Another day, another duel

So nothing could live up to Beckett-Burnett? Well, not so fast. Sabathia and Buchholz is pretty good theater so far today. CC has a no-no through five. Buchholz might be coming of age in front of our very eyes.

Still no word on a starter for Tuesday, but I’m guessing Tazawa.

That was one of the best games I’ve seen in a long time last night. If it was a playoff game, that game would be rehashed for years.

Where do you rank that catch by J.D.? Just a fantastic game. It was fun to be there for it.

In the context of the rivalry from 2003-09 — call it the Epstein-Cashman era — it was second only to July 1, 2004 in terms of regular season games. July 24, 2004 definitely had drama, and a brawl and a walkoff, but it wasn’t a GREAT game. It was more of a slugfest.

Poor Youk in left today. He’s getting exposed.



Ian, thanks for the new thread, and…

Opps!! Hi Ellen! Missed you note about the new thread. Thanks Ian!!

Since Sebastia lost his no-hitter, I fear he’ll go on that donut twinkie diet that gives him the warm fuzzies.

With the way this team is hitting, a slugfest is nothing but a dream.

If Bowden isn’t going to get called up to pitch on Tues. night, why not call him and help this pen??? Bowden is a guy that can go multiple innings, nobody in that Boston pen can go more than (2) innings. It hurt them in T.B. and it cost them last night. I don’t understand the thought process regarding Bowden. Bowden has done well in A.A.A.–if he was struggling I would understand it.

If the Yanks get Cano home, 2 runs be like climbing a mountain.

Yup…now it seems like getting one run is impossible.

I hate intentional walks! PLEASE let this work!!!!

To borrow from Caesar,
Yankees came, they conquered and the Sox went home.

Boston is now 5 for 65 in the last 2 games. PATHETIC!

Oh…god….Ram-Ram is warming up….

SEE!!!! THEY NEVER WORK!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it’s time to climb Mt. Washington, Boston is down (2) runs.

Julia…time for more wine.


You don’t think Thurs. night’s game was a classic??

Two runs down and 5.5 games back. Can it get any worse?

One of my favorite Red Sox—Yankee battles was when Nixon took Clemens deep back in May of 2000. Of course before the Theo–Cashman era.

I agree with McCarver, after this game Youk will not see l.f. again this year.

I was just thinking that Dave! Care for a glass!

Make it a double and make sure it’s not dry. I hate dry wines…

Youk should NOT see lf again this season.

Julia & Dave…

No wine here but a shot of something with alcohol in it will do the trick.

The Red Sox finally get the leadoff batter on. Amen!

Not Dry Dave. Want some chicken also? Be off the grill in a few.

Nice pitch by CC

Is Youk playing left field badly? I’m not watching the game.

The Sox got to Sabathia late at Fenway during a game, why not today.

Chicken is great…but I also need a good salad with blueberries and small almond slices…hmm…I’m getting hungry already.

Youk is struggling in Left – he made one error in the first (Damon) and later he was not able to get another Damon hit,

How about strawberries and peaches in the salad? And the watermelon & humus would work! And yes – bosoxbrian – plenty of food!!!


I need to see that replay on Papi!!

AND I would like to be able to POST!!!!

Let’s go Ortiz, have your bat talk!

Bosobrian – I have bourbob – will that work?




Your making my stomach growl. lol.

Oh Julia,
I would like to bring over freshly cut watermelon in small cubes as well as some humus and bread.

Ortiz didn’t go around. As I said before, never trust a guy with the last name of Joyce.

Lowell needs to take that piano off of his back. These Red Sox have aged right in front of our eyes.

Then you must join us. Bring some desert. I was thinking some great chocolate ice cream with fudge.

While we’re at it, I could also bring over some blueberry smoothies with whipped cream and crushed ice.

I can’t believe Francona didn’t go out and argue that call on Ortiz, no wonder the Sox have no fire.


If I brought desert, it would all be gone. I’ll bring the beer and chips/pretzels.

Sounds great…now please bring the chips that are low fat. I have to watch my weight! (LOL)

Well I guess the Yankees check to joyce must have cleared… he was awful quick to throw Ramirez out.,.. Why would we have hit Arod in a 0-2 game??? The guy is freaking NUTS!!!!! CHECK THE UMPIRES BANK ACCOUNT TOMORROW..

Pitch good EnRRRRRRRRRRRique!!!! go Get em Amigo!!!!

Ok, so here is another theory why the Sox are walking into their own demise — they have been over sharing and rotating all year, first at the short-stop position, now everywhere (due to injuries) — but the latest move with Victor Martinez (thought to be a good move) — may not be, and to my observation is having a reverse effect. Its like the old sayings — too many chefs in the kitchen, governance by committee, — whatever, no one is “given the ball” no one knows they are responsible — everyone is rotating, everyone is wondering if they will be the backup or the main guy — no one gets consistent play time (at one position or in one place in the batter order) — its musical chairs everywhere — and the SOX are showing it. Its a whole team of stuck in a cycle of “after you” — no — “after you” – no “after you”…..

So all this shuffling and Lowell won’t get hot, Varitek will get colder, even Papi is now a rotatable position, lost his position in the batting order… Drew can’t hit at all (guess what — he not playing consistently either) — no body can get in a groove, cause they don’t stay in one place/role long enough to do so.

Great effort by Buchholz today, he doesn’t deserve the loss but chances are he’ll get it.

I usually have faith in this team but I don’t see a comeback happening.

You gotta love the N.Y. fans today, given the Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkk chant when a ball is hit towards left. The fans are having fun, just like the Yankee players. The Red Sox look worn/torn/beat up. Boston is trying to hit the (3) run H.R. with nobody on base. I guess you could say, the Sox are feeling the pressure.


You might be right about that. It looked like a borderline call and Francona had a good view of it.

The Sox have answered the Yankees from the other night.

Joyce ( never trust that name ) a warning should have been issued. He had a quick hook.

So – Pedey gets hit and no one gets bounced- BUT a precious little Yankee gets hit and OUR pitcher gets bounced!!

Good outing from Bucholz. Definitely kept the Sox in the game. Now just some hits…



I agree with you there about musical chairs regarding this Red Sox lineup. Personally I would have Martinez catch more and have Varitek sit but that will hot happen but that is what I would do. Varitek might be a better catcher defensively but not by much. One thing I know for a fact, Martinez is a far better hitter than Varitek.

Kotchamn with a great attempt!

We are asking WAY to much of our Rookies

Brain, by slugfest, i MEAN slugging as in tek SLUGGING Arod in the mouth!!!!!

If only Victor could play lf then we would be all set! LOL!!

Brian… Anything Nixon did is oneof my favorites!!! He was my dirtdog!!!!

Ellen – can I second that request??? I am still RIPPED at Ramon getting tossed!!

This was baptism by fire for EN-REEEEEEEEEEEEEK-AYYY..
didnt do a horrible job for such little warm up and all the pressure he was under…

So – CC gets warned and Ramon gets tossed?

Burnett shutdown the Sox and now Sabathia. Only positive from last night and today, the Sox pitching has been solid.

Let’s KNOCK Hughes around boys!!

Our pitching is the only thing that has kept us in the games.

Why is this like a tape that is stuck on a endless loop!!


The Sox couldn’t knock around me if I was on the mound.

I have been a Sox fan for years and it is clear this team lacks leadership from Theo to Tito to the so called Captain Varitek. When a team gets blasted and embarassed by their rivals the team leaders, if they have them, do something about it. They have a players only meeting and maybe schedule more hitting instead of catching babes on the town and fine dining. H*ll I knew a college basketball coach who after losing on the West Coast flew back all night with the team and upon landing at school at 5 or so AM held practice! These millionaires are getting paid to play a great game so DON’T tell me they are exhasuted! Varitek needs to grow a set and order a players only meeting. At least let the fans know you freaking care just a tad! Good teams do somethign after gettign their faces bashed in! Bad teams or players who don’t care do NOTHING except give great quotes in post game interviews. Why didn’t Tito race out there after Ramirez got tossed and simply say nothing but lay a dolalr bill on the ground at the umpires feet?! AT LEAST that would have been funnier than watching Jeter jump of a sliding runner, stand there, call his mom, do 100 jumping jacks, finish a crossword puzzle and STILL throw out “Slowell”!

Then bosoxbrian – you should be pitching! How quickly can you get to NY??

I hear the Red Sox are replacing the song Sweet Caroline with Paul Simon’s Slip Sliding Away. Any truth to that?

Oh – why not!! A HR!!!

ajsax – I LOVE your suggestion on what Tito should have done!! ANYTHING to light a fire.

SURE!! And now I can’t post here!!!!

big papi……please……..

welll….that was not fun………

later all…..I have a bottle wine with my name on it.

Tito should ask the Yanks skipper if he could borrow the field for a while to have practice. Have all the guys line up for practice. Have the Yankees fans jeer the Sox players while they practice. I expect that would be mean and so the players will go grab a very nice dinner somewhere and maybe watch TV.

Well, I wasn’t able to catch the game, but your menu was sounding rather good (minus the watermelon)!😉
Buch appears to have given us the opportunity to win (again) if we’d had any offense–a no-no into the 6th? SIGH! NO ONE will win that way. I’m glad Buch pitched well though–again, like Beckett before him, he deserved better.
DGN, you are right, our players are rotating and platooning too much. With injuries, SOME of that is to be expected, but it has become Standard Operating Procedure, and it is getting old. No one will get into a hitting groove that way. (Hitting? What’s that?):/ SIGH! No fun, indeed.

Wow. What a difference a week makes. When do the Sox play the Orioles again? lol. I’m at a loss of words. Beckett pitched GREAT last night and of course the bullpen did as well. Buchholz was solid against a very good hitting team, his change-up kept the Yankee hitters off balance. The look on the players speak volumes. They look like they have ran a marathon, they are worn out! On the other hand, the Yankees have a full tank of gas and look fresh. I really don’t know what Francona can do. It’s up to the players right now. These guys can’t hit and it’s just that simple! Oh by the way, how many more days until pitchers and catchers report??? LOL!!

Oh, and I’ll take that over Sabathia’s “Donut/Twinkie Diet” any day!

I guess if we want a story-book World Series this year, it is going to have be Torre against the Yanks — I am sure we all were hoping Boston vs Manny. I don’t want to go back to my pre 2004 glea of anyone against the Yanks!

Hey, Arnie. I wish the Sox had won that game last night, but I was beginning to wonder if it would be a 24-inning scoreless game!:/ And I finally got to watch one of your “Veg. Kitchen” episoder–you were doing salads. I hope to catch you again!😉
Craig, don’t put out a windshield with that set of golf clubs!😉 You did seem like a boy on Christmas Day.
Arnie, I avoid Camus and his sort like the plague now–I am jaded enough as it is! “Washington Optimism” is bad enough”.

Thanks for watching Greg.
Can it get any worse for the Sox? Wow, where do you start if you are Theo and Tito?? I don’t think meetings and gut-checks will be enough. They’re about as low as you can go. Injuries, controversies and poor play. Sheeesh!!! What has it been, 26-27 innings without a run?
Well, tomorrow’s another day. We’ll get them then!!

Arnie – what is this about you having a show? Where can I see it? Is it online?

moanin all….sorry been away workin…well the sox are in one of those gonna happen slumps….usually these slumps need an emotional event to bring the team out of the doldrums….to me …this is the perfect time for a team leader or MANAGER! to do it….like when tek face mashed limp rod….yesterday tito had the perfect opportunity again to blow up on the field….it dint happen….maybe were gonna need a plr to do it….maybe were gonna need someone to just lose it and say lets friggin wake up….pedroia was definately hit on purpose….no way ramirez was tryin to hit the abtter…tito argued but dint blow up…sad …very sad….callin a hit and run or maybe a bunt….hell do somethin…manage demmit….go nuts on an umpire….just do somethin please…..if it was me…i would spot start someone and tell em ok drill texeira,then limp rod…ill pay your fine….then we will go from there….go sox….judge

Hey everyone,
Surprisingly, I’m not feeling bitter. It just demonstrates how random and unpredictable the game really is and that a World Series win is truly a monumental task that demands healthy, consistent playing with a dynamic and unconventional team that can somehow adapt to the various demands and rigors of the season.
The Red Sox have not adapted but have crumbled which is not unexpected. They have done a lot of post season work the last few years and that takes a toll on you. In the end, it’s a great team and this is not September but right now the Sox need to go on a tear. Their hitting woes have haunted them for a month. That’s not something going away anytime soon.
However, Masterson had four innings and one run. How we could have used him now. I still say it was a lousy trade. You don’t give up one hell of an arm for anybody. Which Victor is not the Gagne trade it feels like it.
Oh well, Sox will be out of New York today and be down 6.5 games. Going to be a nasty month.

I didn’t watch the last two games so I can’t comment objectively particularly in regard to Tito’s in-game managerial ability.
The Rex Sox were shut out for how many innings? Someone please must step up and address the issue.
Pending the outcome of Lester’s performance, the Sox pitching minus game 1, did not collapse. Both Beckett and Buckie deserve the WIN.
The Sox must win today to have a shot at the division. If Tito and the team don’t wake up the season is ovah in a week or two.
Brian: When should Tito start to panic?
Someone don’t give me the BS about 2 WS championships and within one game of WS. Tito is great in player development and managemnt. When a player is down and out, Tito is there for him like the way Tito was behind Smoltz and Ortiz, Lester when he had cancer. The moment the games starts, Tito has no clue………….Sigh!

I saw on Twitter – according to the Boston Globe the Red Sox have out in a claim for Shortstop Cristian Guzman of the Washington Nationals. We should know withing 48 hours. From the report:

Guzman is in the first year of a two-year, $16MM contract, and the Sox would likely be on the hook for his prorated salary this year and $8MM next year. The 31-year-old Guzman is batting .315/.333/.437 this year. Since the Sox were able to claim him, this means he was already passed on by all of the NL and a significant portion of the AL.

As long as the Sox don’t unload a bunch of talent to get him that’s fine with me. Losing Masterson was a disaster. Martinez hasn’t done anything to help the team turn itself around but no surprise there because one player doesn’t make a team.
We gave up Kotsay (bad idea because we have no left fielder and Kotsay could have done that), we gave up Masterson (bad idea after letting Smotz go) and two other prospects.
Theo Epstein should be fired. We need a better general manager to not destroy a team but build it. He’s too much into the big players and dumping the prospects. I’m tired of it.

For you to say Francona doesn’t have a clue when the game starts. I disagree with that totally! Is Francona the best in game manager??? I will not say that but he is one of the best managers in the game today. Some have said this could be 2006 all over again. Perhaps it will be 2005 all over again. Make the playoffs and get swept right away. That 2005 team had no bussiness being in the playoffs. Remember Matt Clement was the game 1 starter in Chicago. Enough said.
I don’t think the panic button will be pushed by Francona anytime soon. That all being said, I think it’s time for Francona to shuffle the lineup around. Like he did when they beat the Jays to avoid the sweep and the next series they swept the Tigers in Detroit. The last time a Red Sox runner made third base was Friday night when Ellsbury was stranded there in the 1st inning. DeMarlo Hale has been a very LONELY man in N.Y.

If Ortiz is in the lineup, he should hit 7th or 8th. He showed a glimpse earlier this season but let’s face it, that was fools gold. What’s the story with J.D. Drew??? Drew drives me nuts when he was tries too pull everything, go the other way Drew! It might help you. Drew is at his best when he goes the other way. Another thing, please no Youkilis in l.f. Put Reddick in there tonight. Pettite might be a lefty but a lefty that Reddick could handle.

That LaRoche for Kotchman trade made no sense on July 31 and on this day..I still say the same thing. My mother said to me the other day, why do the Sox have so many guys that can play first???? I still don’t have an answer for that one mom. Trading LaRoche made sense after they got Martinez but you don’t trade LaRoche to get another first basemen. That is something Lou Gorman would do, I didn’t expect Theo to do that.

I agree with Judge that Tito should pick a spot, maybe a bad strike call, and go out and vent his anger. Partly because I think it would be hilarious and also, who knows, it might be just the thing to loosen up the boys and get them on a roll. When your team is in this bad of a funk you try anything. Maybe take them to that Canadian basketball movie, “Hosers”. It’s a remake of some other flick. Or maybe the one about the 1980 hockey team. Hell, take them to a house of ill repute, that might get them going!! What’s the good of all those “Reptile Dysfunction” commercials if you don’t use the stuff!!! Cmon Tito, put the “fun” in dysfunctional!!!

GO SOX!!!!!!!

So do I, Judge and Arnie. Tito does need to do something different (even if it comes across as comic relief) to get these guys going.

They definitely need to loosen up.. I say hookers for all of them!!!

Get the commeraderie back. Did anyone else notice something different about the Yankees yesterday (other than the obvious hitting tear that they are on)?? This is the 1st time I have ever seen them come together as “buddies” in the dugout.. That is a very loose clubhouse… I think that Girardi is the “loose” instigator….
We need some of the “just a bunch of idiot” aura in the Sox Clubhouse…. Maybe they should all grow their hair long, or grow beards or hell I don’t know.. Do something!!! But geez, get the sticks out of your collective butts and play like you enjoy the game.

Dave – I agree. We should not give up to farm to get one player who 1. Might not work out as we expect and 2. Who, god-forbid, could get injured and not be able to play. I too wish we had not traded Kotsay and I hope we never see Youk again in lf.

I’d pay to see Tito come out and throw a hissy fit! Anything to get the players pumped up and to give them a reason to band together.

Ellen – maybe we should send them a bottle of JD a la Kevin Millar to loosen them up before the game! lol!

WORKS FOR ME!!! Jack’ll loosen ’em right on up!!!!
wooo hoo!

Couple things. That driver I bought….golf driver Ellen…was the best deal I’ve gotten in a a long time. Shot a 68 and that club set me up all day. No you can’t putt with it..but I hit all the par 5’s in two today. 2nd…this is going to hurt…and it’s against my nature….but I agree with Judge…Tito should have lost his mind last night about something….no matter how small…it’s time to show a little frustration and let the players know it’s time to play ball. 3rd….Arnie…I think it’s time to assume a position….where should I be on the couch tonight…I’ve been slacking and the Sox ain’t hitting.

I’ll bring the JD tonight Ellen!🙂

Great game Craig!

AND WE HAVE A LEFT FIELDER TONIGHT!!!! The things that make us happy! lol!

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, 1B
4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
5. Jason Bay, LF
6. J.D. Drew, RF
7. Mike Lowell, DH
8. Jason Varitek, C
9. Nick Green, SS
— Jon Lester, SP

We DO have a left fielder Julia, but do we have a right fioelder?? lol

That’s a pretty good golf score. Front nine or back?
While you were gone Ellen was doing the Shooting Bow pose. She said it was pretty comfy, only thing is: now she has to pay the neighbor’s 8 year old kid 2 bucks to tie her shoes for her. Sooooooo… about finding an easy chair and sit with your feet up. Sip a couple shots of JD(not Drew) and relax, it’s gonna be a long second half of the season!!
Judge is right, time for Tito to do some back flips on one of the umps!!

Well Drew has made a few good catches recently!

Via Ian in Twitter:

Tazawa starting Tuesday.

Arnie – I loved the video on stuffed cabbage – my dad is Polish and I grew up on food from that Region.

Wow…If you would have told a month ago the Sox were going to need to start Tazawa I would have sent you to a clinic for a pee test….this has certainly been a turbulent season!!! I actually think Guzman at SS might help plug a hole on this leaky ship. Notice I did not say sinking ship. The Sox are still floating by a long shot…GO SOX!!!!

I’m not much of a drinker although I have JD here for company. Will MD do???? Mountain Dew I have plenty of….

It gets crazier Craig!!!!

Via Twitter:

Boston Red Sox announced they have called up Pawtucket Red Sox closer Fernando Cabrera. To make room on the 25-man roster, they have sent pitcher Enrique Gonzalez back to Pawtucket.

And nope – sorry I’m not peeing in a cup! lol!!

The clubhouse guy is Nick Swisher and the post game pie in the star’s face is A J Burnett.

Craig, I don’t drink much at all either. Maybe half a shot of Anejo Tequila every other month. Makes me dizzy.

Julia, glad you liked the video. We ate that stuff a lot. My aunt used to make a kind of pierogy — never could spell that— that was sweet, with cheese and sweet fruit in it and she fried them. Talk about sinful!! I honestly forgot that we shot that one! I remember planning it but forgot shooting it. I’ll have to go back and watch it. We shot those at night after we closed the restaurant, so that was probably about 3 or 4 in the morning when we were doing that.

Ya nevah know!!!! Anything could happen in baseball!!!! GO SOX!!

via Twitter!

#Redsox are having a team meeting at 6:15 so they will close the clubhouse to the media for about five minutes.

I hope that is a “butt kicking” meeting! GO RED SOX!!!

Arnie – I love pierogies! (who knows the spelling!) I like potato and cheese, & cabbage. My dad’s godmother use to make them and yes – boil and then fry in butter! HEAVEN!!! Have with either Polish Sausage or Chorizo. Still love them!

Have they made room on the roster for Garry yet????

Craig – I heard something about DAFing a batboy??? Maybe that’s where they are planning on using Garry; you know – a trick play! ;-D

To lose 4 out of 4 to the Yankees, as the year is winding down, could mean the season for this club. Time to change the attitude, of course they are not hanging their heads, but time to play baseball with a purpose. Tito has better put a line-up with people who do NOT strike-out, runners with more movement, and a different attitude. This game tonight means a lot to the Sox this season. I really believe could be this one game could change the season.

Via Twitter –

One player described the meeting as pretty calm. Tito was the only one who spoke. #redsox

And there are reports that it is starting to rain in NY.

I hope something positive comes out of the meeting.
Brian: Francona earns his reputaion for being whatever is because he is managing the talented Boston Red Sox. If Francona were to manage any other major league team, I highly doubt Francona will enjoy the accolade that has been accorded to him by many fans. Francona is the type of manager for whom a player would play, a coach would coach happily.
What irks me is the obvious moves that Francona didn’t make. There were so many instances to mention here. Criticizing Francona for not walking Longoria was second guessing. What if the LH Zobrist hit a walk off double off RHP Saito. I will not do that.
I am sure there are at least 50% of the Red Sox fans are amenable to your view of Francona. I am sure there are fans out there would subscribe to my view. lol

Is it really starting to rain in NY? Or is it the God of the Red Sox shedding his tears???

Nah, let’s bet it’s just rain , and may it wash away our record of late.

May I propose a toast to a FRESH START!??? Cheers, RSN!!!

Brian and Andy, since I have often been the one directly saying about Tito, “He is doing something right in winning 2 WS titles”, I will weigh in here. In saying that, Andy, I am in no way saying that Tito does not have flaws–his weaknesses are often apparent this season. What I DO assert is that with the 2 WS teams we had–VERY different teams–Tito did plenty right in managing them. Or would we rather have had Grady Little? GOD NO! Disagree with me all you want if you think we would have won EITHER of those titles with Grady Little (you too, Judge), but I will say you are full of BS! Tito was the manager we needed for both of those teams.
Do I think he is, therefore, the best manager of all time? NO! Do I think we need someone with a jump-starter personality (which we agree Tito is not!) for this team to get going? ABSOLUTELY! But Tito did a lot of things right, that Little and others would have SCREWED INTO THE GROUND if he had managed those teams. I think it has to do with accenting/stressing player strengths and REMOVING weaknesses (a la Zazu last year), where this team needs to DEAL WITH its weaknesses, not put band-aids on them, by shifting everyone around, etc. Disagree with me on particulars all you want, but that is how I see Tito being the best manager for the 07 team, and NOT FOR THIS TEAM.

I’m putting my money on Tito! In the long haul – he is the manager we need. What we need is one of the veteran players to step up and motivate the team! We have so many rookies in their right now – we have got to be able to depend on the few vets to kick butt and make them all believe they can WIN!!!

Hi guys…

And so it begins……..

Im puttin my noney on the Sox!!!!! GIVEM HELL REDSOX…….

GO TITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

……the same way…..

via twitter –

RochieWBZ Reliable Sox source tells me Sox “discussed” claiming Guzman, but did NOT put in claim for him. #redsox #mlb

Several teams are interested in Smoltz –

PLEASE!!!! A hit before the 3rd innning

Okay….we’ll ask for small things one at a time…..we will not allow the Yankees to score any runs this inning…..

It is a small “rant and grant”

Ellen go to here:

Arnie has a bunch of videos online from a cooking show he did.



Dave – I didn’t know that Arnie was part of the veggie-tale crew!

okay – that one worked….another small request…..1 hit this inning…..

another small “rant and grant”

What stuffed cabbage video?? and where can I see it???
I sense that someone is holding out on me… things that make me go HMMMMM

Hey guys,
When the team is good — great manager. When the team is bad — fire the manager. It’s inevitable. The manager rides the waves of the team. he’s like a President.
Consider Rome. Who started Rome — Romulus. Who started Roman’s army – Romulus. Who founded the republic — Romulus. Who started their religion — Romulus of course. Or what about the United States: who won the war — Washington of course. Who was our first President – Washington. Who wrote the constitution – Washington of course (not true but he was there as a token figure).
The reality is that a team represents a lot of bodies working together to achieve a goal. The problem with baseball is that little science and predictability plays its part int eh achievement of that goal. There is no real job description and getting 3 out of 10 hits is considered above average and an all star player.
In the end, baseball relies on the random element and a lot of mental and psychological warfare. It relies on a lot of things working together to make it all happen.
If science was the cornerstone of baseball, we’d have that structure — but face it — who wants that. We want the random element. It’s what makes it so much fun.

Ellen – I had asked Arnie about the show that Greg was talking about and Arnie sent me the link to his YouTube videos of his show he did.

The stuffed cabbage video can be found on any veggie tales DVD (lol)

people!!! MUST WE listen to these buttkissers continue to adorn the Yankees buttocks with their oh so practiced lips???? Yes. no NESN tonight so I guess we must… I cant stand any of these guys….. and deliver us from these guys.. AMEN!!!!

Ellen – I think the team NEEDS ECK!!!!! We win more games when he is in the booth!

Feeling a little bitter Ellen! It will turn around…I DO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!

See – it’s the quiet asking that works! lol!!

Oh Good – let’s discuss David Ortiz’s press conference again during the game!!! We did not hear this ENOUGH yesterday on Fox!!!

GOOD JOB!!! Let’s go get some dingers, a few jacks.. go yard a couple of times and go yard dead central!!!.. let’s show Ol Andy we can hit his high heat, and burn up his gas!!! Cheese anyone???
Julia, does that make you feel better??? I hope so.. Just a little impersonation of Eck to get you comfy!!!

I have an idea… can we get some baseballs with either Arod or Zazus picture on them?? I think theyd be flying out of the place for us!!!!

COME ON TEK-ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT BABY!!!

Ellen – I like that idea! ANYTHING TO GET A HIT WITH RISP!!!!


okay….focus….small, quiet request again…….

please hold them this inning Lester

a simple “rant and grant”

Man these wifs are getting tiring.

Hey – Luis Tiant’s movie will be in ESPN tomorrow night at 10


When the Red Sox win, Francona critics are nowhere to be found. When they start losing, the critics are everywhere. I have never understood that thought process. The easiest thing to do is too blame the manager when they lose but where are those people when Francona wins???? When the Sox lose it’s Francona’s fault, when they win, it’s all about the players. I have always stated on here, Francona is the best manager for this team! You never here about players complain/whine/cry about playing time with the Red Sox. Look at the players that are traded away, they NEVER say anything negative. In the past, that wasn’t the case. Props too Francona, he treats them like men and he doesn’t sell out his players thru the media.

Lester looking like Beckett the other night, no surprise here. I feel bad for the base coaches of the Red Sox, they are very lonely!

El Tiante put him in Cooperstown!

Okay – I will kick it up a small notch….

small request….two hits in this inning…..

a small “rant and grant”

It’s working…shhh..I’m in the zone….🙂

DAVE.. There was no bitterness there at all.. It was simply a shout out to Julia!! I know how much she likes Eck…

and Dave.. I ALWAYS DOBELIEVE… I always TRY to keep any negativity out of it; EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!! though sometimes I do fail. I try to keep a positive perspective with anything Boston REDSOX
GO SOX!!!!

I like Eck!!!

I wanted two hits….

Okay – Let’s hold them again boys!!

Tito is the manager folks. For those of you who can’t deal with that go get some stress medicine. He can’t do everything. For those of you who want to blame him for the lack of hitting lately… can be the first to give him all the credit for the great pitching lately. That of course is rediculous but that’s how the Tito haters sound. So sit down and relax….you can’t do anything about it anyway. Football season is just around the corner for you “arm chair” quarterbacks. You know who you are. Go Sox!!!!!

I sent our guys that bottle of Jack, Julia.. I think that the Yankees intercepted it… I hope they did… I doctored it up.. a little jack, a little prune juice…

Hang in there Julia…

It is SOOOO funny – all the Yankees fans on Twitter are pissed that Luis Tiant is on! lol!!!

okay – I will try it slow again…..

just one hit boys….I know you can do it….

a quiet “rant and grant”

I’m losing it badly aren’t I?

A question about roiding……I woke up and my back was aching a tad. Played golf two days in a row. I could have played with the hurting back with a little bit of a less back swing wihich means the ball won’t go as far. I took two extra strenghth Tylenols and well….you already know I had a good round. The Tylenols eliminated my pain and I did a lot better than if I would not have taken the Tylenol. Am I juicing????????

Wow….The announcer just said something that made me almost laugh and cry……The Sox haven’t scored a run since Thursday!!!!!!!!

my 12 year old just called Pettitte a failure for bouncing so many balls!!!

That ball was scorched by Varitek….now it just whatever you want to call it. The Sox need a break….that all there is to it…

you’re apple juicing Cfarn!!

Craig that is a tough question – it depends – did you “mean” to take the Tylenol or did some “unnamed” family member suggest that you take them? Because if they did – since this happened in the past – you could always claim that you were young and stupid and that it wasn’t you fault!

Can you tell I minored in Poli Sci in college? lol!!

I took them with the intention of playing without pain….which helped my game….

I call that last inning progress! It’s the best one we have had in a week!

via Twitter –

RT @Texas_Gal: Johnny Damon hates puppies and Jesus and America. -> LOL

If I was driving someone in a car instead of using the “golf” driver….I would not have need the Tylenol…..HMMMMMMM

Since you intentionally took them Craig – hold a press conference, tell us how sorry you are, shed a few tears, promise never to do it again (take Advil next time) and we will forgive you.

When and if the Sox ever score a run, mark my words they will score at least (4) runs that inning.

E.S.P.N. announcers have been given Lester alot of love.

Varitek did hit that one hard but it’s just another out.

I just checked in and saw that we had the bases loaded! I was very happy. Then I noticed that there were two out and my happiness started to ebb. Then I saw that the batter was Varitek and my euphoric state evaporated! Will we ever score another run?

Lester looks great tonight!

okay – I will try again….just one hit this inning boys….

a very quiet “rant and grant”

No Craig – I’m pretty sure Advil and Motrin are safe!

OKAY being NICE isn’t WORKING!!!

HOLD THEM AND THEN I WANT SOME RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



If the Sox were even hitting a little bit…this would not look that bad……I don’t think the Yankees pitching staff is all that…but the Sox can’t do it this year if they can’t beat the Yankees and Rays at laest 50% of the time the rest of the way in. And that will only work if they beat up on the Orioles etc.

Good call Julia…..Is Advil on the ban list?

Good call by Francona, having Ellsbury bunt. I agree with Morgan ( yikes ) you don’t give yourself up when you have that kind of speed.

Pedroia during this skid, has had lots of chances to bring in some runs but all he has done lately is fly out deep.

haha!!! got me Craig,
Signed, Blondie!!!

I am very pleased with what I see in Lester tonight.

Right on Brian… the Tito haters will say Elsbury should have swung away…..

RUNS!!! WE NEED RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


meek and quiet didn’t work! lol!!

OK Martinez….Give Ellen some love on her fantasy game here!!!!!

Pedroia flied out again with a runner in scor. pos. — this time shallow. Ground Hog Day—– again and again. These games are a carbon copy of each other.

Let’s go Martinez, lose on here!

Via Twitter –

O St Rita (patron of lost causes/baseball), please ignore the #cubs and #mets fans for a minute & have some mercy on our #redsox.


Can’t hurt!!

Next inning is Petite’s nemesis….though I wouldn’t mind a little warm up in this inning


Tito haters always come out when the Sox hit the skids. I blame Francona for Martinez swinging like that. lol. Bring back Ralph Houk! LOL!!

No Craig our pitchers are NOT going to be able to keep this up! The pressure is going to get to them IF we don’t get some run support for them!!

30 innings boys and girls since we scored a run

I blame Tito for Lester not giving the Yankees a sporting chance!!!!!!!

Can you imagine the pressure that has been on Beckett, Buchholz and now Lester to keep putting up 0’s on the board waiting for some support? And they have been magnificent. If they can keep it up for the next 7 weeks who knows?????? These guys are doing great on the mound. That includes the extra inning agme at Tampa Bay. Would love to be a fly on the wall when these guys get home to their wives!!!!!!

Do I sense another superb effort by Lester going to waste? 30 innings without scoring a run? Depressing. Where is the JD!

Lester is doing his job! BATS!!! YOU ARE ON NOTICE!!! DON’T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE!! I will be VERY cranky!!

Hey, all, I finally was able to join up here. Lester is indeed doing a great job, as did Beckett and Company before him. I see we still have a power outage, though, in the hitting dept.! SIGH! And yes, Craig, you are exactly right, that is NOT Tito’s fault! 30 scoreless innings, did I read that right?:/
How are we doing guys? Craig, Julia, Ellen, Paul? Anyone else? GO SOX!

Hey, Brian, anyone else?
A 7-pitch inning? And we wonder (NOT) why we’re not scoring?!

Paul, where’s the JD? Isn’t he supposed to be in RF, or is he about to revisit the DL?!:/

Got a quick break here at work. Been here since 8:30 this morning, but I had a nice day. Got to post here a little, do some ordering, cook some food. All in all, a good time…………Where was I???….Oh yea, can you believe the Sox have STILL not scored a run??????? AMAZING!!
Cmon SOX!!!!! This isn’t soccer, or futbol, you are allowed to score LOTS of runs!!!! GO GO GO!!!!!

Ellen, did the prune juice arrive yet for Pettite? Rivera? Tex? Hmmm…

Hey, Arnie! Got some more prune juice?

SNARL! A 1-0 lead again for them?



Advil and Motrin had better not be on the banned list! We need all of it we can get!
Jon, you’ve been doing great, but no run support…(?!) SIGH!

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