V. Mart catches Lester

There was one somewhat surprising lineup development on Tuesday night, as it was Victor Martinez catching Jon Lester instead of Jason Varitek.

Red Sox manager Terry Francona had said last week he would try to pair ‘Tek with Lester and Josh Beckett as much as possible. So why Martinez on Tuesday? Part of the reason is that Beckett is pitching Wednesday.

“I wanted ‘Tek tomorrow,” Francona said. “Victor caught him the one time [in Toronto] and did pretty good. We’re just trying to mix and match and mix on the right nights with rest and all that. Just trying to put out the best lineups.”


It’s a brand new ballgame folks. Each team cashed in on the error’s.

I don’t think it matters to Lester who is catching him.

Lester looked strong in the second inning. Lester doesn’t mess around out there.

Time to make Sonnastine work more.

Lester seems to have it together tonight. Go Jon. Thanks for the comments about the forest fires. Lots of smoke but the fires are not in our area and they are small compared to the LA fires. GO SOX.

Glad you’re doing well Paul!

Lester owns the Red Sox season strikeout record now! Congrats Jon!

Jon seems to have settled into a groove after the first inning. Way to go, Jon! Can we stop leaving guys on base, please? We have had enough LOB already for an entire game! Get some runs for Jon, guys! GO SOX!

DREW!!! He is still hot!!!

Drew sure made that one look easy! Drew remains HOT! Drew is a guy when he is hot, he can carry a team for a while.

WAY TO GO, JD! Get some more runs! GO SOX!

WAY TO GO YOUK! Let’s keep this rally going, guys! No more LOB! GO SOX!

Left a couple runners on! We can’t keep doing that! Come on, Jon, shut em down! GO SOX!

C’mon Lester– let’s hold the lead.

Okay – Lester settled back in. Don’t like the news that Wakefield is still having trouble getting around. I wonder how long before the shot takes effect?

Good job finishing the inning, Jon! Don’t keep giving the runs back! Let’s get Jon some more runs, guys! GO SOX!

Well we didn’t need that HR! 3 runners left on in a previous inning and then another 2 last inning. We can’t be doing that against the Rays. GO SOX.


Way to go, MIKE! Get him in, JD! Keep the rally going! GO SOX!

We have chased Sonnastine! Good stuff. Way to go JBay. GO SOX.

THEO!!! Re-sign Jason Bay – NOW!!!!

Via Ian on Twitter:

Lowell might need a day off after all this running tonight.

I think he will!

Your Trail guy delivered nicely, Paul! Glad you’re doing well out there! GO SOX!

Well then, Julia, let’s give Mike a reason to run!😉 GO SOX!

This is just sad – on the NESN feed you could hear 1 lonely cowbell while Drew was at bat.

OK Gonzo bunt them over!!!

Tragic, Julia! NOT!😉 Come on, A-Gonz! Get em home! GO SOX!

Greg – the one cowbell was the post pathetic sound I have ever heard!

So..is Evan doing a Lugo imitation tonight?

Isn’t it a tragic sound, anyway? The more cowbell, the more tragic!😉 Right Ginny?? GO SOX!

A Gon should have bunted!

Only one run, after loading the bases??! SNARL! GO SOX!

C’mon Lester- let’s not give them back any more runs. Tito, if he begins to falter have someone warming up.

Hey Greg. Yeah, he came through. I ran in to his uncle the other day with his Boston shirt and cap! He is really proud of Jason. GO SOX.

Lester has to be extra caraeful about Red Sox killer Pena.

Too cool, Paul!
Come on, Jon! Finish the inning! GO SOX!

Good, Jon got it done! Good job! Get some more runs, guys! GO SOX!

Finally got Pena out for the first time.

Just checking in.
I LIKE it!! Go Sox!!! Cmon, you can beat these guys!!!

Come on, YOUK! Let’s get V-Mart in! GO SOX! We need more runs!

Boston’s lead feels like it is more than 3 runs.

Youk busting it down the line, great hustle by Youk.

H.R. by Ortiz??? Hmmmmmmmmmm………..

I guess it hit Crawford in the wrong spot…the glove! The Rays are beating themselves tonight. Cash in on that error.

Get em in, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Joe Maddon is getting a workout tonight. LOL! This was the game Kazmir was supposed to start.

Way to get on base! Get em in, MIKE! GO SOX!

Maddon thought this is the game 7 of ALCS. lol

Oh, well, Kaz might have trouble getting his pitches over from Anaheim! Bummer! GO SOX!


It sure worked out in game 7.


I think your right about Maddon having a flashback to game 7, another pitching change. Is Maddon motioning for David Price??? LOL!

Do the Rays have anyone left in their bullpen? it is GREAT to see the team still playing HOT!!!!

Bases loaded, again only one run?! SIGH! GO SOX!

Way to finish the inning, Jon! GO SOX!

Wagner is warming up in the bullpen. Wonder if we will see him tonight?

I spoke too soon! Wags is in!!!

Brian: Maddon really overplays this left lefty, righty righty thing. The Rays don’t have a position player/pitcher like Green/ Do they?

WAGS!! Wow!! He looks good!!!

Way to shut em down BILLY! GO SOX!


Got to love YOUK!!!!!

Hey, Julia, that lone cowbell wasn’t Ginny, was it?😉

OK, Oki, let’s not screw this up now! Get some outs! GO SOX!

Longoria is a good ballplayer. How come our guys can’t take a sure hit by doing the same thing–particularly when shifts are put on leaving that whole side wide open???

C’mon Oki–Let’s hold them!!! NO WALKS!!!

D–N IT !!!

Oki loses another batter–Pull him!!!

Get him out of there!!!!




What the heck is he waiting for???

Looks like Tito is going to blow another game!!!!

!AY DIOS MIO! ?QUE’ HACES, TITO? (He still speaks English, right?)

c’mon leave him in, he’s bound to get ONE of these guys out.

Um, is it my imagination, or does this pretty much happen ALL THE TIME, with Okajima???? Oh, never mind. Pap is coming in. I feel so much more comfortable. You too, Julia?

Now we have to hope that the good Paps is in. He can’t fiddle around with the bases loaded!!

Can Wags really not pitch two innings? And OH GREAT!!! WE need 6 outs from Pap!! NOT GOOD!!!!

There’s not much you can do about that crap. Oki had no luck at all tonight……. Personally, I thought it was a bad move to bring in Wagner. Lester could have gone another inning, then bring in Wagner……

This is ridiculous.

yeah, why take wagner out? Was it his bedtime or something?

92 and 89 from Pap? What’s that?

No, Wendy, it doesn’t happen all the time with Oki, but it sure imploded tonight with him! And Pap doesn’t make me more confident!:/ COME ON PAP! COME ON, SOX! WE HAVE A LEAD! WIN A GAME AT THE TROP!:/

91? Where’s the velocity?

89? Is there something wrong with their radar gun down there?

I’m missing an exciting game!
I have a lot more confidence in Papelbon when he is in trouble than when he isn’t. He bears down and gets it done somehow.

Bard was also warming up. Was Pap the right choice???

Sun Sports is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. They take commercial breaks right in the middle of a play or an at bat. What’s up with that?

F’n Ellsbury, what a play!!!

Boy, Pap needs to stay away from Crawford.

2-2, Pap needs to get him right here!

Back from supper. What is going on?

We dodged a bullett there. Paps makes me nervous most of the time this year. GO SOX.

Thank you, Pap! Now, get some more runs! GO SOX!

Maddon sure has emptied his ‘pen tonight!

Let’s get some more runs!!! We may need them!!!

Our bats are lookin’ a touch lazy right now…
Its no time to let up.. thanks to OKie…..

Good job Paps!1 Crawford shoud have struck out- the Ump screwed us.

According to Ian via Twitter it looks like Pap will come back in the bottom of the 9th.

Assuming that Wagner can deliver as he has shown so far– he and Paps would make a great one-two punch from the BP. Either one of them could close depending on the lineup that they have to face. Only time will tell.

Way to go Ells– he is definitely the MVP of this game!!!

So glad the Rays brought in another pitcher to face Ells!


Ells is going to win this game himself for Lester!!!!

Yeah, Julia, we seem to do quite a bit better against Howell than against Balfour or Wheeler. GO SOX! FINISH OFF THIS GAME!

C’mon Paps- bring it home!!

We at least got one of those runs back! Get it done, Pap! GO SOX!

They are really having some good rips at Papelbon tonight.

1-2, Sun sports goes to commercial right in the middle of the at bat…… great, a commercial for attorneys and a Kia commercial. Unbelievable.

If he’s only throwing 88-91 MPH, Garry, it’s no wonder!

Going into watch from my bed. See you all tomorrow.
Mentally exhausted…
(i know, with me that doesnt take much exertion!!!)

So what did Longoria do?

I don’t understand why Lester gets yanked after six innings and 97 pitches! Did we get Wagner to pitch only one inning? Just curious about Tito’s mind-set. GO SOX.

That is baffling, esp. with Wagner, Paul! Hmmm!… GO SOX!

Way to go Paps/Sox!!!! Keep it going tomorrow!!!


Way to go Paps. A satisfying win for the Sox. Tomorrow. GO SOX.

PAP DID IT!!! It is his first 2 inning save!! Ells for MVP!!! And we quieted the cowbells! I can’t wait to hear what dg has to say about the game!!!

Way to go, Jon! Nice job, Billy! Let’s win the game tomorrow, guys! GO SOX!
Take care, all! LATER!

The Red Sox have hit 56 HR’s since July 3st – the most in the majors!!

Let’s do it again tomorrow boys!

Night all!!!

Just got back from the game — that was not Francona’s finest hour. We won the game thank goodness, but game management may have cost us the series. You could feel the collapse of the win in the stadium, I have no clue at all how on earth Francona could stick with Oki so long, and I can’t believe Papelbon and Elsbury saved the day.

Yeah, we noticed, DGN! Oki tried to blow it, all right, and Tito almost let him! Did you have a cowbell bonfire while you were there?😉 Maybe you should go to the Trop more often–you know, help out Tito! Take care, DGN! Hope you had fun! GO SOX!

What’s the deal on Wagner anyway? Did I read somewhere that one of the conditions on him coming to Boston was that there was some kind of limit on how frequently or how much he would be used? I mean, he threw 13 pitches tonight, he’s been used twice and has been extremely effective both times. Why not leave him in for another inning? Or let Lester go 7, then use Wagner to finish it out?

Jeez, usually when we get a second-hand pitcher he turns out to be a total dud, and every time I turn around he’s throwing hanging grapefruits from the mound. We finally get a retread who seems to still have something left, and we can’t use him for more than 15 pitches? What gives?

I think with Wagner and Paps as our 8th and 9th inning pitchers will be a winning combo for us. They are both very competitive and will feed on one another regardless of who is the closer. Let’s hope Wagner’s arm strenght holds out. So far he looks good. I’m glad to see that Tito used Paps for two innings. This is Sept and we can stretch our BP pitchers out a bit. Oki seems to have lost something lately and I hope it doesn’t bring him down mentally.

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