Senator Schilling?

Curt Schilling has always had an interest in politics, and campaigned for George W. Bush in 2004 and Sen. John McCain in the most recent election. So it wasn’t entirely shocking when a report surfaced earlier today that the former baseball great has been contacted about running for the seat vacated by late Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy, who died last week after a prolonged bout with brain cancer.

However, Schilling, later on Wednesday, told New England Cable News reporter Brad Puffer that he has his plate full and would have to re-arrange his priorities to make a run at the Senate a priority.

Schilling currently runs 38 Studios, a developer of on-line games.

“I don’t know,” said Schilling in a phone interview with NECN. “Right now I’m working on 38 Studios and working on the
funding and that’s going well and doing all the things that go with
that. I’ve got a lot on my plate. So as of today, probably not. I don’t
know. Going forward, that’s a pretty big deal from a commitment
standpoint not just for someone like me, but for my family. Right now,
I’m not even going to speculate on it.”

But Schilling confirmed he had been contacted.

“I have been contacted, yes. I’ve been contacted,” Schilling said. “I’m not going to get
into those discussions. I’ve been contacted by people whose opinion i
give credence to and I listen to and i listened. But this is not a decision that I would make. This is a decision that Shonda and I would
make. She’s given her entire life and the first 14 years of my
children’s lives to baseball. and rightfully so. This company, 38
studios, has taken a lot of time and energy. If i could divert time and
energy away from that, then there’s a possibility i might think about
it, I don’t know.”

Schilling has always supported the republican party. Kennedy was a democrat. Schilling doesn’t think that the political party should be a big issue when it comes to who fills the seat.

“My hope is that we’re past that,” Schilling said. “That we’re past the whole R and D
thing. My fear is that we aren’t. My hope is that we understand now
more than ever that we’re in a place where we need to put good people,
above all else. People without ties to special interests, people with
integrity and ethics and country first values in office regardless of
the letter that precedes their name.”

Schilling last pitched in the Major Leagues in 2007. He officially retired in March of 2008.

Ian Browne


I am not from Massachusetts, but if having Schilling in the seat would give the Republicans an extra Senator, I am all for it!

juliasrants – republicans are so divided right now they will take anything they can get(i.e. Sarah Palin) – Schilling would not be able to fill the mighty shoes left by Senator Kennedy – just like W. bush could not and did not come close to filling the void left by Clinton.

I’ll say it again – NO!!! I am from Massachusetts and I do NOT want Schilling as my next Senator!!!!

Champion – it is more important to have a Senator who actually knew what he was doing and who could represent the State well. Schil is not that person. Trust me – I’ve lived in Massachusetts all my life – and have been active in politics in the state – he is not a good fit.

Julia: I am from NY and I don’t want Schil to be the senator from NY either. I think we should stay away from politics as people may have divergent political views and this is hardly the forum for it.
Back to baseball. We all know Wag and Pap are not available tonight. Bard may not be available tonight as he threw 38 pitches in the pen last night. Hope Beck goes deep.

Schilling would not be a good senator. he spent his life playing baseball, not studying politics. Just like Ahhhnold Schwarzenegger. He definitely hurt California more than he benefited it( if at all). celebrities suck at politics.

Schilling is a creep, so he would fit in well with the rest of the self important morons who already hold power.

We’re wading into shark infested water here. Politics is so very emotional it creates a lot of friction, even among friends.
Mass. is pretty much a one party state and the folks there seem to be quite happy with that. So it looks as if it’s a moot point anyway. Although is does appear that the current national government is going places that many people don’t want to go (Euro-style Socialism), so he may have a shot after all. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Are they still having a special election? I had heard there is a move afoot to change the law back so that the governor could appoint a Democrat, although that would be such obvious hypocricy and bare-faced politics that it could create a lot of ill will.

Schilling is the PERFECT politician. He can never seem to get enough of himself. In other words, he’ll fit right in. LOL! Now back to something more important, baseball baby!


A one party state…so true! Sad but true.

Why do these interest groups go after faces and names instead of finding someone who is both qualified and eager to do a good job FOR the United States?!? There’s no wonder this country is in the shape it is doing asinine things like this.

This must be a joke. I’ve always thought a senate seat should be occupied by a person who can communicate well, and have atleast a masters degree. This is worse then Sarah Palin running for VP. Besides, Shilling’s wardrobe would disqualify him. The Oscar Madison look does not look good in the senate.

Schilling took down the Yankees in 2001 and 2004, now on to BIGGER things. HA…HA…

Massachusetts has been a tax and spend state for decades under one party rule and as was proved in the South for so many decades one party rule simply screws a state royal since there is no incentive to change things. Curt Schilling would stand a pretty good chance of being elected because there are many independents in the state, plus thousands who have a strong and emotional attachment to Schill. As a Republican I would love to have Curt run and win.

As for that poster who said Arnold had screwed my state, correction bub, it has been the legislature that has done that. They were messing things up and getting us in a deep hole well before Schwarzenegger be came Governor.

Hey guys… This is mostly just “paper filler” right now, so how bout we talk about the here and now… We are in a tight race right, and in the blink of an eye it can get umcomfrtably tighter.


icely done Brian.. and it looks as if youre going to overtake me for 4th place.. youre playing another abandoned team… the last place (and I mean DEAD A** last!!!) team


Do I have a chance too win???

Let the people decide. is up and running.

Pledge your support today for MA or NH

Hey all,
This is pointless. Let’s nominate Arnie. Frankly I don’t care what Arnie stands for because I know I’ll eat well and that’s all that matters anyway so let’s vote Arnie for MA!

Arnie when you get elected, know that as a big supporter of you, please send a regular compliment of Indian dishes along with some of your award winning cakes and cookies. Also some salads and mixed drinks with some great French breads and pastas.
In addition, I would also like some fresh Italian dishes. My wife loves chicken so be sure to integrate some chicken dishes and my daughters are very fond of pizzas so include that as well.
Once a week is fine but daily is also acceptable (LOL)

I also have a love of chocolate so please make some home made chocolate bars and send them along. Freeze drying them shouldn’t cost too much more money and also some great turkey dishes and leg of lamb as well. While you’re at it, I really love curries and a great spinach curry with steamed wild rice…oh ya Mexican. Some great mexican dishes and…. (LOL)

Arnie also some potato dishes as well and some sweet potato dishes and forget seafood. I hate seafood…oh and some fresh stir fries with some egg rolls and watermelon…oh I love watermelon.
I saw we elect Arnie to 100 terms in office!

Arnie…I’m hungry where is the FOOD!

OK I did my thing. I’m signing off. Enjoy the game.

Dave, if I am elected I promise you’ll be on my staff as,,,,,,,,,,uh,,,,,,,,,,Food Research Czar,,, yea, that’s it, FRC!!. Your duties will be to fetch,,,, er,,,purchase everything I’ll need to cook up a new feast each day. All at taxpayer expense of course. You’ll be my Czar of food policy too. We’ll make all the good stuff illegal for the “great unwashed” and keep it for ourselves. We’ll make fine wine illegal, too. Except for us! We’ll nationalize Grey Goose vodka and put Brian in as CEO and Official Govenrment Tasting Czar!! I’ll take over all the chicken farms and have Ellen be Supervisor of Chicken Recipes. Julia, you’ll be Cake Czar!! Anybody I missed?

One last comment on Politics in MA from someone who has lived here for 40+ years – we HAVE had Republican Governors – every here of Bill Weld and Mitt Romney? And last time I checked they weren’t governors years ago! I say this about politics as I say it about baseball – Please know your history!

And Dave – I will second the nomination of Arnie and I will humbly accept the position of Cake Czar. I will get right to work – after I have my Grey Goose!!

All I want Schil to do is to come back & pitch for Beckett!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Awwwwwww Come on JOSH!!!

I knew Ellen C. would take the convo from politics to baseball.

Let’s get some runs boys!! We are going to need them!!!!

JBAY!!!! Runs are good!!!!

Let’s bring Bay home!!!

I LOVE Sean Connery! So I can do it!!

Arnie – Politics in MA is complicated – For state & National we have “party” elections – but for local election there is no “party” on the ballot. If need be – the two top vote getters in the primary run in the final election. Politics in MA & in New England is different – we are city & town driven – there is NOT a country system as in the rest of the country. We have 351 cities and towns in MA and we have 351 governmental entities. It really does work different here.


So….anyone having fun yet? Via Ian on Twitter:

It is no longer any kind of stretch to think Lester could leapfrog over Beckett in postseason rotation #redsox v #rays

Julia, “pretty much a one party state…” leaves open the possibilty of Republicans. I know about Romney. Not familiar with Weld. You have to admit that for the most part Mass. has been and likely will continue to be dominated by the Dems. That’s what most folks there want, or else they’d elect the other party more often. I won’t pass judgement on that because this is not the place and I don’t live there, so who am I to judge, but the facts are the facts.
As my cake Czar you’ll have to bake nasty, sugar-sub, low fat cakes for all the low-life constituents, and bake fabulous cakes for all of us elite ruling class types, OK? “It’s the Chicago way” to quote the great Sean Connery.

Josh doesn’t seem to have it, tonight.

What is up with Josh?? Hurt?? Pitch tipping? Been replaced by a pod person? Aliens??

When Beckett got shelled in Toronto, we heard all the excuses about no Varitek behind the plate. This just in folks…Varitek is behind the plate and it’s been same old…same old….. Getting touched with the H.R. ball. Tipping pitches???? Aliens???? I love the idea of Aliens, that’s the best one yet. LOL! Julia props to you on that one. I thought Dave F. was the funniest one on here.


Weld was the guy that dove into the Charles Rivah to show everyone how clean it was. Being a politician, Weld was already slimy/dirty anyway. So nothing was proven. LOL!!


Beckett is a Texan, has he been cow tipping?? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

josh needs to come out early , so maybe he can be embarresed a little. believe all these boys sometimes forget they actually have to work too be good.

josh needs to come out early , so maybe he can be embarresed a little. believe all these boys sometimes forget they actually have to work too be good.

josh needs to come out early , so maybe he can be embarresed a little. believe all these boys sometimes forget they actually have to work too be good.


You rock dude! You’ll put me in charge of all Grey Goose. Vote Arnie in 2010! Arnie in 2010! Arnie in 2010! Please no hanging chads. HA…HA….Stuff the ballot box for Arnie in 2010! I’ll be moving to Ma. and I’ll vote ovah and ovah for Arnie! Arnie…what will be your platform???? LOL!!


Do you think Beckett should come out early???? lol.

Let’s go Ortiz, bring them in!

Who said this famous quote??? Mike McGwire…Sammy Susa??? LOL!!

Brian – I could make a lovely chocolate something to go with the Grey Goose. We could then visit the voters, get them drunk on Grey Goose and chocolate and then get them to fill out absentee ballots for Arnie! It would work I tell you!!!! ARNIE 2010!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

And no – I don’t think dthatcher3 wants Beckett to come out! LOL!!!

Maybe we can have Nick Green warming up…..


Chocolate… now we’re talking. The hey with the game. Van Every or Green is fine by me. Have Javier Lopez play r.f. LOL!

Arnie is getting lots and lots of momentum. Latest polls out of the bay state have Arnie ahead slightly. The exit polls as they say. Perhaps Ian will run. LOL!! Schilling, Arnie and Ian all in the same town hall meeting, now that would be funny!

Have Dave F. as the moderator. That would be hysterical.

Boston is finally doing some damage against Boston killah Garza.

What does it take for Tito to smarten up and pull Beckett. Forget the 5 inning rule. If the Sox have any chance of pulling this game out they have to get Beckett out of there.

Can you be my campaign manager??
My platform will be to stimulate the economy by putting a “ticket tax” on MLB. The tax will take the form of 300 million tickets each year that I will distribute to my peeps. Free baseball for everyone!!!
Also, any players making too much money; we’ll decide what “too much” is later; will have to donate a number of tickets to be decided depending on which team they play for.
Health care is easy: we’ll make the NFL pay for all health care.
The NBA will be in charge of energy; they are tall enough to change the light bulbs to those funny looking, but energy efficient, pigtail flourescent bulbs.
The NHL will be in charge of national security, we’ll waive all the anti-violence rules that hamper the modern hockey player and set them loose on our enemies.
All the other sports will be in charge of our “free food for everybody” program.
Done…. all problems solved. And if I didn’t mention it it isn’t a problem.

Nice hitting by Drew there.

I love it Brian!! Arnie & Curt debating – now THAT would be fun!!! I don’t know about Ian – if he keeps writing we could have the media in Arnie’s pocket – something to think about…. And how do you like your Grey Goose? Straight up? Mixed drinks? I need to know how you will serve it so I can match the dessert to it. Just saw them do that on Top Chef – I am READY for this!!!!

The problem with pulling Beckett, the pen is a tad short. No Papelbon and no Wagner. Bard also threw a million warm up tosses last night and he is under a watchful eye tonight. I guess that is what happens when you mismanage your bullpen. I’m guessing Francona will use Mark Clear and Tom Burgmeir tonight and who knows maybe Tony Fossas. Then again, I think Joe Price is available tonight. HA…HA…


Grey Goose with cranberry makes me happy. I think Arnie’s platform is the best I have ever heard.


LOL!! That was the FUNNIEST piece anyone has written on here. Sorry Dave F. I am still laughing.

I can work with the Grey Goose and Cranberry.

ARNIE!!! You have my vote!!! LOVE IT!!!! We must get this out to the media ASAP!!

We need campaign buttons and HATS!!! I won’t one of those straw hats with Arnie’s picture on it.

Okay – off to work on Vodka and is feeling a bit like fall here so it can work…….


I’m guessing with Arnie’s good looks and his cooking skills, he’ll win in a LANDSLIDE!

I think Ian could be his press secretary.

That is a much better role for Ian. Arnie will need someone who can “work” the press. And yes – good cooking and looks will get you far…..

Looks like Tito guessed right to leave Beckett out there. I was worried. Now the Sox need some runs. You can do it boys!!! Hits, stolen bases, grand slams!!!!!

That’s the way Arnie!! Motivate the masses!!!

I’m not too sure about the “looks” but I can cook, that’s for sure!

Cmon, SOX!!! HITS!!! HITS!!! HITS!!!!

The good thing here is that the Sox have gotten Garza’s pitch count up early, so we’ll likely have some chances against the bullpen. Great job SOX!

Tek almost hit it out. I thought it was gone when he hit it.

We need Beckett to not give up any runs this inning. It will help us – maybe the Rays pen next inning???

UGH!!! Solid hit by Ells! BAD running by A-Gonz!!

A-Gonz WOULD have been home on Pedey’a hit!

YAY!! V-Mart! I can’t comment!! UGH!!!

Hi all. Beckett seems to be doing OK! 9 SO is not too shabby with no walks. The two dingers were not helpful but our bats have to start doing something also. GO SOX.

Beckett settled down after 3nd. Youk’s error in 3rd looms large.
Brian: Mark Clear, Tom Burgmeir, and Bob Stanley were Joe Morgan’s (?) bullpen or closer by the committee back then, Right?

Great catch by Ells!

What do you know, Uncle Tito made the right move by staying with Beckett.

3 hard outs by the Sox last inning. They could easily have the lead now.

Garry,,,,, that’s Senator Arnie, thank you very much. LOL
Garry, you want to be my Czar of New England Boiled Dinner?

Wow, my posts are all out of whack on the times.

Well, “Uncle Tito” is paid to manage the team and he seems to be doing OK in my view! GO SOX.

Senator Schilling? What a freaking joke!!! Probably ought to get familiar with Mitt Romney. I think he’ll likely be the Republican nominee for President in 2012, and if things keep going the way they are, he could get elected.

Brad Penny is shutting out the Phillies on 5 hits through 8 innings. How do you figure that both he and Smoltz would go to the NL and be completely rejuvenated. The NL must really suck. I don’t think he ever made it through the 7th while with the Sox.

You gotta give Josh Beckett a lot of credit. He has hung in there tough tonight. But it doesn’t matter for him. Good stuff or not, you’re always going to get a good effort from him.

I don’t know if Ram-Ram is giving me the “warm fuzzies” – I don’t like that we don’t have both Pap & Wags tonight…

Via Twitter:

Brad Penny is the Chevrolet Player of the Game tonight in Philly. Giants win, 4-0. Penny goes 8.

Gathright in for Big Papi

8th inning, pitch out on a 1-0 count, 1 run lead???? I don’t think so. Not a brilliant managerial move.

Gathright is FAST!

Damn, Bay can’t be striking out on waist high fastballs right down the middle.

That was a crazy inning! They tied the game and never made contact. 3 walks 3 strikeouts and a wild pitch!

Hey, all. Just got in from a baseball game–my mother ACTUALLY WANTED to go to a Tourist game! Go figure! And we bumped into a season-ticket holder who was giving away tickets–so we got in free! Right behind the Tourist dugout, 1B side. Can’t beat that! And we won! YAY! We had WAY more Rockies personnel there than usual–right before playoffs, last home series. (Mother likes to squeak in to these Tourist games at the last possible date!)😉
Schill wants to run for office, eh? Who’da guessed that one? I’m going to otherwise avoid the politics–even the vodka in the cranberry. Arnie, just some straight-up cranberry for me, please?😉
I see Josh did not have his best stuff again tonight, but we’re at least in the game! GO SOX! Let’s win this one!

JBay had to strike out in the middle of this opportunity didn’t he! Come on boys, don’t squander this chance. GO SOX.

Come on, A-Gonz!

LOVE wild pitches! BUT A-Gonz striking out was NOT good!

The only bummer about the Tourist game was that we sat very near a family of Yankee fans. I think they were lost! HMMM!…

I’m glad Penny did well for the Giants tonight!
One run, tie game, but we should have gotten more from that opportunity. DRAT! GO SOX!

Hey, Julia. They’re doing well, thanks! Mother wanted, as I mentioned, to go to the Tourist game–and I don’t pass that up if they want to go!🙂 I think she wanted to exercise her knee a little that way. Unfortunately, her knee itself is not that much better than before the surgery.:/
Uh, WHAT tie game?! SNARL!
This posting problem is out of control, also! SIGH!

A-Gonz should have been pitched hit for.

ELLS!! UGH!! We have GOT to hold them!

This game is not happening, is it? Come on, guys! GO SOX!

Both Gonzo and Ells must be playing golf– both swinging at balls in the dirt for third strikes. We were lucky to get the tying run in. Now let’s hold them and get some runs next inning!!!!!

Hi Greg – how are your parents?

GREAT! Double for Pena…ugh!!!!!

Hey, look! We threw out a baserunner! Way to go, KOT! GO SOX!

WHY????? He had a 30 minute wait?????? WHY did Ram-Ram come back out??????

Say good night Garry…………………… Good Night Garry!

Good night Garry! This game is OUT of control!!!

interesting contrast between francona and maddon. one tends to overmanage, the other tends to undermanage. Guess which is which.

THAT was not a fun inning……

Our pitchers were not stellar tonight – were they??? sigh…..

Wish me luck – my oldest son turns 15 tomorrow!

Night all!!

Can’t win ’em all….although the Yankees are trying to!!!!!
Go Sox!!!!!!!

I haven’t been able to post! I’ll try it once more.

Hooray! Now the game it over and I can post! Whoopee! A disappointing result for us. We had our chances but couldn’t take advantage of them. What else is new. Night all.

Is Tito trying to get thrown out again? It doesn’t seem to be working…

Well, so much for that! SIGH!
Night all! GO SOX!

happy birthday Julia’s 15-yr old son. Send a slice of cake to Vancouver Canada.

If the game was properly managed, the Sox should and could have won the game. The mismanagement of the bp the night before lead indirectly to the last night?s loss. i.e the unavailability of Bard, Wagner, and Pap.
The top of the 8th, Uncle Tito correctly pinched ran for Ortiz and Drew. The game was tied on the wild pitch and runner on 3d with 1 out. Tito should have Lowell pinch hit for A Gonzo or asked A Gonzo to bunt the run in. A Gonzo and Ellsbury were struck out on the ball in the dirt.
Ram Ram pitched well in the 7th and should not start the eighth. Again Ram Ram started the 8th understandably because the bp was short which was the result of bp fiasco the night before.
Beckett pitched after the rough first two innings. The Sox should have won the game 6-5.

The loss was the dismal failure of the manager, coaches (pitching & hitting), and the players. Can someone tell me why pinch hit for Tek and not for A Gonzo while Lowell was sitting? The night A Gonzo hit well against Garza but Garza was not there any more.

Hey! All You Political Wannabes!

A bit about Massachusetts partisan political history from someone twice elected to local public office in the Commonwealth:

The Massachusetts General Court (what the state assembly is officially referred to) has been overwhelmingly Democratic since I can remember. The same cannot be said for either the office of Governor, or, to a lesser degree, US Senator:

Since 1947, the only Democratic Governors for the Commonwealth have been Paul A. Dever 1949-1953, Foster Furcolo 1957-1961, Endicott “Chub” Peabody 1963-1965, the Duke (Michael Dukakis) 1975-1979 and 1983-1991, and Deval Patrick currently.

Republicans have predominated in this seat during this time, including Robert Bradford, Christian Herter, John Volpe, Francis Sargent, William Weld, A. Paul Celluci, Jane Swift and Mitt Romney.

When JFK (and Teddy, at the beginning of his Senate service, for that matter) was US Senator, he served with a Republican named Leverett Saltonstall, himself a former Massachusetts Governor (1939 – 1945). Saltonstall was succeeded by Edward Brooke, the first African-American elected to the US Senate since the Reconstruction Period. I remember Brooke because he nominated me for an appointment to West Point, an appointment I never accepted. In the process, he interviewed me in his office in Boston.

Brooke served two terms in the Senate, from 1967 to 1979, and was defeated by Paul Tsongas, who some may remember as the other potential post-JFK Presidential candidate from Massachusetts (while most may remember both John Kerry and the Duke, few remember that Tsongas, after a career in the US Senate and a bout with cancer, was an initial front-runner for the Democratic nomination in 1992, before getting steamrolled by the Clinton machine. I remember Tsongas because in 1974, he was one of the Middlesex County Commissioners while I was teaching GED Math to inmates at the Middlesex County House of Corrections in Billerica as part of an independent study program I was doing. He ran as part of the TRAC team with the other two County Commissioners, a gentleman named Counihan and another named S. Lester Ralph, who was actually a Republican. Instead of getting perhaps the most decent politician of my era as President, we got Bill Clinton. Nuff said on that topic.

While I try to stay off the ledge, baseball-wise, as much as possible, I do not see how the Sox can make it to the play-offs, or alternatively, very far into the play-offs, with Josh pitching the way he is. He has to find it, and the Sox need a hellacious outing from Clayboy tonight. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have been able to bring in Billy Wagner in the 8th last night. I was surprised that Tito left Ramirez in for a second inning in the 8th. I really expected to see Mr. Sizzle (DBard) pitch to the heart of the Rays line-up in the 8th.

GO SOX!!!!

I keep thinking about that Oriole game when we had a 9 or 10 run lead. Is that going to haunt us?
AHHH the importance of one game!
2 more dingers Beckett allowed (even though they were solo shots), does not look promising. Wonder if he would skip a start, might help.
I agree on Wagner 100%, that move did not make any sense. Because he use Paplebon for 2 innings.
Too much Green Tea Tito, try a shot of Tequila, to relax.

Uncle Tito is a very nice guy. Everyone likes Uncle Tito, the media, players, coaches and half of the fans. But Uncle’s moves sometimes are devoid of rational basis. Half of the RSN were stunned to see Ram Ram in the 8th. The spot rightfully belongs to Bard (Wagner was unavialble) if he didn’t unnecessarily throw 30 pitches the night before. Why let A Gonzo swing????

I remember Paul Tsongas. He did seem like a decent person.

Perhaps Beckett turned the corner in the second half of his start last night. He pitched much better after he settled down. Hopefully he has worked out whatever problem he had. If he is an automatic loss in the playoffs the Sox are going nowhere.
I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to make precise pitches over and over again throughout the course of a season, with not one, but three and four different pitches. Remarkable.

Morning all,
The Sox have had a great season. I think, all things considering, I’m proud of this team. They had some tough breaks. Wakefield, Dice-K were devastating. The failures of Clay B., Beckett, Smotz, Penny were shocking. If it is pitch tipping then so be it. I have no information to decide if it was seen or not but apparently the Sox management can’t see pitch tipping. I don’t know.
This year was certainly a transition year. We lost Smotz, Penny, Lugo, Masterson, etc. We were just the revolving door of players trying to somehow put a team together. It didn’t work. What is wonderful about baseball is that next year you get another shot. Wow, don’t ya wish life was that way.
Finally, to me anyway, this is a baseball blog. Politics have become a stream of broad smearing strokes. It’s ugly. When I grew up you could have discussions about politics without name calling and smearing. You had better reporting that had accurate information instead of a lot of opinion. You had government who thought things through and sought answers. It wasn’t perfect but it was far better than it is now.
Those days are gone. Today’s government feels like the reign of Tiberius and sometimes like the reign of Caligula (he was the man who tried to appoint his horse as pro-council and ordered his men to gather sea shells in England to show how he conquered England. Ya he was literally nuts.)
Either way you can’t talk politics anymore. It gets ugly and smearing. We’re all a good group of people. I suggest, personally, we stick with the Sox who need our support.

Nice piece of optimism there Dave. Sorry that you’ve already written the season off and are looking forward to next year….
Funny, seems to me, that the RedSox still have, what, 28-29 games left?? To bad you’ll miss what promises to be an exciting finish.

I like you and I like this blog. Please don’t be so angry with me. I’m sorry I said those things OK.

I like you and I like this blog. Please don’t be so angry with me. I’m sorry I said those things OK. Please forgive.

Maybe I am from the old(er) school when managers didn’t worry about the 5 inning rule, pitch count etc., but since this is essentially the last month of the seson I would have my ace relievers ready to pitch. Barring any unforeseen circumstances e.g., injury, illness etc. I would plan on having Wagner and Paps ready to pitch the eigth and ninth innings (if needed) whether they have pitched the day before or not. This would be particulary true aginst our immediate competition i.e., Yanks, TB, and TX. If it works out fine, if it doesn’t then I would feel that we gave it our all. I wouldn’t hesitate to pull my ace pitchers out early ( fortunately Beckett settled down, but I woudn’t count on that all the time). The remaining BP I would use as often as necessary to hold the other team until we get to our two closers. Again, if it works out fine, if not so be it. We will have plenty of time to rest if we don’t make the playoffs and hopefully the WS.

As far as political discussions are concerned, I agree we should avoid them if possible on this blog. Let’s just hope that whoever is eventually elected that they do what’s best for our country. Critics can argue that the College one graduated from (e.g., critics of GW Bush) or expeience (e.g, Barack Obama as President) will dictate how the individual does once in Office. This may or may not hold water.In any case, again, let’s hope that things work out. That being said –Let’s go Sox . Let’s take tonights game!!!!

I think we could use another thread, lest another troll or 8 come along and fire another political volley for us to parry…Hmmm…On to baseball (I hope?!)…GO SOX!

I guess I’m surprised at the squeamishness exhibited by some concerning discussing politics. The topic came up naturally, with Curt Schilling’s indication of interest in Ted Kennedy’s vacant seat in the US Senate. Why so unwilling to discuss it?

I recognize that people can say hurtful things about politics, but they can say hurtful things about sports as well. When bloggers have said things I strongly disagree with, I go back, do my research. If the thing said is not based on the facts, I may point it out. If it is, and represents a difference in the way we view things (such as my devotion to my birthday buddie Tito), then I just quietly move on to the next topic.

And its not like baseball is the only thing we discuss on this blog. BosoxBrian and I have been “going after each other” about college football, particularly the SEC vs. the Big Ten, since I can remember. While its mostly in good fun, there is some serious disagreement that he and I have over what things mean. Being able to discuss the serious issues of the day without allowing blinding emotions to take over is essential to meaningful discourse in this day and age.

I also think the concept of Schill seeking public office is worthy of discussion. Its not like it would be the first time a “non-politician” would seek to use his/her celebrity to obtain public office. Look at Baseball Hof’r Jim Bunning, sitting in the US Senate rep’g the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Now granted, he started with lower office, and made his way up the ranks. However, Fred Grandy, formerly the “stooge” Gopher from the Love Boat TV series, stepped right off the Love Boat set and onto the political stage, won election to Congress from Iowa and did a fine job. Is that anymore alarming than a successful businessperson using the financial capital that he acquired, and ran for, and won a seat in the US Senate, like Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, who also owns the Milwaukee Bucks.

Whether you like what the individuals do or not once they get to their intended political destination, to me, it is alarming how limited the avenues are to federal elective office. We may all agree that the bloody sock should not be a substantial reason to make one a prominent politician. I maintain that in this day and age, it is! I would welcome the intelligent people of this blog who I speak with almost daily through the blog to discuss such topics. It is only through discussion and recognition that problems can be identified and solutions devised and effected. And if, along the way, someone wants to take me on for my expressed distate of Bill Clinton, someone who maintains that, as President, Bill Clinton presided over quite favorable economic times and national debt reduction, that’s a retort I can accept as based on someone’s reading of the facts and circumstances that differs from mine. I don’t take such responses personally, anymore than when BosoxBrian gives me a double load of gas for the 2 consecutive poor showings the OSU Buckeyes made in the BCS Championship game. While I may not agree with his conclusion, I can’t fault the facts he relies on in coming to that conclusion. Now there, you’ve done it, convincing me to compliment BosoxBrian. Someone please help me find an open 6th story window!!!!

DBen, yes, I agree there is a place for political discussion. I would, as a pastor, say the same thing about religion. I simply don’t see this as the proper venue for either one. Off the blog, privately or in another forum, bring it on. Not here. GO SOX!

Ok, back to baseball — consistency — can we find it for the first time and in time this year?

So far this year, we have not put it all together. Our vaunted bullpen that we keep bragging about, I have never understood why we so rate it? We have only one reliable pitcher in it (Papelbon, and he lives on the edge). Billy Wagner we don’t have a large enough sample size to judge, and everyone else you never know what you are going to get, and the includes all the rest: Oki, Delcarmen, Rameriz, Bard, Saito. Pretty risky proposition for the stretch run and especially the playoffs. Then Beckett seems like he is coming back, but who really knows yet.

At this point looks like we only have one hand to play, hope that Josh gets back on, Lester stays or improves, and at least one of Buckholtz or Byrd or Dice-K or Wakefield gets hot an stays hot and for 8 weeks — and so does our bullpen and our offense — something we have not been able to do all year.

The only upside I see in this — is ironically that it hasn’t happened yet. So at least we don’t have to worry that ‘hey we were hot in June, July, August — then went flat in Sept or the post season’. At least we can think its still coming, and hopefully at the perfect time!

PLease someone tell Clay that we NEED this WIN!!!

dbenj: I bought some “troll repellant” today.. It works really good, I used it on my boss today and he didnt bother me once…

I guess no one is on, yet. Oh, well.
Another SB, then a BB. SIGH! Get the final out, Buch! Get him some runs, guys! GO SOX!

Hey, Ellen and DGN! Anyone else on?
DGN, do we need to send you to the Trop again, so we can get this win? You did something right that night!😉

2-2 eh? Well, at least we’re keeping pace! Hmm…



Keep up the good work, Buch! GO SOX!

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