Knuckling back in

Good news on the injury front today. Tim Wakefield will pitch on the road at Gwinnett County for Triple-A Pawtucket. He should come back into the rotation right after that, meaning he could start as early as Aug. 20 at Toronto, or perhaps at home against the Yankees over the weekend.

Dice-K also took a positive step today, throwing his first bullpen since going on the DL. Matsuzaka will throw again on Friday, and then on Monday, and presumably start facing hitters after that.

Mike Lowell is not in tonight’s lineup, as he is the odd man out a second night in a row.


From Previous Thread –

Tonight’s lineup –

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, 1B
4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. Jason Bay, LF
7. J.D. Drew, RF
8. Jason Varitek, C
9. Nick Green, SS
— Junichi Tazawa, RHP

1. Curtis Granderson, CF
2. Placido Polanco, 2B.
3. Clete Thomas, LF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Magglio Ordonez, RF
6. Alex Avila, C
7. Brandon Inge, 3B
8. Ramon Santiago, SS
— Rick Porcello, RHP

Hey, since we beat the Yanks for you guys last night, the least you could do is start Wakefield against some team other than us, he kills us. Save him for the Yanks.

Kottaras will catch Wake on Friday. Who will be the catcher when Wake returns to the rotation?

I have no idea 007 – and THAT is a scary thing! Tek doesn’t do it well and V-Mart never has.

gsrays – I’d like to see Wake pitch against the Yankees! Can your beat the Yankees again tonight? Maybe we could work out a deal then!

Finally, I can answer a question. Kottaras will return to the Red Sox 25 list and somebody will be booted out. It will mean three catchers but that’s the plan.
Now if we had not have traded Masterson we could have used him tonight — Just my opinion.

Ellen…obviously I need to say it even more now…(LOL)

I would like too see Wakefield start against Toronto, over the years the Yankees have hit Wakefield hard.

Boston should pound this kid Porcello, he’s lucky if he sees the 5th inning!

A good lineup for Tazawa to face, not many good hitters in this Detroit lineup. Just don’t give Cabrera much too hit..especially with guys on base. If Granderson gets on base, I assume he’ll be running like the Rays do.

Now Ellen…surely I have said it enough for you to know (LOL)

Grr…these blog entries are out of order!

Gee Dave… I had NO idea we traded Masterson…..

_______The Loving Yankee Fan of tcdd133________
The boy typed the name on the keyboard ? tcdd133 and logged off.
He smiled.
?Theodore…your oatmeal is ready!?
?OK Mom…did you…?
A sigh from his mom came her face.
?I even put in the chocolate chips you love so much`?
Theodore ran up to his mom and said, ?you’re the best mom…now when can I move out of the basement.?
Theodore’s mom sighed and said, ?oh dear…let’s try again…where do babies come from??
Thedore smiled and said, ?can’t fool me mom. When that stork comes and drops the little bundle in corn field…?
?We’ll talk about it some other time Theodore.?
Theodore grunted.
?Well…I sure showed them Red Sox fans how it is to be a Yankee fan…they’re the best.?
His mother sighed.
?Theodore you do know the Yankees are a baseball team right????
Theodore smiled.
?Of course Mom…I’m not stupid. Hey…why doesn’t the tooth fairy come around anymore??
His mother sighed.
?Theodore…we’ve been through that. You’re thirty five…but I suppose those electro shock treatments haven’t really helped you out have they??
Theodore smiled.
?Mom…I’m smart…but I gotta ask you…why do you use a puck in baseball??
His mother sighed.
?Oh Theodore…why don’t you eat your liver instead and then you can read that Dr. Seuss book you so love.?
Theodore jumped up so high his diaper fell off striking the ground.
?Ya Mom…liver will help me read those big words that I so love.?
Theodore slipped up his diaper and ran upstairs. He fell down but got up again amd grabbed jos sippy cup.
?If those idiots like Ellan and 007 could see me now…then they’d know what a real fan is all about because next year I’m moving into the attic!?
Such is the life of Theodore…we all love him.

Good one Dave.. Did he buy the sippy cup from Lannan or did he get it from MLB.Com??? and does the Yankee logo appear on the butt of the diaper???

OMG Dave – PERFECT!!!!

Thank you Julia and Ellen. I was gonna put it on the blog but I decided nobody would get the joke but you guys.

Darn it. Why didn’t I think of that. The Yankee logo on the diaper would have been a perfect touch!

Here are those lines.
“Mom…why don’t I have a Yankee thingy on my diaper.”
A sigh from mom.
“Honey, I can’t let you around permanent markers…”
“Let’s just say we stick to crayons!”
“Mom…when I pee it washes off the logo!”
“Oh dear…and you wonder why you don’t live in the attic!”

Ellen & Dave – I like the addition! Gee – haven’t notice him back since the Yankees LOST yesterday!

Come on Tazawa!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

oh…no….this is not good……

GREEN!!!!! My kingdom for a shortstop!!!

It is still interesting to me that it is Papi in the lineup and not Lowell at the DH. I still think we’d benefit more from Mike’s bat than Papi’s right now.
Yes, Tazawa does look like he’s in grade school, but so do many East Asians: “Hey, who let you near the car keys?” I’m sure Tazawa is indeed mature beyond his years , but he does look like he should be pitching in Williamsport, not MLB!
I also believe he is being rushed, and it is possible that the problem could be exacerbated if he does have early success. Tazawa may indeed have that early success–so did Buch. While Tazawa is probably more mature at this point than Buch was, I am not sure his STUFF is, and that, I believe, will stunt his growth, down the road, especially! (Buch’s pitching immaturity was not really exposed until the following year.
I spoke about perspective, Dave, when we talked about Masterson. This is the flip side of it–don’t be lulled into complacency when a prospect, not just Tazawa, has early success!

How is everyone? I’ll be back in a little while.
Julia, I thought it was “MY (King Gringorio I’s) kingdom for a shortstop”!😉 GO SOX!

Good Luck to Junichi Tazawa!!! You go get em Junichi-san!!!

Hey, Garry, it sounds like you had a good trip. Where in NC were you?

2 runs already, and bases loaded! SIGH! GO SOX!
I’ll be back later!

Come on Junichi… get em to hit it on the ground

I have noticed recently a real inability to put hitters away when they are ahead in the count. Last night, Delcarment was ahead 0-2 and 1-2 on a couple of hitters and winds up giving up base hits. Tonight, I’m seeing the same thing with Tazawa. Man, you get ahead 1-2 on a hitter, you’ve got to be able to put him away.

Shortstop has really hurt the Sox this year and we see it again tonight with Nick Green throwing away what looks like a routine double play……. damn, the Sox DP combo looks pretty horrible tonight. Tazawa should have been out of this inning. He hasn’t pitched badly.

If it helps – It’s starting to rain harder here in Sudbury- SO maybe it will pour in Boston and the game will be suspended……

Another base hit on a 1-2 pitch. It’s amazing how often this is happening.

When is it too early to say “Just shoot me now?”….I’m just asking….

#$5^ Green, a career minor leaguer! Messed up Tazawa’s debut. 2 frigging chances to turn a dp. Where is Lugo?

Nice tribute they have a Fenway for Eunice Kennedy Shriver right now. She will be missed – what she did with Special Olympics has changed lives everywhere!

And oh joy – no runs and V-Mart struck out…..

007 – Julio is in St. Louis where he is hitting .345 over his 14 games there. He has made one error. He’s playing like an All Star.

Don’t know why Theo didn’t pick up Scutaro from the Jays, he was certainly made available.

Garry – oh course Lugo is! Good lord – it it like we are cursed or something right now!


HEY!! 2 outs!!!

AND I can’t post!!!!!

If you don’t hear from me for a while – It is because I can’t post!! UGH!!!!

Where’s Luis Rivera?? How about Glenn Hoffman! Jody Reed anyone. I think Valentin is available. Jack Wilson would have been a nice pick-up by Boston, not sure why Theo didn’t go after him.

Personally I think Varitek’s playing time should be cut, not Lowell’s.

Lugo is playing well because the “pressure” is off.

Wow, they just showed a shot of Wakefield trying to run. It was ugly. I don’t see how he’s going to be ready in a week or so.

FIGHT!!! I knew this was going to HAPPEN if Youk got HIT again!!!!!!

Brian, how about “The Rooster”, Rick Burleson or even Bootin Don Buddin.

Maybe we could find Pumpsie Green and move him over to short.

Nice title for this thread..”‘knuckling in'”.. I knew that he’d blow.. but he took that pitcher DOWN…
Porcello deserved it…

I even said on my blog today – I told them not to hit Youk! THIS was going to happen!!!

If Cabrera was soo injured by that pitch, why was he out on the field with the brawl..??

Eck is going to defend the pitcher EVERY time! Defend the RedSox once Eck…..

It was the law of averages.. as many times as Youk gets hit, he was bound to go off..
AND ECK… The pitcher meant to hit him.. He tried to hit Martinez earlier… so he “looked” shocked wqhen Youk charged him… he still meant it…………….

F*&*&^ Green should be charged with another error, a mental error. A little leaguer would know you charge the ball and not lay back for the ball to turn a dp.
Tazawa should escape the inning with 0 run and 1 run at worst. Where is Lugo?

Porcello drilled Youk on purpose, no question about it. Tailing fastball up and in. Youk had no chance to get out of the way. I don’t know what Eck is thinking except that he’s a common sense pitcher and you don’t drill a leadoff hitter with a three run lead in the second inning. Porcello was stupid if he did that. Sox don’t get hurt by putting Lowell in the lineup. In my opinion, Porcello should not have been tossed unless there was a warning we didn’t see or hear about. This makes pitching inside taboo for the rest of the night.

The big problem with this is that Youk could face a suspension.

You could see it last night in the game – Youk’s look said “I dare you – hit me again!!”

Now Youk is rejected. Why Papi is batting 5th spot? Just we have the big M going…someone has to mess it up!

Big Papi prove us all wrong, hit a HR for the kid.


LOVE THOSE FIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



OMG, JBay……………………………………………..

Garry….All those guys sound good to me. Anyone but Green, anytime there is a play involving him…I expect him to goof it up. Green isn’t hitting and on top of that he is slumping at the plate, other than that he is doing great! lol.

“Where is Lugo”?? I never thought I’d hear THAT!… Green has definitely (Lugo or not!) done us no favors!

Youk could indeed face a suspension, as did Beckett when he hit the Angels’ hitter. In the short term, maybe so. But will it FIRE UP THE TEAM??! If so, bring it on!

It would be so huge for the Sox if Bay could start hitting. He crushed that ball.

Three all. That’s fortunate, after the first inning! Glad the offense has awakened, at least somewhat! GO SOX!


Tito is FIRED up tonight! I LIKE IT!!!!!

Yankees – Jays 3 all!!!!

What’s JD thinking? Could it be missed hit and run?

F*(%^& Green, redeem yourself! Where is Lugo?

Hey, Dave, what do you think about all this “Where is LugNuts” talk?😉

Greg – at least we have some options! I hate to say it – but I think we needed it! wonder what V-Mart & Tazawa think of all of this??

That useless piece of crap, 2 errors in my book and 1 K. Where is Lugo?

Julia, thought you’d like to know our call up from the minors today, in his first game just took Joba deep. Lol Jays4 eveil empire 3

I don’t disagree entirely, but I do find it funny!!

Tito got fired up? GOOD!!! Was he ejected? Who was? (I missed this scrum!)

Yeah, he was ejected.

Good, GSJays, he needs to get knocked around a little! Go Jays!😉

Boy, this home plate umpire really likes the outside corner on left handed hitters.

Tazawa is never going to put hitters away with his little league fastball. He has to find another way.

I’ll take Glenn Hoffman, or Jody Reed! Sounds better than Green!

Garry, did you catch my question to you? Where in NC were you on your trip?

I was talking about Pumpsie Green, not Nick Green.


What a catch by Ellsbury!!!

Sorry Greg, it looks like things are posting out of sequence. I was at Atlantic Beach, NC, just outside of Moorehead City.

I know where that is, Garry, but never been there–or to our coast. Thanks!

I still think, GSJays, that Theo would have been wise to have picked up Scutaro. I don’t know why Theo didn’t do so–your trade proposals seemed VERY reasonable!

It’s not a lot different than the Florida coast Greg. Like Florida, they killed the place by over building condos. There are a bunch of them for sale there. In fact, there is a lot of all kinds of property for sale there. Unlike Florida though, they still think their beach front property is worth millions….. and it isn’t.

There was your Pumsie Green comment, Garry! Would be a better option than Nick Green! I think that caught me up!😉 GO SOX!

YAY!!! gsjay!! KEEP BEATING THE YANKEES! We are doing our part here! I’ll get the chant going on Twitter!

This kid knows how to get out the jam And has to rely on himself by striking out 2 consecutive batters with runner on 3d with 1 outs.

Hey – I missed i t- what happened to Cabrera of the Tigers?

Mike Lowell is in. Good, I hope he can keep our offense going!
I believe it, Garry. We are bemoaning a lot of condo developments (which only recently has SLOWED, not stopped!) that look like beachfront properties–compounded by the fact that they may sit idle for a while!


Mikey!!! WHOO HOOO!!


WAY TO GO, MIKE! HR! (And HE’S been the one sitting???) GO SOX!

If Youk is suspended, we are gonna see a lot of Mikey!

Like I said, the Sox don’t get hurt by replacing Youk with Lowell. Lowell has been hitting since he came off the DL. He’s been very consistent. I would be giving serious thought to making Lowell the DH, or maybe making Martinez the DH, and sitting Ortiz. I’m sorry, but Papi just isn’t doing anything.

Wow!! Youk got tossed???? Awesome!!! I hope that puts a chagre into the Sox. Atta boy, Youk!!!
Taz-ito is settling down?? Go for it, kid!! Gotta run, weird night here so far, some kid tore the handle off the door to our patio! And other assorted oddities. Go Sox!!

If Mike keeps hitting, Andy, we won’t be hurt there, then! In the field, on the basepaths, maybe, but… GO SOX!
Can we sit Papi? PLEASE?!

V-Mart’s gidp looms LARGE!

I hope Theo and Tito take our suggestion to sit Papi, Garry! But I can wish…

Fernando Cabrera, eh? Has HE played SS?:/
Nice job, Tazawa-san! GO SOX!

Did anyone see the ESPN program about Luis Tiant last night (“The Lost Son of Havana”)? VERY GOOD program! Made me wish I had been old enough to have watched the 75 WS! Great to learn more about Tiant himself, also!

Did we spike Tito’s Bigelow Tea? Is that why he was ejected?😉

How did this kid fool Det batters with his 89, 90, 91, 92 mile fastball? I am getting to like this kid.

We need to sit Papi. Mikey has been doing a great job since he has been back!

Toronto still winning 4-3

So…is it another fight in AUgust that gets us going?? hmmm…just saying!

I loved that Tito showed emotion tonight! I think the guys needed to see that

Arnie: Don’t insult Lugo. lol

When the fight happened I wondered whether this would break us down or whether it would incite us to RALLy… I guess I got my answer!!!

wooooo Tek-er!!!!

This kid is in the groove. Never mind the pitch count. Let him pitch.

I’m with you, Andy. Let Tazawa pitch!

I want whatever Eck and Donny-O are drinking!!

Come on, V-Mart!

Arnie: Don’t insult Lugo. lol

Get Dustin home, Mike! GO SOX!

And MIKE’S been the one sitting??? I’ll say it again…

Can’t V-Mart hit a AAA pitcher?

I guess someone from the FO must have called the booth and said something about Eck siding with Porcello.. Because he sure was back peddling….

Looks like Tawazee is settling in nicely. He could have crumbled after the first inning with Nick Green doing his best Lugo imitation. But he’s hanging in tough. Gotta luv it!!Maybe now we know why he’s in Boston.
I’m going to have to watch the game tomorrow morning. Looks like I missed a good one.


OMG, Mikey did it again……………………………………

I think the fight settled Tazawa down! I’m liking this kid!

Pawtucket closer Cabrera is pitching.

Couldn’t agree more with you about Mike, Garry!

Fernando, Pawtucket closer!


Pedey stole a base! This game just has it all!!

They can call it an official game, though! GO SOX!


Hey, the next time we have a fight here, can we get Nick Green ejected?😉
Nice job, F. Cabrera! GO SOX!


gsjays – I just got the Blue Jays cheering going on Twitter among Red Sox fans!!! SO YOUR GUYS HAVE TO DO THEIR PART!!!

Tazawa didn’t need to settle in. He got screwed in the first inning by his defense. The score in this game should be 6-0. By the way, you think Mikey is making a statement about the playing time situation? Maybe he can’t run, but he can hit, and he’s better than Youk at third. Their best infield is with him at third and Youk at first.

Where do the Sox come up with these guys? Fernando Cabrera?

If it wasn’t for the fight we would not be seeing Mikey! Tito has got to look at that. We would not be winning right now with out Mikey!

And look – Mike can make a throwing play without causing an error!

They are uncovering the tarp at Fenway. The rain is coming

Via Ian on Twitter:

RT @IanMBrowne: Lowell 1st #RedSox hitter to hit two homers off bench since Joe Foy in 1967.

Not to take anything away from Mikey. The HRs were hit off a AAA pitcher with ERA 32+.

When did we call up Fernando Cabrera?

Is this Fernando’s (Pawtucket closer) debut at Fenway?

Great stuff from Tek!

Julia: You are right. I was surprised that V-Mart, JD, Pedey did not take a swing and clobber this guy. Let it rain. The game would be official if called.
4-3 Jays and the Cleveland are beating up on Tex. I am loving it!

007 – true enough about Mikey’s homers, but we’re not seeing anyone else exactly clobbering this guy. Bay had three good swings tonight. He hit the ball hard every time. That could be a good sign.

I think it would be 007 –

BUT the tarp is out!

Thanks Brian – there have been so many coming and goings with the pitchers that I am having trouble keeping track of them all.


Cabrera was called up this past weekend. He has some major league experience.


I believe this is Cabrera’s Red Sox debut. Why wasn’t he called up instead of Traber??? I’m not sure what Theo was thinking when Traber was summoned to the big club. We’ll look back in 20 years and say remember Billy Traber when he was a member of the Red Sox??? LOL….

I still don’t know why Bowden isn’t up. He has pitched well for the big club when given the chance.


Cabrera was called up this past weekend. He has some major league experience.


I believe this is Cabrera’s Red Sox debut. Why wasn’t he called up instead of Traber??? I’m not sure what Theo was thinking when Traber was summoned to the big club. We’ll look back in 20 years and say remember Billy Traber when he was a member of the Red Sox??? LOL….

I still don’t know why Bowden isn’t up. He has pitched well for the big club when given the chance.

I understand that Lowell needs a break here and there but don’t take him out of the lineup. Of course the reason Lowell is hitting the longball tonight is because Francona has kept Lowell fresh. HA..HA…HA…

The verdict is in Lowell is your everyday guy, either at 3B or Dh.
This posting is out of sequence again.

They are reviewing a Posada HR in NY

Yankees up 5-4….bummer COME ON JAYS!!

Sorry Julia, our bullpen ran out of steam, pitched too many innings yesterday.

Whats wrong with your blog. I posted after I read your post of the Yanks final score 7-5 and it appeared in between your two posts. Strange.

Yankee won 7-5

You are finding out, GSJays, what we’ve been complaining about on here for a while, with the posting out of order. It’s really screwed–so it is a good thing we like the blog!

You guys still in a delay?

Hey you all!! I’m off to bed.. I’ll have the game on, if they ever start again… if not WOOOOOOOOO-WOOOOOOOOO

Ian put up a new thread…says that the tarp is off now.

Yankee butt heads……..
See y’all tomorrow.. slow day at work………

Hi, All:

Been awhile since I’ve been on here. Sox and Pinstripes is bustling, and I’m also working on debuting a baseball-themed travel web site in February, and writing a 2010 guidebook to Red Sox prospects and Red Sox minor league affiliates. That said, a few comments. Junichi Tazawa’s fast ball is not his main pitch. In fact, it’s his only average pitch, but it has potential to get much better. Tazawa is known for his curve (his out pitch), a nice slider and a forkball. Importantly, he has excellent command, and he pitches with a veteran’s poise. If the Sox trade Buchholz in the off-season in a package for a pitcher like Halladay or King Felix, or a big bat like Adrian Gonzalez, Tazawa could be Boston’s No. 5 starter, or a reliever, in 2010. I still like Michael Bowden and think he has No. 3 potential. Hopefully he gets a chance to make a few starts this season.

I imagine that Youk will get a five-game suspension when all is said and done. It will give him a breather. Without him, the Sox lineup would be best with Kotchman at first, V-Mart behind the plate and Lowell at third, but I know that sometimes Varitek will catch and V-Mart will play first. When Youk is back, I would rather Ortiz sit and Lowell, Kotchman and V-Mart alternate at DH. I’m ready for the Ortiz era to end in Boston. I think Kottaras will be with the team on September 1. Not sure if he will come off the DL and catch Wakefield’s August 20 start. The Sox’ options would be sending down Reddick and going with Nick Green as their fourth outfielder, or DFAing Chris Woodward and going without a utility infielder until September 1 when roster expand to 40. Or they could send Cabrera back to Pawtucket and go with six relievers for 11 days. The latter is what will likely happen if they insist that Kottaras catch Wakefield. No reason why V-Mart can’t catch him. Kottaras is not really part of the team’s future. Mark Wagner is making progress at Pawtucket after a slow start, and Luis Exposito is doing well at Portland.

That said, give Tazawa a chance. I think he will be a very good major league pitcher. Ditto for Bowden. Let’s hope Buchholz carries the confidence from his start last Saturday at Yankee Stadium into Thursday’s start and the Sox get a sweep. Of course, they have to win on Wednesday first. The AL East race is far from over. Boston has six more games with the Yankees, so if it remains within striking distance (no more than 4-5 games out), there is a chance. I prefer the AL East title over the wild card,and I haven’t given up hope.


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