Bay goes deep, then leaves ill

Jason Bay delivered his 34th home run of the season in the fourth inning of Friday night’s game, but exited in the bottom of the fifth inning with “flu-like” symptoms.

Josh Reddick replaced Bay in left field.

Thanks to Bay’s home run, the Red Sox had a 2-1 lead over the Orioles at Camden Yards when Bay left the game.


gosh. hope it’s not H1N1

regarding the scenario outlined by “vault” a couple of threads ago. Your analysis supposed that if the Sox maintain their current road and home winning percentages for the rest of the year, Texas would basically have to win their remaining games to beat out Boston. But even if that happens, Sox would still likely get the WC, because Tex plays LAA seven times. If Tex goes on a tear, then LAA would necessarily have to go into a pretty bad slump. And because the Sox and LAA are pretty much even right now, Sox would beat out the Angels, rather than Texas, for the WC.

In other words, the only way the Sox lose the WC this year is if they lose most of their remaining games. And in the very unlikely event that happened, they wouldn’t have gone far in the playoffs anyway.

that being said, Buchholz has another solid outing.

Tito is turning into a 6 inning 100 pitch count manager. Bucholz had one more inning, this is going to catch up to him sooner or later.

Okie-Dokie, alright now lets score 1 and close the door.

rooster – Tito is looking into October. He’s led the Red Sox to two WS championships. I think he knows what he is doing.

Texas shut out now for 24 straight innings. I remember that feeling with the Sox a while back……Hey TCD……6 1/2 back…

Hey, Am I on the wrong blog??? Where are all th regulars?? I know whre I was.. well I htink so anyway… Good win.. Hi Craig, How are you??
Hi Garry…. When are you travelling down our way??

Ichiro just hit a walk-off 2-run HR vs the Yanks….WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Hi Ellen!!!!!!!! Doing good…better now that Rivera threw a fat one to Ichiro….the Yankee announcers had the Mariners dead and buried……not so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Mariners….I ain’t giving up on the division yet….Go Sox

I can’t believe how fast Texas dropped out of the WC race. It seems like just 3 weeks ago they nudged ahead of Boston for a day. Wait, that WAS 3 weeks ago!

They really missed Josh Anderson and Michael Young. They can’t hit anymore.

I feel bad for Ron Washington. He deserves a better fate.

Trsut me Ellen…you are on the right blog…still have the regular Tito bashers doing their thing a couple threads ago because the Sox lost 1 after winning 7 straight. As Dben said….fire his butt….we are tired of making the playoffs year after year despite injuries and whatever else happens over 162 games. Put Youk in a game even though he has back spasms and is unavailable. Pinch hit with Reddick in a pressure spot….he really needs the experience in a pressure cooker…and then when he fails we will ask what in the world Tito was thinking putting a rookie in that spot. Let’s hear some of that “arm chair” managing on here BEFORE the reult happens for once. Maybe some of you get tired of the Tito “homers” on here sticking up for him….but I get tired of the second guessing too. Man up and call your shot before it happens….I think I’ve heard it all when someone says that even when Tito gets it right it’s luck…Go Sox

Amen Brother Craig!!!
this is about to get VERY INTERESTING!!!!
Has anyone looked at the NL East?? Philly has a very slim 4 game lead…. My bosses already have their WS Jersies ordered!! (not really but they are that confident).. They should NEVER “count their WS appearances before they are hatched”!!!!
and I shall say nothing about OUR east…. The Sox are quietley slipping up on those other guys!!!! shhh.
don’t let them know we are there!!! We’ll just keep tiptoeing up behind them!! lol

Buchholz with another solid start. Remember back in early August, he got drilled by these same Orioles in Baltimore. What to do with Buchholz in October???? Beckett game 1….Lester game 2…..If Dice-K is pitching well and is healthy…game 3 for the Dice man. If Wakefield shows he is still healthy, what to do with Wakefield????? Who would get the nod if the Sox need a 4th starter???? Wakefield??? Buchholz???? More tough decisions for Francona, he usually makes the right call so I have lots of faith in Francona.

Of course this will never happen, chances are 1 in a million, but statistically it could…. Yankees struggle on the west coast trip — we climb back in the division race… neck and neck (as if either team really cares.. but given our home field record vs road, I would think deep down we do care about it)… we enter the last game tied with the Yanks (but have the advantage due to the division series with this year)… and face Masterson to clinch the division title. I wonder how Masterson will feel when he faces us (in whatever of the last four games of the season) if these games are in anyway of consequence to the Sox. He was such a good guy — even was gracious enough to comment on his departure on how hopefully he was helping the team with his trade value (landing VMart).

Good morning all! WHOO HOOO!!! It is a BEAUTIFUL fall morning in Massachusetts made all the better by the fact that the Red Sox WON!! The Rangers LOST!! And the YANKEES LOST!! All is right in the world today!!

I know – I missed most of the game last night – sometimes I have to be a mom first! I’ll try to do better tonight!!! Can’t wait for it!!

Buchholz had a good outing not necessarily a solid outing. His command and control were a bit off. What I am impressed was his maturity to grind out a win. Ths Sox offense went to slumber against the Oreo cookies last night.
I am still frustrated by the loss to the Angels the night before. The game that slipped away. It was not Uncle’s fault but the Captain’s inability to block a “wild” pitch again and again. Otherwise it would be 4 in the loss column. Dream, the impossible dream.

King Felix gave up 1 ER in a complete game win with only 104 pitches. Wow.

Wish more Saturday games were day games!

Hey all, there is a really great post “Winning is the Goal, but its not the Point” under Regular Bob’s blog, about kids and baseball, and bit about Papelbon too — you should read it if you haven’t – its on the RedSox home page.

Hi All!

Line for tonight:

Red Sox

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Victor Martinez, C
4. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. Jason Bay, LF
7. Mike Lowell, 3B
8. J.D. Drew, RF
9. Alex Gonzalez, SS
— Jon Lester, P


1. Brian Roberts, 2B
2. Cesar Izturis, SS
3. Matt Wieters, DH
4. Nick Markakis, RF
5. Melvin Mora, 3B
6. Ty Wigginton, 1B
7. Felix Pie, CF
8. Chad Moeller, C
9. Jeff Fiorentino, LF
— David Hernandez, P

BUT late scratch – Bay out, Reddick in – I don’t know the new batting order.


unfortunately for SanFran, the REAL Brad Penny showed up for work today. Seven ER in 2.2 innings.

AWwwwMannnn.. Our lil guy Pedey is growing a goat butt on his face!!!!! Wow, they grow up fast, huh???

got a feeling it’s gonna be “one of those games”

Lester got off to a tough start but he settled in nicely. Would be nice if Ortiz didn’t popup! UGH!!


Give the kid a contract!!! lol
Way to go JOSH!!!

Two career HRs for Reddick – BOTH at Camden Yards! I guess he is a good fill in for JBay!!

dgn.. I saw that..It was a couple of years ago from what I remember reading.. a GREAT PIECE>>> makes you want ot say, Hey Jonathan.. practice what you preach.. even though youre getting paid now…

What is up with Mr. Lester tonight?? He has no control tonight!!!

hmmm we seem to have trouble hitting tonight….I’d like some more runs!!!

Well that was a waste of 2 men and only one out!!! We’ve got to bring some of those runners HOME!!!

Ugh!! That is ALL I have to say…….

Papi dug out that double! lol! Lester needs to hold them!!!!

WOW! I didnt dare come on while this one was still in play…

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