Byrd is the word

I’m looking forward to the return of Paul Byrd to the Major Leagues, as the crafty rigthy is expected to kick off his second tenure for the Sox on Sunday against the Blue Jays.

Bye bye, Tazawa — for now. However, look for the righty to be right back on the roster on Tuesday. That is why he was optioned to the Gulf Coast League instead of Pawtucket.

The Monday off-day gives Red Sox manager Terry Francona some nice flexibility with his rotation for the series at Tropicana Field. Jon Lester will step into Tim Wakefield’s spot on Tuesday, as the knuckleballer has once again been sidelined by back problems. Josh Beckett will likely take the ball Wednesday, with Clay Buchholz going on Thursday. Byrd will pitch again on Friday, most likely, with an unnamed starter for Saturday. Perhaps Wakefield would be ready for a return to action by then, or the nod could go to Tazawa.


Paul Byrd is the word and not Larry Bird.

Looks like Clay has his Mojo back!! Go get ’em, Clay.
Where’s the bats, to paraphrase Clara Peller.

Go Gonzo!

If Uncle Tito knew that Byrd is pitching tomorrow, I would let TEk catch tonight and V- Mart DH so V-Mart catch Byrd tomorrow afternoon.

Too bad about Wakefield, back problems are very difficult.
I fear Byrd will get pounded. Hopefully the BP will be well rested. Cmon, Byrd!! It’ll be fun to watch his goofy windup again!


Clara Peller…that’s a name I haven’t seen heard in years. Who’s older?? Clara Peller??? Paul Byrd?? I know who’s alive. Byrd and his old fashioned wind-up tomorrow at Fenway. All the guy does is throw strike after strike.

How many LOB and counting?

Bases loaded again! Can we capitalize here?

Thanks Brian!

Come on Pedey!!!!

WOW!!! Okay – that worked!!

I’ll take a walked in run!!

One run? Aaargh!

Brandon League is pitching. Have you noticed that he leaves his mouth hanging open almost the whole time he pitches. Dan Haren does that, too. If I was the catcher I’d have to say something, it’s just so distracting. Close your mouth!! Something will fly in there! Like when someone chews with their mouth open, drives me nuts!

I have not seen Clay look this good!!! He is coming on just when we need him – our other pitchers are looking a little sad..

Yea, what happened to all the two-out magic? Oh well, given the Jays are already half way through their bullpen, and we have a 3 run lead, we should be in pretty good shape. Plus Buckholtz needs practice staying sharp for an entire game, I guess this is good training for him.

This would be a good year to grab a WS title, no team seems particularly strong. If anyone seems to have their act together, its the Yanks, whose offense seems to be more consistent than ours, and perhaps any other team. But their pitching still has holes in it, with anyone of their pitchers liable to throw a stinker on any given game.

But if we could get our act together in Sept, it would be a good year to make a run at it. Only the Yanks, Angels (familiar foes) stand in our way, but they both have been tougher if years past — though the offensive lineup in both clubs is still not to be taken lightly. Still hoping for a Sox vs Torre/Manny reunion🙂

The Jays don’t have a clue against Buchholz. He is mowing them down.

The VMart trade for Masterson was a no-brainer in my view but I believe that Buchholtz will be everything that the Red Sox hoped that he would be! GO SOX.

How is that we can get Byrd ready (who hasn’t pitched all year) ready in a few weeks, and we can’t get Dice-K ready (a much younger man for all the statistic believing folks) in two months or more?

I think there is more wrong with Dice-K then they have let on. You would have thought he would have been back sooner. Could some of his problem been his mental approach to the game?

9 K’s so far for Clay? WOW!!!

Hey, I just noticed that our last 7 games are against Toronto and Cleveland, if we don’t make the playoffs, then we really can’t say we should have gone…. because the scheduling gods have been pretty favorable to us this year, and even to close out the season, but so far we haven’t been able to capitalize on it.

After this series, the Yanks, Ray, and SOX all have 3 games left with Toronto. And the Yanks and the Rays play each other the last three games of the year.

99 pitches for Clay and it looks like he will come back out for the 9th – CG?

Let’s do this guys!!!! 3 outs!!!

We had to take Clay out…..

Really Okie…..NOT GOOD!!!

Is this one of our famous melt-downs?

What is Francona SMOKING?????

ANd here comes Pap….oh….god…..

What ever it is Wendy he isn’t sharing…..


Hey Julia! If you are still on board I am guessing that you are really happy!! A great effort by Bucholtz and we got the good Pap this time around. GO SOX.

What a night for Clay!! Let’s do it again tomorrow!!!

Night all!!

Whew, is right! Good night!


I think Papelbon’s adventurous saves have more to do with the pressure than his stuff. Most times when he has pitched himself into a corner, he suddenly becomes unhittable. Many times when he has wiggle room he makes it hard on himself. I thought that that was the case earlier in the year and now he seems to be confirming it when he talks about how he “bears down” when he’s in a jam. How many of those jams were of his own making? Maybe he’s kind of like a stress/adrenaline junkie. He wants to live on the edge.
I don’t get as nervous when he pitches like that anymore because I think I understand where he is coming from. He needs the pressure so he can dial it up a notch. I can relate.

That had to have been one of the top 5 starting pitching performances of the year for Boston. Buchholz was dominant, unhittable, and in complete command. Thankfully he got the win, although I was hoping for a CG SO.

Disappointing, but not surprising, to hear about Tim Wakefield. He breaks down every season at about this time. As much as I like Wakefield, I think the writing’s on the wall. Another reason why I was hoping so badly he would’ve pitched in the all-star game–I suspect he may call it quits at the end of the year. Madden really blew it, I’m still a bit p*ssed about him not putting Wakefield in the game. Ol’ four-eyes wouldn’t allow the story to be written.

Agree on Bucholz and Wakefield.
Lets keep up the good work, one game at a time.
Byrd vs. Halladay, this is baseball anything can happen.
Go Sox!

Today we play with house money, we will probably see Wagner as well as Byrd, and also hoping that Halliday continues in his recent hittable form — not good odds.

Anyone find out more why Tampa traded Kazmir. I can’t believe they were really throwing in the towel this season and looking towards next year. With six games still left with us, they could easily close that gap if not overtake us (if they continued to pound us this year) — they just were not that far out of reach of the wild-card. There must be something more to this? Maybe that got something ready in the wings?

The Sox hitting with risp with less than 1 outs was pathetic. But the Sox still ground out a win. That’s a good sign. Weeks ago when the team was in collective hitting slump, the game would be repeatedly lost and wasted a fine pitching. On paper today’s matchup is a mis-matchup. We shall see. Go Sox and Chisox. Ozzie said that the little leaguers play better than the White Sox.

tampa got some good prospects and dumped salary…i also believe that kazmir is headed towardsa major injury in the next yr or so and i think tampa knows it….judge

today could be hideous…i know im puttin in my toronto fantasy plrs against byrd…im hopin for the best but expecting the worst…go sox…judge


Trading Kazmir while the Rays are chasing a playoff spot was rather odd. I would have dealt him away during the winter. Kazmir does hook up with his old pitching coach in L.A. ( Mike Butcher ) Also the Rays are looking to ink Carl Crawford who is a free agent after the 2010 season. Kazmir is a small guy and isn’t built for the long haul. He has missed part’s of seasons not only this year but in the past. Elbow and shoulder among other injuries. If Boston does win the w.c.—they’ll face Kazmir in the playoffs!

Hi All – via Ian on Twitter:

Bay and Lowell have the day off against the Good Doctor. Baldelli in left, V. Mart at first, the captain catching.

And Tito is saying that Wags will be in after Byrd. Yikes! The game will be interesting and YES the sun is shining here today!!

GO RED SOX!!! I’ll probably be in and out this afternoon for the game

When you have Halladay on the mound, the best offensive team should be in the lineup. Typical Francona given his players a day off on Sunday’s. I’m guessing Bay and Lowell will be walking around the Boston Common with their families today. LOL! With Byrd, who knows what we’ll see.

ive stated many many times that titos thing of drainin the bench on sundays is my worst pet peave on him…weekends is when kids wanna see their heros at the park and its almost a throw away game…..sigh….no sense complainin cause he refuses to change and im sure could careless what i think lol…judge…..besides im sure byrd will be gone by the second anyhoo…

Kazmir was quoted as saying “I’m surprised by this, I’d heard rumors, but its hard to bbelieve its true”… So much for communication in the Rays org.


I think that the Sox will be well advised to get as much run support as early as possible.. GOOD LUCK PAUL!! GO GET’EM!!

He works quickly, huh?

New thread boys and girls.

byrd could be that starter that saves our older injured guys now

byrd works fast and if they can’t get ahold of him he will get quick outs

looks good two runs already on Halladay if we can squeeze out a couple more than Byrd can pitch 6 innings.

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