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Taprp coming off the field here at 10:31 p.m. It’s amazing how baseball works sometimes. Mike Lowell was supposed to have the night off, but Youk loses his temper and his helmet and gets thrown out of the game after being hit by a pitch. Next thing you know, Lowell is in the game and hits not one, but two home runs.

The last Sox player to hit two home runs off the bench? Joe Foy on June 9, 1967 against the Washington Senators.

Tazawa is in line to get the win. He settled down nicely after a rocky first which was prolonged by Nick Green’s error.

One of the most encouraging signs of the night was the absolute rocket that Jason Bay hit.

I’m sure the Red Sox will lose Youkilis for five to seven games once the league comes out with punishment. But the Red Sox are fortunate to be deep at the corners with Martinez, Kotchman and Lowell.


Leading off, King Gringorio I! Let’s see if these post out of order again! SIGH!
Get em out, Saito-san! GO SOX!

I’m glad Tazawa did well tonight, and that Cabrera had a good debut. I hope we won’t be quite so pitching-pinched when we play the Rays and Yankees next! GO SOX!

Way to go, Jacoby! We’ll take that Tigers fielding! Come on Dustin! GO SOX!

Hi Greg! I thought that Tazawa did pitch well. He settled way down after the first!

NICE throw! Come on boys! Bring Ellsbury home!!

Have to agree with Eck – some of these kids are in the big leagues to soon.

Hey, Julia! I’ve been posting much of the nighr, but it is showing the 10-minute “tape delay”! SIGH! GO SOX!

From Twitter –

Ellsbury ties Tris Speaker (1912) for 2nd highest single-season stolen base total in franchise history with his 52nd SB of the year. #redsox

And I still think Tazawa is one of those who is up too early!:/

Garry was right, I think–Tazawa was not the one who needed to settle down–he got screwed by the fielding!:/

(Show em who needs to be in the line-up!)

It is crazy Greg!

Texas Rangers lost tonight 5-0 to Cleveland. Helps in the wild card!

All our clocks show that it is 11:10 here–I must be in EST minus 10 minutes!:/
Come on, Bard! GO SOX!

I hope Bard isn’t one who has been brought up too early! He has the potential to be a great pitcher.

Yes, he might be. I like what I see from him, but he does need to mature a little more, I think, stuff-wise, esp.!

So far so good for Bard. This has been a great game so far.

Here’s a thought–I am beginning to be convinced that the PawSox players are being brought up, one or two at a time, to see who will hang around in Sept., and who will be DFAed. Just a theory, but if so, it seems that this is not the best way to go about it, while playing the Rays, Yankees, etc.!

Nice inning! Come on guys! Let’s get it done!!

Nice job by Saito, and now Bard, to get throught these later innings! GO SOX!



Finish the game, guys! GO SOX!

Nice job, Bard! No adventures now, Pap! GO SOX!

GOOD PAPELBON!! We need to good Pap! GET IT DONE!!!

Hey, Phil! How are ya! Did your Zazu character have a Yankee logo anywhere? That’s what made your Zazu scary?😉
Pap just CAN’T make this easy!…2-R HR! SIGH!
And neither does this site!


Been out of pocket for a while. Since I am back we took two in a row. I saw some comments about a Yankee logo on the bottom of diapers. How about the Yankee logo printed on every sheet in the roll of toilet paper?? That would bring it closer to the source. Keep it going Sox. Too bad the Yanks pulled it out– however we have to keep winning despite what the cometition does.

About time, Pap! You just can’t make it easy, can you?!
Good win, otherwise, esp. for Lowell! GO SOX!

LOVE the toilet paper.

1 more Pap!!!

If the price was reasonable- how many Sox fans would buy a roll of toilet paper with the Yankee logo printed on every sheet? I wonder if Fenway (or for that matter, any other major League ballpark) would stock their restrooms when the Yanks are in town. Sounds like a good marketing venture.


YES!!! 2 in a row!!! GO RED SOX!!!!

See you all tomorrow! Let’s go for #3!!!

The only way these poor sport,cry babies could win tonight was by attacking the Detroit Tiger’s pitcher,Porcello, and getting him tossed out.Miguel Cabrera didn’t cry after getting hit for the 2nd time AND injured.Oh well,that’s what happens when you lose a ton of games and fall 5 1/2 games out of first.Frustration.I gues it doesn’t hurt to have umpires who like the Red Sox too.

Hi, All:

Been awhile since I’ve been on here. Sox and Pinstripes is bustling, and I’m also working on debuting a baseball-themed travel web site in February, and writing a 2010 guidebook to Red Sox prospects and Red Sox minor league affiliates. That said, a few comments. Junichi Tazawa’s fast ball is not his main pitch. In fact, it’s his only average pitch, but it has potential to get much better. Tazawa is known for his curve (his out pitch), a nice slider and a forkball. Importantly, he has excellent command, and he pitches with a veteran’s poise. If the Sox trade Buchholz in the off-season in a package for a pitcher like Halladay or King Felix, or a big bat like Adrian Gonzalez, Tazawa could be Boston’s No. 5 starter, or a reliever, in 2010. I still like Michael Bowden and think he has No. 3 potential. Hopefully he gets a chance to make a few starts this season.

I imagine that Youk will get a five-game suspension when all is said and done. It will give him a breather. Without him, the Sox lineup would be best with Kotchman at first, V-Mart behind the plate and Lowell at third, but I know that sometimes Varitek will catch and V-Mart will play first. When Youk is back, I would rather Ortiz sit and Lowell, Kotchman and V-Mart alternate at DH. I’m ready for the Ortiz era to end in Boston. I think Kottaras will be with the team on September 1. Not sure if he will come off the DL and catch Wakefield’s August 20 start. The Sox’ options would be sending down Reddick and going with Nick Green as their fourth outfielder, or DFAing Chris Woodward and going without a utility infielder until September 1 when roster expand to 40. Or they could send Cabrera back to Pawtucket and go with six relievers for 11 days. The latter is what will likely happen if they insist that Kottaras catch Wakefield. No reason why V-Mart can’t catch him. Kottaras is not really part of the team’s future. Mark Wagner is making progress at Pawtucket after a slow start, and Luis Exposito is doing well at Portland.

That said, give Tazawa a chance. I think he will be a very good major league pitcher. Ditto for Bowden. Let’s hope Buchholz carries the confidence from his start last Saturday at Yankee Stadium into Thursday’s start and the Sox get a sweep. Of course, they have to win on Wednesday first. The AL East race is far from over. Boston has six more games with the Yankees, so if it remains within striking distance (no more than 4-5 games out), there is a chance. I prefer the AL East title over the wild card,and I haven’t given up hope.


Papelbon had to get (4) outs the night before, not sure why he pitched last night. I have my doubts that Papelbon would be available tonight. Then again with the BEST starting pitcher in baseball pitching for the Red Sox tonight, Papelbon might not be needed anyway.

Chances are Youkilis will get suspended for 5 -7 games but he’ll appeal it and who knows maybe he’ll get suspended to start the 2010 season. It’s mid August so I doubt my scenario will happen but I’ve seen it before. Boston does have depth at the corners but missing Youkilis’ bat for a stretch isn’t a good scenario. He’s there BEST player! That being said, I’m glad Youkilis charged the mound. He has had enough! He got drilled the night before and it was obvious the youngster was throwing at him. I don’t know why Porcello would, his team was leading 3-0. There are times when to throw at someone and there are times you don’t do it. That wasn’t the situation for that kid to do it! The Tigers have (2) more games remaining with the Sox, there would have been plenty of chances to do it. I’m glad the Sox showed some life last night, it’s about time.

Impressed with the compsure of Tazawa, he gave up (3) runs in the 1st, of course it wasn’t his fault but a young pitcher could have collapsed but he didn’t. I’ve seen veterans fold when that happens.

Looking back the last two games which were almost singlehandedly destroyed by Delcarman and Green and Sox would be 7.5 instead of 5.5 games behind.
JBay has found his swing back and the Sox need his bat in order to contend in the Al East pennnant race which is not ovah by any stretch of imagination.
Let’s accept the fact that Ortiz’s era as Jeff said is ovah and should be ovah NOW.
I like this kid’s poise and confidence. I don’t see he was rattled by the fielding errorS by Lugo’s replacement in the same inning. Also like what I saw about Fernando Cabrera.
I don’t think D Bard was brought up too soon. He is ready for the ML but not quite as a closer yet, perhaps starting in late 2010.
Experience is what Bard needs. Bard should not throw consecutive curve balls to a greater hitter like Tex who was sitting on the curve ball. Bard obviously lost confidence in his FB after coughing up the HR to Damon.
I don’t see why Pap was in the game after a 4 out save the night before.
Also, I don’t see why Procello intentionally threw at Youk. Youk will be suspended for charging the mound AND for throwing the helmet at that kid. During the suspension, I’d like to see more Kotchmann and no Papi.

Phil… I have seen Yankee logo toilet paper… Too bad I didnt buy it!!!!

Judge… Where are you this morning… You got your wish last night.. Tito finally challenging and getting tossed….

This season reminds me more of 2004 or 2007 rather than 2006. But the Red Sox need to improve:
1. a new shortstop. Where is Lugo?
2. Cut down Ortiz’s playing time
3. JBay is JBay
4. Improve RISP
Our rotation is not great but good enough to win because we don’t have an automatic loss every 5th game any more.

Youk, I love ya, but you need to learn how to fight. I posted some advice for you.

Why should Youk be in trouble? That was more a message to the umpires in my opinion than to the Detroit Tigers. Because the Sox are a very “classy” team that normally doesn’t respond in violence and aggression (for example Dustin Pedroia during the Yankees series), the umpires feel that they can get away with a bad call here and there without any consequence. The umpiring in the Yankees/Red Sox series was beyond horrible (Ortiz’s called strike 3 on a ball in the dirt, Youkilis got more than one bad call of the plate resulting in a strikeout, and 4 or 5 Sox hitters were HBP in that series. Yet somehow Ramon Ramirez gets thrown out with no warning… The umpires have been screwing over the Sox for long enough and I think Youkilis moreso than others (because of his passion) finally snapped and Porcello was the unfortunate culprit to set him off.

If anything there should be a “giveback” on part of MLB for forcing Francona to put in Enrique Gonzalez in 2-0 game, and they should let this incident slide.

Please Big Papi, start hitting the other way. The Left Field Wall is your friend.
Brad Penny scares me.
The next road trip is CRITICAL to this season.
Next game even more.
If we get into play-offs, concerned about Nick Green’s fielding and most importantly, throwing.

“Why should Youk be in trouble? That was more a message to the umpires in my opinion than to the Detroit Tigers. Because the Sox are a very “classy” team that normally doesn’t respond in violence and aggression (for example Dustin Pedroia during the Yankees series), the umpires feel that they can get away with a bad call here and there without any consequence.”

I agree! The umpires the Sox have been having have been calling some pretty bad calls, and I think Youkilis shouldn’t get in trouble even a little bit because it wasn’t his fault. How many times this season has Youk gotten hit? A LOT. And this the first time he charged the mound because I’m sure he was sick of it. I think the Red Sox have the most manners out of all the clubs. I still can’t believe the Yankees pitcher who hit Pedroia didn’t get thrown out!

Hey all,
I’ve seen ads for that toilet paper too! I may be wrong, but I think they were on Jeff’s site!!!

Hey all… Just thought I’d remind y’all what this guy is here for!!!
Hey Dave, He’s out of the attic again… Why not give him your post from yesterday… I think he’ll find it interesting.

>>>this is from the 10th>>>

I just searched for Sox blogs this morning bored at work, and felt like getting some sox fans’ panties in a bunch, which seemed to have worked so well. And 007chow. are you kiddin me? You live in NY and your a sox fan? That’s an embarassment on so many levels. You must not be from NY originally. Keep your head up though, football seasons right around the corner, haha
By on August 10, 2009 5:24 PM

tcd133 — a word of advice,
Tcd133 you can do what you wish with this suggestion but I’m concerned. When you post on this blog your reflections express a rather childlike attitude. This works fine on the playground, but in an adult atmosphere you come across as someone who needs to grow up a little.
Now I don’t know you or your life and I’m sure your much more than a child…but when you express pride in living in your parent’s attic, while all of us have lives, jobs, homes, families, that’s not something you want to brag about. It only shames you.
In the end, I would suggest a mature approach. All of us like to have fun but when you taunt and mock with a language that doesn’t evolve beyond age 12, it only hurts and shames yourself. Is this the image you want to show the world? I want to believe no…but only you can make that decision yourself.

Ellen & Dave:
Ignore the snake that spews venom. Good advice will fall on deaf ears.
This home stand and the next road trip will be critical for the pennnat race and the wc chase.
The Sox need to pick up **** even if Lowrie returns who will not be completely healed.
Green’s fielding and throwing errors may eventually doom the Sox’s shot at the playoffs.

We just got Chris Woodward from the Mariners and he’s a pretty good SS, so maybe he will be our answer for a better shortstop.


Dave – I’m concerned. You used several “big words” in your comments to tcd133. Are you sure he has either the reading skill or intelligence to understand what it is that you are saying? (And actually my 12 year old comes across as more intelligent then he does.) Maybe we need to take pity on tcd133 – since he spends so much time here it leads me to believe that the Yankee bloggers must have banned him from their sites. So perhaps we and his parent’s attic are all he has. It is always best to have pity on the less fortunate.

SOOO….do we think the umps will warn the teams BEFORE the start of the game tonight? GO RED SOX!!!

AND MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It is already the 13th in South Korea so it is MIke’s birthday there! We can party again here tomorrow on the 13th!!

I was going to ask where Mike has been.. I think I’ll send him an email birthday from home when I get there.

I sure hope that Josh doesnt lose a pitch up and WAY in tonight.. if he does you KNOW he’ll be tossed in a heartbeat.. We cant afford to lose him tonight…

Ellen – Mike has been around. He actually got to see Monday night’s game live! (Of course it was Tuesday morning there! lol!) He was bummed that it wasn’t last night’s game that he saw. So how about if our boys get a win for Mike and the guys tonight!!!

Happy Birthday, Mike! Stay strong!
I think we are giving tcd WAY too much credit. Amoebas generally don’t survive well in attics or basements. Perhaps Julia can schedule a field trip to watch this amoeba, and see how this amoeba reacts outside its natural habitat.

Greg – What a great idea! I love science! And you know – I was at the Science Museum this week and I think I might have seen some of tcd133 relatives. It will make a wonderful experiment to “compare and contrast”.


The Red Sox’ Kevin Youkilis and Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello have each been suspended for five games by Major League Baseball for their roles in last night’s bench-clearing brawl at Fenway.

Both players have appealed the suspension, and Youkilis is in the lineup, batting fourth, for the Red Sox tonight. Youkilis and Porcello were also fined an undisclosed amount, as was Detroit’s Edwin Jackson.

Well – this just in via Twitter:

Youkilis to take his suspension starting today. Kotchman into lineup. #redsox

He will be back before the Yankees series

WHAT??????????????????????????? No appeal??? WOW I certainly DIDNOT expect that!!

I didn’t know the Yankees- Jays game was a day game! Tied 3-3 top of the 9th. Jeter was hit in the foot by a pitch and left the game early.

Ellen – at most the suspension might have been reduced by 1 game and he ran the risk of missing the Yankees’ series, depending upon when the hearing would have been. I think it makes sense.

ALSO since Porcello was suspended for 5 games – can we assume that the league felt that the ball “didn’t get away?”

My understanding is Kotchman at 1B, Lowell at 3B, Ortiz DH, Varitek catching. No V-Mart.
We need Youk for the Yankees series.

And Ortiz is batting cleanup???!!!!

This week — the retarded minds of baseball players.
I’m stunned. Read the article.
We have a helmet that can withstand the impact of a Bard fastball (e.g. 100 mph) and many players including Mark T. of the Yankees state emphatically that it looks too bulky and not cool.
The skull is made of porous bone. Bone is mostly calcium. It’s hard and cannot withstand the impact of a hardened baseball striking the surface. It can cause permanent brain damage and can kill you. Today’s helmets can only handle 70 mph.
Jeff Francoeur argued that the helmet can be redesigned with less padding and still work great. Ya, Dr. Jeff really knows his stuff.
IMHO, no matter how bulky the helmet is, if it keeps your head working still then you should use it. Forget the problems, it’s your life. Doctors can’t fix brain injuries. Neurons can’t be rebuilt.
But hey…that’s me!

Yeah, for real. Safety first. Oh, well. You know baseball players. They don’t care if they get hurt, as long as they look good doing it. They’re stylin’ role models! Yeah…

I just had a chance to watch a little of last night’s game. I like how Tazawa (finally learned to spell his name correctly) pitches and how he handles himself. And as the game progressed he got better. I hope he can keep it up.

Porcello was obviously throwing at Martinez and Youk. Youkilis is sick of getting hit every time another team gets the idea in their head they have to protect one of their players. I don’t blame him. What surprised me is that the umps issued no warning after Jackson hit Youk and not after Porcello tried to hit Martinez. They let that get out of hand, I think.

tcd133, please keep posting here. Since you have started your feeble attempts to abuse us the Sox have been playing with a lot more passion. Good job and thanks. Do us a favor, though. Get yourself a Roget’s Thesaurus so you can beef up your vocabulary. And try to be creative, it gets old and boring pretty quickly when you repeat yourself so much. Perhaps Greg and Dave can suggest some reading material to help you. You’ll be better educated and the Sox will keep winning!! Everyone’s better for it!

Zach Miner is pitching for Det. Pap will not be available tonight so said Francona.

Did you know their is a relationship between intelligence and safety. It is a reverse proportional relationship that is expressed as:
I = S / St
I = intelligence
S = safety
St = style
Therefore if you take Zazu and plug in the numbers:
I = 1 / 1000 you get an intelligence factor of .001
If you take Jason Varitek:
I = 1000 / 1 you get 1000.
With Zazu at .001 and Jason at 1000 you can see a disparity there in the numbers reflective of their progress in life.

Did you know their is a relationship between intelligence and safety. It is a reverse proportional relationship that is expressed as:
I = S / St
I = intelligence
S = safety
St = style
Therefore if you take Zazu and plug in the numbers:
I = 1 / 1000 you get an intelligence factor of .001
If you take Jason Varitek:
I = 1000 / 1 you get 1000.
With Zazu at .001 and Jason at 1000 you can see a disparity there in the numbers reflective of their respect in life.

Sorry for the double comment. Blog software isn’t perfect. Oh well..

You know – a big bulky helmet might make Mark Teixeira look better…but that is just my opinion….

From Ian via Twitter:

Jerry Remy just spoke at length with the media. He’s dealing with depression, which has prolonged his return to the booth. Jerry is optimistic about returning to the booth this season and he thanks every fan who has reached out to him in this trying time.

I wish him well.

For anyone who can see the Red Sox game on NESN – Jerry Remy is expected to be in the booth tonight for the top half of the 2nd. I wish him nothing but the best! It will be WONDERFUL to see him!!!

Dave – I think Jerry will help a lot of people by going public with his struggle. It will be so good to see he – even if it is just for a half and inning. I’m glad that you were able to work through it!🙂

AND the posting fun begins!

Beckett looked GREAT against the first batter!!!



I’m glad you had her Dave!! And yes – anytime there are kids involved it makes things so much more difficult.

Which picture Greg?

Glad to see him back. Even someone as loved and respected as Jerry Remy can go through depression will give a lot of people hope knowing that we’re all human and that we’re all fallible. It’s a great inspiration to many (ya me too). I went through depression years ago and know how it can eat you alive. It can take a functional human being and turn him into a sloth. It’s truly a frightening experience.

You’re welcome Mike!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Thanks Julia,
I owe it all to my wife (little plug there) and am grateful it happened BEFORE I had kids.

We need to sit ORTIZ!!!

Have V-Mart DH!!

With all due respect to Clete Thomas…that is the goofiest photo I have ever seen in a long time from a ballplayer.

JERRY!!!!! Remy is in the booth!!

He looks great! Thinner…..but he looks good!!

Wow…12 pitches and three outs. That’s amazing.

It is so nice to hear Jerry laughing and giving Donny-O a hard time!!!!

Jules, Thanks for the cake!!! Beckett is having a traditional 1st inning!

This is evil. I can’t stop looking at Clete’s photo. It’s hysterical. I’m so mean.

REMY!! Don’t apologize to Donny-O!! YOU DO NOT NEED TO!!!!

PLEASE, maybe….the Yankee series?????

YES!! He’s going to stay around!!!

Another great inning for Beckett!!!


Hi Wendy & Ellen!!!



Jerry Remy!!! Hooray! We love you!

It’s so nice to see him, I could cry!!!

It’s GREAT to see Remy on the t.v. again. Get back soon Remy!

Lowell with another H.R.! Yes!

GREAT to see Jerry Remy.
Julia, I can understand completely why he would apologize to Orsillo. I would do the same. Even if it’s not your fault you feel like you let the other person , or the team, down. Maybe Jerry is a workaholic like me.

Beckett looks good. And Mike Lowell!!!


Hi people. Checked in just in time for Mike to homer. Way to go Mike. GO SOX.

Texeira looks like a South Park character in his batting helmet

Hi Paul! You picked the right time to tune in.

Brian – it is great to see the Rem-Dawg!!!

Way to go Mikey…now let’s get fifteen more runs. I would love a blowout!

Ellen – I think Tex IS a South Park character. How stupid is it not to wear a helmet that could save your head?

I don’t know whether to award the Futility Award to Papi or Varitek. Both of them look inept at the plate.

Perhaps, and this is a theory, Mark realizes that little gray matter exists up there anyway and there is plenty of neurons to spare…just a theory.

WOW- Eck is really quite humbled to be filling in for the Rem-Dawg.

Mike (shake-n-bake) I sent you an email….

Hey Jules, Wendy.. where’s Ginny??
Julia,, He should be humbled….

I’d give that award to papi.. at least Tek is there behind the plate..

according to Eck, he is a Cookie Crusher!!! that’s a new one!! lol

Dave – he plays for the Yankees. That says it all.

Ellen – Ginny was a way on vacation. She is back – she stopped the other night for a bit. She might try to stop by later. Her husband has also been away so it have been a little crazy for her.

Got it Ellen, THANK YOU!!!! WTG Bay!!!

Paul – I vote for Papi!

YES!!!! 1-2-3 AGAIN!!!

Amoebas in the Attic??? Wasn’t that one of those 80’s “hair” bands?


JBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Let’s keep it going boys! Let’s give Beckett some run support!!

Greg – I think a field trip is in order. It might be best though if we wear haz-mat suits. I’m not sure that Amoebas are into hygiene.

AND the posting woes BEGIN!!!

God, the postings are weird again!

Julia, I think you gave a tip-of-the-slongue reference regarding photos. I assume Dave was referring to photo of Clete Thomas (Is that correct, Dave?)
Three inning saves? WHAT PITCH COUNTS? nuff said.
How is everyone tonight? Have we scheduled our field trip to see our Resident Amoeba–in an attic? They don’t have too many “natural habitats” in the Bronx, I guess, for amoebas!

Did anyone see the special on Luis Tiant on ESPN (“The Lost Son of Havana”)? It was great to see another side of El Tiante (and yes, I understood the Spanish!), and to see footage of him before, and during, the 75 WS. Made me wish I’d been able to see the 75 WS all over again! And the piece said El Tiante threw upwards of 170 pitches! Ah, for the days!…

That is indeed correct. I remember my seventh grade photo. Boy was that humiliating. I feel for Clete!

Arnie – the Amoeba is our resident Yankee slime who visits here and lives in his parents attic. We thought we would take a field trip to observe him in his natural environment. It could be fascinating…..

No, Rem-Dawg doesn’t need to apologize to anyone, but when you have been away from your work, your colleagues, etc., Dave is right, you can feel bad/guilty, etc., for “letting them down”, esp. when it is beyond your control!

That was good Arnie!!! Cant get ‘nuthin by you!!!

That was good Arnie!!! Cant get ‘nuthin by you!!!

Hey Judge.. Regarding Beckett: Can you say “thank you, Trixie???” at its best, again–it can’t keep the live feed going!
Pedro is pitching on ESPN!

Texas is up 2-0 over Cleveland in the 4th

Yankees won and TB lost.

COME ON BECKETT!! You can get the third out!

Day game tomorrow for the Red Sox!


BECKETT!! 5Ks!!!

Phillies have given Pedro a 2-0 lead vs. the Cubs.

Way to go, Mike and JD! GO SOX! Get these guys HOME!
Come on Kotch!

And the FUN continues!!! I like this! The Red Sox are going to win for Mike’s birthday! AND they have to win again tomorrow because Mike’s birthday is August 13th!!

We miss ya on here!
DP! SIGH! Get Mike Lowell HOME! (Our OTHER Mike!) GO SOX!

Let us know how Pedro looks Greg.

Eck just said that V-Mart will be the one catching Wakefield

Pedro just gave up a 2B, still up 2-0, in the 1st.

I think tcd133(or whatever) is our good-luck charm. The Sox have been playing with more passion since he showed up.
I just checked my old vinyl collection—sure enough: Amoebas in the Attic. They had one semi hit, ” Mitosis In A Teardrop” sold 200 copies.

Frank Viola! Haven’t heard from him in a while! Is he still “laying second fiddle”?🙂
Bummer! NO RUNS! GO SOX!

I think that regarding JBay.. we can say… Heeeeeeeeeeeee’s BACK!!!

BUMMER, JOSH! Keep your head in the game! GO SOX!

Grab some bench, Maggs! GO SOX!

Hey you can have Hair on cheese, but I don;t hink you can have cheese on hair!!!!

WAY TO GO MIKE! What defensive liability?? GO SOX!

Mikey is doing it all tonight!

NO more HRs Beckett!!!!

Your kidding Arnie? There is a song by that title? That needs to be our theme song!!! That is TOOO funny!!!

Good job, Josh! Get the run back, Sox! GO SOX!

It’s been a while Greg, somebody must have told the boys it was my birthday!

I must have had that song tucked away in my semi-conscious, in among all that other crap I don’t want to remember! (And maybe some of the stuff I do!) HMMM!… GO SOX!

WHAT WAS THAT?”????????

Are they sure that is not RANDY MOSS?? Eck?

wow, the time on these blog postings is really off!!! Multiple serves my butt.. low quality server is more like it!!!

Greg and Arnie – I am IMPRESSED that you two came up with that song!

Fufkudome just got the Cubs second 2B off Pedro. Phillies still lead, 2-0.

Greg – ewww…..

Great job JBay!!!!

Just kidding, Julia, I have never heard the song in my life, and don’t plan to! But, I probably have heard of it, and filed it away for “Useless Trivia Nights” like this!


New pitcher!

Nice job, guys! Get J-Bay home, now, guys!

Geee….I was just moving you up to genius level Greg!😉

COME ON!!! Bring Bay home!!!!

Hey, Arnie, wasn’t their other hit called “Mitochondria in the Mezzanine”?😉

YES!!! Okay – weird play but we will take the run!!

The horseshoes were in play on that play! LOL

You will quickly find out, Julia, that I am not too “hip” when it comes to this music (recall our George Michael discussion!)😉 GO SOX!

Arnie – maybe we need to get our band – the Young Snots – back together and we can re-record some of their greatest hits.

Hey, Paul, welcome! Esp. to our discussions on Amoebas!😉 GO SOX!

Hey, Paul, welcome! Esp. to our discussions on Amoebas!😉 GO SOX!

We can break this open here. GO SOX.


Kotchman! 5-1! Keep that up Casey and the time will fly by until Youk is back!

That’s fine, Eck, IF we get the runners HOME! GO SOX!

I remember Greg!😉

WHOO HOOO!!! I like that!!!

So you see, Julia, in the “music arena”, I am NOT a genius!
BB! 6-1! YES!

Okay Drew – you got home – SLIDE next time!!!


WOW!! The Tigers are imploding in front of our eyes!

The Red Sox are certainly “walking this way” tonight Greg!!

Pedro and the Phillies lead the Cubs, 4-1.

Do you think the Tigers are happy that inning is over?

that poor kid Dolsi… He’s breathing so hard and looks so damned scared… He wouldnt even be in the game if not for Gallaraga being sick… I feel for the rookies that way, but I’m still glad that the SOX are WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DRAT! Nice rally, Sox! Keep it going, Josh!
Hey, Julia, Randy Moss references to warm up the football season!😉

Do you think the Tigers are happy that inning is over?

Watching the Tigers play it is hard to believe they are in first place in their division. They are, aren’t they?
Also hard to believe is that the Sox are 4th in the AL in runs scored; with Ortiz struggling, Drew not really hitting, the SS troubles, Lowell has been injured, Tek has struggled, and Bay has been lost at the plate for a couple months.

Sorry Greg – I thought you were referencing Eck’s “moss” comments. ANd YES!! The Red Sox play during the day so I can watch the Pats tomorrow night! WHOO HOOO!!!

Gee, Green CAN make a throw! WOOOOWWW!

I remember “The Young Snots” well. LOL

I was, Julia, in “double-entendre”!😉
Josh, perhaps a different pitch to Granderson!

Paul – I think we need to get the band back together!

Yes Arnie – the Tigers are first in the AL Central.

The Tigers do the division, Arnie, but this is why they are not running away with it!

Is it too early to think that this game is well in hand? Posting on this site is absurd. GO SOX.

I KNEW IT GREG!!!! Maybe you and Eck should announce a game together!

We have a new thread people!

Good thing, early on especially, Arnie, that the SS troubles Green had were evened out by Green’s scoring–not so much lately!

Greg, good one!! How about their bubblgum hit: ‘Cilia In The Summer’?

**********NEW THREAD****************

Too bad we dont have many on the bench to let some of the everyday guys reat… day game tomorrow………

Come on over to the new thread, y’all! GO SOX!

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