Sometimes there is nothing like a comfy couch

What did Red Sox manager Terry Francona do after a rain-filled night that ended at midnight with a noon game looming today? Naturally, he slept in his office.

Even though Francona lives relatively close to Fenway, going home made little to no sense. Believe me, I would have done the same thing if I had four things he had — an office, a couch, an accessible shower and a change of clothes.

Was the couch comfortable? “Noooo,” Francona said. “I got a lot of work done though. It was good. By the time you shower and drive. then you have to wake up and turn around. I got a ton of the Anaheim stuff done.”

Francona then revelaed a funny story.

“I’ve got to tell you, I went up to the food room at about 2:30 [a.m.], ran into [assistant equipment manager] Pookie [Jackson] coming out of the shower. That’s about as bad a nightmare as you’re going to see,” Francona said.

While Francona spent the wee hours getting ready for the start of the Angels’ series on Tuesday night, most of his lineups had already been decided upon.

He went with an interesting mix in Game 1. David Ortiz, Mike Lowell, J.D. Drew and Alex Gonzalez all got the game off against Matt Garza, who has given the Sox fits the last couple of years.

Ortiz is 2-for-21 against Garza, with both hits being homers. Lowell? 3-for-20. Drew is 3-for-19, and got a very rare start off against a righty. Jason Bay made his first start with the Red Sox as a DH. V. Mart is getting the nod behind the plate, while Tek will catch Lester in the nightcap. Casey Kotchman is starting Game 1 at first base, with Josh Reddick in left and Nick Green at short.

This couild be a monumental day in the Wild Card standings. The Rangers also have a doubleheader. This means that there’s at least a chance Boston’s lead could be as high as five games by the end of the day or as low as one game.


I am so not surprised that Tito slept in his office! I’ll be in and out for the first game – I should be around more for the second game.


Not sure I’m in favor of this lineup for the first game. With a day off tomorrow, I don’t see a particular reason to rest these guys like this.

Coming up on game time…

I just hope that Tito changed clothes!!! On the Japan trip he wore the same clothes for DAYS!!!!! lol

Looks like a GORGEOUS DAY.. HEY Jules!!!

via twitter:

Bad weather again in Arlington, Texas. Start time for game 1 of Mariners – Rangers has already been pushed back 90 minutes. Now 3:05 EST.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take (2) games in one day with these Rays announcers. At least Migrane is gone from the t.v. booth this year but then again Kennedy is just as bad.

Buchholz looks like a totally different pitcher out there this year. He looks very confident on the mound and the results show. If the Sox make the playoffs, chances are he’ll be starting game 3 at Fenway against the Angels. Another thing about Buchholz, he fields his position very well.

Good news for the Red Sox, King Felix starts the second game for the Mariners.

2007 saw Garza and Bucholz hook-up with a great game in the minors. Garza was with the Twins then. Bucholz won 1-0, K-13, BB 1.
Called up after game to Boston. 2 starts later no-hitter.

Uncle put up a B squad and shows his confidence in Buchholtz. The Sox squandered 2 scoring opportunities and that was nothing new. Josh and Nick are automatic than automatic outs.

Bucholz does not like Varitek catching him. He has stated that. He has piched much better with V-Mart behind plate.

Buckie threw 47 pitches in 4 innings. That was about the pitch count for Dice-K in 1.5 innings. lol

The Sox failed to score on a leadoff double in the 1st I hope it’s not the difference of the game.

Good info re Garza vs. Buch in the minors, Rooster7. What was Garza’s line? Comparable?
Pitcher’s duel going. Let’s crack Garza for a couple runs! GO SOX!

It doesn’t seem too matter who is in the lineup for the Red Sox when Garza is on the hill. Garza always has his “A” stuff against the Red Sox. He certainly did last October. One good thing with Drew, Bay and others not starting, they’ll be available to pinch hit later in the game. This T.B. pen was so good a season ago, has struggled in the last month or so.

Perhaps Gonzalez and his potent bat will come off the bench and make a contribution.

For a manager who grew up in the National League, he sure doesn’t like to bunt.


That’s Theo and moneyball, they don’t believe in the bunt. Every once in a while they’ll bunt but not often enough.

Crawford will be running soon!

I have scorebook, Bucholz signed it for me. Garza went 8 innings, 9K’S 3BB’S 5 hits. Lowrie scored winning run.

Buchholz is up with all his pitches here in the 7th. Time to get someone loose in the bullpen. I think Buch could be running out of gas a little bit.

Nice job Buch! 6 IP and no runs! Good job getting out of that mini-jam, also! Considering how Garza is pitching, that was huge. GO SOX!

Cool, Rooster7, thanks! I wish I could get to some of those games! That game sounds a little like this one! GO SOX!

Pedroia with the big hit!

V-Mart is a great RBI man.

WAY TO GO, DUSTIN AND V-MART! Let’s keep it going! GO SOX!

Ellen, I did notice Maddon’s hair. Must be going through midlife crisis.

Great play by Casey Kotchman at first to field that throw by Pedroia and then make a good throw to the plate. I was just thinking that if Buchholz could get a breaking pitch over to Bartlett the inning would be over. Buch threw a great curve ball, and Bartlett got it……. great piece of hitting.

All Martinez does is drive in runs! He’s back next year for a salary of 7 million.

That’s not a very good visual.. heading to the food room and run into a nekked fellow. Who designed that area of the building? chuckle.

Buz –

OMG….. I’ve been watching the game, but I just looked at the top of the screen and couldnt believe that we’re already in the 7th!!! WOW

I see Longo going deep!

Did anyone notice Madden’s hair… last year it was silver, this season its black… 2 years ago, he had those weird glasses… He’s a regular fashion plate!!!!!


Maddon has had his dark hair for about a month or so. Just think, Maddon almost was named the Sox manager, of course Francona got the job but Maddon was right behind him.

Oki looking good so far. He has had some troubles as of late…especially with the H.R. ball.

Maddon dyed his hair for one of the Rays “themed” road trips. I think it was a country- western theme. I’ve was pleased with Buchholoz’s outing today. Would like some more RUN SUPPORT!!!


BIG PAPI!!!! A double and he ran hard to whole way!!! WHOO HOOOO!!! And he is coming out! Nice job of pinch hitting!!!

PEDEY!!! YES!!! HR!!!! 3-1 Red Sox!!!


DUSTIN!!! WAY TO GO! 2-R HR!!!!! 3-1! YES!!!
Nice job by Papi getting on, and Jacoby getting him over to 3B! WAY TO GO SOX!

Yes. Pedey, 2 run Walkoff HR. Too bad Buckie didn’t get the win.

Hey Julia.. 1st off I dont think his “themed hair” has worked…

No Maddon – don’t take Garza out……

WALKOFF?? not yet!!

Nice job getting on base, J-Bay! Get em in, Kotch!
Oki did great in the 8th. Yeah it is too bad Buch couldn’t hold the lead to get the win!

I agree with you Ellen – the hair seemed to curse the team! And oh yeah – A Red Sox Girl is the ONLY thing to be! WHOO HOOOO!

3 outs – we need 3 outs!!!

Drat, didn’t get any more runs in! GO SOX! Finish this one off!

Suddenly the Rays are the Devil Rays, this could be there 10th loss in a row. Since they dealt Kazmir away they’ll 3-13. That trade deflated this team! The ownership sent the wrong message to the players/coaches! Boston and N.Y. have a HUGE advantage over these small market teams. T.B. can have a miracle season ( like last year ) every once in a while but they will not be able to sustain anything over the course of years. Boston and N.Y. should battle for the division every year and whoever loses the div. title should be the wild card. I read on ( Boston Globe ) Nick Cafardo said tough choice for manager of the year, between Ron Washington and Joe Girardi. Washington should win that award!! The Yankees were expected to contend and the Rangers were supposed to go nowhere! I’m glad that the team I root for has $$$$$$$$$ but I also would be happier if a salary cap would happen but that is unlikely. I know I know…there is a luxury tax but let’s get real people!

Come on, Pap, no adventures today! Go get em! GO SOX!

Nice work Pap! He seems to have gotten his pitching into another gear since the All-Star break! Nice win, guys! Let’s get the nightcap! GO SOX!
I hope Wagner will be the closer for Game 2, Brian!

2 hours and I’m back in the bow and arrow on the couch….OUCH….but it works!!!!!! Go Sox…..Yankees can’t seem to handle the Orioles..Go Baltimore….Go Sox!!!!!!!

Papelbon is well rested and looks strong today. I assume Wagner will be the closer if needed for game #2.

Hey guys and gals……What are the chances the Sox bring back Gonzales to play SS next year???? I hope they don’t make the perrennial mistake of letting a steady SS go in the off-season. Go Sox…

YES!!! Our 4th straight win!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!

See you for the second game!!!

I agree with you Brian. There should be some sort of salary cap in baseball. I didn’t understand the Kazmir trade, although I always thought he was a little over rated. The will face more of the same over the off season when they will likely lose Carl Crawford. Of course, a part of the problem there is the fans. It’s hard to believe on 17,000 would show up for a Sox-Rays game in Tampa in the heat of a playoff race.

I think you’ll start to see payrolls shrinking everywhere, except maybe for the Yankees/Mets. The Sox are learning that they can as much or more production from players they develop themselves, than free agents they sign for huge dollars. All things being equal, who is the better value, Youk or Teixeira? To me, it’s not even close. Youk is right up there with Tex in every respect, and he can play third base too, and all for a third of the money. Not only are they getting production out of these kids, but they are worth a lot for trade as well. Masterson for Martinez wasn’t a bad deal for the Sox and filled a huge void they needed to fill, while giving up something they could easily afford to give up. You may see the Sox do some things in the off season, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see them invest in current assets like Bay and Martinez rather than going after huge dollar free agents.

The Yankees have purchase the East Division championship, but it will be interesting to see how their pitching holds up in the post season.

Do I have to leave everything crossed in between games??


I think Gonzalez will be the Sox s.s. next year. I don’t think they will pick up his 6 million dollar option though. If they do, that means they’ll be paying 15 million for that position in 2010. Ouch! 9 million for Lugo and Gonzalez’s 6 million.


I think the Yankees could be the Angels. Angels won over 100 games last year but there season was ovah 4 games into the playoffs. Sabathia’s track record in Oct. is BRUTAL. Burnett is well Burnett, I think Pettite is solid. Also Girardi will be managing for the first time in the playoffs, a whole new ballgame…Especially in N.Y.—A-Rod has disappeared in the playoffs as well with the Yankees. Beckett and Lester are the best duo in baseball and that is where it starts!

I think Bay gets signed for a contract of 3 or 4 years for 12 million to 15 million. He’ll end up in Boston. The guy can hit, he does whiff alot but comes up in the clutch.

Ouch is right, Brian, on the SS options. Are you thinking 2011 for the $6 million option? If he his playing with us in 2010, the option is for 2011, right (and we’re paying for LugNuts through 2011 then)? I could see them declining the option, and re-signing him longer term, though. Unless his production drops off too much, $6 mill might be worth it (it’s paying LugNuts that makes it painful!). Craig is right, that SS carousel has to stop somewhere, sometime, so unless we have a player in the Minors, we might be wise to bite that bullet now. GO SOX!

Garry, I hope we do invest in the players we have, like Bay and V-Mart, instead of trading for other players, or signing FAs. Signing Bay and V-Mart would make the trades we made to get those players worthwhile, esp. in V-Mart’s case. I hope Theo listens!

Julia, your posts are so far ahead of time it’s almost ridiculous. Maybe you can post the result of the game before we get there!😉 GO SOX!

Lineup for the second game:

Lineup: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Martinez (1B), Drew, Bay, Ortiz, Lowell, Varitek, Gonzalez. Lester.

I guess V-Mart is okay after taking a spike in the leg.


Gonzalez’s option is 6 million for next season. I don’t think the Red Sox will pick up that option. I think they’ll try to resign him at a cheaper price. Lugo’s contract is 9 million for next season ( his 4th and final year…AMEN! ) and Boston is paying for every penny of that 9 million next year.

Yes, we are, Brian. Thanks. I don’t think they’d pick up that option, either, but I hope Theo can sign him longer-term in that case. And yes, thank goodness this is the last year we have to pay that albatross of a contract for LugNuts! GO SOX!

2010 as the final year of LugNuts’ contract, that is. It would be nice to be able to extend A-Gonz with a new contract! He has earned it!

These posting times are ridiculous! I must be on the server that gave us Julia’s posts! That server is WAY off! Hmmm!… GO SOX!

What a great day…..did some early golfing, watched the Sox pull out a clutch win….watching some football and am ready for game 2 against the Rays….Go Sox!!!!!! I really hope we keep A-Gon, V-Mart goes no where….that guy is $$$$$$$$$ in the clutch…..hope we keep Bayand things are looking bright for the future. Glad the Sox did not give in to the temptation of moving Buchholz at the dealine….he could be the ace in the hole later on as the 3rd starter…Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey – we have a baseball game – who’d a thunk! lol! GO RED SOX!!! I DO BELIEVE!!!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!

Lester gets a new life today….he had a rough start Friday night…I’m betting he takes advantage of the re-start!!!!

New day…..different results…way to go Lester!!!!!!


Keep it going, Jon! GO SOX!
Hey, Craig, what does the 04 refer to in your user ID? The 04 WS champs?

I was watching the game 1 on gameday and thought it was the bottom of the 9th when Pedey hit that HR. It was not a walkoff of course. My bad.
Does anyone have any doubt that Buckie is the #3 starter in the playoffs?
Wagner can and will close out the second game. Go Sox.

BJ Upton is one the reasons why the Rays are the Devil Rays. BJ, Pena, Longoria killed the Sox pitching in the ALCS.

Good job, Jon! Keep it going! Get him some runs, also, guys! GO SOX!

Lester is starting then he did on Friday – maybe all games should be allowed a “do over” before the first inning is over. Just a thought….

Way to get on base, JD! GO SOX! Get him in!

2B! Nice job, Papi! Get em home, guys! GO SOX!

Well, Tek was in a hurry to get into his catcher’s gear! We got one run in, could have been better. SF for Mike. Good job! GO SOX!

I like how this game is starting also!! Lester is looking great!!

3 strong innings for Jon! Keep it up! GO SOX! Get some more runs!

While Clay may be the #3 starter, we have to GET TO the playoffs FIRST…

Is anyone else having problems out of the ordinary here, now??

I posted that at 556pm it is showing 615pm

The times are way off Ellen. MLBlogs servers are off again. On my computer right now the time is 6:01.

And it posted 17 mintues different.

But why off by 15 minutes??? Servers should be sophisticated enough to coordinate a little closer than that!:/ GET ON IT, MARK–YOU HAVE A PROBLEM HERE!

Bases loaded, one out? COME ON, MIKE!!!!! GO SOX!

Bases loaded – one out & no runs???? NOT GOOD!!!!

CRAP! We needed to get SOMETHING out of that inning! SIGH! GO SOX!

No – if the servers are not run on MS – say Linux – some of them have to be manually set for the time. Since some times they are okay and sometimes they aren’t – there has to be multiple servers

Like I said, Julia, we don’t have servers more sophisticated than that??? I rest my case!

Come on, Jacoby! GO SOX!
Only 3 hits between the two teams! Another pitching duel! Gotta love it!

No – it’s not sophisticated – it’s the operating system – some do not have that build in.

PEDEY!! He is doing it all today! COME ON V-Mart!! BRING HIM HOME!!!

Julia, Brian said it best, “If they can put a man on the moon…”, why then can’t these different servers simply co-ordinate to GMT?
Come on over to the new thread, Julia! Ellen needs company, and the Red Sox need ya over there! GO SOX!

What I would like to know, Tito, is why is Pookie Jackson taking a shower in the food room?

New thread boys and gals.

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