Wakefield completes rehab outing

Tim Wakefield threw 3 2/3 innings on 60 pitches — 40 for strikes — in a medical rehabilitation start for Triple-A Pawtucket. He struck out three versus just one walk, allowing two earned runs, three hits and two earned runs.

Wakefield was pitching to catcher George Kottaras. It isn’t known what Wakefield’s next step will be as he continues to return from back trouble that landed him on the disabled list on July 21.


Good news in Pawtucket, Wakefield is on his way to Boston. When Wakefield returns, I assume Tazawa will go back to A.A.A.

Way to go Ellsbury, (2) hits tonight.

We’ll join ya on the new thread, Brian! GO SOX!

Kinsler was positioned perfectly on that ground ball hit by Martinez.

HEY!!! Ian said we wouldn’t be able to get one until Monday! Thanks Ian!!!!

That is good news about Wake! He had a good outing??

via Twitter – Wake threw 60 pitches, 40 were strikes.

Ian is a smart man, not going to Texas in August.

Penny blew that one right by Hamilton.

I wouldn’t go there now, either, if I had my choice! WAY TOO HOT!

At the top of the game they said it is hotter there today, then yesterday. Tomorrow afternoon’s game will be brutal.

PENNY!!! Consistency! PLEASE!!!!

Maybe Wake would not give up the 4-pitch walk…

been there, done that…..sigh…..

And not consistently going south, either, please…

I’m not sure how the folks in Texas do it. I live in Florida but at least there is something called an “ocean”. I have been to Texas in the summer and that heat is BRUTAL.

Once again Varitek didn’t have a chance. Kinsler stole that one off of him Penny.

NICE play by A-Gonz!!!! That is a nice improvement!!


I lived in Veracruz, Mexico, for 8 months, including the summer months! I imagine there is some similarity there! BAD NEWS!

Tek had no chance on that one Brian. I don’t know how the Rangers can play so many games at home in the summer. It must be brutal.

That’s why they built the Astrodome in the first place! UGH!



Tom. is a day game. Ouch! You couldn’t pay me enough to sit in that Texas heat tom. No way!


Bay with another H.R. That’s the Bay we all know.


It is VERY telling that pitchers are willing to challenge Papi, now!

Ortiz with some great at bats this weekend in Texas. Leave him in the 7 hole.

I know Brian – the afternoon game tomorrow will be brutal!

Hey – we’ve got something going!! YES!!

Nice job, TEK! Let’s get em HOME, guys! Come on, Anderson! GO SOX!

So – why Brian Anderson instead of Reddick? I thought Reddick was doing pretty good.

Gotta ask Jim Maynard how he does it! HMMM!…

I read on Boston.com that Drew will be out until Wed. He has a soar groin.

Does Jim Maynard live in Texas?

Yes, Julia. He was at last night’s game!


Well, made a dent, that’s a start. Let’s see if Sixpence can do something right! GO SOX!

Jim Maynard saw a GREAT game!!! Lucky him!

I don’t recommend Veracruz, either, Julia, esp. May-Aug.!

PFC! (Par For the Course, not Private First Class!):/

They KNEW it was coming and Penny couldn’t get the ball to Tek fast enough!!!

What??? THis is CRAZY!!!!

Are we playing the Rays, or something? Doing a Carl Crawford impression?!

Thanks Greg.

So will someone steal home against Penny tonight???

GREAT!!!! this game is going down hill FAST!!!

Viola blames Penny for the stolen bases

Thanks for what, Julia?
They’re trying to steal home, doing an Ellsbury impersonation!:/

Well, so has Garry many times. Not giving Tek (or Kot) much of a chance!

PLEASE!! Can we get a second out!!!

The advice on Veracruz.

WHY NOT!!! Walk another batter!!!

Brian, I hope Tazawa does return to AAA when Wake returns. I hope we won’t need to see him in Sept.!
Julia, did you hear THEM playing Dire Straits’ “Walk of Life”?

Can we have Frank Viola pitch???

I loved Veracruz itself, Julia, esp. until April. But it is TOO BLOODY HOT!

Yes I did Greg. Great…..another run……

OK, guys! We need RUNS (AND A NEW PITCHER!)!! GO SOX!

Not too bad for a 1st start for Wake… and the “youngsters get filet mignon tonight!!!
this right fielder Anderson seems to have taken lessons from Drew (earlier “non” catch).. what the hell was that.. he stops on a fly ball going by him??
I’m glad Ian is among us tonight!!!! But he did tell me that there would be no new thread til Monday… BAD IAN!!!


Jim Maynard lives in West Texas, I believe in El Palso.

Boston didn’t want to hinder the development of Reddick so they called up Anderson. They want Reddick to have more at bats in the minors. I’m guessing we’ll see Reddick in Sept. sometime when they expand the rosters. The book on Anderson, not much of a hitter but has a very good glove.

Glad that Viola has FINALLY given credence to the claims of some of us that it IS NOT always Teks fault that the opposing runners are stealing us BLIND!! Thanks Frank!!!

Aw, Ian just wanted to surprise you, Ellen! I guess it worked!🙂

Thanks Brian.

Penny has 94 pitches so far. Can he even make it out of the 5th? Should we even bring him back for the 5th?

I think that’s why Garry points the finger on the SB issue at Farrell, Ellen.

Suddenly I dont feel so old……. he actually said “not too big for their britches!!!!!!””””” I am feeling quite young about now!!!!! I like this guy! Everyday JOE type… Come on back ANY time Frank!

This is why I loved Viola when I first heard him! OLD SCHOOL, and RESPECT for the GAME!

I use that expression all the time, Ellen!😉



V-I-C-T-O-R-!!!!! We will get the “Y” later when we get the “W”

me too, Greg, but when is the last time you heard an announcer use an expression like that!!!! makes me feel younger!!!

I like that one Ellen!!

OK, Penny! (Or can we get someone else off the street??!) Show us a scoreless inning! You remember those, right?! GO SOX!

Nor the concept of “fast pitch”, you know, to THROW OUT RUNNERS!
A 1-2-3 inning?! Will wonders never cease?!

HEY! The leadoff guy for the Ranges didn’t get on! IMPROVEMENT!!!

I think that Penny takes longer to deliver the ball to Tek than Dice-K does!!! and thats some time!!!!!

We can hope so, Brian, but I’m not so sure!…

No – I don’t think Penny understands the concept of scoreless innings…..

We are seeing, I think, why A-Gonz is back at SS. Maybe the other guys will take the hint!

Penny is AWFUL at that! even on the pitchout Penny couldn’t get the ball to Tek fast enough!

Was that what I thought it was?? A 1-2-3 inning for Penny???

We need to do something..this is getting crazy and they are looking silly on the field! Why the heck did Anderson stop running in rf and yes Garry – we can not leave 3rd uncovered when these guys are stealing at will!!

GREAT play by A-Gonz!!! WHOO HOO!!

AND I can’t post! Oh yay…..

I guess it was too much to think that we would have two 1-2-3 innings in a row……

New pitcher – is that a good thing???

From Twitter –

Kuroda hit in head by line drive – being taken off on a stretcher – #dodgers

I hope he will be okay….

The Red Sox might be the worst fundamental team in baseball. They can’t hold runners on base, they can’t bunt, they can’t hit and run and they’ve probably made more bone head plays on the bases than the rest of the American League combined. It’s awful, and it’s getting worse.

Say what you want, but John Farrell is a horrible pitching coach. Pitchers can’t field their positions and can’t hold runners on base. When there’s a runner on second base and a batter turns to bunt, the third baseman can’t be coming down the line to field a bunt. Otherwise, the runner can just walk to third. Does anyone besides me think that play looked ridiculous? In that situation, the pitcher has got to cover the third base line…… PERIOD!!! Seems like other than Beckett, Lester and Wakefield, Sox pitchers have no clue about defense out there. These are all things that are the responsibility of the pitching coach but Farrell apparently doesn’t think they are important.

I think Theo’s experiment on low cost–high reward signings needs to come to an end at the end of this year. Miller, Smoltz ( his worst ) Colon and Penny. Stop buying at Walmart Theo!

Wright from the Mets also got hit in the head tonight. Bad night…

Via Twitter –

Byrd allowed two runs tonight on seven hits in 4 innings. Not much better then what we saw tonight…..

Or we can bring back Gag-Me…That one was not so “low-cost”!

I know the difference, Brian–that’s why Gag-Me was not so “low-cost”. It was still a reclamation project, though! And it was still a BAD MOVE!

I agree Brian….. and also the high priced players purchased from the useless bin has to stop also….. (Lugo and Drew). How can you justify paying a guy $14M dollars who rides the bench when lefties are pitching. Unbelievable.


Gagne was a trade, I’m talking about guys that Theo signs during the winter. Those type of signings don’t seem to work. At the time I have been o.k. with it but the results speak volumes.

Garry…I’m with you about that. Most big money free agents falter. I never understood the love affair Theo had with Drew and Lugo. Zazu was a rare big $$$$ free agent that paid off for Boston..signed by Duquette.

I’ll give Drew props on his big H.R.’s in October.

Maybe a new pitcher is WHAT we need!!!

I’m glad Holland is outta there.

#53 for Jacoby! COME ON BOYS!! BRING HIM HOME!!!

I guess the new pitcher didn’t matter!

Peabody, MA will represent New England in the LL WS!!

Perfectly placed hit by Kinsler.

Do all the Red Sox pitchers like to put the leadoff runners on???

Seattle up 1-0 over Yankees in the first.

via twitter:

Once again, with another stolen base, Ellsbury will be tied with Tommy Harper for most in franchise history in a season.

Thank you Pedey!!!!

Let’s see if I can post again–the last one literally took 10 mins.!:/ GO SOX!

Welcome back Greg!!

I know the difference, Brian–that’s why Gag-Me was not so “low-cost”. It was still a reclamation project, though! And it was still a BAD MOVE!

DELCARMEN!!!! Stop that!!

DelCarmen is re-doing his “I NO FEELGOOD, DOCTOR!”:/

6 SB for Texas? Whodathunkit? NOT!:/

GREAT!!!! This is falling apart!!!


Damn – Yankees now up 4-1 ALL runs unearned. Seattle is falling apart worse then we are!!!!

THAT WAS NOT A BALK!! Viola is NOT happy!!!!

AND I can’t post!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think V-Mart thought it was an HR

Since postings are going through again, I’ll try again! SNARL!

V-Mart should not have been “thinking” it was a HR, though. That’s how players get themselves in trouble, for lack of hustle.:/

That was not good….

Martinez should be standing on second base. No hustle. I guess he has been watching Ortiz.

Cabrera just standing there and watching.

Tek at least had a CHANCE!…Another SB! SIGH!


It doesn’t seem to matter who’s on the mound for us tonight – we can NOT get the job done!

Oh good – let’s LOAD the bases……..

Look, Mommy! We got someone OUT!!!…

Hey – an out!! WHOO HOOO!!

I like how Viola is sticking up for Tek on the stolen bases tonight! And he is right – pitchers need to care more about the runners – I like his Beckett example

Greg – that is what they need!!! Their MOMS there to YELL at them!!!!

Viola is right. I don’t like when pitchers pay so much attention to the runners that they lose concentration on the batter. But this is the opposite extreme! SIGH!

Look, Mommy! ANOTHER out! WOOOOWWW!…

2 outs!! WHOO HOOOO!!

AND WHY are the fans flapping their arms like birds in Texas?

oh yeah – loading the bases worked out SOOOOO well……

WOW! I hope Kinsler is OK! OUCH!

Good lord – what else???? That was not intentional!!!

I think he is Greg. He is staying in the game.

Good, Kinsler stayed in.
That first pitch also would have hit him if the batter had been on the other side, like Kinsler was. Cabrera needs to locate better!

You go, Viola! You tell em!

BOY!! So – would Viola hit the next batter???

Some guys would, Julia, even if he were to be thrown out.

No magic tonight….

And we Tazawa tomorrow. I wonder how he will do against Texas?

I can’t imagine that it would work out so well for Tazawa-san, esp. if we can’t throw out any runners! SIGH! GO SOX!

It will be interesting to see if any of our guys get hit tomorrow.

I suspect someone will, Julia. Perhaps it is just as well, then, that Youk is not in the lineup!!

No kidding Greg! I don’t know if I’ll be on line for the game tomorrow – so if I’m not – GO RED SOX!!! WHOO HOOO!!

Night all!!

And even if you are, Julia! GO SOX!🙂
Take care, all!

Hey guys.. I might be inthe minority for this thought but, I think that Cabrera threw at Kinsler intentionally.. If I had been the pitcher and had hit Kinsler like that unintentionally, I would have reacted to it.. Cabrera simply walked off the other side of the mound.. no concern shown on his face waht-so-ever, IMO… That was shameful if it was intentional, and not a proud moment for Cabrera or the RedSox.

If any of our guys get hit today, there isnt ANYTHING we can do about it… We are a skelelton crew as it is… unless our bat boy or the trainer charges the mound, we can’t afford to lose anyone else!!!

TCD, thank you for the update, we appreciate it!!!

Good Morning, All!
I just now realized that my post actually POSTED, last night! The message I got said “internal error”, something like that. That must be what you are referring to, it finally happened to me. Just wanted to say it’s so nice that the village idiot has reared his ugly head again. How on earth would we ever have figured out the standings, without his brilliant assistance? Have a good day, Ellen! And everyone else, too!

Good morning all,
It’s truly been a fascinating year for me. I’ve learned a great deal about baseball from the Red Sox.
1) Injuries:
I never appreciated how much injuries can cripple a team but it can. Dice-K and Wakefield really hurt the Red Sox staff. I now fully understand that key players make a difference.
2) Performance:
When you count on certain players (Ortiz, Bay, Lugo, Drew, etc.) and they fail to produce it really hurts a team. You want to win a World Series, every single player has to be at peak performance.
3) Consistency:
When your team becomes the revolving door of players it certainly hurts a team’s moral. Over and over again the Sox are pulling and dumping and putting up more bodies in a desperate attempt to find that niche. Doesn’t work.
4) Your farm:
When you drain the farm to get the big guns you…drain the farm. Sox have bled the farm decently the last year giving up good bodies for short-term prospects. My opinion — bad idea. I now see the importance of rebuilding years.
5) Buying your team:
Sox have bought some players (Penny, Smotz, etc) and they all seem to fail miserably. Martinez seems to be holding his own but I haven’t seen a lot of consistency. Lugo, Drew, Gagne, Colon, etc. have all shown Theo his inability to get the right combination.
6) Time Off:
The Sox do need a year they shut down and just get the team solidified. It’s so frustrating to see them aim for a World Series year after year and show such desperation that they fail to build up the stars of tomorrow. Bard is a classic example. He needs more time and more patience from the team to show his stuff. Masterson needed more time as well.
Sox need rebuilding time to beef up their lineup and get these young kids the time they need to show their stuff on the open stage. The track record of the Red Sox the last two years show the approach of World Series or bust may not be the best choice.

Dave, Consistency IS key. But I do not agree with you about depleting the farm. The farm system is STILL DEEEEP> . But you cant expect to build a team strictly from the farm. A far as Martinez, even if he hits a HR eveyday you are still going to have reservations since they traded Masterson for him.. BTW Masterson didnt even make it through 3 last night before being lit up…. Its all give and take and its cyclical.. Everything goes in cycles.. We cant and wont win every year, The Yankees cant and wont win every year… So take a deep breath, step away from the ledge and love the Sox for who they are.. OUR TEAM….. WIN OR LOSE!

I really thought Friday’s win would have sparked this team but obviously that wasn’t the case. The bats were silent….. again. Does Boston lead baseball in solo H.R.’s???? If not they must be in the top 5.

I don’t think Cabrera threw at Kinsler but if he did, SHAME ON HIM! NEVER ever throw at someone’s head! This is the last meeting between the Rangers and Red Sox ( thank heaven ) If I’m the Rangers, I worry about winning the game, not trying to retaliate. These aren’t the same old Rangers, they showed alot last night after that TOUGH loss on Fri. night. Once again, Boston showed me nothing last night! Boston is 2-2 without Youkilis. I guess a fight didn’t spark this team, then again this isn’t hockey!


Nolan Ryan should be concerned, his best player got hit in the ear hole. I thought Kinsler should have been taken out right away. The Rangers were up big and it was late in the game.

I’m guessing we’ll see Kotchman at first today, Martinez behind the plate ( Varitek was the catcher last night ) Lowell at third, Ortiz as the D.H. Drew is out until Wed. so that means Anderson and his pathetic bat will be in the lineup. Tazawa is facing a team that can mash the ball and it’s only going to be 100 degrees in Texas, 97 in the shade and a wind chill of 96. Sounds like perfect conditions for a baseball game.

Did you see teh shot of Nolan Ryan after Kinsler was hit… He was more than CONCERNED~!!! I think you are right about the retaliation.. The pitch (if thrown intentionally, I think it was) did nothing to rattle the Rangers and all it did for the Sox was frustrate them even more… It seemed that he had just given up a HR and then he hits Kinsler… a frustrated move that makes the Sox look desperate>>> If I’m Francona today, Papi sits, Martinez dh’s Kotchman at 1st and Tek catching…. GO SOX.
(oh and I’d fine Cabrera internally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The Yankees will be like the Angels last year. All those wins during the reg. season but when it counts, they will melt.

Hey Brian… If you ignore a Yankee fan, just like a bratty child, it will eventually go away!!!


Quite true but it’s all in good fun on my end. I usually don’t bother but I need a good laugh. Listening and reading what some fans say, you would think there a paid employee. Jerry Seinfeld said it best….We root for the uniforms. Great line I think. There are fools in all fan bases. Remember it’s all about entertainment and watching the Red Sox entertains me. Watching Buchholz run the bases the other night made me laugh. I’m hoping we see more of that but I doubt it.

I’d still be concerned if the yanks have to face the Angels in the post-season. What better than to have the Red Sox knock them out as the wild card?

Any word on what fielding chances Wakefield had in his start? That seems to be the area of major concern!


Wakefield said look good throwing but had problems moving around. According to reports.

Simple 3 players and their avg. after All-Star break, and RISP avg.
No Names.
.167 After All-Star .223 RISP
.212. .198 2nd player
.263 .181 3rd.
Its quite obvious, clutch hits are not coming from 3 pretty much regular starters.

tcd… 1st of all, It wasnt a statement that was directed at you, unless your name is Brian.. Secondly, if you count talking crap to another teams fanbase as valid points, then I guess you’re right. Know one thing though.. This blog and the people, whom I count among my friends, isnt/aren’t here to disrespect another team or its fan base. It and we are here to discuss the RedSox in more mature manner than you’ve shown you are accustomed to. If you want to participate here at Brownie Points and discuss the Yankee-RedSox Rivalry, please do so in an intelligent, respectful manner just as Yankee fan RobertgKramer does. If I were to visit your (or any other) blog, which I have in the past, I’d do so in a respectful way. Thanks for your time.

I want to say I respect and admire all opinions here. I want to Thank you for that. One thing Sox fans are loyal to the point of blindness. Maybe you can call it denial, because we want all our heroes that we love get old.
Jason Varitek falls into this mold, I always, always admired him, but it is time for him to put down the mit, and see he is not the producer he once was in his younger days.
Texas showed this, they let Laird go to get younger behind the plate. Sure they are not hitting, but they are getting valuable time in the Major Leagues.
I am hoping as a Captain of this team he sees this also. Right handed situations no problem, but as full time catcher, I see that we not making progress.
He is the Captain and vital to this team, but should be on a different basis.
Hopefullly he can end his career in stunning fashion and prove me wrong.

The funny thing is I deal with anger and hate issues every day on Bombers Beat, and a lot of it is directed AT me!!!
There is this one guy from California who truly believes his baseball knowledge is superior to everyone else and he trashes almost every Yankee player particularly the young ones!!! With the exception of an occasional player like Lugo, that doesn’t happen here!

Beautiful catch by Julio Borbon!! damn…

Tazawa needs another good outing today..
You know, I really kinda like Viola in the booth!!!

Bunt -> Walk = Good start.

Tazawa needs another good outing today..
You know, I really kinda like Viola in the booth!!!

Didn’t Murphy go to the Rangers with Gabbard in the Gagne deal? Another quality trade. He’s turned out to be a pretty good player.

Too many pitches…..another potential five inning, or less start here.

Ortiz absolutely crushed that ball.

Great job by Dustin…

Hi All! I won’t be able to be online much today – but I just wanted to stop in and say GO RED SOX!!!! I see we have our”fan” back – I guess we should be flattered that tcd finds us so much more interesting then the Yankee fans. But with few exceptions, aren’t Red Sox fans so much more fun to hang out with? LOL!!!

Bob – you know what – there are idiots out there regardless of what team they call themselves fans of. You know we have a passion here, while first and foremost for the Red Sox, but also for any fan who loves the game as much as you and we do. You know that “hate” is not something that any of us who are regulars here on BP do well.



Well I’m glad Tito didnt sit papi today.. oops my blonde…

You’re forgiven Ellen! Who are you??

Or even – “How are you?” Have to do a better job of reading before I hit enter! lol!!

Good job of hanging in there Kotchman!!!

At least we have a run on the board!

Tazawa looks like he is struggling today.

Doing OK.. Hope the Sox do better thank OK though!!!
I just sent off a letter to Mark Newman about posting and did a little YELLING


You are 100% correct about Murphy being with the Red Sox and going to Texas with Gagne and Engel Beltre, as you say not exactly a great trade by Theo. I have said on here many times, Theo has done a very good job with the farm system but some of his trades have been disasters and of course his free agent signings have stunk as well…Most of them.

2 out run scoring hits are back breakers!

Boston is lucky today, the bullpen is rested and there is an off day tom. and Beckett takes the hill on Tues. night.

Again Boston hits a solo H.R.


I wish Anderson could hit likes he plays defense. Paw. Sox manager ( Ron Johnson ) said Anderson is the best defensive outfielder he has ever seen. I wonder if Johnson ever saw the “Great” Mike Greenwell. LOL!

Nippert pitched Ortiz carefully. These postings on here is out of order…Again!


Your predicting stuff before it happens. lol. You should be in Las Vegas.


I have been very impressed with the Rangers this season. They have given Boston fits this season, unlike seasons past. Alot of good young arms, that is never the case in Texas over the years. Astros yes but not the Rangers.

Nice catch Brian….

Texas sure has improved this year!!! Good pitching,baserunning, hitting,, they are to be reckoned with!!!

Good piece of hitting by Anderson, gets the runner home. That is something we haven’t seen too much with the Red Sox lately.

Kotchmans at bat is a perfect example of the Sox’s problems of late. The pitcher just walked two guys in a row and we had a chance for a big inningg and what did he do. Swung and the first pitch he saw????????????

Ellsbury MUST come thru in that situation.

Ellen speaks the truth.

This pitcher is throwing high strikes, we are going to get him.


I just remembered Kason Gabbard was in the Gagne deal. Gabbard is floating around somewhere in the minors with the Red Sox now.


I agree with you 100% about Kotchman. Nippert is all over the place today.

Good job by Tazawa, quick inning. Don’t give Nippert any rest on a HOT day in Texas. When pitchers get tired, they make lots and lots of mistakes. Big inning here for the Red Sox!

We have to make him work. The Sox’s for the last couple of years were known for working counts and running up pitch counts on teams. This year we aren’t? Again I seriously question Magaden as a hitting coach.

Ellsbury strands (2) runners in scor. pos. last inning and Lowell doesn’t get the job done with guys on base with 2 outs. That is the difference between winning and losing! Look no further than that.

That’s the best throw by a Red Sox catcher all year long. lol.

That one Teagarden hit almost ended up in Mexico. That ball was CRUSHED.

I hope this is Tazawa’s last start, he isn’t ready.

D.P. is always a wonderful thing, let’s hope that momentum will carry into the top of the 7th.


IDOBELIEVE!!!! If you do SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magadan can preach working the pitch counts and patience til he’s blue in the face,(we cant bench players right now), Ultimately it is the batters resposibility to do what he preaches!!!!

Another solo H.R. for the Red Sox. I’ll take it.

Anything but a D.P.–Not good!

Chip, chip, chip… little by little… We can do this!


They can and this just in…They WILL!

Oki does the job per usual. Let’s get some runs! Show us all that Fri. night wasn’t a fluke.

That is what you do with Ortiz, challenge him with fastballs. Very few times this season that we have seen Ortiz turn on a fastball this year. His bat has been a tad tardy with the heat!


THIS just in Brian… I’m killing you in fantasy!!! haha… I’m killing an unmanaged team!!!

Good end tothat inning!!! Teegarden (except for the HR earlier) stinks.. Isnt he the one that alot of RSN was clamoring for the Sox to get before Tek re-signed??? WOW!! Something must be up at NESN… this is 3 innings with no commercials!!!

ooooh!!! can we have shades of Friday night with Francisco????

It’s got to be 110 there and feels like factor of 125..
WHEW!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD FOR THE MAN THAT INVENTED A/C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ellsbury looks freakin clueless today!!

I hope Victor can get something going.. GO VICTOR!


I’m glad I can make you smile and be happy. Who is on my team? I don’t even know why I signed up. I have never played fantasy baseball. I played fantasy football (1) year, way back when. My bad, I should have never signed up, not fair to everyone involved. I guess my punishment will be spending time with Staats and Migrane. LOL!!

Anderson and Gonzalez can’t just stand there and watch strike 3 go by them. Aren’t these guys major leaguers?? Luis Rivera or Ed Romero wouldn’t do that. lol. I bet Jack Brohammer would have been swinging.

I guess not… .5 back in the wild card……… WOE IS ME…
I’m pool bound guys!!! Thanks for the chat this afternoon!!! I’ll check back in later!!!

time differential problems here again!!!

27,155 have braved the HEAT in Texas. I could never do that. No way!

If I am sitting in the heat/sun for that long, there is something called an “ocean” in front of me.

Sox bullpen was solid. Nasty sliders by Ramirez to Young.

Ellsbury needs to get on. Put doubt in this closers head.

Pedroia should be swinging. That pitch looked like it hit the corner.

hope timmy gets in at least 5 more quality starts this year

Good news folks….The Red Sox don’t have to face Texas again. Youkilis returns to the lineup on Tues. night and Boston doesn’t play tom. and Beckett takes the mound on Tues. night. When Beckett is on the hill, there as good as anyone in baseball but the problem is he can’t pitch every game.

I don’t see this team turing it on anytime soon. They can’t hit with runners on base and when they hit a H.R.—it’s always a solo shot. Other than that, they’re GREAT! lol.

Yea, at the beginning of August, I wrote that I thought we would be out of the race by end of August, we are half-way through August, and its not looking to good. Having said that, I did suspect this big of drop off. I can’t remember a time since 2004 when we played so poorly for so long.

Youkolis’s temper tantrum is looking really smart now — worse effect than Coco’s outburst last year. If we miss the play-offs by a game or two, it might be hard not to count that as one of the critical minutia that caused it.

Also, Sox management reminds me of one who doesn’t appreciate their spouse or boy/girl friend, until they are gone… then realizes his folly and tries to get them back. Sometimes it works, other times the luster never returns. We have “dumped” our Short-Stop sweet-heart twice now (Cabrera, and Gonazles) paying for it both times for years. I hope its not too late, I suspect so.

Thank You Seattle!

Small wonders, I guess, in a Yankees loss. We go parallel instead of down.
DGN, I don’t agree with your persepective on Youk’s suspension. Youk’s getting suspended SHOULD have fired up the team (with or without Tito’s ejection), but it hasn’t. That has been a difference, already, between this year, and 2004. You are correct to draw a parallel between now and 04, as far as playing flat. Youk’s charging the mound may have hurt us at the plate, but in the field, we had his positiion covered. Trouble is, it woke us up at the plate for only one game. That won’t cut it. If we are going to “point fingers” at the end of the year and “blame” something, that is what to blame, not Youk’s charging the mound–he at least tried to fire up the troops.
As far as SS are concerned, both after 04 (with Cabrera) and in 06 (with A-Gonz), you very correctly noted that we dropped the ball twice. That is squarely on the shoulders of the Theo and the FO. We had the opportunity, when Cabrera left (I still think we should have extended him at least through 07!), to correct the problem by signing A-Gonz. But Theo and Co. dropped the ball again. We are paying for it now.

DGN, I also hope that this SS problem has been settled for a while now, even if it were to be too late for this year.
Yeah, Ellen, Youk’s timing may have been better another time. But perhaps the fact that someone didn’t go ballistic on an umpire for Youk’s getting hit, points to a part of the problem. We were not making teams, and pitchers, pay for hitting Youk, or anyone else. Again, speaking to the way our team has played so flat, and without fire, until Youk charged the mound. We could have wanted a better time, yes. More than that, I wished for better results, like the bomb by Papi to win that first game. If that were to carry over to Toronto, well and good, but I don’t see it. THAT is what to blame, not Youk’s charging the mound. I wish I had seen a similar reaction, from Tito or anyone, before that!


I agree to an extent regarding Youk’s temper; I hate whar these “professionals” throw their hwlmets, bats break water coolers or gator aide machines…and his timing could have been better, but it could have worse too. Dave, how many times could you or I get hit by pitches/pitchers before we BLEW!!!??? He has had to have been hit about 5-6 times this season.. It would take once, maybe twicwe and I’d be letting loose on someone!!!

Good evening, Nation, from Arlington! Yes, it’s a tad warm here, Julia. But it’s not normal August weather to a Texan unless it’s 100 plus degrees and over 80% humidity. If I’m not mistaken, however, it was 95 with damned near the same humidity at Fenway, June 13, 2005 when we watched the re-enactment of the 1975 World Series Game with the Reds and Fisk had the LF pole named after him. I was NOT prepared for that in New England…. anyhow, this weekend was AWESOME for the family and all 14 kids we took to the Ballpark. Okay, so the Sawx shot their wad on Friday (I’m still hoarse) but we still had a grrrreat time. The Nation was out in force again, but the consensus opinion across the bleachers is that the Sox are just NOT prepared to make a run at it this year. If you recall, back in May I told you all that I attend far more games at the Ballpark (for obvious geographical reasons) than at Fenway, so I have had a front row seat to watch the metamorphosis of this Rangers Ball Club that now has a ptiching staff that rivals any other staff I’ve seen this year. This is unheard of in Texas and trust me, Nolan Ryan has this organization on the right track. I also thought (early on) that this team had tremendous potential and not just on paper. They are stacked top to bottom and I think they’ll be a significant force in the stretch run. The Sox? I have no idea who’ll be starting Tuesday night and where. THIS annoys me. Sure I understand injuries, but I can’t keep up with this player carousel. Someone earlier mentioned that Veritek should call it a day. I am a Tekkie to the grave. However, the track meet that I witnessed last night was reminiscent of the one at the Trop earlier this year and it’s GOT to end sometime. I’d like to see VMart behind the plate more often….. WHERE ARE THE BATS?!!! This team was supposed to (at least according to pre-season reports) be unforkingbelievable. Well, it is. Just NOT the way we would like. I remain optimistic that we can put together a nice run towards October, but it will be difficult if the Yanks run away from us and the Rangers REALLY heat up. Let’s hope for a solid week in Toronto and at home against the Empire. See you guys at Fenway for the White Sox series next week!

Well one final comment about Youk — Tito should have a rule, if you are regular starter, and you want to stay one — no losing your temper (to the degree of suspension, as opposed to ejection) before we have clinched or are at least way ahead.

I think its plain selfish (and dumb) – to lose it — when your team is in a close race. If you are well enough to chase the mound (after getting hit) you are well enough to think, and you know the consequence, and you know you are bailing on your team and your fans, even if you did get hit 5 or 6 times. If you want to fire you team up, and you think machismo and rage is the only way, then at least do it the point of ejection, not suspension. I personally don’t agree with the thought that the only way to fire up a flat time is show temper (at some injustice). You can fire your troops up before, during and after the game in other ways.

And when has this macho — I gotta protect my team mates ever done anything? Its plain old ***-for-tat, always has been, school-yard none-sense. Its never sent a message in all the years that everyone keeps espousing it does, certainly not in the AL. One team does it, the other retaliates, and the universe is back in baseball order, until the cycle starts over again. Good thing we don’t sacrifice virgins when this happens🙂

I personally would have liked, DGN, for the “firing up” to have happened another way, another time. It has needed to happen for a LONG time, though, and something (if not a brawl) was LONG overdue. Call it “Machismo” if you want, but this ***-for-tat thing has gone on for much longer than our most recent example (which DID work), the 04 brawl between Tek and A-Rod, and the clearing of the benches that occurred. It DID work, and it was not coincidence, that we played differently after it than we did before. We played as a team that had one another’s backs, which we are not doing now. That occurred, by the way, when A-Rod thought a pitch was too close for comfort. Pitchers have been doing so for a long time, as has “retaliation”. Youk finally got tired of getting hit, period. I don’t blame him for charging the mound at all. I wish someone would have said, with his hitting, “I’ve got your back, Youk”. That is what has been missing. This team will not go anywhere until it happens, and if it takes a brawl, that is FINE with me. But the practice of pitching inside, drilling hitters, and retaliation has been going on for a while. Bob Gibson, if a hitter got a hit against him, would drill the player the next time up. Is that machismo? Oh, well, Gibson would say. Clemens would do the same thing, as would MANY others. Call it what you want.

One other example, DGN, of a pitcher who delivered plenty of “chin music”: Nolan Ryan, whom we just saw with the Rangers. He would have had no qualms about buzzing someone inside if a player got hit, or if he had a HR against him–to “re-establish the inside part of the plate”. So this is NOTHING NEW. (It is one reason I fully expected someone on our side would get hit–not necessarily in the HEAD, though!–when Cabrera hit Kinsler!)

The bats struggle mightily. Beckett can pitch but he can’t score run. I suggest Francona ans his coaches watch the tapes of 2008 WS and learn how the Phiilies with WS team batting average of .230 won the WS.

dgn: On that virgin sacrificing thing… Guess thats a good thing for me huh!!!??? LMAO!!!

I officially dub tomorrow as TURN-A-ROUND TUESDAY!!!!
The RedSox will back me up!!!

Just to let you all know, I went to the clubhouse this morning. I walked in (yelled out to make sure that they were all dressed, and darn it they were, maybe next time I’ll just whisper). I asked for their attention and got it…
I told them it was time to turn this ship around, and for lack of a better cliche ‘COWBOY THE HELL UP”. I also told them that we on Brownie Points ARE RedSox Nation and as the Nation we are damned sick and tired of the impatience at the plate. I told them that at the money that I am paid yearly, I could get up to bat and strike out just as well as they do. i also told them that the hole at S.S. had been plugged so they were to be no more errors in the field, or booted balls… I told them that I expect 101 percent compliance to commence NOW.
They all fully agreed………
go redsox

Go get ’em Ellen….

Thank you for the reminder that being a Red Sox fan is about loving the team and yes we care about winning, but it’s also fun to watch them play and the game itself is great fanfare.
Also, thank you Ellen for that meeting in the clubhouse today. I’m both sorry they were dressed for you and sorry that Shaun Casey was not there. Oh well, those are the breaks!
This isn’t going to be a miracle year for the Sox but we are having fun and that’s what counts!


I can’t be told, and won’t believe we’re out until you can show me the math..

I just received this from Mark Newman. I sent him an email yesterday, this is the reply.

To: “Ellen CULLUM” Cc: “Browne, Ian” Thanks, Ellen. MLBlogs commenting is not conducive to what you all are wanting to keep doing. It?s not real-time chat. When 10 people try to send 10 comments in all within 10 seconds, MovableType tries to republish the same page 100 times. That’s not the same as redisplaying a static page nor is it the same as just sending a short message over some chat protocol that doesn’t require publishing a file. That?s why there are time lapses and why people get held up.

After discussing this with our Systems team, we recommend that you chat via a true chat or message-board application and not on MLBlogs comments. We cannot further support your needs as you are wishing on Ian?s comments, sorry. It?s just not a chat. Sometimes it will be fast and sometimes it will be a lag if you continue to use it that way.

One thing to consider is having a Twitter account and being part of our live MLB.com Gameday app during Sox games. Click the Twitter Tab and then all fans who post within that app see their tweets show up with others in real time. Ian?s tweets are there on the Insider tab during games and thus you are able to tweet along with him ? or any other MLB.com beat writer during games.

Also, the Fan Forum message boards always have been more conducive to that. You could create a regular topic, and then as long as you all know the link, simply post messages there in quick succession.

Hope this helps, but we need to put an end to this issue. It cannot be used as a real-time chat app each time Ian posts, or at least not in a way that is stable in terms of speed. If you continue to use it this way, we will not be able to support email complaints about the matter. It is a community for bloggers, and for people leaving comments to the blogger.

Thanks for your understanding. Best,

Mark Newman

Enterprise Editor
MLB Advanced Media

I f we do what he is suggesting, what I see happening is Brownie points going Bye BYe…. I dont want that…

Ellen, well I guess that’s good news that you are not eligible for a sacrificial baseball offering — although you did turn down your date with Eck, so one has to wonder????

Greg — good point on the whole team really fighting as one, each for and with the other — it sure doesn’t seem that way with this team yet, does it — or maybe its just us, ’cause they are not winning, that we don’t recognize it.

It makes sense. Blogs are not designed for real time commentary. However, it’s not the end of the blog. Just have to aware of the situation.
In 2004. the Sox had a boatload of talent but unable to congeal. IN 2009, the Sox do NOT have a boatload of talent (but good talent) and lots of injuries. Two very different situations.
In 2009 the Sox don’t have the double death of Zazu and Ortiz. We have nobody in the lineup that’s intimidating to a pitcher (Youk and Pedroia can be but not like the Zazu/Ortiz killer row.
That’s one of the reasons why we’re not hitting. No pitcher is afraid to go attack any batter in that lineup.
However…you never know.

The Sox lineup doesn’t scare an AAA pitcher either. So the pitchers go and attack the strike zone. This is the time for a manager to step in to make things happen. When two on and noe outs and the bottom of the order comes to the plate, that’s how and why a manager is getting paid to make decision.

The Red Sox have made it official – John Smoltz has been released.

Re: the info from Mark – we could look at another option for during games and then chat here during non-game times when there are fewer of us all taking at the same time.

Bob- Do Yankee fans chat on Bombers beat during the game and do you have this problem?

Hey Jules!! What an awful day. Although I appreciate Mark getting an answer for us, he emailed me again in re to my response. I told him that when we chat during the games, we are “safer” against Sox haters and the like, and he made me feel like we are the only ones doing this… I almost felt as if I had just been scolded!! lol
Cant we form a “chat room”?? If we twitter, then we get all pf the follow up email that “youre being followed by:” almost creepy. Maybe if we ask Ian he can help us figure this out.

I guess we’re just too fast for technology to keep up with!!!! lol I am going to email Ian for help

I’ve seen the same problem on Bombers Beat but I guesstimate there is only about 10% of the chatting so it’s hardly noticed. This doesn’t explain why the posting time stamp is 6 or 7 minutes later than my computer time. Lets see what this one is. I’m hitting submit @ 6:57

Well that was right on but Brian’s post was within a minute!

And my 6:59 squeezed in between!

Maybe he’s related to Alfred E. Newman?

And this is a new phenomenon. It didn’t happen in October 2008!


I think Mark Newman is to I.T. Depts. is to what Julio Lugo is to short stops. lol. I am not going to sit here and say I know lots and lots about computers and how it all works but his reply is comical. I have been blogging on here around the start of the 2007 season. There were as many people back then as there is now. I have watched games and blogged on here by myself for an inning or so ( yesterday is a prime example ) and have experienced issues and that has happened only this year. Times being off ( as much as 10 minutes ) and also not sure if some of my posts will go thru…I have had that happen wayyyyy too many times this year. I say error on Mark Newman and the I.T. Dept. I don’t know what the solution is and neither does Mark Newman obviously. That is my opinion anyway! Wow….I feel GREAT after that. LOL!! I hope Mark Newman doesn’t hunt me down. HA…HA..HA…


We’ve been sending men/women to the moon for how long???? We can’t even get something this small fixed…I am at a loss for words. LOL!! I wonder if Mark Newman is related to Jeff Newman??? A former catcher of the Red Sox. lol. I think Mark Newman is a Yankee fan. HA…HA…HA….


There have been issues on here even when I have been by myself on here. Either watching a game ( maybe 1 inning or so ) or even when I am at home during the day when nobody is on here, there have been issues on here. I wonder if Billy Traber or Chris Woodward can help us out??? They have time on there hands. lol.

Prime example is right now…The times are off! This just in…not many people on here. Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. lol.

I thought the same thing.,.. I’ve been posting here since the beginning,but we have never had these problems and we have had roughly the same nuimber of posters, I know that we chat alot but, oh hell who knows, (nobody obviously!!) Robert back in 06/07 Mark Feinsands Yankee’s blog had as much or more traffic than we have now and I dont recall the problem exisiting then!! It seems that since they have added the dvr option on the games, just this spring, the posting problem started… maybe had to cut the budget on blogs to add to the games… Anyway, I emailed our fearless leader and I’ll let you know what he has to say.. Mark cc’d him on his response to us.. we night get a reprimand from Ian for talking too much!!! lol

I still enjoy watching the Red Sox no matter how they play….they are the Red Sox win or lose. I still have faith in them too. There is still time to “catch lightning in a bottle” and I think this team could do it. A-Gon looks good at SS. The pitchers can pitch with a little more confidence now that the SS hole is plugged. When he hits it’ll be gravy with that defense. The division looks like a tall order but the -X isn’t next to the Yankees name yet. Wild card is there for the taking. I read that when the Yankees have had this big of a lead this late in the season they have never lost the division……SOUNDS LIKE A CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!! Go Sox!

Ellen, thanks for trying to keep up on this posting issue with Mark. I thought his response was predictable. I think he is just looking for an excuse to wash his hands of this issue–which is why I did not have much confidence in him. “Sir Fearless Leader”, indeed! (I am with Brian–we can put a man on the moon, and we can build up these “super duper improved” computers, but we can’t even anticipate, let alone fix this kind of problem? Yeah Right! Thanks for nothing, Mark).
Ian does a great job with the blog, and he, and we, deserves better! Thanks, Ian, for the blog!

The impression that I got was that they dont want us using the blog as a “chat site”.. that the format is for Ian to post and us to respond to Ians thread… Thats the 1st that I have heard about that. I guess the overload is too much for the equipment that they have.. As I said earlier, I have posting on Ians blog since he started and we have not ever had any delays or time stamp problems. In his second email he said that if we continue to use the blog as we do, it will do nothing but make it bad for all the other blogs… I guess we a re the only ones doing this… I think NOT!!!!
I, as I said earlier have emailed Ian andasked for his help in this… so let’s see what happens!!!


Interesting you mention 04, and being down 0-3. The way reporters told it, after Game 3, Big Papi basically went off in the clubhouse, and basically went “Bobby Knight” on the team. Whether he ACTUALLY threw chairs or not, the point he reportedly made (not so nicely!) was “We are better than this! RIGHT? Then let’s PROVE IT!” The rest is history. Again, we can call it machismo if we want, but it had an impact. Is this team up to that challenge?! GO SOX!

Hi All! My two cents on the posting issues? 1. The time stamps being off has to be a server issue. 2. I suspect that some to the computer capacity they had here at MLBlogs has been diverted to their new mlbtv.com enhancements and for some other there other computer enhancements that people purchase. 3. The launch of MLB Network has also drained resources from MLBlogs. 4. We chatting here is hurting the other blogs? OH GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! “Our fearless leader” appears to be doing a classic sweep it under the rug move. Having my own blog here – there are PLENTY of times when people can’t post and trust me – it is rarely at times when games are on and others (or us!) are chatting!

I’ve noticed more problems with posting have come about since MLBLogs have “upgraded” to include the ratings and other features. I think there is now more that needs to load each time we hit submit and that is prone to problems.

I am by no means an expert – these are just some of the observations that I’ve made.

With all the talk of Wakefield coming back it does raise a few questions. Who will catch him? Will George K. be coming back up with him? Or will Vic and Jason be going “paper, rock, etc….” for him? I’d imagine the coin flip in the rotation will come down between Penny and Tazawa, which at this point should be a fairly easy choice. Get Big ‘Hoss some entrance music for coming out of the bullpen.

Cordaro – I believe the plan is for V-Mart to catch for Wakefield. He has been practicing; Tek has not had much luck in the past catching Wake.

I noticed a similar posting problem on the Jays blog from time to time, but it isn’t as consistent as it is here, maybe because here’s a lot less posts.
You’re right in your analysis. They keep adding functionality but don’t put the horsepower behind it to run it properly. They totally under estimated the performance and bandwidth needed to stream MLB TV-and they added MiLB TV covering minor league games before they got MLB TV running properly.

They could help themselves a lot if they did some simple things like take the archived blog posts from 2006, 2007 and 2008 off this server and somewhere else.

Thanks, Bob and GSJays, for your feedback on this problem. We’ll see how it helps us down the road. It is a problem that needs to be addressed. Take care.

I am very hopeful that the Sox will make to the playoffs. The reason for being optimistic is that despite the team wide hitting slump, the Sox had not actually been blown away by the opposing teams. A clutch hit here and there would win many more games. Likewise, the red hot Yankees aren?t blowing teams away either. The Sox pitching is still solid. The difference between the Yankees and the Red Sox this year is that the Yanks got the big hit and HR when they needed it.

The other reason the Sox are in the position now is that the FO and field management are inaptly slow to react. When Lugo didn?t work out at the SS, the Sox stayed too long with Nick Green thinking he is the second coming of Ozzie Smith. The baseball world knows Green is a career journeyman and would unlikely be a season long solution to the ss problem. Granted Green had a great ST and in the early going, we all know that ST stats lie most of the time. I wonder how many net games (the games lost b/c of his errors minus the games he won) that Green cost the Red Sox. It is like sticking a Brian (Brian Anderson) to the outfield in the hope to solve Drew?s perennial nagging physical ailment. When Ortiz was mired in deep slump, why Ortiz was batting 3d in the order for so long? We would never how many games were lost there. And of course the Smoltz experiment. There were at least 5, 6 games there. When you turn half (or even 1/3) of those losses, the Sox are in a better position in the standing.

…turn half (or even 1/3) of those losses to wins. the Sox are in a better position in the standing.

The bottom line this team has been basically playing .500 ball for a month or so. The main reason why….They can’t hit with runners on base/scor. pos. The Red Sox have had there chances but are unable to cash in! Too many runners are being stranded. I thought Friday night’s win was going to get this team going but they haven’t won a game since. Friday night was one of there better wins of the year. One clutch hit after another in the 9th. If that doesn’t get you going, what will????

Who would have thought that Sox have to catch Texas in the wc race in the beginning of the season. The way the Texas (won last night) are playing, the Sox may find it is easier to catch the Yanks than the Texas. LOL.

a Brian: The Sox were 5 games below 500 since the AS break. If they played 500 ball since then, the Sox would still be in contention for the division.


When I am talking about .500 baseball–I am talking July 1st or so. This is when the Sox started to slide a little. The Red Sox are basically a .500 baseball team, a game or two below. They only have themselves to blame. The pitching has been there ( in most games ) so I see a positive light but that light is in the distance.

Well I know one thing…if the Sox learned anything last year….they won’t wait for Texas to collapse. Myself, I thought that because the Rays were so young they would lose their way in September but they held on tough….even when they lost Longoria for 6 weeks. Hindsight being 20/20…The Rays were meant to be….but I know last year we were just waiting for them to wake up and “crap the bed”. And now there’s Texas. The Sox are going to have to keep winning at a decent pace and let fate take over. The only way they can take matters in their own hands is to win and not worry about what the other teams are doing unless they are actually playing that particular team. Everyone waited for Tampa Bay to collapse last year and they didn’t. Just win Sox, focus on catching the Yankees and the rest takes care of itself. Should be interesting….GO SOX!!!!!!!

The key is pitching has been and will be there down the home stretch. The Sox just can’t let two on and none outs and fail to score to happen. Some time you have to play small ball to win just like the Phillies did in the WS. Just win baby! The rest will take care of itself.

NONONO Julia, Our fearless leader is IAN.. mark is not…

Ellen – I know that here Ian is our fearless leader; I’ve called Mark that since I’ve started blogging – it just makes Mark “oh, so happy ;-)” when I call him that! lol!

Hey!! I thought Ellen was our fearless leader!! I’m confused.

Anyway, I’m supposing things will come together for the Sox pretty soon. If Agon can hold down the SS position and Papi can hit 7th or 8th, Jbay can start to hit again and Mike Lowell stay at third for the rest of the year. That leaves only JD as the big question mark for the position players. He’s just not doing much so far. Can we do a “rain dance” for the Spirits to inspire him to produce in the next month and a half? Is that too much to ask?
As for the pitching: we need Wake to come back strong and Penny to give us a little more down the stretch. I don’t even consider Dice-K, what a waste of money!
If the bullpen can get that last out instead of giving up 2 strike, 2 out hits this team would rock and roll into the playoffs.
That’s a lot of if’s, but it CAN be done, the talent is there.

Cmon SOX!!!! GO GO GO !!!!! Win tonight and get it started. It’s stretch run time!!!

oh.. sorry, I just didnt want any one to think that Ian was doing the sweeping…

gsjays – I think you are right in that old post need to be archived – that would certainly free up memory – but I don’t know that is would help with some of the posting issues; I think your bandwidth issue is correct. One thing that might help is if they would reset the time on their servers so that they are in synch with each other. I can’t help but wonder if the different times are in some way affecting the posting server. Posting times that are in the future is just plain strange and it might not be able to resolve it.

ELLEN – has Mark ever addressed the issue of the time on the posts? That seems like it should be an easy fix. While it might not address all our problems – it would be a start. As this season moves on, I’m not sure I see MLB putting any resources into upgrades in their blogs – since they don’t have MLBtv fixed; but fixing the time on the servers should be very doable.

Jules, He never has addressed that problem.. just that we are using this forum incorrectly. you know its the old… we are wrong it must be you, thing……

Jules, He never has addressed that problem.. just that we are using this forum incorrectly. you know its the old… we aren’t
wrong it must be you, thing……

Yes it is Ellen! And CC who is pitching tonight is 1-4 against Oakland! GO A’s!!!

The line up for tonight:

Ellsbury, Drew, Martinez (C), Youkilis (1B), Bay, Lowell, Ortiz (DH), Green, Gonzalez.

No Pedey – he has left to be with Kelli – don’t have any further details as to whether the baby is on the way or not. Green is playing second.

I didnt see anyone post this today… Yankees lose 2 straight! and pretty big from what I hear/…

Let me see Ellen if I can at least get the timing issue corrected.

Note – Tek is a late scratch – he has a sore neck – he was suppose to catch tonight. I think our bench is going to be a little light tonight…..great….

And in non-baseball news….Brett Favre is back!!! He signed with the Vikings today!

Reports are that Kelli Pedroia is in labor! Pedey Jr. appears to be on the way! Good luck and prayers to the whole family!!!!

Prayers to Dustin and Kelli! Hope all goes well with them.
Favre signed with the Vikings. Oh yay. Yawn.

I dont care if Favre plays or not… he’s made this whole thing like the “little boy who cried wolf!!” play/dont play, but stay out of the freaking news

Good Luck to the Pedroias!!! We need one more pair of screaming lungs for the Nation!!!

Hey it was Dustin’s birthday yesterday, and today his child might be borne. How cool is that?

Hey all… I’m here just gonna try to get dinner cooked before the game… Hubby works til 7:30 on Tuesdays so I’ve got a little wiggle room for that tonight. Back for 1st pitch….. wooooooooooo

WE HAVE A BABY!!!! Dylan (or Dillon?) weighs in at 7lbs and is 20 1/2 inches long!! It is reported that mom & baby & dad are all doing well!!

Just confirmed – Dylan!!!!

via Twitter:

Rocco Baldalli set to begin his 20-day rehab assignment in Pawtucket tonight in the DH spot –

Let’s go Red Sox!!! WHOOOHOOOOO!!!

Beckett is on the mound – give him so run support boys!

Hey – Frank Viola has traveled with the team!


Welcome to the newest member of the RedSox Nation!!
Good health Good love and Good Parents!!!

Hi Ellen!! It is great news about Pedey and his family!

Not a great top of the first….COME ON BECKETT!!!!!

um…Beckett – I don’t think doubles in the first inning was on the agenda!!!! GET THEM OUT!!!!!

Good job settling in Beckett! Let’s score some runs now boys!!! GO RED SOX!!!! Win one for Pedey’s new son!!!!

Welcome back YOUK!!!

Welcome back Youk!!!! Double!!!! Viola calls Youk a throw back player! That he loves and cares about the history of the game!

Nice at bat for Bay!! Come on Mikey! Bring them home!!!

please David….please…..

PAPI!!! WHOOO HOOO!! 2-0!!


COME ON A-Gonz!!!!!

OMG!!!! Big Papi made it home from 2nd!! 4-0 Red Sox!!!!!


Great inning guys!!

Beckett – you can do this!!! HOLD THEM!!!!!

Okay – is Beckett going to drive up crazy each inning!!!

GO RED SOX!!! WHOO HOOO!!! 2 on, no out!!!!

Dylan Pedroia is already almost as tall as his dad!!lol

Jules, I’m gonna take a break from here tonight, I’ll email you.

That was a waste….have I ever mentioned how much I DON’T like double plays when we are at bat???

‘cept I cant find your email address.. could you give it to me again?

WHAT IS UP WITH BECKETT??????? Another HR?????????

Beckett doesn’t have hit best stuff tonight. It looks like his velocity is down a little and his command and location is lacking a little. I wonder if he’s a little tired.

I just emailed you Ellen.

His velocity is down Garry. I think he & V-Mart have some details to work out also.

HR Big Papi!!! 5-2! WHOO HOOO!!!

The good thing though Julia, is that Beckett is throwing strikes. He’s not giving away freebies with walks. The Jays are having some good swings, but at least they are generally hitting with nobody on base.

Nice bunt by Gonzalez. I already like him a lot. I feel so much better about the Sox defense with him out at short.

Nice job by Ellsbury to get the ball to the outfield to score the run.

I was just about to say that gonzalez should be bunting…and lo and behold.

sox get back to the basics this inning (after the HR and error) and get a run out of it. well done.

That is true Garry – he is at least making them work for what they are getting.

And a pitching change for the Jays already!

Nice job by V-Mart. And it is a good thing we have him – Tek is listed as day-to-day due to his neck.

was the ortiz double a fluke, or was he actually hitting where it was pitched. if only ortiz would take the ball the other way more often, i think his average would go up 50 points in a couple of weeks.

Shortest outing of the season for Romero of the Jays – 3 and 2/3 innings. Nice job Red Sox!!!!

Hey, all! I won’t be on much tonight, but I am following the game, and checking in. Good to see Youk is back, and hittin’! Beckett doesn’t appear to have his best stuff (but Toronto often gives him problems!), so the runs support will help! (Run support? What’s that?) GO JOSH! GO SOX!

Dylan Pedroia, eh? Cool! Congrats Dustin! GO SOX! (You can keep getting HRs, also, Papi!)

Hi Greg! Yup!! Dylan! Mom, Dad & son are all good! We have to win tonight for the newest Pedroia!

Do keep Dad in your thoughts and prayers tonight. His prostate surgery is tomorrow. THANKS! GO SOX!

Greg I will!!!! Hope that all goes well! Keep us all posted!!!!

JBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!

Is this game crazy or what????

Via twitter:

Romero now has a 10.50 ERA vs. Sox and a 3.26 ERA vs. everyone else. #redsox

Greg – how is your mom doing? Rehab going well??

How many runs do we have to get for Beckett? Delcarmen is warming up and the 5th inning isn’t even over yet!!!!


Mother’s almost completely good to go. Just a LITTLE swollen, and she has done fine with her post-op. She’s been a little slower to heal, just because she does not R & R well. (Getting settled in a move doesn’t help!) But she’ll be fine. Thanks for asking! (Just in time, also, for Dad’s surgery).

Not a stellar outing by Beckett, so good thing he had some runs to work with. If the BP can hold this lead… GO SOX!

Well, I gotta check out–will check back later tonight! GO SOX! Get this win for Josh! (HRs by Papi help!) Later!

Tito should have taken Beckett out. He had nothing. Forget pitch count. Let’s hope they can pull it out

I’m glad she’s doing better Greg! Keep me posted on how your dad does tomorrow.

Lol-Beckett didn’t want any part of Ruiz. EE might just surprise him.

Woops, meant Barajas.

BECKETT!! *()&*()^%$%$*^(&(&()&%$^*()&(&*()


The Sox seem totally disheartened. Bay swings at pitches he can’t even reach. Same thing with Lowell. I guess they feel that seven runs should have been enough. Let’s hope they can wake up and play ball rather than just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sad case of poor managing.

Hi gsjays!

And Texas is up 2-0 over the Twins….of course….


That was not a fun half of the inning…..


We need to win for the newest Pedey!!!

This one is on Francona. Beckett did not have it tonight. All his outs were LOUD. Beckett struggled through 5 innings. Why let Beck pitch the 6th which cost him the win and the Sox’s win. The Sox better win tonight or you can kiss the season good bye.

Way to go Oki. Let’s get some runs.

Okie did a great job! NOW boys!! I hate to ask this – BUT 7 runs wasn’t enough!! WE NEED MORE!!! Who knew!!

PAPI!! Great start!!!!

This is to Francona %^&&*(*&^. I guess I cannot bash Tito, the best manager. Beck surrendered the HRs to what’s his name? Those weren’t cheap shots, straight away center field shot.

Two on and none outs. The Sox better win this one to bail out Francona.

We got a break. Let’s keep it going!!!

7 R wasn’t enough??! SIGH!
Bash Tito all you want tonight, Andy. You are right, Beckett did not have it–he barely got through 5, and gives up 2 more in the 6th? Tito HAD to see that coming. That one’s on Beckett and Tito, squarely. We will be fortunate if we win this one, let alone the rest of the series, at this rate. Tito blew this one. (Beckett, unfortunately, probably killed his Cy Young chances, also!):/ SIGH! GO SOX!

Thank you Jays for that stellar fielding! Ortiz is going to need oxygen after all the running he has done tonight!!!

KEEP THE FAITH GUYS!!! We will WIN this one!! CC is 1-4 against Oakland so it could be another lose for the Yankees tonight!!!


Thank you Casey Jannsen. He look like Bard. lol.

I never thought Beckett would have gotten hit hard tonight but it happened. Nothing is easy for this Red Sox team lately. When the pitching is there, the bats don’t show up. When the bats show up, the pitching doesn’t show up. I’m hoping sometime soon, it all comes together. I do like watching Boston score runs late in the game.

The baseball god is on the Sox side. C’mon JD get the run home.

V-MART!!! Great job! COME ON YOUK!!!!

With one infielder on the third base side and three infielders on the first base side plus the pither throwimg on the outside corner, I guess it doesn’t take much brains to go the other way. Not Drew. I guess his brains are in his feet where he fouled off a pitch and then swung at a ball over his head. Glad Martinez got that run in!!

%^^& JD. V-Mart bailed out JD. Francona pulled Beckett one batter too late which cost Beck the 15th win.

C’mon Paps- No walks!!

Brian: When it all come togther, your best manager falls asleep in the dugout.

Can we keep up this runs scoring, please? Not just to bail out Josh and Tito, but the REST OF THE YEAR? PLEASE?

Tito should have seen after the 5th that Beckett would not hold the lead, Brian! Andy’s right about that! GO SOX!

Okay Bard!! PLEASE!! It is the 8th inning boys! PLEASE DO NOT BLOW THIS!!!!!!

C’mon Paps- get that speed up to 95.



I don’t blame this on Francona. Beckett had a big lead and couldn’t hold it. Who saw that coming?? I’ll answer that for you….NOBODY!

Oh…God…we need 4 outs from Papelbon….I don’t know if my stomach can take this…

I think there are certain times when Francona should give Papelbon the ball for a (4) out save. Tonight is one of them and that Sunday Night game in N.Y. was another case.

Okay – I’m going to say it – PAPELBON!! I HATE YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Papelbon pitched Snider like he was facing Mickey Mantle. MY oh my. Walks have killed Papelbon. Papelbon has nothing tonight.

C’mon Sox- the way things are going we are going to need some more runs!!! Let’s go get them!!!

Boston needs more runs. Papelbon hasn’t pitched since Friday, he should be raring to go….His pitches look flat and he looks like he is running on empty. In season’s past, he would come into the game and blow hitters away!

The Sox better get a couple more runs. I don’t have a lot of faith in Papelbon for the 9th. Either he is throwing meatballs up there, or there is a big disparity in the radar guns used in different parks.

Great minds think alike Brian.

C’mon Paps- let’s not blow it!!

What is wrong with this picture – Saito warming up with Papelbon in???

COME ON BOYS!! We need more runs to help our pitchers out!!!!


If I am thinking like you, I feel very good about myself. lol.

It sure looks like Papelbon has nothing out there. It looked like Papelbon wanted nothing to do with Snider, he pitched around him. He is a shadow of himself this year. I thought he would have figured it out by now but not the case.


I think the reason Saito is warming up is if the Sox score about 3 runs or so in the 9th. Just in case scenario…..just my thoughts. Then again maybe Saito is just getting some tosses in.

Paps can’t get it past them. His ball is not moving!! Time to pray!!!

Favre has an addiction–not to football, but to “un-retiring”. Sometime or other, the NFL, and the media (!), will need to stop “enabling” him.

Watching this home plate umpire tonight, he has been very consistent. However, I think we are seeing a lot of offense because he has a very narrow strike zone. Both teams are having a lot of good swings tonight and are squaring up a lot of balls. This usually happens when pitchers aren’t getting the corners, I don’t see where they have been getting the corners tonight.

GREEN!!! You had to hit into the DP???DID YOU????

3 outs…we just need 3 lousy outs…..

I’d seriously think of pulling Paps. He truly has nothing.

Nick Green not good. This will be a very interesting bottom of the 9th. If Papelbon walks the leadoff hitter, the Sox are in BIG trouble.

Papelbon was right to pitch Snider the way he did. The kid has now hit 15 home runs, 13 doubles and knocked in 38 runs in his last 39 games.

Hey Brian, can you believe the Vikings signed Favre for 2 years and $25 million?

Papelbon has nothing.

GOOD! WE FINALLY WON! At least Oki did his job, and got the win! GO SOX!


The Vikings will regret that. Watching the Pats this year will be lots of fun. 11 wins with Cassel last year, 13-15 this year with Brady. The Pats will be SMOKING lots of teams this year.


When you come out of the pen, you come out aggressive. You don’t come out passive!

The Vikings were crazy! But – wonder if Favre can throw strikes??

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! 2 more outs!! PAP DO IT!!!!


Favre knows interceptions!

Red Sox win! Yes indeed. The bats cleared customs!

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