Hitting for the captain

Before jumping to the conclusion that Wednesday night’s move will signify the start of a trend in which manager Terry Francona will start hitting for Jason Varitek, consider the situation.

Varitek had been 0-for-15 lifetime (including postseason) against Grant Balfour.

“I told him last night, the only situation I was going to hit for [him] was Balfour. That’s a pretty obvious one for me,” Francona said. “I told him, just give me a look if Balfour is in. If anything else, you’re hitting. The at-bat before, he actually came close to hitting a homer.”

Francona started hitting for Varitek at times during the playoffs last year, but never in the regular season. As he said at the time, “I don’t think it’s necessarily the best thing for our team to have the captain looking over his shoulder.”

With three Major League catchers on the roster and usually a potent bat or two waiting on the bench, Francona says there might be times where it makes sense to hit for Varitek.

“It’s a little different when you have more bodies,” said Francona. “Again, I think you have to be somewhat realistic when the season takes a toll on him. That’s not a shot [at Varitek]. That’s being realistic. He bears the brunt of a lot of physical [things]- he just gets beat up. But I also don’t want to run to start hitting for him because I don’t know if that always helps us maybe as much as other people do.”


Hey Greg. Just checked in and find us with a lead. Nice. Clay seems to be doing alright. We could use some more runs though. If you have trouble posting, do you ever get a message that says REDIRECT LOOP? I get this from time to time when I am trying to post. I have to close out the blog and start over! Maybe you can help me out. We have to keep Longoria under control. GO SOX.

Oh, yes Paul, I get it VERY OFTEN with this site. I sometimes cannot tell if it is this site, or my computer (which I just had to reset, just now! SNARL!), or both. But I get that message a lot! SIGH! GO SOX!

Tie game again! SIGH! We can’t (Or DON’T!) seem to hold a lead anymore! GO SOX!

Hi Greg and Paul – I won’t be on a lot tonight – it is my oldest son’s 15th birthday! It seems like our guys don’t want to win any more!!! I’ll try to check in later!


Paul.. try hitting the back button. That has helped me in that situation.

Man! The Rays sure do play the Sox hard all the time! If the Rays played the Sox all season they’d win 150 games. We need a Tek-glove-in-face moment soon. Maybe he can beat up Carl Crawford.

Dave, the Sox have suffered this year, you are correct. But was it over when they were down no games to 3 in ’04? To quote John Belushi: “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” NO! Keep the faith, brother! To quote Jaochin(sp) Andujar,” You can sum up baseball in one word; youneverknow.” He’s right, you just never know!!

Happy birthday to your son, Julia!!!

Birthday greetings to your son, Julia. Thanks to you for your feedback Greg and Ellen. Now I know it has nothing to do with my computer. I will try the back button Ellen.

Have fun at the b-day party, Julia!
Arnie, good thing it was John Belushi who said that, considering that the Germans didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor! Hmmm!…

Yeah, I use that back arrow trick, and several others, to try to reset the site. It’s not doing much tonight, since my computer is the problem tonight. (I think a dead man moves faster than my computer tonight! SIGH!):/ GO SOX!


Happy Birthday to Julia’s 15 year old son!
It’s a rarity, JBay took a 4 pitch walk. JBay usually swings at first pitch.

I think it is time for Francona to sit Papi for a while. He just isn’t helping the team at all. We all keep waiting for him to break out but it is now September and let’s admit it just isn’t happening. He has been hitting below .230 since last July. There are others on the bench who are hitting better and should be the chance to DH.

Aaargh. One would hope that Big Papi might actually do something constructive with runners on base. Fly-outs and SO’s are not helpful but at least we got a run for now. GO SOX.

Greg, that was the joke, get it??? It’s from Animal House. You’re probably waaaay too smart to have ever watched something so,,,,,,,,,,,uh,,,,pedestrian.

Yes, I knew it was a joke! I never watched “Animal House” but it sounded like a Belushi-ism (I did watch plenty of SNL!).πŸ˜‰

Let’s go, V-MART! We can add on here! GO SOX!



Way to go, J-BAY! GO SOX!

Come on, MIKE! Get a GS! GO SOX!

DRAT! OK, guys, we have a LEAD! Let’s HOLD IT! GO SOX!

Come on, BILLY! GO SOX!

Why Why Wagner in 7th? Clay boy is pitching well.

That #.13 jersey that Wagner is wearing has gotten around this year. He’s something like the third or fourth person to wear it this year, I think! Hmmm!… GO SOX!

I wish I knew, Andy. Billy is the ideal 8th or 9th inning guy. GO SOX!

Let’s see if the BP can hold this lead??????/

I just fear they are going to march Oki out for the 8th???

That would be nice for a change, wouldn’t it, A86? GO SOX!

Yeah .

Nice job, Billy! GO SOX!

Nicely done, Jacoby! Get em in guys! GO SOX!

DRAT! Didn’t get any runs that time! Hopefully that won’t bite us later! GO SOX!

REALLY nice job Bard did against Longo!

Bard struck out Longoria on 3 pitches!!! Hahahaha!!!!!!!

Just got in from being out to dinner with some friends. Looks like the Sox and Buchholz are having a good game. Bard was awesome, although I really hate that he walked Pena on 4 pitches. That always worries me with him because he tends to give up something to get the ball over and winds up getting hammered. However, he sure blew Longoria away with those sliders. Looks like Wagner had a good outing again. He could become a great asset heading down the stretch.

Amazing that the Rays are the reigning AL champs and they had 17,000 last night and 20,000 tonight to watch them play for their lives against the Red Sox. That’s a very sad commentary for the Rays.

They should fine Ortiz for that last play. I can’t believe he couldn’t beat that out.

OK, guys, shut em down in the 9th! GO SOX! Let’s win this series!

Bard did recover nicely after the 4-pitch walk, Garry, although I would not want him to make a habit of those! Papi looked like he was playing ump, wanting the ball to go foul, instead of running it out. He should be fined for that!

Well.. I will say that I am impressed by the “small ball” tonight!! Move em along… I know we had a lot of men LOB but hitting was there!!!
Happy Bday Julias SON!!! Dont give your mom grey hair!!!!!
Night all.. see y’all tomorrow.. and I have no bowling tomorow night so i’ll be here for the game… hooooooooooray..


Nice win, and nice series win for the Sox! Let’s keep that going! GO SOX!
Night all!

Great! The good Pap tonight. Two out of three. Nice. On to Chicago. Night all. GO SOX.

Nice job by Buch tonight!
Hope your son had a good birthday, Julia! Take care!

Why does Tito use Wagner, Bard and Pap all on the same night? Now he has no Wagner tomorrow. Wouldn’t it make sense to use Wagner and Pap on alternate nights so that each and every game you have a legitimate closer? What am I missing?

Hey Greg, from the previous thread — I was flying back from Orlando tonight, so if I were as superstitious as ball players I would conclude I either need to present at their games or in the air — as the Sox are 2-0 under those circumstances, LOL.

Anyway, really great to finally win a series in Tampa, good sign.

I said next to a Yankee fan on the way home, who actually was a really really nice person — that still doesn’t compute for meπŸ™‚ — however, he feels its the Yanks year again, their entire team firing on all cylinders. I politely pointed out to him that their starting pitching might still be vulnerable, with none except one having playoff experience or success, but he was unphased by this. Funny, I don’t hold the fear of the Yankees that I have had in years past. Maybe that is not good. I think if we perform, we win – against the Yanks — should we meet in the playoffs — the games remaining this season might shed some light on this.

Good win for the Sox tonight. I agree that it would be extremely difficult to catch up to the Yanks unless they really hit a real slide– however, with their team, we can hope , but it is highly unlikely. We have to focus on the WC and take every game- one at a time– and win. Sure we can keep an eye on TX and TB, and hope they get beat, but it is really up to the Sox. I’m glad to see that Wagner and Paps came through tonight– as well as Bard. And we have to give a lot of credit to Bucholz. I still feel that Wagner and Paps should be our eighth and ninth inning pitchers withe the ultimate closer between the two of them being deopendent on the lineup. Let’s keep it going tomorrow– Let’s GO SOX!!!

Arnie: I was thinking the same thing. Why waste 3 best relievers in one night with 3 run lead into the 7th. I would use one of the three or at most two of the three in a non cooker pressure situation. I still think Wag should be the 8th and 9th inning guy. Well, a win is a win. Byrd can be a gem or be a bust tonight and Wag is not available. Sigh?..

Greg.. About number 13.. AGon gave up the number for Wagner.. I cant remember who had it before Alex.. But nice thing for him to offer it to Wagner.

Arnie, Francona has said that they will NOT use Wagner on back to back days. I think that is due to him having the surgery and just working himback in slowly.

Beckett has already pitched his way out of the Cy Young contention. Clay boy is pitching his way to be the no. 2 starter. If Beckett’s woes continue in his next outing, Francona should re think about the rotation for the playoffs. We can’t let the history repeat itself.
I wonder how much V-Mart and A Gonzo’s presence in the lineup contribute to the resurgence of the Red Sox.

i just re-read your post Arnie and I surely agree with you.. the “flip-flop” night idea is a good one.

Big Papi is in one of those slides again, wish they would use Kotchman more. He is a good hitter. Baldelli against lefties, Kotchman against righties. Maybe one series, just to keep Papi maybe from pressing.
I know this wasn’t the 7th game of WS, but I would have done what Tito did. Sox had to win a series against Tampa. If you put in maybe not the best relievers Sox have, Tampa seems to come back. Especially late in games. I know you used the bullpen for this next game, but Saito and Ramirez are not that bad to have either.
Great win,
Go Sox.
Byrd tonight, who would’ve thought this. Keep it going.

Ellen, yeah it is cool that A-Gonz gave the 13 to Wagner. Until this year, I believe it was Luis Alicea who wore it for several years (until he joined the Mets this year), but since then, it has been worn by at least one other person. I just found it funny, it seemed to be getting passed around like a hot potato.
I wish they would use Wagner as an alternate closer, with Pap. That would give us another 8th inning alternative in Saito, instead of having him close. I can’t imagine why they are bringing Billy in for the 7th, unless they are trying to “monitor his arm”. Seems like a mistake to me.
DGN, funny thing about that Yankee fan. I mentioned on a previous thread that I went to see our local team the night Beckett pitched (my mother and I went) and I sat next to a family of Yankee fans, who were “schooling” their 4-year-old: “Yankees good, Red Sox bad!…” Terrible thing to do to a child!πŸ™‚ I think they were lost!πŸ˜‰

What number did AGon wear when he was last here??

I think Francona wants to break in Wagner nicely and slowly before throwing him under the bus. lol
Remind me of a Red Sox joke which you probably have heard it before.
On the first day of school a first grade teacher explains to her class that she is a Yankees fan. She asks her students to raise their hands if they, too, are Yankees fans. Wanting to impress their teacher, everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl. The teacher looks at the girl with surprise and says, “Janie, why didn’t you raise your hand?” “Because I’m not a Yankees fan,” she replied. The teacher, still shocked, asked, “Well, if you are not a Yankees fan, then who are you a fan of?” “I am a Red Sox fan, and proud of it,” Janie replied. The teacher could not believe her ears. “Janie, why pray tell are you a Red Sox fan?” “Because my mom is a Red Sox fan, and my dad is Red Sox fan, so I’m a Red Sox fan too!” “Well,” said the teacher in an obviously annoyed tone, “that is no reason for you to be a Red Sox fan. You don’t have to be just like your parents all of the time. What if your mom were an idiot and your dad were a moron, what would you be then?” “Then,” Janie smiled, “I’d be a Yankees fan.”

That is funny!!!


Good one, Andy!

Here is my favorite Red Sox joke.
A child of a dedicated Yankee family woke up deciding to be a Red Sox fan. he displayed his elation to his sister. His sister belted him on the head and said, “you idiot, we’re Red Sox fans. Wait till I tell mom.”
Sure enough, Mom was soon aware of the catastrophe and came in the room giving her son the proper spanking he deserved. She then went to her husband and said, “your son is a YANKEE fan!”
The father, wise with years went to his son and gave him a proper spanking and cursed and said, “you’ll never be a Red Sox fan.”
The son, sobbering and berated sat alone in his room. He sat against the dark moods of the shadows. His father came in the room and said, “so are you a Yankee fan now!”
The son paused and said, “I’ve been a Red Sox fan for about 1/2 hour now and I already hate the Yankees!”

(big correction in Joke…sorry)
Here is my favorite Red Sox joke.
A child of a dedicated Yankee family woke up deciding to be a Red Sox fan. he displayed his elation to his sister. His sister belted him on the head and said, “you idiot, we’re Yankee fans. We’ve ALWAYS been Yankee fans. Wait till I tell mom.”
Sure enough, Mom was soon aware of the catastrophe and came in the room giving her son the proper spanking he deserved. She then went to her husband and said, “your son is a YANKEE fan!”
The father, wise with years went to his son and gave him a proper spanking and cursed and said, “you’ll never be a Red Sox fan.”
The son, sobbering and berated sat alone in his room. He sat against the dark moods of the shadows. His father came in the room and said, “so are you a Yankee fan now!”
The son paused and said, “I’ve been a Red Sox fan for about 1/2 hour now and I already hate the Yankees!”

Very funny but only a half truth. I sent this to my son who, like my wife, is a Yankee fan. Since I am a Red Sox fan, and by definition not a moron, I guess the joke only applies to half of his parents (I’m pretty sure I am the father). And even though I know his reply will note that the joke makes me a moron– I can take it for our team. PS-I did not send this to my wife. She, being a Yankee fan I can only guess what her reply will be.

Phil, how many years have you been married?? and how in the heck have you done it…

Good ones, Andy and Dave! VERY funny, indeed!πŸ™‚
I pity your wife, Phil. Then again, my wife is an Indians fan! Now THERE is a species to be pitied! HMMM!…

I’ve been married 48 years — and believe me it wasn’t (and isn’t) easy. But since I grew up in NY and all of my friends were primarily Yankee , some Giant and a few Dodger fans– I am used to the torture. I guess that is what made my marriage last so Looooooooooooooooooong!!!

Phil, did you have to intervene between you Giant and Dodger friends before they re-enacted West Side Story? Let alone the Yankee fans? How did (un)civil war not break out?πŸ˜‰

I would guess so, Phil. I suspect that would have been an interesting (euphemism there) dynamic to observe. Bob Kramer talked a little about it with me also.

We’re posting out of order again! (Or at least I am!):/ GO SOX!

The Dodger fans were those that I went to HS and College with in Brooklyn – while my Yankee fan friends were those that I grew up with in the City. I had no reason to get between the Giant and Dodger fans but I remember that I was on campus when Bobby Thompson hit that HR against Ralph Branca and there was a lot of the gnashing of teeth as well as tears. I just sat back and watched the Dodger fans suffer as often as I did when the Yanks consistently beat the Sox. Things weren’t easy those days for Sox fans. But we turned it around in 2004 and it was my time!!!!!

You are a Saint!!!! 48 years married to and fathering Yankee fans, WOW! What a penance.

Phil, you mean to tell me that not 1 of your kids sided with you in the war (Nation vs Empire)??? Wow, I might have been forced to withhold allowances or something else… maybe food and water if I didnt have at least ONE child as a RedSox fan. We now know that you are Saint Phillip!!!

It really isn’t as bleak as it sounds. I have three children, two girls and one boy. My daughters, as females normally do, side with their father, are Sox fans while my son unfortunately takes after his mother. I guess, in this case, we know where the brains are. My three oldest gradchildren (2 girls and one boy), from my one daughters side, are all Sox fans albeit they are 7, 9 ,and 11. My two other grandchidren (both boys) 1 and 1 1/2 are a little too young but I plan to indoctrinate, coerce etc., them as much as I am able. I may have to bribe them and agree to pay for their College education but it will be worth it. While we are somewhat die-hard fans we all contiually chastise one another, particularly when the Nation and the Evil Empire confront one another. Sometimes it’s funny but there are other times as well. But, it’s all in the family. A family that is all involved in the sport really remains totally in support of one another regardless of the fact that some of them really don’t know what they are doing. Guess which ones!!!

WOW!! Hi All! Via Ian on Twitter:

Wakefield has replaced Tazawa as the probable pitcher for the Red Sox on Saturday!!!

Who can list 4 B words (words start with letter B) that horrify the Red Sox fans over the years?




??? working on more….

Julia: You are right, one one please. Yes Wake is starting tomorrow according to the Sox’s website “probable pitchers”. ttyl

For those interested here are the replies from the jokes that I passed on to my son:

“I’ve been a Red Sox fan for about 1/2 hour now and it’s already been a huge pain in my ***!”

Re: Mom the Yankee fan–“An idiot and a Winner.”..

This is my reponse to him:
“Thanks for the compliment. I always said that Mom was the Winner!!”

Julia- How about Bucky??

As bad as my guys are playing, once in a while there are things to smile about. I just never thought one such moment would be A-Rod “copping” a feel on a national tv broadcast. Check it out: http://newyork.yankees.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=6457581

Bronx Bombers
Base on Balls (from pitchers standpoint)

gsjays – I saw that video of A-Rod! TOO funny!

Bucky is a good one!

I am so excited to see Wake tomorrow!!!

Be back at game time.

Oh – and I’m pretty sure I am up for “Mother of the Year” – guess what my 15 year-old son is getting for his birthday? A tarantula! Am I a saint or just plain crazy?….you know what…don’t answer that!! lol!

Phil, Julia: Yes, it’s Bucky.

I think that youre just plain CRAZY!!! but then again what do I know, lol

-Did I just read what I thought I read? – TARANTULA???????
Happy Birthday to Julia’s son!

A father and son were outside the Fenway Park. The son wanted a T-Shirt says “Yankees suck”. The father said to the son “You can have the shirt. But promise me never use the word”. The vendor said “Yes, suck is not a very nice word.” The father said ” I mean the word Yankee.”

What do Grady Little and Dom Zimmer have in common?

“A boy and his tarantula”…………..has a nice ring to it dontcha think?

Andy, I can only guess that Zim and Little have something to do with Pedro in common.

Julia, I think the tarantula idea is pretty crazy. But as long as you have it, you might as well indoctrinate it. Do they have RSN Spider gear at Red Sox Shop?πŸ˜‰
I really hope we can see Wake this weekend! That would be GREAT! GO WAKE! GO SOX!

Hey, Julia, is your son going by “Spiderman” yet? If so, maybe he can learn to play LF at Fenway!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

The Reds/ Braves game is on in our area. It features two former Sox in the pitching match-up: Arroyo vs. D-Lowe.
My daughter likes snakes, of all things! She grew up an Animal Planet/ Steve Irwin junkie.

Hi all! Yes – you read tarantula correctly! He was deciding between it, a lizard or a snake. Yeah – all “great” choices. He has wanted one of these type of animals for years! He actually can tell you everything you want to know about them (and probably a lot of things you don’t want to know! lol!) He is going to pick one out tomorrow and I will post pictures on my blog after we get it! And YES it will be a Red Sox fan!!

As “unexcited” as I am about it – there is something comforting that it wasn’t an electronic gizmo that he really wanted. He is my science geek so it fits him.

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!

Greg – my boys love ALL animals! And he really has wanted a pet like this for years! Mom finally gave in. lol!! And great game to see Arroyo and D. Lowe!

Nice job by Byrd! (We might have been able to use his pitching earliier!) GO SOX!
My wife and I actually don’t mind snakes. Tarantulas? Different story.

Arroyo and D-Lowe have both been doing well of late. To my knowledge, Arroyo hasn’t repeated his “Foot-In-Mouth Disease” episodes. Hmmm!…

Great I’m not fond of any of them. It is going to be SOOOOO much fun.

Byrd is looking good so far tonight. We need to get some run support going.

How are your parents doing Greg?

They’re doing just fine, Julia, thanks. Dad’s recovered just fine, Mother is back to the mobility she had, but the surgery does not seem to have helped her knee as we’d hoped.

I’m sorry to hear that about your mom.

Byrd – settle in. We have faith in you!!!!!

Time to consider pulling Byrd before it gets out of hand.

Yeah, we’ll see how she does. She can still get around (and she could before) but it is harder and more painful than in recent years.

Come on guys!! The Yankees are down by 4 and the Rangers are up by 5!! We need this win!!!!

I sure hope “Sir Fearless Leader Mark” irons out these rather significant kinks with the blog postings, and with the MLB.com game feeds. The feed kicks out every once in a while, and in this case, it happened right when the 2 runs scored. SIGH! GET ON IT MARK! GO SOX!
A Mark Kotsay HR? Go figure.

It’s hard Greg when our parents slow down.

It was good to get out of that and only give up 3 runs! We need some runs now boys!!!

Sorry – meant to type “2” runs!!!

I hope your son had a great b-day! Is he eligible for a Learner’s Permit yet, or is it 16 years old in MA? GO SOX!

Nice job, A-Gonz! GO SOX!

Are we the only ones on? Is Trixie kicking around? Anyone else? GO SOX!
How is Mike “Shakenbake” doing? Have you heard from him?

Even though we haven’t heard him for awhile, Eckersley is as nauseating as ever!! Cookie, cheese, moss YUK!

Doesn’t Ellen bowl on Friday nights?

I am NOT loving this Byrd tonight……

Nope LP yet. You have to be 16 in Massachusetts. Yesterday was his birthday.

I don’t think Byrd is going to be long for this game……

I’m here Greg!! Just trying to keep a low profile!! I’m out for now!!! I’m bad luck when they are playing… back soon

Hey, Ellen! How goes it? GO SOX!
2nd and 3rd, 0 outs, NOT GOOD! GO SOX!

arnie: You are right. Neither can take out Pedro.
The game is getting out of hand.

SHHH! We won’t tell em you’re around, Trixie!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Hey, Andy. Yeah, it’s getting out of hand quickly. GO SOX!

I guess we have to WATCH THE BYRD-IE, HUH??… Come on Paul.. get out of this and get going!!!

NOT GOOD! The BP needs to be on the ready…GO SOX!

Ellen has a night off from bowling.. Off for labor Day weekend.. everyone goes away.. Where, down here?? I bowl in a tournament on Sunday..

Tito–Wake up. Byrd should have been gone when it was 3-0. If you have already conceded the game pull out your starters and bring Nick Green in. Let’s see what he has- it can’t be worse than Byrd!!

You’re in a league, Ellen? I wish I could put up a decent score, let alone bowl competitively! GO SOX!

I heard an interview on MLBTV today with Pedro.. WOW.. the man seems so settled and unshakeable!! I was surprised…
Back in a bit…

Yeah, Phil, Nick hasn’t pitched in a while and he needs the work!
Pulling him was overdue, you’re right! GO SOX!

Gee whiz! We DID remember how to get outs! That’s better! GO SOX!

Is Kotsay telling us we should NOT have traded him?

Youk couldn’t make the play?….sigh…… PLEASE we need someone warming up – PLEASE!!!! We need this game!!!!!!

And Byrd’s night is over!

And I can’t post! Oh Joy!!!!

Well, at least the inning is over.

Hey, Arnie! Yeah, I think Byrd was shooting for replacing Cole Hamels.

Looks like Byrd is padding his resume to become an ace in the NL.

Okay boys it would have been nice to get a few more runs out of that! V-Mart did some BAD baserunning!!!!

WE need to hold them this inning.

What was Martinez thinking, down 7-0???

You know – we’re not even wearing our Friday fail hats!!

So glad Kotsay went to the White Sox…..

6 man line up and three automatic outs are hard to win games.

Tazawa is going to have to eat innings tonight. What is Wake’s back starts to hurt during the game tomorrow??

Tazawa’s high 80’s and low 90’s FB are fooling the ML hitters. Get Nick Green warming up. When is Dice-K coming back?

You can find out on the next thread. Ian’s put up a new thread on Dice-K…

It’s a joke. Tazawa should not be near the ML mound any more, not in a pennant race, I mean wc race.

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