Wagner could debut tonight

Why didn’t Billy Wagner pitch on Thursday night? Mainly because the Red Sox had the lefty throw a side session before the game so they could get a little more familiar with him.

“Johnny [Farrell] was very happy with it,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “I wasn’t out there for it but he was very encouraged. I think it was what we expected.”

Perhaps he will get in there tonight.

And the back-to-back rule with Wagner will be a firm one. Remember, he
is still less than a year removed from Tommy John Surgery.

“He’s not going to pitch back to back days for now, that’s for sure,” said Francona. “Last night is a good example. He wanted to pitch. We told him after his side [session], he wasn’t pitching. So we’re not going to make changes on the fly or emotionally where we can get into a bind, that’s where you make mistakes. It’s hard enough not to make mistakes but we wouldn’t do anything like that. As we get into September, that becomes a lot easier. Easier to manage.”


Again, Beckett has nothing- including his control. Let’s hope Tito pulls him ASAP. We can’t dig too deep a hole. Forget the 5 inning rule.

The Sox can’t hit, the starting pitching can’t manage the game. Same old same old frustrations. Meanwhile the Yankees yawn their way through games. Ug.

A high-ankle sprain for Jacoby? NOT GOOD! Get well, Jacoby–we also need you!! GO SOX!

Hey, all. Looks like we have the Beckett (incl. these past 2 starts) that we saw back in April. Not good news. Get back on track, Josh! We’ll need ya for any post-season run!
I always hate it when the Patriots play the Redskins–my two favorite teams. Oh, well! (But the Skins have not been particularly good for a while…) GO SOX!! GO PATRIOTS!

Hey Greg,
Glad you’re aboard. I’m making my way through the Iliad. It has great comedic value and it’s really good reading. It’s not always EASY reading but it’s fun.
I gave blood today and the entire staff was utterly confused when I told them I was reading the Iliad. ‘What’s that?”
Oh well…

A big question is whether or not Tommy John surgery is cheating? If steroids are cheating because they are used for performance enhancement by altering your physical state, then what can be said for Tommy John surgery? Altering the arm in order to enhance it’s performance had you not had the surgery.

If one is considered cheating, why not the other? Don’t get me started on a cortisone shot either.

My optimism is premised on a dominant Beckett. If Beckett is unbeckett like, the wc is not a sure thing. 5 BB, 3 ER, 93 pitches in 4 innings, not good.

Hey Andrew,
Let’s not forget the 3 hits by the sox. Not good.

Keep a watchful eye on Beckett. 1 run ball game.

#$%^ ground rule double cost the Sox 1 run.

This game is getting fun!! Great job to tie it up! Patriots are up 14-7!!

This is what I hate. Beckett is about to give the run back to the Jays. Yank him, if Beck doesn’t have it.

That’s an interesting question Josh on the Tommy John Surgery. I don’t know enough about it – is it the repair of an injury?


If Tommy John surgery was a form of cheating…You would have pitchers lined up outside the door of Dr. James Andrews among other physicians. Some pitchers have bounced back and become stronger and other’s the total opposite.

Let’s go Sox, don’t lose to the pathetic Blue Jays! Sweeeeeeeeep this team, that is what good teams do to the bad teams!

%^^&*Beckett. Take him out!!!!!!

Francona, save the bp. Let Beck finish the game!!! @#$%^


The Pats will be up on alot of teams this season. This football season will be fun if you root for N.E. The road to the Super Bowl goes thru Foxboro/Foxborough…yet again! I think the Pats and the Steelers are clearly the best (2) teams in football.

Last I checked, Tommy John surgery was to REPAIR an injury–it does not exactly get one “back on track faster” after a surgery! Cortizone shots? That seems to be a much different can of worms. But reconstructing a torn ligament? What would be cheating about that? Does JoshGans know something I don’t? (Like that would be the first time! NOT!) GO SOX!
Did Homer inspire you to give blood, Dave?😉

The Pats are looking good, after a little bit of a slow start (I’ve mainly been watching the Pats, keeping an eye on the Sox! Gotta watch both of my favorite football teams!)🙂 GO SOX!



JBay redeemed himself more than adequately. If I see Beck back in the 6th, someone needs a brain repair or transplant.

Nice play fake by Jason Campbell for the Skins TD! I’m really pulling for him–just not tonight!😉 GO PATRIOTS!

Guys, this is a pennant race. You are watching preseason football??

Well Andy, Beckett is back out there. It appears you’ll need to schedule that brain transplant for Tito! (Is that “performance enhancement surgery”? Hmmm!…)😉 GO SOX!

Good, Beckett is out–even if Saito is not the biggest improvement! Get it done, Saito! GO SOX!


Pennant race??? What’s that??? LOL! Preseason football is great, I took the over in tonight’s Pats game. HA..HA…Has anyone out there ever bet on a preseason football game?? If so, please lock that person up. LOL!! I must admit the Bucaneers 3rd string center was looking good last night. HA..HA…

Saito made it interesting, but no runs scored. Is Nick Green warming up? And we thought Green might not have a role with the Red Sox with A-Gonz!😉 GO SOX!

Van Every will pitch the 7th.

Brian: That’s why you guys are watching preseason FB. You bet on the game. Round up the usual suspects. It’s illegal, immoral, and fattening.

Andy, if it’s fattening, I’m in. Illegal and immoral, big deal. Fattening though? Works for me!


It’s only illegal if you get caught. LOL! I still can’t believe the Jags covered against the Eagles last night. Then again I did have the under in Mia.–T.B. game. HA..HA…


Illegal??? That is what makes this “great” country of ours go. LOL!

I am glad Jacoby is back in the line-up. Sounds like the injury might not be so bad!

White Sox and Yanks tied, Rays losing!

We need this game. Bard is awesome, hits almost 100. You guys are permanently barred from watching any Sox game if you bet on the Sox game. lol

I’d have to be wagering against myself, Andy! I’m not sure that is terribly helpful!😉 No baseball fans in my family!

this game is finished for tonight, isn’t it? I was watching on Roger’s Sportsnet, and the rain really started coming down. And they were saying rain all day tomorrow, so looks like Saturday’s a wash. So likely they’ll finish this game on Sunday, then play the regular Sunday game, and schedule a double-header for late September, next time Jays are in Boston?

Via Ian on Twitter – the game is starting at 11pm – it is VERY doubtful we will get tomorrows game in.

Via Ian – Okie will be pitching

Ron Kelly, do you live in the Toronto area, or do you simply pick up their stations? Or do you live in New England? Does New England in general pick up Rogers’ SportsNet? (I obviously don’t live up there!)😉 GO SOX!

Three games in a row that Beckett is not sharp. I wonder if he may have an injury. New subject, did any of you catch the comment on MLB that a pitcher on the Cards noticed that Smoltz was tipping his pitches coming out of his glove? Interesting! I’ll have to check to see how he did tonight.

The game has resumed! GO RED SOX!!! Patriots are tied 24-24

Is Beckett tipping HIS pitches??? Just a thought…

Good news for the Red Sox, Rays lose in Detroit and the Rangers lose a close one in Minnesota. Also more good news for the Sox, the Rays unload Kazmir to the Angels. I think that trade will deflate the Rays. It certainly bolsters the Angels rotation. Kazmir was slated to pitch against Boston on Tues. night but obviously not going to happen.

Let’s go Ortiz, start it up!

A leadoff walk is usually a good thing.

I’m here.. but I’m not… woooooooooo

Blue Jays have some good young hitters. Papelbon is bringing it! First pitch at 95 m.p.h. Who would have thought that Papelbon and Aardsma would have the save number of saves in late August??? Not me.

That pitch that struck out Lind wasn’t even close….clearly outside. I’m guessing this home plate ump wants this game ovah.

Nothing hit hard by the Jays but the bottom line Toronto is threatning in the 9th. Papelbon walking the tightrope..yet again.

Looks like Pap is trying to make things “interesting” again. Is Green warming up? Van Every? Hmmm!…

Can we bring Nick Green in to pitch????

DP!!! End this PAP!!!

One more Pap!!!!

Papelbon blew Barajas away! I don’t think that would have been a strike too Bill Russell. lol.


YES!!!!! PAP!! Can you not make it so HARD!!!!

Papelbon was throwing gas tonight! Snyder was over-matched! He was swinging when the ball was in the mitt.

Back up to 2 1/2 over Texas and we keep pace with the Yankees!!!

See you all tomorrow!

Well, Paps has been making it interesting this year. A pretty good effort by the boys tonight. At least we picked up some ground on the Rangers and the Rays!! GO SOX.

Pap got it done, again, the hard way! Good thing J-Bay’s bat is heating up! GO SOX!

More breathing room in the w.c. race. I think with the trade of Kazmir— T.B. will drop out of the race. What message are you sending to the players that are currently on the team? Texas will hang around but I still wonder about there starting pitching. Also Boston still has an outside shot at the division, I believe it’s a long shot but it’s a shot.

I recommend that everyone take a night off from here and just read the comments after a game… It really puts things in perspective!!

Joshgans: Tommy John surgery is a repairation. Not an enhancement unless teh pitcher/player works his A*S*S off to come back and be better. Dont EVEN compare it to PED’S.. Do some research on both before you go spouting off!!

No problem with Papelbon tonight. Jays got 2 weak hits, and Wells was out looking at strike 3, but the umpire must have been wiping some raindrops from his eyes because he called it a ball. Otherwise, Jays hitters were way overmatched. Great game by the pen (again), to pick up Beckett.

Everyone is so consumed with catching the Yankees, does anyone notice that the Sox are battling LAA, LAD, STL, and PHI for the second best record in the league?

As far as Pre seaon F-Ball games… how can you watch this when we are in the middle of a run for the pennant!!! amd/or wild card… Would you watch spring training if it were the end of football season??? I don’t think so!

Anyway.. I’ll read the rest of the comments tomorrow.. I bowled GREAT tonight. 233,172,204= 609!!!! and I won 50 dollars.. good thing because the recession hit home today; they cut my hours by 15 per week!! See y’all tomorrow!

It appears that Smoltz had a fairly good outing:6 innings, 1 run, 4 walks and 6 Ks. Maybe there was something to that tipping business; or, maybe the Padres and Nationals are not the Yankees! Ya think? I still wonder about what has happened so suddenly to Beckett. Maybe he is tipping his pitches… I think it is more likely that he is not 100% and has been keeping it from Francona.

It appears that Smoltz had a fairly good outing:6 innings, 1 run, 4 walks and 6 Ks. Maybe there was something to that tipping business; or, maybe the Padres and Nationals are not the Yankees! Ya think? I still wonder about what has happened so suddenly to Beckett. Maybe he is tipping his pitches… I think it is more likely that he is not 100% and has been keeping it from Francona.

So do I, Skipjack47; I think it is more likely that Beckett has an injury, or at least has hit a wall. Smoltz also never really got going for us from the start. But it is possible, and it would explain a couple things! I do think an injury or nagging pain is more likely. GO SOX!
Take care all!

It’s disappointing to see Beckett hit Scutaro in the head, and then a couple of innings later, Bard throws at Barajas’s head.

Papelbon not to be out down, hits Ruiz. I never saw the Ruiz hit, so I won’t comment on it, but the other two were clearly head hunter shots.
It’s one thing to throw inside, even hit guys, that’s baseball, but not throwing at a guy’s head, it could cost Scutaro his career, like it did Koskie.

How would Boston fans feel if Bay and Youkilis were hit in the head and out for the season?

I found this little nugget about Penny on YahooSports:

Fri, Aug 28

Doubts surrounding Penny’s reputation and attitude have hampered Colorado’s interest in him, the Denver Post reports.

Recommendation: The word on Penny around the league is selfish and lazy, and manager Jim Tracy is somewhat familiar with him from his days managing the Dodgers. The Rockies will likely promote someone from within the organization to fill in for the injured Aaron Cook

Brian, Withthe DirecTV package (MLB) you get your choice of either teams broadcast. Last night at the bowling alley, they had the Sox on 2 TV’s for us Sox Fans.. One on NESN and the other on Rogers…

I didnt see either of the “bean balls” but I dont like that stuff.. youre scewing with a mans life when you do that!!
Another thing about throwing at a batter, when are they going to bring in line the punishment for pitchers/batters. Like when Youk charged the mound: He had to sit for 5 games, the pitcher only lost one start. I think it should be more like a pitcher loses equal playing time not just one game in 5 days

We have a new HR King. Beckett is the king of surrendering HRs. lol
Tek is a better defensive catcher. He had the plate blocked and tripped the runner and savea rin for the Sox. It all even out. Ellsbury’s ground rukle double saved a run for the Jays.
Beckett and Francona almost blew the game saved by the offense..

Ian, is there any news on why Beckett has been ineffective lately? Is there an injury or nagging problem (like a blister, etc.) that we haven’t heard about? Thanks.

Ellen – that is interesting news on Penny that you found.

I am not optimistic that the Red Sox will get a game in today. It started raining hard as the game ended last night and it has not ended. It is a little lighter now – the heaviest of rain is just south of Boston – but we are expecting rain all day. I’ll keep you posted if I hear more.

Had to love the job that Varitek did blocking the plate last night.

One game at a time.
Great win.
Go Sox!

Not a fan of the beaning game either, especially at the head.

As far as Beckett goes, his velocity is still there, so it may be a blister or something. Reynolds said that it’s possible he may be tipping his pitches. Whatever it may be, hope it gets straightened out.

On the other hand, nice win.

I think that at this point, we can take Josh’s name out of the Cy Young conversation… I wish that they would figure out what the problem is and why he seems lost up there on the hill. He was having such a good year and now his. Not good for his confidence, not good for the Sox!

being an ex high school pitcher this is what i think is wrong with josh….one thing is that hes over throwing his fastball…or gripping the ball too tight….it takes just a small amount of pressure to ruin a pitch….also tryin to throw the ball too hard takes away movement….the other is that his CB isnt being called a strike so the batters are sittin dead red…sigh….go sox….judge

If you check Beckett’s career record against the the Jays, he’s pitched a total of 69 innings, given up 70 hits, 28 walks and 17 home runs for an era of 6.65. The 17 home runs are the most against him by any team as is the number of home runs.

However, this year, he’s gone 10.1 innings, given up 14 hits, 6 walks and 5 home runs for an era of 10.45. So in other words, The Jays have owned Beckett for a while (actually right after Brad Arnsberg came to Toronto), this year, they’re just making the ownership more complete.

Woops-that should say as is the era not a double on home runs.

Wake’s back is acting up and is scratched from the Tuesday start. The Sox need Wake and a Beck like Beckett down the home stretch and for the playoffs. The Sox have a little breathing room on the wc and take one game at atime and the unimmaginable can and will happen.

If the Red Sox game is played tonight, Byrd could start tom. That would push Lester into Wake’s start on Tues. night. Dice-K is set for a return on Sept. 9th at Fenway against the O’s. Assuming there are no setbacks with Dice-K. With Wakefield, anytime a pitcher is north of 40 yrs. of age…never a good thing.

I see Reynolds thinks Beckett is tipping. If he is, and if it is true about Smoltz as well, the question becomes, why has Farrell not picked up on it? Josh seems to be throwing well. The ball is moving around, and he is pounding the zone.

Pitching is such a mysterious art. Very little things make such a big difference.

Buchholz is 2-0 against the Jays in 2009. Last time he pitched against the Jays he out-shined Halladay.

Obviously there is an issue with Beckett, he has gotten pounded in his last (3) starts. Beckett went thru a down period earlier in the season and he figured it out. I assume that will be the case again. I assume Farrell has watched alot of video on Beckett and seeing if he can catch anything in his delivery. When he got drilled north of the border in Toronto. Alot of people were saying Varitek ( bad neck and was out of the game ) Farrell ( family emergency ) wasn’t there and that was the reason and we all know that wasn’t the case. I still think Boston has the best duo in baseball. I don’t think there is a team that can match Beckett and Lester. I am hoping Wakefield’s injury is minor because he looked solid last week.

Lester is going to take Wake’s start on Tuesday. The starter for tomorrow has not been announced. The rain stopped here about an hour ago (in Sudbury) I suspect it has stopped in Boston also. If the field is dry enough, they will play but it will be COLD! It is a very raw, damp night in Boston.

Via Twitter – the game will start on time and it looks like it will be Paul Byrd tomorrow – he start with the PawSox tomorrow has been officially scratched.

Via Ian on Twitter:

Tazawa to Pawtucket, McBeth recalled for tonight’s game.

Well it could be a little advantage to the Sox with the cold, not they are used to it this time of year, but, the Jays do play in a dome.

NESN says its still raining in Boston but the game is still scheduled to start at 7:10 (so far)

Ellen – here we have had tons of coverage about Kennedy- and the rain is very appropriate. We are fine here – we had a lot of rain but the winds stayed down the Cape & the Islands. I’m still not sure we will get the whole game in.

Via Ian on Twitter:

In a depth move, sox acquire speedster Joey Gathright for PTBL. He will go to Pawtucket.

hey Jules, how’s everything, hope the weather did no harm to you and yours… Kind of approprite weather though for Mass. as they lay Ted Kennedy to rest… Cant say enought about the guy.. But gee.. I don’t see the 24/7 coverage that they had for Michael Jackson!!! Imagine that! priorities!!

59 degrees, chilly, rainy & wet at Fenway!

Hot chocolate for all the boys at Fenway!! Stay warm running the bases Red Sox batters!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!

go sox.. back later

Nice 1-2-3 first for Clay! Let’s get some runs boys! You’ll stay warmer! lol!!

Solid 1st inning by Buchholz. I don’t miss those raw New England nights. I’ll take muggy nights here in Florida anytime.

Brian – it is FREEZING here tonight! The effects of the TS I think.

YES!! 1-0 Red Sox!! Though I think Ells foot is going to hurt for taking the ball off of it.

Pedey just killed a potential rally!

I don’t remember the last time I saw a runner at third get thrown out by a catcher. Pedroia was out by a mile, basically Pedroia fell asleep.

1 run is good BUT we should have come away with more….

Via Ian on Twitter – change in Tazawa’s status:

Because Tazawa was sent to the Gulf Coast League instead of Pawtucket, he could still be eligible to make his next start Wednesday at Trop.

Hot chocolate laced with amaretto!!!

A potential big inning down the drain. Pedey should be fined for falling asleep on base.

or courvasier!!! B and B???

Buckie is sharp so far.

I like bourbon in mine Ellen! lol! I made homemade soup for dinner it is so cold! Spicy Mexican Soup.

On the replay Millar looked OUT!

Pedey has made several mistakes either in running the bases or getting picked off. Someone has to remind him that keeping his head in the game is just as important as hitting and fielding. Let’s hope that the Sox win by a large enough margin so that it doesn’t make a difference

There were some reports that said Gonzalez’s range has dipped a little in the last year or so. I’m not sure who those scouts are but those guys need there eye’s checked. With Gonzalez at s.s. it gives the pitchers more confidence.


I’m with you, Pedroia should be fined. A very rare mental mistake by Pedroia. He was out by a mile!

Is Pedroia getting enough sleep with the new born around??? LOL!

This kid Romero bends but he doesn’t break….yet!

Gathright can fly but not much of a hitter.

Romero is digging himself a grave. I’s matter of inning.

Going into the game Romero had given up more hits than innings pitched, that trend continues tonight. Another threat by Boston. The Red Sox should have at least (4) runs already. At least Pedroia is smarter this time around.

Bases loaded and none outs. 0 run. Unacceptable!

Pedey getting picked off. Bases loaded and none out and we fail to score. I hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come in this game. It’s too bad that we couldn’t have given Bucholz the support he should have had. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

That was a waste of bases loaded – TWICE!!! Come one guys – we have got to make that count!!

Buchholz is looking good so far. We need to get him some run support.

C’mon Papi- let’s swing at strikes.

When Pedey got picked off, what was the third base coach doing?? He should have yelled that the third baseman was coming to cove the base since he was playing way off the base when Papi was up. Maybe he was asleep as well or just watching the game.

Romero is playing with fire!

Ever hear the term “3rd time is the charm”?? I hope the Sox know it!!!

Nothing is more frustrating that the inability to score runs. Sox have made it an art form this year. Let’s hope it doesn’t continue.

6 men left on base through 3? NOT GOOD BOYS!!!!

Guess they have never heard that cliche…

I’m just doing gameday and a “soft grounder” really hits ya right where it hurts to end the inning.
Hey Ellen, Hey 007. How ya all doing?

Romero knows how to climb out of the grave. My count at least 4 runs were squandered by the Sox.

Hey Julia. Someone say hey…please!

The Red Sox have let one go by the boards….Again! Romero is looking like Dice-K tonight. I hope the long inning doesn’t effect Buchholz because he has cruised thru 3 innings.

Hi all. Just checking in and I find us with the bases loaded and we come away with zilch! If my hair wasn’t already grey, the inability to cash in with RISP would certainly make it so. GO SOX.

HI Dave!!!! Sorry – still running around and doing things at home also!!!

Buchholz is holding up his end of the bargain – our hitters need to step it up!!!!

.338 BA for Drew in August – he is HOT!!!! How about some runs this time guys – PLEASE!!!

Another hit for the Red Sox, there problem tonight is getting hits with runners in scor. pos. Buchholz should have a nice little cushion to work with. Let’s get some breathing room!

Dave: When the Sox are doing fine, I am fine.

Brian: Romero is playing with fire and the Sox are playing firemen. lol

Paul – hair color – it works wonders for me! lol! You’d never know how much I stress over the games!!

that was stupid

Blue Jays catcher is getting a work out tonight behind the plate. He has handled everything Romero has thrown. A bunch of pitches in the dirt.


I wish Papelbon would be the Sox firemen tonight.

Another threat went by the board. It must a hit and run. Buchie has to pitch a shut out to win.

Well…we didn’t leave them loaded…

I think the rest of our team needs to realize that they are not all as fast as Ells….

Another bonehead swing at a ball in the dirt on a 3-2 pitch— just like Papi Instead of two on and no one out we have two out and nobody on. The Sox are pitiful today. It looks like they want to give the game away…

I believe that the acquisition of VMart is going to pay huge dividends for the Red Sox but that last at bat was not what I want to see him doing!

I hope this walk doesn’t mean we are going to see a Clay melt down.


Buckie is throwing balls.

Buchholz is crusing against the Jays tonight, let’s get him some runs!

Okay – that went a LOT better then I thought it would! We have GOT to get some runs this inning!!!!

53 pitches in 5 innings. The best Buckie I have seen this year.

Rangers up 2-0 over the Twins.

and they had to hit Youk!!!

Romero has been all over the place in this game, very wild.


Buchholz has everything working tonight. What a difference a year makes.

Buckie has to be careful with Aron Hill.

Clay is doing it tonight! now our hitters have got to get him some run support!!

I like relievers! This is just what we need!!!!!

New thread boys and girls.

Intersting to see pap go 2 innings ina 4 run game. especially with 2 games left in an important series. That means he prob. cant go tonight.

I am thinking tito’s strategy is to have 2 closers. Imagine pap being able to go 2 innings and wagner close the next night or vice versa if wagner’s elbow can handle it. That’s formidable and a great option.

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