Wake starting Wednesday; What about Penny?

Tim Wakefield will reclaim his spot in the rotation on Wednesday at Fenway against the White Sox. What about Brad Penny?

That remains to be seen. Manager Terry Francona said that the team told Brad Penny he’s got to “kind of hang tight a little bit.”

To me, that means the club is waiting to see how Tazawa does today. If Tazawa has a good outing, perhaps he will start Thursday. If not, maybe they give Penny another shot.

Varitek is behind the plate today, with Victor Martinez playing first and Youk over at third.


Oh…my….Penny could be back….okay- that doesn’t make me feel warm & fuzzy….sigh….GO TAZAWA!!!! But even if he does great today – does that mean he is ready to be a regular starter???

And Happy 70th Birthday to #8 – Yaz!!

Via the Boston Globe on Twitter:

Tito on Tazawa: “We were thinking about sending him home early, so he wouldn’t have to watch [last night].” #redsox

Personally I think Boston should let Penny go. Have someone pick him up at Fenway and drive him to Logan Airport and have take him a jet plane far away! The guy is useless! He is another of Theo’s Walmart deals that hasn’t worked out. I think these Walmart projects need to stop! High reward low risk signings they are called. High reward…dream on! Low risk….It has turned out to be high risk because he pitches every 5th day in the rotation and he hurts the Red Sox when he pitches.

Thank heaven Wakefield returns to the rotation. I think this break will help Wakefield. His body can only take so much during (1) season. He isn’t getting any younger.

Hey Ellen – are we getting a pregame cheer today???



I’ll join you Brian!!



Damon is out today and might be out again tomorrow.

Tazawa better bring that Little League fastball down or it’s going to be a long day.

Happy 70th Yaz. Hard to believe he’s 70.

Tek -settle him in – you can do it.

If he hits the fly ball Drew caught against the bullpen wall a foot farther last night, he would have had 11 RBI’s.

Garry – I’ve blocked last night from my memory! LOL!!!

I was talking about Matsui of course.

I grew up Watching Yaz play Garry – makes me feel old.

Julia, all my golf buddies are Yankee fans. I have to buy them coffee and donuts this morning so they would keep their mouths shut. Needless to say, it didn’t work. I took a lot of grief.

Garry – one of my Yankee blogger friends told me this morning that he is not holding out much hope for the Yankees today. He says that they never play well in the game after they score a ton of runs. I hope he is right. And yes, I understand the grief…..


V-Mart keeps the party rolling! GO RED SOX!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!!

That radar gun at Fenway is screwed up. There’s no way Tazawa is throwing low to mid 90’s and no way Burnett is at 97.

ORTIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!! Strike first!!! Strike early & often!!!!!

Wow, it’s very possible I could be faster than Victor Martinez. He just snuck by that tag attempt by Posada.

LOL! Papi was a blur coming around third.

Ortiz beat the throw home! You have GOT to love it!!!

Garry – the Fox announcers said that Tazawa was throwing in the upper 80s – that sounds more like it.

A.J. Burnett threw 24 pitches in the first inning – we need to keep his pitch count up

Memo to Yankees – Bay knows how to play left-field!

Typical Burnett, when things go south he doesn’t buckle down. That is why I would never ever want him. Burnett has “ace” stuff but he’ll never be an “ace”.

Great 1st inning by the Red Sox. It might have been there best of the year.

Boston’s bats better be swinging away because the Yankees will hit this kid Tazawa. I know the Red Sox are high on Tazawa but I’ll take Masterson over him any day of the week.

Nobody has played that wall better than Yaz but nobody plays that wall worse than Hinske. Then again, Yaz at the age of 70 could play it better than Hinske.

The Yankees are having some excellent swings on Tazawa. He really needs to get the ball down and away from these hitters …… and he needs to get his breaking pitch, which looks like a pretty good one, over for strikes.

Freaking McCarver must have read my post….. LOL!

Hey Brad, hang tight today……. then we’ll tell you that you’ve been canned.

Happy BD to Yaz, he was my favorite player when I was a kid. I have a postcard of him from about 1970 that he signed, “Dear Ron, Best Wishes, Carl Yastrzemski”. I wonder if he remembers?

Hi Ron – Yaz was my favorite player growing up also.

So far so good! Tazawa has been better then Penny – but even he has a way to go. We just need to keep getting to AJ and putting runs on the board.

Second time around the order will be interesting for Tazawa. The Yanks are getting some great swings against him but so far they have nothing to show for it. Tazawa has an above average splitter but other than that average stuff. The Yanks look frustrated and Tazawa looks amazed that he hasn’t given up a run yet.

Walpole Joe still looks the same. Morgan Magic will always be remembered. What a great summer 1988 was.

Anything Gonzalez does at the plate is an added bonus.

WOW!! A shortstop who can field AND hit! Who knew they existed!!!

Brian – wouldn’t it have been nice if Fox Sports actually had a headset so we could have heard Joe Morgan?

8 straight games for the Red Sox with mulitiple H.R.’s. I love the 3 run homer. Earl Weaver’s favorite.


I agree that they should have given a headset to Morgan for an inning. Then again Yankee fans would have been crying about that. lol. Hard too believe Morgan’s Magic was 21 years ago. That summer I never thought the Red Sox were going to lose.

Wow – AJ does NOT look good today!


Filthy pitch to A-Rod on 3-2… Tawaza looks to be confident

Filthy pitch to A-Rod on 3-2… Tazawa looks to be confident

WOW!! 7-0 Red Sox after two! Great HR by Youk! He made up for that pop up in the first!

I’m with everyone here on Tazawa. He has to keep the ball down, or eventually those long fly balls are going to be going over the fence. Yankees have been getting good wood on the ball, I’m afraid that a seven run lead with this guy on the mound isn’t going to be enough.

via twitter:

Burnett at Fenway this year: 8.2 IP, 19 H, 18 ER, 10 BB, 6 K, 5 HR. And one of his virtues was that he pitched well against Boston.

I think getting Jeter to start this inning a huge for Tazawa. It’s a real confidence booster. He needs to pitch ahead in the count.

Can’t keep pitching into 3-1 counts with the Yankees. That 7-0 could disappear quickly.

NICE!!! Getting Jeter & A-Rod was HUGE for Tazawa’s confidence! Great inning! MORE RUNS BOYS!!!

Tazawa has a very nice breaking pitch. I’d like to see him get it down a little, but Rodriguez had no chance. Amazingly, that’s the same pitch A-Rod hit over 400 feet in that 15 inning game.

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to check in with the Sox and my friends on Brownie Points. Nice score today. 7 to zip! Somehow Tazawa is getting it done. Go Sox. Happy b-day Yaz. Like a lot of you, Yaz was my favorite when I was a kid. Go Sox!! OK, gotta go work. Take care.

Hi Arnie! The game is feeling so much better right now then it did last night! Take care and have fun at work! I bet whatever you’re working on will be delicious!

Come on Tazawa! Settle in! Sorry – I’m working on dinner also so I’m running back and forth to the kitchen – mixed grill tonight!

You know – he isn’t perfect – but Tazawa is finding a way to get it done! And having Tek behind the plate makes ALL the difference!

Don’t feel old, Julia, I grew up watching the end of Ted’s career.
This Tazawa kid is a pleasant surprise!

Personally I think Varitek gets too much credit when a guy like Tazawa pitches well but when a pitcher gets smoked, Varitek doesn’t get any blame. Why is that? What has Varitek done with Penny? Absolutely nothing! Varitek is a good catcher but he gets wayyyyy too much credit when things go well with this pitching staff.

Tazawa has surprised me. I thought going into the game he would have given up (5) runs by the 4th inning. Burnett getting smoked doesn’t surprise me. The Red Sox have had alot of good swings this week.

Brian – I think Tek is great with the younger players – that’s why I think we need to tie him up to work with our young pitchers in the majors and in our farm system. Penny? He is too far along in his career and I think he doesn’t really listen to anyone.

Jeter’s fly ball may have been close to a HR at Yankee Stadium.

I was at Fenway when Yaz hit his 400th H.R. off of Mike Morgan. Yaz the last guy to hit for the triple crown, that will never happen again!

Alot of long outs for the Yankees but these fly balls stay in the park, unlike that bandbox in N.Y.

A.L. M.V.P.—Jeter winning the M.V.P. is like when Karl Malone won the M.V.P. in the N.B.A.


What did Varitek do with Buchholz last year??? I think his handling of the Sox staff is over-stated and over-rated! What did he do with Beckett in 2006??? Hansen??? I like Varitek but I think his time in Boston should come to and end this year. Then again I thought that last year.

I think any Yankee that hits over 30 H.R.’s this season, that’s like 20 H.R.’s in a regular park. Bonds on the juice, would hit 90 H.R.’s in that tiny park.

Brian, I think Tek might be the best defensive catcher in baseball as far as keeping balls in front of him is concerned. I generally think he calls a pretty good game, and for the most part, he is on the same page with his pitchers. I also think Red Sox pitchers rely on him for his calling of a game more than most pitchers on other teams rely on their catchers because of the time he spends preparing for games and his knowledge of opposing hitters. You don’t see pitchers shake off his calls very often. In most cases, I really believe that when a pitcher gets smoked, it’s not because of what the catcher calls, but because of the failure of the pitcher to execute properly. Most pitchers I think would probably agree with that.

We saw last night the impact a catcher who is not good defensively can have on a game as Martinez was pretty horrible behind the plate.

Tek takes a lot of chastising because of the number of steals he surrenders. No question, the old arm ain’t what it used to be, but I think over 90 percent of the steals given up by the Sox when he’s catching are on the pitchers, and not on Tek.

That’s the interesting one Brian – Buchholz does not appear to like Tek. He should only be caught by V-mart. Beckett? Look at his numbers from this year – He is AWFUL in his three starts when Tek did not catch for him! And wasn’t 2006 when Tek was hurt and missed a lot of the season? I agree, Tek’s time is coming to an end but you can not discount what he does for us behind the plate.

Garry – I agree with you on V-Mart. I thought he looked terrible behind the plate last night.

PAPI!!! WOW!!!


Let me get this one straight. If the pitcher pitches great, it’s all Varitek. If the pitcher gets smoked or hit hard, it’s all the pitchers fault. I disagree totally! The guy that gets credit shoule get blame as well. It goes both ways.

A.J. being A.J. lol. The Yankees have this guy for (4) more seasons. Good luck Yankee fans! Over 16 million per season.

Hi all. My usual check in. I have to admit that Big Pap may have gotten his stroke back! Good for him and the Sox. All cylinders are working today. GO SOX.

Buchholz has pitched very well lately and who is catching him? No props to Martinez, why is that? I’m not saying Martinez is better than Varitek behind the plate but I don’t think it goes both ways. Just my thoughts.

So far, so good! Always good to see Papi get one over! Let’s see how deep Tazawa can go…


I have NEVER got on Varitek for the baserunners. Anyone with (2) eyes can see most of the time it’s all stolen on the pitcher. I could crawl and steal a base on the Red Sox. I don’t know why more teams don’t run on the Red Sox. It’s almost a given, the runner will steal the base.

If Boston wins this game and (1) more the tie breaker goes to the Red Sox. Remember that folks.

I have to go feed my guys – I’ll be watching during dinner but not at the computer. Be back soon! GO RED SOX!!!

Here comes Farrell. 98 pitches so far…

Gonzalez absolutely flew threw that base turning two. it is a pleasure to watch him play SS

That should be it for Tazawa. A GREAT outing! Alot of good swings by the Yankees but they have nothing to show for it. It also looked like some Yankees were kept off-balance as the game got deeper.

What is Burnett’s e.r.a. at Fenway this year? He has gotten SMOKED in Boston this season, unlike season’s past with the Jays.

Let’s see if the BP can keep it under 9 in the remaining 3 innings. Happy Birthday, Yaz!

Hey all, I think I better sign-off — can’t believe the score — SOX are doing just great without me — has Tazawa been lights out or did the Yanks go to sleep — I certainly didn’t expect this at all?

McCarver always mentions Gibson and McCarver was fortunate to catch a guy like Gibson. I never saw Gibson pitch, ( I’m 37 ) but I wonder what a guy like Gibson would do during this time. In 1968…Gibson threw just over 304 innings…13 shutouts, only 38 earned runs, AMAZING!

I know there are some on here that get on Francona about certain decisions. I think at times Francona makes head scratching moves but this another time where Francona got the guys ready to play today. Last night’s game was just another loss, a tough loss for sure but Francona NEVER panics! When times are tough, that doesn’t seem to faze Francona.


Birthday greetings to Yaz. I had a friend in the Army from Berlin, NH who introduced me to the Boston Red Sox. Yaz was just a rookie then! Where has the time gone?

There are two guys on the Yankees that bother me. Burnett and Swisher. They act like they have done something really good in the big leagues.

If the Mets want to give Wagner to Boston, the Sox should get him. I’m guessing the Mets will want something good in return, if that’s the case I wouldn’t do the deal.

I like this kid who shows me the poise, confidence, and composure in a “must win” game before a national audience. The Yanks scored ALL the runs of the series in one game.
I still doubt whether the Yankee pitching will hold in September. The Sox let Pettitte get away last night. What if Lester pitched last night? There goes the shut out.
I say it again, Shut down Penny! ttyl


Time goes quick. I was at the game when Yaz hit his 400th H.R.—it seemed like yesterday. Eckersley got the win that night, 30 years ago!


I say adios to Penny. The hell with shutting him down. Get that bad karma on a jet plane!


The Yankees pitching could hold in September but it will not hold in October.

The Molina’s are now taken over third base. LOL….

Bard is looking good! I believe he has the potential to be another Josh Beckett. Tazawa was very impressive today. GO SOX.

Brian, I’m not saying that Tek should get the credit when a pitcher pitches a great game. He just calls the pitches, it’s the pitcher that has to execute. What I am saying is that I believe Sox pitchers rely on Tek to call a good game more than other pitching staffs rely on their catchers, and that’s what makes Tek unique. I do think his knowledge of opposing hitters is better than that of most catchers in baseball. People who give a catcher all the credit when a pitcher throws a good game, or jumps all over a catcher when a pitcher doesn’t perform well, just don’t know much about baseball, or pitching.

Brian, I’m not saying that Tek should get the credit when a pitcher pitches a great game. He just calls the pitches, it’s the pitcher that has to execute. What I am saying is that I believe Sox pitchers rely on Tek to call a good game more than other pitching staffs rely on their catchers, and that’s what makes Tek unique. I do think his knowledge of opposing hitters is better than that of most catchers in baseball. People who give a catcher all the credit when a pitcher throws a good game, or jumps all over a catcher when a pitcher doesn’t perform well, just don’t know much about baseball, or pitching.

Who is the better pitcher, Dice-K or Tazawa?

I think with Tazawa’s effort today, Penny is history.

Let’s see if the BP can keep it under 9 in the remaining 3 innings. Happy Birthday, Yaz!

I am back!

Tazawa did a lot better then I thought he would! I was impressed – he got himself out of jams. Please let us use him properly!!

You know – it being Yaz’s birthday – I think for a lot of us it brings back some great memories of our childhoods!

WOW!! According to Fox – 11 of the Red Sox 12 runs today have come with 2 outs in the inning! Is there any team that is better at scoring with 2 outs???

Boy, about the only thing that would have made this day better is if Yaz threw out the first pitch.

Thirteen 2 out RBIs might be a very good sign – particularly if they make it a habit!!!


I also think Varitek has lots of knowledge of the opposition and he is very much involved with the game plan. I just think that when a pitcher does well, he gets all the credit but when a pitcher doesn’t do well, he gets a free pass. That bothers me. That is all I am saying.

Tazawa pitched well today. Does Varitek deserve some credit? If Tazawa got drilled today. Everyone would see he wasn’t ready for the Yankees and Varitek gets a free pass. Lester does well as a youngster and Varitek gets credit for the way he handles Lester. Buchholz doesn’t do so well last year and everyone talks about the immature Buchholz. If Buchholz did well last season, those same people would talk about how great Varitek handles him. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Personally I think the best Red Sox lineup is when Lowell is at third, Youk at first and Martinez behind the dish. I’m guessing Martinez is going to catch Wakefield. He has never caught a knuckleball but will give it a shot. I give him MAJOR props to Martinez. If Varitek is so good as a catcher, why doesn’t he try???? His time handling the knuckle-ball hasn’t gone well and that is the reason why.

Ron – I was hoping that Yaz was going to be there today! But he is a really private guy and doesn’t like the limelight. But it would have been perfect.

So after Beckett’s last outing, do you think he is going to come out tomorrow night with something to prove?


When healthy, I’ll take Dice-K anytime over Tazawa.


Yaz and Rice are almost the same person, not the nicest guys in the world. Great hitters but……

Baseball is a strange game. Boston gets drilled at home last night and less than 24 hrs. later they smoke the Yankees. Who would have thunk? Not me.

Brian – say what you will – they did their jobs, they didn’t disrespect the game and they did what was asked of them. Yaz is the Red Sox of my youth – nothing will ever change that.

Papelbon has an alter ego, that just explained everything. lol. I’m sure his wife is proud the world knows now.

I didn’t like to see Masterson moved but Martinez is an impact player that the Red Sox needed in the line-up. He will inevitably be the starting catcher. I think it is too early to tell if Tazawa is the real deal. He certainly doesn’t put you to sleep like Dice-K.

I remember reading a Sport Illustrated article when Yaz signed a 3-yr contract for $500,000 in the late 60’s or early 70′, the cover said “Is he worth it?”

Almost comical, in light of today’s salaries.


Rice said he had associates, not team-mates. Not good!


Rice also HATED the media but now he is a member of the media. Can you say hypocrite??? Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmm.

I wish that ball hit Susan Waldman. LOL!!

Brian – his record speaks for itself. I didn’t have to like the guy – I just had to watch him play.

It is comical Ron – $500,000 for three years! Strasburg is making a ton more and he hasn’t even thrown a pitch in the majors!

Let me get this straight. The Yanks allowed 11 runs last night and 14 runs today. Granite Boston did allow 20 runs last night but there pitching today bounced back today and allowed only 1 run. I’ll take Boston’s pitching anytime!

Great win today. Hopefully Beckett can humble the Yankees tomorrow. Bye. GO SOX.

Brian – I think with Rice, while a player, he didn’t always like what the media was asking him. I give him credit – he would not speak negative about any of his team mates – if they wanted to talk about what he was doing he was fine with that, but don’t ask him to call out his teammate. I think there are a lot of players, in a lot of sports, who would do well to follow suit.

This was a great game tonight! 13 runs scored with 2 outs? WOW!!!! Can we do this again tomorrow?? I think Beckett will come out on fire!!!

See you all tomorrow! GO RED SOX!!! GO BECKETT!!!

And Ellen – WHOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Taz’s breaking ball is going, he can get a lot of tough outs. What a clutch pitching! This kid knows how to get out of the jam. If Taz can stop the Yankees’ hitting, he has proved something to me.
For either team, a run becomes a scarce commodity usually after tons of runs are scored a night/day before. I hope it’s not the case for the Sox tomorrow. Siyonaro.

Hey everyone!!I was signed on for the whole gamebut just when I started to comment, the Sox JUMPED all over the scoreboard.. so you know me, not one to be superstitious (lol)… I just sort of hung out and watched the game.. I did follow some of the comments, and I will read all of them later.~~~~

Let me start by saying just how impressed I was with our rookie pitcher Junichi.. (and Mc Carver and Albert, it is TAZAWA Not Taza-wow although NOW that would make a good headline teaser!!) do your research. Did anyone hear that loud THUD right around the 5th inning??? That was Mc Carver and Alberts lips hitting the floor after falling off the Yankees a*s*s*es. They just couldnt kiss up enough before that!!! What a laughable “professional” broadcasting crew. Kenny Albert’s dad is far more interesting, especially the part about the bite mark on the hookers back and the womens underwear!!! lmao!!!!
Seriously, Tazawa threw a beaut of a game. We couldnt have asked for a better time to score a ton ‘o runs!!! It looked like a completely different team out there today.
Let’s see if Josh can bring back his “old” self tomorrow night.
I’m going to read comments now. Back later or in the a.m.!!!
Go Sox!!!!

Happy Birthday Yaz! Ron, you’re right: it would have been perfect today if Yaz had thrown out the first pitch!
It does appear to me that Tazawa (I like everyone’s TAZ) does not lack for maturity. That indeed is a great sign–to take that tough loss in extras against the Yankees, and then do that well the next time out against them, speaks volumes. I also hope he does not get over-used, esp. too soon. It does appear (esp. from comments here) that there seems to be some consensus that he has the raw materials to be the solid pitcher we hoped to see from him (let alone, Dice-K!), so I hope he does get to develop his pitches, and not be pushed too hard. Keep up the good work, TAZ!
Go get em tomorrow, Josh! Get back on the Cy Young track! (AND BATS DON’T GO QUIET!!) GO SOX!

What a great win today. A total a– kicking! Francona got the boys ready today. Burnett showed me what he is made of today. If I am a Yankee fan I would be concerned about that. Boston’s duo of Beckett and Lester outshine the Yanks duo of Sabathia and Burnett by a mile! The Yankees might be built better for the reg. season than the playoffs. Last year the Angels cruised thru the reg. season and they faded away quick come October.

Hey Guys!

Think about it for a minute. The major league juggernaut, the Yankees, has scored the following numbers of runs against the Sox top line pitching in August games — Beckett — 0 in 7 innings (pending tomorrow), Lester, 0 in 7+ innings; Buchholz — 2 in 6 innings, Tazawa — 2 in 8 innings. Forget everything else, the Sox have found a rotation that works, even before Wake and Dice-K return. On top of that, they have a line-up that is scoring runs in bunches. I am confident Tito recognizes that he will have to play VMart behind the plate the majority of the time, to intensify this run-producing line-up. That accepted, the Sox will be dangerous in October, and make no mistake, they will still be playing in October. For those suffering dispair, COME IN OFF THE LEDGE!!!!!

Nice to see the Sox return the favor today. This kid Tazawa got it done. The one time I saw him pitch he looked pretty good except for a few fat pitches he left over the plate. Amazing that he could go up against that line-up today and succeed. Let’s see where he is after about 15 or 20 starts; I’m hoping he is still doing as well then.

Looking through the posts I see that tdc133 congratulated Dustin Pedroia on becoming a father. So it seems our troll is not so much of a troll after all! Be careful tcd133, you may find, after hanging around here a while, that you start to like the people here. Then you won’t hate Sox fans anymore. OMG! That’s OK, you are welcome here any time.

Nice to see the Sox return the favor today. This kid Tazawa got it done. The one time I saw him pitch he looked pretty good except for a few fat pitches he left over the plate. Amazing that he could go up against that line-up today and succeed. Let’s see where he is after about 15 or 20 starts; I’m hoping he is still doing as well then.

Looking through the posts I see that tdc133 congratulated Dustin Pedroia on becoming a father. So it seems our troll is not so much of a troll after all! Be careful tcd133, you may find, after hanging around here a while, that you start to like the people here. Then you won’t hate Sox fans anymore. OMG! That’s OK, you are welcome here any time.

Nice to see the Sox return the favor today. This kid Tazawa got it done. The one time I saw him pitch he looked pretty good except for a few fat pitches he left over the plate. Amazing that he could go up against that line-up today and succeed. Let’s see where he is after about 15 or 20 starts; I’m hoping he is still doing as well then.

Looking through the posts I see that tdc133 congratulated Dustin Pedroia on becoming a father. So it seems our troll is not so much of a troll after all! Be careful tcd133, you may find, after hanging around here a while, that you start to like the people here. Then you won’t hate Sox fans anymore. OMG! That’s OK, you are welcome here any time.

Wow! How did that happen?? My apologies, it’s painful enough to read my posts once let alone three times! Sorry.

Hey everyone,
FINALLY something good to say about the Red Sox. Hitting is back. I had a feeling that after last night the Sox had had ENOUGH.
We have great Japanese pitchers here — despite the obviously cruel and sadistic training schedule that will end their careers early. (LOL)
Well this was a refresher. FINALLY the team looks like they can contend. It’s gonna be fun.

DBen, for the most part I would agree with you. I am not ready to christen Tazawa (or “Taz”) as a bona fide starter yet–the sample size, positive or negative, is too small yet. (That is also leaving aside the question of how he’ll do in future years). I still think Wake will be a key piece of the puzzle, and it will make a difference if he can come back and be effective, at least by Sept.. That said, you are right–our pitching has not been the real problem, esp. the starting pitching (and the BP has not been THAT bad! It has been somewhat inconsistent, though). Our top 3 are solid, and we have reason to be positive about our other 2 slots! Our hitting, esp. since the Break, has been. If it continues to wake up and be productive, like we have always believed they COULD be, we will be playing into the post-season. Either way, though, we know we will be playing into October–against Cleveland, to be exact! (I’ll say it now, Julia: BAD GRINGORIO!) GO SOX!

Yes, Dave, and I am sure that Tazawa has gotten Dr. Dice-K’s memo/ diagnosis that his career will be ruined very prematurely by our training program, specifically designed for our Japanese pitchers! Hmmm!…
Take care, all! GO SOX!

Brian, there is a reason why the Hall of Fame is called the Hall of FAME and not the Hall of NICE GUYS! Not all of the guys who deserved to be in the HOF (in any sport!) are nice guys! But if their numbers deserved it… And very arguably (esp. when you factor out the Steroid Era!) Jim Rice did! I might be disappointed if I were to meet Rice or Yaz, and find them not to be the nicest guys around. I would want to believe if I’d ask them for an autograph, I’d be obliged–and one or both of them might sorely disappoint me. But Rice, like Yaz, deserves to be there. Period.
As far as the media is concerned, why is all the blame pointed at Rice, or other players, and not at the media who ask the asenine questions? You might not be able to tell it from my blogging, but I relate to people like Rice and Yaz, who are (or were) private with the media. If I’d been playing, I would not have been a media favorite either, because I’d be telling them–nicely or not–to take a hike. If they were asking about teammates, I’d tell them to ask them directly, also–they can speak for themselves! If that gets me on bad terms with the media, tough s—. There is also the factor of the social climate of the time (not to point a finger specifically at Boston, either!): the fact that any Black man would trust the media (leave aside his teammates!) in that era is what should be considered. Rice, being from rural SC, where he would not be the local favorite, might be forgiven for not trusting ANYONE!

I was thinking about Tazawa’s start yesterday and there were some really good points and a couple not so good. Of course, the best point was the result, with which nobody can argue. You throw six shutout innings against the Yankees, and you’ve accomplished something…… especially as a young kid with less than a year of professional experience. He did give up some rockets. Most of those came when he was behind in the count and had to throw a strike. The good thing is that when he was behind in the count, he did go after the hitter and made the hitters put the ball in play. He didn’t give away a bunch of baserunners with walks. You don’t even have a chance of getting people out if you don’t make them put the ball in play. He has to do that since he’s not likely to strike out a lot of hitters. Also, for being so young and inexperienced, he didn’t crack under pressure. He doesn’t have Buchholz stuff, but he’s got a strong will which counts for a lot. I’d like to see him gain a little more command of his fast ball. He can’t continue to throw that thing up and over the plate. Eventually, he’ll get killed out there.

Saturdays line-up reminds me baseball of yester-year. Catchers and shortstops who weren’t great offensively, but were counted on for their defense. Basically a 7 man line-up.
You better have pitchers pitching good every night with a line-up like this. In todays baseball.
Last years Tampa’s series should have taught us this.
40 games left, 20-20 wont do it. Sox have to try to get a more complete line-up in there. Teams that they are playing are fighting for their play-off lives too.
Good win yesterday.
Go Sox!

Last years 8 and 9 batters against Tampa, Championship.
Varitek 1-20 .050
Lowrie 2-18 .111
Last years starting pitchers. Against Tampa
Beckett 9.64 ERA ( I know he was hurt)
Lester 4.97
Dice-K 4.01
Wakefield 16.87 (I Know Varitek does’nt catch him).
So a catcher who bats .050 with starters ERA like that, sorry I’ll take my chances with a less defensive catcher, with more offense.


I’ve been saying that on here ever since they got Martinez. Seeing less of Varitek, would be fine by me. Also having Lowell at third, gives Boston one of the best defensive infield’s. That also brings confidence to the pitchers on the mound. Knowing a ground ball will get scooped up. I’ll take (1) automatic out in the lineup but not (2) of them.

Personally I think Rice is a fringe Hall Of Famer, he certainly wasn’t a slam dunk but he is in Cooperstown forever and ever and I say good for him. He is now Hall Of Famer Jim Rice and nobody can ever take that away. I talked about his wonderful personality in the clubhouse and how much fun it must have been with him on the team. For some reason nobody wants to mention what he said about his team-mates….He called them “associates”. Another thing about Rice, he recently made some comments about A-Rod, Zazu and Jeter. Now he is trying to say he didn’t say anything about Jeter…I have no idea whether he said something about Jeter. I think if he did say something about Jeter, he is way off! The funny thing is Zazu was a member of the Red Sox for several years and Rice never said anything about his baggy pants/dreadlocks but now Zazu is out in L.A.–far away from Boston, Rice now speaks. Where were these comments when Zazu was still in Boston??? Also How do you relate to Yaz or Rice??? Last time I checked they played the game and played the game at the highest level.

This kid impreesed me in that he didn’t crack like Garry said under pressure. A very shaky first ining. A clutch hit here and there from the Yanks would make the score more closer. Even if the Yanks scored on every risp, the Sox, and not necessarily Tazawa, would still win because of the offense. Tawaza was hit hard. But you have to be good to be lucky.
I hope the Sox pitchers learn from Burnett/Posada mistake. Know your hitter. Burnett pitched to Ortiz like Ortiz of 2004 and 2007. Ortiz was sitting on curve ball. We know that Ortiz can’t hit a good ML fastballs any more
Some bloggers credit Tek and “discredit” V-Mark for the respective win and loss. IMO catcher playa an important role but not a pivotal role to a pitcher. V-Mart caught two Cy Young pitchers, Sabathia and Lee. To paraphrase Jim Kaat, a pitcher is responsible for the ball he threw. Right on.

Well, this might turn out to be a ramble, but I have a thought about the value of Tek/free passes/credit/blame and Buchholz..
I think that it may boil down to how the pitcher accepts/receives the way that Tek calls a game. If you talk to the veterans, they tell you that he calls the best game around, last season when Schilling had the no hitter going vs Oakland and blew it in the 9th (I think) he was asked after the game “what happened”… He said “ask Tek, I shook him off.. if not it would be a no hitter!!” Last season I think that Buchholz WAS immature, he didn’t seem to have the patience and composure, and that has changed to noticeable degree. Lester has just always seemed to me the more mature of the 2 (Lester/Buchholz). He seemed more willing to learn and grow and develop as a MAJOR LEAGUE pitcher. I just dont think that people who totally dismiss the importance of Teks experience in the majors and calling games really think about it. To find out really the importance I guess the research would be to see how many times it has resulted in hits/runs when the pitcher shook Tek off or failed to execute the pitch that was called for. Too much research for me…
Then again I could just be an ex-blonde who doesnt know a thing!! lol


Quite true about Schilling shaken Varitek off in Oakland in the 9th. Shannon Stewart breaks up the no hitter. I am someone that believes Varitek has incredible knowledge of the other teams hitters but that being said Martinez can hold his own behind the plate. Everyone wants to give Varitek credit and he obviously deserves props because his former team-mates have said so and who knows better than those guys. They played the game with Varitek and they know his value. That all being said, the best team the Red Sox can put out in the field is a team with Martinez behind the plate, Lowell at third and of course Youkilis at first. Varitek’s bat is an automatic out and on top of that he has a bad neck. Martinez is a major league catcher and he can hold his own! As 007 said he has caught (2) Cy Young winners over the years but for some reason Red Sox fans believe Varitek is superior to Martinez. I have said on here from the get go when they got Martinez, Varitek should sit more! I’m I am Mike Lowell I wouldn’t be too happy about watching alot of games lately. Francona ran Lowell to the ground earlier in the season and now Lowell is sitting and watching alot. Memo to Francona…Play Lowell!

small comment on old school plrs and todays stars….todays stars numbers to me are extremely bloated due to the fact of expansion teams being added and the extreme watering down off pitchin..there is no way to compare modern day offensive numbers to numbers 30-40 yrs ago….also todays stars do not think about the team as much as the oldies…watch clips of old games and you will see that a star from old will move a runner from second to third to set up a sacrifice fly for the next plr….todays plrs will try and drive that run in ….as a whole im talking….stars also played hurt back then….they dont now….anyhoo….where is tcd and his smack talkin…yes the yanks hold a lead…and barring a major choke job by them they probably will win the division….im wondering if he really feels warm and fuzzy though….yes they can hit…but we can too….looking at it ….i would without a doubt take lester and beckett rather than cc and burnett….no intelligent person can say anythin else….our pen is much better also….cc has a horrible post season record…and if burnett cant throw that slurve for strikes and you lay off….well then you see the results….then theres andy p….my approach to him is….swing at the friggin 1st pitch strike and rock em…if its down let it go…..geez…..in a 6-7 game series….you have to think the sox are the better team….the sox have dealt with injuries and losing the number 3 and 4 starter…we’ll see which pitcher and team has the grit tonight….go sox….judge

Brian, I did not make the association initially between Yaz and Rice. You did–in your discussion with Julia: “Yaz and Rice are almost the same person, not the nicest guys in the world. Great hitters but…..”. I would not have made any reference to Yaz, had the reference not already been made on your part.
My point to you is that I DON’T CARE if they were the nicest guys in the world. THEY WERE, AND ARE, OUR GUYS! Rice is a fringe HOFer only in relation to the Steroid Era. Had he not had such “poor relations” with the media, he would have been in there FAR sooner. His so-called “associates” who showed up for his number retirement seemed to really be ticked off that they were his “associates”–whatever dislike they may have had for him before, they at least put it aside for the day (and I don’t think there was a lot of dislike on that field! I think you are making more of that than is there, esp. now, compared to then). They at least recognized that he was worthy of the honor. Perhaps THAT is why they don’t refer to Rice’s personality (whoever “they” is, who never refer to Rice’s personality–read “Moneyball”. If you have already, you know that there were plenty of folk who will refer to Rice’s lovely personality). So give it a rest already. You’ve beaten that horse to death–find another one.

Oh, I have no problem with Victor… I think he will do just fine… I saw a headline this a.m…. Sox easing Tek out and VMart in or something like that.
I was just putting my 2 cents in on the Great “Tek Debate”: is he good or does the pitcher stink!!!? LOL

I dont see Lowell at 3rd next season with his diminished range due to his hip surgery.. maybe platoned with Youk and splitting time at DH with papi??

I think that at one time Tek was at least equal defensively, if not superior, but Martinez has teh better bat. Its getting to be time for (I can hardly say this!!) Tek to step down… WOW that was hard…

Hey! Greg!:

I didn’t mean to suggest that I am counting on Taz beyond his next start. I just meant to suggest that there is not as much separation between the Sox and the Yanks as 5 losses in a row may seem to indicate. Setting aside who comes back (i. e., Wake and or Dice-K), in the play-offs, the Sox won’t even need a 5th starter. That should put them back in an “abundance” position. I recognize they first have to get there, before they can begin to set their pitching rotation.

I agree with most of you that circumstances are demonstrating more and more that Tek be used sparingly, allowing the Sox to have an offense that includes VMart, Youk, DP and Mikey L whenever possible. It’s also great to see that JBay has found his “hitting shoes” again. Here’s hoping that the Sox sign him long term a. s. a. p.

Here’s to Josh B demonstrating his Cy Young entitlement tonight. GO SOX!!!

Please understand me I am not trying to bash down one of the best catchers in Sox history. It is just that for what he brings to the table now, the negatives outwiegh the positives.
Still do not know why he is hitting from leftside of the plate. Many switch-hitters have gone from one side as their bat speed slows down with age. We will find out tonight against a power pitching left-hander, if it has slowed down the other way. I hope not. I hope he cranks 2 homers tonight. So everyone here can say “I told you so”…….and I wont mind one bit.


When you say if Rice had better relations with the media, he would have been in far sooner. I am not sure if you are aware but Dan Shaughnessy ( who has written many negative articles about Rice—some way off and others maybe not ) voted for Rice every single year and was one of the guys that was in Rice’s corner. So when you say that he would have been in far sooner, I think your theory is blown up right there. Rice’s case got stronger over the years because it was proven his numbers were legit, unlike some of these guys today.

a least you have a sense of humor… a good thing for a baseball fan to have.

that was for tcd

Jim Rice was Great Player, I am glad he is in the Hall. I saw him in Bristol, Ct. in Double AA, in a very large field very hard to hit homers, and boy all I can say is that I am glad I saw this spectacle. Of course I am bias I’m a Sox fan.
Sox farm many moons ago was in Bristol, Ct.

My point exactly, Brian, Rice’s numbers always were legit. It took time for the media, and the HOF voters of this modern day, to recognize that all over again, because the steroid era distorted the numbers. Before that, there was a contingent of the HOF voters who would not vote for him because he was not “friendly with the media”, otherwise he WOULD have been inducted sooner. Thank you for reinforcing my point, not destroying it. Find another horse.

You will never see read, or hear me abuse another fan, I may make a joke or 2 anout the team itself, but another baseball fan?? NOPE!

Hi All! Just got back from meeting a fellow blogger in Boston. So are we all ready for the game tonight? I’m glad that Tek will be there behind the plate for Beckett – his numbers show that Beckett needs Tek to pitch well. The lineups haven’t been posted yet.

ELLEN – I’ll be sure to send you the “lamb” recipe! lol!

Sad news about Greg Montalbano passing away Friday night after his long battle with cancer.

Question – did anyone else find it odd that Girardi left AJ Burnett and didn’t take him out until he had given up 9 runs? The Yankees were putting runners in scoring position and they were not totally out of it while AJ was in. Why not go to the pen? It didn’t make sense to me.


Rice’s numbers were always legit, anyone can see that. If that person doesn’t, I really don’t know what to tell that individual. You say there was a contingent of hall of fame voters that would not vote for him because he was not friendly with the media. Who are those voters? Please give names of the voters/writers . If you can prove that, your on to something here. Otherwise your barking up the wrong tree.

Lets break, for a second. Where were you in the 78 play-off game against the Yanks?
Trivia question: Who homer actually put the Yanks ahead? It is not Bucky Dents.

OH yeah who played right field in that game?

rooster – I was at the game for the Red Sox that forced the playoff game in 78!!! And I think it was Bucky Dent – didn’t he have a 3 run homer late in the game?

Where were you in the 78 play-off game against the Yanks?- he asks… I wish I remembered where I was! I graduated from high school in ’78, sure wish I had spent more time watching the games instead of, well, shall we say BLEEPing OFF!!!

Julia: I think Bucky hit a 3 run homer off Mike Torres in the 4th or 5th inning taking 3-2 lead. The Sox had runners on 1st and 2nd with one out in the bottom of 9th. Do you know which 2 hitters failed to deliver?

The lineup isn’t up yet. Ideally I like to see V-Mart at 1st, Youk at 3d, and Lowell DH. We shall see.

Andrew – I think Bucky’s HR might have been later in the game – I know he gave the Yankees the final lead in the game. And no – I don’t remember who failed to deliver for us.

Wendy – I was in 10th grade in 78 – so not too far behind you! lol!

There was an unassisted triple play by a Phillies player to secure the win over the Mets? I’ll have to find a video of that!

I “played” sick at work and went home early and watched it on NBC with my dad!!!! Aftr the game I TRULY was SICK!!!

I wonder if it would be possible for Tek to focus on catching Wake and back up Martinez. I’m sure Tek could do the job if he focused on it. He would then catch at least every fifth day and even spell Martinez in runaway games like the last two with the Yanks. That might be the strategy to pursue for the remainder of the season. At least it might be worth giving it a go. Let’s hope the Sox keep the ball rolling and get some runs for Beckett early on. If Beckett then seems to falter let’s hope that Tito pulls him early, even if it’s less than 5 innings, and throws everyone in the BP that’s needed. This is a must win game.

I was in CA in 78 and did not see the game- but I think Yaz may have nade the final ou.

Hey Wendy – I said I wasn’t far behind you! lol! Class of ’81 for me from HS.

Rangers beat the Rays today – so they currently stand 1 1/2 game behind up in the wild card.


Dent’s H.R. was in the 7th inning. Jackson would hit a H.R. off of Stanley in the 8th. Jerry Remy hit a ball to r.f. ( Pinella is in r.f. battling the sun ) Pinella said he never saw the ball but stuck his glove out and the glove found the ball. Remy might have had an inside the park H.R. but only had a single. Gossage got (8) outs for the save….those (8) out saves are long gone!

LINE UP IN – and we are posting out of order!!!

Ellsbury Cf.
Pedroia 2b.
Martinez 1b
Youkilis 3b. Bay lf.
Lowell dh.
Baldelli RF. V
aritek c.
Gonzalez ss.

Beckett p.

Julia just called me OLD!!!!!!!! Hahaha!! 1967 was the year I truly became fascinated with the Sox. Reggie Smith, to be specific. Sure wish I still had the memorabilia from then. argh…

Also a funny story to the 1978 game…Zimmer of course was the manager of the Red Sox. He later became a coach with the Yankees and who’s house did Zimmer rent??? You guessed it, Bucky Dent and all over the house was picture’s of that day in Oct. of 1978. Zimmer said he took them all down and put them in a box. Funny stuff and I thought most of you would enjoy.

The unassisted triple play in the Phillies game:


AND SHOCKING – Smoltz is pitching for the Cards and they are up 4-0. He even scored from second.

Got ya beat Wendy… Class of ’77… Wow, I’m bragging about being older!!! Thank God for L’Oreal Excellence hair color!!!!


Is that 1877??? HA..HA…

I always said that he would be better off back in the NL.. It;s what he “grew up”on!!! You feel comfortable, your bound to have higher confidence… Good Luck John Smoltz..

Answer to question, Sox tied it in bottom of 7th, 4-4, Reggie Jackson hit a Homer to center off Bob Stanley to make it 5-4. Top of the 8th. Jim Rice played right field.

ELLEN – Isn’t hair color a great invention!😉

Brina – I enjoyed the story!🙂

oooooh…. Brian.. That was low and inside, lol!!! Yes, and I was in the little red schoolhouse!!!

Aug 2, 1979 was a GREAT oppoent who passed away Thurman Munson, I cried when this happened. God Bless Him!

Like Ellen…I graduated in 1977. Joined the US Air Force and in 1978 found myself listening to that “F’ing Bucky Dent game” on the radio in “bloody ole England” at my first duty station homesick as hell. First time I had ever been away from home. They did not even have Armed Forces TV Network back then so I had to listen on the radio. I recall Yaz popping out to third base in foul ground to end the game. I think there was a runner on third but don’t remember. I went from homesick the “Sox sick.” GO Sox!!!

*****New Thread all you “old folk” LOL!!! ********

what did she say??? HUH??? EH???

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