A bad roll of the Dice

The Red Sox were hoping Daisuke Matsuzaka would take another encouraging step forward on Sunday, when he pitched for Double-A Portland in a game against the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

But the right-hander had a sluggish first inning, throwing 49 pitches and giving up five runs. Matsuzaka did have a strong second inning, retiring the side in order.

His overall pitching line was two innings, four hits, five runs, three walks and two strikeouts. Matsuzaka threw 58 pitches.

Matsuzaka estimated that he was only throwing at 65 to 70 percent intensity in the first inning, as he was “just working on certain things.”

He had to ask to get another inning of work.

“I didn’t expect the first inning to be hit that hard. They said I was done but I asked them for 10 pitches and they said yes,” Matsuzaka told reporters in Manchester, N.H.

“I was able to do things in the second inning like I wanted to and I was 100 percent.”

Matsuzaka will make his next start on Friday at Triple-A Pawtucket. After that, with the Minor League season coming to an end, Matsuzaka is expected to return to the Red Sox for a start on Sept. 9 against the Orioles.

The right-hander has had two stints on the disabled list this season. He is hoping to turn his season around when he returns. In eight starts for Boston this season, Matsuzaka is 1-5 with an 8.23 ERA.

He has worked hard to get himself back in shape the last couple of months. Matsuzaka last pitched for the Red Sox on June 19.

They are hopeful that the hard work Matsuzaka has done on his rehab will pay off.

“It remains to be seen what we’ll get,” Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein said earlier this week. “I don’t think anyone can say with any certainty. I will say that he’s worked as hard as a human being can possibly work under the circumstances to get back. He’s lost some bad weight, added some good core weight, some good core muscle strength and he’s getting through his delivery a lot better.

“We’ll see how he does as he works his way up. I don’t think we’re counting on him to be a savior. But I don’t think it’s unrealistic to hope that he can contribute in some way in September.”


Sorry, but I found that so funny—49 pitches in the first inning—sounds like he’s just about ready to go. If he can work up to 75 pitches per inning he should be about where he left off last year. Go Dice-K!!

It sounds like Theo and the Red Sox are cautiously optimistic about Dice-K. I agree with Theo when he said ” It remains to be seen what we’ll get”. I’m not the biggest fan of Dice-K, I think he is more hype than anything but the bottom line he has won 34 games during the reg. season since becoming a member of the Red Sox. At times it doesn’t look pretty but having a healthy Dice-K would be nice.

I still can’t believe the start Paul Byrd had today. Byrd is one of those guys I watch and can’t believe he can still get big leaguers out. I’m not sure if he’ll even win another game with the Red Sox this season but he came up big when the team needed him. Much to my surprise.


Quite funny and very true. Dice-K is a sportswriter’s nightmare. lol.

I sure hope it is true that he was “just working on a few things” in the first inning. Let’s see how he does with the PawSox next. I really don’t think he has adapted as well to the bigger ball and smaller strike zone as his other countrymen on the team have.

As for Byrd, what a delight that guy is! Great attitude!

After seeing Penny and Smoltz, I will hold my judgement on Dice-K until he pitches for the Sox. Byrd’s minor outings were horrible too. Not too many mentioned Byrd’s fielding and throw to the 1st which made Green and Lugo blush.

Varitek is consistent. Now he has an .087 avg. against Toronto and the Yankees. It gets better against Tampa .158.
That is unbelievable.

Hey Brian, I noticed you mentioned something about King Felix. I would like having him in Boston, but who steps out of the rotation in the case we do sign him? Just wondering. What are your thoughts?

We trust in Matsuzaka to rescue the team to proceed to another WS. We know that he checks and tries some pitching mechanics during the game. It’s more important that he has been leaner. We can see it from the way he pitches using his lower body effectively. He will be a real SAVIOR. We need him back in the rotation soon.

Years past, I used to love it when Boston went to TB, it usually meant 2 out of 3 or even a sweep for us. But finally for the first time in about 2 years, I’m feeling optimistic about a 3-game series in TB–with Lester, Beckett and Buchholz lined up and the bats starting to warm up again, and some really nice recent additions like A-Gonz and Wagner, is it too much to expect 2 out of 3? Or a sweep? Let’s knock TB out of the 2009 playoff picture for good, and call it payback for Maddon not putting Tim Wakefield in the All-Star Game.

Is it just me or does anyone else think that Dice-K should probably stay in double A for a while longer. I mean 49 pitches in the first inning against AA players…my God! I agree, Dice-K has never been an easy pitcher to watch and his results are always messy but this is just too much. Hopefully our post season ambitions don’t reside on his ever increasing pitch count and ever decreasing win totals! Please Theo abandon the “high risk, high reward” philosophy and acquire a proven arm in the off season!

Replace Dice K with King Felix sounds awefully good to me.

I personally think the Dice man has turned into a pre-maddona basket case. We don’t need another Brad Penny who can’t get out of the 6th inning. He needs to pony up or get out!

I went the game to see the famous dice-k. When he took the mound for his practice throws one went over the cathers head and 10 feet to the right. When the game started the 3rd pitch was a home run ball. From there it went down hill. It maybe that dice-k was trying some stuff and this is the place to do that. But after a 1/2 hour of picthing and going through their line up once it certainlty seamed to me he could not get himself out of the inning when he needed to. I’m just a fan but I dont thnk dice-k is big leage material.

Before I talk a little baseball, I want to mention a “GREAT” member of the Patriots that has decided to call it a career. What can you say about Tedy Bruschi. This guy played every play as if it was his last play. He played all out all the time. His motor was always running! Somehow someway after suffering a stroke, he made a comeback….. unreal. In 13 years with the Pats, they made the playoffs 9 times, the Pats won the division 8 times, the A.F.C. 5 times and of course he won 3 Super Bowls. I remember watching the pregame show on Fox before the Super Bowl in Jacksonville and Bruschi was playing with his kids on the field and of course a few hours later won his final Super Bowl. Nobody should wear the #54 again! Very few played the game harder than him, very few! Thanks for the memories Tedy Bruschi!

Hope all is well with you in Yankee land. I am hoping the Yankees sign Penny but I have my doubts they will.
I read on Boston.com ( Boston Globe ) that during the trading deadline Boston was looking into King Felix. Oh by the way, I love his nickname. Of course the Mariners turned down the Red Sox offer but I’m guessing Theo will talk with the Mariners during the winter. Obviously to get King Felix, Boston will have to give up alot but that is a type of pitcher that is worth it. His best years are still ahead of him. I think he is the best pitcher under the age of 25. He’ll turn 24 in early April. Obviously when King Felix is a free agent, he’ll want a mega deal and let’s face it….Yankees and Red Sox are the teams that can dish out the $$$$$$$$$$$$$. King Felix is a free agent after the 2011 season. Obviously I am getting way ahead here but that is the beauty of baseball and of course being a fan.

Dice-K was 18-3 last year with an ERA below 3. Say all you want about his pitch count, his messy innings (I’m not blind to them), but his overall success in this country is undeniable.

felix would have to come in a trade and honestly, i don’t see seatle giving him up yet, but maybe some combination of all of our young talent can bring him in for next season, i can see it happening, but am not too optimistic, i just hope we get something for papelbon because as each day passes, i think he gets more and more pinstripes, hope not though

Same old Same old… I seem to remember Tek being REALLY good BEHIND the plate the other night, along with a great cut off throw.. blocking the run coming in. Didnt he also have 1-2 rbi?? Everyone knows that Tek knows his days are numbered, thats one of the tthe things that the move for Martinez was for.
My best to Teddy Bruschi, Good Luck, have fun with your family!
On to the Trop tomorrow night… Go Sox………..

moanin all…well if we take 2 from tampa it will pretty much send em packin…not for sure but it will be a hard hill to climb if they dont sweep us…..im gonna apologize to byrd ….helluva game old man….i wont apologize to tito tho….i still hate the sunday empty the bench thingy….but it worked this time….anyhoo….go sox and win a series….oh yeah…lets all root for ellen this week in fantasy cause she is playing my only competition for the last play off spot…so if she does good i should make play offs….go ellen lol….judge

Byrd was impressive so was Wagner. Not to take anything away from them, it was against the Toronto Blue Jays, not exactly a power house in the East. But a win is a win. We shall see how they perform in their next outings.

The Jays have a better season BA then the Red Sox right now.

I have to agree with Brian – this is a sad day for Patriots’ fans. Tedy Bruschi is going to be missed. I watched his press conference this morning – I thought Belichick was going to cry! The news was shocking – I thought we had this last year with him.

Dice-K? To be honest – I’m not so sure I want him back. I am very nervous about his ability to do well.

And make sure you all have your earplugs for tomorrow night – it is going to be really noisy! And I am a little nervous about playing the Rays. And tonight – the Yankees, Rays & Rangers all play while we sit. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pick up a 1/2 game on all of them? lol!

Paul – if you check in, I hope the wildfires are still a safe distance from you. It was very sad to learn that two firefighters lost their lives.

Let me start out by saying that I’m a huge fan of Dustin Pedroia. Now, is it me, or does Pedy think that he’s a faster runner, than he actually is. We all know, that Dustin Pedroia is excellent in many facets of the game. But he is not a good base runner. He reminds me of Steve Lyons, (Psyco), on the base paths. Don’t get me wrong, I still love him, and if we have to accept that as his (1) one short coming, than I am willing to do just that. But I think that with the right instruction, he can significantly improve the(1) one flaw in his game. And he’s not alone. Kevin Youkillis, could also benefit from a little tutoring, in base running do’s, and don’ts. And I’m not talking about base stealing, that’s another thing entirely. I wonder if maybe it might be in the teams best interest, to hire Ricky Henderson as a special base running instructor.The art of base running is something, that can in fact be taught.

…and Ellen still stuck in almost LAST!!! Good thing about my other “fantasy Teams” Going to the playoffs there!!

Looks like Brady Penny is going to the Giants and not the Yankees:


Good luck to him, back in the NL.

A ML hitter, NL or AL, can and will sit on Penny’s 95 mile flat fastball and hit a long way.

Hey! BosoxBrian!

Good to be speaking with you again. Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on Teddy Bruschi. When I think Bruschi and the Red Sox, I think Wakefield. Those 2 guys give it up every day for the teams they play for.

I also loved watching Byrd spooning up the slop on Sunday. The Sox have had some trouble from time to time with “junk ball” pitchers. Its nice to see the Sox pose that frustration to other teams. I don’t know what other help Byrd will provide this season, but he is at least a footnote on this season’s history.

I am really intrigued with your suggestion that the Sox will go after King Felix in the off-season. My question is: with what? They don’t have JMast or Nick Hagadone any longer, and given his recent performances, I doubt Mike Bowden has much marketability. Would Seattle really consider trading Felix for Junichi T? Certainly, they are the other MLB team that has been active in the Asian market, and Tazawa has shown some talent. Beyond him, could there be that much interest in Casey Kelly, Josh Reddick or Stolmy Pimental? If not, what else do the Sox have to get them that kind of talent level?

Or, would the Sox consider swapping Clayboy for Felix. Fellix is 2 years younger than Clayboy. Clayboy will be a whole bunch cheaper in the short run. He’s giving more and more reason to believe he is the real deal, but he certainly doesn’t have Felix’s resume at this point. From the Sox perspective, that trade doesn’t give them an additional pitcher for their line-up, only, arguably, an upgrade. While recognizing the Sox are currently looking to upgrade their roster, I wonder whether they are willing to take on that financial burden given the marginal improvement it might make to the team make-up. What are your thoughts?

Speaking of your thoughts, what are they re: have you been drinking enough of the “West Coast” kool-aid to believe that an 18 year old, with one game under his belt against San Jose State, can do the job in the presence of 100,000+ screaming Buckeye fans?

D. Benjamin….

Bruschi probably not going to Canton but he’ll have his number retired. Man was he an animal. He brought it all the time. He probably should have retired about (2) seasons ago but when a guy loves the game like he does, tough to walk away from it. Intense would be a word to describe him, among other words. I’m sure Francona a fellow U of A guy loved him as well.

I would give up a ton to get my hands on King Felix, including Buchholz. I believe Buchholz will be a good pitcher ( I also believe Masterson will have a long career as well ) but this is King Felix we’re talking about. I said earlier he is the best pitcher under the age of 25, he is one of the best period. Forget about the age. This kid hasn’t even scratched the surface yet! That is the scary thing about King Felix. In all honesty, I doubt he’ll end up in Boston but I can dream…Can I???? LOL!!

I think U.S.C. is going to slip a little bit this year. They lost (2) coordinators and a ton of talent to the N.F.L. As you said a true froshmen in front of a HUGE crowd, this kid hasn’t even popped his first zit yet. lol. If Sanchez was still at U.S.C.—I would say U.S.C. over your beloved Buckeyes. I give MAJOR props to Ohio State and U.S.C. for putting this game on the schedule. Look at Florida ( the best team in the nation..no doubt ) there playing a nobody this Sat. The Gators are favored by 73 points, if I was a Gator fan…I would be ashamed. Then again maybe the Midshipmen will pull off the upset this Sat. LOL!! Go Navy….sink Ohio State! That would be great, not going too happen, but I can dream….Can I???

D. Benjamin…..

I’ll be in Chicago for Byrd’s start on Fri. night. Garcia will take the mound for the White Sox. I think I might change my seats and go to the bleachers and catch a H.R. ball. lol. Then again I couldn’t catch a cold at the North Pole. HA..HA…

D. Benjamin…

Great comparison with Wake and Bruschi. It’s all about the team. You haven’t mentioned Holliday in a while, what’s going on there???

Hey, DBen! You’re right, as Brian said–great comparison between Wake and Tedy Bruschi. I LOVED to watch Tedy every year, anchoring that defense. I fully expected Tedy would retire after his stroke in 04, and I worried about him, about his health, at the time. I am glad he was able to return to the game after that stroke. Talk about a gamer! Congrats, Tedy, on your retirement, and enjoy your family!! Thanks for the SB memories you gave us!

In watching the Texas/Toronto game –the Jays were winning 11-0 going into the 5th inning- when Texas began to score. The Jays manager evidently wanted his starting pitcher to get the win. Result- the Rangers score 7 runs. It’s now an 11-7 game. The 5 inning rule that many managers follow– including Tito–often results in blown games. Let’s hope the Jays pitcher is pulled and that the Jays can win this game.

I hope you’re OK out there. I live about 30 minutes north of Denver and today was hazy, the sun was red this afternoon and now the moon is a nice orange color, all from the smoke blowing in from out your way. It’s freaky. Stay safe, my friend.

Hi Arnie! Hope that everything’s okay with you!! I need your help: a not to entailed or complicate recipe for steak fajitas.. They;ve got a cut of steak that they call London Broil (I know thats a recipe or cooking technique, not a cut of meat) on sale for 2.77 per lb.. Can you:help me arnie??

Oh btw, are any of the spices/herbs good for fajitas?? I’m good with “down home” cooking and I can make some mexican, but good steak fajitas escape me somehow..

Good Luck and our prayers are with you from Fort Lauderdale PAUL!!

Real fajitas are made with skirt meat (diaphragm). They are marinated for at least 24 hours (to tenderize the meat). A quick and easy marinade is lime juice, comino, salt and garlic powder. Put the lime juice on first, then sprinkle comino and garlic powder, followed by a light sprinkling of salt, flip over and repeat. Wrap in plastic wrap and leave in refrigerator for a day.

To cook, sere the meat on both sides. Slice on a bias, then broil with onions and peppers.

London broil should work just fine in place of skirt.

I should have said pan broil for the final step. Spritz or wipe some olive oil on the meat and veggies before putting under the broiler.

You’re going to have to marinate that london broil. So try this: Cut the meat across the grain into strips about 3 inches or so long and 1/3 to a 1/2 inch thick. Take a cup of water , the juice of one lime, a couple tablespoons of red wine vinegar, 2 smashed cloves of garlic, a small handful of chopped onion, a half teaspoon of garlic salt, a pinch each of cumin, oregano, ground coriander and a tiny pinch of clove. Cover the meat and let it sit for a day. If you need more marinade double it.
Cut red, green, and yellow bell peppers into strips, an onion cut the same and slice a couple tomatoes.
To make proper Fajitas you need a hot flat top. You can use an iron skillet and make them in batches.
Get your skillet hot to the smoking point and use a teaspoon or so of cooking oil. Toss in a small amount of the meat( after you have dried it on a paper towel) and let that sizzle till it’s brown on one side . Throw in some of the veggies and season with garlic salt and fresh ground pepper. This has to cook fast and you need to leave a lot of room in the pan so that the veggies don’t have a chance to purge their juices and the whole thing will boil. You need it to hiss and sizzle the whole time or the flavors and textures will be wrong and the whole thing is a soggy mess. It’s ready when everything is brown and still slightly undercooked.
We serve it with tortillas, chopped lettuce, tomato, onion, shredded cheese, sour cream, guacomole, rice and beans. And fiery salsa made with jalapenos. For extra flavor have some chopped cilantro and scallions.
You can add a little tequila or beer to the marinade for variety. And don’t overcook that meat or you’ll have some nice leather strips to chew on.

Anyone else notice how well Smoltz is doing? Interesting how the Cardinals coaches said they found he was tipping his pitches while in boston and that fixing that and a mechanics change really helped him. Then the next night Farrell says that he saw that Buckholtz’s recent problem may have been that he was tipping his pitches. It just seemed very coincidental. If Smoltz ends up being a factor then Farrel looks pretty bad. We spent what 5mil to rehab him and then STL gets the benefit. 5 mil we could maybe have used to sign texiera instead. Also Farrel had a problem with Dice K about his training regimen. look how long it is taking Dice K to get back in the lineup after he won the MVP of the World baseball tourney. If Penny goes elsewhere and regains his form and then has a good year next year that would be a warning sign. Why don’t we have someoe who wasa succesful big league pitcher as our pitching coach? Though the Cards pitching coach is a former catcher (makes sense also) who has been a pitching coach for 30 years.

Also, why didn’t the sox go for Kazmir instead of Byrd. Money???

if Smoltz, Penny debacles have to do with tipping, it makes Farrell look very bad. What’s gone is gone. Query. Had Beckett’s bad outings anything to do with tipping?

Whether you pan broil or cook on a skillet, the most important thing is cook hot and fast, and do not over-cook. I’m gonna have to try Arnie’s recipe.

Sometimes, I smoke the meat, and cook it like a barbecued brisket; and sometimes I use brisket. That’s a lot more work, though, to get it right. When I first came to Texas, skirt was very cheap – then fajitas got popular and they started calling it fajita meat. Brisket or London Broil is usually cheaper nowadays.

The Sox ought to trade the guy as soon as possible, while he still has some value. Eventually other teams are going to realize that he has absolutely no control of the strike zone and his 18 wins last season were a fluke. Before his contract runs out, he’ll be absolutely worthless, and the only reason the Red Sox won’t cut him altogether is because of all the money they’re paying him. He’ll end up in the bullpen, and he might even lose that job after blowing several games because he can’t throw strikes.

What a huge shame if it does turn out to be “pitch tipping” in Smoltz and/or Penny? A lot more harmful to our chances of success than to our finances if so, as both were critical elements of our strategy going into the season that apparently failed.

A few years ago, Farrell was regarded almost as valuable as Francona, some thought even more, was up for promotion to MLB head coach. This would be most unfortunate if true. And one can only concluded, particularly of the pitching staff. But some things go unnoticed when you are too close and a stranger sees it right off the bat. Anyone do a jigsaw puzzle lately? But one still has to wonder how all the other teams apparently pick it pitch tipping, and not us? Once detected, do they call all the other teams and spread the word? Perhaps the players do.

We certainly can’t accuse management of needed more patience and then perhaps we might have discovered these same things. Most of us were raving to cut ties with both of these guys long before we actually did.

About a week ago, when the Smoltz pitch-tipping story broke, and Josh had had his second of 3 bad outings, I asked the same thing–“Is Beckett tipping his pitches?”. Maybe, and I think there is an element of question there, esp. since his bad outings have come against AL East teams. Perhaps it is simply a blister, or other nagging pain, if not injury. But it was, to me anyway, the pink elephant in the room. One could wonder if that is why we have done mediocre to poor, in general, against the division rivals–esp. lately!

Greg, you’re on the right track on Beckett. The Jays have got to him ever since Arnsberg became the Jays pitching coach. Beckett’s career era against the Jays is 6.45, this year it’s over 10. The Jays onw Beckett and have for some time, but it looks to me like other teams are picking up on the same thing the Jays did, whatever that is.

This guy is a bust! I think his first year was indicative of his ability when he was 15-12. He’s a bit better than .500 pitcher only he’s being PAID to be an ace. Last year the offense and bullpen got him most of those wins and his record was better then his pitching. As far as trying out things? If he doesn’t know how to pitch by now he’s never gonna learn, and pitching at less then 100% in any game is rediculous! He’s a pro being paid HUGE money and he had better give it his all 100% of the time. You wanna try something ask the pitching coach or a catcher to have a toss with you on the side. I say leave him in AAA till he can smoke those guys before even thinking about him coming to the big leagues and face real hitters.

GSJays, does Beckett have a connection with Arnsberg that you know of, in Florida, for example? Is that where he’d know Beckett’s tendencies? Thanks!

OK, Ellen and Skipjack, real quick, a couple condiments for your fajitas,.

For a quick Pico de Gallo: take two cups of chopped jalapenos, 1/2 cup minced onion, 1/2 cup chopped tomato. Season that with lime juice to taste, a little cumin, oregano and a clove of garlic smashed. Add a handful of chopped cilantro and a couple tablespoons of scallions, salt and pepper.

#2: Use a bunch of cilantro a handful of mint and one jalapeno or serrano chile. Put this all in a blender or food processor and make a smooth paste. Season it with lime juice, whole cumin seed that has been coarsely crushed, a bit of ground coriander seed, salt and pepper. A little sugar—not too much– helps bring out the flavor. Also, if you are daring: toast a couple teaspoons of black mustard seed in a dry skillet and grind it with the cilantro and mint.

Seems to me like they could have gotten alot more out of someone they culled in the Minor Leagues. This guy has been disappointing and costly. 49 pitches in the first inning follows the same trend throughout his Red Sox stint. Trouble is… money has been spent and you always hope to get a return. Doubtful on this investment.

Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

Hope Sox pitchers do a better job at holding runners on base. I expect the Rays to do a lot of running in this series. They always do.
Go Sox!

Arnie, how about those herbs and spices that you sent?? Are any of those good for this recipe??
Skipjack: Arnie is our resident Chef!!! I have tried a majority of all the recipes he’s sent me, and the are FABULOUS!!! Arnie. your Palm Beach Cake was YUM-MMMMMMY

Oh and Arnie, I shouldnt marinate the steak whole?? Slice it 1st, right?

I can’t remember what I sent you except for the herb blend from my garden. That would not work with this.
If I sent some ground chile, you can use that at the very end of cooking the meat. Sprinkle some onto the meat/veg mix.
You can marinate the meat first and cut it later, we cut it first then marinate. It’s not a big deal in this case.
Thanks for the props.

If it’s true that one or more of our pitchers is tipping off what he will be delivering then I would suggest that whoever our backup catcher(s) is at the time, try to see if he can detect anything. He will probably not be aware of the pitch being called, so that he ought to try and see if there is any tipoff as to what it will be. Catchers should be as observant as any pitching coach.
Also, as I said in a previous post, whoever is catching in any given game, should be the first to notice if our pitcher has, or doesn’t have anything on his ball. They should inform the manager and help him make his decision. Who better than the catcher??

Hey all — I was in Orlando this week, so decided to come down for the game — will be in the nose bleed section, counteracting those cow-bells !!!!! Anyone else going tonite?

dgn: So glad that you’re able to go to the game… BRING HOME THE WIN BABY!!!!
I’d ask you to make a sign.. but there is a length restriction!! lol
I BELIEVE you will!!

Hi All! Hey – do you know that Jon Lester is just 4 Ks away from the Red Sox record for Ks in a season? Byrd is starting Friday and Tazawa is starting on Saturday.

DG – bring earplugs and have a great time! Cheer our guys on! WHOOO HOOOO!!! GO RED SOX!!!

Good thing I just ate or I would be hungry! LOL!!! Thanks for the recipe Arnie! I’m enjoying the videos!

WSelcome Back Everyone!!! A day off this time of year is both wonderful AND frustrating. The other teams play and all we and the Sox can do is sit by and watch. But after all the rest is well deserved and needed!!

That was Welcome not WSelcome… but seeing that WS, is that a freudian slip?, a look at where we’re going??

Gonzalez looked like Lugo. lol. That was the worst throw I think I have ever seen. Even the good one’s mess up here and there.

Ellen – keep slipping like that – I like it! Lots of empty seats in the Trop – you can tell that the schools have opened in New England

Red Sox killer Longoria at the plate. He has feasted on Boston’s pitching this year. He does hit into alot of double plays though.

Errors and walks will always kill you.

Helluva play by Lowell, not bad for a guy with a bad hip. Lowell knew the slowest guy in the world was running and he didn’t have to rush the throw. Not many if any third basemen could have made that play.

Sonnastine has been tough on Boston in the last year or so. Sonnastine doesn’t throw hard but he seems to keep the Boston hitters off-balance.

Ellen & Julia…

Are you digging the dark hair on Rays manager Joe Maddon???? LOL!

I hope nobody tells Drew today is Sept. lol. He had a great month of August.

T.B. took advantage of the Gonzalez error, I hope Boston can cash in on the Iwamura error.

New ballgame. Way to go Ellsbury. Slap it the other way. Longoria just showed us…White Men Can’t Jump. lol.

ice one by Mikey… Thanks Mike!!!

Great play by Mikey! Lester seems to be struggling a bit…..


Hi all. Came on just in time to see a NEW THREAD!

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