Dice-K ready, team will line up a spot

Now that Daisuke Matsuzaka has completed his rehab, the Red Sox, perhaps by later tonight, will slot in a spot for him in the rotation. Right now, it seems logical to think he will pitch Tuesday night against the Angels. Do they push everyone back or do they skip Paul Byrd? That seems to be the question at the moment.

The Red Sox got very good reports on Dice-K’s performance — 6 2/3 innings, 3 hits, 1 ER — from his performance in Winston Salem the other night.

“Very [encouraged],” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “Sounded like he held his velocity, had some depth to his slider. Later into the game, as he accumulated some pitches, his fastball stayed, which was great. We know, it’s Winston Salem. But it’s a heck of a lot better than – pitching good is better than pitching bad. And we wanted him to get deep into the game and compete a little bit and he did all that.”

Tim Wakefield had the third cortisone shot of the last couple of months for his ailing back during Thursday’s off-day.

Wakefield isn’t worried that he is putting his long-term health in jeopardy with so many cortisone shots in a short amount of time.

“No, the doctor said it’s not going to do any harm. It’s not like a shoulder, where it can be potentially harmful, so I trust the doctors,” said Wakefield.

The Red Sox hope the knuckleballer can step back into the rotation next weekend at Baltimore.


They have no intention in bringing Daisuke back in the rotation. Why don’t they just announce it and move on. I hope they trade him in the offseason so he can get a new start somewhere else.

Hi All! First – a “moment of silence” – in honor of 9/11 – we as a Nation will never, ever forget. Thank you to all the members of the military and all first responders. We are forever in your debt.

Let’s go Red Sox – for that is what we Americans do – WE SURVIVE!!!!!

2 on – no outs – and Longoria is up – just great….

ELLS!! Finally an OUT!!!!

And bases loaded with one out……

Rain delay….

AND I CAN NOT POST!!!!!!! THis is crazy!!!!

RAIN DELAY??! I hope that does not hinder Lester from continuing…
Well, still can get the DP or a SO! GO JON! GO SOX!
We’ll see if we can get the game going again, or if we have a Double-Header tommorrow! GO SOX!
Catch ya later!

This reflects badly on the umpiring crew, doesn’t it? They couldn’t anticipate that an extended rain delay would occur 10 or 15 minutes after they started the game?

If this delay goes on much longer, Lester probably won’t be back (or won’t be effective, or risks an injury). His turn in the rotation is shot. Umpires really goofed on this one, this is worse that that game much earlier this year that was called after 5 innings–a game that should have never been started, a rain-shortened game the Sox lost 2-1.


Ironically that game you mention happened earlier in the season, Lester started that game as well. Against the Marlins.

I also think the Red Sox should take blame as well. When the game starts it’s up to the umpires but the Red Sox should have given them a correct forecast…If the Sox did, the game would have never started! The Red Sox held all the cards before the first pitch but obviously they didn’t make the right decision. How could a team be that stupid when they are in race for the final playoff spot in the A.L. If Lester can’t go again, I assume Bowden will take the ball. Assuming the rain stops or slows down.

Yeah, someone goofed. It’s been a 2-hr delay now, hasn’t it? That seals it, Lester certainly won’t be back now, even if the game does resume. And if it’s called and they do a double-header tomorrow, Lester has lost his turn in the rotation.

I can’t imagine Texas will be losing tonight against Seattle. I’ll bet they’re quite pleased with what’s happening in Boston.

Here’s an interesting twist. Texas and Seattle are in a rain delay too. Only difference is, they didn’t start the game for 10 minutes before throwing the tarp on the field.


LOL! Great stuff.

ppd. Well, that’s one way to get out of a bases loaded jam!!


Sox aren’t out of that bases loaded jam yet. They will pick up this game on Sunday at noon with the bases loaded. The question I have….When will Lester pitch again???? I still can’t believe the Sox let this game start. My oh my!

I just read on Boston.com that Lester will pitch the late game on Sunday. The Sox got lucky with this rain tonight. I’m glad it rained this game out tonight and forced a double-header on Sun. With the expanded rosters, the pitching staff should be just fine. Also Beckett needs to eat up some innings tom. night with (2) games on Sun. Adios folks!

I understood that tonight’s game is completely wiped out. They start all over again on Sunday, no?

“After a lengthy delay, Friday night’s game finally was called at 9:48 p.m. Sunday’s game will start from the beginning, meaning the Rays will lose the bases-loaded situation.”


My bad, the game starts all over again. Time for me to keep drinking. LOL!

Good Morning to y’all
I was watching the game last night and bowling horribly!! They got a rain out and I didnt!!! DAMN!! I could have used a rain out… Just couldnt take em all down last night….
Oh well its just 1 week of bad….. so far!!!
Good thing for that rain out (i think) Lester w/the bases loaded and only 1 out…His next pitch would have gone to Agon, flip to Pedey… Inning over. Well thats how I would have written it anyway!
Looks like my Sundays planned now!!! BB noon til……
today is college football… I love this time of year!

Hi All – the rained out game will start at 1pm on Sunday and the game that was suppose to start at 1 will now start at 5pm (Lester will start the second game) Two questions – 1. Why make the make-up game the first game? Everyone who had tickets for the 1pm game originally now have to go to the 5pm game? A lot of anger people and 2. Only a 4 hour time difference between game? They really think that is enough time with how long Red Sox games have been taking lately? lol!

And is this good news or not – guess who is pitching Tuesday against the Angels:


It will be interesting to see if they can get the game in today. It is suppose to rain most of the day.

The big fly Texas won’t go away. Good thing was the Tex game was also washed up. Ths Sox did pick up 1/2 game on the Yanks. lol
Don’t be apprehensive about Dice-K’s pitching. He can’t be worse than Smoltz and Penny. The bad outing could be due to his working on his pitches. Byrd had bad minor league outing as well. Byrd said he has found his changeups in MiL outings.
The Angels have a potent lineup. The BA from top to bottom is close to 300.

Dice-K will be fine (for Dice-K) — this is what he likes isn’t it? its all big games from here on out — and you know he has a lot to prove (to himself at least). My only concern is that he has to approach this like a new season where he gets off to good start – no time for and adjustment period obviously.

andy: what is MiL?

Let’s hope that DiceK has done all of his experimenting. When he comes back he should focus on getting ahead of the batters and then putting them away and discontuing his diddling around the plate. When he gets two strikes on the batter- put him away. That will serve two purposes, first it will reduce his pitch count and seconly he will avoid aggravating us.

Glad to see Jeter establish a new Yankee record. In a prior post I said that Jeter was a “good’ ballplayer. I didn’t mean in comparison to a “great ” player which I think Jeter is. I know comparison’s may be made re: Gehrig but we all realize that the game today is truly different than Gehrig’s time. Further, Gehrig batted fourth behind the Babe, who set numerous BB record’s. So one would expect that Gehrig would have more RBI’s than Jeter who bats at the front of the Yankee lineup. Saying that I feel Jeter is a great ballplayer does not detract in anyway the fact that Gehrig was a great player as well. Times are different.

Ellen, MiL is abbr. for the Minor Leagues.
I hope Dice-K is done experimenting also, Phil. If we get 5+ innings out of him like we had been getting, I will consider us fortunate!
I must also echo what Phil said about Jeter. Times are indeed different. No, Jeter may not “compare” to Gehrig. And therefore, Jeter is not a HOFer? Since when does that follow??? That to me is just amusing!

Jeter is first ballot HOF, for sure.
Congrats, for this accomplishment. Dont care where you play. Game may be different, but he plays the “Old Fashion Way”.
Unique in todays baseball.

via Ian on Twitter:

John Smoltz’s honeymoon in St. Louis has taken at least a small downturn, as the righty will miss next start because of shoulder tendinitis.

While it is cold and damp here – the rain has slowed to a drizzle so as of know it looks like we will get the game in.

Well the Yanks lost another one. Let’s hope they continue their losing ways. If we keep winning and we wind up within three games of them when we meet— Who Knows???

Thanks Andy… Wasnt sure, I appreciate it!

I agree about Jeter being a 1st ballot guy (barring any skeletons in his closet!! lol).. not too many of them around these days!!
Also agree about DiceK.. The Sox dont pay him to experiment, they pay him to Pitch to win the game!!!! If I wanted an experimentor, I’d call a freakin’ scientist…
Take the hill, pitch to win, win the game… done…
over with!!!!
Good news about the rain… let’s get the game in!!!

I wonder why John Sterling or Susan whats-her-name dont come up with one of those lil cute-sy pie tag lines for when the Yankees lose.. The tag he has for Swisher is nauseating!! “It’s SWISH-A-LICIOUS”… BAAAARRRRF

Yankees drop two in a row to the O’s??? it must be a setup!

It is POURING again in Sudbury – I have no idea if we will get a game in tonight.

Julia, Tell me the name of one of your local news stations up there in Boston… I’m going to check something out.. please.

this is too weird.. I’m posting this at 524pm eastern.. look at what time it post… everything is 20 minutes fast.

I checked your local radar (stationary, not an updated loop) and if the storm is moving west to east, the game should be played…

Lineup: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Martinez, Youkilis, Ortiz, Bay, Drew, Varitek, Gonzalez.
It’s rarity that the Yanks dropped 2 games to the lowly O’s. The Yanks may have the best record in the ML and win over 100 wins. Their rotation does not scare me in the playoffs. Other than CC, Burnett is a 500 pitcher, Pettitte has playoffs experience but is very hittable, and Joba is under the ridiculous pitch count control. I’ll take Beckett, Lester, Buckie, and hopefully Dice-K any time.

Lol, Burnett got whacked for 6 runs in the 2nd inning today. If the Sox can get their starting pitching in order, I’m betting on the Sox to take the Yanks in the playoffs.
Knowing AJ from his time in Toronto, I just don’t think he’ll perform at all in the playoffs and neither will CC. Take those guys out and there’s not a lot left.

just one thing… The RedSox have to get TO the playoffs first!!! Dont forget the Rangers!!!!!

Burnett, 5 years for $82.3mm. Giraldi has to go with CC, Burnett, Pettite. I know the Yankees fans want Pettitte to be the no. 2 sp. But I doubt Giraldi will go two lefties in a row, although not a bad idea.

Ellen: You are right. The big fly just won’t go away. We will take care of the little fly tonight and tomorrow.

hey all…ill be back later but if anyone wants to join a fantasy football league with me and trix and a few others send me an email itwasntme7777@yahoo.com an d ill send u the info….judge…..draft is tomorrow am and starts scoring tomorrows games

I know absolutely NOTHING about NFL, but I figure what the heck, if Brian can veat me at Fantasy Baseball, never having even seen his team, then I cant do too badly at football…
I just need to know how many of what position to draft.

TV Station Ellen? you can go to wbztv.com Newspaper = boston.com

Via Ian on Twitter:

At 6:42 p.m., the tarp is still on the field and there have been no Josh Beckett sightings.

I already did it Jules.. I went to your channel 5 and 7..

WBZ is channel 4. Did you fine what you were looking for?

It does not look like the game will start on time.

I joined 2 mock drafts and they both got hung up (bad weather here) so I will try again when I arise EARLY in the AM… Thank you JUDGE!!! I can always count on you… (just cause you know you’re gonna beat me!! lol)

Yes Jules I was looking for radar weather in the Boston Area.
I posted this earlier..
~~~~~~~~~I checked your local radar (stationary, not an updated loop) and if the storm is moving west to east, the game should be played…~~~~~~~~~~~

I have a question for all of you Brownie Pointers:


trix it sys durin draft how many of each….join a mock draft which is on the same page as “my team” like baseball…we need 5 more plrs…..judge


via Ian on Twitter:

The current delay is based on the forecast of oncoming rain showers. Oh joy.

Judge: I emailed Jeff Louderback (mrwrite from RedSox and Pinstripes blog, as well as from here) I told him to email you if he wants to join

thx trix he joined…nj lol…send more if ya want…the more the merrier

anyone wants in email me…itwasntme7777@yahoo.com

via twitter:

#redsox owner John Henry just strolled through press box and said batch of rain expected around 840. Trying to avoid last night’s situation

via Ian on Twitter:

9:05 projected start time.

Speaking of last night’s situation, the way I understand the rule is that last night’s game is a wash and will start over. A game can only be suspended if if it has played long enough to be an official game and the visiting team has batted in the top half of an inning and either scored runs to tie the game or go ahead, and the home team did not have a chance to bat. Since last night’s game was only in the top of the first inning, it was postponed, rescheduled, and will be played in its entirety. I have seen several different articles that have stated that the game will resume with the bases loaded and one out, but that is not the case. Here is the excerpt from the rules that explains it:

(b) Such games shall be known as suspended games. No game called because of a curfew, weather, or a time limit shall be a suspended game unless it has progressed far enough to have been a regulation game under the provisions of rule 4.10……………………….

Wise thing for Henry to do.

Okay – now the Tarp is going back on – I have NO idea what is going on!!!

Okay – take 2:

Start time just got moved to 9:15, even though the tarp’s off, and Beckett and catchers are warming.

I wonder if they are waiting to see if the rain that is over the water is coming on shore.

I’ll go with my standard:

hey all…ill be back later but if anyone wants to join a fantasy football league with me and trix and a few others send me an email@ itwasntme7777@yahoo.com and ill send u the info….judge…..draft is tomorrow am and starts scoring tomorrows games……………good turn out so far…i increased league size…more the merrier…4 spots left….go sox

And the game is starting!!!


Game on …..

I like Beckett so far!!!


The Rays are without Carols Pena thanks to the Yanks. Beckett looks sharp the first inning.

Julia, just saw the picture of that handsome tarantula. And, I’m still shuddering!… On a more pleasant note, GO SOX!!!!!

Thanks Wendy! lol! You know – I was the one who was against it – and now? I’m fine! He doesn’t take him out of the tank – it is actually stressful for them to be handled. And it is really cool when it moves.

Would have liked some run support for Beckett!

And we wasted the two walks! NOT okay!!

Hey, Wendy, how have you been? Hey, Julia. Looks like 3 solid innings for Josh, let’s see if he can get 3 more! GO JOSH! GO SOX!
Some run support would be nice, though…

Yes – V-Mart!!! 1-0!!!

Way to go, V-Mart! Come on, YOUK! GO SOX!

V-Mart drove in A Gon, Theo’s greatest pickup this year.

Keep it going, Papi!


How goes it, Andy?
Way to get on base, J-Bay! Bases loaded, let’s get em home! GO SOX!

Pinch hit for Varitek now.

JD! Way to keep the rally going! 4-0! GO SOX!

7-0 and a pitching change!! WHOO HOOO!!!

Hi All! So far the game was worth the wait!!!

A-GONZ!!!!! 3-R 2B! YES! GO SOX!

It’s raining again….. the Sox need to get through the top of the fifth.

Does anyone know A Gon’s BA with the Red Sox this year?
If V-Mart and AGon were with the team since the start of the season, where could the Sox be standing wise?

He’s close to .300 007…..I can’t believe I am watching the Rangers score….what a year!!!!! Go Sox

He was hitting .291 before that double…

Gonzo was hitting .282 coming into tonight’s game for the Sox. So Craig is right, he’s close to .300.

Hey, Craig, how are ya?

Pedroia needs to quit diving into first base. He’ll kill himself that way.

What a game so far! I’m liking it!!

Hi Greg, and gang; We need someone to do one of those “Anti-Rain” dances. And make it snappy!!!

Doing good Greg,
Say a prayer for the troops…those poor men and women are getting beasted over in the Gulf….you just don’t read about it in the papers as much anymore….Go Sox!!!!!

YES! 1-2-3 inning! Way to go, Josh!
Hey Wendy, if we can at least hold the rain off through 5, we can at least have an official game! GO SOX!
SHUT EM DOWN, JOSH! (Where has THIS pitcher been??)

Get to the 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The troops need all the prayers we can give em, in the Gulf, and in Afghanistan! So true, Craig!

Hi everybody,
Looks like the Sox may be able to exorcise those demon devil Rays this series. I’m hoping so. I’d love to see a sweep.

Then I’d love to see the Sox one, two, three starters take charge at the end of the year. Beckett is showing signs of getting back to his old self, Lester IS his old self and Buchholz has been very good lately. I don’t have much hope for Dice-K but I am willing to be surprised. With Wagner, Bard and Pap at the back of the bullpen, you’re looking at MDC and Oki, and Saito as the weak links. Not bad to have those guys as the weak links.
With VMart, Lowell, Youk, Bay, Pedey in the lineup for the postseason this team could go places.
Ya just nevah know!!! Our guys could put together a great playoff run!!

Hey, Arnie, how goes it?
Is it raining right now at Fenway? (I don’t have the game on). What is the weather prognosis for the Sunday twin-bill?

Arnie….I am hoping this game gets called after 5……this bow and arrow thing is killing my back!!!!

2 outs and we have an official game! And then we pray for rain!!

Julia, what is the forecast for tomorrow’s double-header? GO SOX!

Craig!!! Are you still doing that pose?? hats off to you, you’re a trooper!
And you’re right, Craig, for some strange reason, the wars in the Middle East are not on the press’s radar anymore. I hope our folks over there can come home soon.

Go Sox!!! Crush these Rays!!!

I’m still in that pose…..call this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greg, it got ugly in a hurry at Boston….doubt the Sox come out to bat…

Well, no shut-out anymore! Limited them to one run. If that is Josh’s “bumpy” inning…😉

As usual…I am wrong…here come the Sox to bat….Go Sox

Sonnanstine is coming in? Well, I guess that means he can’t pitch too much tomorrow!😉

Kazmir can’t pitch for the Rays tomorrow, either!😉 (Sorry, Ginny!)
Maybe the rest of the game, the teams will just do a 3-and-out, like they do in football! That would finish the game in a hurry!😉

Via Twitter:

Mariners lead Rangers 7-3, top 7th. #MLB

Josh – we need these outs – it is raining much harder at Fenway!!!

Does anyone know – do they have to wait a certain amount of time before they call it?

Greg – the rains is suppose to stop by morning – so it should be fine – BUT the front is sitting off shore; hopefully it won’t stall.

I would feel better if they called the game. Josh looks like he is faltering somewhat. Hopefully, it’s due to the rain. TB is a team that can turn things around pretty quicklly and we certainly don’t need that. Seattle is up 7-3 and if they wind up beating TX we pick up a game on all three teams–TB,TX and the Yanks. We need this one tonight any way we can get it.

via Ian on Twitter:

They must wait a minimum of 30 minutes to call the rest of the game. In about 18 minutes, I think this one is officially over.

I’ll catch you all tomorrow – still no word if the game has been called. Rangers in rain delay also.

This almost makes up for the rain-shortened loss to the Marlins earlier this year.


Good, glad they got enough of this game in! With the Double-Header tomorrow, this 5 IP game is a good result! Glad the bats woke up today to give Josh some run support! GO SOX! Win the Double-Header tomorrow!
Take care, all!

Hey everyone!! Had bad weather here last night, so couldnt joing in on the WOOWOOO-ing…
Imagine both key wild card games being called final due to rain!!! AND IN OUR FAVOR!!!!!! thats the part I really dont believe!! lol
Well.. fingers and everything else will be crossed today.. (ugh, a double header, thats a long time to keep everything crossed and makes certain things very difficult!! lol)
Once again, Kitty Roofus is in the hospital.. picking her up this morning.. she’s getting really old and it scares me……
but she’s ok for the moment and thats a good thing..

Coming up on game time…

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