No Pap tonight

The Red Sox were already short-handed in their lineup for the second night in a row, with Kevin Youkilis still out with a bad back and Victor Martinez back home in Cleveland tending to a personal matter. As it turns out, manager Terry Francona also did not have his closer at his disposal for Wednesday’s game.

Jonathan Papelbon, accoring to the Boston Herald’s John Tomase, slipped in the bullpen while warming up on Tuesday and hurt his back. Papelbon closed out that game, giving up a run, citing adrenaline for getting him through the injury.

The ailment is not believed to be serious.

“This is just a one-day thing,” Papelbon told the Herald. “I’ll be back good tomorrow. They’re going to give me the night instead
of pushing the envelope. We’re up six games right now. There’s no
reason for me to go out there and push the envelope when I’m going to
be pushed a lot more. It’s a little minor thing and we’re going to stay on the side of
overly cautious. Now if we were tied in the race, it would be a
different story. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

Left-hander Billy Wanger has not been cleared to pitch back-to-back nights since joining the Red Sox, so if a save situation presents itself, expect Red Sox manager Terry Francona to go to rookie Daneil Bard.

Ian Browne


Varitek’s passed ball KILLED that inning.

A Bulger sighting but it’s not Whitey. LOL!

That was SO not a fun inning. What a waste of the 5 runs we scored!!

I wish Ian’s headline said No Tek. LOL….

They called that a PB? OK. It still killed us.:/
Better simply would have been “No PB”. What a waste of 5 runs, is right!! SIGH! GO SOX!

That explains something of why Pap wasn’t so solid pitching last night! HMMM!…

No team goes from 1st to 3rd more than the Angels.

No we know what its like to be an Angel’s fan — I don’t think I can recall an error that cost of 4 runs and probably the game — not since Gagne, not sure we can call his pitching “an error” back then, but close to it🙂

I’m going to call it a night. GO RED SOX!! Night all!

I wonder what Mike Napoli’s numbers are at Fenway??? He always seems to hit well in Boston. Another runner swipes a base and doesn’t draw a throw. I have never seen that before. HA…HA….

This 8th inning could get ugly!

Who is this guy wearing the #17???? The program says Delcarmen but I have my doubts.

Usually when Ortiz starts an inning with a hit….Good things happen!

We all know about the Mendoza Line but I think the Varitek Line is approaching. I’m not sure if Reddick is the guy to hit here but I’m not sure if I can take Varitek at the plate anymore.

Yea, I sure don’t like (or understand) Francona’s game management — never have — he has his genuis — but game management is not one of them. You have a guy motivated to atone for a 4-run error — and Varitek has been able to come up with big hits — but Reddick? I just don’t get it.

Why did Reddick get rid of his goggles???


Way to go Ellsbury! Clutch! Ortiz started this rally.

We only have 1 pitcher left, besides Nick Green, correct? Do we have any Hunter’s or Bowden’s in the pen?

The Sox are battling tonight. I like it. Cmon Sox.

Bowden is still left.

A 4 hour game, I was expecting this with Dice-K last night. LOL…

We can’t seem to hold a lead or a tie tonight! Hmmm!…


What happened to the Red Sox pitching??? Giving it up!

Bull pen is like a loose woman,, just keeps givin it up

woo woo drew

Let’s go Lowrie! Pop one into the monster seats!

Joey Gathright has some shine on that head, huh???

Great stop by Figgins.

You couldn’t script this game — unbelievable – how is this going to turn out? ! !!!

A-Gonz !!! does it again — new Mr. Clutch — keeps the vodo on the Angels too!!!!


Can you believe it? An improbable outcome but we will take it! Now six and a half games ahead of Texas! Great stuff! GO SOX.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Gonzales!!! Mr. Clutch!!!! Way to go!!
And how about Jed Lowrie???

That was one scrappy game! I’m glad I was able to watch it on TV and not on Gameday. Wasn’t AGon a great pickup? The Red Sox now have the third best record in baseball.

Yea, a total team win — concerns about the bullpen though — still some fragile psyches in the pen, but maybe all teams are like that.

A game we almost lost that we shoulda won, turns into a game we shoulda lost but won.

Texas is dead. The WC is ours. Lets get on with the playoffs, all the spots have been taken.

What a scrappy game! Wasn’t AGon a great pickup? The Red Sox now have the third best record in MLB! Go Sox!

Tonight was not a good night for either bullpen. Bard had 2 outs and gave up a run. Fuentes had 2 outs and coughed up the game. And that was just the 9th!

That was one scrappy game! I’m glad I was able to watch it on TV and not on Gameday. Wasn’t AGon a great pickup? The Red Sox now have the third best record in baseball.

Take another look at the box score. Alot of UN-earned runs there for RRamirez, Saito, et al. The pen did better than it looked, including Ramon’s wasted K. This team is so much better than the one we had a couple of months ago, having added 8 players who have had impact: A-Gon, Victory, Kotchman, Gathright, Lowrie and Buchholz, Daisuke, Wagner . . . and Byrd who is doing what Penny and Smoltz couldn’t.

I didn’t see the game, only watched it on gameday. It appeared that Nick Green looked at strike 3 in the 9th, but it was called ball 4, walking in the tying run. Was it borderline, or was it a clear missed call. It looked like a clear strike.

Great game tonight. The highs and lows were incredible.It would have been a long sleepless night if we didn’t pull it out. We should be grateful for that ball four call on Green. It could have been called either way. Tek looked bad on that passed ball which opened things up for the Angels– unless Ramon crossed him up. TX lost so we are a bit closer to the WC. We just have to keep winning. The Yanks pulled one out as well. Once we clinch the WC we can try to focus on the Yanks– but they have to lose. Get it down to three games in the loss column and we can do it again. GO SOX!!! Keep it going.

Great win by the Red Sox! So many good at bats against some good pitching. All of this without Youkilis and Martinez. Francona was down to (2) players–Kottaras and Bowden. He used just about everybody last night, a total team win!

Nick Green should never question/complain about a strike again. That 3-2 pitch to Green was clearly a strike! Oh by the way that home plate umpire will be down at third base tonight, right in front of the Angels dugout. I’m guessing he’ll be hearing it from the Angels dugout. Fuentes said after the game that the umps give the calls to the Red Sox at Fenway, cry me a river Fuentes! I thought that was great news because if the Angels come to Fenway, Fuentes will have the umps in his head.

Is it me???? Rivera the Angels left fielder with a very lame attempt at Gonzalez’s game winning hit. I’m not saying if he dove he would have made the catch but it looked like he would have had a chance if he did get a little dirty.

Does it seem to anyone else that we have a Dr Jeckyl/Mr Hyde bullpen??
One night they are lights out, next night they cant find the light switch… Intersperse the components?? JonBon and Wagner as the anchors but switch the others players around… Seems that we always see the same relievers in one game, then another set in the next… Maybe I’m way off but….. just a thought.

Brian, I was thinking the same thing about Agonz’ hit last night. Rivera pulled up instead of diving. I was amazed! After all, according to the ESPN announcers, the Angels are the greatest defensive team ever, and Scioscia has them hustling full tilt every play. [I’m still bitter about the announcing last night.]
Green got a nice gift , I thought that pitch looked like a strike. It all evens up, how many times do you see calls that go the other way?
Is it me, or do the Sox seem to turn fewer double plays than they used to? Maybe they have a lot of fly ball and strike out pitchers.

I think the Amica strike-zone ought to be recalibrated. Yes the Green, ball 4 was close, but that zone showed it almost perfectly down the middle. To me borderline low.
Great Win. Yes?
I was thinking if Daniel Bard ever developed a change-up, he would be lights out. Sure wish they would use his slider more.
A-Gonz, no more to be said about this guy. I dont know I just like this guy, just does his job. Also was a starting shortstop on a World Series Champion.
I hope we keep Baldelli, I like this kid too.
As always good comments here.
This little winning streak was perfect timming.
Last thing, I was impressed with Becketts performance the other night, except for the 5th inning, they started to hit him on the nose, and top of the sixth, started out with a ringing double. Maybe a tired arm, I’m thinking. Hope not.
Go Sox.

Sad fact, Varitek is now hitting .213 so is Carlos Zambrano, the pitcher for the Cubs.
This is worse after All-Star break Varitek is hitting .161, Zambrano is hitting .222.
Ted Bruschi please give this a call.

I’ve been really enjoying these questions.
Julia, you were right, hydrogen was the first element created and that’s because it’s the simplest. It’s only one proton and one electron (not even a neutron).
Now, here’s today’s question. Stars are basically fusion reactors which means they take one element and turn it into another. There was a branch of pseudo science that once tried to do the same thing. What was its name?
Finally, for a bonus question, who was the scientist that actually made oxygen in the lab? That’s a tough one so here is a hint (His name begins with R (last name).

Also want to add my sadness to the loss of Mary Travers. I was a Peter,Paul and Mary fan for a LONG time and had the privilege of seeing them in concert. I saw them in the 80’s and they sounded great. I remember Mary Travers bringing out a photo of her daughter and displaying as a long wall poster. It was very cool.
I really wanted to see them one last time and had planned to but then Mary died and that ended that idea. I will really miss that group. Something about the loss of continuity in my life struck me. I mean when Jimmy Steward died I didn’t even blink. It was before my time. Now I live in a time where people I grew up with are no longer here.
My wife said when Paul Simon dies I’ll go into mourning for a week. She’s probably right.
Take care Mary.

Sciosia is facing possible fines for speaking out against the umps last night… Tell me Mike Sciosia, would you be crying if Green had been rung up on a botched strike call that ended the game??? Tell me the same Fuentes…

…ended the game in favor of the Angels…

When the Sox are in the groove, everything went their way. Green took a third strike called a ball 4, Riverea’s giving up on A Gon’s fly to the left. He should have dove for the ball for nothing to lose. But again, everything evens out in the end. If Ellsbury caught the deep fly ball at the wall which was catchable, there wouldn’t be a bottom of the 9th heroics.
Let me say it for the nth time, what a pickup by Theo of V-Mart and A Gon. Wagner is a good pickup. But I have yet to him pitch in a pressure cooker situation.
Ram Ram and Tek in the top of 7th was a joke.

You’re right, 2009 has been a terrible year for aging celebrities. Now Ernie Harwell is getting set to take the “Celebrity Leap to Infinity” soon. If I were famous, I’d be a little nervous!
By the way, the inventor of oxygen was Sir Walter Rawlings who needed something with which to fill his newly developed inflatable basketballs, footballs and soccer balls. It was a hot summer day in 1623 and he hooked up an electrode and diode to a flagon of Wantey’s Ale and bingo!!! Oxygen!! Here comes inflatable ball sports!!

Alchemy, the quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone to be used to turn lead into gold! many a fantasy novel has elements of Alchemy in it! Anecdotal evidence suggests that mercury is the true Philosopher’s Stone[ albeit in liquid form]

Walks are a killer. Fuentes has nobody to blame but himself for the loss. Sure, the pitch to Green was borderline and could have gone either way. But he chooses to pitch around David Ortiz, a .230 hitter this year with a little pop, but by no means someone to walk nearly intentionally. When you put the tying run on base, you’re taking a chance it’s going to score. But for a couple of brilliant defensive plays on Drew and Lowrie, the game would have been over before it even got to Nick Green. The first call on Green on the check swing, I thought was correct. Fuentes and Scocia have no gripe there. The ball four call could just as easily have been called a strike, although when I saw the pitch live, I thought it was low. I really thing those electronic strike zone thingies have the bottome of the zone too low for the most part. Plus, I don’t think they reset to the normal stance of the hitter, which is what the strike zone is based upon. In either case, it was a tough call for the umpire. That being said, if I’m Brian Fuentes, I’m not letting the count get to 3-2 and if it does, I’m not throwing a pitch where there will be an doubt about whether it’s a strike or not. With a guy like Nick Grenn hitting, I want him to make contact and take my chances from there. I’m not looking to fool him, pick a corner, or throw a borderline pitch on which the call can go against me. So quit whining Fuentes, and throw a damn strike. Then Gonzo’s hit should have been a routine fly ball. It looked to me like the left fielder misjudged it and kind of looped toward the ball thinking it was deeper. That being said, if I’m him, I’m giving it my best shot to make the catch, and I don’t think he did that. He dogged it, and he knows it.

I did not know that.
Anyway, you nailed it on alchemy. Did you know that Issac Newton also engaged in the practice. However, it took Earnest Rutherford to actually perform the act. He used radium as a source of ions (and deadly radiation) and bombarded another substance (I forget what it was) and generated oxygen in a lab experiment…and perhaps some cancer cells too.
You, by the way, can’t make lead into gold. To do that you’ve have to break a very heavy nucleus and all the heavier metals have large nuclei and therefore are next to impossible to change.

I don’t know it’s curse or not, when the Angels play the Sox, the usually reliable Angel’s players mysteriously made physical and mental blunders. Ellsbury hit a 2 run infield pop up in the ALDS among others, the play that stands out.
Give Green credit for fouling off three consecutive pitches after 2 strikes. Do Sox and Beckett.

Lineup: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Martinez, Bay, Ortiz, Lowell, Drew, Varitek, Gonzalez.
Pap is ready to go, tightness is gone.

I had no use for Scioscia last night, he should have been tossed from the game earlier, when he was arguing with the ump, and was given a pass. He should have been tossed, so he has nothing to stand on.
Garry, I am with you on Amica. That pitch was borderline, and yes, it could have been called, but it was nowhere near as perfect as Amica made it look. I don’t put a lot of credence in Amica anyway.
You correctly mentioned Jacoby’s missed catch, that would have made it all moot, anyway. Before that, if Tek had fielded that PB Ramon threw for strike 3, and Tek had thrown or tagged out the runner, the game would have been over LONG before any of those shenanigans. The Angels were at least as fortunate as the Red Sox! GO SOX!

Thanks Dave – I believe the other element would be helium.

Vlad will not be in the lineup tonight for the Angels and it appears that Pap will be available.

I’ve posted a couple of Peter, Paul and Mary videos on my blog today. I saw them several times and have many of their records (yup – we still have a turntable!) This lose is a tough one – I will miss Mary very much.

Fuentes always had control problems when he was in Colorado. This year his ERA is over 4. When he came in to pitch I knew the Sox had a very good chance to win the game. Yes, the Sox got the benefit of some close calls, but in the end, as you say, he has only himself to blame. There were 2 outs and no one on base when the problems started for him. And like Brian says, now the Fenway mystique is in his head, he’s jinxed now. Advantage Sox for the playoffs.

Julia you are right. For the visible elements helium and hydrogen dominate. Helium is simple a couple of neutrons with two electrons instead of one. When hydrogen collides the quarks smash together and the protons get converted to neutrons. The process is quite complex since we first form heavy hydrogen before helium but the idea is that hydrogen to helium creates the fusion that powers our star.
Julia, I have quite a few CD’s of Peter Paul and Mary and used to have the albums a long time ago. I’ll miss Mary quite a bit. She added a great voice to the men’s section of PPM. Another lost icon from a long time ago. Oh, getting old is tough.
Now in two days I plan to have my voice completely back where I can talk on the phone again without hacking!

We will see a lot of Tek behind the plate until Youk is healthy. Sigh….
A Gonz’s BA with the Red Sox in 2009 is .299.

Dave – you’ve been sick? I didn’t know that! I hope you are better soon.

I too have Peter, Paul & Mary cds & records and Puff the Magic Dragon was one of the first songs on my mp3 player. It is VERY tough getting old Dave! Too many from our youth/teen/college years have been lost recently.

What’s lost in the theatrics was that Paul Byrd kept the Sox in the game, within striking distance. Byrd deserved some credits too. Go Sox.

What’s amazing was that Green took that borderline pitch on 3-2 count. It worked! Green could be struck out on the “borderline” checked swing.

Julia!!!! Dave!!!! Snap out of it!!! Get ‘hold of yourselves! You are not even close to being old, you have a long way to go. Buck up! Give yourselves a little time to enjoy life before you start the getting old stuff, you have a long way to go yet. Cheers!! Did I mention you have a long way to go?

I am with Garry on the Green ball four — correctly called — just to rattle on. I think the AMICA zone was wierd all night. It constantly showed pitchers that looked high as strikes as well. All I know is that when Fuentes delivered the pitch — I yelled (inside) don’t swing!!! It look so low compared to all the preceding pitches that were being called strikes or fouled off. I couldn’t believe the AMICA reading when they showed it — cause it clearly looked looked low. Anyway, camera angels are so deceptive. But one thing for sure — it was not a “clearly blown call” the best you could say (as many have) is that it was borderline — but in the context of all the previous pitches that night for that at bat — it was clearly low.

But I do have to say in defense of Soscia — what’s with fining managers about griping about a call or two — we all know its human judgement, and probably in baseball more than most sports (especially behind the plate). If thousands of fan can complain about a call — why can’t a manager every now an then? Who is MLB trying to kid — are the umpires so fragile that they can’t take a little complaining (when probably most of the time its deserved) — they should have some thick skin as well — this is ridiculous.

DGN, I agree fining the mgrs. for arguing with the umps is bad policy. I wish they would get rid of that practice. If there is a brawl, that is one thing, but for arguing strike calls? No. Ejection (if that!) should be sufficient penalty.
We were just talking with our daughter about Pavlov’s dogs, and behavioral training. Scioscia has his guys trained to whine as well as he does! If he doesn’t fit that mold, no one does!

Sciosa should not be fined for merely making statement like “Green had 3 balls and 4 strikes”. However, the mgr should be sanctioned if he made inappropriate comments about umps like Fuentes did after the game.

Het everyone,.. Hope y’all had a good day..
I’ll be splitting time tonight between our beloved RedSox and my NCAA Football passion, The University of Miami Hurricanes.. playing Ga Tech tonight…. see y’all in a bit!!!!

Thank you Arnie!🙂

The Red Sox are introducing their partnership with the military to help returning Vets who have brain injuries or Post traumatic stress – What a great thing for our team to do! Yay Red Sox and God Bless our Military!!!


Did you say the U??? Convicts or the Red Sox??? Say hello to Sebastian The Ibis for me. LOL! I think Jerry Remy—Red Sox Nation Pres. would be disappointed to find out if you watched some football over your beloved Red Sox. HA…HA….

GREAT pre-game ceremony!!

LET’S GO RED SOX!!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!!! Joshua Patrick Beckett – we expect GREAT THINGS!!!!!

Beckett is going to pitch a GEM! I can feel it in my bones. LOL!

I agree – Beckett is looking great so far! Let’s get him so RUN support before the 6th!

Fuentes’ comments were totally inappropriate. No matter how bad the calls, players can’t be allowed to challenge the integrity of the umpires and of the game. Umpires make bad calls all the time, and sometimes they are even guessing, but I don’t think they are ever intimidated by the park or the crowd. I do believe umpires do believe whenever they make a call, at the time they make the call, they believe it to be correct. There are good umps and bad umps, but I don’t think there are any intimidated, scared or crooked umps.

Beckett looks pretty good to start the game tonight. Not may balls over the heart of the plate.

Okay – Beckett does NOT have permission to start throwing HR balls!!!!!!

HEY – not even the 6th inning and we are on the board! Go Jacoby!!!!

Good, it’s one all. Yeah, Julia, hopefully Josh will limit his HR production tonight. (That would be nice…) GO SOX!
Be back later!

HI Greg!

Can we just resign JBay right now and get it over with??

Gotta run! Keep the runs coming, Josh! GO SOX!

Man oh man, how good is Gonzo at short. He is so smooth and makes it look so easy. The Sox should never have let him go.

Whay drives a mgr crazy is to give up a double to a 9th hitter with 209 average.

WOW – Peter Abrahms is coming to the Boston Globe and will be writing about the Red Sox:

Umm – Beckett – can we have the “good” Josh – PLEASE!!!!

Julia: Is Peter a Yankee or Red Sox fan? Pete is a Patriots fan for sure. Is it April fool?

That’s interesting Julia. I read the article. I wonder what Ian is up to and if this affects him.

Hey Ian, what’s going on?

PA’s blog draws about 1,000 responses a day.

DRAT! Left Beckett in there a little too long!! SIGH!

No – it is legit – one of the Globe sport’s writer welcomed him to the “team” if you will. He will be writing a blog about the Red Sox and for the paper/website – but who he is fan of? I don’t know. It is a huge lose for Yankee fans.

WHAT is up with Tek??????

Wags is in!! HOLD THEM!!!!!!

Julia, are you enjoying blogging alone? There is a new thread up! BillyWags is gonna need ya! GO SOX!

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