Bay takes a breather against Doc

Sensing that durable left fielder Jason Bay could use a day off, Red Sox manager Terry Francona picked Sunday’s matchup against Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay to make it happen.

Bay entered the day with 122 games played, tied with Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury for the team lead.

“I think Bay needs a day off. I think I need a day off,” Francona said. “I just think it’s a day that – there’s certain guys that don’t get very many. He’s one of them so you try to pick and choose and make it be a day where it really helps him.”

The Red Sox don’t play on Monday, which effectively gives Bay a two-day respite leading into Tuesday’s game at Tropicana Field against the Tampa Bay Rays.

“I just think that going home and knowing this morning that he was waking up not playing should help him a little. He plays a lot,” Francona said. “I just think he needed it. He didn’t put up a fight. When he doesn’t put up a fight, he must need it.”

Rocco Baldelli occupied Bay’s spot in left field and batted seventh. Mike Lowell was also out of the lineup for the third time in the last four games. Victor Martinez started at first base, with Kevin Youkilis playing third and Jason Varitek catching Paul Byrd’s first Major League game of 2009.

Ian Browne


I think when you face a guy like Halladay on the mound, ( last time Boston faced him, they smoked him ) you need your best lineup….Especially when you have a pitcher like Byrd on the hill, Boston will need all the runs they can get. Lowell misses another game, no surprise there. I’m guessing Lowell must be frustrated with this musical chairs lineup. Lowell is a competitor and he wants to play and when he does play, he produces! Not only in the field but at the plate!

I agree with you 100 percent Brian. Tito should have his best lineup out there today, especially with a day off tomorrow. There’s no reason for Bay to be on the bench today, espcially with the way he’s been swinging the bat lately, and Lowell has been the Sox best hitter shince the All Star break. Byrd is likely to give up 4 or 5 runs so you’re right, the Sox will need to get some runs off Halladay if they can.

I just turned the game on and say Rocco go long!! How is Byrd doing?


That is what bothers me the most about it, just what you said…They have a day off tomorrow. If the Sox were playing tomorrow, I would be o.k. with (1) of them but certainly not both of them. If it’s Sunday, chances are you’ll get a day off if you play for the Red Sox.

Nice to see that the boys are making runs happen! Byrd seems to be moving well out on the mound.

Byrd did a good job to get out of that jam. He didn’t look flustered out there. I think having Tek behind the plate is a good thing today – Byrd at least knows him.

We could not have asked for more from Byrd! Delcarmen is warming up so Byrd might be done.

Brian – do you think all the trade talk had an affect on Halladay?

As I said sit Bay and have Rocco play today. HA..HA…

I’m sure the Jays wished they had traded away Halladay back in late July because his trade vaule is going down. He has gotten drilled in the last couple of weeks or so.

All Byrd does is throw strikes. These old timers have done well lately…Smoltz, Byrd and Pedro.

Rumors have the Yankees kicking the tires on Brad Penny.

The surprising thing about Byrd today is (3) walks. Usually he has pin point control. Is there a difference between Byrd and Moyer??? Other than they throw with the opposite arm.


I don’t think the trade talk had an effect on Halladay, perhaps all the losing has over the years. Then again, I assume he must be used to it by now. I feel bad for a guy like Halladay, playing for a team that has no chance when the season starts. He is one of the elite pitchers in the game. Perhaps a dead arm for Halladay.

4 run lead should be comfortable. It’s time to bring in Wagner to get his feet wet and tomorrow being an off day. We don’t want to bring in Wagner in a cooker pressure situation. Byrd is a pleasant surprise in his ML start in 2009.
Uncle Tito is a genius by resting Bay. lol

Hats off to Paul Byrd!! I thought he’d get banged around making his first start in late August when the hitters are all up to speed, but I was WRONG, and I’m glad to be wrong.
Go Sox.

In defense of Halladay, he arms may be dead, Doc’ last 5 starts were against the tough AL East contenders – NY, TB, and Boston.

So can Delcarmen keep up the shutout pace? I hope so!! I hope that Wags comes in today. Do you think he will close?

Uncle Tito may use Wagner as a closer, may not be in a save situation.

Billy Wagner is warming up! maybe he will be in in the 8th!!

I’d like to see Bard in the 8th and Wagner in the 9th.

I don’t care if A Gon goes hitless from here on. If he hits, it’s a bonus. A leadoff double from A Gon. Way to go!

So…do you think the Blue Jays are wishing they had kept Halladay in?

Youk!! ugh! Nice try – you did score a run..

Since I thought today was going to go in the complete opposite direction, with Bay and Lowell out of the line-up and Byrd and Wagner on tap — I guess I can swing to the opposite extreme now and say — we should have saved them for TAMPA — LOL — these two guys are making Francona and management look really good for a day. And we still haven’t re-introduced Dice-K or Wakefield.

Maybe we go into the post season with pitchers who are opponents haven’t faced in quite a while – nearly all, or in two cases, maybe three — all year.

Byrd looked very good, but I’ll become a true believer when he does the same thing against a team other than Toronto–Jays were brutal today. Wagner was really impressive. If this is a sign of things to come, then finally we might have gotten out of the Gagne-Smoltz-Penny rut.

And about the apparent decline and fall of Roy Halladay? VERY premature. I’d still love to see him in a Sox uniform.

Welcome to Boston Mr. Wagner! NICE!!!!

…and the sox have to win at least once in TB. If TB loses one or more to Boston, they’re out of the WC race.

If Longoria ever comes to the plate with anyone on, I say he should be intentially walk.

An excellent inning from Wager against the meat of the Jay’s order.

Hi all. Back from a smoky bike ride. Lots of forest fires around here today. Paul Byrd turned in a good performance and Billy Wagner impressed me. GO SOX.

Toronto missede thier best chance to make top dollar off of Halladay… They should have traded him before teh deadline, they will never get as much or more than the would have then. Byrd had a really good puting for only having pitched 18 innings prior to today. and I was impressed with Wagner in his 1st appearance.. So far so good…

Not that we don’t want Halladay, but not at JP’s asking price. Thanks JP for turning down Theo’s more than generous offer.

Paul – how close are you to the wild fires? Stay safe!

Yankees won, TB lost, Rangers are losing.

It appears that the Sox will have more breathing room in the wc. TB lost. Tex is trailing 2-1.

Thanks for asking Julia. We are OK around here but a lot of folk about an hour away from here are on evacuation notice. Not fun. Hopefully Saito can put this game away. GO SOX.

I hope they can bring them under control soon Paul! I hope you and your family are all safe.

Was Saito not watching our other pitchers???

How Sweep it is!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!

A combined shutout. Who would have guessed that Byrd shut out Halladay!

Catch you all later!!!!

Looks like Tito knew what he was doing. He and Torre are similar in that respect – they both know their players and are not afraid to make the tough decisions and fade the heat when it doesn’t work out.

It goes to show you, it doesn’t matter how fast/hard you throw it. Just ask Brad Penny. Byrd did something Penny could only dream of doing. lol. What more could the Sox ask from Byrd, very impressed.


I also believe the Jays missed the boat on Halladay. If the Jays do trade him during the off-season, they’ll get something good but not nearly as much as they would have if he was traded away this past July. I think Boston will focus there attention on King Felix in the winter.

I’m always leary of free agent pitchers/players… They are in contract/dree agency year so they are on their “best behavior”…

Oh.. I wasnt here earlier so I dont know if it was brought up, but I heard that among the teams showing interest in Penny are Florida, LA Dodgers and one that really doesnt give a damn about his “selfish and Lazy” reputation…

This is an interesting read:

The author is an announcer for the PawSox. I had not heard this about Byrd.

thats the Yankees for ya Jules!! You notice that the “source close to the Yankees” remains nameless?? and I’m sure that part about the Yankees being his 1st choice is a bunch of BULL****

Why don’t you let Tito worry about who plays or not. I think he knows his players better than anyone else. Oh yea, and Byrd gave up a lot of runs today. You don’t know jack about anything, so shut your pie holes. Bay obviously needed this time off. You can’t run them out there everyday and expect them to be healthy for the playoffs. The red sox have a deep roster, so use the back-ups to keep them from getting rusty.

I was hoping that the Sox would pick up at least one game on the Yanks over the weekend. But, no the hapless little leaguers Chisox couldn’t do a thing to the Yanks.
For the next series I would be happy if the standing remains unchanged as the Yanks are playing against the lowly Batimore and the Sox are in the House of Horror.
Did Francona make the right decision of resting Bay? In hindsight, yes. Who knows if Bay asked for a day off? What if the Sox lost by 2-3?

dmcm: why dont you let us know who you pee’d in your post toasties?? we all know that Tito knows what;s right and not.. this is just a place to “vent” our opinions and frustrations if we have them… How bout just stepping back a bit before you start unleashing here.. We’ve all been here at least a year and some of us 4-5.. take it down a notch..

Night Nationers.. see y’all tomorrow..

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