell 3B
Casey Kotchman 1B
Jed Lowrie SS

Pitching: John Smoltz (2-4, 7.12)

I guess Reddick won’t be there for the start of the game?

Hahahaha!!!!! Wicked ready!!!! I love that, Ellen.

Kinda like “Hit it WICKED FAAAH”! Something like that…;)

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