Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone is having a nice BBQ today and following Brownie points and twitter — @IanMBrowne — from their blackberries!! Ha ha.

At any rate, news of the day.

David Ortiz is not in the lineup today, despite a .354 average with two homers lifetime against Buehrle. Because Terry Francona is committed to catching Jason Varitek on days Josh Beckett pitches, someone had to sit, and it wasn’t going to be Mike Lowell, who has already had his share of days off of late, and belted a homer yesterday.

Tim Wakefield won’t pitch for a while. The club put the brakes on and told him to skip his side session today, and will likely give him about a 10-day break before he next takes the ball, perhaps when the Red Sox play at Baltimore the weekend of Sept. 18-20.

It sounds more and more like Jed Lowrie’s season will end today, when he plays in Pawtucket’s season finale. It has simply been a lost year for Lowrie, so he might as well take some rest and then have a great winter of strenghtening the wrist. Nothing official yet, but it sounds like that is the way it will go.


Happy Labor Day Ian!!

As tough as it will be for Lowrie – there really isn’t room for him at the moment. A-Gonz has done a great job and sitting him makes no sense. And Big Papi sitting? I hope there is someway to bring him in as a pinch hitter if we need him.


Let’s GO RED SOX!!!! We have faith in you Josh!!!!

WHOOO HOOOO!!! Keep the momentum going!!!

And Ells bury adds another steal!


Joshua!!! A single was NOT the way we wanted to game to start!! We want to come out of this inning still up by 1!!!

Eck has a point – Beckett is taking a very long time recently when he pitches. He’s commenting on how long both Tek & Beckett are taking together to get ready.

Hey all…. Go Sox….woooooooooooooo….
happy labor day Ian!!!!! Dont be-laborin’ too hard!!!!
We appreciate you!

We missed you yesterday Jules!!!! Hope the party was a blast… and are you keepingtabs on Tippy the Tarantula??

Hi Ellen! The tarantula has his permanent home now in my son’s room. He is happy in his “home” lol!

So far`so good for Josh! We need more RUNS!!!

Head check, Josh!!! Make sure its out of your butt!!!
Get going Bubba!!!

BECKETT!!! The good one does not seem to have shown up!!!!

OOPS, I’m out for a while……..

Can we trade Beckett for Kotsay??? Just a thought!

Hey, all. Happy Labor Day!
I see that Youk and Ellbury got us off to a good start, but that we got bitten again by Red-Sox Killer, Kotsay.:/ GO SOX!
Back in a while!

Damnit Josh!! Good thing for the throw to the plate and the tag!!! WHAT IS UP WITH JOSH??? He’d better straighten up in short order!!!! Maybe Lester needs to have a talk with him!! lol

Maybe Lester just needs to smack him around for a while. Just a thought…
GO SOX! Later!

Hi all. Does anybody think about what Labor Day actually means except a day off? Well Greg, we got off to a good start but the wheels have fallen off rather quickly. Great out at the plate. GO SOX.

Greg – I like the suggestion – let Lester take Beckett out behind the “wood shed” and “talk” some sense into him!!!

Beckett made that a little too interesting – but we got out of it – now we need RUNS!!!!

OH COURSE – I can’t post!!!

And via Ian on Twitter:

On a scale of 1 to 10, what is the panic factor in the Nation regarding Beckett’s struggles?

And A-Gonz has an 11 game hitting streak!

WISH my comments would post!!!!


Josh just CANNOT give up any more bases@!!! It will Kill us!!

Hey Dave, how’s everything??

Happy Labor Day everyone!
Josh can’t seem to find his stride. I can’t imagine the pressure he’s putting on himself. I wonder if he is tipping pitches. Who knows?
Anyway, love ya all.

shhhhhhhhhh!! quite.. the bats are sleeeeeping!!!!!

We. Left. Them. Loaded. sigh…..

Hi Dave!

Okay 1-2-3 for Beckett – HOW ABOUT SOME RUNS!!!! Let’s go RED SOX!!!

Attta boy JBay. We need hits and base runners. Can’t keep leaving RISP. GO SOX.

I almost hit the floor. SHHHH…quite the bats are sleeping is about the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Well done!

Funny and quite accurate Ellen.

I think the bats are already loaded for the trip back to Boston!!! We are leaving WAY to many runners on base.

Josh got another 1-2-3 inning – let’s see if we can score some RUNS for him!!! Just a thought…..

I have to run some errands with my boys – be back!!


I’ll try this again! We are actually outhitting Chicago but can’t seem to put anything together. Leaving RISP is killing us.

Well, if this game was in doubt, it no longer is! Unfortunate, because Beckett did not pitch badly. A walk and wild pitch did not help him.

This team is so prone to several game offensive lapses and not so coincidentally whenever they run into good pitching, that it seems increasingly difficult to hope that this trend will magically disappear in late Sept and stay away until early October. I am quickly reverting into an old-style Sox fan, pre-2004. Help!

I don’t think they are going to do it this year, too many slumps, no one chilling the team out, keeping them loose, no one exuding confidence (I guess I better include myself in that latter category). No Milar, Ramirez, Damon, Schilling, or confident Papi to keep the guys believing, that seems to be a critically important ingredient either not apparent or missing from this team.

Oki is just so streaky. At one time he was so dependable but like the BP in general, you just don’t know what you can expect from game to game. Very disappointing result. We can take it out the O’s. GO SOX.

See y’al later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Streaky is name of the whole 2009 team, period — name one person on this team who has been consistently good or hot all year, I can think of only Papelbon, who has been off at times, but never let it hurt much, — other than him — no one comes to mind — they all seemed to catch it from Papi this year — we should have quarantined big PapiπŸ™‚

I guess I didn’t miss anything…sigh….Beckett wasn’t that bad today! Our bats on the other hand? If they don’t stop phoning it in we will NEVER win!

Later all!

Twas the night before a game,
When all through the clubhouse,
Not a bat was stirring, not even Nick Green’s,
Josh Beckett was sitting with a loss,
with visions of home runs tossed over his head,
Brad Penny was starring all a confused,
because he had already been traded,
what a ruse,
Dice-K was sitting there relaxed,
due to his vacation for he didn’t feel taxed,
Tim Wakefield felt backed against a wall,
he wasn’t given the ball,
Ah Tito was pondering the next move,
he didn’t feel he had the groove,
he laughed like a bowl full of jelly,
but all that came up were memories of kelly,
but who was kelly you say,
we don’t know, it just rhymes with jelly,
David Ortiz was scratching his head,
his brain felt all a shred,
So as the day did end away and alone,
the Sox did rest after they talked on the phone,
twas the night after a game,
and no one wanted the fame
of being part of that loss,
it was a toss

They really mailed that effort in, didn’t they? I see some stark difference between teams like the Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers and Angels, who never seem to lose anymore, and teams like the Red Sox, the Rangers, the Tigers, who are just sputtering along.

As much as I want the Red Sox in the World Series, the Cardinals pitching might be the only thing out there that can shut down Yankee hitting.

The first time the Yankees face Schmoltz, alone, might make a Yankees-Cardinals World Series worth watching.

I gave up on first place in the east when the Yankees swept the Sox weeks ago. 9 GBL might as well be 90 GBL. The only figure that matters now is 2.5 games ahead in the WC.

the sox are frustrating on the road lol

If the Sox make the play-offs, you only go as far as starting pitching will take you. Next week we face the Angels at home. This series will tell me a lot about this team.
Up until then one game at a time. Could use a nice little winning streak right about now, to get good feelings going.
Go Sox!

From 1919-33, the Sox had 15 straight losing seasons. The 3rd most in Major League history. Who did we trade?
That has to be the WORST trade in MLB history. YES?
I know you all know. Just making a joke.

OK, here is a science puzzle:
Why don’t meteors ever fall into earth’s orbit. (hint…look it up)

It’s called The Lugo Effect on Interplanetary Celestial Bodies.
In layman’s terms it means that once you sign the big(Bang) contract you lose your star power and are relegated to “National League” status, commonly known as Big Bust theory. This is caused [some hypothesize] by the pressure and heat generated in the Park of Fenway region of space that most “Lugos” pass through. This phenomenon was not well known or understood until the creation of the Theoscope which enabled RSN scientists to see it up close and personal.

I looked it up on Wicked-pedia, the online encyclopedia of RSN Lore. Cool site!

Dave – LOVE the poem!!!

So, we are home tonight, Buchholz is on the mound and all if good – right??

Beckett did a good job yesterday – we should have been able to over come a 3 run deficit (we won’t even get into Okie..) but our bats? I think they were shipped back to Boston AND since that is where we are tonight all should be good!!!

Arnie – Brilliant explanation! I’m wondering – can you explain why one sock gets lost in the dryer??

Jules.. With Beckett pitching, we shouldnt have been in a 3 run hole!!!! I know he pitched better yesterday, but he needs to get the kinks out of his breaking ball…
Arnie.. Thats a classically funny answer!!!
Hopefully some home cooking will warm the souls of our road weary boys!!! (and our bats).
.. how do you like this: I’m sitting in my office and I have the space heater on HIGH!!! They keep it so cold in here you could hang meat!!!!
Back later. y’all!

Are you talking about Gato’s Theorem of Lost Wool? It goes something like: The hydration reduction rate of gas[in Gato’s day] dryers is equal to the mass of wool fibre contained in one sock, usually a child’s sock, times the square root of Key Lime Pie minus the circumference of Santa Claus’ belly. Gato was Schrodinger’s cat, by the way. Quite a scientist in his own right.

Thank you Arnie!!! I think my problem was that I had Key Lime Pie cubed.

Ellen – no, we should be able to expect Beckett to hold the opposing team to under three runs but we also should be able to score more then 1! There is NO excuse for that.

Lineup for tonight:

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, C
4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. Jason Bay, LF
7. J.D. Drew, RF
8. Casey Kotchman, 1B
9. Alex Gonzalez, SS
SP — Clay Buchholz, RHP

1. Brian Roberts, 2B
2. Felix Pie, CF
3. Nolan Reimold, LF
4. Nick Markakis, RF
5. Melvin Mora, 3B
6. Matt Wieters, C
7. Luke Scott, DH
8. Ty Wigginton, 1B
9. Cesar Izturis, SS
SP — David Hernandez, RHP

Mikey and Tek both sitting.

OK guys, astronomers you are not! (LOL)
Meteroids are the rocks of space. When they strike the earth’s atmosphere they are now called meteors. When they strike the earth’s surface they are meteorites. So of course you have lots of meteors striking the earth’s atmosphere but they are called meteorites when they hit the ground. Ya, three definitions for the same object. Asteroids are easier. One word covers them no matter where they are in space (or on our planet).

Incidentally, meteoroids tend to be the debris of space. Asteroids are much, MUCH larger than meteors and tend to rotate around the sun…which brings up the question what is a planet. If we get hit by a meteoroid, not such a problem but an asteroid…well…hmm…whatever happened to those dinosaurs?

Hey Arnie,
I keep trying to heat up your razor blade soup but it goes like crazy in the microwave. What do I do?
Julio Lugo!

I think you’re right!

Is this your round-about way of suggesting that Lugo was using meteoroids? His name is on the list???

I knew it Arnie!!! Lugo was confused – he thought since meteoroids hurled through space it would make him faster.

Bermuda night at Fenway! “Captain Morgan” threw out the first pitch – I don’t think we will be signing him….


I have a question for all of you Brownie Pointers:



New signing by the Red Sox:


SS Iglesias from Cuba

I saw that the other day and I asked: BUT can he sing like Julio’s Jr and Sr?

Dustin crushes a Home Run!!! Key word there?? HOME!!!!

PEDEY!!! Great start!!!! 2-0!! And Ellsbury was attempting to steal!!


Good question Ellen!! lol!!! Maybe he can join the bullpen band!!

YOUK!!! Same spot as Pedey!!!!!

So Clay is happy with V-Mart. Fine – as long as he keeps pitching well! GO RED SOX!!!!!

So far so good for Clay!! Let’s get him some more runs boys!!!

Finally I can show John Sterling up!!!!
IT;S AN A-BOMB FROM AGON!!!!!!(it sounds better than his)

It sounds GREAT ELLEN!!! Let’s hope you can say it again soon!!

Clay is looking great tonight!!!

Its GOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!! Way to go Pedey.. I think I just geard Jerry Remy say that this is Dustins FIRST multi-homer game.. How is that possible????

It is Ellen – and yes, I find it hard to believe!

And we have a pitching change in the 3rd – GO RED SOX!!!!

OMG!!! VIA Twitter:

Five hits, all HRs, and it’s 8-0 Sox. 20th of the season for Drew.


You know when you have an ERA of 16.71 and you’re name is Chris…it’s not a good day.

Any chance Boston could face Baltimore in the playoffs?

Maybe if we ask really nicely ronkelly they will let us play the O’s!!!

Ya…playing Baltimore would be fun.

If the Sox can’t protect 8 runs lead against Baltimore, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. That said I don’t want to see Wagner, Bard on the mound tonight.
Where were the Sox bats when we needed them for Beckett?

007 – I suspect that Beckett is asking the same question.

COME ON CLAY!! Settle in!!!!

I’m not being pessimistic here, but we did play a game against these same O’s where we had a HUGE lead… Anyone want a different outcome than that one???

007 is correct. That was the game that Smoltz went 4 innings, then there was a 3 hr rain delay. And he didn’t come back after the delay.

The only reason he pitched well in that game is that he didn’t have a chance to come back and %&$^# it all up in the 5th inning.

Save some runs for Paul Byrd. We need 5 runs saved for tomorrow night’s game. lol

Ellen: The Sox blew 9 runs lead against the Baltimore and Smoltz was pitching I believe. The Sox owed that game to Smoltz. If it happens again tonight, I will quit watching Sox games.

It was a game when Smoltz was pitching and wasn’t there a rain delay?? A new pitcher came in. And WHY are we talking about this??? LOL!

Clay is looking great! Another pitcher in for the O’s.

I don’t know about you guys. I feel more comfortable with Clay boy on the mound against any AL team than Beckett is pitching.
ronkelly: The odds of the Sox playing the O’s in the playoffs are the same as Lugo is being hit by Dave’s meteor, or meteoroid, or meteorite.

Come on – bases loaded – BRING THEM HOME!!!!

Ah…it would technically be a meteorite since it landed on Lugo’s head. During its decent on his cranial closet, it would be a meteor (think meteor shower) and until it struck earth it would be a meteoroid (think aster-OID). That’s how this craziness works.

Right now 007? I go with Clay also.

Bases loaded and we get NOTHING!! NOT good boys!!!

reserving runs for tomorrow.

Andy, I know ,, I just didnt want to say TOO MUCH>>> You know me and my superstitions!! lol

reserving runs for tomorrow.

Hi all. Just checked in to see us squander another bases loaded situtation. I was glad to see we had an eight spot up on the board. Where were these bats in Chicago? It would appear that we should play all our games in Boston. GO SOX.

Thanks for asking Julia. I am having trouble posting. Young Clay is pitching well. He has had a lot of back-up. Beckett should have been so lucky. GO SOX.

They were talking earlier about Dice K and his final rehab start. The RS want him to throw 90-100 pitches…
Hell, he can do that in 2 2/3 innings!!! lol

That’s what Rem-Dawg was saying about Dice-K also – how many innings.

Hi Paul! The fires staying away from you?

Dave: Meteor is space debris with size of a grain of sand. Because of its huge speed when it hits the earth’s atmosphere, it glares. What exactly hit the Siberian forest? A meteor of a size of a baseball?

IIRC, Smoltz $%%^&ed up 2 games all in the 6th innings.

007 – I think one was earlier then that.

If that *()(&*^%^ FAN didn’t touch the ball I think it would have been another HR!!!!

At least we got one out of that bases load situation.

Another squander. Is it too much to ask for just a base hit? HR’s are great but the bread and butter is the base hit with RISP. We don’t seem to grasp this. Texas is still rocking. GO SOX.

jeez, usually when the second stringers come in, Nick Green is on the mound and we’re 15 runs behind.

looks like one of those days were we win, but still lose a half game in the standings. Go Cleveland. Rah rah.

Is that the end of Clay tonight? He did a GREAT job!! And what it with Texas?? Who would have thought….

Hey, all, 8 runs, 5 HR in the first 3 innings? NICE! WAY TO GO, GUYS! NICE WORK DUSTIN!
I see Buch has a 2 hitter going (with how many walks?). NICE WORK BUCH!
I’m with Paul, though–where the heck were those bats in Chicago, or in NY for that matter (in that bloody wind tunnel, of all places!)?? We sure could have used them!
Good start, but we need these results against better teams than Baltimore! GO SOX!

Cleveland should have saved those wasted 9 runs from Game 1 for Game 2. They’d be winning (but would probably lose anyway).

PAPI!!! HR #6 for the Red Sox tonight!!!!!

Y’all are also right, we need to make sure we’re not giving that lead back, even on the installment plan! GO SOX!

Via Twitter:

Papi HR, #23, is the 6th of the night for the Red Sox & No. 269 of his career as a DH, tying Frank Thomas for the all-time lead.

Hi Greg!!!

Bowden looked good out there!

I missed the Rew-Dawg and his ramblings when the game got out of hand!!!!

I still hope the Red Sox use Bowden (if he is not traded in the off-season) as a reliever to bolster the BP. I would hope he would remain in the big leagues if he earns a spot in ST.
I also wish we could have acquired Gathright earlier in the year. I think he would have been a help off our bench. Maybe he will be in 2010. GO SOX!
Are you in school now, Julia?

I am just subbing this year and I have not had to go in yet. My boys have been in a week.

I don’t actually have the game on, so I haven’t caught Rem-Dawg tonight. I hope he is recovering well! GET WELL REM-DAWG!
Only 4 hits for them tonight? Let’s keep it that way! GO SOX!

As a sub, Julia, do you just work at the one school, or do you sub throughout the school system?

I understand the idea of keeping Wake on the path to recovery, and I hope his back is recovering well. It does not make sense to me, though, to keep him out of the scheduled starts in order to “keep him pitching”. Uh, we’re coming down the stretch, so if not now, when? We have to GET to the Post-Season first! What am I missing?


Bowden pitched 2 IP of relief, correct? NICE JOB, MICHAEL! GO SOX!

Yup! 2 innings for Bowden!

Night all – I will miss most of the game tomorrow – parent’s night at the high school!

5 hits, one BB between Buch and Bowden! NICE! Great work by both of them! Nice HR, PAPI! GOOD WORK, DUSTIN! Keep it up tomorrow, we can get a series “sweep”! (?)
GO SOX! Take care, all

Maybe one thing the Red Sox have in their favor in the last 25 games is that Texas and the LA Angels (of Anaheim) have 7 games left between them. So as those two battle it out, the Sox can sneak past both and then just let them duke it out for 1st in the west (the loser sits down).

But the Red Sox (of Massachusetts) still have something to prove against NYY and LAA themselves, and they have the opportunity in the next few weeks.

Just play .667 at home and .500 on the road the rest of the way, we’ll have 94 or 95 wins and that should be more than enough for the wild card.

Hey guys,
I had such a fun time with the last science question here is one you’ll love!
IF the visible universe shows us clusters of galaxies with little in between those galaxies, why are there NO stars between galaxies…or very little. Why is it all clumped up into galaxies.
The one who wins gets a fabulous no-prize!

Texas is like one of those flys that keep bothering you. They wont go away. I think first team that can put together a winning streak, might be the difference.

Great analogy by rooster7 when talking about the Rangers. Boston sure brought there bats to Boston! Great outing by Buchholz.

Dave: A galaxy is made up of cluster of stars and gases. There is nothing but ionized gases between galaxies. The interstellar medium is a big void full of gases. So no stars.

Brian, you and I are playing against each other in the playoffs and YOU ARE WINNING… an absentee coach’s team…. I can’t be very good if you beat me.. no slight intended!! lol

Texas is already leading Cleveland 5-0, top of one!!! Thats a
REALLY BIG fly thats buzzing… I hope Cleveland can rally!!

Damn, Andy… You’re GOOD!!!

Ellen: I am just stating the fact that there is nothing between the galaxies but gases. We will hear from Dave why there are no stars between the galaxies. Dave is really good at everything.
Texas is a big fly that won’t go away. I thought TB would be a big fly. With Byrd pitching it will be a boom or a bust. Luckily he is against the Baltimore. I expect a slugfest tonight.
JBay was horrible against Baltimore pitching last night.
We think A Gon is an automatic out. Think twice his BA with the Sox is .289 and 8 HRS.

Hi All – Tonight’s lineup –

Jacoby Ellsbury-CF
Dustin Pedroia-2B
J.D. Drew-RF
Kevin Youkilis-1B
David Ortiz-DH
Jason Bay-LF
Mike Lowell-3B
Jason Varitek-C
Alex Gonzalez-SS

Paul Byrd-SP

I will not be here for the start of the game – it is Freshman parents night at the HS. So cheer the Red Sox on for me!

The big fly won’t go away. They blanked the Indians 10-0. WC lead cut down to 1.5 games.


You gave the what but not the why. Why are there no stars between the galaxies? There is an answer.

Dave: Why? Because there’s ain’t no intergalatic space big
enough for a star?
This time last year all divisions and wc berths were clinched. TB won 90 games and LAA 100 games this time last year.

Actually…nope…the answer is — BLACK HOLES.
A black hole (supermassive) is formed when a large Megagiant star explodes. The collapse of its core creates the compressed matter hole (black hole). Since the gravity around this monster is so huge, star matter gets pulled to it. EVERY galaxy has a black hole and that’s why you have thick star pockets and empty space. Without these giant hyperstars (150 times the size of our own sun) no black holes would exist and therefore no galaxies.

A black hole huh?? Isnt that where we’ll be if we don’t make the playoffs??? Texas kicked butt today!!

I have a question for all of you Brownie Pointers:


I’m not feelin’ the love out there for Mr. Byrd… Let’s all get behind him..
Let’s give the Orioles the B Y R D!!!!!!

Brian did you see my post earlier?? We are playing against each other in the playoffs!! IM LOSING TO YOU 6-12 going into tonight.. I cant be that good if I’m losing to an abandoned team.. no slight intended

I’m thinking good thoughts for Paul Byrd tonight..and also keeping my fingers crossed (hard to type like this!! lol), and my legs and toes and eyes and…..
Brian, you and I are playing against each other in the playoffs and YOU ARE WINNING… an absentee coach’s team…. I can’t be very good if you beat me.. no slight intended!! lol

was having posting problems on internet explorer (no submission) and now on Mozilla FF just a slight delay and posting out of order.. I can deal with that…

If the Red Sox do wind up in a black hole, I fear for next season. The average time to die in a black hole is a few seconds but then again you would get to see your body torn apart and enter the largest concentration of energy in the universe (LOL)

brian check out my earlier post…

I always thought the Black Hole was the endzone in Oakland. LOL!


Byrd pitched well at home against the Jays and got DRILLED in Chicago. What Byrd will show up???? Flip a coin on that one. I would rather see Bowden pitch than Byrd. Bowden has a future in Boston and Byrd’s future should be in a nursing home! I’m guessing Al Nipper or Wes Gardner will pitch for Byrd in his next start. Perhaps Jeff Sellers will. My oh my….Byrd on the hill in a very important game, not the guy I want on that mound. Then again this is the Orioles, one of the few teams that Boston can beat!

I just thought back to Youks 1st AB with us that I saw on TV… I couldnt imagine what he had to done to deserve being boo-ed so early in his career!!!! lol


I haven’t paid attention to that team for one moment. I don’t think it says too much for anyone involved in that fantasy league, whoever they are. LOL! I think Judge is in the league. Judge….Don’t give up your day job. LOL!

Byrd will take the mound in the second inning in a wheelchair. HA…HA….


What else was crossed when you were typing??? Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Judge is on a different league. This was Jeff Louderbacks (mrwrite/RedSox and Pinstripes blog) league. I’m on 3.. things that make you go WHAT?????

Hey now.. SHHHHHH.. Dont tell the O’s that BYRD is pitching they think its Lester!!!

Here we go again — over under 8 runs this inning for the O’s?

Hey, all. How is everyone tonight? Come on, Byrd, keep letting the O’s think you are Jon Lester! Suits us just fine! We’ve given him an early lead, so he needs to keep it going! Go Byrd! GO SOX!

Only one run allowed, could have been worse. Byrd will need to do better than giving a run back every inning. GO SOX!


You have bowling and 3 fantasy teams, my oh my. Also your married. Who say that song…” Too Much Time On Your Hands”????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….were they thinking of you??? LOL!!
Three leagues, WHAT????? HA…HA….I thought Judge was in Jeff’s league. Sorry Judge. How is Jeff doing??? Whoever runs the league wins, they set up the rules for their benefit. HA…HA…



Jeff hasn’t been on this blog much this season. In the past he would be on here alot, he must be busy. His Steelers open up the football season tom. night against the Titans. Also his Buckeyes ( D. Benjamin’s Buckeyes ) have a BIG game at home this Sat. night.

I hope someone can block the Orioles team bus when leaving Fenway tonight. Keep this PATHETIC team in Boston!

Hi all. You are right Greg. Byrd will have to do a lot better. 40 plus pitches for 2 innings–not good. GO OX.

Byrd and Berken. Tonight’s pitching matchup sounds like a law firm! “Byrd, Berken and DBen”! Sounds about right!πŸ˜‰


Quite true about Pedroia on the bases this year. That wasn’t the case in the last couple of years. It was just a couple of weels ago when Pedroia got picked off at third base, one of his many baserunning blunders this year. I think for some strange reason he is trying to do too much out there. I don’t know why but that is how it looks from my viewpoint. I try to remain optimistic about this team this year but there is something missing here! The bats have been very streaky this season.

It’s possible, that as good as he is, that Dustin Pedroia is right up there with Julio Lugo with his baserunning prowess (or lack thereof). He has had more bone head base running plays this year than the rest of the team combined. What is he thinking about?

Hi all. You are right Greg. Byrd is going to have to do a lot better. 40 plus pitches for 2 innings–not good.

The Buckeyes are more than welcome to lose that game on Sat.! GO TROJANS! (OOPS, did I just say that?)πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Ellsbury could have been bounced from the game for the kind of contact he had at the plate at the end of the bone head play.

Yeah, Garry, Dustin has had some serious screw-ups on the basepaths! GO SOX!

Yo Paulie!!!! Strike em out!!!

Nice work, Byrd! GO SOX!

I’m sure he is busy, what with his writing AND the blog, plus he was commissioner of the Fantasy League…

Aint that just peachy!!!!! You Go TEK-ER!!!!

Dave: The gravatational pull of a black hole is greater than the speed of light so nothing escapes if anything (all stars around the hole) gets sucked into the black hole. If the Sox missed the playoffs, it will get sucked into the deep black hole and never escapes.
Remind me of an Einstein joke which many of you have heard or read before. I will run by you any way. The joke is slightly adapted from the original to avoid Summerian bias against women and make it funnier.

Einstein arrives at Ian’s Brigade party and introduces himself to Ellen and Julia and asks, “What are your IQ?”
Elllen and Julia answer, “both 241.”
“That is wonderful!” says Albert. “We will talk about the Grand Unification Theory and the mysteries of the universe. We will have much to discuss!”
Next, Albert introduces himself to Ian, Garry, Brian, Dave, and rest of the male brigades “What are your gentlemen’s IQ?”
The guys answer, “all 144.”
“That is great!”, says Albert, “We can discuss politics and current affairs. We will have much to discuss!”.
Albert then goes to tcd and asks, “What is your IQ?”
tcd answers, “51.”
Albert ponders this for a moment, and then smiles and says,

Let me get this one straight. Lowell stole a base and Varitek doubled him home. What were the odds of that happening in one inning???? I assume slim and none!


LOL!! Great stuff!


Very funny!

The Bird stole a run from Byrd. Get that run back!

Not surprising- Bay is No. 6 in strikeouts in the AL

Ive tried to post 4 times regarding how funny I thought that joke was…
My comeback now seems stupid……….

007 – LOVE it!!! And so glad you gentlemen realize just how intelligent Ellen & I are!! LOL!!!!!

It looks like Byrd did “okay” today – not happy that we don’t have more runs.

Hey Ellen. Posting is awful at times. I tried using the back button as you suggested but it didn’t work for me.


More issues happening on this site. I assume Mark Newman our favorite I.T. guy will have another excuse. HA…HA..

What is the %^^& problem with Delcarmen, all single and error came after 2 strikes.


You used the word “gentlemen” to describe us. Now that is funny! LOL!!

Two runners thrown out at home tonight. Not good. This game is really a toss-up right now.

Why didn’t anyone cover third????? Delcarmen – NOT GOOD!!!!! UGH!!!!!

Another 2 strike hit. What the #$%^

if Manny loses this game I’m gonna be ONE ********** NATION MEMBER…
Get your head out of your A*S*S manny!

Delcarmen has nothing. He can’t get that third strike past the batter. Tito has to pul him.

Not a great performance from Delcarmen. It that just stating the obvious?

Delcarmen will be another guy I hope is wearing a different uniform in 2010. He had a solid first half but has been a DISASTER in the second-half. Personally I would have traded him after last season. I don’t think he’ll ever develop into anything in a Red Sox uniform. I think he would do very well in another city/enviroment!

Manny being Manny!

Now he walks a better on fiur straight balls. I know where I would put him re: the BP– down in Pawtucket.

The wheels appear to be coming off fun-seekers.

*%^&*Delcarmen has to mess up the game for Byrd and the Sox. We need this game or the lead will cut down to 1.

Lack of the ability to execute basic baseball fundamentals comes back to plague the Sox again. They give a run away when Roberts takes third on an unchallenged steal, Del Carmen unable to field a fairly routine ground ball, base running blunders, Del Carmen walks in a run….. and the beat goes on. I have seen so much of this with the Sox this year. Nobody pays attention to the most basic of fundamentals.

I was trying to be “polite” Brian! Just came from a mind-numbing parents meeting at my son’s HS – my brain needs few minutes to get back to normal!!

I’m with you, Brian. I was hoping DelCarmen would build on what he started during the beginning of this year; the second half has been to forget, though. I really don’t see DelCarmen improving, either, unless he is in another environment. I’m surprised more requests for him did not come up at the trade deadline–I thought he might have been included in a trade pkg. GO SOX!

HE DID IT!!! Thank you Ram-Ram!!!

Way to go Ramon- now let’s wake up and get some runs

I said it many times trade Delcarman for a bag of anything. He is not pitching aginst the NY Yankees, LAA, or the Texas Rangers, but the lowly Baltimore w/o Huff and..

Greg – I was at a parent’s meeting for my son in HS – some of the parents ask the dumbest questions and some were upset that the administrators talked to the kids at the drug and alcohol problem at the school – no worse then the schools in my area but a problem – umm…they know that by not talking about it won’t go away, right???


I thought last year Delcarmen wouldn’t be with the Red Sox this year but here is he is. He has shown me nothing! He was proving me wrong in the first-half of the season but he has back to his old self in the second-half. I think his poor second-half has punched himself a ticket out of Boston!

Why did Francona put him in anyway is beyond me. The bullpen is well rested and on top of that….Off day tom. Please Francona wake-up! Wake-up Francona. Delcarmen shouldn’t see the mound if the Sox are ahead! He can’t be trusted with a lead.

You mean to tell me that those “parent meetings” are not just mind-numbing for us? You also, Julia?!πŸ˜‰
4-3 now! SIGH! Could have been worse! GO SOX!

Wheels are still on! Great effort by Ram-Ram. GO SOX. This post is not loading. This is just awful. The game might be over before this goes through!

I couldn’t agree more, Brian. I was ready to trade DelCarmen during the off-season, also. Then DelCarmen had a great first half, and was threatening to make a believer out of me–and now?!:/ GO SOX!

Can Joey steal third to return the favor?

Jeter just tied Gehrig’s record- good ballplayer!!!


He was also making a believer out of me as well but in the last (2) months or so…Manny being Manny. That all being said, the Sox should pound this Balt. team. No excuse! Boston was sleep-walking all weekend in Chicago and now this performance tonight. This team isn’t making me a believer. I still think they’ll win tonight but it shouldn’t be a struggle.


Way to go Pedey!!! Let’s keep it going!!!

Now let’s hold them down!!!

Phil: Jeter is a good player but not a greater player like Gehrig. Gehrig had over 100 rbis in 13 straight seasons and drove in 184 runs, 160 runs, 140 runs….Yes, Jeter is a good ballplayer.

Jeter is a slam dunk first ballot hall of famer. He has won mulitiple championships and this season might win his first M.V.P. I think Jeter is a great ballplayer. Also whenever Jeter decides to retire, he’ll get a HUGE ovation from the faithful at Fenway Park in his final at bat. That speaks volumes right there about Jeter as a ballplayer!

Billy’s fast balls hit 96. If Wag is not be used in 8th, why not in the 6th just to second guess Uncle Tito.

Billy Wagner has been a great addition to our team.

007 – I agree with you on Jeter/Gehrig – Gehrig was a player who was admired by more then just Yankee fans – and being forced out of the game, there will always be a “what if” surrounding his records. Jeter might have broken Gehrig’s record but WHAT IF he had been able to play out a full career? Could Jeter have broken that number also?


Uncle Tito. LOL!

I still don’t understand why Francona used Delcarmen. That makes no sense to me and this just in…Nobody can come up with a good explanation on why Delcarmen was used. Delcarmen should NEVER pitch with a lead, he can’t be trusted!

Papi is pathetic!!!

Billy Wagner has been a great addition to our team.

007 – I agree with you on Jeter/Gehrig – Gehrig was a player who was admired by more then just Yankee fans – and being forced out of the game, there will always be a “what if” surrounding his records. Jeter might have broken Gehrig’s record but WHAT IF he had been able to play out a full career? Could Jeter have broken that number also?

COME ON V-Mart! Bases are loaded we HAVE GOT To do something here!!! Break it open boys!!!

I thought Meredith was with the Padres??


V- Factor strikes again.
Jeter has broken Gehrig’s hit record but on one yet can break Iron Man Lou Gehrig’s stature as a great player.

Isn’t it great having someone like V-Mart who can come off the bench.

I think Jeter has tied the record – I think he needs one more to break it – but he will NEVER be a Lou Gehrig.

Billy Wagner is the pitcher of record on the positive side?

Yes – I believe that Wags is the picture of record.

Back from dinner! Great stuff V-Mart. We certainly needed that big hit. Big Papi has been no help at all. GO SOX.

C’mon Bard- let’s not make this game aggravating!!

Um, memo to Tito: Bard pitched 2 innings last night, don’t push your luck. Get someone else in relief, ASAP! GO SOX!

Here comes Pap for 4 outs – do I feel good about this???

So tell me, who gets the win??

I like the one pitch outs from Pap!!!!

This is the inning Wagner should have pitched!
Come on, Pap! Get it done! GO SOX!

Wagner should get the win if the game ends this way.

Come on Paps. 1-2-3- in what we want! GO SOX.

Oops! Got just a little ahead of myself. Pap know what we want however.

So much for a 1-2-3- inning! Come on Paps, bear down.

How much better is the Sox infield with Gonzo at SS? He’s even hitting some too which is a real bonus.

Right now, Wagner is the pitcher of record for the Sox if they hold on to win. Pap will get a save if he finishes the game.

I didn’t know that Greg! My dryer is hungry! After all these years, now I know the answer. Thank you!

Garry, I would have been just as happy if we had never let A-Gonz go in the first place. He has been great! Way to go, A-Gonz!
A couple more runs here would not hurt! Come on, J-BAY! GO SOX!

Thanks Greg. After all these years, my dryer was hungry! I don’t feel good about this inning.

I didn’t realize that Jason Bay got RBIs #99 & 100 tonight – he is know the 5th LF for the Red Sox to have 30 HR and 100 RBIs in a season.

I agree Greg, he is much better than anything the Sox have had since he left.

Bases loaded, not one run!…SIGH! GO SOX!

A good win. We stay ahead of the Rangers. 30 pitches in one inning? Pap got the job done anyway. GO SOX.

Hey, Julia, I just saw your question about one sock getting lost in the dryer. That’s an easy answer (and yes, I’ve experienced it many times!)–the dryer is still hungry, after getting its fill of lint, and it does not have the dietary scruples or restrictions we do!πŸ˜‰

One on already! Come on, Pap! Get the SO or DP! FINISH THE GAME! GO SOX!

Well, Pap had to make an adventure out of it, and surrendered the one run, but he got it done! Nice win, Sox! Good work, Billy! GO SOX!

I want the good Pap! Not the bad Pap…..please!!!!! We need this win!!!!

AND WE GOT THE WIN!!! (Will this post??)

Good game. I hope Tito learns from this game re: Delcarmen. Let’s keep the ball rolling. Texas is still winning games and we have to do so as well. One game at a time!!!

I hope the off day tomorrow doesn’t effect them.

Night all! GO RED SOX!!!

i think it stinks.. Paui Byrd pitched sooo much better tonight and DelCarmen blows the win for him!! Dint think there’ll be much conversation between them tonight.. or then again???

Good job by all, oh, ALL except DelCarmen!!! STINKY STINKY STINKY!!!!!

I am critical of Delcarmen is that he blew Byrd?s solid outing and a win after Byrd was roughed up in his last outing. Byrd needed this win. And how couldn?t Delcarmen protect one run against a team with a lineup like a Swiss cheese? Those two outs run and 2 strikes hit drive you crazy.
The Sox would have lost the game the way they played last night if they were against a contending team.
Theo?s greatest pick up this year are V-Mart and A Gonzo and Wagner. Baldelli is OK but not spectacular. Can?t imagine where the Sox would be standing wise w/o V-Mart and A Gonzo.

Andy, I said the same thing… Byrd really needed that win for himself.. I’m sure that with the way he came out of the gate good (1St start) and then stumbled or actually blew himself up (2nd start), he must have some self doubt…
But being a professional I’m sure it’ll be ok!
I hope the guys do smart things with their day off today….
relax some, work out, relax some more… Get ready for the Rays…..

Well at least the Rangers are off today too.. can’t gain another 1/2 on us…..

Great Win! Needed it. Relax, take a day away from baseball. Tough series coming up, Tampa is looking for its last chance at Wild Card.

Hey all…your SCIENCE question of the day (ya!)
Our eyes pick up visible light. What sources of light can’t we see?
BONUS: Can you tell me the frequency range of light we can see and the frequency range of light we can’t see !

Dave: I know the sources of light can be natural (from sun, lightening or anything that gives out light by itself) OR artificial (candle light, light bub). What other sources of light we can’t see. Beats me.
As to the bonus question I have to look it up. Untraviolet light we can’t see for sure.
Did I win anything?

Hey Andrew,
All light acts both as a particle and as a wave as provided for by Einstein’s work. However our ability to detect light is a function of the lens in our eye. Due to its really specific nature we can only see the so-called visible light. That’s 400 to 700 nm. The other light sources are:
Radio light (up to the length of a football field)
Ultraviolet (JUST below the visible light. The highest frequency of visible light is around the wavelength of 400 nm and that’s violet light. Now you know why they call the next wavelength (ULTRA) violet light
Then comes X-Rays and gamma rays (the really bad stuff.)
What light you see is partly a function of the size of your lens. HUGE lens are what picks us radio light (ya radio IS a light). TINY, TINY stuff picks up gamma and X-ray.
Incidentally some animals do see only infrared light such as snakes and cats.

you do win a noprize!

Hey Dave , AKA Mr Wizard,
A couple months ago I was working late in my garden and it was getting dark. I found a glow-worm. Pretty cool little thing! They give off a cold light, but how do they do it? I read about it once, but of course, I immediately forgot what I had read. Anyway, can you enlighten us?

Cold light or bioluminesence (spelling) works the same way in all living insects. Light is only generated one way — when we excite an electron to move to a higher energy level (usually valence electrons or outer shell electrons). When you move an electron is releases photons (visible light) as a result of that action.
In insects they use a chemical reaction (mixing two chemicals which I forget which ones phosperous (P) and something I think) to generate energy enough to move the electron to a higher energy state. As long as the supply is there they will keep on doing it and you will see it.
The color of the light is usually green which I believe. That’s a function of the frequency of visible light and I forget the frequency of green light.

All I know is the light emitted from the glow worm is a source of natural light.
Very well, Professor Dave F. let us move on. Next topic is grand unification theory and string theory……………..

I second that, Greg. I always give blood when the opportunity arises.

Hey, guys. This science talk is WAY out of my league, so I’m not even going to pretend that I can engage it intelligently. There is another item (off topic) that I hope I can (ahem!) shed some LIGHT on.πŸ˜‰
Ian posted an article that there will be blood drives in the Boston area, both at City Hall, and at Fenway, on Friday. I know most of us on here are not in the Boston area, but I would personally encourage you, if you are in the Boston area, to donate blood if you can, and in your own area, otherwise.
For health reasons, I cannot donate blood. I am much more likely to be the recipient of a blood donation because of those health issues (doctors already have drawn a life’s supply of blood from me over the years–and needles are old hat!). I have also had various operations where donations came in handy. Therefore, I have volunteered many times at blood drives in my area. I hope you would consider donating blood in your area, if you do not have your own restrictions. It helps the firefighters and police officers in your area, and it helps people like me. THANKS! GO SOX!

Great reminder for us all Greg! It is the gift of life. And tomorrow will certainly be a day of reflection and remembrance.

The Grand unification theory was something Einstein was hungry for. I know when I did physics in college it was weird doing math for quantum mechanics and a different math entirely for the universe. String theory is an elegant creation BUT math has that problem. We can always tweak the number to get the answer we want. If it is a proven theory rather than a mathematical idea, it will change the way we think about the universe.
I give blood on schedule all the time. I have O neg and cmv neg making me the rarest of the rarest blood types. My blood goes in infants so ya, the Red Cross has my number on speed dial. I miss a week and they’re practically calling me every day.

Excellent reminder! I am a regular on the “bloodmobile” and was even a coordinator for blood drives at my former place of employment.
When I was younger was anemic often and not able to donate, but now am able and do so regularly!!!

Well done. Keep up the good work. My older daughter wouldn’t be alive today were it not from a blood transfusion!

Take care of yourself. Had no idea you had health issues. Never fun.

Dave, if I were to discuss my own health issues, I would make this into a medical blog, not a Red Sox blog! GO SOX!

Good to hear, also, Dave, that your daughter is well. (It’s Naomi? I love that name!) Take care of her, and yourself, as well.

Today is the day of remembrance. My office is just 10 blocks away from the site. I was in the office when the attack occurred in 2001 around this time.
On this special day I wish my friends of this blog and their loved ones health and happiness.
Dave: Stephen Hawking thinks that according to Einstein?s General Theory of Relativity, space and time begin in Big Bang and will end in the black holes. Hawking, one of the greatest living physicists, attempts to unify the General Relativity and Quantum Theory. I wonder Hawking?s research has to do with Grand Unification Theory? Or is it a totally different research? B/w Hawking is a living inspiration to those with physical disabilities. Must read book Stephen Hawking?s ?Brief History of Time”.

I will spend my day thinking of the familes and loved ones of those who died so tragically. I cannot inagine the loss that they feel still today. My prayers go to them.
and we think its a big deal when the RedSox lose!!

and Andy: Thank you. I wish the same for you and yours!

Hey everyone… On my way out the door to bowl…
See y’all later
I have a question for all of you Brownie Pointers:


GO SOX!!!!



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