The agony of defeat

Considering all the circumstances, you can’t have a tougher loss then the Red Sox had tonight.

31 innings without a run for the Red Sox. Nothing short of unbelievable. It was the longest drought since 1974, when they went 34 innings without scoring.

Then Victor Martinez hits what looks like the most clutch hit of the season, a two-run shot to left with one out in the eighth.

And Daniel Bard, one out from handing off to Jonathan Papelbon for the saves, gives up boom-boom to Damon and Teixeira.

Gutwrenching. We find out what teams are made of when they go through adversity, so we will certainly find out what the 2009 Red Sox are made of over the final 50 games.


Lester can only do sooooooo much….come on guys, pick him up.

Somebody, ANYBODY????? Halp us!!!!

Sorry Julia,
Back to the Tylenol….the Sox hitters are giving me a headache….I promise not to play golf under the influence… least tonight. I did not inhale!!!!!!

Good night Ellen…..Hopefully you’ll wake up to a miracle…

Great job Lester…..Great job….You pitched great under that kind of strain.

Ian… do something PLEASE.. youre the closest of us all.. SLAP THEM AROUND. DO SOMETHING!!! LOL

hEY ALL. HAVE TO BE UP AT 5:00… Watching from the friendly confines of my Sealy Posture-pedic!!lol see ya’ll tomorrow.

Hey, Wendy!
I think Ellen is on to something–Ian needs to smack em around! Maybe give the offense No-Doz… GO SOX!

I know it is Jack Daniels, Paul! But I gotta pull your leg–that JD play on words is a big fat fastball I gotta hit!πŸ˜‰

Hey Greg. That would be Jack Daniels! I have a feeling that you are not a good whisky officiando! LOL. The Sox have been pushing us into the type of corner lately.


Sorry Julia. Big mistake! I should have known better. I will do better in the future. Trust me.

Actually, Paul, no, I don’t drink. But I am well-acquiainted with them–my mother’s family liked Jim Beam! (JB?!)πŸ˜‰

Yaaaaaay! We finally scored a run! Way to go Vic. I actually missed the HR while trying to post on this XOXOXO site!

Craig as long as you promise not to inhale or play golf tonight then GO FOR IT!!! I think this game calls for it!

Hey Julia. Now I can actually toast with one! GO SOX.

Night Ellen!

And who is drinking JD without inviting me!!!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO HOOOOOO!!!!

Oh MY!!!!! Ellen gets points for that on her fantasy team….

OK….Whoever said when they score it’ll be 4…….we need it!!!!!!!!

Paul – were you drinking JD without inviting me??

V-MART!!! The drought is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Greg and all – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

That’s what Martinez gets paid to do……Thank you!!!!!!

Ian must have done that slapping that was requested….now it’s squeeze tight and hold on…..

Hey, Julia …

Well, I just finished writing a comment on your blog, and the score was 0-0 … Then, the A-Rod homer that made the score 1-0 … And, as I was writing this comment, Victor Martinez hit a long two-run homer to move the Red Sox into the lead, 2-1 … All I can say …
First, I woud have not taken Andy Pettitte out of the game !!!
And, if Girardi was going to the bullpen …
Where is Phil Hughes !!!
AWESOME “Top 11” List by the way !!!
— Jimmy, “BY&L”


Let’s hope that Ian slaps them again Craig!

I wish Bard was a starter….reminds me of Nolan Ryan a little bit. Do you guys think the Papelbon would be trade bait this winter if they decide to make Bard the closer?

Hey, Paul, since I am not on the JD, I’m joining in with some coffee (not the Irish kind, either!) GO SOX!

*&^$$^&*(() Damon!

Now, I vomit.

Wow…..sorry guys.

Pap might be trade bait, Craig, esp. if Theo and Co. choose not to continue the year-to-year negotiatiions with Pap!
I think Bard needs a little more time in the barrel! (Note the alcohol reference, Paul!) GET GOING, SOX! SIGH!

I did not think Damon would turn on that fastball….

Tito pulls Lester with a ONE run lead. Why? Then the bottom falls out on Bard.

Slap me now….I deserve it….

The Bullpen, The Bullpen, The Bullpen !!!
… by both teams !!!
Oh, those “pitch-counts” !!!

Hey, Jim M.!
Memo to Sox hitters: DON’T STOP NOW! WE STILL NEED RUNS!

Shut up Yankee Fan….Where have you been all night? A little late to whine now.

Jimmy, DO NOT get me started on pitch counts!

I do not believe this! Did anyone notice the Yankees in their dugout. The high-fives and happiness. Back to the JD Julia!

Lester was up over 108 pitches too…Just gave up the HR to AROD…..if he kleft him in and gave up more…then what…..I can second guess all night too.

Craig, I don’t know that Jim Maynard (ShutUpYankeeFan) is whining, as I asked the same question!

()*()&*&*%%$^%&^*&*((*)+ Tex

Pass the bottle Paul, pass the bottle…..

Thanks Jimmy.

Craig, I don’t care if he’s up to 108 pitches, or 58 pitches. My question is still, “Is he being effective?”. I said don’t get me started on pitch counts!
5-2. Says it all. SIGH!

But he just showed up…..haven’t seen him all night and now he disagrees with tito and here we go…..just trying to be consistent. We all knew he would be pulled in that situation…..

Pitch counts are a way of life….Mickey Lolich and Steve Carlton are long gone..Whether you or I like it is moot….by the way, i don’t like them either but if you remember Pedro Martinez….you could tell time by his pitch count.

I see the RF Wind Tunnel has re-opened!:/

This is too d@mn frustrating to watch! Why not have a raffle and let some boy scouts or girl scouts pitch Wednesday night at Fenway. They already have the Dunkin Donuts Dugout, right? You know…bring back Eck to pitch from the pen.
This is the Boston Massacre 2 and I believe Rob Zombie is working on the screenplay rights. These clowns don’t care about winning! Someimes i wish Ozzie Guillen was managing this team because at least as fans we’d appreciate a little fire under this team and not the “Well gosh. We tried and well gish dittily darn it it sure was a good one. So who is up for some catfish?”

Sorry, Craig, not going to buy that one. It may be a moot question, but it will get me rankled EVERY TIME!

I am working tonight, but given everyone’s comments, I can say Francona needs a game manager — player manager he is, but game manager…. argh — if he didn’t learn the last time he pulled Lester — given we were in a 31+ inning draught — and finally get a 1 run lead — given that Pap has pitched in days — if your gonna pull Lester, at least bring Pap and try to get 1 win out of 6.

Obviously i am irritated and i don’t blog smartly when that happens so it’s time to go…..don’t want to do something I can’t take back….but I am a Tito supporter and I will not second guess from Nevada….Night all….Go Sox

Hmm… maybe I need to bring some warm milk and cookies for everyone? πŸ™‚

Irritated by the game….not you guys

Cfarnham04, for the last several hours, I’ve been watching MY hero, my son, parking balls (from both sides of the plate) beyond the fence with ease. I’ve been working closely with several Special Olympics players in the batting cage as well this evening. And the last 30 minutes has been spent explaining the intracies of the suicide squeeze to a VERY passionate 10 year old baseball fan who will NEVER run the bases because he sits in a wheel chair. I just walked in and turned on the television and caught Lester’s last pitch. Unlike many of the keyboard commandos who live and die on here, I seldom take the time to blog because my time is better spent with the kids. One question, and I’m considered a whiner? I’ll be taking 14 kids to the Ballpark in Arlington next weekend (including the boy in the chair). What will you be doing? …….. Greg, how the heck are ya? Hope the boys can do a little something in the 9th because it’s not looking too good. Gotta get the boys to bed. I’m out.
Jim Maynard

There will be all sorts of second-guessing now and in the days ahead given what the boys are going through. I have to admit that the Yankees really have the hammer now!

Sorry Julia. Warm milk and cookies do not mix well with JD!

I don’t know Craig – it could kind-of- be a weird version of a brandy alexander…

AND WHY IS BIG PAPI coming in to Pinch hit?????


Sorry, everybody, but I was just making an observation about pitch counts, for both teams … I think we are all in agreement about that issue !!!

OK Jimmy,
My bad……..Just one question…..why wasn’t everyone complaining when Bard came in when they first put him in????? No one said a word about leaving lester in till the door caved in….


BTW Jimmy,
I THINK WHAT YOU DO IS MORE THAN HONORABLE…..but don’t ask what I’m doing like I’m not worthy of you when you don’t even know what I do for a living…..


Yeah, I agree … I would have kept both Pettitte and Lester in the game !!!

When Lester was pulled he was done. He just gave up a HR and single. If he had stayed in, they’d have clobbered him.

Well – that was fun…………………………..

We come home tomorrow don’t we?

Well people, what can you say about this series. The Yankees flat whipped our arses. Where do we go from here.

The Sox miss the old Papi, there’s really no one to fear with Manny gone and Papi about done. Martinez and Youkilis are nice players, but they don’t have the pop of Tiexera and A-Rod or Papi when he was right, along with Manny.

Night all! See you all tomorrow!!!

Wow, what a series. Totally wasn’t expecting this…but hey, what can you do? Hopefully, the Sox get up to speed and try and get these games back. The next 7 or so weeks are important, can’t let them get by us.

And I agree with Ellen- Ian, PLEASE TALK TO THEM OR SOMETHING!!! I CAN’T AFFORD A NEW TV IF MY BROTHER THROWS A BASEBALL THROUGH IT!!! No really, he just might anyday now.

Oooooh, that one hurt. Sox take the lead late and cough it up big time the very next inning. Now they have dug themselves a big hole. I hope they can climb out and at least grab the wild card spot. I have still have hope. Going to be a long bus/plane ride home for them tonight.

The Yankees are finding ways to win and the Red Sox are finding ways to lose. I have read/heard that the Sox are out of contention for the division. Now the Sox need to focus on the wild card. This just in, they need to focus on winning a game!

Bard ends up in Boston because Damon signs as a free agent with the Yankees, I guess that came full circle. Clutch hit by Damon! Bard has dynamite stuff but he is still wet behind the ears. He was put in a tough spot this week a couple of times and I’m not sure if he is ready for that, yet! Longball to Longoria on Tues. night and then of course last night’s disaster. He’ll learn from this and that should make him a better pitcher. I’m guessing with Damon up and he’s the potential tying run, was Francona thinking of putting Papelbon in??? It must have crossed his mind, it crossed my mind. Big time H.R. by Martinez but all for not.

That was the worst road trip I can remember for the Red Sox! They could have won (3) but ended up with nothing but questions and no answers at the moment.

Personally I would like to see Martinez get more starts behind the dish and have Lowell at third. Cut Varitek’s playing time but that scenario is unlikely.

Three consecutive spectacular outings by Beckett, Lester, and Buckie (in that order) went for naught. The Sox could easily win those three games IF some one came up with a clutch hit here and there.
As I said I would not second guess Francona. Francona did the right move by removing Lester whose tank was near empty. What I am critical of Francona was his obvious move that he didn?t move. For example let Smoltz start the fatal 6th inning two outings in a row and of course, the infamous staying with Beckett in the ALCS. Those one little thing out of many good things could sink the series and the season. I am not calling for Francona?s ouster. Francona may have done 9 out of 10 things right. He will get blamed for the 1 thing he did wrong. I won more cases in court that I lost. But I look like a moron to the client for the losing cause. That?s part of the job and I have to accept it. Francona will not get a thank you note for winning. Surely he like other managers will continue to be second guessed and blamed for losing.
Could Grady Little win in 2004 and 2007 and Francona in 2003? We would never know one way or the other for certainty. The debate can go on forever. We can?t assume history.
Psychology played a big part in this series. If the Sox won the series opener and the Yankees were down 0-9 against the Sox. The Sox could conceivably sweep the Yanks.
The Sox are now tied for the wc.

This is Daniel Bard’s second consecutive blown save for Lester. Bard surrendered a HR to Longoria that seemed so long ago.
Pedroia should try to hit line drives, not HR ball.

I took the weekend off to head to North Carolina to join my family in celebrating our oldest brother’s 50th wedding anniversary. I had a great time and I gave my brother a lot of grief because he didn’t have the foresight to know that 50 years from the day he got married there would be a Red Sox/Yankees that I would have to miss to attend his anniversay. I guess his foresight was good, I’m glad I was in North Carolina and not glued to the TV.

I said before this road trip that if the Sox weren’t careful, they could play their way right out of contention on this trip. For the division, I think they have pretty much done that. Nobody is catching the Yankees this year. Now the Sox open a series with a tough Detroit team finding themselves in a tie with the Rangers for the wild card and the Rays right on their tails. They have the toughest schedule of all the remaining contenders and get to start it all off with Penny and Tazawa. The good news is that they have games left with the Rays and Rangers. The bad news is that they have games left with the Rays and Rangers.

Brilliant efforts by Beckett and Lester and a good effort by Buchholz were wasted in New York. I heard an interesting stat yesterday. The LF, SS, C and RF positions are hitting a combined .192 since the All Star break. Add in the DH and you’re still likely below .200. That would mean Youk, Pedroia, Lowell and Ellsbury are carrying the load and while they are all good ball players, they aren’t exactly murderer’s row.

I don’t have a lot of confidence at this point that the Sox will even win 90 games, nevermind make the post season. The only way this turns around is for the Sox production hitters to start producing. Pitching has been OK, although the starting rotation is a major concern, not only for this year, but for the future.

One thing we don’t know is what was the conversation between the coaches and Lester? If Lester didn’t give the right answer, he was done. Then again, was there a conversation with Lester? Francona might have thought, we got the lead back and our bullpen has been strong and all we need to do is get (3) outs and give it to Papelbon. The bottom line….This team needs to hit. The pitchers margin of error right now is very slim because these guys are not hitting! If Boston got spanked 10-5 in one game and 12-6 the next night, I would be very very concerned. I am still concerned about this team but when your pitching the way they have lately, good things will eventually happen! Of course assuming the bats wake-up.

Brian: Let’s second guess Francona why not let Pap pitch for 1 1/3 innings? Francona seemed to forget Longoria’s long ball off Bard.
I think V-Mart should be an everyday catcher and also cut down on the playing time of Ortiz as well, not just sit him against a LHP. Pleas don’t use him as pinch hitter unless it’s against a AAA correction AA pitcher.

My girlfriend who knows little about baseball, asked why Papelbon wasn’t pitching.
It crossed my mind for a (4) out save. I’m sure it crossed Francona’s mind. Who knows if it would have worked out for Papelbon but as long as the Sox lost with there best reliever on the hill. That is why I didn’t like Longoria hitting against Saito. Don’t have the other teams best player beat you. If Zobrist’s gets up and hits one to Orlando… so be it. When a move doesn’t work out for Francona, I assume he must beat himself up mentally after the game. For the most part he hits the right switch. Girardi would have had to answer if the Yankees lost, why Coke in the 8th??? It’s amazing what a W does.

The Sox woes lie with lack of hitting at all let alone clutch hitting. Francona has been second guessed and blamed. We have pretty much left the hitting coach alone. What Dave Magadone has been doing lately?

It’s not the quiver, it’s the arrows. This team just isn’t as strong without Manny and Papi as he used to be. There’s no fear in the lineup like there used to be.

Face it, New York’s big guns came through in this series and Boston’s didn’t. Point is Boston doesn’t have the big guns it used to have. All the manager can do is put these guys into the situation, it’s up to them to perform. If you want to know the culprit of this series check the hitting with risp, it was pathetic. Then go back and check how Manny and Papi performed in the same type of series.

Managers and hitting coaches cannot turn a guy into a clutch hitter, they either have it or they don’t. And, imo, Francona is one of the best managers in baseball.

im with chow on alot of what he said…even i cant blame franky on these losses….the only thing he can be blamed for is maybe not goin nuts in a few situations with the ump…i know its not his style but the plrs might have said wow look at tito…hes tryin everythin to win….also sittin tek more is a must….loyalty aside….he can still call a game but has a nothing arm,and almost nothin bat….an excellent back up for maybe 3-5 more yrs…..maybe he will be like montgomery……lowell at third and yuke at 1st….yuke to third on every 4th day for mikey and kotchman in….eays as pie….if guzman shows up we have another spark plug and an above average defender….he may go absolutely nuts here ….who wouldnt want to be out of washington…drew,papi,and bay must start performing…how many teams you know that can survive without there 3-4-5 hitters doing good….geez……id rather see kotchman in dh than papi rt now….or yuke when he needs a day…and chow is rt….pedeys swing is changin….when u are in a team slump….everyone shortens swings and makes contact….things happen….sigh……..ok time to cinch it up,hunker down,and get it goin….its gritty im gonna get dirty time….btw….i pld ball when the pitcher gave u chin music just to keep you off balance….ny was too comfy in the batters box….your job franky to let the pitcher know its ok to buzz em….or we might get swept…..sigh……judge

G’mornin’ everyone.
I just got finished going on a little research trip… Didint have to travel far, just our RedSox home page, and then a little detour. I KNOW that things look awful and grim and really hopeless and scary right now, but we have to remember something. The RedSox are a team, who when the have their backs shoved against the wall, seem to always find the strength to pull it together and really start to fight. It seems that through the years that the RedSox almost thrive on being down. The media, some RedSox fans, and alot of other people count them out, say its over for the Sox…. Thats when IT happens… they HAVE to prove all the “NEY-SAYERS” wrong… They did it ’04, being 9.5 games out of 1st place, with an elimination number of 42 (on August 10). If there is a team that come overcome adversity and injuries, it is the team we love.

It is


still some weeks left tcd….oh yeah and if you havent noticed what 7 left with the stankees….and anythin can happen in playoffs….remember yanks offense hit a wall awhile back also….dont count those chickens yet….home cookin is on order….all it takes is one thing to get it goin…so if you feel comfy u might wanna sit back and relax a bit…..if we do take the WC….our record against LA in the playoffs is much better and ill take lester and beckett over lackey and whoever pitches for the angels….sox arent done just cold…hitting is contagious….im thinkin this time next week we will be on track…..judge…..oh and pray that you have no injuries in the pitchin staff….you have no depth….

The season is not ovah. The pennat race is not ovah let alone the wc chase. The things can change in a week if the bats wake up. Our pitching is still solid.
If the lineup minus Ortiz and Tek and Green,…………

How about leaving us your email address so we can get in touch with you at the end of the season?? Are you THAT CONFIDENT???? WELL COME ON NOW… AREYOU???

… Because we all knowthat the minute the Yankees hit that PS wall, we’ll never hear from you again.. yo’ll be back down in Moms basement!!

last time you had home field advantage through out u got swept 4 games straight for the biggest choke in the history of baseball….look at cc post season record….burnett is still good IF he stays healthy….its still a long way to the playoffs….its easy for you to talk crap now….u still are 4-8 against the sox and if your that much of a moron to think a team like the sox suck then u dont deserve another reply….the yanks have had hard times also this yr…every team does….so keep talkin for now….the sox wont keep slumping…judge

The reason I asked for your email is that most of the Yankee fans that come over here hide behind fake addresses, and fake names… Slow?? no, Just thourough and very tired of Yankee blog trolls that seem to come only when the Yankees are winning… I notice that we didnt see you over here when you went 0-8….. So how about visiting us when you hit the skids, which will be soon… Even this Yankee team cant keep up this pace………. But for now, go on back down to your momma and daddy’s basement… You what the real shame of this is?? We have really nice Yankee fans that are a part of this blog and you just make yourself look stupid……

I always find it interesting that when we point fingers at others, we reflect our own ugliness rather than making a point.
This is not a war of words. Blogs need to rise about that. I honor the talent this is the Yankees team. I do not see this as revenge — just two teams playing each other with a lot of sweat in their eyes.
Incidentally, I believe you met ‘slide’ not snide. Snide is used in improper context in this situation. Snide is also an adjective and you’re using it as a verb.
Finally, congratulations to the Yankees. I said that if the Yankees could manage their egos, they’d be a tough team to beat. I’m proven correct.
In the end, if you are living in your parents attic good for you. Basements can sometimes have radon problems that can cause serious lung tissue damage.

The lineup is in. V-Mart catching and Kotchman at 1B. Ortiz Dhing batting 5th. Why?? Why bench Lowell, although against a RHP, at Fenway?

So I guess you’re saying I’m not a real fan? Ha! Come on over to Bombers Beat some time and you’ll see. I don’t recall ever seeing you post there. I have friends here and I’m not going to gloat about what just happened. Remember, the Yanks were 0-8? The key word here is hate.
I no longer hate the Red sox or RSN. You may achieve this status as you mature. Good luck!!!

Bob: Thanks for being an amicable and pleasant Yankees fan. You have every right to gloat about the Yankees success if you so choose. It?s a classy act on your part for not doing so. In fact, the Yankees presently are a better team than the Red Sox in every aspect. It?s sad for a Red Sox fan but the fact speaks for itself.
You know it?s tough to be a Red Sox fan in NY right now. I have to close my eyes every time I pass by a newsstand for the obvious reason. Sigh?.

I intended to respond to your post. Then I change my mind, why waste time on a hate monger.

There was a time earlier this year when the yanks were in total dissarray, so don’t sell your Sox short. The ultimate in baseball is a Red Sox vs Yankees ALCS. I’d be sad if either team doesn’t get there.

The Blue Jays just traded Alex Rios to Chicago.

Hey all!!! Just me checking in!!! Other than Bob are we in a Yankee free zone again.. God that guy was a pain in the butt… It was hard but I finally stopped responding, I knew what he wanted…. Stupid me!
Go Sox….

Bob- Thanks! Your words of wisdom and friendship here are always appreciated and welcomed.

Dave – are you sure it’s the attic? I thought perhaps it might be that out-building behind the woodpile……


Oh – HI ALL!!!!

I’ll speculate that you may be just a baseball troll looking to spew your hate and not necessarily a Yankee fan. We’ll continue this directly since my ID is a real E-mail also.

Where is Jules??? Havent seen her all day.

Ellen – he’s not a fan – he’s just wrapped up in hate. As Mr. T would say “pity the fool”.

I’m HERE!!! I was at the Museum of Science all day with my son! We just got home about 10 minutes ago. We had a GREAT Day!!!

Robert, 007,
The best thing you can do is ignore tcd133. By engaging him in argument, you solidify his position and justify his claims. I mean, the man is living in the attic of his parent’s house and sees that as an attribute vs. the basement.

ok time for a streak…..time to get dirty….work pail time….get it done boys….i think mikey should be playin but thats just me….judge…..i think bay will break out tonight

PEDEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

WELCOME HOME BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Papi………..

Sure – I arrive and you all leave…sigh….I made home in time for the game!

WHOOO HOOOO!!! Bases loaded – pitch count rising!!!

Okay – 2 runs is good – but did we have to leave bases loaded????


PENNY!!!! PITCH AND GET OUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, all. Two runs, and bases loaded? Well, we can’t go hitless tonight!
Come on Brad! Get the last out! GO SOX!
How’s everyone? Is that pest gone? (I’m being nice…)

I think the coast is clear Greg but who knows!

Okay – can’t say I’m loving Penny tonight – but so far so good!


BTW.. Bob… GOOD JOB WITH THAT GUY!!! Thank you!

…and also thank you for not rubbing it in, which you have every right todo.. Our Sox played GHASTLY!!!!

Hey, good! No runs! Good job, Penny! GO SOX!

Yeah!!!! NICKEY!!!!!!

GREEN!!! It is SOOOOOO good to be home!!!


Come on, Jacoby! GO SOX!

Nice job, NICK! More runs, like that again, please!πŸ˜‰

Bob: Thanks for being a friend, a good friend of RSN. Let me qualify what I just said. The Yanks are a better team than the Red Sox. I am referring to since the AS break. Things can change in a week. The Sox pitching, unlike in 06, did not collapse. The bats will wake up. As of present, the Yanks are the team to beat.

Yes, thank you, Bob!

Ellsbury! YES!! The boys are happy to be home!!

Apparently, Pedro will start for the Phillies on Wed.! Hmmm!…

Nice steal, JACOBY! GO SOX!

Wow! Pedro playing again.

How are you Greg? Hi Ellen!

Hey, Ellen! Pedey Bear made a reappearance! First time in a while!
And now the turkeys are walking past our back window…

Martinez… The man has got some LOOONNGG legs…
and speaking of Martinez.. our old Pedey (Pedro) makes his debut Wednesday for Phor the Phillies…. Good Luck Pedro!

GSJays, Rios to the White Sox, or the Cubs? The White Sox, I assume, but…

All is right in the world! We have Giddy up and high heat! LOL!!!


Well Papi drove in a run but David – don’t try for a DOUBLE!!!

Boy, ESPN is showing Pedro in the Phillies hat. That just doesn’t look right!

Hi all. I really don’t think Ortiz was trying for a double Julia. It was a base-running gaffe in my view. Too bad with Youk at third. I never second-guess Tito, but tonight I am questioning Big Papi in the 5 hole.

DP! Nice job, guys! MORE RUNS, PLEASE! GO SOX!

Hey, Paul. Yeah, Papi in the 5 slot doesn’t sound good, but neither does a DH hitting around .220… GO SOX!

Brian, I’d like to see V-Mart behind the plate more often also, whether Lowell plays 3B or DH.

“Monday Night Football” on THURSDAY! Hmmm… What’s wrong with that picture?

Nice job Kotchman!

Hi Paul – I know about Papi – I was just so happy to see him get on base then! lol! I’d like to see Lowell DHing – maybe he will come into the game.

Greg – I think V-Mart is trying too hard right now.

Not that time, Nick… Some nice fielding by the Tigers on the previous play!
Come on, Jacoby! GO SOX!

All Farncona critics and backers agree that Papi should not be in the 5th hole. Should bat after JD and JBay.

So do I, Julia. But I think it will help him to be behind the plate more regularly, and not rotated as much. But what do I know?πŸ˜‰

At the very least, Andy, yes. If Papi is not sitting!

Greg – I think you know as much as Tito at this point! lol! Actually that was what Donny-O and Eck were just talking about – who is the person who is going to be the odd man out in the rotation.

Jays up 3-2!!!

I don’t have NESN on right now, Julia. I have ESPN on low volume…

Make that 4-2, Julia. SHHH!…Don’t tell em!…

WHOO HOOO!! Greg – I won’t tell! I didn’t know the game was in ESPN also!


And Penny – let’s NOT hit anyone else! We can’t have you thrown out!


That was no help! Drew flat out misplayed that one!

Penny is playing with fire keep putting the leadoff guy on. See what I meant. Who’s gonna be the long man tonight?

Hi gang,
Just got here. Looks like the Sox are glad to be home.
Bob, you are a true baseball fan, thanks.
Stupid trolls.
Oops, Drew with a rare mistake in right.

GO Sox!!!

Come ON, Sixpence! Make some outs, not a kicksave!

Okay – who is warming up in out pen! WE WILL NOT LOSE TONIGHT!!!!

Hi Arnie!!

Looks like Cano’ just tied up the Yankee game…

Hey, Arnie! GO SOX!

Hey, when Jackson hits Youk as payback for Penny hitting whoever HE hit, why no warnings??? If a Sox pitcher would have done that………
I know it’s part of baseball, but the Sox’ pitchers seem to get warnings and ejections more than others. Just sayin’.

I will let Penny go another inning and get the win. Need more runs.

Greg, Is my Pedey bear OKAY?? I wish you could get a picture of him.. I envy you having the animals wandering around..

We need PLENTY more runs, Andy! We’re at least not talking about a scoring drought!

Yes!!! RUNS!!!! Keep it going boys!!!

Wow, these posts are going everywhere again.

Would someone PLEASE get JD some no NoDoze.. That play in the outfield, he looked like it caught him napping………


Would someone PLEASE get JD some no NoDoze.. That play in the outfield, he looked like it caught him napping………

OK, Youk make em pay for hitting ya! Get him home, guys! GO SOX!

OKay.. Gas~Moss~Cheese..As much as it annoys me, if that is what it takes to win one, I’ll taked one for the Brownie Points team… Go ECK!

This is why we all saying Ortiz shouldn’t be batting after Youk. 2 pitches, he’s outta here.

And they hit Youk right before that! SIGH!


Eck’s official opinion is that Youk was hit on purpose. On replay – the ball did not break at all.


Another misplay! Come on, guys! FIELD! GO SOX!

It looked like it to me, so that Jackson would get Papi up, Julia!

Another run in! SIGH! GO SOX!
Finish the inning, Penny!

Another run in! SIGH! GO SOX!
Finish the inning, Penny!

I really think he did hit him on purpose! I think Youk though about storming the mound!


About time! GOOD! GO SOX!

Anyone remember seeing Penny smile this year?? I can’t. He’s pretty serious, I like that.

I’s like to say “I don’t want to see any more of Penny” – BUT do I really want to see the bullpen??? sigh….

It saved Jackson throwing 3 more pitches for an IBB, Julia! I think it was on purpose!

We have to get the bats going here. The Tigers are chipping away at the lead. GO SOX.

Fu-Te Ni? What is that, a drink?

Jays up 5-4!

Come on, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Greg – I would not want Youk suspended but wouldn’t you have loved to see them mix it up?


WHOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sox already stranded 12 runners in 4 inning +.


Absolutely, Julia, that’s what got us started in 04 (“coincidence” or not!)! We need to get some fire lit!

Mr. Ni, welcome to America!

Yes 007 – that is a really bad thing – BUT one step at a time – We are putting me ON tonight!!!!

Sometimes Greg – “the boys” need to mix it up to get the competitive juices flowing!


Is Jackson trying to get ejected? Why isn’t it working??!

If a pitcher makes a mistake, a major league hitter hits a HR. If a pitcher makes a mistake, Green has a single.

Greg – don’t you know from watching the Yankee series? Our guys can get hit & the umps don’t care!!

Andy, you’re right, the Sox do have a knack for stranding runners.

Remeber, Julia, I don’t know nothin’!πŸ˜‰

Wow.. my posting times are way off.. that one posted before JBAY came to bat!!

Nice stop Casey!!! Good job.. Big stop!!

Oh Greg… know “something” LOL!! Hey – how’s your mom doing!

Hi Ellen!!

I’m glad that your mom is doing better Greg!

Indeed 007 – who knows! The season is in NO way over no matter what those fans of “that” team think!!!

Too bad. A long out. GO SOX.

Mother’s doing OK, still a little stiff and sore, but she’ll make it! Thanks for asking.

If this is the series opener against the Yankees, a quality start from Penny. Who knows what could happen?


Yeah, Julia, I do know Something, I met him last week in fact. I still don’t know Nothin’.πŸ˜‰

OK, V-Mart! Get Dustin HOME! GO SOX!

Fu-Ti Ni sure does take his time pitching. Kinda like Dice-K.


Good, got the out. Get the last out, Ramon!
I just looked it up in the dictionary: Fu-Te Ni is the plural of Futon!πŸ˜‰

Ah, DelCarmen, not Ramon. Still are trying to make it hard, though! GO SOX!

5-4 now! SIGH!

I wonder if the Sox were watching Polanco’s at-bat. Worked the count from 0-2 and ended up with an RBI. Great at-bat, dang it.

Hey, Tom! Good to hear from you again. GO SOX!

Tie game! Can’t hold leads anymore… GO SOX!

NOW it’s Ramon… GO SOX!

Finally ended the inning! Get some more RUNS, Sox! GO SOX!

Hi everyone just in from work… guess i misssed the sox bashing wtg bob just shows how much of a stand up guy you are… cmon sox pull it together

Hi Tom!


Score tied…7th inning…PRESSURE’S ON BOYS!!! We gotta win this one!!! Please…before someone gets hurt here!!!

what is it going to take for us to effing win a game….?????

Come on Jacoby… a hit, another run, do something!!!

Is everyone’s clock off or is it just mine? Yankee fans are hacking into my computer and taking over!!! Just kidding!!! But I’m about to take over this game if it gets crazy!!! Come on, let’s win this thing!!!

Ellen – it will take:

1. A Serious butt kicking

2. A new DH – perhaps Wally the Green Monster

3. Stealing all of Detroits bats

4. A round of shots of JD in the clubhouse

5. A pitcher from the bullpen who doesn’t hate the starting pitcher

OK, J-Bay, let’s get some more runs on the board! GO SOX!

DREW!! A HIT!!! We have the leadoff batter on! BRING HIM HOME!!!

No quiet requests tonight!!!

DRAT! Not quite enough, J-Bay! GO SOX!


YES! Another hit! Way to go Kotch! GO SOX!

Hit and Run was nice! BRING HIM HOME!!!!!


Good, got the run home! Way to go, Nick! GO SOX! HOLD A LEAD!

Come on, JACOBY! GO SOX!

Look at that, a hit-and-run!!! Way to go!
Green with the sac fly.

BUMMER! Nice stop.
OK, Sox BP! Get the memo: HOLD THE LEAD!

Bummer! BUT we have the lead back! That is focus and toughness we did not see this past weekend! I like this team!!!

Let’s try something new oh Red Sox bullpen – LET’S NOT BLOW THE LEAD!!!

Had a supper break came back to find another nail-biter! What happened to that 4-0 lead we had earlier? This game is not in the books by a long shot! GO SOX.


Am I allowed to hate our bullpen? Come on ! Penny lasted through 6 innings!!!

Pap and Bard warming up.

2nd & 3rd – GREAT!!!

That was a fortunate couple of swings for Ramon. One more out, Ramon! GO SOX!

THAT was huge! And thank you Tigers for swinging at BB.


That was a huge SO! A base hit here is going to kill us. GO SOX.

pleasepleasepleaseplease – an out……..

Paps does not instill confidence in me anymore!

Nice job, V-Mart! Nice catch! GO SOX!
No, Paul, Pap doesn’t instill confidence in me, either!:/

V-MART!!!! YES!!!!

Please guys! Insurance runs!!!

How good was that? We dodged a bullett that time.

Good job, Papelbon! 2 pitches, got out of the inning.

Nice job, V-Mart! Nice catch! GO SOX!
No, Paul, Pap doesn’t instill confidence in me, either!:/

Paul – it felt great! THIS is the team we know they can be!!!

And now we are double posting…double posting…


But Greg – our words are so brilliant everyone wants to read us twice!!


OK, V-Mart! Get a hit now, to follow up on your catch! GO SOX!


Well guys, we helped you out, so don’t let down your end of this.

Way to go guys! We really needed that win. Good for Toronto also. GO SOX.

Good, so let’s WIN this game! Get some more runs, and HOLD A LEAD! GO SOX!

Some nice pitches by Papelbon there. Hitting his spots perfectly. Good job, Sox. It ain’t over yet!

Thank you gsjays! Can you do it again tomorrow??? PLEASE!! lol!!

Rays lead the Angels, 2-0.

THAT is the Pap we need to see! GO SOX!

Hey, Ron! How are you?
Take care all! GO SOX!

3 outs…..we only need three outs….we need to all send vibes for the good Papelbon…..

COME ON GUYS!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia, that might be pressing, considering our lineup at the moment.

one out……..

That has to be a real load of their backs. They have dug themselves into a real hole but they are capable of digging themselves out also. There is a lot of baseball yet to be played and to use the old cliche, it has to be done one game at a time. Tomorrow people. GO SOX.

I have faith in the Jays! I have all of RSN on Twitter cheering for the Jays! We chanted for you guys tonight!!

Well, then keep up the magic.

two outs……..

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We will gsjays!

It feels GOOOOOOD tonight!!!

And what I liked – this wasn’t an easy win – they had to fight for it – they had to prove to themselves that they could do it! This could be a turning point for them!

UGH!! WE can’t comment so we can celebrate???

Via Twitter:

Tito said that Brad Penny was throwing up between innings tonight and didn’t have his usual power. Ready to take him out after 6 innings …

Night Paul! Night all!


Last night’s win was manufactured by Francona’s raerely used hit and run in the bottom of 7th. Give Francona credit. I know Green hit a HR earlier. I would pinch hit for Green with JD on third unless Lowell was hurting. Green almost didn’t get the job done saved by a bad throw.
I will say it again trade Delcarman for a bag of golf balls. Can never get the two strike, two out out in a key situation.
Sorry, Penny didn’t get the win thanks to what’s his name. Pap’s 4 out save came one game too late, correction late, not too late. Sigh…….
I believe JBay has found his swing back. Actually the hard hit ball to the triangle area (a HR in most ball parks) was better hit than his HR ball. That’s baseball.

“Delcarmen posted a 0.00 ERA in 13 April innings. Since then, his ERA has grown higher each month – 3.00 in May, 4.00 in June, 4.66 in July and now 8.82 in August. His overall ERA is 3.33.” Courtesy of Jeff. Re-post without permission of Jeff L.


Overall Delcarmen has had a good season. He gave up first H.R. of the season last week in St. Pete. Also I think the reason his numbers have gone up is due to the lack of innings pitched by starters not named Lester and Beckett. That is why it is very important to have other pitchers on this Red Sox staff go deep into the game. If not, the bullpen which has been a strength this season could slip a bit. Buchholz was good on Sat. but let’s face it he hasn’t gone deep into the games this year and Penny might have taken the mound in the (7th) inning maybe 2 or 3 times and we all know what happened when Smoltz got the start. So much pressure on Beckett and Lester when they take the hill because if they falter, who knows what will happen with the other guys when it’s there turn to take the mound. It could kill a bullpen for a week or more.

Great too see the Red Sox get back in the win column! I watched very little of the game but I did see Boston knock around Jackson at Fenway, which is common. Boston always seems to rough him up at Fenway. That Det. lineup has lots and lots of outs in it. Boston should take 3 out of 4 from Detroit.

Those who watch Tazawa tonight, his best pitch is his breaking ball. I am hoping they keep it simple, have him get ahead in his count, and use his breaking ball to get people out. I am sure he is going to have Fenway jitters, so I expect a few hangers tonight. Pitchers make mistakes, but BB are mental. Great Yankee manager Miller Huggins said the greatest line…..”Those Damn Walks”, if Varitek dont bounce around the plate and just give him a STEADY target, he will be fine. Portland catcher was always steady before pitch, and he did fine.
One last thing Francona, this kid is strong, stop wearing out bullpen and let him pitch, doing 7 innings+.
Anybody know why Bowden has not been brought up? This one, is a mystery to me.

I am not a fan of Bowden. But I think that the Sox should bring up Bowden rather than Tazawa. I feel Tazawa is being pushed a little. Hope it works out for Tazawa.
Bowden?s stat at Pawtucket: ERA 3.4, IP 133.1, H 86, HR 11, and BB 38. Dunno why.

I also feel like he’s being rushed a little, but it will be interesting to see how he does. On a side note, he’s got a great MLB profile pic, lol.

Hey, what’s the legal age to play in MLB?? Tawazwa looks like he is 12. Do you have to be at least 10 to play?
GO SOX!!! GO TAWAZA!!! Go get ’em, kid!!! The season starts anew tonight!! GO GO GO!!!

Good thing for Pedroia there isnt a height requirement!! lol
I remember when Lester and Masterson first came up… WOW they looked like puberty was still in the not near future for them!!!

Hi All! I am a little nervous about the rookie on the mound tonight. And I have to agree with 007 on Delcarmen. I cringe every time he comes into game. I hope the HR by Bay might be a sign that JUST maybe he is breaking out of his slump.


Let’s see the kid will be baptized by fire tonight. All agreed that Tazawa has good pitches. But he lost both starts in Pawtucket. He had 5 outs until A-Rod?s HR in his first ML appearance. I feel that tonight will either be a boom or bust for him.

We’ll see what he’s got. He may thrive like Lester or get spooked like Hanson. At least he has a friendly crowd tonight.
Go Taz!!! Go Taz!!

Lowell is the odd man out again . V-Mart at 1B, Youk at 3B.

Nick Green was designated for assignment.

Brewer’s minor league righty Nick Green was DFAed.

Good luck to both the Blue Jays and Sox tonight.

007 – don’t do that! lol!

Lineups for tonight:

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, 1B
4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. Jason Bay, LF
7. J.D. Drew, RF
8. Jason Varitek, C
9. Nick Green, SS
— Junichi Tazawa, RHP

1. Curtis Granderson, CF
2. Placido Polanco, 2B.
3. Clete Thomas, LF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Magglio Ordonez, RF
6. Alex Avila, C
7. Brandon Inge, 3B
8. Ramon Santiago, SS
— Rick Porcello, RHP

Placido Polanco sounds like he should be an opera singer! lol!!

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