Iron Man Gonzalez rests for a day

When Alex Gonzalez was re-acquired by the Red Sox on Aug. 14, manager Terry Francona aid that it was nice to have a shortstop he could throw out there every day. Tito meant it pretty literally.

Gonzalez started his first 17 games in Boston stint, Part Deux, before finally getting a respite on Saturday. Nick Green made the start at short.

The scheduled day off for Gonzo explains why he was the only regular to play all nine innings of Friday’s 12-2 loss. In fact, seven starters exited in the bottom of the fifth.

What has Gonzalez given the Red Sox since coming back in the fold?

“Just what we expected,” Francona said. “It shouldn’t be a surprise because he’s always been that good. We’ve seen it in person, we’ve seen it from afar, now we’re seeing it in person again. It’s such a stabilizing factor. You hit it that way, you’re out. He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

Despite some injury woes Gonzalez had in the near three seasons he was with the Reds, Francona has seen pretty much the same player he remembers.

“I don’t detect a dropoff,” Francona said. “The way I said it before, you can tell he had a knee [surgery]. When he walks, anybody that’s ever had a knee scoped, you can just tell. He’s played in every game. Day game after a night game. He’s good.”



By ellenc on September 5, 2009 5:16 PM
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Facing the Red Sox. the little leaguers sudden play like a major leaguers.

there goes the perfect game and no hitter!!!

Hey Ellen. I said NO HITTER on the last thread but now that is history! Good for Nick.

hello everyone. This is Sam, i have not logged on to this blog for a while!

YES!!!!!!!! Way to go Nick!!!! No more no no!!!

YES!!!!!!!! Way to go Nick!!!! No more no no!!!

How ironic! Kotsay hits a home run against us. Wakefield looked awful staggering to first. Hopefully he is done for the day. Please Tito!

Thanks Ellen. I am feeling very proud I sent Bay over to the Red Sox form Pittsburgh. Way to go Bay!

Gosh, Ortiz has looked awful at the plate today. It’s almost as if he’s just guessing (and not guessing very well).

Philosophical question. What is the singular of White Sox, Red Sox? Someone tell McCarver that “White Sock” and “Red Sock” is probably not the correct answer. It’s not the “White Socks” and “Red Socks”.

I think the singular should just be “Sox”. “Wakefield has been a Red Sox for 15 years.”

Yes Paul.. he’s done for he day… and hurt again.. God forbid he should give his all for the team… AGAIN.

Yes Paul.. he’s done for he day… and hurt again.. God forbid he should give his all for the team… AGAIN.

Yes Paul.. he’s done for he day… and hurt again.. God forbid he should give his all for the team… AGAIN
Hey Sam, welcome back!!!!

Sorry.. posting problems………….

Tell me about it! Posting is horrible again. Well, at least we are not going to be shut out but this game is definitely in doubt. Last time I looked, the O’s had tied the Rangers. GO SOX.

You know, the batters were all baffled by Floyd… He had his stuff today.. When Josh or Jon has a great game we always call it just that… a great game.. we dont say how lousy he opposing batters were… Floyd has pitched one helluva game… and yes I know we sucked today….. (so far)

The birds pulled ahead of the rangers 5-4!

Yep, gotta tip your cap to Gavin Floyd, and just come out again tomorrow and Monday and try to salvage a 2-2 split.

Maybe a wild comeback? Get Janks in there.

Youre right about tomorrow and Monday!
GO O’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great game by Gavin Floyd. We can still get a split in this series. I am out of here. GO SOX.

I was just thinking about us, as a fan base… We have gotten so spoiled the last 5 years and we now EXPECT to win every game. While we are the RedSox, we are just another team on other teams schedules until we win another WS!!! We have to go back to really WANTING IT!!!

The RedSox have been doing alot of damage (except the last 2 games) with 2 outs…

Ron: I have always been told that when you play for Boston, you are a RedSOX…

If you played for the Utah Jazz, you would be a Jazz not a Jazz’s, right…

I’m watching a “classic” game on MLBTV… 74 WS LADodgers vs Oakland A’s.. (loved Joe Rudi) and they were talking about the pitchers.. one threw kenny Holtzman threw NINE complete games… makes you realized just how “babied” our pitchers are today!!! One reliever had pitched in 5 of 6 post season games.. WOW… SPOILED: THESE GUYS TODAY ARE!!!

And the birds win! Have a good rest of the evening everyone.

The O’s in their really really Reto Uni’s beat the Rangers… Thank you Baltimore and Melvin Mora!!

Hey, all. Well, I noticed that Wake had a rough outing, and that his back is stiffened again (if I heard that right). It is not sounding to me like Wake will be able to finish the year. I hope he can, but it does not look promising. I also saw that Floyd had a no-no going for a while, while we ended up with about 4 or 5 hits total for the game. We won’t win many games that way. Gavin Floyd obviously had his stuff working today. Credit Floyd and the White Sox. They may not be in playoff contention, but they seem to be enjoying being spoilers. Hopefully, we can split the series. On to tomorrow. GO SOX!

Well, I was busy this afternoon, and I see the Sox went ahead and played without me. Got themselves beaten in the process.
Wake gives his all to the team and for that he has my respect. He and Mike Lowell. Would have been nice for the bats to pick Wake up today, but sometimes you can’t get it done. On to tomorrow.
Go Sox!
Where’s Judge these days?

Hey TCD,
I think it’s kind of funny how you come on here and keep us updated on the standings. Seriously though…’s obvious the Yankees are going to the playoffs and they really haven’t performed there very well as of late. I’d start worrying more about the playoffs and staying sharp up to that point than your division lead. Soon the Yankees will be resting players and pulling pitchers early and the teams that usuually do well in the playoffs are the teams that battle it out to the end. They stay game sharp and don’t have time to try and turn it on again after resting up for the playoffs. The Sox may or may not get there but if they do…we won’t consider it a failure if they don’t go all the way….we all know who that pressure is on. Good luck…….

moanin all….ELLEN,ELLEN, YO TRIX SWEETY… got some plrs to switch out today…lol…i need your help your playin my only comp for the playoffs luv….ugh…go sox…judge

btw i been workin alot …sorry i been mia but im tryin to catch some extra hours….the 2 glaring things i see is that mikey should be playin everyday…and we need a starter to step up with lester and josh and buchy…byrd is not the answer….taz either….maybe bowden….sigh….go sox….judge(poor timmy is givin it the last shot im afraid…now thats a die hard plr)

Cafardo wote this morning that Brad Penny commended, his new catcher for calling a great game the other night.

The Sox have to do something re: Tek and Papi. They are lucky they came this far. Unless they turn around it is doubtful that the Sox are going to take the WC– assuming that TB and TX don’t collapse themselves. Tek and Papi are almost automatic outs– not only making out but not even putting the ball in play. Tito may hurt feelings but if he wants to win he has to something drastic with them If he continues to go the same way the ony thing that will help the Sox are prayers!!!

Everyone on here could not wait to see Penny and Schmoltz leave….me included…..if two good starts by Schmotlz and one start by Penny makes them superstars then bring back Billy Rohr….They had their chance with the Sox and it didn’t work….In fact….the Sox gave Schmoltz more time than most teams would have and that turned into a miserable failure by Schmoltz and hit and miss with Penny…NL is where they belong…The Sox have who they have for the stretch and they’ll just have to gut it out or watch the playoffs with the rest of us…Go Sox!!!!

Starting pitching, starting pitching, starting pitching. It’s haunted the Sox all year long. We’ve given up on Smotz and Penny and Masterson and now are running out of bodies to fill those rolls. Dice-K for good or for bad got a free Gold Gym workout season, poor Tim is haunted with back problems, Josh is haunted with home run problems, Smotz is now a superstar, Penny is lightening and we have one reliable ace — Lester. Not enough for a post season run. Dice-K and Josh and Tim and (whomever is fifth) has to hold their own.
No question Sox have to do something about pitching. What is going on>

hi guys. this is Sam. What a beautiful play by pedroia!

Hey all.. finally home from bowling in the tourney.. didnt do bad placed 5th…

That was a GREAT play by Pedey!

i m glad he shaved though!


Mikey you rock!!

hi ellen! finishing 5th is great. the website is having issues again today. Sam

th th ebatting helmet on, Green looks like KOnerko at the plate… Too bad his numbers dont reflect as well!!

Hey, all. Just checking in. DGN, yes, Lowell did carry us in 07, even though Papi did have a career year that year. It was no accident that he was our 07 WS MVP. I still wish Mike would play every day, at 3B or DH! (Are you listening, Tito and Theo?…)
Speaking of Mike Lowell, that was a monster 2-R HR he hit! WAY TO GO MIKE!
Congrats to Lester on his 200th Strikeout! WAY TO GO JON!
GO SOX! Keep it going Jon! Let’s get him some more RUNS!

If Tito wants to win in the post season, and probably before, he is going to have to make the tough decision and sit Ortiz, and play Lowell regularly alternating him between 3rd base and DH, keeping him hot. Ortiz just doesn’t have it all this year — if I am not mistaken, looks like Ortiz is putting on weight as well.

Lowell carried us in 2007, not Ortiz — so its been that long since Ortiz has really carried the day. For one reason or another, he hasn’t regained that form where he carried this team, trouble is, this year, too many times he is hurting the team.

Who is in the booth with Don Orsillo today??

Hey, Sam! I saw you (re?)-introduce yourself yesterday. As you can see from my call letters below, my name is Greg. I hope we see you post more often, including in the off-season (when we get there). Take care. Be back later.

Hi all. Lester is having another superb effort so far today. We are indeed fortunate that he has performed this well. On the flip side, Big Papi is having another unproductive day but this has become all too regular an occurence. GO SOX.

thanks.. sounded familiar yet not really.. does that make sense??

Ellen, its Brian Daubach

Jays were up 14-5 on the Yanks after 5, now after 7, its 14-8 — does anyone think the Jays can get 6 more outs before they give up 6 more runs?

The O’s beat up on the Rangers today. Good for them. We are 1-8 with RISP today. Not good. GO SOX.

Aaargh! No lead is safe with the bullpen these days! GO SOX.

96 mph fastball, leave him in.

The Jays have the Yankees with 2 out in the 9th and nobody on base. The win should be in the bag.

I can’t believe we are going to start Byrd again on Wed verse the O’s, instead of Dice-K. Not because we absolutely need to win the game, I have a hunch that neither the Rays nor the Rangers are going to gives us a run for the money in Sept (but admittedly that is premature) — however, its just messing with Dice-K’s head too much. Doesn’t this organization understand what a proud man he is — either this will work gloriously or it may work in reverse to our great misfortune, beating out of him every bit of internal pride that he draws from. If Dice-K got beat by the Orioles on Wed, that would not affect him at all, holding him out yet another game, I am not so sure….and the chances that Bryd would do better than Dice-K are slim to none.

Unless Tito and Sox have some understanding with Dice-K that he can come in at the 11th hour and save the day, this is just way too much conservatism for me…. but given that it seems that nothing will move them off this strategy, they better position it this way with Dice-K and start pumping him up or it will be another move (or in this case non-move) gone wrong for 2009.

did Lowell even leave the batters box on that one??? Don’t get me started on that!!!!!

Wow, Yanks, Rays, and Rangers all lost today.

No one hit it out of infield.

Ah oh — here comes test #1 for Wagner

Im sure Lester could have done that.

Tito maybe 6 pitchers for 6 outs.

Wagner’s velocity seemed down this outing — but he still got two outs.


gotta luv Martinez!

Thats why you have V-Mart catching and not Varitek. OK Pork Chop.

to the Victor, go the spoils.

HR V-MART! You can put-it-on-the BOOOOOOAARRRD! YYYESSS!

Well put ronkelly. Now we will see if we are going to get the good Pap. GO SOX.

DGN, I don’t know that Byrd will do so well, against the O’s or anyone else–I don’t have confidence that he’d do well. It would suit me just fine, however, if Dice-K does not pitch another inning this year, though. Neither one is a good option, by my lights!

Good question about the Jays vs. the Yankees, DGN!:/ GO SOX!

Nice work by Lester this game. We needed that win! We need the “Good Beckett” tomorrow to be able to split the series. (Talking about what we’re not sure what we’ll get in a pitcher!) Get it done, tomorrow, Josh! GO SOX!

I agree about Dice K, but think that Byrd will have a much better outing..
Nice day when the Sox can win and none else in the East Does!!!

oops soory, Forgot about Toronto!!!

Finally a W for the RedSox this wkend! Thanks Greg. I have been very busy at work but will try to post more when I can.

We got the good Pap! The baseball gods were on our side today with everyone else losing. We can get the split tomorrow. GO SOX.

Good game….tomorrow would be a great time for Beckett to return to form….he will be critical for the stretch run and the playoffs…Come on Josh….a split in Chicago is not too bad!!!!!! Go Sox!

Great articlcle on and Peter Gammons about the new SS the Sox signed and gave a huge contract. 8.5 million. Jose Iglesias. Many GM’s just saw him play and call him the best defensive SS they have ever seen. That is amazing. Move over Ozzie Smith.

… but can he sing Like Julio Sr. and Jr?? lol We could have the 1st singing S.s.

Greg, Where has Julia been.. everything ok???

7:oo nfl replay of Pats-Giants game, Richard Seymour is gone. BB never stands Pat, hahaha.
I will miss Seymour, though.
Have a wonderful evening.

awesome game…go sox….btw ellen you still can help me in 2 ways tonight lol….if broxton pitches and lowers your whip by .01( allows no baserunners), or eithier raises your ops by gettin a dbl or 2 singles or better im in lol….so everyone root for ellen,,,and me lol….go dodgers….cept for zazu….feck him lol….judge

I’m not sure where Julia is, or why she’s been off the blog for a couple days. I haven’t checked in at her fan blog–she might have an answer to our question there.
While I am not entirely surprised that Richard Seymour was traded (as with Vrabel, Willie McGinest or Ty Law a few years back–they are not getting any younger), it still saddens me –I’ll miss all those guys. Godspeed, Richard Seymour and Mike Vrabel–you both will be sorely missed! GO PATRIOTS! GO SOX!

Hi All! ! I know – I have been absent the last two days!!! The tarantula arrived yesterday and we had a big family party to day for my son’s birthday! I did not see yesterday’s game but I did see some of today’s game! The Red Sox won and the Yankees, Rays & TB all lost! Great day! I should be here for the game tomorrow – but my boys don’t have school so I’m not sure! I will do my best to check in!!! And Congrats Ian!!! Brownie Points is #8 on the Latest Leader’s List for Beat Writers!

Julia, give that tarantula my love! Does “it” have a name?

Great Game/Good Day for the Sox. Let’s hope Beckett regains his form and keeps the Sox streak (games) going
Julia- Besides people- what does a Tarantula eat????

Hi All:

Yes – the Tarantula has a name – it is Abreu – NOT after the former Yankee player! Abreu was one of places my son was at this summer when he was in New Mexico with the Boy Scouts and it has a similar desert environment to the part of Chile that the tarantula comes from.

They eat crickets – but they can go days/weeks/months without eating. And tarantula’s do not like to be handled – it actually stresses them. Also – IF you were to be bitten by the one we have, it would be no more painful then a bee sting. The Chilean Rose-hair Tarantula’s (yes, the hair on him has a rosey-tint to it) does not have venom. When it bites it’s prey it is actually almost like a digestive juice that it injects into it. See all I have learned? lol!

He’s hoping that Beckett has “found” himself much like Doc Halladay did this past week. The Yankees play a double-header with the Rays in NY. Any chance the Rays can take 2??

Re Jose Iglesias — on the upside, its not that big a contract — if I have this right, its 4 years of Jose for about the same price as one year or Mr. Lugo (did I read that wrong)? — so that is a vast improvement.

On the down side — we are still messing with the Short Stop position when we have a good one — I sure wish we would have given Alex Gonzales a longer run — I’ve always liked him, he plays well for us, always has — and he is one player we never stuck with for more than one season…. sounds like we are repeating 2006 behavior once again.

Oh well, Bobby Kielty is one of my favorite Red Sox acquisitions ever — and in the 2007 Word Series, he only got one at bat, and one pitch, and he put it out of the ball park for us to win the 2007 WS, and that with his wife and a fairly new-born babe watching in the stands, not knowing if he would even get that one chance! So I guess you just have to seize every opportunity you get. Bobby would probably still be with us if it weren’t for injury rehab the following year and the shuffling and timing that followed as a result. But he will always be one of my favorite RedSox for that very reason. But we obviously really missed a great opportunity to have Alex all the years we endured Lugo, including the 2007 title, and I guess that is not about to change next year.

Greg – I missed it earlier – what question?

I too will miss Seymour – I don’t totally understand the direction the Pats are taking – but good news – looks like Tedy Bruschi will be working for ESPN.

Oh – and if you want to see a picture of my son’s tarantula – you can see it here:

(It is at the end of the post)

I know – you’re all dying too!! LOL!! While I wouldn’t want to be holding it – I’ll have to say – I am not at all bothered by it. It doesn’t move much, but when it does it is pretty cool. I’ve been converted!

Hey, Julia. Sorry, it is a very simple question (Ellen asked it): “Where is Julia”? That’s all. I wasn’t sure at the time if you’d posted on your blog where you’d been or what you’d been up to! Take care.
I hope to check in from time to time on here during the game. GO SOX!

Thanks Greg! It was just a busy weekend.

******New Thread All!!!**************************

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