Learning more about Victor

Though, in a way, it feels like Victor Martinez has been here all year, we continue to learn new things about him.

In the first game of today’s doubleheader, we learned that he can block the plate like, well, Jason Varitek.

It was the seventh inning and the Rays looked poised to take the lead when Dustin Pedroia ranged up the middle, but his hurried throw sailed wide right on Casey Kotchman. The tying run scored from third and Gabe Gross had visions of scoring from second. But Kotchman recovered the ball quickly and fired a strike to Martinez, who then blocked Gross’s path just in time by sticking his leg out, and he swiftly tagged him out. Great play as you can see right here in the video.

Catching instructor Gary Tuck was proud to see it, just like he was two weeks ago when Varitek made perhaps even a better block of home to prevent a run against the Blue Jays.

“He’s one of the best in the game [at blocking the plate],” said Red Sox catching instructor Gary Tuck. “Overall
blocking the plate, he’s very good at it. His timing is good, he takes
some chances, but he just let a runner slide straight into the plate
and steered him right off. He’s a big kid, too. That’s a hell of a play. You don’t see that much.
You see sweep tags now and bail outs. You don’t see men sticking their
legs out there. He’s sacrificing himself for the team.”


“Him and Tek a few games ago. You can go a year and a half without seeing two
plays like that and they did it within a week. That’s special.”

The play that Varitek made was on Aug. 28, so it actually wasn’t quite within a week, but Tuck’s point is still well taken

“It was a play at the plate. Casey made a good play. Good reaction, good read, gave me a good throw that I could handle it and make the play,” Martinez said.  “I always use my legs a lot to block the plate.”


Weather is HORRIBLE here again.. Glad good weather found its way to fenway!!!!

Speaking of V-Mart! GO VICTOR! Get Jacoby home! GO SOX!

Ellen – we are getting some rain in Sudbury – it wasn’t suppose to rain today. But at least the game is legal!!!


TEK!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!! 3-0 Red Sox


Be back later!


I think that’s what I’ll say the 04 stands for from now on!!!!! Good one. Actually…believe it or not…I had to use 04 because 01/02 and 03 were already in use. Go figure….I like your version though and I’m sticking to it!!!! Go Sox!!!!

7 IP of 1-hit ball for Jon! WAY TO GO!!! GO SOX!
I missed Mike Lowell’s hit! WAY TO GO MIKE! NICE!

You really have to like the RedSox (our) chances now… Things look as if they are starting to gel in all the right places… so…

Glad I could help Craig!😉 04 it is! GO SOX!

The Red Sox have looked great in this home stand! They seem to all be gelling at just the right time!!

Right on Julia….this would be the right time of the year to start to peak….the first five months are survival…September is take care of unfinished business time…..Go SOx!!!!

So….are the Red Sox fans having fun? Seems to me that the pitching has been going your way today.

Yes it is Craig!

Drew is certainly do great in the #4 spot tonight! The lineups in both the games have worked!


DREW!!! UGH!!!!

Yes it is Craig!

Drew is certainly do great in the #4 spot tonight! The lineups in both the games have worked!


DREW!!! UGH!!!!

Today’s line-ups have been clutch…the pitching outstanding and how ’bout that defense….go Sox!!!!

Both Bard & Wags are warming up. LET’S not blow this guys! Settle down Lester!!!!

Come on Julia, It’s Lester…he’s in the 8th! Have faith, girl!

Texas is up 4-1…I was hoping they would panic a little today….kudos to them so far…Go Sox and Mariners!!!

Burrell had to know that Lester was going to throw that pitch….hell even I knew it!!!!!

Nothing is going right for the Rays lately…

Are they going to let Lester pitch the 9th?

BAY!!! WHOOO HOOO!! Just around Pesky Pole!!!!!

Now that’s a Pesky Pole Homer!!!!!

Hi Ginny – no it will be either Bard or Wagner in the 9th.

Via Ian on Twitter:

Lester’s 19 starts since May 31 assuming he gets win here. 10-2 with a 2.02 ERA.

WOOHOO LESTER! Those are some nice numbers… wow

This just in from Ian Via Twitter:

Wags is going to get the ball in the ninth for his first save opp. for Red Sox.

Okay – via Ian – it won’t be a “save” because of Bay’s HR but Wags is coming in!!!!


What a weekend of baseball!!!!

Sox took care of what they have control of today…..Go Sox!!!!

Brilliant outing by Lester, especially after going through that fiasco on Friday night……. and what a luxury it is to have Billy Wagner out in the bullpen. Day off tomorrow to watch the Patriots kick off their season. I’m pretty excited about the Pats this year. They should be a fun team to watch.

This one’s for you. A paraphrase of those silly Yankee announcers: Sweep-elicious!!! Hahahaha!

Billy made it a little more interesting, oh well. I got back just in time to see the end of the game! (And I see the posting times are WAAAAAAY off again! :/) Way to sweep away the small fly on our radar! Nice win, nice series! Some great pitching again, esp. by Lester! And maybe Beckett is back on track! Let’s hope so–we’ll need him down the stretch! GO SOX!

It was kind of nice for the NFL to schedule the Patriots’ opener on the Red Sox’ day off! GO SOX! GO PATS!

Greg I am SO glad the Red Sox are off tomorrow so I can concentrate on my Patriots game!

See you all tomorrow! Our guys get a well deserved night off!

Wonder what the Sox record is since A-Gon has been on board? When Cabrerra replaced Nomar in 04 the Sox record was outstanding after the change. It helps the pitcher’s confidence when he trusts the defense…..Go Sox…

Hey, Ginny, I had not seen your postings on here, as I’d been in and out. I hope you are doing well! GO SOX!

haha!! good one Arnie…

Craig: The Sox acquired A Gon on 8/14/09 and the records are 18 wins and 9 losses since. Put it another way, the Sox were 17 games above 500 in 8/14 and now stand at 26 games above.
I am not saying all the wins were attributable to A Gon. But the pitchers confidence and defense are like Mastercard, priceless. A Gon is not flawless, he made 1 error so far.

Hey everyone,
This is the team I’ve been waiting for ALL year. Wow, The Sox are tearing through the field. The concern of course is the end of the year road trip. They are a walking loss column on the road but at home they are ON fire.
Ellen — you were right. I eat my words. The Sox still have life but it all depends on the final road trip and its a KILLER.

Who says baseball isn’t 99% mental — the Rays lose one pitcher (to trade — which probably broke their spirit more than than management could ever had imagined, given that management rarely gets those things it seems) — and then Pena (now that one had to hurt) — but still — that doesn’t explain an 11-game losing streak (or 12 out of 13, I believe).

The Rays have lost their will or their confidence or both — and suddenly look like the Rays of old — virtually all the same players as last year, save two.

I wonder if we’ve seen the last of Texas. Four games back at this time of year is alot to make up.

Sox look to be getting primed for the playoffs. Three things I’ll be looking for–Matsuzaka, the series against the Angels and the series against the Yankees. If all 3 things come together favorably for Boston…they’re gonna be tough! Toss in a healthy Tim Wakefield and they may be looking at another WS ring.

Good news all around. Boston sweeps the Rays and Texas lost last night. Boston has a nice little cushion in the w.c. standings. The one thing I am happy about is the starting pitching. Beckett, Lester and Buchholz looked great this past weekend! These guys were in complete control of their game. The pen is well rested and the team they will be playing in rd. 1 is coming to Fenway for a 3 game series. Let’s send a message boys….. pound these guys! Last time Lackey was at Fenway, he was whining/crying about how much better his Angels are than the Red Sox. Lackey usually gets smoked at Fenway, I hope that trend will continue tom. night. I am anxious too see Dice-K pitch. All he has done with the Red Sox is win, it might not be pretty at times but the Red Sox do end up in the win column.

WELL WELL WELL.. Brian.. Youre moving on in the playoffs, while I, am left behind…BOOOOHOOO!!!! Congrats

Ditto dgnubert, RonKelly, and Brian. I might add Tuesday’s game won’t make or break the Sox’s season. But we’d like to put a W in the column. If Dice K didn’t have it, yank him immedaitey and let Byrd take over. Uncle Tito shouln’t wait and see until the game gets completely out of hand. If Dice-K gives up 2 runs in 5 innings against the Angels regardless of the pitch count, I would qualify it as a good outing for Dice.
JBay’s HR, an icing on the cake, cost Wagner the save.

Dave.. One day at a time… but looking forward to that road trip, its Baltimore, Kansas City, New York. All teams we’ve beaten this year.
Everyone (especially me) needs to take a deep breath, stay away from ledges and tighen our seatbelts…….
this is going to be interesting and FUN!!!!

dgn: I think that the Rays spirit was cracking before that, but the trade may have been the straw that broke that camels back!!


Byrd is starting in this series against the Angels. Bowden will be the first guy out of the pen if Dice-K struggles early. I’m guessing Dice-K gives the Sox 5 innings, anything more is gravy.

Regardless what happens to Texas, Washington gets my vote as manager of the year.

moanin all….well the sox are openin a good lead….if it ever gets to six games over texas this week it will be over…one thing i think that is being down pld or not being given enough attention is the trade to bring in alex….gonzo has been absolutely phenominal….excellent defense and way above his norm in offensive production….ive always been a firm believer in defense up the middle….this includes catcher,ss,and second…..it wins games….now gonzo and pedey are elite defensive plrs….tek can call a game but has basically no arm,and vmart is a lil below average….i know vmart will be the man next yr and hopefully long term….tek could easily play 5-6 more yrs as back up….and maybe coach later on….swallow the pride tek and just do it….the pitching is lookin good…maybe buchy will prove me wrong and be a 1-2 starter…now isnt that gonna be scary…in the playoffs all you need is 3 starters and a bp….rt now we have that…easily….if the yanks fans are warm and fuzzy about their position…they better take a look at cc’s postseason record and the recent woes of burnett…i think aj is feeling the pains of what …his first season without an injury…lol….dont get too warm and fuzzy NY…..the sox are looming…..go sox….judge

Thanks for the research on the Sox’ record since A-Gon has been on board. As you say…not all the latest success can be attributed to his arrival but he has been awesome and I hope the Sox find a way to hold on to him as he is solid and will take care of the SS carousel for at least a year or two. Go Sox…..Oh and I will be in Anaheim attending the Yankees/Angels series next week. Should be a good time.

im wondering if joeys speed of the bench might factor in the playoffs….ala roberts….judge…..btw go pats tonight….and bruins start soon and celts…..my fav tim e of the yr with all teams crankin….i still love the 1st day of ST….after a nasty winter nothin helps more than a trip to jamaica and spring trainin….especially if its the defending champs takin the field…judge

Bear in mind the Sox are down 6 games in the loss column. The Yanks are playing the Angels tonight and tomorrow they have to face Doc Hallaway. Hope the true Doc will show up tomorrow. Immediately before the Sox Yanks faceoff, the Yanks are up against the Seattle (Hope King Felix is pitching) and Angels away and the Sox are facing the Baltimore and KC. Um???It?s not impossible?But the Sox have to keep winning, winning the series at least. This is a different Red Sox the Yanks faced last time at Fenway. I can dream, can’t I. This is the 2008 version of the Impossible Dream of 1967.

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go

Andrew — dream!
Science question of the day.
This is an easy one. What is the speed of light in a year and if a galaxy is ten million light years away from us, how long does it take for the light to get to us?
Finally…for a bonus…what are the two properties of light that define it?

Dave: The first question is easy. c (speed of light) = 186,000 miles per second. If the galaxy is ten million light years away. the distance is for the speed of light to travel in ten million years. That’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.
Two properties of light? Light is a form of energy. What is the other one?

Finally, being John Lackey is going tonight…I can’t resist!
John sat on the porch eating his pop tart. He looked at the paper.
“MOM…I have to play the Red Sox again…get me another @#$#$ pop tart!”
“Yes John, “snapped his mother.
John hated the Red Sox. They gave him bad temper tantrums. The last time he broke his own bunk bed in the process. It meant he had to show up to the ballpark and practice and work hard. It meant he couldn’t goof off and play marbles with his friends like tcd133.
Tcd133 who was sitting next to John said, “gee John…why can’t we just watch the Archies and forget about them Red Sox.”
John was livid and said, “I hate the Archies, let’s watch the TeleTubbies!”
“NO, “snapped tcd133. “My mom said the tubbies make me gay…Let’s watch Barney!”
“NO, “said John. “My mom says that talking to dinosaurs is how Dad got his electro shock treatment!”
“Oh electro shock ain’t so bad. I get it all the time, “snapped tcd133.
John just shrugged.
tcd133 said, “ah…I’m gonna watch Barney now. This show he talks about how to play with yourself!”
“Ah…I already know how to do that, “snapped John.
tcd133 said, “well if you were a Yankee you’d be playing with yourself like all the others do on the team cause’ Yankees rule!”
John just sat saddened. He had to play with himself once again. Would it be marbles or cards or a puzzle.
(all in good fun by the way)

(sung to the tune of “What I did for Love” from Chorus Line.
(Theo Epstein singing)
Kiss today goodbye,
And point me towards tomorrow,
I did what I had to do,
But I won’t regret,
What I did in deals, what I did in deals!
Look my eyes are dry,
Even though Lugo really sucked,
And then let’s not for get Erig Gagme,
Boy I’ve made, yes I’ve made some really bad DEALS!
Some really bad Deals…
Kiss today goodbye,
And stop me from trading,
Because I surely did bad,
when I gave away all our shortstops,
and then we got Dice-K.,
Boy was that, yes that was,
a really big waste!
A really big waste!
Yes I’ve made some really bad DEALS!!!


All correct. Light by the way is a particle and a wave. It has properties of both, often called the wave particle duality and one of the reasons nobody, especially myself can put any sort of logic on quantum physics.

Sure was nice to see the guys sweep the Rays. We really needed that series. Now that they’re out of the way, let’s concentrate on catching the Yanks. I still believe! Go Sox.

Let’s root for the Angels tonight. I know you guys bet, I mean wiil watch the Pats game tonight. Keep an eye on the Yankee score. If the Angels beat the Yanks, the Sox will be 5 out in the loss column, a small step inching towards the Impossible Dream.

So unfair! After reading all this – you guys had a party when I wasn’t here! lol! I’ll be pulling for the Angels and my Patriots tonight!!!

Looks like Tx dropped another one to Oakland tonight. We pick up another game in the loss column. The Yanks won so we still trail by 6 in the loss column. All we have to do is keep on winning–starting with tomorrow night. Let’s hope Dice-K can give us a good game. Again, Tito should pull him as soon as he starts to continue to go to 3-2 pitches on every batter after he had 0 and 2 against them and begins to experiment. He should right at the batter and not try to diddle around them. Let’s go Sox!!!

I think Texas has to shift their focus to the West division and forget about the WC. They have 7 games left against LA, so their destiny is truly in their hands. Sox would have to absolutely tank their last 20 games for Texas to get the WC at this point.

I would love to see Texas overtake LA, but doubt it will happen.

Memo to Sox: DON’T let Napoli or Figgins beat you. Those two guys have been murder on us.

As for the Yankees, there’s no catching them. Even if they go .500 the rest of the year, they’re still over 100 wins–and more likely they’ll get to 103-105 wins. Sox would have to go .750 the rest of the way to get 100 wins, 1.000 to get to 105 wins.

Nice idea. Ain’t gonna happen. It would be nice to close the gap between us and NYY, and also to pass LAA, LAD, STL, PHI in W-L pct. But we’re in the playoffs, that’s all that matters.

Hey! Guys and Girls!

Here I am back in Cleveburg, after a vacation of total sun on Cape Cod, and 6 home runs (almost 7 as Gonzalez’s second blast almost got out) against the O’s at Fenway. Almost before we sat down, first Pedey and then Youk took it over the Green Monster. And then Clayboy pitched a great game. Its been a wonderful string of attending Sox games, no matter where they’ve been: Fenway, Cincinnati, Baltimore, the Sox just keep winning for me when I’m “in the house.” I recognize that will likely end someday soon, but for now, it is a wonderful feeling.

The seats we had were also little short of splendid, 7 rows back from the field, down the first base line, right where the foul ball person sits, and right where the field maintenance guys come out on the field.

Maybe the Buckeyes should take advantage of my obvious positive influence (since, in all honesty, I have only seen them win when I have attended their games). What do you think…BosoxBrian (lol)? What a lousy display of non-clutch performance that was. Reminded me a lot of the game they played against Vince Young and the Longhorns…lead almost the entire game, right up to the end when it matttered, and then oops, they let the other team score the critical points. Understand something Brian, I always enjoy our giving the “needle” back and forth, and you are welcome to continue doing it, but even being a New Englander displaced to Ohio, I no longer feel the need to defend the Bucks simply because I live in Ohio and have a wife who formerly served in the Ohio House of Representatives, which entitled us, over a number of years, to buy football tix and go to a number of games. I expect they will retain Jim Tressel for years to come, given that he constantly has the Bucks ranked high, in prestigious bowl games, and, perhaps most importantly, beats Michigan annually (something most of his predecessors, even the sainted Woody couldn’t do with his regularity). But there’s getting to be a eerie similarity with the way they falter in crucial games. They keep recruiting one of the most reknowned classes of high schoolers in the country, but yet don’t seem to be able to develop them as well as a number of other schools do. Enough of that!

Speaking of clutch football performances, how ’bout ‘dem Pats. Once Brady got settled in, he looked like the Brady of old. Wonder how long it will take TO and the Bills to shake off that bitter disappointment?

Having felt the need to drag some of you in off the ledge only a few days ago, I now feel the need to caution against flying high in the sky, so high, that you get too near the sun and have your wings melted, like Pegasus. The Sox are on a roll, and with last night’s A’s defeat of the Rangers, now have a 5 game advantage vs. them in the loss column, being also close to mathematically eliminating the Rays (8 gms), and only 6 games behind the Yanks in the loss column for the AL East.

I do also like the way the offense is clicking, with different people “on” each night, whether its Papi, JD, Bay, A Gonz, Youk, Jacoby, Mikey L. and even, on occasion Tek, with Pedey and VMart constantly contributing, and I like the way the pitching is coming around, with both JonL and Clayboy looking little short of outstanding, and Josh seemingly rediscovering the form that we took for granted in 2007 and for much of this year, along with the revived (and improved, with Billy Wagner) bullpen.

I also am thinking longingly ahead to the play-offs, and the (comparatively) many days off in them, allowing rest to permit the regular use of Wagner, Pap and VMart behind the plate. However, there remains work to be done: 3 games vs the Angels who tend to have the Sox regular season number, and against whom the Sox will pitch some combination of Byrd, Bowden and Tazawa before finally getting to Josh in the final game, then on the road for 10 games vs the O’s the Royals (who have given the Sox problems in the past) and the Yanks. I’m trying desperately not to get ahead of the task at hand, despite recognizing the Sox play their final games at home vs. the Jays and the Indians while the Rangers play 11 of their final 17 games on the road, with those 6 home games vs. the Angels and the Rays, and in view of the Rangers playing 4 of those road games vs. Oakland, 4 of them vs. the Angels, and their final 3 vs. the Mariners.

I recognize that the task at hand is getting into the play-offs, continuing to win games until all other play-off possible teams are eliminated from their path. I was somewhat surprised, the Sox having won the first two games vs. the Rays, that Tito didn’t hold JonL back for the first Angels game, pitching some combination of Tazawa and Bowden in the final Rays game, but then recognized a win is a win is a win, and now that the Sox won the second Rays game behind JonL, they can bring him back onto the mound 2 days sooner than they would if they held him until Tuesday.

I think we also need to recognize that, despite how well they are pitching now, JonL did struggle vs. the Rays in last year’s ALCS, and that Clayboy has never thrown a pitch in the post-season. But I would really like the chance for the Sox to hear the Angels whine again this year, that they shouldn’t have lost the ALDS because they were clearly the better team than the Sox. Ohhhhh, to hear that again….music to my ears. But I will stop flapping my wings and go back to the task at hand, rooting the Sox on to more regular season victories. GO SOXXXX!!!!!!!

D. Benjamin…

Now Ohio State can focus on the little 10…I meant too say Big 10. lol. It’s probably between Ohio State and Penn State and it seems that the Buckeyes have had Penn State’s number over the years. We shall see. Tressel has had major issues against the elite teams in the country. Barkley looked like a senior the other night, very impressed with him. He looked like a young Carson Palmer the other night and McKnight reminds me of Reggie Bush coming out of the backfield. A football factory in L.A. All Pete Carroll does is have one solid q.b. after another.

My thoughts on the div. or w.c. is win the games you can and the rest will take care of itself!

OK, I’m taking numbers, how many innings before Dice-K, hits 100 pitch count. I say 4. Curious who will be catching him.
Saw the OSU and USC game, McKnight was the difference maker.

Hey everyone,
READ the article about Tim Wakefield. It assured me that men of class still exist in this league. After Zazu my feelings were down but Tim Wakefield makes me want to be a Red Sox fan and be proud of it. I will REALLY miss him when he retires.
(The Tim Wakefield article is on the Red Sox home page (redsox.mlb.com)

Dice-K will hit 100 pitches in 5 innings, average 20 pitches per inning. It is simply because those impatient free swinging Angels batters.

I say that the Big “K” throws 100 pitches in 5.1 innings..

……I know that Theo has made his share of bone-headed deals and trades, but more often than not he has come through. If Gagme had turned out to still have his “stuff”, Theo would have been great, if Julio had been a consistent ss both offensively and defensively, it would be said that Theo was the Brian trust. if Smoltz had made a comeback, he would once again be the Wunderkind.. Every GM makes good and bad moves. Show me one that hasnt had his share of good deals gone bad. I’d say that so far Theo is way above the curve, especially with Victor and Alex..

Hi All! For those of you who like to plan ahead:


Yes – that would be the 2010 Red Sox schedule and guess who we open at home against?😉

Dice-K tonight? Gee – after the stress of last night’s Patriots game it should be a piece of cake – right??? Yikes!

Via Twitter from local TV station: WBZ-TV and Dan Roche, Sports reporter:

RT @RochieWBZ: Vmart not with team due to family emergency #redsox wbztv

Damn – and via Ian on Twitter: Youk is out with back spasms. Lineup tonight:

Red Sox
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. J.D. Drew, RF
4. Jason Bay, LF
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. Mike Lowell, 3B
7. Casey Kotchman, 1B
8. Jason Varitek, C
9. Alex Gonzalez, SS
— Daisuke Matsuzaka, RHP

1. Chone Figgins, 3B
2. Maicer Izturis, 2B
3. Bobby Abreu, RF
4. Vladimir Guerrero, DH
5. Torii Hunter, CF
6. Kendry Morales, 1B
7. Juan Rivera, LF
8. Erick Aybar, SS
9. Jeff Mathis, C
— John Lackey, RHP

Hi All – almost game time – LET’S GO RED SOX!!! I DO BELIEVE!!!! Dice-K – we expect great things from you – MAKE US BELIEVE!!!!!

Okay -I’m already drinking wine – is that a bad sign? LOL!


Hey all.. even with that walk after being ahead 0-2, I’m going to reserve judgement until the 3rd (if I can).

Hi Jules!!! Pretty piece that you did on 9-11..Well done.
Hope everything is ok with you!
1-2-3 2nd…

We survived the first inning – RUNS!!! WE NEED RUNS!!!!

Here we go with screwed up posting times….

Okay – have we ever seen Dice-K have a 1-2-3 inning? He is trimmer then the last time we saw him!


How about some run support guys!!!

Via Ian on Twitter:

RT @IanMBrowne 3 innings, no hits, for the Dice Man thus far in his return. (Almost makes one believe in pod people.) #redsox

Dice K has pitched pretty effectively so far. Looks as fi he is pitching more to contact than before, So far so good.


New thread folks.

NICE JOB BY DICEK!!Against the wall and didnt try to get fancy or nibble!! GOOD JOB.. (but I will still say so far)..
He’s got a lot to make up for.. from what I read, he owns 10 of our losses, whether tagged to him or not…

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