Wake and see

Still no definitive word on when Tim Wakefield pitches again for the Red Sox. He threw a side session before Tuesday’s game, but his back simply won’t be right again until he has sugery.

“The strength deficit from one leg to the other is very noticeable. It’s certainly not getting better,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “Because he’s trying hard to do what he does, which is pitch, we’re trying to kind of stay with this and do the right thing. To be honest with you, I don’t know if we know what the right thing is yet. It’s really, nothing has changed. He did throw a side. We want to wait and see how he shows up tomorrow and if he’s better or worse or the same, and we’ll go from there.”

Francona has mentioned loosely a couple of times that Wakefield could return at some point this weekend in Baltimore. Where does that stand?

 “Uh, we could either pitch him Sunday in Baltimore or Monday in Kansas City,” Francona said. “And that is because we would wait and see how Dice-k does tonight and if the extra day does him good. And, again, that far off, doesn’t interfere with Wake’s preparation if he’s healthy enough to pitch.”


Hi all. Just checked in and find Matsusaka pitching pretty well but now all of sudden he is in a little bit of trouble. Let’s bear down here Dice-K. GO SOX.

Dice-K is mowing them down! Who is this guy??? Time to get some runs!

Great come-back by Dice-K! You are right dgn in your observation of our inability to string multiple hits together against good pitching. Our Achilles heel in my view. GO SOX.

72 pitches for 5 IP. Are you kidding me? Who is this guy impersonating Dice-K?

Is it too much to ask for just one run for Dice man?

Beware of 6th inning C@#$#!

I thought Dice-K would pretty good tonite — and throughout the rest of the season (however long that is).

What concerns me, despite the absence of our 3 and 4 hitters tonite, is the inability of this team to string any hits together against good pitching. Its been that way all year long, against good pitching. We only seem to be able muster 1 or 2 runs usually off 1 HR in these scenarios. Past teams seemed to far better, get at least something going. To me, it may be our greatest vulnerability in the post season.

Another guy that swipes a base without a throw. I think I have seen this before. lol. These Angels will do lots and lots of running come playoff time.

Big K for Dice-K. I’m glad Mike Napoli isn’t in the lineup. He always hits some longballs into the monster seats.

I have seen 2 seamer, 4 seamer, slider, cutter, changeup, curve tonight. Josh who? Jon who? Clay who?

Just one run for Dice man please.

Dice-K escapes the 5th. Momentum is on the Sox side, time to scratch together some hits here.

Lackey is working the corners very well tonight.

They did say that Dice-K was pitching tonight – right? I’m liking the new and improved Dice-k!

NICE JOB BY DICEK!!Against the wall and didnt try to get fancy or nibble!! GOOD JOB.. (but I will still say so far)..
He’s got a lot to make up for.. from what I read, he owns 10 of our losses, whether tagged to him or not…

Runs are nice. Shoulda had alot more than 2 in that inning.

A question – our magic number is 16, I think, for the wild card – if we win and the Yankees and Rangers lose (they are both losing right now) – what is our new magic number? Is it 13?

A-Gonz is our official rally starter — when he leads off with a strong hit — good things often follow!

dgneubert: You are right about A Gonzo.

Big Papi comes through! Nice to see some runs on the board. GO SOX.

AAARGH! We leave them loaded again! I guess that was a glass half full inning. dgneubert was right! GO SOX.

We are all WRONG about Dice-K. Who would have thought that Dice man would pitch a shutout for 6 innings and with 79 pitches. You are kidding me.

Checking in.
Whoa!!! Invasion of The Body Snatchers has taken Dice-K and given us some new pitcher! I like it!! Go Dice!!

Dice man was impressive. But has no business starting the 7th. Tito you are pushing your luck. OMG why Ram Ram. It should be Wagner or Bard.

I think that Dice K should be applauded for his performance tonight. When they put the camera on him he looked like he was about to cry, that he was disappointed in himself!! I dont understand.

A fine effort by Dice-K tonight. I trust Tito to replace him with the right guy out of the bullpen. GO SOX.

And Ram-Ram was great! I love our team tonight! As of now – Yankees, Rays & Rangers are all losing.

This is the LA Angels, not the Baltimore Oreo cookies. Any pitcher who pitched a 6 inning shut out shows me something, a lot of things. The Sox are in the groove.

Wags is in and Bard is warming up – not Pap? Not Wags closing??

Dice-K surprised the RSN, Dice-K surprised Farrell, and surprised himself as well.

And we have an insurance run! Would have like Bay to be safe


Not sure I like this move — Vlad — 0 for 5 against Wagner, and you pull him for a rookie rightie — I guess you have to get hair on your chest sometime (to use a Eck-sim) — hope it works.

No team in baseball can match the flamethrowers Boston has in there bullpen.

Bard’s FB hits 100.1 miles.

Farrel must have seen something that we didn’t about agner.

Still have to close this out tonite — but given the pitchers we used tonight — does this mean tomorrow we have the Byrd, Oki, and Delcarmen show? Could be an interesting night if so?

How did Vlad even get his bat on that ball thrown by Bard.

Insurance run in the 9th would be nice.

With a win by Boston and a loss by the Yankees, the Sox will trail N.Y. by 5 in the loss column. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm things could get interesting. N.Y. has to hit the west coast one more time and of course Boston invades N.Y. in about 10 days.

I wouldn’t have pitched Papelbon in the 9th.

WE WON!!! YES!!! Dice=-K was better then we could have hoped for!!!!

Love it Arnie! I have to teach tomorrow – so off to bed! Catch you all tomorrow!

Hey, all! I see we have a surprise pitching performance tonight! NICE JOB, DICE-K!!! Arnie is right, who the heck was on the mound? Because the real Dice-K must have been taken by Invasion of the Body Snatchers! (So true, Arnie!) I guess it helped us, and Dice-K, that the Dice Man seemed to have something to prove! I’m thrilled he did! We seemed, from reading the comments, to have had some trouble getting him some run support, but we finally put up 4 runs for him. Great win, guys, and nice pitching, Dice-K! Relatively few pitches, from what I read in the comments–by quite a bit! SUPER! Can you keep that up, Dice-K? PLEASE??? GO SOX!
Speaking of impersonators, though, WHAT TEAM TOOK OVER THE PATRIOTS LAST NIGHT??? THAT WAS NOT OUR TEAM! I hope we do not see anything CLOSE to a repeat of that game, esp. against the Jets, Dolphins, or the Bills again, let alone the Colts, etc.!! THAT BILLS RETURNER GIFT-WRAPPED THAT WIN FOR US! THANK YOU!!! A win is a win, so I will take it and RUN, but we had better play better than that if we will have a CHANCE of winning anything! GO PATRIOTS!
I know the Patriots game was paying tribute to the AFL, but never is too soon to see those Dreamsicle “uniforms” the officials were wearing! I still love our scarlet uniforms from those days, but those Dreamsicle uniforms need to be exiled and BURNED! ACK!

Always good to beat John Lackey. If I were the PA guy at Fenway I would play Janis Joplin’s “Crybaby” every time he walked to the mound. In fact, I’d play it every time he left the mound too. I’m really petty and small-minded. But it would feel so GOOOD!

GOOD JOG REDSOX.. and thats all I’m saying tonight!!!!


dhn: the Eck-ism in that case would have been “moss” on the chest!! lol.. I just hope that it wasnt stored with the stinky high cheese!! lol, if so I wouldnt want to have a “yard”of it!!!! unless of course it was “dead central”!!! whew.. thank God for Jerry Remy!!!

You gotta love his hair though — and we did manufacturer some runs off good pitching — a very good sign.

dgn, I have blonde fingers tonight… I tried to use the whiteout to correct my mis-spellings , but now all I have are white dots on my monitor screen… oooh look its snowing!!! lol

I understand from what was said about Dice-K’s start that he not only was not nibbling at the corners, and going directly after the hitters, but also that his pitching pace was a lot quicker than he had been before. I hope that is true? Did anyone else pick up on that? (Maybe Josh needs to take that cue, also!) GO SOX!
Hey, Ellen, sorry to read about Roofus the Cat’s hospital trip! Is Roofus doing better?

I’m as thrilled as all of the rest of you about the outing that Dice-K had last evening, and about the losses around the league last night that puts the Sox magic number vs. the Rays at 6, vs. Texas at 14, and within 5 in the loss column vs. the Yanks. But Dice-K’s return, and the Wake struggle make me really upset about something. I’ve been reading baseball writers’ predictions for AL Manager of the Year, and constantly hear about Girardi, Ron Washington (Texas) and Mike Scioscia…but hear not a word about my birthday buddy Tito!!! Come on guys. I grant you that Girardi started the year on the hotseat, but he also started the year with a $500 Mil. Christmas present!!!! And two of those three acquired players have performed at least as well as expected!! Imagine where the Sox would be if they had added Big Teix’s bat to the line-up in April, rather than waiting until late July to add VMart’s bat?

With the Angels, I understand the Adenhart tragedy, and think it was awful. I also understand that Scioscia has had to thread his starting rotation together…but doesn’t that sound like Tito’s plight. Instead of losing a rookie (Adenhart) at the beginning of the year, he lost an 18 game winner (Dice-K) from last year, through no fault of his own (WBC). Then, he loses an All-Star pitcher (Wake) for virtually the entire second half of the season, on top of which two of the hopeful acquisitions from the off-season (Smoltzie and Penny) don’t produce as hoped for, and one replacement arm (JMast) is traded away for a bat. Count ’em folks, that’s five starters that Tito lost this year from when the season began. Despite that, Tito has the Sox (after last night’s butt whipping) within a half game of the Angels while playing in a much tougher division, and now has them 6 games up on the Rangers in the loss column.

With all of this adversity, Tito and the FO resisted the temptation to bring back Clayboy, Bowden or Junichi pre-maturely, and try to make due without them for as long as possible, to allow for their development. It appears that with Clayboy that patience is beginning to pay off big time.

And I won’t even talk about the way he’s persevered through the bat silences, particularly the Yankee 4 game sweep!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I recognize that Girardi has done a good job, particularly dealing with the early season absence of A-Rod and the adversity surrounding his PED’s use. But what about the way Tito’s handled Mikey L’s return from his hip surgery, and the Big Papi news! And I recognize that Scioscia is viewed as one of the best managers in baseball, and has had his team performing well…but so has Tito, who has his team performing through a bunch of adversity which, in my humble opinion, is at least equivalent to what the Angels have faced. I also recognize that these awards are designed to exclude post-season performance, which is really where Tito shines, just ask Mike Scioscia about that!!!!

Now, Ron Washington, perhaps I could swallow that one candidate, since he has the Rangers playing so much better than they did last year, and seems to be managing his young talent, particularly his young pitchers well. However, saying that, think about Tito and Pedey, and Youk, and Jacoby, and Pap, and Bardie, and Clayboy, and DelCarmen, and (must I go on?).

In all honesty, I have no real expectations that Tito will win MoY..and that the writers reaction is, hey, he had the talent to work with…but then why is Girardi even mentioned? But come on folks, recognize an outstanding manager job when it bites you in the nose, and at least acknowledge him as a candidate for the award!!!!!

Dice-K was simply marvelous and his performance exceeded everyone?s expectation. Enough has been said about Dice-K. I disagree with Uncle?s pulling Wagner after 2 batters in the 8th. I can understand Uncle Tito diligently wanted to preserve the win for Dice man. If that?s the case, Ram Ram should not be called in the 8th with one on and no outs with only 2 run lead. The move worked nonetheless. Uncle is a genius lol. Why wasted Pap with 4 run lead in a non save situation. Bard should have finished the game and be credited with a save. I hate to unnecessarily waste Wag, Bard, and Pap in one night.
The AL East pennant started last night. The wc race is unofficially and realistically ovah. When the Yankees embark on their left coast trip, they have to face King Felix in the series open in Seattle and go on to Anaheim while the Sox are facing Baltimore Oreos and KC. Also, the Yankees starting pitchers are in disarray, Burnett is burning out, Joba is under pitch count control, and Pettitte is having arm fatigue and will miss the turn tonight. As I have said it earlier, the Sox have to keep winning otherwise what other team does is immaterial. 5 down in the loss column, the dream is not impossible. Go Red Sox.

I was thinking (I know, thats what you smell burning!! lol), Where has Robert Kramer been?? I hope he’s okay..
also we have been minus one not so nice Yankee blogger…

Red Sox pitching is really turning it on at the right time. It was great too watch Lackey get the L!! Lackey pitched good but once again in Boston, not good enough to get the W.

It’s official for me….The Boston Red Sox are going to the playoffs! That’s 6 of the last 7 years for post-season baseball in Boston.

CHOW your the man brother….in my limitted posts in the last few weeks ive been posting my “warm and fuzzy ” comments….the sox dont have much pressure on them to win the east title where the stankees due…heck they had an 8.5 game lead at 1 time i believe…now the sox have been rollin and slowly gainin on the empire….do you think the yankees fans are warm and fuzzy…..they will say they are ….but….i know they are thinkin ,man if we get swept at home this could be bad in the last week of the season….a collosal calapse by them would wreak havoc on their psyche…our kids (lester and buchy) have been firin bb’s and beckett and dice k seem to be headed for the postseason on a roll..cc has a terrible playoff record and aj might hold off on his dl stint till the play offs lol…hes been bad…warm and fuzzy?…..hmmmmm…….i still like our line up better also….limp rod has mediocre postseason numbers….warm and fuzzy….i am….very warm…..so lets get pumped for the run ….even if we dont get the east title…the yanks are feelin the heat….judge

Ellen: I think Bob is doing fine. He has been regaularly (daily) posting Yankees minor league scores at the Bryan Hoch’s blog. I wonder where is the other not so nice Yankee blogger tcd is. We will hear from him if the Sox start losing, bite my tongue.
Do you think tcd and redsoxlose is the same guy?

No Youk and Martinez, how many teams could miss there #3 and #4 hitters and still win????

Brian: I am with you. The Sox are heading to the playoffs either as a wc or as an impossible dream team. The preseason hype about great Sox pitching doesn?t materialize until the final month of the season. What an opportune timing!
Judge: I am with you as well. The pressure is on the Yankees. The Yankees are likely to lose Posado for few games because of the brawl last night. Their starting pitching is like a Swiss cheese. Can?t wait till the next Sox Yanks faceoff.

dgn is right A Gon is a rally starter and scored the game’s first run on Lackey’s throwing error. Let me say it again what a pick up by Theo, V-Mart and A Gon as well as Wagner.
What can say about Tek, can’t hit, can’t throw out runner. Argh..

Tempers really flared in the Yankee game last night… BIG brawl.. ewmptied both benches and Jorgey Posada was … YOU”RE OUTTA HERE!!!!!” for unsportman like conduct. I guess the Yankees had hit a batter earlier in the game, and the Jesse Carlson hit a batter, then Posada scored and then gave Carlson a “little shove”..after Posada was immediately ejected, Carlson said something to him and Posada came back after hime and well, then the benchs cleared… John McDonald “accidentally” hit Girardi…. HMMMMM…. What do y’all make of this???


In the second-half Varitek is hitting a robust .168 with 1 H.R. This just in….PATHETIC! Come playoff time Francona has some tough decisions too make. When Beckett pitches, I’m guessing Varitek will catch and that means Lowell will sit. What happens when Dice-K takes the hill??? Obviously when Lester and Buchholz pitch, Martinez is behind the dish.

Gonzalez’s glove is stellar and that has always been the case but his bat is the big surprise to me. Nobody saw that one happening.

PS.. that brawl is on Youtube….

Brian: I have a suggestion. When Dice-K takes the hill, Tek catches only if the opposing pitcher is LH. Unlike Tek, Posada is a great hitter although can’t catch everyday any more. Now the Yankees are missing his big bat for at least 5 games in the middle of a pennant race. Yes, there is a pennant race. Stupid act on the part of Posada but a good one for the Sox.

Suprisingly great job by DiceK. Also, I’m glad to see that Tito pulled him as soon as it looked like he lost some control, and not wait to see if he straightens out. We have to keep winning and let the rest of the teams do their own thing. As far as making the playoffs– I have to quote Yogi- it’s not over until it’s over, i.e., when we are mathematically in. Too many things have happened in the past. Tito used his BP quite well last night. We only have 19 games left. I wouldn’t hesitate to follow Tito’s lead last night and use the BP as often as I need them. Once, we reach the WC goal, I would rethink it, depending upon how we stand with the Yanks. Our main focus now is in the WC. GO SOX!!!

I wonder which team has hit the most batters this year… It seems that the Yankees and the Jays do ALOT of that!!!!

I agree with Phil about the MATH… When the numbers say we are absolutely there… THEN WE’RE IN!!! not til then.

Hilarious comments by everyone, on Dice-K. Thanks. Jury still out on this. Did anyone notice that he looked like he lost weight.
Tonight our secret weapon is going to the mound Paul Byrd, this season has been crazy.
Good thoughts about our bullpen too, we play now 19 straight days without day-off. Could be hard on bullpen. Too me our starters could go 8 easy, take it easy on the Green Tea, Tito.

The thing about Varitek that gets me mad is he doesn’t adjust his hitting. He bascially has same stance when he was 30 yrs. old. Even Yaz had to bring his hands down to cut down on his swing. His hands held very high and him moving the bat like he is sweeping cobwebs off the ceiling is crazy. He cannot get around on a good fastball like he did when he was younger. Im glad I am not manager, there is no loyalty whe it comes to winning.

Tito has to do something about Tek. We can’t have a virtual sure out- and most likely a strike out– in the batting order. I feel sorry for Tek because of his contributions to the Sox during his career. I guess the Yanks may be feeling the pressure. If the Sox can get to just three games in the lost column the Yanks must know that they have to face us 3 times and I would imagine that 2004 still lingers in their memory. In any case, we have to take one game at at time and–WE HAVE TO KEEP WINNING!!!

rooster.. Management had noted that DiceK had come in heavier this year and when they sent him “on the DL” they mapped out a program to get him back in shape physically and I’m sure mentally. But yes, he looks a lot more fit than in June…………. Can they put me on that program too?? lol

Right now we cant do much at the catcher spot.. Martinex is with his family in Cleveland.. announced as a family emergency.. and I’m sure that he wouldnt leave the team now unless it truly was an emergency…

Let?s do the math. The Rangers are down 6 games in the loss column and the Sox are out by 5 games in the loss column in the respective wc and pennant race. The Rangers are yet to play the Angels 7 times and TB and Seattle. The wc race is realistically ovah although not mathematically. It will take a colossal meltdown on the part of Sox to miss the wc. The odds of the Sox winning the pennant is far greater than the Rangers taking the wc berth.

Last night’s game was immensely satisfying to me. A solid outing on all accounts. Congrats, Sox!

I wouldn’t go so far as the Yankees being nervous at all. I think they just have a double standard — we hit anyone we want but nobody hits us in return. They are still WAY ahead of the Sox and the Sox are going on a very tough road trip and we have Paul Byrd tonight.
Nevertheless, it would be nice to see the Yankees celebrate the post season at home watching it on their TV’s.
Papelbon is still holding his own but boy, nothing like 2007. He was unstoppable. When he went in the game, you went home. Those were the days.

Dave: The Sox are going on a tough road trip against the Baltimore Oreos, KC Royals, and the NY Yanks. The Yanks are going on a easy left coast trip. The Sox had a tough road trip at TB. lol.
Where is the science question of the day?

I don’t think tcd and redsoxlose are the same person. Tcd can form a complete sentence that is more or less intelligible. Redsoxlose had great difficulty with grammar.
I kind of like tcd, even though I have to wonder how sad it is that his idea of a good time is coming here to attempt torturing us. What kind of life is that? He makes the case for Obama’s “end of life counselling”; —— tcd is your life worth living????

The Yanks may be going through a period where they are emotionally flat. Nothing could be better. They have played so well during the second half that it is entirely possible they are hitting the inevitable bad stretch. Great timing for us.

Watch Papelbon closely and you’ll see that in a situation where he has wiggle room he makes it an adventure, but when he has to bear down and get the job done he gets it done.

Hey All,

Thanks for the mention Ellen. As Andy says, I’m fine….just quiet waiting for the season to wind down. Since the Yanks are a virtual Playoff lock they’re not really feeling pressure, just need to keep playing sound baseball and everything will take care of itself. Biggest Q is which Burnett will we see in the Playoffs. Gaudin and Mitre will likely not be on the roster or will see bullpen duty only.

The Jays Hill was hit in the back by a rookie who started the year in AA while Carlson chucked a pitch behind Posada. Remember Carlson is left-handed so no chance of a slip throwing behind a right-handed Posada. Watson seems to be extra hard on the Yanks and the Sox too! That may work to our advantage as Cervelli and Molina should control those Angels better anyhow!!!

Arnie: Come to think of it, tcd is too literate to be redoxlose. I remenber he spelt redsoxlose as redsoxloose. I think it was Ellen or you or someone corrected him. lol

I found an interesting quote from Dice-K:
Daisuke: “On the road back, I’ve been a burden on my teammates more than anything and I feel that I owe them.”

Bob: Good to hear from you! It’s been a while.

Tonight’s lineup: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Bay, Lowell, Ortiz, Baldelli, Varitek, Kotchman, Gonzalez.

OK…here it is. This one’s a KILLER so be prepared to stumble.
The universe is expanding. We know this because light shifts to red. If the galaxies were moving closer to us they would shift to blue. What do we mean by red shifting or blue shifting of light and how does that tell us that the universe is moving away from us.
HINT: Look at the visible light spectrum of electromagnetic radiation and example the wavelengths of blue and red light.
Why do they call Ultraviolet light…Ultraviolet light?

Good to hear from you, indeed, Bob. Take care.
Arnie, you are right that Pap does indeed get the job done in save situations, at least 95% of the time. I have stated that that seems to be the makeup of a closer, that if there is a save situation, they are more dialed in than when there is no save situation–not just Pap, either. I’d take it one step further, though, and it is what gives RSN more “stress opportunities”, I think: Pap almost seems to need to CREATE that pressure (by putting opponents on base, for example), so that he can “buckle down” and get it done. Kind of like what you’ve said before about needing to “live on the edge” in order to be effective. Do you see that also?
Dave, I’d much prefer to see the 07 Papelbon, also!

Bonus Papelbon question, Arnie (and anyone else)!😉 Is that kind of “creating pressure for himself” what RSN really wants Theo to pay a closer to do? Is it worth paying Pap to get the job done that way?

I’m not sure Pap needs to create pressure — I think he gets bummed when we go into the 8th with 1, 2, or 3 run lead, and then we score more — and he loses his chance for save. My suspicion is that his numbers are very important to him, and when he loses the chance for a save, it bums him out — then, he takes a while to gather himself and get it done for the team (which he does) with no upside to him on this saves count.

Bosox — your comment about making the playoffs 6 of the last seven years — thank goodness for the Wild Card forum. Thinking about this, you can appreciate the 86 year drought even more. Without the WC, no 2004 — and who knows how that would have affected the team and re-org that might have resulted from a “failed 2004 campaign” — and maybe even (as a result) no 2007, the only year we would have made the playoffs at all since when??? What would have been Tito’s legacy, and Theo’s and team, and some of our players without the WC? The Yankees would be hated even more, winning all those recent division titles in that span, save 1 for us, and 1 for the Rays.

Greg, I agree with your assessment of Papelbon needing to create the pressure if it isn’t there already.
As to your bonus question: As long as he gets the job done I am happy and I think Theo should be also. However, I’d be even MORE happy if he didn’t feel the need to make it interesting.
Let’s see if he carries that into the playoffs or not, that will tell us something. Maybe the mood of the playoffs will be pressure enough for him and he will blow away the opposition whether he is in a tight spot or has some room to move a little.

Dave, one question: How far can the universe move away from us before we find ourselves on the outside looking in. And where is it expanding to? Is there more space just outside the universe that it is starting to occupy? Is there a “universe expansion zone” just on the other side of the universal border? How can something that is infinite get bigger? I guess that is more than one question, sorry.

Dave: I will answer the easy bomus question. The name means “beyond violet”, violet being the color of the shortest wavelengths of visible light. UV light has a shorter wavelength than that of violet light.

I don’t know the answer to the main question. I have to look it up. But it’s not fair.

Hi All – we won’t have to worry about Pap pressure tonight – it is being reported that he was tweaked his back and is unavailable tonight. Also it is being reported that Wake’s legs are getting weaker and he will be meeting with the Red Sox medical staff and he might have to have surgery. That is very sad news.

Speaking of division titles, sounds like some of us are still holding out the possibility of taking it this year, even though the chances are slim to none.

If the Sox management thought we had a chance worth shooting for, I don’t imagine we would be starting Byrd tonight. That said, the Yanks are resting Pettitte tonight, so they could drop another game, but I just don’t see the Byrd, Oki, and Decarmen lineup keeping the mighty Angels lineup down, and Saunders is undefeated against us — is he not?

Seems like neither the Sox or the Yankee management is going to press to win a title that means very little these days. I still enjoy a division title, wish we had more of them — but unless the Yanks choke and it drops in our laps, we are not going to risk post season positioning in any way.

I completely agree, DGN, that Pap gets bummed when he loses a save chance. Numbers are very important to him, esp. in comparison to Mariano Rivera (as he has stated before, that he wants to be the best, AND HIGHEST PAID, closer ever–he can’t do that without save numbers!). I think Arnie is right, though, that he thrives under pressure, so if there is not a pressure situation (a save, or otherwise), he SEEMS to need to create it. (I can’t seem to make sense of it otherwise). I think you are right that he takes time to gather himself. I think “creating” pressure to get his adrenaline going is his way of “gathering himself”–getting his head into the game, if you will.

there are alot of players that need that pressure or want it to perform…personally my favorite player of all time was dewey….i can remember a yr in the 80’s when the sox were out by like 15 with maybe 20 to go and dewey made a diving play late in the game and jumped up and gunned the guy out at home tryin to score from 3rd…..the sox still lost the game like 13-5 ….i can remember my dad sayin “now thats a baseball player”…..he was rt….one of the biggest red sox travesties was not lettin dewey get his 20 th yr in a sox uniform….no matter…he still is my favorite player….judge

Dave, if there is space outside the universe what is it called? “The Un-Universe”? Does the universe need a border crossing visa? Or does it have the power to annex it? Hmmm!…

Dewey will always be a favorite with this Red Sox fan. He sure did play the game the right way. Way to go, Dewey! GO SOX!

Dave, did you know that honeybees can see ultraviolet light? Flowers use that to make themselves more attractive to the bees so that the bees will come and pollinate them. Bees also use polarized light to help them find their way around and to give their sisters directions to a good source of nectar and pollen.

Once upon a time, there were no playoffs let alone wc. The leading teams from the respective league went straight to the World Series. How about that?

Tito said Youk “minimally better”, the discomfort is in the kidney area of his back. V-Mart is expected to be back and playing tomorrow.

Also once upon a time, there were two All-Star games. It was a bigger deal to be in the All-Star Game(s) than the World Series.

The red shift is simply visible light moving towards the red frequencies (longer wavelengths) or about 700 nm (nano) meters or 10 E -9 meters. That’s how we know the galaxies are moving away from us. We know the speed of light so it’s easy to calculate the rate of expansion of the visible universe.
If the universe were moving towards us the electromagnetic radiation would shift towards the violet range (400 nm). Since it’s not we know it’s expanding.
You are absolutely correct on ultraviolet radiation which is JUST outside of visible light.
The EM spectrum by the way is:
Radio (1 gigameter to about 1 meter
submilimeter (including microwave) (varies but in the milimeter range
infrared (bees, snakes, etc use that light) (I forget the range)
visible (700 – 400 nm)
gamma ray (ya those great DNA killers) that stars emit as gamma ray bursts.

The universe is defined as simply the visible material (gamma ray to radio wave) out there. What is beyond that range is anyone’s guess. Science only works on observation and data and without data nobody can tell you that.
The visible universe is about 60 billion light years away using radio light, etc and it’s expanding away from us to who knows where.
It is estimated that the universe is about 100 billion light years total but that’s more of a fudge factor since there is no direct visual evidence. That falls into mathematical models based on the linear relationship between light and distance (e.g. we know how fast its expanding and we know the universe’s age so we can go from there).
Are there other universes? That’s proposed in string theory and another theory (forget the name) that argued that electrons split into different universes and therefore we have different universes…but no evidence so that’s where we stand.

What were the first elements that composed the universe when it was first born?
BONUS: What are the first atomic elements that make up our universe (e.g. what’s the universe mostly made of as far as visible elements)

While I classify radio to the 1 meter wavelength min, the reality is that the fuzzy world of radio/submilimeter/microwave makes it hard to nail down. Some define radio to the centimeter and some to the milimeter (hence submilimeter). It’s frustrating to get a number since all the charts vary depending on how it is defined.

hey all.. The science “stuff” is all WAY over my head… whew.. good thing there wont be a test!! lol

GO RED SOX!!!! I hope that Byrd does well tonight!

Dave – I’ll throw out Hydrogen as one of the first elements.

Hey Jules, It’s already dark up your way?? We still have at least another hour of daylight… looks weird.. and You guys are already getting colder weather.. OH HOW I CAN DREAM!!

Byrd got some LOUD outs after walking the first batter. The wind seems to have kept the ball in the park, at least once. Hopefully, that will continue.
Back later. Let’s get Byrd some runs to work with–he may need them tonight! GO SOX!

You are so right Greg. Every hitter had really good swings at Byrd. It looks like he’s throwing batting practice out there. Whoa, there goes Hunter. Thank God for the wind. The Sox could be down 4-0 right now.

On ESPN it is a non-stop Angels love fest. When the Angels are hitting the announcers talk about what great hitters they are. When the Sox are hitting they talk about what great defenders the Angels are. It’s like the Sox don’t exist. Sickening. Oh yea, did you know that Mike Scioscia is one of the greatest managers ever? I doubt they even know who Tito is.

I was just thinking the same thing Arnie. How are you doing?

Hey Ellen, I have a trip tentatively planned down your way on October 2nd. I’m brining Jan with me. Maybe we can get together for dinner on Friday night, and this time we’ll let you eat.

J.D. Drew, the highest paid player on the Red Sox roster, does not play against left handed pitchers. What a bunch of crap.

Hi Ellen – oh yes – it starts getting dark early. When we move the clocks – it will start getting dark at 4/4:30 – HATE IT!! Cold tonight too. Fall in NE and it is a GOOD thing we have a strong wind tonight. TOO many balls flying!

Byrd isn’t bad – not great – but not bad. We need RUNS!!!

Me no-lika-sac-bunt with man on 2nd and 0 outs — and A-Gonz up (who comes thru a lot in the clutch) — give up an out in the third inning? Saw that one coming — playing for a tie in the third inning? What’s up with that?

I’m really okay if we start scoring runs before the 6th inning tonight. Yankees and Jays are tied at 2!!

Come on Mikey, Hit it wicked hahd!!!

Garry, J.D.Drew is our highest paid player? didn’t know that. However, not sure you can put that on him — that maybe Francona trying to keep his players fresh or something. Personally, I think J.D. is better facing lefties than Baldeli even though he is a righty. Baldeli has not really produced all year, nowhere near the Bobby Kielty of 2007. I couldn’t even get to my computer before he hit into a inning ending DP. Wish we would get Drew geared up for the post season for facing lefties and righties, cause Baldeli isn’t going to help us, and Drew might as well get more at bats against lefties.

I’m going to say it – I WANT JD DREW!!! Baldelli is killing us right now!!!!

Garry, I’m doing well. Thanks for asking. How about you? How’s your golf game lately?

Byrd is pitching well, but I’m thinking the Sox should have been hitting Saunders all over the yard. He doesn’t look sharp but our guys are not getting that clutch hit. That will change I think. OK, back to ESPN with my earplugs in, lol.

I take it back, Byrd is not pitching well, just OK.
Cmon Sox.

DGN, I knew JD was at least close to the highest paid Red Sox player, if not the highest. Couple that with the fact that he has been injured a lot, and the fact that he seems often to play as if he is trying not to get injured, and you have why many of us on here have been hard on JD over the years. Yes, he has been clutch many times, including 07–without him, we might have had a much tougher road in the 07 post-season. But I think the fact that he is our highest-paid player has factored into how we, and many others in RSN, view him.

I’m not feeling the love tonight. Everything seems slow and dragged out. No one has any pop to them. Let’s see how Saito can do with all the rest.

Just got back from dinner (company tonight). From what I’m reading, we haven’t played that well, and Byrd was only so-so, but we still have a chance at it. A fair ball 2b just now by Dustin doesn’t hurt! Byrd at least kept us in the game. Let’s get em in, guys! 2nd and 3rd, no outs! We have to convert this! Get some runs now! GO SOX!


OK, umps, time to throw out Scoscia! Get him outta there! GO SOX!

Hi all. Just checked in and wasn’t happy with what I saw but now a great rally taking place. Can Big Papi keep it going? GO SOX.

Oh, and I always have ESPN on MUTE!!!

Come on, ROCCO! Even a sac fly will tie this game! Let’s get it done! GO SOX!

I figured out what the problem with the Sox was and corrected it…

TIE GAME! Nice job Rocco!! GO SOX!
Come on, Scoscia, work harder at getting thrown out of the game!

Yahoo! Way to go guys. GO SOX.

Nice job, Trixie, way to go! How is everyone tonight? GO SOX!

Sorry guys.. Throughout these past few wins I had been using a green lighter.. I accidentally used a blue one tonight.. when I realized it I changed back and lo and behold as soon as I switched we started this rally!!!
So sorry… lol (but its the truth about the lighter)

I can’t believe Rocco came thru! — dribbler — but it worked!

I take back what I said about Rocco!! WHOO HOOOO!! Bases loaded with one OUT!!! The 6th inning is when we scored last night also!!

Bases loaded, still only one out! Even Tek got on! Go Kotch, get em in! GO SOX!

We are looking for a clutch hit here guys! GO SOX.

What was that, Julia, about “what have you done for me lately”?😉 GO SOX!



Yeah A-Gonz! Good stuff. GO SOX>

Our new clutch hitter for 2009 is A-Gonz!

What an inning by the Sox, eh? Gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s see if Saito-san can keep this going on defense now! GO SOX!

What a great inning!

It is being reported – Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary fame has died tonight. Yes – I have Puff the Magic Dragon on my mp3 player.

Toronto’s leading the Yankees, 4-2.

Great spark by the RedSox!!!

Oh, WOW! Thanks, Julia! Yeah, I grew up on “Puff”. Still love it!

That first out is key!

PS… I wish Wakefield good health!!!! Didnt like some of the things I’ve heard and read today… It doesnt sound good for our Veteran… WE LOVE YOU WAKE!!!!!


I love Puff.. I didnt like when Little Jackie Paper didnt go back to play with Puff on Cherry lane.. kind of just left him hanging with no one else not a nice thing to do.. Silly, but the damned song makes my cry every time I hear it on XM 60’s…


Gotta love the RatBoy!!! GOOD ONE PEDEY!!!!

I loved Peter, Paul & Mary – I saw them perform several times. We’ll never hear Puff song live by them again….

Okay – Let’s HOLD THEM BOYS!!!!!

Go Blue Jays and Oakland Athletics!

Go Blue Jays and Oakland Athletics!

That wild pitch did not help. We should be out of the inning–extra outs will never help!!! And it come back to bite us! SNARL! Nice play by Dustin earlier–he and Rocco seemed to be trading notes after the play! GO SOX!

*(&*^((*^ Oh great…..just great……

Guess we decided to say no thank you when the Angels handed us another game.

I saw PP&M twice live. Always were great!
7-5 now! We can’t field anymore??? WHAT IS THIS???

This is just a cardinal sin for a bullpen. The offense gives you the lead, and you just give it right back in the next
$&(%&#(&%( inning.

Good thing I’m not managing, I’d put Nick Green on the hill to shame all of them.

Are we having fun yet? How the heck did Tek lose the ball like that?


Oh and Greg, thanks for asking about the Kitty Roofus… she’s better for now but it seems that this will be recurring til the end… she’s somewhere around 12 now and things are starting not to be going great.. But shes here and doing better

lol… ronkelly, I’m with you!!

New thread boys and gals.

The Sox are really battling tonight. Love it!! Cmon guys, you can do it.

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