A blinking contest between Beckett, Burnett

Who will blink first? Great pitcher’s duel thus far between two former Florida Marlins gunslingers, Josh Beckett and A.J. Burnett.

It was an interesting day all-around for the Red Sox, with a notable addition (Junichi Tazawa) and subtraction (John Smoltz).

General manager Theo Epstein held court before the game, and had some good insight on the trying events of the last few days.

“We’re certainly day to day with a lot of things, if not inning to inning and pitch to pitch,” Epstein said. “Last night, we made Verizon a lot of money with the cellphones giving everything that was going on. Trying to find a way to field a full roster today and make things work. I don’t think it’s a time to make definitive statements, other then to say things will stabilize. It’s not going to stay like this and we’re going to get through it as an organization. We can’t have any firm commitments because we have to see how things shake out.”

How is Paul Byrd doing and when can he help?

“He was throwing and working out consistently, expecting a call in June or July from a club and then stopped throwing about two weeks ago,” Epstein said. “When we first called him a few days ago, he started again and was able to throw two innings against a college team. He reported today down in Fort Myers and threw. He’s got some work to do to get in game condition and to get his arm into shape. He’s probably about three weeks away from being able to help.”

It seems like the Red Sox will have three starters — Wakefield, Dice-K and Byrd — all ready to help around the same time. Wake could be a bit sooner, but he still has weakness in his calf.


I am having all kinds of problems, also, Julia! Let’s see if this posts! SIGH! GO SOX!

Hey, Wendy!

Even with the Red Sox’ problems, this site takes the cake Brian!:/ (DID YOU HEAR THAT, SIR FEARLESS LEADER?!)

You probably have not seen half of mine, either, Paul! SIGH!

Byrd I assume is hanging out with the old folks in Florida. He’ll feel right at home.

What a game tonight in N.Y. Boston needs this one more than the Yankees.

OPPS!! I’m having so much trouble posting! lol!


V-Mart is trying to hard!


Please, Please, Please——–
GO SOX!!! MAKE THIS INNING COUNT. SCORE, please?!!?!?!?!?! Pretty please?????

Crap . two outs.


Big Papi……


Nausea, anyone?

Ortiz with some good wood.

What’s more difficult?? Posting on here or a Red Sox win???

That is funny Brian!

Toss up Brian

Shall we all close our eyes and pray for the “Good Papelbon” Amen.

I’d gladly give up posting, for a win!!! (or 3)…

Okie is still out there?

I left you a little comment Greg but it was so far back in the mix that you never saw it. LOL

Remember the game last year (? the memory is kinda foggy) but anyways when the Yankees were absolutely SWARMED by flying insects? We will need those bugz for the top of the 10th, if you please, Mother Nature!!!

The game was in Cleveland with the midges


I went back and checked for your post, Paul. The computer is working well. Unfortunately, with this site, it has been hard to tell sometimes!:/

The “Midges Game” was in the 07 ALDS, where they swarmed Joba under, in Cleveland.
They probably have a passport card to cross regularly between Canada and Cleveland at Lake Erie!πŸ˜‰

Mosquitos will do. Oh, never mind, we have the entire world’s population here in Maine…..

Midges from Canada. I wonder if they crossed the border legally?

Oki with a solid appearance.

Come on Bard!!!! You can DO THIS!!!

What a game so far. Bottom of ninth still no runs scored for either side with Bard up.

I am looking at a new “caputer” also. Mine is so slow that I can pour a coffee while it starts up. This site really is having problems.

NICE JOB BARD! (Nice swing, Posada!!)πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

I’ve been warming up and am up to 55 MPH on the fastball. With Smoltzy stepping down for a bit, I should be getting a call from Theo any day now.


Never heard of midges at all, let alone from Canada. Maybe they are a Homeland Security problem also!

At least Woodward knocked it down.

A-Rod could crawl to second and steal a base against Boston.

We are beating down the doors with our two hits!

Varitek has actually thrown out a runner tonight!

Good stop Tek.

Ian – via twitter:

Look at it this way. They might have been in the gap in left-center if Lugo was playing shortstop.

Get Chickenman OUT!!!!!!!!

Is it nauseous in here, or is it just me????????


Huh???? Balk?

WTF??? A BALK??????

The batter called timeout!

I don’t want to see us lose a game this way. Boo hoo.

If I’m Bard, I throw my best pitch and that is the fastball. If the Yankees get a hit, so be it.

Bard got rattled in St. Pete and now balks.

Chickenman= Bronson Pinchot aka “Balki”! πŸ˜‰

NIIICEE breaking ball!


Take a drink of water and sit down, Georgey!!! No field, no hit, no play!!!!!

Bard pulls it out. Good stuff. GO SOX.

Hey Theo, got a spot for a 47 year old switch hitter with a gimpy left knee and a 9.5 40?

Bard gets himself into jams but he also gets himself out of jams. He did that in St. Pete as well. Bard strikes out Posada with a nasty breaking ball down and in.

Someone is going to pop one long! Woodward??? Now that would be funny.

Posada has ALWAYS been chicken man to me – the way he moves his head around has always reminded me of a chicken

Oh, sorry, never mind, you’ve already got one playing catcher tonite!

Boy, doesn’t he get paid well to do that chicken imitation!

I like this kid, Reddick. Unflappable.

Hey Julia. Give Posada his dues. He is one great catcher and we would be lucky to have someone of his caliber.


Agree very much but I don’t think Varitek runs that fast. lol.

I’m available for the 14th inning…


Hi Brian… it’s me, Jim Maynard….

Doesn’t mean I can’t call him chicken man – I have NEVER liked him.

Woodward showing a good eye at the plate. H.R. time???

It would be a great time for an HR Brian!


I’ll take the single! COME ON PEDEY!!!!!

Now we have something going.

NICE JOB, JACOBY! Let’s get these guys IN! Come on, DUSTIN! GO SOX!

Pedroia The Deystroyer! Let’s get it done! Smoke on here! A double will score Ellsbury as well.

Jim, it is interesting to me that Hinske has played for almost all the AL East teams now. I think he hasn’t played for Baltimore, yet, but when he does, he’ll have played for all of them! Hmmm!…



Damn. Another RISP.

No adventures now, PAP!
You are more than welcome Jimmy27!

Aceves for the Yankees didn’t impress me.

I don’t know what it is but Cano scares me.

Is that Homer Simpson, Dave?πŸ˜‰

Hi Jimmy M. Nice line about Varitek, quite funny. The Sox are going to be in Tx. soon. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not but first things first, they need to win tonight.

Ramon pitching scares me…

Looks like Hinske stirring in the Yank dugout. What if he comes in and homers? Now THAT would be ironic.

Yeah, Brian, we’ll be there all three nights. The Nation comes out in force in Arlington. Really pisses off all the natives.

Can’t say I want Pineiro, Jim M.! He didn’t do us any favors, either.

I down.

Hinske….not good…..

I am not sure Dice-K would be a help to us right now, though, Dave!:/ SIGH! GO SOX!

If Hinske hits a game winning H.R.—I think I might jump off the Skyway. HA..HA..HA…

Kinda looks like Texeira at the plate….

Okay – where is the bouncing the ball memo??

This is a sad and sorrowful state of affairs. The Sox are in a situation of absolute struggle. I couldn’t believe how so much talent struggles so vehemently in such a tragic way. Homer could not write this stuff. He’d need comic relief to balance it out. We don’t have any.
I’m so sorry about Smotz. It’s a tragic end to a great pitcher. How the mighty fall.
Drew is out, Lowrie is out…AGAIN, Lugo is gone (ya) but doing well, Masterson is a killer and we have Dice-K apologizing, Ortiz rewriting history and Penny drying up.
As Billy Joel said in one song “I can’t take it anymore”!




No kidding, Dave. Well put.

Theo? I’ve got the fastball up to 59! And I CAN reach the plate.

Thanks for the “Brownie Points” welcome on my blog, Greg !!!
Can it get any more exciting than this !!!
Extra Innings: Red Sox 0, Yankees 0

Nice to see Dave reminiscing on Sisyphus and Camus! Back to the Theater of the Absurd! About right, Dave!

PULL RAMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeter. Terrific. Good move Tito.

PAPELBON!! Oh wait – is that better?

Can we get Oil Can Boyd to come back, Jim M.? Can he hit?πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Is Dennis Boyd available?

JIMMY!! How are you? Didn’t see you here!!

Well Julia, your fears were well founded.

That’s it. I’m calling Pete Vukovich right now…..

The “Captain” Derek Jeter vs. Jonathan Papelbon !!!
Key moment of the game !!!

Hey, Holly! Got LaRoche in your back pocket?πŸ˜‰

The w.p. by Ramirez cost him. Moments later, Cabrera would have hit a inning ending d.p.

Francona manages these Sox–Yankee games differently, he might say otherwise.

Let’s go Papelbon, blow it by Jeter!

Somewhere, Joel Pineiro and J.C. Romero are smiling….

Paul – Ramon scares me every time he is in!!

Hmmm… what pitch will Pap throw first?

Can you imagine game after game with all that talent and losing in inventive and creative ways. The 68 Mets seemed to have wrote the Red Sox play book this year.
Every time the Sox get ahead, they fall ten steps behind. Every time they climb the mountain the fall back down. It’s the classic Greek tragedy. However, it has made me realize, as all Red Sox fans know, how hard it is to win a world series.
The key in many ways is Dice-K. His departure juxtaposed with Tim Wakefield has really crippled the pitching staff. That and the loss of Masterson is just devastating.


Way too many big words, Dave. My brain just short-circuited.



That is the Pap that we have been used to in the past.

Hey Julia,
That was a breath of fresh air. Now if the bats can go to town,.

Thank you JACOBY! GO SOX!

Papelbon throws it right by Jeter.

Aceves will blow it for the Yankees.

Yea, the Yankees are NOT going to win this one. This is our game. Martinez and Youk are up next!! Can’t wait!! Great game by both AJ Burnett and Josh Beckett. Hope to see Wake and Byrd in the rotation soon!! And Greg, guess we can’t see how Adam LaRoche is going to do in Boston!!

What is up with V-Mart tonight??

EVEN I could have looked that bad striking out….

Jim M., this posting problem has been going on for a while, now. I am still expecting posts that disappeared into the Ether to reappear on this site a week later! Talk about Theater of the Absurd! SIGH! GO SOX!


EVEN I could have looked that bad flying out to right….

Hey Brian. Are you the eternal optimist? This guy is 7-1 and now this inning is history!

I suspect exhaustion and mental stress can take it out of you just like everyone else. These games are tough and I’d be worn out too!

C’mon Julia. Trying to find humor in this…..

PAP!! You’ve got to hold them! More then one batter makes me nervous about him….

Dave – our bats? I don’t even know what to say….

Hey everyone… HONEY I’M HOME!!!
Let’s get this over with.. get them out and step into the box and send one out of there!!!

Besides, this is probably the most you’ll hear from me all year on this thread…

Hey, Julia … How are you doing !!!
What a game !!! … Will it ever end !!!
Well, Papelbon won the battle vs. Jeter …
Happy time for Red Sox Nation,
Sad strikeout for all in the Yankees Universe !!!
Aceves retires the side in order in the top of the 11th …
Onto the bottom of the 11th we go …
Still tied: 0-0 …. WOW !!!

Bats Julia? When was the last time we really heard from them?

Hellllllooooo Ellen!!!

No – please is my “request” to the team


Hey, Julia … How are you doing !!!
What a game !!! … Will it ever end !!!
Well, Papelbon won the battle vs. Jeter …
Happy time for Red Sox Nation,
Sad strikeout for all in the Yankees Universe !!!
Aceves retires the side in order in the top of the 11th …
Onto the bottom of the 11th we go …
Still tied: 0-0 …. WOW !!!

This reminds me so much of Rome after Hannibal dominated and crushed the opposition. Rome was in utter panic. They were defeated and demoralized but they came out on top taking advantage of the fact that Hannibal did not lead a frontal assault into Rome and instead continued his ransacking of the country to irritate the Romans. By Hannibal not doing the crushing blow, it gave the Romans a chance to regroup.
Actually that has nothing to do with the Red Sox but it did have the effect of getting my mind off this vial evening of Red Sox struggles. (LOL)

There’s something funky going on with this site. My comments are popping up in weird places, some ahead of ones I’ve already posted. Sit down Damon! Whew….Tex goes down.

Well Paul – I heard a bat was flying around Yankee Stadium so I thought it was one of ours! lol!

Hi Jimmy – I’m feeling a little stressed! How are you?


Just checking in. What a game, eh?
I hope the Sox can pull this one out! Go Sox!! See ya all later, busy night here for me. Gotta love it!

Dave…it was beautiful….I could see it all so clearly…..well I could if my eyes weren’t all squished up and my blood pressure wasn’t through the roof!πŸ™‚

Hey Jimmy. Welcome to this weird site! We are all familiar with it by now.

Julia, now I see Rome with Caesar intent on Roman reform ignoring the realities of a republic and deciding that absolute power (violating his own principles) was the only way to achieve a stable and just Rome.
Now can’t you see that image and the Red Sox and see the similarities. If you can…please call 911 right away and get help! (LOL)

Hey Julia. That is funny. You just wish it was one of ours! It will be in the 12th!

Bring back Aceves!

Papelbon throwing gas.

Rivera has been used so this N.Y. pen is thin.

A-ROD!! SIT DOWN!!!!!!

Jimmy M.

This site has been funky for a while.

Way to go Drew…

Hey Dave. I can’t quite equate the Red Sox with the Roman Empire. I don’t think I need the 911 call. LOL

I’ll give Aceves, nasty change-up to Drew.

Dave, I think Homer Simpson is calling 911 for you!πŸ˜‰

I hoping we find that bat Paul – LORD knows we need it – TEK!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT GOOD!!!!!!

Hey Dave. I can’t quite equate the Red Sox with the Roman Empire. I don’t think I need the 911 call. LOL

Varitek has no clue from the left side of the plate.

Reddick be the man! It’s all about the glasses/goggles.

COME ON REDDICK – You want another HR!!!


Groan. Manny is coming on. Is this the end?

I don’t like this!

Okay – do the Red Sox not understand that winning is a option here? That we don’t HAVE to lose?

I would pitch Tazawa before Saito.

Where is Julian Tavares when you need him?

Hey Julia. Losing is not an option. Maybe the whole team needs those glasses/goggles!

Beckett and Burnett pitching seems like SO long ago! SIGH!

Longest 0-0 – 24`innings

This is when OUR GUYS do it… they get the job done.. it will be mission accomplished!!!

Look-ey there! My time finally caught up with the posting times! (?!) GO SOX!

And we have 2 more games after this one, Juia! HMMM!!!…


Jim M., Tavarez is still (last I checked!) with the Nationals. I was just there. Shall I go get him? Hmmm…

I’ll chip in to buy them glasses!



Where is the patience at the plate that we saw last week??



Ellen can have her SENOR-EZ time, that way!

Hey Greg. Not sure what kind of clock you have but my clock is showing 26 minutes after the hour and your post shows 33 minutes after the hour!

Been studying the Roman empire for the last month hence the references. Doing Greece as well.

So does mine, Paul. It is too strange, but it is the source of the problem.

Ever feel like the Yankees could lob it over the plate and the Sox would swing right through it. I think the baseball is traveling through another parallel dimension.

Nah… thanks anyhow Greg. But I’m sure Jeremy Sowers is available!



Well, I studied plenty of Rome and Greece as well, Dave. I content myself now with Homer Simpson and Grease. (But I know your references verrry well).

See y’all in the mornin’… I’ll finish up from under my blankie!!! G’Night Nationers!!!
G’night Redsox… will you.. not can you.. do this for me???
I’ll wash all of your cars and wax them, I’ll clean all of your houses.. I’ll even do windows and wash your pets.. iguanas excluded!!!

You continue to impress me with your knowledge base.

These walks will kill us!


I worked SO HARD at it, Dave!πŸ˜‰

Unbelievable….. 13….

We dodged a bullett! GO SOX.

What was that Ian was saying about a staring/blinking contest?!

Red Sox will win it….Right here, right now! I am sensing 3 or 4 runs.

Hello, Theo? Hey, Jim here. Listen I was just wondering if (click)…. Hello?

Thank heaven Aceves is out. He was excellent. Even though I thought Boston was going too knock Aceves around.

Bruney give it up buddy!

The problem with the times of our posting have to do with the servers that MLB users. They must have multiple and they have different times on them.

Maybe I could pitch! I could try out my Dan Quisenberry/Kent Tekulve pitch again! (Sound good, Ellen?)πŸ˜‰ GO SOX! PROVE BRIAN RIGHT!

Even Orsillo and Roberts are tiring of this…

Did you do it for fun or was it required for you in college? I’m doing it for fun but continue to be impressed by Rome. There really is a wide variety of ideologies, greed, malice, contempt, subversion and politics all centered around the sword and shield. Marcus Crassus continues to fascinate me. I’m a sucker for those hard-luck cases!

Yeah, Julia, I understand that, but OFF BY 10 MINUTES?????

So far so good for Saito but you never know.

Julia! How can you change time! I wish I could turn it back1 LOL

I studied theology and philosophy in college, Dave, and I continued it in seminary. I read Augustine’s “City of God” for kicks one vacation.

I dig the Q and Tek reference, Greg.

And I used Cliffs Notes to make it through The Iliad.

You can’t technically change time (as far as we know, despite Star Trek and those magical temperal particles) but going at the speed of light will slow down time. That’s because light is a constant so time actually has to slow down to maintain that speed. Think of it this way, if light is always the same speed no matter what the medium or means of transmission, then time must become slower to compensate since distance = velocity * time and since velocity (c) is constant and the distance will not change, then you must alter time.


According to my resident geek Paul – he suspects that MLB servers are running on Lunix and the time when you are using that system has to be manually set. He suspects there was a restart on one or two of them and the time was not reset. The individual servers feed into one that does the actual posting and it does it based on the time stamp that the servers put on the posts.

Ground hog day

I’m reading the Iliad now. It’s really interesting and I’m enjoying it but hitting sparknotes to get the background. I also have a book on Greece. I decided that I wanted to learn it simply because I don’t know the history. I just love learning all the time and the realities of time and age have inspired me to learn all that is learnable in the time I have left on this planet. (No I’m not dying tomorrow by the way)

I’m not sure about that Julia. Time can be set through the net via time servers. It’s unlikely that local cmos time would run the servers — but I’m not there.

Speaking of impressive, Dave, I can make finger puppets out of stale doughnuts…

Dave, you’re wrong – it’s a worm hole that is causing this problem. And if only the Enterprise could make it to warp 10 then we would be okay. Other then that, the Klingons will get us.

I am SOOOO Losing it!

Thanks Julia. That makes sense but I like DGN’s comment about Ground Hog Day better! LOL

Ground hog day was my second choice Paul!

Julia, can they warp 10 minutes at least, so our times will match up with these servers? (Where’d they get these “servers” anyway? The tennis courts?):/

Good for you Julia. This game is really starting to get old. It is pretty late for you down east. Bedtime anyone?

That really is very impressive. Please contact me so we can get you the proper help you need (LOL)
it is a typical mistake in science fiction to assume that worm holes are stable. They are not and would collapse upon entry…however it does allow the show to run in an hour’s time slot.
As far as warp 10, that’s an interesting senario. Warp assumes that space is essentially empty. However with the discoveries of dark matter and energy, the idea of compressing space to travel long distances seems unlikely.
(and you say you are losing it)

It is literally old, Paul! How about the players who are actually PLAYING this game??! Hmmm!…

I wanted to add that warp drive is warping or bending of space. In essence, you create a gravitational field that pulls distant objects closer together…overcoming dark energy. That’s why you need the interaction between anti-matter and matter since that’s the energy you need to do such a stunt. Then you can travel a very short distance and restore the universe back to normal at the end of your trip. The idea of this is really bizarre but it’s certainly convenient.

The jaccuzzi is looking good and I’m tired of the couch and the keyboard. Have fun all!


Right now burning fuels and ion engines seems to be the technology available for travel. Then you have the problem that as you increase speed you also increase force and then tiny particles become deadly weapons if you strike them. Stars are light years away from us and distances so vast that Star Trek will never probably happen.
Then you’ve got the fact that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate overcoming gravity.
Then again…you probably didn’t want to hear all that techno stuff.

CRAP! That was our best chance this game! SIGH!
And what was that, Julia, about a 24 inning game???!!:/

Oh so close for Martinez, hit it towards the end of the bat. Usually anything in the air to r.f. in this bandbox goes for a H.R.

Incredible game!

V-MART!!! That almost got out!


Hey Dave. I think you have watched too many sci-fi movies. LOL.

Oh I have read a lot about science…that’s for sure and read a ton of sci-fi books and am utterly exhausted from this game.

Bruney not looking good here in the 14th.

Good, let’s see if we can finally capitalize, Brian! GO SOX!

Yes – it is midnight here – I seem to be missing my bedtime a lot this week! And then Sunday’s game doesn’t start until 8pm!

Dave – I am a big sci-fi fan.

Okay – Youk is on second! A single – MY KINGDOM FOR A SINGLE!!!!!

It looked like the shot hit by Victor Martinez was going out … The ball is not carrying tonight !!!

It’s up to Tek. Show everyone you still have some gas in the tank.

Have you read Asimov. If you haven’t you must. It’s fantastic. Nightfall the short story is a great start.

TEK – make them pay for wanting to pitch to you!

No Jimmy – the ball is not carrying at all tonight. I thought V-Mart had it.

I don’t have a lot of faith in Varitek in this situation.


I have Dave. My oldest son enjoys it also.

Tek….i wanted to believe in you….

GRRR! My faith was justified.

If I was Tek, I would have taken the 3-1 pitch.

Tuzawa makes his big league debut in N.Y. during this classic. Not the way Francona would want it but that is how it goes!


Did we REALLY expect otherwise, Brian? No matter how this game actually ends?

Brian Bruney makes me nervous … but, he gets the final out !!!
It’s past midnight … Let’s play two !!!

Tuzawa wearing Materson’s old number.

Hey – the new guy!

Who do we have to play the game later today?

GRACIOUS! That was ending an inning the hard way!

COME ON GUYS!! Hold it together!!!

The Yanks like what they see from Tawaza, both Matsui and Posada hit it hard. Great play by Drew, the double play is alive. As always…. Cano scares me.

Bleek? Fortunately JD wasn’t “bleek”!

This is looking bleek.


DP!! DP!!!


Yes, JD has, Brian. That is why he has his fans in RSN!


OMG!!! DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GREAT CATCH by Drew! The Yankees are hitting this kid hard. Only Cano has blooped one.

Oh … What a play by J.D. Drew !!!!!!! … That was the game winner !!!



The Yankees are having fun in the dugout.

Oh !!! … Melky !!!! … That was another game winner !!! — right down the line !!!

If Boston wants to win, they need to score (2) runs!

Tawaza needs some room to work with.

Fifteen innings and we only have managed four hits. GRRR!

V-MART!!!! YES!!!

Can I post now???

Great play by Martinez!

I’m not the biggest fan of J.D. Drew but he has had some big moments with the Red Sox. At the plate and in the field.

Reddick is 0 for 6, tough night for the rookie but I like what I have seen from him. He almost took Burnett deep earlier in the game, sometime Fri. night. lol.


It’s not even 1am yet!!!!


Night all! That was so much fun

Tawaza for another inning, I don’t know about this. Is Van Every available???

A-Rod. Of all people. Now there is someone I really don’t like Julia.

Since he’ll be with us for a while at least, we’d be wise to learn how to spell his name…TAZAWA! GO SOX!

Typical Jeter hit.

Tazawa…Tawaza….What’s the difference??? LOL!

Great bunt Damon.


Ask Tazawa, Brian!πŸ˜‰ (I say potato…)
Arnie might catch the middle innings of this game live…


I would but he is pitching. I don’t think he wants to here from me right now. lol.

Since it is no longer Friday, can we ditch those caps? Hmmm…

SIGH!!!… Figures. Night all!

What a game. A killer loss for the Red Sox. Tues. night/Wed. a.m. against T.B. was rough but this one was worse! Only chance Boston has later on today, tell Sabathia it’s October!

This was a team loss all the way!

What can I say …
A classic game for the ages !!!
This game could only be this exciting because it was the Yankees playing the Red Sox !!! … That’s something we can all agree on !!!
A well-played game by both teams !!!
Everybody, have a great night !!!
— Jimmy, “BY&L”

This team is finding news to lose. Earlier in the season, they finding ways to win. Four in a row on the negative side and they are falling deeper into the standings.

The Sox pitching was awesome but obviously the Yankees was even better. N.Y. has won alot of these type of games, coming up with the clutch hit. The Yankees looked like they were having fun in that dugout and the Sox looked worn/tired and beat. Are the Red Sox running out of steam??? Remember this team doesn’t have a day off until Aug. 17th. That’s alot of games in a row and with no depth in there rotation, I am not sure if this pen will survive the season. There are lots of games left but getting out of N.Y.C. with a split looks like a dream right now!

Morning all.. not a good way to end that game. Especially to Arod…………. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’ll be back when we’re back to 3.5 back….
Go Sox…………….

No superstitions here!! lol

Hey! BosoxBrian!

Time for the Sox to show us how much character they truly have. I was really expecting a roster move today…sending down Tazawa and bringing up someone else to fortify the bullpen…like Mike Bowden. I am surprised the Sox don’t appear to have done that.

Also surprised at a “non-move” by Tito. I dislike criticizing him because I think he gets more knocks than he deserves and does a heckuva job managing the team. That having been said, I was very surprised in extra innings that the Sox didn’t shift VMart behind the plate at some point, to allow Youk back over to first and Mikey L. into 3rd. The Sox were generating no offense, and Mikey has been one of their few offensive stars since the AS break. It really surprised me.

Let’s hope the Sox can break through on CC and Clayboy can show us more than he did last Sunday when he was staked to such a gauddy lead that he coughed up.

Let’s see how much character there is. GO SOX!!!!

D. Benjamin…

I’m with you regarding how much character this Red Sox team. We will find out soon enough. I’m guessing the only reason Francona didn’t do that shuffle you mentioned is because they would be only down to (1) catcher with no legit back-up. Managers are always very cautious with that. Lowell’s bat will be in there today and tomm. as well. I’m guessing we could see Varitek as the D.H. today and Martinez behind the plate today.

Ortiz FINALLY will talk to the media today. I was wondering what was going to happen first….A Red Sox win or Ortiz talking about his positive test????

I’m thinking we’ll see Bowden take Smoltz’s turn in the rotation against the Tigers at Fenway.

Perhaps Martinez can give some tips to the Sox hitters against Sabathia today. Martinez caught how many of his starts with Cleveland? Martinez must know a thing or two about the big lefty.

Greg, I got home from work just after the game ended. What a bad end! The Sox hold the Yankees to no runs over the course of 14 innings and wind up with a loss.
I feel bad for Tawazawa–did I get that spelling right?— it was just a matter of time before some pitcher would make a mistake that left the park. And he was most likely to make that mistake having just come up from the minors.

Hold your heads up, Red Sox Nation!! Don’t let the gloom of despair descend on us. Ellen, don’t leave the blog; Greg and Dave: resist the temptation to drift off into the intellectual abyss of Roman history and Camus, Asimov and R. Crumb. Julia, pretty soon you won’t have to end every other post with: UGH! or SHOOT ME NOW!!
The Sox still have time to regroup. Sometimes it is darkest before the dawn and the Sox have some savvy veterans who may be able to find that extra gear and pull the team up with them. Cmon Sox, we’re counting on you. You can do it!!! Let’s go!!! Get some hits, throw some strikes and by God, catch the ball!!! GO!! GO!! GO!!!!

Lineup for today’s game:

Ellsbury CF
Pedroia 2B
Martinez C
Youkilis LF
Ortiz DH,
Lowell 3B
Drew RF
Kotchman 1B
Green SS

Buchholz, SP

And Youk is back in left

Did anyone else see David Ortiz’s press conference? I wrote about it but I was wondering what you take on it was.

Did not go back and read any of this so I may be repeating something but…..The Sox’ SS situation is really rearing it’s ugly head….may really cost us….

I thought it was interesting that Ortiz waited until the Sox hit N.Y. when he spoke about his test of 2003. I might be reading too much into that but then again maybe not. Ortiz said he never took steroids ( I think he’s telling the truth ) but did take some P.E.D./H.G.H. It’s all about the words you say/use. His H.R. total’s at one time were over 50 and a few seasons later has problems at the plate. Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmm. One thing I do know…Ortiz can shut everyone up by having his bat do lots of talking!

Will the Red Sox score today???

Whenever the Red Sox play, I always feel they will win. I don’t have that feeling today.

I am beginning to wonder what the guys tested positive for on that list. What were they tested for? That list is growing suspect. Were the players told what they tested poisitive for? How would they know? What a mess.


I agree with you about the s.s. position. I’m guessing Theo will give Glenn Hoffman a call or Luis Rivera. lol.

Time to give Petrocelli or Rooster Burleson a call….Maybe a trade for Freddie Patek!!!

Also these tests were supposed to be anonymous but somehow someway names are attached to specimens. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

At least Green made a liar out of me on that play….he needs to hit!!!

cfarn – I agree with you. What exactly did these guys test positive for? And now there is a difference between the # the union tested positive and the # on the list. It is a mess and a HUGE distraction to baseball!!

Youk should NOT be playing left!!!!!

Francona is supposed to put his players in a position to win and putting Youkilis in l.f. doesn’t do that.

Nasty change-up by Buchholz on Texeria.

I know last year I cuaght heck on here for suggesting that ZAZU wore very baggy uniforms and it would not surprise me if he was “roiding”. I said two days ago at work I would not be surpirsed if Griffey and Pulhols were “roiding” and had roided in the past and are on the list. I will never be surprised at a name again…except maybe Luis Aparicio!!!!! Big Papi tested positive for Spare Ribs…

Buchholz made Texeria look really bad and that isn’t easy to do.

BTW….I **** this new kid Reddick….reminds me of a young Shawn Green……We’ll see more of him….nice swing with some “pop”

Uh Oh!!!!!!!!

That ball DID NOT hit A-ROD!!!!!

Clearly hit his bat first…..What a loser….if I had his talent I’d argue the other way….I’d rather hit!!!!!


You mention Shawn Green, I think he did some illegal stuff to his body. His numbers went south quick.

Great call by the ump. Of course a guy with a last name Joyce does the right thing. HA…HA…HA…

I think your right about Green …..remember Brady Anderson?????


I’m with you about that. A hitter like Rodriguez would want to hit I assume. Especially his last at bat won a game in the bottom of the 15th inning. I’m very happy he didn’t end up in Boston.

Can’t stay away after that Oscar worthy performance from number 13… Question: How mant batters does CC pitch to before his “accidentally” hits a RedSox batter???

Brady Anderson hits over 50 longballs and then what???? He is the poster boy for a juicer.

I agree with you on the Sox lately…..I have no idea what to expect and it’s been a lonnnnnnnng time since I felt that way….feels like the 70’s again…Garry???????? What do you say?

We know that all “Joyces” are wonderful Brian!! lol!! And I second your opinion on A-Rod! We do not need players like him in town!

Ellen is leaving some comments on my blog if you want to say “hi” to her!!

UGH!!! YOUK!!!!!


Ellen…I think Sabathia will stay away from that. Will someone in the pen toss at a hitter later in this game…. perhaps.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Door bell rings…..UPS just brought my new driver to the door!!!!! Taylor Made r9 TP 8.5 degree driver!!!!!!! Christmas for me!!!!!! (You’ll shoot your eye out kid!!!!!)

17 innings of scoreless Red Sox baseball….

The good news…the Yankees have only scored 2 runs in 16 innings….

Happy Festivus cfarn! Even August needs a holiday! lol!

Is Youk in left field a sign of the Sox status right now?


Smoltz is available to golf now. lol. You know Garry and D. Benjamin are always up for (18) holes. I enjoy putting thru the windmills while playing putt putt.

Sabathia is a solid pitcher and Burnett has electric stuff at times but these Red Sox hitters are getting blown away at the plate. They look like they are swinging a bat that weighs 10 lbs.


Some Joyce’s are wonderful but certainly not all of them. HA..HA..I’m not sure where I stand among them.

That fastball by Buchholz to Matsui had serious movement….I’m not against putting through the windmills…

So far so very good for Buchholz. My question for Buchholz, what will he do the second time thru the order????

I sure you are near the top of the list!πŸ™‚ And Brian – I’m a Fitzgerald so you know….some of us….

NICE DP boys! Know how about some runs!!!!

Something good had happen after those first two games with the Yankees…..Some clown on ESPN radio said that last night’s game cost the Sox the division already….I love it when people say stupid things like that….always comes back to bite them. I am not real confident right now but this thing is far from over. My favorite Colin Cowherd (not) said that the Celtics would not win anything when they picked up Garnett and Allen because they would play no defense. They proceeded to win the NBA title that year…..playing exceptional defense the whole way!!!!!

They are talking about the Sox SS situation on Fox….saying we never had a solution after Nomah…..we had Cabrera and let him go…that was stupid!!!!

Cfarn – don’t you love it! There is so much baseball let – but you know – these “talking heads” have to earn their salary. And really – you want the guys on Fox to get anything right??? It’s hard to say who is worse – the announcers on Fox or the “brilliant” crew we will get in ESPN tomorrow night! BRING BACK ECK!! At least he knows what he is talking about!!

Now they are talking about this being a different Yankee team team then one the Sox beat 8 times…..what about this being a different Sox team….they kind of traded places but you only hear about how the Yankee team is different….This ain’t the same Sox team that slapped the Yankees around…

Thank you Mr. Yankee….

Anyone not feeling the love with Buchholz?

But I do love that DP!! lol!!

cfarn – Fox always have a love fest for the Yankees!

GET TEX OUT!!! Come on Buchholz!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

Brian…..2nd time through….

He’s hanging tough……1 run is nothing OK if the Sox could get untracked!!!! Come on Sox…show some life here!!!!

Come on GUYS!! Let’s get that run back!!! GO RED SOX!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!

Come on Pedey! Get it started!

CFARN; When you said he brought your new driver. I thought you meant a chauffer!!!!! haha!!!!

Sabathia is mowing them down.


Quite true about this being a different Sox team. My question is, will we see that team again this year??? There is alot of good hitters on this team. They have proven track records but right now these guys are ” white knuckling” holding the bat.

Will you PLEASE stop talking about a “perfect” game and the Red Sox having to “figure out” there rotation! I want my NESN!!


Funny you mention the word chauffer. That is what the Sox need, a chauffer….bring them home baby and that means runs!


Come on Buchholz – you can do this!!!!

Brain – how about if we all chip in and buy the Red Sox some runs? We could all look under the sofa cushions for spare change.

I love how Youk just gave it back to the fans!


I’m not sure if I want to look what’s under the cushions. What will I find??? This Sox team needs a prayer and maybe some holy water on there bats.

I still think that the Sox “sold” the wrong player to Cleveland! Masterson is starting today for the Tribe….

You know – I could stop off, see the local bishop and head right over to NY or….maybe they need to have an exorcism for their bats?


I think Masterson will have a very long and productive career. He reminds me alot of D. Lowe.

I think that all of the Current bats need to be fed into a chipper (not Jones) and replaced by all new bats… like the one from “The Natural”

This game is making me VERY nervous. I have no idea what to make of Buchholz today.

You gotta love Youk! He is having fun out there in l.f. today. I wish the Red Sox could clone him (10) times over!

Clay did a good job getting out of that! I just wish he believed more in himself.

Let’s get some runs boys!!!

Ha Ha Ellen…that’s driver as in golf ……speaking of golf…time to “tee off” on Sabathia. Perfect game…perfect game….perfect game…did I mention it enough to jinx him?????

I don’t know if this will translate into anything but Buchholz has slowed everything down, he doesn’t seem to be rushing anything. I am very impressed with him. Buchholz has above average major league stuff( one of the best change-ups for a righty in the game today ) but will that translate too success in the show???? He looks like a totally different pitcher from last year.

HEY.. Everyone!!! Mc Carver thinks that it is stupid (well he does know stupid!!!) abouth the NO HITTER SUPRSTITION…
Everyone repeat after me::: NO HITTER! NO HITTER~~ NO HITTER~~ CC HAS A NO HITTER GOING….~~ that ought to just about take care of it….

Before it’s all said and done….Buchholz will have to be counted on “this year”

Craig – I think you have perfect(game)ly managed – on a perfect(game) day here in the Northeast – to catch the prefect(game) flavor and feel of this perfect(game) day at the old ballpark!

Perfect game….perfect game….perfect game…Perfect game….perfect game….perfect game…Perfect game….perfect game….perfect game…Perfect game….perfect game….perfect game…

Hey – Ortiz walked!! Gee – so, no perfect game!

Did I mention that Sabathia has a NO HITTER. Once again…a guy with the last name of Joyce makes the correct call. LOL!!

Everyone needs to blog perfect game….Ok that worked…

now no hitter no hitter no hitterno hitter no hitter no hitterno hitter no hitter no hitterno hitter no hitter no hitter

no hitter….no hitter…..no hitter…no hitter….no hitter….no hitter….no hitter….no hitter…..no hitter….Sabthia has a NO HITTER!

Hey….does Sabathia have a no-hitter going?

Wait – he has a no-hitter going? no way! Not a no-hitter! Are you sure it is a no-hitter? I mean really sure that it is a no-hitter? Because I wouldn’t want to say that it was a no-hitter if it wasn’t a no-hitter.

You guys have probably been talking about this, but how scoreless innings have the SOX given the opposition at this point? its over 20 at this point, is it not?

No Hitter here,…..

A no-hitter Craig?

This is MLB mental contagion of the worst kind, does Francona know how to wake these guys up?

As per the norm.. Mc Carver has his lips firmly and securely fastened to Arods A*S*S………. makes me want to BARF!!!!

dg – it is crazy how we can not score! I am at a total lose to explain it – unless (continuing on a theme from last night) they are POD PEOPLE!!!

Here’s athought… (crazy one, but…) is Schilling available?? lol

Here’s athought… (crazy one, but…) is Schilling available?? lol


Hey Julia,
Sebastian doing a no hitter while Masterson and Lugo (who’s still tearing up the field and not making a single error) are having career explosions. Life isn’t fair in baseball is it?

DAMON!!!! Youk – go smack him!!!

THis is SO not right for Youk! He does not belong out there!!!

Oh ya and the Sox haven’t scored a run in two games.

Dave – who would ever think that we would look at Lugo with a little bit of envy. And no – life is never fair in baseball…..

Can we bring Reddick in now to play lf?

OK Gang…I’m off to church…I’ll say a prayer for the Sox….now I have to listen to John Sterling on the radio on the way…OUCH…talk about paying a pennance!!!!

you too Dave, Brian.. Pray for hits (for the Sox) Craig!!!

You had to bring THAT up Dave! lol!!


To see Lugo turn into an all star while the Red Sox are playing like the Washington Nationals is darn depressing.

Say one for me too Craig!

We need Kevin Millar back to losen these guys up and wake them up.

Oh ya we don’t have Bay or Lowrie or Dice-K or Wakefield…or Rocco or Bailey…did I get everyone?

Drove me to go get a glass of wine Dave!!!

Julia…I like wine too! Save some for me!

I will Dave! A lovely white to go with the grilled chicken for dinner

And was this no-hitter people were talking about! lol!!!

Crap…Sebastian lost his no hitter. That’s got to be tough for me. Now he may go on a donut diet again.

OPPS!!! Dave – I think we missed the NEW THREAD!!!!

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