Sox have swagger back as rivalry resumes

Hey all. I’m back from a nice respite and ready to dig back into the box for a little Red Sox-Yankees. Erika Gilbert did a fine job filling in the last three days.

How much better do the Red Sox feel about this matchup with the Yankees then they did on Aug. 6, when they had just been swept in Tampa Bay and seemed to be falling apart at the seams?

Now, the Sox are feeling like the Sox again. This is because they are hitting again. Jason Bay has his groove back. So does Big Papi. Victor Martinez has had his ever since his arrival. And J.D. Drew seemed to find a spot in the batting order — eighth — where he just might torment opposing pitchers.

We all remember the debaccle in New York two weekends ago, when your hometown heroes lost four in a row. While some feared it was 2006 all over again, this team has a lot more going for it then that ’06 team.

Quick refresher: This team has Beckett-Lester, which might be the best 1-2 punch in the game in the moment. That team didn’t have anything like that. This team also has a loaded bullpen, something the Red Sox didn’t have in ’06.

Division or Wild Card, I’m not sure it matters. What matters is that the Red Sox are feeling good about themselves again, and just in time.

Penny vs. Pettitte on Friday, that’s a pretty even matchup. Tazawa vs. Burnett is an obvious advantage for the Yankees. Then, Sunday Night Baseball features one of the best pitching matchups of 2009. It is Josh Beckett vs. CC Sabathia.

Buckle up. These next three days should be wild.

And a very warm welcome back to the broadcast booth to Jerry Remy. The Rem Dawg maks his return on Friday night, adding even more electricity to what should already be a great atmosphere.

All for now.



Once again, late in the season the Sox come together as a team and start to play well. I wonder if Tito has anything to do with it; my vote is YES. It seems every year, this year more than most, that the team goes through some trauma only to emerge on the other side stronger. It will be a fun ride the rest of the way. Go Sox!!

“Lightning in a bottle”

Great to see that the hitting appears to have returned. I’m still reserving my enthusiam to see what happens against NY this weekend, and then how the Sox do against TB as well. Sox played well against the Jays, but the Jays were simply brutal too. Lousy fielding, poor hitting (in the second and third game, at least) and poor pitching…even from Doc. The Jays have really gone into the tank since losing Rolen and Rios–both those guys used to clobber us.

Does anyone know what the deal was on why Rolen wanted out of Toronto? And why Cincinnati of all places? He must have really wanted out of Toronto.

Pettitte always gives us fits, seems to pitch his best against Boston. Asking a lot for a rookie in the second game. I am going to take Beckett in the last game, he is a money pitcher.
Rem Dawg is BACK!!
I have a feeling the bullpens are going to be the difference in this series.
One game at a time.
Last 2 games were pitching gems, you see its execution of pitches, not who is behind the dish.

Lester is one of the best LHPs in MLB. No question about it. Lester?s performance is far better than his record shows. Remind of Francona?s comment on Smoltz. lol
The Jays played like it was the last game of the season. When was the last time you saw a pitcher threw a live ball away? A case of ?mental cramp?.
The Jays plan to shut down Brett Cecil whose only ML losses were to the Red Sox. The RSN should petition the Jays to keep Cecil until after the next Jays-Sox series. lol
I still think Lester should pitch the series opener against the Yankees. The Sox would still win if Penny pitched last night.

Ron Kelly….

Rolen has problems everywhere he goes. He’ll be on another three or four teams before his career is over. Of course it’s never Rolen’s fault. Francona managed Rolen and from what I have read, Rolen actually likes Francona. Then again most players like Francona.


I’m with you regarding Francona when tough times hit. Francona NEVER panics, one of his many strengths. He keeps his players together. When I was growing up ( still not growing up ) whenever the Red Sox hit a bad patch, that team was done and the players would rip the manager privately. You would always here about anonymous’ players ripping on management/coaches but those days are over! Also whenever a player leaves Boston now ( trade, free agency, released ) they say nothing but good things. That was NEVER the case over the years. Francona treats them like men.

Game 1 of this series is HUGE for the Red Sox. I think Boston will crush Pettitte tonight. Penny’s only start against the Yankees at Fenway was excellent! 3 and 2 Brad Penny as Rooster7 likes too say on here. Great line. Both teams bullpen’s are well rested and this weekend should be fun. If Boston wins (2) more games they will take the season series from the Yankees. In other words…All tie breakers go to Boston!

From Last night…..
Hi Erika, Thanks for the new thread…
and Ian… we must have missed that time off request!! lol

I was really impressed with the way that Lester settled in after the 1st inning. What Frank Viola was saying about a pitcher/catcher getting used to each other had not crossed my mind. Possibly why Beckett had a less than stellar outing on Tuesday. But Lester did what Beckett didnt (I’m not bashing Josh), he settled down and made the pitches that he needed to. How big were the 8 that he pitched with the Pinstripes coming in to the glorious dame we know as Fenway Park?? Absolutely HUGE!!!! The pen is rested and ready to roll.
Kudo’s to JD for going deep TWICE!!! Way to go JD DREW!!! Everyone contributed one way or another. Oh.. and that almost game ending almost double play??? HEY DAVE!!!! SEE OUR NEW/OLD SHORTSTOP!!!?? NO CURSE!!!

So we grab a 1/2 game back in the division,keep the one game lead in the wildcard and head home.
Really good game by all!!!
Can someone tell me something?? I keep hearing references to something that Orsillo said about Dustin and the babys birth the other night, but I didnt hear what was said. Fill me in someone??
I’m glad that Remy is back tomorrow night. But I have to say that if a fill in is ever needed again, they need look no further than Frank Viola. I really enjoyed him in the booth. Nice banter between him and Orsillo and very knowledgeable. Thanks Frank… Thanks to all for sitting in for the RemDawg!!! I can’t wait to hear him say “Buenos Noches Amigo’s” The “Amic-er strike zone” Okajim-er and Pedroi-er!!!
Night Nationers!! see y’all in the a.m.
Talk later Jules!!!


Lester is one of the best pitchers in m.l.b. not just lefties. Among everyone.

Rooster. While it is not ALL about who is catching, you might want to ask that question of Jodh Beckett.. and also ask Lester, who all but had the shakes in the 1st last night but recovered really well..

a Brian: Agree that is Francona’s strength in bringing the team togther when they were down, kind of like Father O’Malley. OK, Lester is one of the best pitchers in mlb.
Theo almost traded away Buckie and the company for Doc Halladay. JP must be kicking himself for balking the trade. Can’t blame Theo for not trying to get Halladay. I am glad Buckie is with Red Sox.
The Sox have to score at least 5 runs to win tonight.

LAD seem to be running away in the NL West. Not any more, the Rockies are only 3.5 games out and in the wc lead. Are you thinking what I am thinking? 2007?

moanin all…….well here we go…a late season match with the evil empire….im thinkin theres gonna be some firewroks here….i hope somethin happens similiar to teks face mash of limp rod…the sox are on the cusp of a serious run or nose dive….signs point to a scorching run…to be honest …if the bats produce what they should it wont matter if our 3-4-5 pitchers are average….i wish tito would move bay out of that 5 spot….he just doesnt make enough contact to be in the 5 hole….now i like bay alot ppl….but no way would i give him what he wants in the off season….hes worth 10 mill max…period…i think the sox will run at signin holliday….better defense and doesnt have prolonged slumps…as for rt now ….i would have mikey or yuke in the 5 hole….my line up would be this….jake,pedey,drew,vmart,yuke,mikey,bay,papi,gonzo…..this hinges on drew producin….yes i think nancy is ready to break out….im gonna shock you guys here…..i would like to shake titos hand and give him a hug for tellin nancy to buck up and play when he asked out of a game a few days ago….now that how u manage tito….u earned my respect for the time being….make that paper mache’ plr earn his money or get packin…..helluva job tito…..this weekend isnt the time to save the BP either….pls tito have a short hook buddy….we have bowden and timmy who could come back if needed….go sox……time for a stankee BBQ…..JUDGE

Hi All!

Talk to you later Ellen!!

I like the feel of the team coming into this series against the Yankees! The boys are playing with fire in their belly! I agree bosoxbrian – I think Penny will do well against the Yankees tonight and AJ is going to have a TOUGH night! Our bullpen is well rested so that is a big plus!

Be back later – GO RED SOX!!! WHOO HOOO!!!

Starting Lineups for the Yankees
2b – Nick Green
ss – Julio Lugo
3b – Julio Lugo
DH – Johnny Pesky
RF – 007Chow Andrew himself.
LF – Bill Lee
CF – Terry Francona
C – John Farrell
1b – Julia
P – Dustin Pedroia
Terry Francona said he wanted to shake things up a bit.

Me at first base? Hmm… this is for the Yankees? Okay – then; that will help them lose!!!

Hey – I have an unusual request – I know some of the regular readers here are from the west coast – one of my fellow bloggers – his daughter is missing from the Colorado area. Any of you that live out there could you check out his blog:

In case you see her. Thanks and prayers to his family. It is every parent’s worse nightmare.

Potent lineup!! Start printing WS tickets. WS MVP Julio Lugo.

I posted the link on my facebook profile. I know a family from Colorado that will certainly be on the lookout. My older daughter shares the same first name so it certainly hits home with me.
It certainly is a potent lineup. John Farrell himself said he’ll show how to pick off runners by aiming for the left field fence to show him his arm strength.

Julio is hitting 319 for the Red Birds and the Sox are paying his salary for the next two years. The baseball has been berry berry goood to Julio.

Dave – thank you do much for doing that! I think for any of us who are parents this is the worse thing we could ever imagine happening.

Dave- I have a question about the lineup – will we get an unlimited supply of bubblegum?? And what about “beverages” for between innings?

Bowden is recalled and Tek may head to the DL. That can be a disguised blessing for the Sox.

My friend April responded that she’ll see what she can do. She lives in Colorado.
I talked to Tito and he says instead, there will be an unlimited supply of blueberries due to the high antioxidant properties of blueberries.
There has been a late scratch from the lineup thought.

tarting Lineups for the Yankees
2b – Nick Green
ss – Julio Lugo
3b – Julio Lugo
DH – Dennis Eckersley
RF – 007Chow Andrew himself.
LF – Bill Lee
CF – Terry Francona
C – John Farrell
1b – Julia
P – Dustin Pedroia
diaper boy – tcd133

NEWS FLASH….THIS JUST IN…..its being reported in ny that a strange package was delivered to a -rods house ….the exterior of the package was labeled EXTENZ….MUST BE WHY HE IS REFERRED TO AS LIMPROD…..i thought is was for his weak and non existant play off stats…..updates will be available as they pop up….lol judge

Dave – okay – the blueberries will work. Will Eck be bringing gas, salad and hairy balls with him? Just need to prepare myself.

And thank your friend April for me Dave.

So Tek to the DL? THANK GOD for V-Mart!!!!!

In case Dave’s lineup doesn’t work – I hear that this might be an option:

Red Sox
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, C
4. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
5. Jason Bay, LF
6. David Ortiz, DH
7. Mike Lowell, 3B
8. J.D. Drew, RF
9. Alex Gonzalez, SS
— Brad Penny, RHP

1. Derek Jeter, SS
2. Johnny Damon, LF
3. Mark Teixeira, 1B
4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
5. Hideki Matsui, DH
6. Jorge Posada, C
7. Robinson Cano, 2B
8. Nick Swisher, RF
9. Melky Cabrera, CF
— Andy Pettitte, LHP

I like Dave’s lineup better though for the Yankees!

Bowden is recalled and Fernando Cabrera is sent back to Pawtucket. Like the kid Fernando.
Ellsbury should run on Posada easily.

Another adventure with tcd133.
It was a quiet afternoon in tcd133’s life. He was at the malt shop sipping on ice cream floats. His other friend Ralph was with him.
“So it’s like I said, “said tcd133. “Here I was going to the bathroom and it came out…white!”
“Golly tcd133. That’s creepy. ”
“Ya, “said tcd133. “It was like the time I played my Archies records backwards and they sounded backwards.”
“Oh man…do you think the Monkee records do the same thing?”
A pause.
“Wow that’s like scary and all.”
A pause.
“Anyway. my mommy caught me and said I was using my body as an amusement park!”
“wow, “said Ralph. “What does she mean by that?’
“Golly gee I don’t know. I haven’t seen her this upset since I put up those C.C. Sebastian/Burnett posters.”
“Why’d she get upset over that?’
“That was the last time it came out white!”
A pause.
“Gee is it cancer?’
“I think so. I’m going to the doctor on Monday. Oh man what if I die!”
A pause.
“I’ll sure miss you. You sure know how to hate those Red Sox fans. You’re swell.”
“You’re swell too Ralph. Maybe later I can come over and we can watch the Partridge family. That would be groovy!”
“Oh Daddy O’ I love it…and then we can watch the Brady Bunch as well. Golly swell cool. We can use our Easy-Bake oven and make marsh mellows. !”
They both high five each other!
“Man you’re the best!”
“Me too, “said tcd133
They left and went home to explore more adventures. What a swell day.

That was swell Dave!😉

This just in – we have tornado warnings across most of Massachusetts until 9pm tonight. The Red Sox can not get away from them!!! I’ll keep you updated on the weather!


Julia: Tek is not to the DL as earlier reported. Tek will catch the next 2 days.
They DFA’ed Cabrera to make room for Bowden. I like the kid Fernando.

Dave, I know you are just goofin’ around, but cancer…thats nothing to even joke about….

Can we joke about high blood pressure? How about mental retardation? Think of the amount of “retard” you have to have to post on the site of a team you dislike, talking to people you dislike. Get a life, tcd! But don’t stop posting here. I think Dave has found his new Lugo.

Fernando Cabrera for Billy Wagner?

Thanks 007!

Hi Ellen! How’s it going?

The weather here? Not looking so good right now. I will keep you posted – AND if I suddenly disappear from the internet – it is weather related – and I’ll get back as soon as I can!!

Hey Jules… Total screwup of a day..
I’m on my way out the door to “strike” fear into the hearts and minds of my opposing bowlers… Back later..

Good luck bowling Ellen!

So – the Red Sox have claimed Billy Wagner from the Mets off waivers? Is he better then Cabrera???

Nederland is not too far from where I live. Maybe 40 minutes. It’s a little mountain town in Boulder County. I haven’t heard anything about a young woman missing up there. I’ll keep my eyes open, though.

Thanks ARNIE! It is the daughter of one of my fellow bloggers here. From reading the info on the police flier – she is involved with some not so nice people and there is the potential that she has been abducted. Just getting the word out will help!

Dave F.

Thanks for the laugh. I think that story might have been one of your better one’s. Great stuff!


Billy Wagner was a solid closer ( when healthy he threw 100 m.p.h. ) but he is another of Theo’s Walmart projects ( Miller, Colon, Smoltz ) maybe Wagner could help sometime in 2010. Personally I wouldn’t do it. These low risk..high reward signings haven’t worked out for the Red Sox over the years. Only one I can think of only one that worked out and that was Saberhagen but he was signed by Dan Duquette. Sorry for mentioning Duquette’s name on here folks. lol.

I do like the news that Bowden is with the Red Sox. So far so good for him in the big leagues. Bowden would be used only to start an inning. With Bowden he can go mulitple innings, something the Red Sox don’t have.

Thanks Brian – I am getting worried about the “revolving door” of players. We need some stability with the team if we are going to make it to the playoff!

Almost game time! No rain/storms yet – but I don’t know if we can get the whole game in.

REM-DAWG is in the house!!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!! WELCOME BACK!!!!!

GREAT!! We have the “fail hats” on! It is getting really dark here in metro-west. I’m worried about the weather for the game.


“Oh may Johnny Damon is my groovy hero. I’m gonna invite him over and we can read Dennis the Menace and play jacks…in my MOM’s ATTIC…you guys think I’m so immature!”

“And I have to say unless you hate the Red Sox I’ll hold my breath till I like turn blue or something so there! Got you guys now!
Now if I can just find my sippy cup”

Penny got a little help with Damon…..


“#$#F Junkie Damon but don’t worry. We’ll kill you all! Ya…show you. I’ll shoot rubber darts at you like I do with my cat against the diaper aliens that attack me at night!”

“Julia…Yankees ROCK and I hate you and I’m gonna make sure you can’t watch Barnie at your house. Show you how tough I can be. Go Yankees….aw crap I wet my pants again.”

“MOm…where’s my pullups!”

He won’t find his sippy cup Dave – I hid it! lol!

PENNY!! STOP THIS!!! thank you A-Gonz! He saved a run!!

“Ya maybe I have bladder problems but Penny has coin problems…get it! Ha…I tell smart jokes!”

“Ya maybe I have bladder problems but Penny has money problems…get it! Ha…I tell smart jokes!
Hey…why does 6 hate 7…because 7 hates 9. Get it!…ah I don’t!”

Is it too early to have someone warming up in the pen????

#$#$#$ Penny. You are one walking hole in the head.

Well, here we go again. Penny’s Parade around the bases, and it would be a lot worse if he wasn’t the benefactor of a couple of bad third strike calls on Damon and Matsui. If he’s lucky he gets to the 5th inning, but the Sox could already be out of it by then. The Sox have to answer back right away to stay in this game.

Let’s get them back QUICK!!! We have to hit Pettitte early & often….especially if Penny stays in! Our kingdom for a PITCHER!!!!

Damon is out of the game….he hurt himself…

PENNY needs to come out NOW!!!


Ian via Twitter:

Ellsbury steal home against Pettitte again to break the record? I’m thinking not, but imagine if he did.

Nice job V-Mart! We got one back!! COME ON YOUK!!!!

Penny – we beg of you – please do not give up any more runs!!! please!!!

Pouring in Sudbury! Heading towards Boston??

Odds on Cabrera stealing set at 9:1

If so, its only about 10 mins away.

Here we go round the mulberry bush……………………….

PLEASE get Penny out!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not soon enough dg…not soon enough…

Hopefully our good friend Eric Henski will help us out here — I wish the SOX (who brag about their farm system every day) would start trusting it, and quit doing bargin basemen shopping for pitchers — it really hasn’t panned out for us — even once.

This is going to be horrible — get him out — now — or please start raining.

Gee Coach, I don’t understand. Every time I throw it over the plate, they clobber it…….. What’s up with that?

Over under 5-1 by then top of the 2nd?

We want Bowden!! We want Bowden!!

To be fair — the Yanks are getting some really lucky hits! but we are getting are apparently getting our money’s worth — wit all puns intended.

For the love of god…..GET PENNY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe we need to get beat 19-8 to wake us up?

Time for Penny to DFA’s and follow Smoltz to the promised land in the National League.

Penny is throwing batting practice.

Bowden is up AND PENNY BETTER NOT COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matsui was robbed. That was a mammoth home run at Yankee Stadium

So you bring in Bowden and you foreit tomorrow nights game — cause you know Tazaw is not likely to last much longer.

So – any one for Frank Viola taking to the mound?

BAY!! NOT WHAT WE NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DGN: This has nothing to do with the Sox as a team …. this one is all on Penny …… he’s just awful and has been most of the year. He was 7-3 at one point. Now he’s 7-7 and heading down a steep hill.

Garry, yes, but SOX always try to rehab pitchers for bargain prices (when others are passing), name one that has worked out: Gagne, Penny, Smoltz, Houston pitcher?, Johnson, Clement, KC pitcher, and others?, and the list goes on. Whoever is behind all this should stop.

If the Wagner rumor is true, it just shows nothing has changed. Somebody in the front office is not as smart as they like are presented.

Brad Penny’s gotta go…..

I guess the Sox management should consider putting Penny on the trading block, particularly if they can package him in a deal to get somebody to contribute to the rest of the season. Penny had nothing today. Perhaps Tito should have pulled him right away. Giving up six runs is a deep hole to get out of but— we can do it, so long as we hold the Yanks down.

Really having trouble posting again tonite, anyone else?

So how about Eck or El Tiante?

I saw today where the Sox are interested in Billy Wagner. Penny for Wagner.

So..are we all having fun yet? Beverage time!!!

This is brutal. Send Penny to the Cardinals.

I think Francona is playing for the mercy rule.

How much better is the Sox infield with Gonzo at short? Man, what a difference.

Gonzo has made a HUGE difference Garry! It’s nice not to cringe every time our Shortstop touches the ball.


RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That breaking ball from Pettitte is a killer!

Bad decision by Pedroia!!! Can’t take chances 5 runs down!!!

Somebody has got to coach Pedey on his base-running — he does this too much.

Memo to Pedey – You are NOT as fast as Ellebury – DEAL WITH IT!!!!

Texas is losing to the Rays right now.

is there some small, undeveloped country we can send Penny to?

AND why didn’t this Penny show up the first two innings???????


…just weren’t meant to win this game.

Back to focussing on the WC. In the meantime, hopefully we’ve seen the last of Brad Penny, he’s pretty much a “John Smoltz” (i.e., a certain loss).

In HINDSIGHT !! –I wonder why they didn’t let Penny pitch against the Jays and saved Lester for the Yanks. You’d think they would haved saved their best for the Yanks.– just like Gerardi did!!!

Hi all. Just checked in and don’t like what is going on here! Brad Penny was a disaster. Hey Julia, I like your idea of a beverage about now. Perhaps a bit of a stiff one!

C’mon Sox it’s still early. Let’s get some runs!!!!!

How in hell were lucky enough to get this tcd133 troll on this blog? It is tought enough in a game like this without putting up with some bottom-feeder on the site. What an introduction for Bowden!

Even the posting on this site is awful! What more can go wrong here?

well, the good news is at least one of TB and TEX have to lose tonight. the bad news is the other one has to win.

I don’t know what it is but the Sox have a difficult time with Pettitte. That has always been the case over the years and it remains that way tonight. I thought going into the game, the bats would have been alive tonight. They beat Halladay the other night and I thought the momentum would carry into tonight.

Penny is throwing meatballs! It’s about time Penny is taken out.

If I was francona I’d just leave him in for the rest of the game. why waste the pen, this game is lost. all brad penny is good for at this point is to take a bullet for the team.

Tito finally woke up. Hopefully Bowden can hold them without the hole getting deeper!!!. The Sox shouldn’t give up. There are a lot more innings!!!

Great, wasting Bowden tonight means we drop two more to the Yanks — I just hope it doesn’t but the SOX in another tail-spin, we need to prove we can beat a hot team with our best pitchers.

I don’t know why Francona didn’t align the pitching better for this series. He easily could have. They must be playing to stay ahead of TB and not to beat the Yankees.

Are we having fun yet??

The stadium needs to start chanting 2004!, 2004, 2004

over…and out.

See you all 2-morrow.

Anyone for Tex making a difference behind the plate — not this big?

That’s the ballgame folks!

Even if Lester pitched tonight, this team can’t hit the Yankees! I never thought that would be the case this year but the facts are the facts.

We have Beckett on Sunday AND Tek should be back!

And I agree on the pitching dg.

V-Mart is having a lot of problems behind the plate tonight.

SO… we get this all out of our system tonight?????

Bowden has to eat innings tonight!!!!

Well – this has been FUN!!!!!

Is Kevin Morton warming up? Jeff Sellers? Brian Rose?

I might call it a night – at least from the game…sigh……

If I was Girardi, I would grab a bat. It’s fun time for N.Y. tonight.

Is Baldelli what we needed to get the rally started????

BRING THEM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ELLS!!! We scored two runs!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!

8 more runs and were tied!!!

via Ian on Twitter:

Does this remind anyone of that 19-8 game in the 2004 ALCS? #yankees v #redsox

Penny’s line for tonight –

Penny Line tonight: 4ip, 10h, 8r, 8er, 1bb, 4so. –No HRs given up!!! He’s getting better. (You have got to be kidding me)

Make that 11 runs……

OMG!!! Bases loaded – no one OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tcd – did the other Yankee fans kick you off of their sites? Or are you a closet Red Sox fan?

Make that 9. So nice of the Yankees to walk in a run!

See that’s the difference between “fans” like you tcd and real fans – we don’t hate. Maybe when you grow up you’ll learn the difference. I won’t hold my breath though. “fans” like you are a dime a dozen. pity.

MCD – shut them down!

Until we clean up this site – you all know where to find me!


There was a Wedding at Fenway tonight during the game!

Unless you are older then I am – which I doubt tcd – you have no idea what it means to be a fan. I have been a Red Sox fan through a lot of bad times and the recent good times. Actually I have been a fan of ALL Boston sports for decades. So sorry – this girl will NEVER cross over to the dark side. Unlike you – I am true to the core through the good times and the bad. I wonder – have you recovered yet from the Yankees being the greatest choke artist in the history of professional sports? Or is that why you hid away in mommy & daddy’s attic?

Thanks for the welcome ellenc. Great game today. Tazawa pitched well and the offense came through wtth 2 outs 13 times. Tomorrow night’s game is on ESPN. Great time slot. It should be the game of the week. Only problem is John Miller and Joe Morgon. He has got to be the biggest anti Red Sox guy around. I don’t think I’m alone with that. To bad the game isn’t on NESN with Orsillo and Remy. Great to have the “Rem Dawg” back. Go Sox

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