Beckett building another notch in Cy candidacy

I’m figuring the Josh Beckett for Cy Young talk is going to start shortly. This guy has been nothing short of nasty all season, with the exception of April. Each time out, he eats a ton of innings and barely allows any runs.

Mike Lowell is hot, real hot with the bat, and Jason Bay is trending that way. Just like guys seem to get cold at once, they seem to get hot at the same time too.

The two guys they need to get going now are Ortiz and Varitek.


YES!! Beckett has to be in the talk for the Cy Young Award!

Beckett had BETTER win the Cy Young this year!
WAY TO GO, J-BAY! Keep going out of that slump! (What was I saying about that, Dave? Let’s see if he does it!)

Fu-Te-Ni (foo-teh-NEE) n., pl.: Plural form of “futon”!

Arnie – we could do a whole album…I’m sure it would be a hit among all Yankee fans who live in their parent’s attics!

GREAT way to work the count Big Papi!!

Too bad we dont have enough on the bench to rest the everyday guys at this point tonight… day game tomorrow

…and basements…

We do the Walk of Life, hey we do the Walk of Life! (Dire Straits)… GO SOX!

LOVE it Greg!

And you’re right Ellen – it would be nice to give some of the guys a rest. We can assume that Tek will be out and V-Mart in tomorrow.

From Ian via Twitter –

Lowell probably playing in the day game tomorrow, which would explain him getting pulled after 6 in blowout #tigers

Terry read my mind or the blog!! lol Glad that Lowell will get some time off tonight.

Couldn’t we have put Woodward in at SS? Lowell can use the rest, but Green needed to quit while he was ahead!

That has been our problem this year esp., Ian–when our guys are cold, they ALL go cold!

Well – he has sat so much that I guess we can’t expect Beckett to be perfect.

Well, that was weird. I tried to post on the new thread and the site made me sign in again. But it wouldn’t take my login, so I closed out the program, got back on the Sox’ site and I was signed in! Strange.
When we get the Young Snots back together for the reunion tour we can do covers of the old Amoebas in the Attic hits!

Nice job, Green and Dustin, on the DP! Way to go, Josh! GO SOX!

HEY!!! Nick turned the DP – NO ERROR!!!

Join the Sign In Again Club, Arnie.

Are we going to have that “Worst Sound Ever” video in the background for this tour, Julia?😉 GO SOX!

I love it Arnie!!! You know – maybe we could have Amoeba- themed costumes.

3 IP, 4 H, 1 ER for Pedro.

Eck, I think you REALLY DO know the answer to that “Why pitch the 9th?” question. Because the pitcer wanted to finish what he started!!! That’s why Tiant would throw a 170 pitch CG! I think you know that!!

No, Greg – we have to keep our music fresh! Our new video would be “The BEst of the Worse of the Amoebas”

Our costumes could look like this:

Okajima was SPOT ON that inning! Hitting Tek’s glove. Nice!!!

Okajima was SPOT ON that inning! Hitting Tek’s glove. Nice!!!

Good play by Granderson.

Back-up singers, the Mitochondria? Or the Midges?😉

Posting is a bi-ch tonight! Arrgghh…..

Hey, what kind of name is Fu-Te Ni? I’m guessing Cambodian. Anyone know?

Midges! Have to keep it simple and hey – if they are the Midges the Yankee fans can already relate to our music!!

Phillies lead the Cubs, top of the 4th, 12-1. MAYBE Pedro can get the win!😉

Oh, but mitochodria are simpler organisms compared to midges, Julia!😉

The Phillies are up 12-1???? WOW!

Eck is losing it tonight…..talking about his “tight” uniform…..

I can picture Eck, like Pedro, saying to his manager, “Get back in the dugout! I’M finishing this game!”

I know Greg – but Midges are more annoying – and I think that is the effect we want from our music…..

Esp. for Yankee fans, right? Should we show videos of Tek and A-Rod’s scuffle? Or Pedro takin gout Zim?😉

Great inning Okie!!!

Greg – the manager would leave Eck in just so he didn’t have to hear him talk in the dugout. I starting to think that Eck doesn’t get to talk at home much….

Both Greg! AND we must do a cover of Sweet Caroline!!!!

Eck strikes me as a guy who, on the mound, would be “in a zone” the entire game, and then becomes Sir Talks-A-Lot in the dugout!

Nice job Nick! Good thing you can make up for errors (usually!) with offense!

You probably are right Greg!

ECK!!! Reddick needs his glasses – IT DOESN’T matter is they are styling!!!

Nate Robertson also had nice specs! HMMM!…

Is the Cover Ballad going to be “Weekend in New England”? How about it, Julia?😉

Rangers won.

And you too can own Eck’s glasses at CVS!! He is SO vain about having to wear glasses!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!

CVS–Official Pharmacy (!) of the Boston Red Sox!

OR – “She’s From Boston” – there is a line in it – “She wears a Red Sox cap…”

Keep it up, J-Bay!
CVS might be a safer pharmacy than GNC! (?!)

III can’t dance, III can’t talk, only thing about me is the way I walk…” (Genesis)😉 Great video!

SO true Greg! lol!!

Our guys are looking GREAT tonight!!!!

Come on, Papi! These guys got on, GET THEM IN! GO SOX!

Am I “hip” enough with the music, yet, Julia? Leave aside george Michael!😉
Nice try, Papi! GO SOX! Finish the game!

Come on, RAMON! GO SOX!

Granderson struck out! YAY! Way to go, Ramon! GO SOX!

Yes you are Greg! Sorry – I was defending Eck to this “former broadcaster” on Twitter – “Eck makes them all look bad with his prima donna attitude” – I had to set her straight! Good lord – he is announcing a baseball game – NOT the evening news!! Some people….

SO or DP, Ramon! GO SOX!

One more, Ramon! GO SOX!

One more boys!!!!!

Get the win for Mike’s birthday!!!


WAY TO GO RAMON! THAT’S the guy we traded for! Great win! GO SOX!

Had to take a dinner break. Good win for us. We are keeping up with the Yankees! Let’s hope they catch that West Coast disease that the Red Sox seem to get every time they come out here. I’ll have my broom ready for tomorrow. GO SOX. Ciao.

Pedro CAN get the win tonight. He had a rough 5th, but leads after 5 IP, 12-3.

Ramon was the best that I have seen him!! It was a GREAT WIN!!!!

Night Greg! Night all! It was a great win!!

Ramon had that stuff at the beginning of the year, esp. through May, then hit a few more bumpy stretches. But when he’s on, he’s GOOD!

Pedro LOOKS like he might come in for the 6th. We’ll see…

Nope, they’re giving Pedro the rest of the night off (You think?…)

Final line for Pedro’s debut: 5 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 7 K. Not too shabby for the old guy.

Take care, all!

Boston has proven they can beat average pitching, now let’s see what they’ll do against one of the best in the A.L. I’m hoping Buchholz will pick up where he left off. He was solid in N.Y. He’ll need to pitch well with Verlander on the mound.

It looks like Bay is getting his swing back. Amen! If Boston wants to go anywhere, they need his bat! He is a difference maker in that line-up.

Also more good news in the Boston area, Tom Brady will start tonight!

Congrats to Pedro for getting his 1st win in his 1st start with the Phillies. I guess a youth movement is going on with the Phillies, 68 yr. old Jamie Moyer being replaced in the Phillies roatation by Pedro. Moyer was a member of the Red Sox, long ago.

How great was it too see Remy in the booth. Even though it was for just (1) inning. I am hoping he gets back soon. Everyone misses Remy! Eck has done a decent job but he is no Remy. Orsillo said last night Frank Viola will be joining him down in Texas. Viola had a brief career in Boston, they got him on the south side of his career. I’m not sure if I could take Viola’s N.Y. accent all weekend in Texas, I am hoping it’s on the Texas feed this weekend. lol. First things first, SWEEP DETROIT!

moanin all….well we havent seen tcd the big mouth yankee fan since that debacle in NY….i still like our team more….heres why…cc has a horrible record in playoffs ,burnett although hes been good is always a dl waitin to happen, and the yanks caught us in a major slump BUT we could have won 3 games if we werent ice cold….sooooooooo……..we still have alot of work to do….but im a lil warm and fuzzy … more happy that mikey is hot than bay….bay has always been streaky and even though hes hot he still strikes out alot…mikey does it all when hes on…which is normally alot….hes very consistant….moves runners along and so on….he also gets the big hit….when the pressure is on….not blowout rbis….i still wish we had a diff SS but i guess green will have to do…i expect some real power surge headin into texas series..boss bombs from the sox….the next series with the yanks i better see some old school ball…IE chin music and some buzzin….they were way to comfy at the plate….judge

Moanin Judge… I have to call you out on one thing… Where are the props for Tito going off the other night??? He did get tossed and you’ve been calling for that!! lol

First things first, I’m not much of a stat person. I just looked up Beckett’s numbers in his last (10) starts. He has gone at least 7 innings in 9 of his last 10 starts—Only start he didn’t go (7) innings–he went 6.2 innings. Has given up only (16) runs in his last 10 starts! That is the definition of an ace! He should have won the Cy Young in 2007 ( more importantly his team won the W.S. ) and as the caption above says ” Beckett Building Another Notch In Cy Candidacy”. Very well put by Ian!

yes big kudos to tito…finally….things happen when a manager shows some passion….its contagious….yuke chargin the mound might have been this years face full to limp rod….judge

Glad to see the REMDOG back, his insight, and humor is sorely missed.
OK, Mr. Bucholz are you going to be a deer in headlights, or are you going to be the dominating pitcher we think that you are. THIS game tonight might be the most important in his RED SOX career.
Phillies and Cubs game was a disgrace, fan or fans pouring beer on Shane Victorino, at exactly the moment when he was catching the fly ball, was extremely dangerous. Terrible, they should give the umpires the power to stop the game, and automatically give the win to the visitors, I dont care what the score is.
This is NOT what baseball is all about. I’m extremely disappointed in the Cub fans. I always considered them fans with class.

I too was glad to see Remy back, even if it was for a short while. I wish him the best and I sure hope he can come back to the booth full-time.

Congrats to Jason Bay on his third day of getting a home run, it’s so great to see J-Bay back to himself. And it’s nice that Mike Lowell is hitting great too.

A great game last night!


Let’s what the Sox can do against a good ML pitcher this afternoon. The Sox had seen and beaten AAA pichers for the last three nights. Need runs for Buckie.

While I certainly don’t condone what the cubs fan(s) did, The Philadelphia fans (both phillies and eagles) have been doing that (and worse, i.e. throwing batteries at JD Drew when he was a part of the Dodgers or Braves) FOR YEARS. You can bet that the fan that did this has seen his last game from the Wrigley stands… I for one agree that this fan should be banned for life.

I too was glad to see Remy back, even if it was for a short while. I wish him the best and I sure hope he can come back to the booth full-time.

Congrats to Jason Bay on his third day of getting a home run, it’s so great to see J-Bay back to himself. And it’s nice that Mike Lowell is hitting great too.

A great game last night!


Not exactly a great double play combo by the Red Sox today. Green at s.s. and Woodward at second base. I doubt Green and Woodward will ever be confused with Trammell and Whitaker. LOL!! Pedroia gets a rare day off, perhaps we’ll see Pedroia hit late in the game and/or come in defensively.

Cubs fans have had some runs in before with the visitors. I remember a few years back, when the Dodgers bullpen got into it with some drunken Cubs fans. I guess that is what happens when people start drinking! They become a instant moron! Of course Boston had there run ins with the opposition as well over the years. Bad apples in all fan bases—sad but true! That is why I enjoy being on here, we all have our opinions and everyone respects each other. Even though at times we disagree but that is the beauty of this blog. I have read some comments on the Yankees blog and they act like fools over there–not all but some. We don’t have that here among the loyal people. Great job by everyone and of course a GREAT job by Ian Browne—- Our fearless leader.

I hope that kid who threw the beer on Victorino ( everything you hear about Victorino is nothing but good ) this kid should never see Wrigley Field from the inside again. If the Cubs fans threw beer at Brett Meyers, good for them. HA…HA…
I agree Ellen….I think Philadelphia sports fan are by far the WORST! They booed Santa. lol. Only in Philly would they boo Santa. Veteran Stadium was the first stadium to have a jail in it…Enough said. That speaks volumes about the class of the Philadelphia sports fan!

JD gets a day off as well. I don’t think Josh Reddick, Chris Woodward, and Nick Green are ready to hit a good ML pitcher like Verlander. Baseball is a strange game. A lot of times the best comes out of the least expected. I can see at least 4 automatic outs in the lineup.

Hi All! The lineups for today:

Red Sox
1. Jacoby Ellsbury CF
2. Josh Reddick, RF
3. Victor Martinez, C.
4. Jason Bay, LF
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. Mike Lowell, 3B
7. Casey Kotchman, 1B
8. Nick Green, SS
9. Chris Woodward, 2B
— Clay Buchholz, RHP

1. Curtis Granderson, CF
2. Placido Polanco, 2B
3. Clete Thomas, LF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Carlos Guillen, DH
6. Magglio Ordonez, RF
7, Ryan Raburn, 3B
8. Gerald Laird, C
9 Adam Everett, SS
— Justin Verlander, RHP

It seems our lineup is a bit younger today. That should be interesting. The weather could be iffy here today.

game time folks!!!

What a beautiful pre-game ceremony honoring our men & women in uniform! Tickets for Troops day. The man throwing out the first pitch – from Massachusetts, his son was killed in Afghanistan and his family will receive his Medal of Honor in September. A group of Red Sox fans serving in Iraq said the famous words – “Play Ball”!

Buchholz had a great 1-2-3 top of the first! 9 pitches!!

Let’s get some runs boys!

Ian, via twitter, says Yankee Doodle Dandy is playing at Fenway

Ground rule double for Reddick!

And Eck & Donny-O like Reddick’s pants style today. All is right with the world!

And in another famous tip from Eck – Josh Becketts sunglasses are NOT okay!

1st & 3rd – one out for the Sox.

Bay struck out and in a weird play – V-Mart stole second. Tigers seemed to get confused after Bay struck out.

Big papi up – 2 outs

Verlander throwing 100 mph

struck out – two left on base…

two outs in the second and Buchholz just gave up his first hit. He is doing great!

And he gets the third out!

1-2-3 in the bottom of the second.

BOTH pitchers are on today. Whoever blinks first…..

Eck’s son left a week ago for the army. He is at bootcamp at Ft. Knox. You could here him choke up as he talked about it. Said the day at Fenway had special meaning.

KOTCHMAN just made a GREAT catch in foul territory!!!

Buchholz just gave up his first walk in the top of the 3rd. 2 outs.

hmm….Clay is behind 3-0 now……


I think Granderson on 1st is bothering him – Clay almost picked him off


foul ball

fly ball to right – catch by Reddick.

3 outs

still 0-0

bottom of third

AND trouble posting! I’ll keep trying!!!! (I’ll keep adding until I can post)

Woodward hit by pitch

Ellsbury had a great hit but it was caught by Granderson

Solid hit by Reddick – Cabrera grabbed it and got Woodward out – couldn’t turn the DP

2 outs

V-Mart up


Reddick on first seems to be bother Verlander



1st & 3rd! V-Mart is 2 for 2 today

Bay struck out….left two on again……..

Top of the 4th
ground out to second.

1 out

next batter (Cabrera) – double – Reddick had a little “rookie” indecision there

Sorry – trying to get some work done while watching the game

Guillen grounds out to 1st

2 outs

runner on third

Ordonez up




Clay walks him. 2 walks & 2 hits today

off balance throw by Lowell (did his best)

Tigers score 1-0

1st & 2nd – 2 outs

Clay is struggling a bit

Red Sox have left 5 on base

Reddick makes the catch for the 3rd out

Hey, Julia …

Nice pitchers duel going this afternoon between Buchholz and Verlander !!! … It is an overcast day here in New York, so I’m enjoying watching this game on NESN !!! ……. It’s like I’m sitting in one of those seats on top of the Green Monster
— Jimmy, “BY&L”

Correction – we have left 4 men on…..

Ortiz strikes out for the second time in the game

5 Ks so far for Verlander

Lowell flies out

Woodward pops out

1-0 Tigers going into the 5th

Hey Julia,
Clay is pitching an alright game. Not doing to bad but now the Sox need to rally and get Verlander out.

Hi Jimmy – yes it is overcast here today also. Both the pitchers are doing a great job. I hope that Clay can stay focused.

They need to Conny. Verlander is really tough to hit off of today. Leaving the 4 runners on didn’t help. I hope Clay can stay focused and get through a few more innings

After this game the Red Sox head down to Texas to play the Rangers in a big series that could affect the race for first place in the AL East, and also the wild card race !!! … I am very interested in watching those Rangers starting pitchers — no “pitch-counts” or “innings-limitations” there !!! … I am not happy about the limits that the Yankees braintrust has placed on Joba Chamberlain !!!

Hi all. My daily check-in. Thanks to Julia, I am right up to date with what has transpired! I am happy with the Kotchman acquistion. I am not happy with Big Papi and JBay. GO SOX.

Hi all. Just checking in and thanks to Julia, I am right up to date. Having trouble posting though. I am happy with the Kotchman acquisition. I am not happy with Big Papi and JBay though. GO SOX.

Great Play …

Woodward to Kotchman for the final out of the top of the fifth !!!

WOW!!! Great play for the 3rd out – Woodward, from his knees, threw to Kotchman for the tag out!

And Woodward is hit for the 2nd time in the game!!!

And posting problems again!!!!

And Woodward is stranded. still 1-0 going into the 6th

Hi Paul! I’m trying to keep it updated but I am having trouble posting also.

Ortiz needs to SIT and Bay is not on today. Verlander is very tough today

1-2-3 top of the 6th for Clay. He is better then I thought he would be today.

And the posting problems continue

V-Mart up in the bottom of the 6th. He as 2 hits today

flied out to left….one out

Bay walks – first walk for Verlander today

Good Job Clay! Now Lets Go Sox! WE need a RALLY! Julia, Boston was awesome! Take Good care of your City.

Hey, Paul, maybe you can have a chat with your Trail guy!😉
Posting has been a b—-!
Hey, Conny, good to hear from you again! I wondered if we’d chased you away with our non-PG-13 entries!😉 Hope you are doing well!
Jimmy27, suits me fine if your FO keeps the leash on Joba! I wouldn’t understand it, either, but it suits me just fine!
I’ve been following the game, but haven’t been on the computer. Glad Buch is doing well again–he does seem to be maturing! Whether he remains with us or not, I think he will do well!
Arroyo’s comments are crazy, all right! Thanks, Julia, for including the link! Arroyo, get this through your head–there is a huge difference between not giving a flip what people think of you, and being arrogantly STUPID! You’ve shown yourself to be the latter!
Get Buch some runs, guys! GO SOX!

That “Tickets for Troops” promo is great! I heard Eck’s comments about his son going into the Army. Thanks, Eck!

Our daughter starts on the 24th, Conny. Not too much different. She’s a little younger than you. Glad you got to go to Cooperstown! I’m jealous!🙂
I’m with Jeff–I’m ready for the Papi Era to end.
I’m with you, Andy–this was not the line-up to put us against Verlander! SIGH! GO SOX!

Yea Greg I am doing well! You guys didn’t chase me away! I went to Boston/ Cooperstown for a week and well I have just been to busy to blog. But I here today and then well I start school on the 19th— Which is a total bummer!

Yeah, Paul, Papi did the same thing not too long after joining our ranks. Must be our “training program” (Right, Dr. Dice-K?)!
Julia, Arroyo can get caught in a DUI, or test positive for steroids now. So yes, he CAN get stupider!:/

Welcome to our wacky posting world, Conny!:/

I don’t understand why the Sox put up a weak lineup against Verlander and not resting the regulars like Pedey and Drew last night against a AAA pitcher and with Beckett on the mound.

Ortiz………..2 outs!

Hi Greg – yeah – could Arroyo be any more stupid????

Jimmy – the pitch count thing seems to be getting a little crazy with the Yankees Do you think that will hurt them?

3-2, two outs, man on first, Lowell at the plate

fouled it off

and the third out

top of the 7th.

And Texas already won.

Hey Greg! JBay went into the tank about the time he became an American citizen! LOL

It doesn’t make any sense 007

HR for Tigers – Ryan Rayburn 2-0 Tigers Only the 4th hit given up Buchholz today.

Conny – were are you going to school?


2 out single for Everett.

Buchholz seems to be getting tired.

In South Dakota! lol– We start way to early!

We’re behind 2-0 and now Delcarmen is warming up! I am starting to get a bad feeling about this. GO SOX.

And Clay gives up a walk – 1st & 2nd – 2 outs

Thanks Conny! My boys go back September 1st

I HOPE Clay get get out of this.

And Paul – I agree – Delcarmen does not give me the warm fuzzies


The Tigers have hit Buchholz hard this 7th inning.

Just joining for a quick ping — is Youk out of the line-up today because he is already serving his suspension already — or is this planned?

Last year, Crisp lost his cool in TB, and it hurt both him and the team, as he was just getting hot at the time. Didn’t expect this from Youk — I know most of you thought it was justified — I don’t think its every justified when the only possible longer term effect is to hurt your team, especially when you are behind in highly competitive race. Players need to keep their cool for the good of their team. Too bad – hope it doesn’t cost us.

The old saying good pitching beats good hitting, the RedSox have proved all year (both ways unfortunately). I am not sure we yet merit good hitting as a team this yea, but when ever we run into good pitching, we sure put up a ton of goose eggs.

Yeah, Youkilis started serving his suspension on Wednesday.

Youk started serving his suspension yesterday dg – this is game 2. Three more to go.

Verlander is one hot pitcher.

1-2-3 for him.

Too many automatic outs in the lineup. If Bay and Lowell stop hitting ,00000000000000000. Lucky the Sox had 3 hits off Verlander who is still throwing 9 8mile FB.

DGN, we’ve been getting on Tito and the team for not showing enough fire. Youk’s suspension can have that effect, for himself and/or the team (whether it WILL or not, we’ll see). But we at least have his position covered–and Lowell needed to be back in the lineup. But it was time for SOMETHING like that to happen.


two outs – walked Guillen.

We better find our bats before we arrive in Texas!!!

Thank you Ellsbury!!

Here comes the bottom of the 8th!

Hi, Greg …

Thanks for your recent visits to my blog !!! … I greatly appreciate all your excellent comments and thoughts !!! … Regarding, Joba — the Yankees are going to stretch his innings and starts the rest of the season … I don’t like this plan at all, and most other Yankee fans don’t like the plan either !!! … But, the only good thing about this issue is: Joba Chamberlain is not returning to the bullpen … He is a starting pitcher, and should stay a starting pitcher, in my view !!!
— Jimmy, “BY&L”

Nice to see another friendly Yankee fan over here!!! Thanks for joining in!

And Ellsbury keeps the party going! A DOUBLE!!!!

Buchholz pitched like Beckett, 7 IP, 1 ER. The Texas series is crucial for the wc race. The brawl is the flare that sparks the fire but you lost your best player for 5 games in a crucial series against the Texas.

Hi Ellen! Ellsbury listened to you!!! He started it off!!!

JD should pinch hit for Reddick

Way to go, Jacoby! GO SOX!

Pedey might be a pinch hitter – he has a bat in his hand!!!

It might be Pedey 007 – he is sitting with a bat on the steps

Damn!!!! ugh!!!!

COME ON BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verlander’s good! Another possible Cy Young candidate, and a solid innings-eater. Almost single-handedly keeps the Tigers’ pitching staff afloat.
I like what I see so far from Fernando Cabrera. Keep it up! GO SOX!

Julia …

Yeah, I agree … the pitch-counts are getting very crazy with the Yankees pitching staff !!! … It’s not only with Joba, as there are limits on Phil Hughes and most of the other pitchers in the bullpen … Very annoying most games !!! … I would like to see all the starting pitchers go longer in their starts … and, it would be nice to see a few “complete game” victories every once in awhile !!! … I think, stretching out Joba’s innings could have a negative affect on him … Only time willl tell !!!
— Jimmy, “BY&L”

Verlander is still throwing at 99 mph!!!



Jimmy – it is interesting that the Yankees are so focused on number of innings as opposed to how the pitcher is doing.

Wow !!! … Verlander is still throwing 100 mph in the 8th inning !!!

Wow !!! … Verlander is still throwing 100 mph in the 8th inning !!!

Papi, for crying out loud, what are you SWINGING at that for–AT ALL?!

I am glad SOMEONE agrees with me on pitch counts!

Nice pitches from F. Cabrera

SNARL! SIGH!! On to Texas! GO SOX!

NICE!!!! 2 K for Cabrera!!! One more out!!

Do y’all know what???
phew… I think I feel better……….

Yes, he does, Paul, and he needs to take Papi out of the lineup–IF we want to be in the pennant race! As I said earlier, I am ready for the Papi Era to end. SIGH! GO SOX!

WOW!! Fernando Cabrera was great!!!

Thanks, Ellen !!!
— Jimmy, “BY&L”

Most teams in MLB are very attentive to pitch count as opposed to how’re they are doing.. I think that in most cases pitch counts stink…

Well said Ellen!


PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally agree, Julia !!!
Pitchers are being “babied” all throughout baseball !!!

They are Jimmy – We have Dennis Eckersley filling in in our broadcast booth and he doesn’t like it.

MIKEY!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!

game over…….. sigh…….

Well – we have the Patriots tonight!!!!

Why I am I not surprised the Ortiz has struck out 3 times! Tito has to get over the fact that Papi just doesn’t have it anymore. Sorry. Verlander pitched just great! On to Texas. GO SOX.

Verlander was unbelievable! Throwing 100mph in the 8th? WOW! And you know – Clay had a really great game. We couldn’t get run support for him!

See you all later!

Ellen, excellent comments regarding pitch-counts !!!

Does any one in the Sox organization know that Ortiz can’t hit ML pitching anymore? Can’t ask more of Buchholz. The lineup was pathetic.
The bad thing is that the Sox lost. The good thing is that the Sox got good solid pitching from Beck, Lester, Buckie, and Tazawa.

You’re right, Andy, about the good pitching we have had, including from Tazawa and Buch! Buch deserved better today. Now, if Wake can come back healthy… GO SOX!

Verlander was just way too dominant today !!!
But, Buchholz also pitched a great game !!!
A very well-played game by both the Red Sox and Tigers !!!
— Jimmy, “BY&L”

Take care, Everybody …
Enjoy the rest of your day !!!
— Jimmy, “BY&L”

A loss is critical from now on. IMO, if we exchanged Sox’s lineup with last night’s, the Sox still won last night. And the Sox would or might have a fighting chance against Verlander.

We’ll get them next time.

Regarding Arroyo. Well, we finally get a player being totally candid and speaking his mind. He tells it like it is, as far as he sees it. While I don’t think too highly of what he says; it sounds bitter and cynical coming from someone so young who leads a charmed life in many ways. Baseball players at the Major League level are WELL cared for.
However, I admire his willingness to give us a glimpse into what some players may be thinking.
But, good Lord, how could he be so stupid to say those things? Hasn’t he seen how players are treated when they give us those hard-to-stomach peaks into the belly of the beast? I can hear the moms and dads screaming about what a bad role model he is, blah, blah, blah….. and they are probably right. Although I think that role-model stuff is mostly crap, YOU are the chief role model for your kids!!!
I say; thanks Bronson, for the insight into your mind, but you have screwed up big-time. And for God’s sake, grow up!! Look around a little and see how good you have it. Lose the bitterness.

One last thing about Arroyo’s comments. Sadly, there is a lot of truth to what he says. Fans and baseball care deeply about performance uber alles, and we will often look the other way; as happened in the 90’s and early 2000’s. “Chicks dig the long ball” says it all.
But as far as owners being in it for the money….. well, duh!! Look at the players also. Are they not there for the $$$$? I don’t begrudge them the cash but cmon, get real Bronson, you would take a nice fat contract, no?? Gimme a break.

The Red Sox in the last (10) games have faced EIGHT good pitchers and have lost SEVEN of those games. I’m calling Jackson a good pitcher only because what his numbers show and he was an All Star this year. If this Red Sox team wants to go anywhere in 2009, they must hit good pitching!


Not the first time Francona has done this and this just in…It will not be the last time!

Arnie, I am one of those who is rather jaded about the state of today’s players, let alone yesteryear’s. I give Arroyo kudos for recognizing that he may be on the list, and was willing to give him some benefit for it. I suspect a lot of people, let alone those on the list, test positive for simply breathing in front of a GNC. But Arroyo indicated, in my mind, that he might also test positive today were he to be tested, and he wouldn’t care. In short, it sounded like he was willing to commit career suicide. Worse, it also sounded like he would be one who wouldn’t care if he were to DUI–“If I drink and drive, so be it”! NOT GOOD!

I’m guessing Arroyo will back-pedal as fast Deion Sanders on some of the stuff he said.

Maybe so, Brian, but when Sanders backpedalled from his “stupid comment”, he would say something equally stupid sometime later! Arroyo is not likely to do otherwise! “Stupid is, as stupid does”…


When I say back-pedal with Deion Sanders, I’m talking about how fast he was as a cornerback. Not many people can back-pedal faster than” Prime Time”. Rod Woodson maybe??? Darrell Green???

Darrell Green could have, no question. In his prime(time) Green was one of the best–and even as an old guy, he could catch receivers pretty darn well in the open field.
Andy, I finally saw what you said, a few posts back, about Grady Little and Francona, and “second-guessing history” (words to that effect). I don’t know for a fact that Francona would have won in 03 (and I did not say that he would have!), I DO know Little lost it. If you (or Judge) REALLY want to imagine that Little would have done equal or better work with the 07 or 04 teams, be my guest. I will simply shake my head and call you crazy. But it is part of my reasoning that Francona CANNOT be the “worst mgr. ever” (Judge), because we have a CONCRETE EXAMPLE otherwise.

I’m with you, Greg. I too like Arroyo’s rebellious attitude and willingness to say what’s on his mind, consequences be damned!! It’s what’s on his mind that is troubling.
But then, I don’t follow baseball because the players are all angels.
I go back and forth on it. One thing is for certain: Bronson will be making some statements trying to set the record straight.

Verlander threw 127 pitches today. Pitch counts? What pitch counts? Hmmm!…

Michael Vick has signed 2-year deal with the Eagles.

I personally like Francona and Farrell a lot. Their personalities fit the organization well. I just don?t understand why Francona put up such a weak lineup against Justine Verlanda, a Cy Young candidate. The worst of all, when Ellsbury had the leadoff double in the 8th, I would have either Pedey or JD (preferably LH JD) pitch hit for Reddick. Josh may be the future RF for the Red Sox. But he needs to learn to adjust to ML pitching. Granted Verlanda was throwing 98-100 mile FB. If JD or Pedey caught up and guessed right, it?s a 2 run HR. The result may be the same. But the move a manager would normally make.
The Yankees have no sign of letting up. This Texas series is crucial. The Sox don?t want to be in the position to play catch up in the WC chase and TB is not too far behind.
Another thing, why Ortiz is in the lineup? Wait till the Sox are realistically eliminated from the WC race?
Francona is such a lovable guy, one cannot be mad at him for too long. I will soon forgive him and sooner if the Sox win tonight.
Buckie’s two consecuitive great outings were wasted. Sigh…..
Looking back, I am glad that JP bucked down on the Halladay deal that Theo was vigorously pursuing. The Sox could have lost Buckie, Bowden, Bard, Tazawa or ……..

2 things that drive me crazy…pitch counts, and catchers manages a pitching staff, or calls a great game.
Sandy Koufax pitched with 2 days rest and threw a 2 hitter in the World Series.
Execution of pitches and the quality of them is the difference, between mediocre and greatness.

Regarding Bronson’s statements to USAToday: I give credit to Arroyo for telling it like it his for him. I think that the more time that goes by, people will care less and less if someone has used PED’s, “non-certified” or league approved supplements. When Papi was outed and named as being on the list, I was upset because he has been an icon here for years, but his statement and Arroyos statement have made me really think about it all. I also think that anyone who is on the “list” should stand up NOW, as Arroyo has, and just say “Yes I am/or believe I could be on the list”. The reaction to Bronsons statement has been kind of split from what I have read and heard. I know that the League “justs wants to sit down and talk to him” will probably have some sort of punishment for him (though if he hasnt tested positive, can they discipline him?). I think that the shock of this whole thing has started to fade with each name revealed. I applaud his honesty (albeit, just a bit too rebellious sounding for my taste)….

AND OH BTW: He pitched a complete game 2 hitter last night… Can anyone say” Bronson, Pee in this cup??”

Back to baseball,
I was lucky when I was younger my father took me to the Polo Grounds, when the Mets first started out to see Koufax. Very expensive seats $20. Close to home plate. Never heard a sound like that when the ball hit the glove. Roseboro was his catcher. Closest since then, while I was in person was Nolan Ryan.

The Sox are OUT of the race for the division. Not going to happen. The Yankees have too easy a schedule and the Sox can’t get enough momentum together to win that race.
HOWEVER, they still have a shot at the wildcard and that’s feasible. Sadly though if the Yankees tear through the league they will certainly want to face the Sox given their track record and that could have the Sox going home in a hurry.
Unless some miracle happens (and things like that do happen) the Sox may have to wait till next year.
Finally, I’m a Nick Green fan and continue to be. When he’s not under the gun over his job he does very well. He’s got a terrific arm that does get wild and great hitting ability (and yes he’s in an awful slump) but he’s been there for the Sox all year and I wish Boston fans would give him a chance. It’s rare from me but I really like the kid. I really do and hope he becomes a really great player. I want to give him a chance. Look at Lugo. Stick him on a different team and he’s a superstar with a gold glove hand and excellent hitting ability.

Rooster.. Whenever you or someone tells the stories of the greats of the game, I find myself being envious and wishing that I had been born in the northeast or midwest. I’m shaking my fist at my late father for not having the foresight to move (I was born and raised here in Fort Lauderdale) to Boston before I was born so I could have grown up watching the greats at Fenway LOL.. But I have to Thank him and give him the credit for making me the RedSox fan that I am today. He taught me things about the game that you cant learn from a book. He taught me about hard work and grit paying off and about being loyal to “your” team. The marlins came here in the 90’s and by then it was too late to become a Marlin fan, I already had the fever of the RedSox. Many, many Saturday afternoons were spent on the couch, with my Dad listening to Curt Gowdy, Joe Garagiola and Tony Kubek on the “Game of the Week”… and nights when it was clear out we sometimes could pick up a “skip” and pick up part of a RedSox game.. Heaven…. There isnt a game that I watch when I dont say that I wish my father was still here to watch it with me. He didnt live long enough to see them become World Series Champions or to see Ted Williams driven onto the field in the golfcart to tip his cap to the fans.. I cried that night and when they won in 04 and 07 for him not being here to see it. He was a HUGE RedSox fan.
What am I getting at??
Thanks for giving me some memories that remind me of “back then” and how I came to love the game and The RedSox

I am with you, Ellen. I get jealous hearing about Sandy Koufax, the Polo Grounds, etc.–the people and places of yesteryears. I wish I could have seen them play, let alone IN PERSON! That’s why I “moan” about not going to more than a handful of baseball games–my folks are not baseball fans. (I did grow up going to football games, watching the Redskins from the nosebleed seats at RFK, both during lean years, and during our glory years. BUT, WE WERE THERE! I wish I’d had the same experience with baseball). Thanks, Rooster7.

Ellen, I also loved listening to Curt Gowdy, Joe Garagiola and Tony Kubek, and Vin Scully. They are part of the reason I love the game, not being near a team–they communicated a love for the game that was infectious to me.
I’ll touch bases later. GO SOX!

Dave: If the Sox pulled within 4.5 games before the faceoff on August 21, they still have a shot at the division. The Yankees are rolling but they are not without holes either. Joba Chamberlain is under pitch count control and has not been effective in his last few outings and their 5th starter (Sergio Mitre) is almost an automatic loss. Who knows how AJ and Sabbathia will hold up in September?
The Sox rotation stabilizes even w/o Wake who is due to return next week and the bullpen solidifies by addition of Fernando Cabrera who looks impressive in his last 2 appearances. The Sox?s problem is hitting and scoring runs.
Nick Green is 31 years old and is ok as a back up utility infielder. The Sox are not in an enviable position if Green is your everyday SS in 2009 and beyond.

I loved watching This Week in Baseball with Red Barber… I can still hear his voice…
Still a good show now, but…..

Talking about SS. The Sox re-acquire Alex Gonzo from the Reds and release Chris Woodward.

HI All – I just got home and saw the news about the Red Sox trading for Alex Gonzalez from the Reds. 007 – are we sending Woodward to the Reds or just releasing him? The breaking news email didn’t know who we were sending to the Reds – if anyone. Soooo – is this a good move???

Julia: Woodword will be released. Yes, we don’t know whom we are sending to the Reds. I think Alex will be the everyday SS over Green. Sorry Dave. Alex Gonzo makes $5.4M this year.
Judge: You got half of your wish. We didn’t get Adrian Gonzo but we did re-acquire Alex Gonzo. lol

Thanks 007 – the reports are that he should join the team tomorrow.

It can also signify that Lowrie may be done for the year. I hope not.

I was always in favor of keeping AGon… I happy with the reacquisition.. WELCOME HOME AGON!!!! dont take the pony express catch a ride on the Concorde, we sure can use you buddy!!!

The deal is complete awaiting formal announcement. The Sox are sending minor league SS Chris Negron to the Reds.

Can’t help my appreciation for Nick. He tried his best. Now we gave up another great prospect for a free agent. Have to wait and see. I haven’t been that impressed with Martinez…sorry but I miss you-know-who.
By the way…could someone explain to me what a trade deadline is? I mean…doesn’t July 31 mean no more trades?

Yeah me too, re the “trade deadline”…

Ellsbury out, Reddick at CF. A noted improvment, Ortiz is batting 7th ahead of Varitek and Green.

Line up: Reddick (CF), Pedroia, Martinez (1B), Bay, Drew, Lowell, Ortiz, Varitek, Green.

Aren’t these players being picked up off of waivers? I don’t understand it all – but I THINK teams have players out there that they might be interested in – and I think the other teams (worse to best) can show interest in a player – then the originating team can either pull the player back or try to make a trade – I’m sure there are others that understand this a whole lot better then me.

Is Ellsbury out because he is hurt?

Julia: That’s my basic understanding of the “waiver trade”. Perhaps Garry, Brian, Bob can explain how this waiver thing exactly works.
Dunno why Ellsbury is out. Tito is having the pre-game briefing and will know why shortly.

Hey all. On my way to knock em dead on the lanes. I hope the Sox knock em dead out of the park in Arlington!!!
Go Sox……………….

oh……. See y’all later!!!! Do wooooo-woooooooo’s for me Jules, PLEASE……

Tacoby is fine. Just a day off. I read from one comment from other blog saying Green caused at least 8 games for the Sox. I think that is grossly exaggerated. I do remember Green had a walkoff HR and a walkoff single at least. Go Sox and Mariners.

I will Ellen!


Frank Viola is in the booth with Donny-O tonight!

I think that 8 number is also too high. He did have a walkoff early in the season.

Great! Another Red Sox player gets hit!!!

great – Drew struck out…at least he was swinging……

How’s everyone doing tonight? GO SOX!

Well…not a good start for Lester. Walk the first guy. HR by the second…..

Hey – it’s Friday and they don’t have the “fail hats” – they have the “B” on them! So we SHOULD be winning!!!

It is difficult to believe that Green “directly cost” the Sox that much. His errors have not helped, but even when Green was making those errors, esp. earlier in the year, he was also hitting well, for avg. and RBIs. He had an “evening-out effect” for a while. Lugo did not, as much. GO SOX!
Come on, JON!

Hi Greg! How are you? The Red Sox aren’t wearing their fail hats tonight

Jon had better settle down, or it will be a short night for him (or a LOOONGG night!) and the Sox!

I think the numbers have got to be off for Green. There has been maybe a game or two where I would say one of his errors directly cost us a game.

I’m well. Thanks!

Lester looks like he is really being bothered by the heat. I hope he can make it.

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)–is that the name of our Amoeba album?😉

I’m surprised they aren’t wearing the other hats Greg. I thought they were suppose to wear them every Friday.

Come on, MIKE! GO SOX! We need RUNS!

COme on boys – we need runs NOW!!!!

Maybe so, Julia, but it suits me fine if they don’t!😉 GO SOX!

Nice job Mikey!!! PLEASE david!!! please…….

Now that Nolan Ryan is in Rangers’ leadership, the Rangers SHOULD be good, in short order, for a while. That is, if he is even HALF the team Pres. that he was as a pitcher!

I’m with you there Greg!!



They were wise to let Vicente Padilla go!

Millwood is NOT looking good tonight – let’s hope it stays that way!!!

They FINALLY moved Papi down in the order! GOOD!

DAMN!!! WE can NOT waste these opportunities!!!

Yeah, but neither was Lester!:/
NOT GOOD, GUYS! We don’t need to do the DP two-step again!:/

We just did, Julia!:/

Come ON, Jon! You need OUTS! REMEMBER??!

Do you get the feeling this could be a LONG night Greg?

YAY!! We turned a DP!!!

Uh, pray tell, WHEN did the Gag-Me deal sound like a good deal?:/
We sent away a young pitcher, Kason Gabbard, and others, for THAT clown? SIGH!

If things keep going THIS way, YES, Julia!


Way to go, Dustin! Get him home, V-Mart! GO SOX!


Another DP! SIGH!:/

It’s not helping even without the fail hats

It’s not helping even without the fail hats

Maybe having Viola in the booth will help!😉 I LOVE this guy! OLLLD SCHOOOOOL!

Nice job getting through that inning, Jon! GO SOX!

That was a good inning – NOW can we PLEASE get some runs!!!


Good hustle, JD! We’ll take it! GO SOX!

Viola is pretty good in the booth.

Come on, MIKE! Get em HOME! GO SOX!
I am LOVING Viola!😉

Damn – nice hit by Lowell.


I am having all sorts of trouble posting tonight!

I’m not having posting problems, YET!:/

For Ellen –





Only thing about me is the way I walk…



Crying out loud, Tek! GRUMBLE…SNARL…

Come ON, Jon! GO SOX!

I have never seen an entire team be so flat for so long. We have been shut out so much recently.

Lester seems to be struggling some…

Come on, Jon! SO or DP! LET’S GO!

Astute observation, Watson…

And sooner or later, that will bite the starting rotation, not just the BP! GET SOME RUNS, SOX! LET’S GO!

This is NOT going to be a fun night…..


We’ve been flat on the road for some time, now. And we went right back on the road after the Detroit series…


What is with Lester tonight? It is like the tale of two pitchers!!!

That’s right, we sent out BOTH Gabbard AND Murphy! (Commence banging head on table…)

“A Tale of Two Lesters…” Dickens doesn’t exactly help with the optimism idea…

HEY!!! Maybe Papelbon is rubbing off on Lester! NOTHING is easy tonight!!!


Now you are REALLY thinking like an “Optimist” Julia! HMMM!…

I can’t believe this is only the 5th inning…

I have the Reds (!) game on in this area tonight, and they were discussing A-Gonz.

I think I’m too tired tonight Greg to be an optimist! UGH!!! Are we going to leave a man stranded again???

Hey – look at that!! We left a baserunner!

via Ian on Twitter:

Going out on a limb and thinking Alex Gonzalez won’t solve the Red Sox fatal flaw at the moment. Producing anything against ace pitchers

For some strange reason Boston has had trouble with Millwood over the years. I don’t know what the numbers say but……..

Someone will have to hit a H.R. for Boston to win tonight. Could it be Arlington cemetery for the Red Sox tonight???

A leadoff walk goes by the boards. Long outs by the Sox have nothing to show for it.

Alex Gonzalez is a nice little move by the Sox but he will not solve there problems. Bring back Loretta! LOL!!

7 Ks for Lester, eh? That’s progress…Now if the BATS can STOP striking out…GO SOX!

Hey, Brian! Arlington Cemetery is right! Loretta would be a step in the right direction…

Hey, Brian! Arlington Cemetery is right! Loretta would be a step in the right direction…

Double posting now! SNARL!
Julia, we Washingtonians are “Optimists” by nature–something about DNA. We are that way whether we’re tired or not!:/

Alex Gonzalez is with Boston, I’m guessing Theo will sign Paul Byrd soon, oh yeah he already did. HA…HA…I say bring back Ramon Martinez. LOL! This team needs to get younger not older.

And I can’t post AGAIN!! UGH!!!

Hi Brian….this game is depressing!!!

I just read that Theo met with Bret Saberhagen’s agent and has Wade Miller’s agent on speed dial. Also there is another rumor that has Theo meeting with Rich Garces. LOL!!

Millwood did well enough. Let’s see if we can get Mike HOME off this BP! GO SOX!


This team is depressing! In the last week or so we have had the Billy Traber era pass by and the Chris Woodward era. Alex Gonzalez had a GREAT year defensively with Boston but that was 2006! He’ll make some superb plays at s.s. with Boston in the next month or so but this team needs to get some youth!

OMG- PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is a schizophrenic mode we are in right now, Brian and Julia, where we can’t seem to decide whether we want to go young (Tazawa, etc.) or OLD (Byrd, etc.)! MAKE UP YOUR MIND, THEO! THIS IS DEPRESSING!:/

Why would a manager take a pitcher out when he is pitching a shutout??? Ortiz did put a charge into that one though. That was the only way this team was going to make a game of it. Someone going deep. The chances of them putting together a string of hits are slim.

And don’t forget the Adam LaRoche Era, Brian!:/

Brian – they need SOMETHING!! Or it is going to be an early end to the season for us…..



Does Lester not understand the concept of getting the leadoff batter OUT????


That lasted about 34 minutes. LOL! Then there was that pitcher MacBeth, he was with Boston for 12 minutes. LOL!! Theo has been busy lately.

MacBeth is another name you want to avoid if you are trying to use PositiveThink!

Nice try, Mike Lowell! GO SOX!

Greg….. I would rather lose with Tazawa than Byrd. Tazawa is the future and Byrd is well you know, OLD!

DAMN!!! LESTER!!!!! ()()&$&^&%*(

PLENTY of time, don’t you think, Brian, to build up glorious resumes!!

True enough, Brian. I think Tazawa is up too early, but I also would like to win or lose with him than with Byrd.

A high strike out game for Lester but all that means is high pitch count!

I’m surprised Ellsbury was the only guy that got rest for tonight’s game. Memo to Francona….Your team doesn’t play Monday.

Julia, I think Lester understands very well about getting the leadoff hitter. A little support on a fairly routine fly ball in center field would help. Then that piece of crap blooper by Jones. He’s pitched a good game tonight except he’s thrown too many pitches. I don’t understand sitting Ellsbury tonight. He’s just a kid, he doesn’t need a rest. These are must win games with Texas and Tito needs to be putting his best lineup on the field. He did the same thing yesterday resting Pedroia.

It does, Brian. If he is effective, well and good. If he gives up XBHs, like he has this inning, then we have a problem, high pitch-count or not!

Hey, Garry! I don’t get sitting Jacoby, either!

It doesn’t make sense Garry! And speaking of rest – I think I’m going to call it an early night tonight & watch the game in bed!


DRAT, Reddick! GO SOX!

Jacoby stays in the game?? Isn’t he going to tire out??!:/
Come on BARD! GO SOX!

Greg…. I’m guessing Ellsbury will be lifted for a pinch runner. lol.

O’s SPANKED the Angels, 16-6, in Anaheim! Go figure!

In Baltimore, my bad…

Andruw Jones’ numbers have gone south quick. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder if he took anything illegally??? lol.

Hmmm… is right, Brian. Ever since he left the ATL…

That’s better, Bard. get some RUNS, Sox! GO SOX!


Ever since he stopped using. LOL!

Bard gave up the sac. fly, not good!

Good, a lead-off BB. Get him home, J-Bay! GO SOX!

That won’t cut it! Come on, JD! GO SOX!

That was fortunate, to avoid the DP. Again, good hustle by JD. Come on, Mike! GO SOX!

Mike Lowell please take the bat off of your shoulder.

OK Theo time for a new hitting coach. This is pathetic.

At least Papi has had a (rare) good night.


It’s not Magadan’s fault when Mike Lowell just stands there and let’s the pitch go right by him for a called 3rd strike.

Thank goodness we’ve had some weird hops, or we’d not have had ANYONE on base tonight Nice hustle (as far as it goes!), TEK! GO SOX! GET EM HOME!



A rare good appearance by Saito.


Why is every players average lower than normal. Someone has to wake these guys up and Francona isn’t going anywhere.

CRAP! Tied game! Good throw/relay. SNARL! Got one run, but should have had the second run! GO SOX!

Need a miracle here??

Ortiz guessed right on that fastball.

Should have been a tie game! SIGH!

Varitek hustling all the way! Vizquel with one helluva play.

Come on Ellesbury do something in the clutch for a change.


That a boy


STill need another clutch hit


Mike Lansing should have pinched hit for Woodward.

They say only Ellsbury is faster than Buchholz.

And now the bats wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess that is why Buchholz made it as a pitcher. How funny is this.

Considering the last 2 months we have had I will consider this a small miracle!!!!!! Of course we still need to close this game out!! Bullpen???

Martinez saw everything Francisco throws. Advantage…hitter! I wonder if we’ll see Steve Avery pinch run for Martinez??? LOL!


I’m not sure if a miracle happened but the Sox bats FINALLY had a good inning! CLUTCH! CLUTCH!

This closer will be on a suicide watch tonight. Nolan Ryan might take the mound this weekend.


Hey all.. I’m home… Got to see all the great stuff… THIS GAME IS SOOOOOOOOOO HUGE……………

Ok, so help me out here. What’s this strange team playing Texas tonight? I don’t recognize it.

It ain’t over yet????????

Last time we’ll see Woodward in a Red Sox uniform. A very sad moment! lol.


It’s OVER!

You’re right, Ron, this is a strange team playing a VERY strange game right now! Ellen, don’t go nowhere, Pap needs all the help he can get! GO SOX! Get it DONE, Pap!

Jimmy Maynard is at the game tonight. Having a blast and bringing some good karma to the game!


The closer is looking a bit familiar…but timely clutch hitting…late inning heroics. I thought perhaps a rule had been instituted that disallowed this for the Red Sox.

We got an exemption for one inning, Ron.😉

GOOD JOB BY ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this is a win that can get a team lots and lots of momentum! HUGE WIN! Finally this team shows some life! FINALLY! They don’t quit.


Big win tonight. It was a must win with Penny and Tazawa pitching the next two.

Jim Maynard, can you go to more games? At least for the 9th inning? GO SOX!
Take care, all! I’m out!

Martinez was absolutely KEY TONIGHT.. Thanks Victor-Y

Wow, in the space of 20 minutes we’ve gone from a certain .5 games behind the wildcard to 1.5 games ahead. And David Ortiz was the man who led the team. Just like old times…sniff.

Buchholz gave it everything he had on that run around 3rd… Good effort Clayboy!!

Yankees tie score bottom 6.. Griffey just singled..COME ON M’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m TRYING to be patient here…but what was Francona thinking using one of his BEST arms as a pinch runner!!!!!
What if Clay twisted his wrist sliding into home! That, IMHO was stupid!

So do I have to go to bed early now every time we are behind in late innings!!!! WHAT A COME BACK!!!!! And Clay should not have slid!!!

See you all later!!!!


I missed last night’s game. The Sox were down 0-2 listening to the radio. I have to watch the replay and Buckie pinch running? The Sox didn’t have any come from behind win and walkoff win lately. Go Sox and Penny!

The good thing that the Sox won. Francona would subject to second guessing and criticism having Buckie pinch run and what if he got burt sliding into the plate.
Despite Papi’s HR, I would let him DH aonly gainst a RHP and bat low in the order. As to Tek, well, V-Mart should be catching as much as he can. As I said earlier, Reddick is not ready for ML pitching yet.
Wow Buckie is faster than half of the lineup!

It was an incompetent move by Francona. Clay doesn’t know the base paths and could have been seriously hurt. As is, he pounded his body into the plate. Stupid move by Francona. Ya Clay can run but there is more to running the bases than speed — there is a thing called instinct and experience and Clay doesn’t have that skill set. Those take practice and time on the bases. I was stunned.
This, by the way, is one problem with the American league. Pitchers don’t know how to hit or run the bases and that seriously narrows them. I believe the hitting and the running will only get them in better shape and give them an overall better perspective of playing the game.

Sox signed 3rd round pick David Renfroe yesterday. Theo took a gamble on this pick and won. Good job Theo.

Francona gets second guessed when the Sox win, Francona get second guessed when the Sox lose… for Francona its a lose/lose situation… damned if he does, damned if he doesnt… WOW

That old “rock and a hard place” huh Ellen?

Just read that Mike Timlin was released by the Rockies:

I miss him and his bad-as*ed attitude!

I wish Woodward had pinch-run, and Buch had attempted the sac-bunt. That sac-bunt attempt was PATHETIC! THAT’S what was maddening to me. So then, Woodward was not available to pinch-run/substitute at a position, and Buch was the best option remaining–he is faster than many, and he had just pitched, so he was not going to be worn out for today’s game. So I can understand where Tito’s reasoning may have been. And besides, if Buch had not been tagged out, Tito would have looked brilliant. Dave, lighten up.

Having Buchholz pinch run for Varitek was puzzling for sure. Did Francona risk injury having Buchholz run??? I think so. Remember what happend to Wang in Houston last year with the Yankees??? My biggest concern was Martinez was your only catcher left in a very close game and your emergency catcher ( Youkilis ) is suspended. Usually the train of thought for a manager is he always wants to have a catcher available late in the game. That is why Varitek caught every pitch during that marathon game in N.Y. a week ago. I give props to Francona for thinking outside of the box. I remember when Steve Avery would pinch run for the Red Sox back in the day. That all being said, I doubt we’ll see Buchholz used again as a pinch runner! I agree with Dave F. when he said Buchholz might be fast but doesn’t have any baserunning instincts, that was shown last night when Buchholz was very unsure of himself. My question is, when was the last time Buchholz was a runner??? What a GREAT win by Boston last night. That’s a type of a win that can get a team ROLLING! It was all started by Ortiz, just like old times.

On a very sad note…The Chris Woodward era is ovah! I wonder if Woodward and Traber will come out with a tell all book? It will be called “My hours with the Red Sox”. I’m guessing LaRoche will write the Foreword in the book. LOL!!


I thought Woodward wanted nothing to do with a bunt. His attempt as you said was PATHETIC and that is putting it nice. Woodward wanted to swing away, he knew it was his last game with Boston. AMEN that it was his last game.

Brian, I try to be nice!😉 When will the book signing be? Hmmm…Maybe LaRoche needs to write a forward!
LaRoche has been doing well since he returned to Atlanta.


Would anyone even want an autographed copy? lol. Some of the names that have worn the Red Sox uniform, I would love to forget. Woodward and Traber are high on the list.

Let’s hope Penny will not melt in the Texas heat tonight. I wonder about his endurance on any night, never mind when it is August in Texas.

Pinch running for Tek. yes. But please no Buckie pinch running again unless it’s the 7th game of WS.
Josh Reddick was optioned to AAA. Brian Anderson was called up and playing RF tonight.
Lineup: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Martinez (1B), Bay, Lowell, Ortiz, Varitek, Anderson (RF), Gonzalez.

When a Brian is in the lineup, good things will happen. lol. Anderson wasn’t much of a hitter with the White Sox. Bottom third of the Red Sox order looks punchless tonight. Varitek is in a long slump. I’m hoping with Varitek hitting righty tonight, he’ll snap out of it.

I’m with you, Brian. Barnes and Noble probably would have a rather nauseating read on their shelves! I’d love to forget Traber even was signed!:/ GO SOX!


What Theo was thinking when they put Traber on the roster, I will never know. Traber played in only (1) of the (2) games he was activated for and he got smoked! No surprise.

It’s good too see Gonzalez back at s.s. At least Boston has a player at s.s. that will make the plays. The pitching staff will reap the benefits. His bat will be missing but as long as he makes the plays at s.s. Gonzalez has a six million option at the end of the season but that will not be picked up. He isn’t worth that much.

Line up for tonight’s game:

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, 1B
4. Jason Bay, LF
5. Mike Lowell, 3B
6. David Ortiz, DH
7. Jason Varitek, C
8. Brian Anderson, RF
9. Alex Gonzalez, SS
— Brad Penny, SP

Reddick has been optioned back to the PawSox.

Wakefield is pitching tonight for the PawSox and he has ordered 50 filet mignons for an after game dinner for the the team! Nice guy!

By the way…….

Wakefield, as per the norm, a class act, again.. One time when Papi was in Pawtucket, he ordered Maine lobsters for all, and the last time he was there, he ordered goat for everyone…. I don’t know about y’all but….
I vote for the steak and lobster!!!!! lol

I emailed Ian to see if we could get a new thread, and unfortunately he wont be able to get us a new one until Monday… no laptop or anything… We can make do, right???

We can do it Ellen!!!

GO RED SOX!!!! I curious to see how A-Gon will do

This kid Holland can throw some serious heat. They have some great arms coming through the organization.

Just in case Texas has a slow gun there so, har to determine the correct speed.

The Rangers left fielder.. Borbon.. Any relation to Cesar Vorbon, I wonder???

Cesar Borbon

THAT’S the way Jacoby! COME ON!! Let’s get him HOME!!!!!

Rooster.. Its no wonder about the arms, with Nolan
Ryan as teh President of the organization..
BTW did you see my response to your post about Koufax yesterday??

Someone mentioned Viola’s accent the other day, I dont mind it.. There are all sorts of accents running around down here, so I’m used to it.. Lots of NY’ers..

COME ON!!! Don’t leave Jacoby stranded! WE NEED TO GET RUNS FOR PENNY!!!!

Holland looks like he should be playing in the Little League World Series, not starting for the Rangers, lol…

That was NOT a good start boys!! WE NEED TO HOLD THEM!!! GO RED SOX!!!


Holland is a YOUNG kid!


Oh and my mistake, that would have been “is he related to ‘Pedro Borbon'”

Does anyone know if the Sox (Theo et al) saw or had paul Byrd pitch before they signed him?? I cant imagine that they didnt, right??

COME ON BRAD!!!! You’ve got to hold them!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

Good, Viola is in the the booth again! I LIKED HIM!
Is Borbon related to JD, or Jim Beam (JB)? Hmmm!…
Still can’t throw out runners, I see! SIGH!
How is everyone tonight!

I suspect that they did have Byrd pitch Ellen.

Nice play by A-Gon!!

One would think so, Ellen, about watching Byrd pitch…
A-Gonz is getting his feet with us again! GOOD!

Hi Geg! Well – our shortstop didn’t make an error on his first play – so that was good!!

I read that we won’t have a thread until Monday, right? Oh, well, let’s see how long until we have posting out of order…

A-Gonz is using Jed Lowrie’s glove…has Lowrie’s name in it. I’m curious to see Anderson play.


The times are way off – so we will see. If things get really bad – You all can post on my blog – I wouldn’t mind – until Ian gets something up.

Oh damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pedeys team mate from ASU…. outta there…


YES!!!! Thank you Pedey!


Progress is a demanding god, Julia…
Keep it up, A-Gonz, and the glove won’t be the only thing with your name on it, so will the SS position!

Maybe that will boost your blog ranking, Julia! You can overtake Jane!😉

There you go Greg! The Red Sox should be on top!! lol!


Nice job, Mike! We won’t go hitless again! GO SOX!

Come on TEK! GO SOX!

Ellsbury already had a hit Greg to start the game.

let’s not LEAVE Mikey on!

TEK!!! ugh!!

UGH!!! COME ON GUYS!!! Let’s not play this game of stranding runners AGAIN!!!!!

When you mentioned “Anderson”, I thought of Lars Anderson! Not so much!

Good evening, Folks! Last night, I shut off the tv before the 9th inning rally. Do I have to do it again, to make our luck change?

It’s early, yet!!! Go Sox!

There are too many new guys to keep track of Greg! We definitely need a scorecard! lol!!!


Oh, but Julia, we have to have the theatrical rally in the 9th for good effect!
SNARL! Imagine if KINSLER had been in the game last night…

I don’t want to think about it! It was the 17th HR that Penny gave up….wonder if he wants to keep his job?

I already knew of Lars Anderson, though!
I’ll take Todd English fare! Where do I eat?😉

Why do you think I call him Sixpence?….

LOL! Greg.

Penny already has me worried….he is not looking that good yet.

JD can go back to the recycler again, I guess! (Brian?…)
We wouldn’t have to keep track of JD’s that way, either!
Well, Sixpence is back at it! SIGH! GO SOX!

WHY did b. ANderson STOP running?????? Drew would have done better!!!!!

We better get someone warming up……..

Haven’t we seen this reel before? Is it on loop, or something?

Seriously…..Penny is throwing EVERY pitch up in the zone!!!! GET HIM OUT!!! We can’t get Wakefield back FAST enough!!!

Ump made the right call. A-Gonz did a good job trying to dig it out.

Maybe Tito can get tossed again! Let’s see if we can get him that fired up again!

Ideally, though, you’d also like to throw in the vecinity of the STRIKE ZONE!…

For the love of……PENNY!!! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!! He is not pitching like he wants to KEEP his job!!!!

a comedy of errors that’s not funny

PEDEY!!!!! Can anyone do anything right tonight????

Unfortunately, Julia, I’m not sure Penny would be demoted, let alone DFAed, when Wake returns! We would have a better chance to get 3 wins out of the rotation! SIGH!

A rare error by Dustin (just when we don’t need it…)
At least he made the next play! SIGH!
Hey Trixie! More like a tragedy…

WHat a mess this is…..who would have thought when the season started that we would find ourselves in this position….

Hey, Wendy! Hope you can stick around this time! (Let alone the rest of us!)
I’m glad Victorino pressed charges against that fool…

ELLSBURY!!! Nice – two hits for him!!!

Good job, Jacoby! Now, GET HIM HOME!




I’m glad Victorino is also – that fan was an idiot!

Oh look – we didn’t score any runs….sigh….you’re right Greg – an endless loop…


I obviously agree with the Cy Young nod for Beckett, though it seems for some reason he gets a little forgotten in the scheme of things across the league at end of season. I’m looking forward to the next few years where The Nation has to split their heart between Beckett & Lester for the award… which will probably split the actual vote and let someone from the mid-west/west coast sneek in or “Chris Chelios Syndrome” as it was called in the land of Ray Bourque/Brian Leetch.
With Mike Lowell getting hot and Ortiz just not… shouldn’t we seriously look at sitting David for a few days? Or perhaps a few days at a time? Is it really worth getting two or three good hits a week out of the DH slot at this point in the season? Lowell can’t field as much right? But his bat is just fine, so why not let Ortiz start on Mike’s days in the field (say two or three a week) and hold him as the big lefty off the bench the rest of the time? I love Papi, but just like he is, we’re in it to win.

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