A few words from Not Ian Browne

Hi. Erika Gilbert here, pinch hitting for Ian Browne. I’ve been covering the Sox this series.

A couple of notes…

It’s been a really hot and humid few days here in Toronto, after a relatively cool summer. Both Terry Francona and Jason Bay have commented that the ball has really carried this series.

The Jays have hit three home runs since Tuesday and the Sox have hit six — J.D. Drew just homered about a minute ago.

“The ball’s carrying here the last two nights like I’ve never seen it before,” Francona said after last night’s game.

The dome’s been open the last two games but it’s closed tonight — and with tornado warnings and funnel clouds popping up in the Greater Toronto Area, I’m guessing it’s not likely to open any time soon — but I’ve heard mixed review on whether that makes the ball carry more or less. It’s still pretty steamy in here, though.

Francona talked a little bit about Paul Byrd, who pitched four innings for Triple-A Pawtucket yesterday, allowing three earned runs on six hits and a walk and striking out three.

“They made him work” in a couple of innings, Francona said. “I think he was real pleased. I think there are some inconsistencies at times, which comes with not pitching, but I think there was also enough movement with his fastball that he felt pretty good about things.”

Francona said Byrd threw about 70 or 80 pitches and he’ll probably pitch again on the 24th.


Hi Erika!
Looks like Drew is seeing the ball really well from Cecil. Go JD!!!
Remember Beenie and Cecil?? Great show!

Hi Erika!

They’ve opened the roof up.

I like how the Red Sox are making the Jays pay for their errors!!!!

They are in the process of opening the roof in Toronto – and it is raining….didn’t anyone look outside BEFORE they started to open it???

Hey Julia. If the winds are too strong with the tornado watch, they could destroy the roof! I won’t hurt anybody to get wet!

I really like Gonzo at shortstop. He is really smooth out there. His glove makes him worthwhile in the batting order, and really, he’s had some pretty good swings at the plate since arriving. Lester looks very good tonight…… and oops, there goes Martinez again. What an acquisition he is.

Hey Arnie……”I’m coming Beenie” Didn’t you just have to have one of those Beenie hats with the helicopter on the top?

Wow. Scary stuff. Very strong winds tore a huge hole in the roof of the stadium in Vancouver a couple of years ago.

Good for the Orioles. It would appear that the Rangers and Yankees are off tonight. We can pick up some ground. GO SOX.

I just heard from Ginny – the warnings in the area have passed. (She lives near there) they had a tornado come down about 20 miles from the stadium.

Sox are giving us hope again! or are they playing with us? I hope they don’t experiment too much in Sept; need to pick their team and run with them.

Orioles just hit a grand slam! Lead the Rays 5-1

Paul – the Rangers are playing tonight. The Yankees are off.

dg – I like the lineup we have tonight!

I’m sure Tito had a little conversation with Lester before the game and told him, “Look Jon, I need some innings from you tonight. I have to save the bullpen because I have Brad “throw a million pitches can’t get past 5 innings” Penny going tomorrow and Junichi “reminds me of Dice-K” Tazawa on Saturday. Lester has come through like an “Ace” should and has set the bullpen up well for the weekend, because I think the Sox are going to need those guys out there. So, in the scheme of things, would you rather have Lester for $8M a year, or Sabbathia for $20M a year. Give me a break. How can anyone justify spending that much money on a big old fat pitcher?

Lester is a gem and I’ll take him any day over CC! He was done a great job tonight! And thankfully our pen is well rested!

And the roof closes again! lol!!

Who would have thought that Drew would be 4-4 tonight??

THAT was a great game!!! After the first couple of batter Lester was on fire! I like the feel of the team coming into the weekend against the Yankees!!

Thanks Julia. Hopefully they will lose! Just a great effort from Jon Lester. His record should look a little better than it does. JD had a super game tonight. Tough to get down on him when he does this. Now it is the Yankees! GO SOX. Ciao.

You would be happy to know that is was non other than Jon Farrell himself who is responsible for Lester. At first he was going to be dumped for Johann Santana but Farrell argued that Lester is going to be the next Santana.

Hey, all. Good to see the Red Sox with a SOLID outing from Lester, and some run support to back him up. Just over 100 pitches through 8 IP–that’s efficient! Good to see Drew go 4-4, last I checked. He has that capability, Julia, every night–which is what can make him so maddening to watch!
And DGN, if we face LugNuts in the WS, FINE WITH ME! It would mean we were there to face him–and we would not be there with him! I’ll take that move again, ANY DAY! You are right on, though–we need to pick a lineup, and stick with it! Like Julia, I also liked this lineup.
Rooster7, Lester’s pitched better, esp. since April, than his record indicates. It is not Lester’s problem when the Sox don’t score–it is simply his loss! Garry, I suspect you are right about what Tito said to Lester, and Lester likely simply said, “YES, SIR!”–and went out and did it. Great outing by him at the right time.
We are keeping the momentum going after that first nerve-wracking win. After that, we are in position to sweep the Jays–if Cabrera doesn’t throw at anyone’s head! (You got that memo, right, Cabrera?!)
Good to see the tornadoes bypassed the stadium. I hope Ginny will be OK, since she is next in the line of fire. I’m glad they didn’t have to stop the game, but it would not have surprised if they’d had to. Paul’s right–you don’t mess around with those tornado warnings!
Great game, Lester! Keep the offense going, guys! GO SOX!

Good win, SOX! Keep it going against the Yankees! GO SOX!
Julia, Dad’s holding up fine. He should be back in form in another couple days! Mother’s practically back to normal–it just took a little longer than she had wished! THANKS!

The SAWX looked good tonite. Solid. Except for the 3-4-5 hitters. Thankfully there was J.D. Drew…. just thought you all might get a kick out of this, but a group of Sox fans here in Texas meet at the Ballpark in Arlington from time to time and watch the Sox play (on the big screen) at the Home Run Grill in the upper right field deck — even during Ranger games! And I’ve got the laptop fired up so I can say hello to the Nation on Ian’s blog and to the in-laws in Boston. The locals find this quite annoying, but they’re respectful — as good baseball fans are. We are drawing quite a few odd looks, probably because of the Wild Card race (usually we don’t even get a second glance, except for when a large group of us depart or arrive at the same time–Sox gear en force). We just finished watching Lester’s gem and now we’ve turned our attention to what’s going on outside the glass…. 9 to 1 Rangers here in the 6th. C-mon Sox! The Rangers are playing well. We need a 4 game sweep this weekend to match the one we just had! Looks like the O’s are taking care of the Rays tonite. To our Boston friends: The family and I will be at Fenway for the ChiSox series. G’nite Nation.

Garry, I hope Tazawa plays out well, but I am still cautious on him. I still think he’s been brought up too soon, and that we had better options to bring up. An opposing minor league player said Tazawa reminded him of “a junior Dice-K”. That did not exactly inspire confidence in him for me! I hope I’m wrong!
Congrats again to Dustin and Kelli! I hope Rem-Dawg does well in his gradual return to the booth–both tomorrow, and down the road! Take care of yourself, Rem-Dawg!
Take care all! GO SOX!

Hey, Jim M.! How ya doing?
I hope to be on more for the game tomorrow! Take care, all! GO SOX!

GREG – Glad to hear that your parents are doing well!

Jimmaynard- have a great time at the games!!!! It is a great time to be here in Boston!!!!

Just heard from Ginny! They have ended the tornado warnings in her area. Now just heavy rain and thunderstorms. There could be more tomorrow.

Good night all! Let’s get ready to BEAT THE YANKEES!!!!!

I just did some online stat checking. Since being traded Julio Lugo is batting .436 with 16 home runs and 68 RBI. He credits his resurgence(actually surgence, since he was never very good to begin with, but I digress) to the fact that the St. Louis fans don’t break out laughing and quoting your satires every time he walks on the field. Things that make me go Hmmmmm…..

*****NEW THREAD- AGAIN!!!!*************

Hi Erika, Thanks for the new thread…
and Ian… we must have missed that time off request!! lol

I was really impressed with the way that Lester settled in after the 1st inning. What Frank Viola was saying about a pitcher/catcher getting used to each other had not crossed my mind. Possibly why Beckett had a less than stellar outing on Tuesday. But Lester did what Beckett didnt (I’m not bashing Josh), he settled down and made the pitches that he needed to. How big were the 8 that he pitched with the Pinstripes coming in to the glorious dame we know as Fenway Park?? Absolutely HUGE!!!! The pen is rested and ready to roll.
Kudo’s to JD for going deep TWICE!!! Way to go JD DREW!!! Everyone contributed one way or another. Oh.. and that almost game ending almost double play??? HEY DAVE!!!! SEE OUR NEW/OLD SHORTSTOP!!!?? NO CURSE!!!

So we grab a 1/2 game back in the division,keep the one game lead in the wildcard and head home.
Really good game by all!!!
Can someone tell me something?? I keep hearing references to something that Orsillo said about Dustin and the babys birth the other night, but I didnt hear what was said. Fill me in someone??
I’m glad that Remy is back tomorrow night. But I have to say that if a fill in is ever needed again, they need look no further than Frank Viola. I really enjoyed him in the booth. Nice banter between him and Orsillo and very knowledgeable. Thanks Frank… Thanks to all for sitting in for the RemDawg!!! I can’t wait to hear him say “Buenos Noches Amigo’s” The “Amic-er strike zone” Okajim-er and Pedroi-er!!!
Night Nationers!! see y’all in the a.m.
Talk later Jules!!!

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