Buchholz not there yet

Clay Buchholz had produced three consecutive stellar starts for the first time in his career, but took a major step back tonight.

He had a 9-4 lead after four innings, but couldn’t even finish the fifth inning. In other words, he is now ineligible for the win.

This wouldn’t be so concerning if it wasn’t the second time it has happened to him this season. Remember on Aug. 2 in Baltimore, when Buchholz had leads of 6-0 and 9-7 and was pulled with nobody out in the fifth?

Obviously, he can be a tremendous pitcher when he is focused, as was the case when he faced Sabathia, Verlander and Halladay. But if the Red Sox are going to count on him heavily down the stretch, they can’t afford inconsistencies.

There is some thought that Buchholz could be the No. 3 starter in the playoffs, but he would have to really go on a roll to earn that faith from manager Terry Francona and pitching coach John Farrell.


Hi all. I might be first here. I thought we had a comfortable lead at 9-4. I left for awhile and came back to find the score 9-7 and we leave the bases loaded! No game is a given these days. Where are you Julia? Hope you aren’t shooting yourself. GO SOX.

Nothing is easy!! WE NEED MORE RUNS!!!!

I’m here Paul! lol! Not shooting myself yet! And not even drinking lol! No – NO game is a given this season – and we make nothing easy! Leaving bases loaded was unacceptable!

Rays beat the Jays 12-7

Way to go JD!!! We needed that!!! Keep it going!!!

All right Els!!!!

DREW!! That helped a lot!!!!

Bard – hitting the batter? NOT so good!!

Ells!! I like 11-7!!!

Way to go Pedey!!!

This season reads like a sitcom pitch.
“Join the exciting and often hilarious antics of the Boston Red Sox. Watch them fail to hit when the pitching is great and watch them fall over themselves in pratfalls when the hitting is great because the pitching will fall apart. Oh it’s too funny.
But that’s not all. Watch as John Smotz and Julio Lugo find rebirths after leaving the Red Sox but look like the three stooges with the Sox. It’s non stop laughs.

This season reads like a sitcom pitch.
“Join the exciting and often hilarious antics of the Boston Red Sox. Watch them fail to hit when the pitching is great and watch them fall over themselves in pratfalls when the hitting is great because the pitching will fall apart. Oh it’s too funny.
But that’s not all. Watch as John Smotz and Julio Lugo find rebirths after leaving the Red Sox but look like the three stooges with the Sox. It’s non stop laughs.

Rats! Had Pedroia hit a single, Sox would have hit for the cycle that inning…and all with 2 out!

This season reads like a sitcom pitch.
“Join the exciting and often hilarious antics of the Boston Red Sox. Watch them fail to hit when the pitching is great and watch them fall over themselves in pratfalls when the hitting is great because the pitching will fall apart. Oh it’s too funny.
But that’s not all. Watch as John Smotz and Julio Lugo find rebirths after leaving the Red Sox but look like the three stooges with the Sox. It’s non stop laughs.

I am feeling better with a 12-7 score! Pedey is really coming on!!

This season reads like a sitcom pitch.
“Join the exciting and often hilarious antics of the Boston Red Sox. Watch them fail to hit when the pitching is great and watch them fall over themselves in pratfalls when the hitting is great because the pitching will fall apart. Oh it’s too funny.
But that’s not all. Watch as John Smotz and Julio Lugo find rebirths after leaving the Red Sox but look like the three stooges with the Sox. It’s non stop laughs.

C’mon Bard– NO WALKS!!!

This season reads like a sitcom pitch.
“Join the exciting and often hilarious antics of the Boston Red Sox. Watch them fail to hit when the pitching is great and watch them fall over themselves in pratfalls when the hitting is great because the pitching will fall apart. Oh it’s too funny.
But that’s not all. Watch as John Smotz and Julio Lugo find rebirths after leaving the Red Sox but look like the three stooges with the Sox. It’s non stop laughs.

Wow Ron! You should have talked to Pedey!

Okay Bard – GET OUTS!!!!

Oh yay….let’s all watch the ball stay fair……

Bard has really not been impressive since the loss in NY. He relies too much on a 100-mph fastball that doesn’t move much.

And Kotsay is at the plate…….PLEASE GET HIM OUT!!!!!

Okay – we got out with minimum damage!!!!

LET’S DO THIS!!! WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Youkilis been striking out alot lately? Or my imagination?

All right Paps– let’s try to make this a painless relief i.e., no ulcers!!!

Papelbon has got to be pitching right? He hasn’t pitched for almost a week.

Papelbon – three outs – how much stress??????

I’m not sure on Youk Ron.

Actually just checked…he’s about the same as before the allstar break, about 1 SO per game. Just my imagination, evidently.

Is this the good Papelbon tonight?

Looks like it’s going to be the good Paps!!! One more OUT!!!

PAP!! Please finish this!! You are being GOOD!!!

He got it done tonight with no ulcers! I’m gone. GO SOX.


1 1/2` games over the Rangers!!!

I sure hope the rehab start Dice-K just had is a harbinger of what is to come.

Night all! Can we do this again tomorrow? I like this winning thing! lol!!!

In the words of Robert Hunter, “What a long strange trip it’s been.” Kind of sums up the Sox season so far. If Tio Tito doesn’t have ulcers at the end of this season he’s got a stronger stomach than I have. That third inning was one of the oddest innings of baseball I’ve ever seen.

At some point in this series look for Youk to get hit again. Ozzie won’t let it slide that Bard hit Konerko. Then again, Bard could have been sending a message to the Wrong Sox about hitting Youk earlier in the game. If so, good job Bard.

A must win or the Sox would be game and 2 ahead of Tex and TB in the wc. Bats came alive and bailed out Buchholz and Francona. I have no problem with Francona letting Buckie pitch in the 5th with a huge lead. No one would have thought that Buckie would surrender a 3 run bomb to pull the other Sox within 2 runs. I was surprised to see Ram Ram pitch in the 8th. Ram Ram had already pitched 1.1 innings to bail out Buckie beautifully. When Oki came to relieve Ram Ram with 2 runners on and only 2 run lead, what if Oki faltered? A prescription for disaster was written all over it. Oki or someone else should start the 8th. This is not a knock on Francona. Just the way I saw the game should be run.
D Bard isn?t the same Bard we know since the Yankees HRs.

a Brian: Good to hear from you. I dedicated Mikey’s 3 run bomb to you last night. Read my previous post. Buckie almost blew it for you.

Didn’t get a chance to watch the game last night but it sounds like Buchholz took a couple of steps back. Buchholz has the hardware but does he have the software????

Always good to see the Sox score a bunch of runs. No reason for this team to struggle at the plate. Lots of good hitters on this Red Sox team.

Boston did extend there lead in the w.c. over Tex. ( Rangers were idle last night ) but T.B. knocked around Halladay. I still think Boston will be battling T.B. for that w.c. spot. I still think Texas will fade away but then again I didn’t think they would be in the race at all this year—I guess that is why they play the games!

Lester on the hill tonight against Garcia, Boston should knock around Garcia. If memory serves correct, Boston has always smacked around Garcia at Fenway. Even when Garcia was good.

Good morning all! Sorry I haven’t been comenting, but I’ve been super busy with work, my MBA, and doing translations for Ian (http://casillero.mlblogs.com/ if you’re interested in taking a look). I guess now besides being the self-proclaimed Unnofficial Red Sox Nation Ambassador to Mexico, I am also the unnofficial Red Sox beatwriters’ translator to Spanish. Super proud of it, too! After watching the Yankees series over the weekend, I too think we’re not quite “there” yet. We do have a very solid team, with lots of weapons on offense that are beginning to click all together, and many answers on pitching that — on paper — should help us go far in the playoffs. The tricky part is making it to the playoffs, and making it with all the key parts on hot streaks. That means of course key hitters hitting in the clutch, a sharp and stingy bullpen, and the Dice-K, Beckett, and Lester we know can win championships. The Yanks, Halos, Phils, Cards, and Dodgers all look tough to beat in the playoffs, but if the team plays to their potential, so do the Sawx. Right now I at least expect us to make the playoffs, and I wouldn’t be too dissapointed if that’s all they do this year, but I know we have the stuff to go all the way, and I’d love to see the team gel for another movie ending.
As for Buchholz, I think he and our young pitching prospects are coming along fine. Tazawa, Buchholz, Bowden, Bard are the future of the Red Sox, without a doubt. I think all four can help the team now, but we shouldn’t expect them to be too much too soon, because we’d be setting us up for a possible letdown when the truth might be that they are really good, but just not quite “there” yet. Come on, we’re Sox fans. Being patient is a virtue we’ve perfected!


I think most of us on here feel that Lowell should be in the lineup more. I’m not saying Varitek should sit almost every game but Francona should pick his spots for Varitek. Also having Martinez play first and D.H. will keep him fresh. Let’s face it, catching night in and night out is very difficult. Watching Lowell play just after the break, I thought he would end up on the D.L. again but this guy is the ultimate gamer. If I had to start a team ( dreaming here of course ) a healthy Lowell would be my third basemen.

Quite true what you have said about Bard, ever since his N.Y. debacle he hasn’t been the same pitcher. His confidence has been shaken a bit. Just a few games before against T.B. he had his cage rattled a little. He gave up a solo H.R. to Longoria and he threw that ball to the Rays pen. He did get out of a bases loaded jam that night against the Rays but these games are bigger now and I think he is feeling the pressure a little. This will only make him a better pitcher in the long run. Not much wiggle room for a young player when your with the Yankees and Red Sox. There is alot more pressure on those young players than let’s say young player in K.C.–Pitts. among other cities. Playing with the Red Sox is tough for vets, never mind young players. I think it takes a special player to perform in Boston and N.Y.

It sounds like Papelbon’s new best friend Billy Wagner will stay with the Mets. According to Foxsports.com’s Ken Rostenthal. What to believe and what not to believe with rumors. The other day it sounded like Wagner was on his way to Boston and today unlikely.

If the bats keep to be alive, the Sox are in a good position in anticipation of Wake and Dice-K?s return. Wake can?t be worse than Penny. Dice-K and Tazawa would likely be the co-starters. This kid Tazawa shows me something that Bard lacks. Taz kept his poise, confidence, and composure and wasn?t easily rattled by the Yankee HR.
I am not ready to concede the division to the Yankees yet. I know it?s a long shot. Other than Sabathia, the Yankees rotation can be defeated by any contending team at any day. The Yankees are playing Texas w/o the service of Sabathia. Hopefully the Sox can pick up a game or two. The Yanks have to play TB, Chisox, and their ultimate nemesis LAA. You never know. The Sox just have to win and win. If they don?t what other team does is irrelevant and immaterial.

Dear you guys READ THIS???
St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa, one of the best, noticed that John Smotz was tipping pitches. He made an adjustment to him and suddenly Smotz is like the old Smotz.
LaRussa said that John was shaky with runners on compared to nobody on. He suspected that and had his pitching coach make that adjustment. It’s on the Card’s website (Cardinals.mlb.com)
My question is: If this is true then why didn’t the Red Sox staff notice and make this adjustment?

Dave: Let me answer your question with a question. How many more WS title and divison title the Red Sox would have won since 2004 if LaRussa and Duncan were the manager and pitching coach? I would say 1 more.

I normally don?t comment in this blog that much but do enjoy reading everyone?s opinions on what is ailing/good about this team. I am a huge Red Sox fan who lives in the Evil Empires territory, so believe me I defend this team all the time. Unfortunately, I have to admit I just don?t think this team is that good at this point this year. Our starting pitching staff is only 2 deep at this point and the rest are just too young/old to handle the pressure. In the bull pen, Pap and Oki have been there before but we struggle getting to them sometimes.
Offensively, we just lack a hitter who can take over a game and carry the team for a tie period. Ped and Youk are great BASE hitters but can?t carry the team by themselves. Ortiz just isn?t Ortiz this year? Last night is a perfect example, while he did get on, via a fluke play, keep in mind he had a 3 – 0 count with 2 outs down by 3. Why a struggling .227 hitter is swinging in that spot is beyond me. I have agreed with Brian thinking that Tek needs to sit more/all the time but then I compared his stats to Oritz?s for this year and realized they are actually about equal (check them out?). Believe me I am NOT saying they are the same but their stats do make it interesting.

As far as our pitching coach/manager not noticing any tipoff by Smoltz- they may be more interested in pitch count,while keeping an eye on making sure pitchers got 5 innings in. These last few games it seems that they were oblivious to the fact that their starting pitchers had nothing on the ball and were getting banged up.From here on in we have to keep one eye on the scoreboard to see how our competition is doing. Regardless of what they do, we have to keep winning. GO SOX!!!!

Dave – the news on Smoltz makes you wonder if this is happening to any of our other pitchers. And did you all hear this:

Some on grabbed Penny off waivers but the Red Sox pulled him back:



hey all…..thank goodness we are playin 4 against the hapless whitesox…..i live unfortunately in the chicago area (raised in mass,townsend and then newbedford) and i watch alot of the chicago games…they are a team that just somehow finds ways to lose games….not much of a pitching staff hurts also….the only reason they are around .500 ball is their division….should be an easy sweep…knock on wood….they have the yanks then minn so i think they will be gone from contention after their road trip…now onto the sox….i agree with agen on the sox not havin a plr that can carry them offensively….but they do have a team that can scratch out 5-7 runs a game even against good pitchers…my concern is that we can just make the playoffs and then ride lester,josh,timmy and probably dice k….heck if our aces lester and josh can pitch two good games you could always use a bp game to win the 3rd or 4th….anyhoo…..bay had better start makin some contact if he wants that big contract next yr….i still think he should be further down in the order but thats just me….if nancy starts to earn hs money maybe a switch there…still a long way to go…..go soxxxxxxxxxx……judge

Wagner could be a good set up guy for Pap if they don’t get into a fist fight.

A deal could be struck soon. Stay tuned!

Announcement soon according to David Lennon of NY Newsday.

007 – the Boston Globe is also reporting that a deal for Wagner is pending. Well – our bullpen will be interesting….do we need to breakout some boxing gloves?

Wagner for 2 playerd tp be named later. If this guy pitches lights out say good-bye to Lars Anderson.

via Twitter:

SI_JonHeyman redsox get wagner. good job.

Wagner has been traded to the Red Sox for two players to be named later. Per David Lennon of Newsday.

seems a wagner deal is done….lord….well he will be a character for sure….im thinkin just a situational lefty for the likes of matsui and to make texeira turn around…not really an exciting deal if ya ask me…judge

Done deal. Good job Theo.

Dave, According to John Smoltz in an interview with Dan Patrick yesterday morning, his bull pen catcher noticed the pitch tipping. Also said that the relievers could see it as well…

Also Dan Patrick had asked Smoltz last week for the Redsox jersey he wore vs the Yanks in his last outing… Smoltz said that he had “cut it into many pieces”. But he also said he had it pieced back together and it will be framed for Dan’s wall of fame.

According to Boston.com:

A major league source told the Globe’s Nick Cafardo that the Red Sox and Mets are on the verge of completing a trade that would send two mid-range minor leaguers to New York and land reliever Billy Wagner in Boston. A source told Tony Massarotti that the Red Sox will not pick up Wagner’s $8 million option for 2010 but will retain the right to offer Wagner arbitration, meaning they would get two compensatory draft picks.

lets hope billy wont be worried about his arm…one thing im lookin forward too is him facin pena and crawford…might be our savior…lets hope not a gagne….judge

I do not believe Carfardo on this mid-range minor leaguers, apparently he does not know how compensation works.

too true Judge, and Dave it is yet another thing that makes you go HMMMM, right Brian?

If there is a brawl between Wagner and Pap, I bet my bottom dollar Billy will beat the crap out of Jonathan. lol

papelbon came out with his statements about Wagner over the weekend, but boy he couldnt back pedal fast enough on NESN last night with Orsillo.. {from the weekend: Has he even pitched an inning this year?? Is he even healthy??” Monday: Nobody on this team wants him here more than me!! He be a great addition to the pen}(pap). I think that the Sox media machine got ahold of him and told him what he needed to do..

I have to question the Red Sox staff if the Cardinals were able to spot the problem in ONE start and the Sox had him for months. What is the problem I wonder?

remember smoltzy pitched against the padres….wait and see when he faces a real opponent…judge

Hey I had a thought about Papelbon/Wagner. Papelbon wont go more than year to year, right?? Well if Wagner works out Papelbon might just have to put up or shut up…
(said the wicked witch (ellen) to the scarecrow (papelbon): Whats the matter Scarecrow, afraid of a little FIRE (competition)??? HMMMMM…..
(highest paid closer in history my a*s*s….) if he wants to be that he better start pitching A WHOLE HELLUVA LOT BETTER

The Sox rented Billy Wagner for 5 weeks at $2M+. The Sox do need a hard throwing lefty to complement Oki in the pen.

Plus Sox get good picks in this year in the draft. Great move if Theo can give mid- range prospects.

Ellen – That has to be Paps problem! Bet he wishes he signed a multi-year deal now! lol!!

Tonight’s Lineup

Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
J.D. Drew, RF
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
David Ortiz, DH
Jason Bay, LF
Mike Lowell, 3B
Jason Varitek, C
Alex Gonzalez, SS

Jon Lester, SP

No V-Mart. Let’s hope he is practicing to catch for Wakefield tomorrow.

Have you thought about the roster move? Wake and Wagner will be here tomorrow. Enrique Gonzo will surely be gone. Who will be the other odd man out?

007 – Will Wagner be ready to pitch in the majors yet? Or might we have him do a rehab game or two with the PawSox? I know he, right now, can only go every 2 or 3 games and none back to back. This is the most current article on boston.com about the trade:


With Papelbon doing a great Calvin Shiraldi impression as of late, it’s nice to have Wagner.


Didnt Wagner pitch for the Mets on Sunday??

Tito says that Wagner will arrive on Thursday.

Julia: Wagner had pitched two scoreless innings for the Mets since return from the DL.
Ellen: Wagner pitched yesterday (Monday) 1 scoreless inning struck out 2 RH batters for the Mets.

According to Jeff, EGonzo will be DFAed AND the Sox could either option Bard to AAA and bring him back on Sept 1 or DFA Penny.

I think Papelbon said the right things about Wagner.
Let’s imagine that my house suffers severe hail damage. The siding is torn up, one of my windows is trashed, and the roof is damaged. If I call Judge to come give it a look and tell me if he can fix it I want him to say, “I can match up the siding no problem, but you’re going to need a whole new window, the frame is cracked. Anderson 200 is a good window, they’re about 400 bucks. You need one square of roofing shingles, but if you don’t mind mis-matched colors I can use some I have left from another job. It’ll be 1500 dollars total and I will be here Tuesday at 8.” THAT I’d like! Now if Judge were to say, “Uh,,, maybe I’ll call Bosoxbrian and Andy Chow to see what they think.” Wrong answer!!
So if Pap says,” Gimme the ball, I’m the closer!” I like that. I like it better if he can close out the games as well. Get it done. The only really bad number against Pap are the walks. The results have been good. So let him mouth off.

ewwww Calvin Schiraldi.. theres a name I dont want to hear!!

Well here we go again — Wagner

On the upside — (1) even with the “most not-triumphant” (if you know where that came from, you probably shouldn’t comment) acquisition of Gagne in 2007 — we did pick up a title. (2) we need another leftie in the pen — (3) not sure there is one🙂

On the risky side (1) I’m guessing the prorated compensation must be about 2 million (for 1 month)? – ouch (2) you may have a potential chemistry issues — Papelbon is barely holding it together this year as is, hope this added personality/pressure doesn’t push him over the edge (3) probably not fair, but all I really know of Wagner is that he is lights out, except for perhaps the big games – kind of has a A-Rod knock on him. I suppose we are hoping that won’t hold true in the setup role (could be worse — is his competitive fire really into this role) — or maybe this is year, he exorcises that rap.

oops that was supposed to be “most non-triumphant” for way retro-hip vocab.

I thought that the Mets were picking up the tab for Wagners salary?? It was said that RedSox would not bare any of the salary brunt…

Hey! Folks!

I’ve got to tell you, I like the Wagner deal…even if he contributes no more than Gag-Me did. The Sox will give up very little for him, unlike Gag-Me. If he does perform well, the Sox can hold onto him by going through arbitration with him and paying whatever arbitration establishes. Then, he can help nurture Bardie as the Sox prepare to ship Pap. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Pap, and would like him to remain in RSN, but I believe he is destined to become a Yank, and I would rather get something for him than lose him a la Johnny D.

Here’s to Jon L winning No. 11 tonight — come on Sox, smoke Freddy Garcia. GO SOX!!!! With the way he’s pitching, Jon still has a chance to reach his 16 victory level of last year. Johan Santana out for the year and needing surgery. Here’s to John Farrell’s insistence that the Sox not trade Jon L. for Johan. That more than makes up for any failure on Farrell’s part in missing Smoltzie tipping his pitches. If only it were that easy to turn a pitcher around!! If Smoltzie’s return to the NL allows him to regain his form, then best of luck to him!

dg can you EVER see the Yankee fans embracing Papelbon? I don’t. He DARED to compare himself to Mo. God help the poor smuck who is brought in to be the closer after Rivera is done. He will NEVER be good enough. I’m not sure even Pap’s ego is big enough to carry that burden.

According to the Boston Herald – Chris Carter is one of the two players going to the Mets.

Re Wagner salary — from our website: “The Red Sox reportedly will cover the remaining prorated portion of Wagner’s 2009 salary of $10.5 million” – by my calculation that is 1.8 million🙂

The Red Sox team this year have been entirely erratic. I remember very well 2007. All cylinders were burning. This year if the pitching is hot, the hitting is cold. If the hitting is hot, the pitching is cold.
Then we have the ‘stupid’ mouth tricks.
Dice-K -> American training is too hard. It’s much better in Japan and ruins everyone’s arms. Great science there Dice-K
Paps -> Every time he opens his mouth from Yankee signer wanna be to his comments on team mates. Wow, does he need to shut up.
David Ortiz -> The entire steroid situation shows you should just shut up about it. The entire steroid debacle is another reason why MLB is so confused on how life really works.
Then we have Bay playing cold to Red Sox offers and then playing cold to his bat, Masterson going and then Lugo and Smotz looking like superstars, etc. etc. Man this is one WIERD season.

Re Papelbon going to the Yanks — not sure he would every be embraced in NY… he definitely seems prone to $$$ though, without question, but then there his wife — this time perhaps a good thing — I get the feeling he has bigger eyes (and definitely ego) than she does. Maybe she will help balance him out — but how should I know — just a hunch.

I do like the trade for Wagner. Anyone that can throw that hard from the left side is nothing but a good thing. Wagner is a guy that will be motivated to play and prove everyone he still has it. I think that is when athletes are at there finest…… I will show you “I still have it attitude”. I’m guessing Ken Rosthenal is eating crow somewhere tonight. Boy was he dead wrong!

Good move by Francona to sit Martinez tonight. They should beat the White Sox tonight without his bat. Lester should shine tonight! I’m guessing Garcia will be done by the 5th!

I think at times Papelbon says some interesting things at times. We as fans get on athletes for saying the same old comments, generic statements after the game. With Papelbon that is not the case. I like it. That is one thing I liked about Schilling, among other things. Papelbon is a baseball writers dream! That being said I don’t agree with Papelbon’s comment’s about Wagner.

Hey all!!
A) I also like the Wagner deal
B) I too see Papelbon chasing the HUGE wallet of the Pinstripes
C) I do not think that he will ever be embraced by Universe.
(unless of course he wins a world series there and the embrace will last only as long as he keeps winning)

woooooooooooo go-soxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I’ll be back!!

Buenas noches, amigos!
Obi-wan Jacoby!! 55 steals to make history, fabricating the game’s first run. Got to hand it to him, he’s a real valuable player. Go Sox!

Hi All!! Nice start – so far for Lester! LET”S GO RED SOX!!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!!

Hey – Dice-K is at the game tonight!


ELLS!!! Congrats! #55

And Red Sox up 1-0!!!

Via Twitter:

Jed Lowrie with a long HR in his first at-bat tonight. He’s homered in both games of his current rehab . . . both batting lefty

HI Carlos! Hope all is well! The pressure will be off of Ells also by getting the steal.

Yankees up 4-0 over Rangers in the first

TB up 2-1 over Jays

Hi Julia! So true, I think running freely will help Ells. Great news about Lowrie too, he is definately the future at SS (unless Theo makes a big move sometime in the future).
All’s well south the border, hope you’re doing great too.

OOPS!! I’m out for now..

I am Carlos – thanks! I’m hoping that Lowrie might be ready for September 1st.

And I agree – Ells setting the record should allow him to just RUN now and hopefully Pedey won’t forget that he isn’t as fast! lol!

And Ells catches too! lol!!

Now we just need some more runs!

Lester pitched himself out of that jam. I am waiting for the Boston bats to erupt against Garcia.

Good news in gotham, the Yanks are pounding the Rangers. After Sunday night’s game I have come to the conclusion that the Red Sox are playing for the w.c. Which is fine by me, they won it all as a w.c. ( 2004) and as a w.c. last year they were (1) game away from the W.S. I think T.B. will be the team the Sox will be battling for that final playoff spot in the A.L.

I don’t think I can say it enough, it’s great to here Remy in the booth!

I look at this White Sox team and I have no idea how they took 3 of 4 from the Yankees about a month ago.

Joba the hut gave 2 back. 4-2 Rangers.

It is great to have the Rem-Dawg back Brian – I am worried whether we can score 10 runs again tonight…


I’m not sure if the Red Sox will score 10 runs but 7 runs sounds good to me!


That’s the key to every game. lol. With Remy back, that means Wally is in the booth as well.

Gord Kluzak at the game. A Harvard grad and was once a #1 pick in the N.H.L. Draft many moons ago. I believe he had some knee issues and never lived up to expectations.

Lester – no giving up HR!! Settle in – I know you can DO THIS!! We need to have our bats hot tonight!

In case you missed it – Ellsbury’s steal:


As long as it is one more then the White Sox is all that matters to me!


No conflict here, go Yankees! lol. I think there almost no chance for a division title for the Red Sox this season. I say go Blue Jays beat those pesky Rays.

I would have liked it if we could have gotten Lester a run or two.

I like Wally – and yes he is in his chair tonight! lol!!

The Rangers are coming back – it is 4-3 Yankees – I am conflicted…..

Via Twitter:

Jed Lowrie homers again (and just missed a third home run that went foul in a previous AB). 3 HR in 7 at-bats so far in this rehab stint

Does Lowrie want his job back??

Joba the Hut imploding! Rangers up 7-4

Boston is making Garcia look too good.

Yes they are…I was afraid of this – a come down from all those runs we have been scoring.

Let’s get some runs! Extend this lead.

Hi people. I don’t really like what I am seeing here. I am starting to get a bad feeling about this game and I find Texas leading 7-4! Have to get the bats going soon. GO SOX.

This game changed quick. Wow!

*******NEW THREAD***********

crappy sloppy game by both teams

Hey hey hey!!! its JBAY!!!!! Thank you Jason!

Coem on Nicky!!

I love this game they call baseball!!

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