Will Victor work with Beckett in postseason?

An interesting point was brought up to Red Sox manager Terry Francona before Saturday night’s game. Sean McAdam from the Boston Herald wondered if Francona might give Victor Martinez a start or two with Beckett before the season ends so they can get comfortable with each other in the event that is a tandem that will happen in the playoffs.

To be sure, Francona has not decided yet who will catch Beckett in October.

“You know, I don’t know. It’s not a bad question,” Francona said. “I don’t know.  That’s the answer. I just don’t know. It’s a legitimate question. To be honest with you, I know the numbers with ‘Tek are phenomenal and I believe in that. I also think that the night that Victor caught Beckett [in Toronto] was a crazy night.”

“I just, again, I’m very aware that when Victor catches, our lineup is more potent. Also, our goal is to win that game. That’s where we probably have to sit down at some point and think about … I just don’t know the answer. I certainly don’t think it’s a bad question. I just don’t know the answer.”

In other words, be sure to stay tuned.


I am glad Uncle Tito realizes that when VMart catches, the lineup is more potent. I hope Uncle also realizes that the lineup is even more potent when Papi and Tek sit.

Beautiful inning baseball at its best.

Was anyone worried when the Sox were down by one run? Not against the Oreos.

Where is everyone tonight? What a completely weak turnout.

YOOOOOUUUUUKKKKK!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!! I’m here!!! But how can you be posting at 9:25 Ian when it is only 9:11??

I think Saturday night games can be tough –


I’m feeling the love NOW!!! Our bats have finally come to life!!!


Hey, all! Ian, I’m finally here!😉 A few days of a LOT of company!
6-3! YAY! GO SOX!
I see we finally got Jon some run support! Keep going, Sox!

I think that with adequate game-time, vic and beckett will do just fine, ‘tek has had too many wild pitches and hasn’t covered the plate like we know he can. it’s kind of angering.
Where is everyone?

So the 7th inning tonight is our magic inning. I’m liking it.

I hope J-Bay will be OK, I saw that he’d left the game early last night! We will need him this post-season! RE-SIGN J-BAY, THEO!
I hope Josh and V-Mart can indeed form an effective pitching battery, because V-Mart will be a key player for the Sox this post-season–we will need his bat in the game!
Keep the rally going, guys! GO SOX!

The bats came alive against the cookies.

Fine with me, Andy! If they serve up cookies, it’s our prerogative to eat em! GO SOX!

Servers off by 15+ minutes again, eh? Go figure!

Come on, BillyWags! I hope he gets back on the beam after losing the save the other night! GO SOX!

Lets go Wags! Texas is leading the Angels 3-2.

Glad Youk is back in the lineup. I hope Mike Lowell stays in the lineup a lot more down the stretch. We need his bat, also, as he is demonstrating yet again tonight! GO SOX!

GOT TO LOVE A-GONZ!!!! That was a nice DP!!

Nice work, Billy! Eat some more cookies, SOX!! GO SOX!

Just to satisfy my curiosity, I checked out Beckett’s last 6 starts, and Varitek is 1-18, this is a no-brainer. Keep Varitek in the bullpen. Really Beckett is about the same, Yakees crushed 5 homers, Toronto, 2 Homers, Rays 2 Homers, with Varitek starting.
To me this is no-brainer.

A-Gonz has been clutch with both the bat and the glove! Nice job, A-GONZ! GO SOX!

The Rangers have won tonight – they have beaten the Angels 3-2.

Good info, Rooster7.

Come on, V-MART! Let’s get some more runs! GO SOX!

OK, Papi! Bases loaded, let’s get some runs in! GO SOX!

Good, got one in. Come on, JD! GO SOX!

ANyone else loving Drew tonight??? I feel better with a 10-3 score!!! WHOO HOOOO!!!!

JD!!! 3-R HR!!! WAY TO GO, JD! GO SOX!

How have you been, Julia? Everyone else? GO SOX!

I know we should not be thinking ahead, but if we face the Angels, facts are we are facing a 3 formidable starters, in Lackey, Weaver, Kazmir, with Santana in the wings. In a 5 game series we better get all offense we can. Runs are going to be tough.

Hi Greg – I don’t know where anyone else is. Saturday night could be tough. I like the back-to-back HRs!!! Great hit by Anderson!!

Great to see the Back-to back HRs! 11-3 is even better! Nice job, Brian Anderson! GO SOX!

Julia, a few of the Floridians on here might be throwing some college football shindigs!😉

I had some company of my own, so it would not surprise me if company were tying up several others tonight!

I do hope Wake can stay healthy enough down the stretch, and into the post-season. Lester has still been pitching well, as is Buch. I hope Dice-K can repeat what he did the other night, incl. in the post-season! GO SOX!

Nice job, Saito-san! One more inning! GO SOX!

Good point Greg! I love the NFL but I am not much of a college football fan! lol!

This game is going quite well for us! Saito did a GREAT job!!

Even though my school did not have a college football team (only basketball), I follow college football pretty closely, also! Football is almost (if not!) a religion in many areas down here!

Come on, Gathright! Boy, was HE a good pickup–I hope he is with us next year! Someone said he could be like Kielty in 07 or Roberts in 04, and it would not surprise me! GO SOX!

via Ina on Twitter – all 9 of our starters have at least one hit tonight!

I am surprised too here that Francona is thinking this way, quite surprised! I believe it’s the right move. Varitek has had a great career in Boston but his time is coming to a close. His bat has been PATHETIC in the second-half and his play behind the plate has really slipped as well. Come playoff time you need to put your best lineup in the game and the best Red Sox lineup is Varitek sitting in the dugout!

Boston pounding the O’s…..Again!!! Let’s go Mariners!!

I think someone is going to need to close out this game other than Saito. Two runs given back, not good. Finish this game, guys! GO SOX!

Playoff roster for rd. 1

Wakefield ( assuming he’ll be healthy )

No Saito and Delcarmen.


Couldn’t close a door! LOL!!

Ithink DelCramen is establishing himself as “trade-bait” for next year. He has nothing on the ball. Let’s get him out of there. He’ sickening!!!

Interesting, Brian, that Saito and DelCarmen, who appear (from your posted list) not to be on the post-season roster, are the ones closing out this game! Go figure!…

If he is showing nothing out there, though, Brian, he will not be as effective as trade bait!

Manny (What the hell are you doing) Delcarmen.
I see Tito grabbed about 20 packs of bubblegum. Good thing he doesn’t smoke like Earl Weaver.

Sorry, Brian, that was for Phil. GO SOX!

Two runs in already, AND STILL NO OUTS! SNARL!:/ GO SOX!

Might I express my DISPLEASURE WITH MDC!!!! UGH!!! I never feel good when he comes in!!!!! Thank goodness we had such a large lead!!


Even though Delcarmen pitched well on Wed. night—his poor outings in the second-half has punched his ticket out of Boston. I think Boston is too much for him. Have him go to the N.L. or some other place where he’ll be able too succeed. He’s like a roller coaster, up and down…up and down!

It is never a good thing when a mgr. grabs new bubblegum in the 9TH INNING!:/

So do I, Brian, and I thought so at the beginning of the year, Brian, as we discussed the other night about DelCarmen. I would like to see him be traded, but he can make it harder with outings like this one! GO SOX!

via Ian on Twitter:

Check out Delcarmen’s ERA’s by Month. April, 0.00; May 3.00; June 4.00; July 4.66; August 5.25; September 6.75 (not including 2 runs tonite)


He’ll be dealt but Boston will get little in return but that’s fine with me. As long as he is gone! Bring back John Wasdin. LOL!!

That would suit me fine also, Brian. The NL would suit him fine, I agree.

Pats will SOAR over the Jets tom.


Perhaps he’ll close a game for Penny next season. LOL!!

We WON!!! Did they have to make it so tough???

Brian – I am looking forward to the Pats game!!

Night all!!!

Ramirez has not been as consistent lately, either, but I am still glad we traded for him. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with him over the course of the year.

I would LOVE to see the Pats cream the Jet-Lags tomorrow! GO PATRIOTS! GO SOX!

Maybe so, Brian! I’m sure Penny would LOVE to have DelCarmen lose leads for him in SF!😉 Penny has been doing pretty well over there.

Take care, all! GO SOX!

Let’s hope the Mariners pull another one out of the hat. All we need is to cut the loss column down to three games. Then we will have the Evil Empire sweating. GO MARINERS!!! GO SOX!!!!

WOW! I didnt dare come on while this one was still in play…

By ellenc on September 19, 2009 10:53 PM
My computer was still on the other blog when I came back.. missed all the new posts!!!!!
Shaky start, for sure, but what a finish!!!

Well, The M’s couldnt do it last night and the Rangers won.. Never say never, but I dont think there’s much Texas can do now..
Sox just need to go 1 at a time…
Gotta love em!!!

moanin all….im feeling warm and fuzzy…..a playoff birth is pretty much guaranteed….so in a 5 game series we have lester and beckett with buchy and dice k goin…..easily in our favor….anythin can happen but i cant see the angels even winnin 1 game….the yanks(if they win the east) will have either detroit or minnesotta….the chisox will fade cause they just find a way to lose….so the yanks in my opinion have the tougher series….i think they still win…but if its detroit there ,could be an upset…then we have a 7 gamer series….i m sorry yankee fans but i still like the sox…our pitchin is just better and pitchin and defense win playoff series….cc and his terrible playoff record and aj just wont cut it….our bp is much better also….if managed correctly….i know in that series commin with the yanks id( i was tito) would be using bard alot to see how he can handle the pressure….as for line ups…..mikey should play everygame period…i dont care if papi sits or tek….mikey should play…hes a gamer….the yanks better take care this week also…a big 3 game series is loomin…if we are within 4 games around that time…well it would be a collosal callapse….go sox…..go pats….go bruins…..lol…..but most of all….GO SOX…………judge

Judge… can you really have Mikey play EVERY game, what with his hip?? Even he has said that the days off help him for when he IS in te game… You can see his gait is different, his range at third has been curtailed a bit (and I’m NOT KNOCKIN Mikey!!, Hell he’s the choice of all the over 40 women, according to Paps!!lol) and I know what a gamer he is, but….. maybe 3 games on, 1 off…?? I dont know….
But the small ball that the Sox have ben dabbling in lately seems to be workin… Judge.. say … I LOVE YOU TITO!! come on.. You can do it…LOLOLOL

i mean in the playoffs trix…he should be rested on and off till then….and as for the tito comment….ill say….HEEEEEEEELL NOOOOOOOOOO……LOL…sorry luv i just get too heated with him….and as for the bloggers who says call your shots on tito….id rather watch the game then worry about his moves or non moves durin the game…it wouldnt do any good any how….anyone who knows baseball doesnt need me to point out the obvious….so ill say again…he might do a good job in the clubhouse…but as for in game decisions….well…….now one thing id like to stress…alot of you take this as bashing…im not bashing tito…i just think he has glaring deficiencies during the game…but….in todays sports with the bloated salaries and egos hes probably the best in baseball for keeping them loose and coddling each of them to keep em all happy…he did a poor job with the zazu thingy…but no one could have handled that piece of sheis….i like how he sticks with his guys in slumps….to a point….anyhoo….go tito and go sox….judge

is anyone watching the drama out in the nl west….man o man….can u imagine this scenario….either san fran or colorado or both lol makin the playoffs and LA goin golfin…..man oh man….i would not want to face SF and that staff in the playoffs….lincy and cain….with zito pitchin great finally….i think colorado will fade down the stretch …so im thinin it will be san fran in the playoffs…but u never know…this could be a very interesting final 2 weeks…..the yanks ..albeit it a longshot….could fold and drop the east….LA could actually miss the playoffs….and the twinkies could actually knock off detroit….good lord lol….judge

Morning all,
Weekend science question and its a VERY easy one. After all, it’s the weekend.
Can you name all known forces of nature. One of course is gravity. Can you name the others? See, told ya it was easy.
Ellen – Never say never. Baseball is strange. I once thought the Sox were not going to make the playoffs and now I feel much more confidence in that assertion.

This is Wag’s first outing with inherited runner on first base. Great job. I have said it months ago that Delcarmen’s ERA escalates by the month. If this progression holds, Delcarmen’s ERA in postseason would be over 10, OMG. Uncle Tito wouldn’t have the guts to take both Delcarmen and Saito off the roster. Uncle may leave one of them out, not both.
JD had frustrating ABs sometimes. If he is healthy, I would play him everyday.
The Sox need to pick up one game on the Yanks before the respective KC and Angels series. Go Sox and Mariners.

Dave: No brainer. gravity, electromagnetism, fundamental force (interactions, strong, and weak).

Since Aug. 1 to the present, Varitek has caught Beckett in every game, except the Aug.18th. game against Toronto, (in which the Sox won10-9 with V-mart). Varitek is 1-29.
Should there be ANY discussion about this?

Dave – electromagnetic, strong nuclear & weak nuclear with gravity make up the forces of nature!!

The lineup for today’s game:


Ellsbury, CF
Pedroia, 2B
Martinez, 1B
Youkilis, 3B
Bay, LF
Drew, RF
Lowell, DH
Varitek, C
Gonzalez, SS

SP — Matsuzaka


Roberts, 2B
Pie, CF
Wieters, C
Markakis, RF
Scott, 1B
Wigginton, DH
Aubrey, C
Turner, 3B
Izturis, LF

SP — Berken

Ortiz is out, Lowell is DHing

Saw Matt Wieters last year in Double AA, this kid was great.
Who’s records did he smash in college.

Now I know I should be focused in this year but I have been thinking how can the redsox look for 2010 I came up with this: think how great would the sox be with this lineup. Jacoby ellsbury Cf. Dustin pedroia. 2B. Hanley ramirez Ss. Victor martinez C. Kevin youkilis. 3B. Jason bay. Lf. Jd.drew. Rf. Mike lowell DH. Casey kotchman 1B. That woukd be a great lineup theo should trade ortiz for a good prospect and then mix with other prospect to get hanley.

Marlins are not going to part with Hanley cheaply… plus he’s an attitude guy… If (and I say if) they go after a catcher, they should go after Joe Mauer… Then you’d have Mauer catching, Martinez at 1st, Youk at 3rd, Lowell Dh’ing… just a thought

Forces of nature:
Beckett, playoffs ’07.
New England Patriots, last 10 years or so.
Big Papi, ’04 postseason. Who could forget that!

Julia, Andrew,
Well done. Now…for a BONUS! Can you explain what is electromagnetic force and what are strong and weak nuclear forces? Gravity I’ll leave out since technically we have a hypothesis but not a working theory…yet. Remember Eintstein explained the math but did not explain where gravity came from.

Just an FYI. The hypothesis is that there is a graviton sub particle that controls gravity.

Aren’t I cruel…by the way…looking good. If Dice-K can be Dice-K we can walk away from this one in good shape.

I like your forces Arnie!!!

Three run lead already for Dice-K to work with! Only three fewer than the Patriots right now! Hmmm!… GO SOX! GO PATRIOTS!
Keep the offense going, guys! Get some 1-2-3 innings, Dice-K! GO SOX!

I’m going to leave the science and engineering questions to my Marquette engineering colleagues. I won’t pretend otherwise.😉

Nice job, Dice-K! Keep it up! GO SOX!

Dave – I’m watching football & baseball I don’t have room for science at the moment! The Red Sox are looking great – Dice-K so far so good. I’ll be back & forth between here & the Patriots game!

Julia…I forgive you and Greg…for now (LOL)


Dave – I’m was just a lowly accountant/poli sci major – so some of your questions are way beyond me!

I’m LOVING the Red Sox game – they are looking great! The Patriots are winning – it could be worse; it could be better. Both defenses are solid.

At the rate Dice-K is going, he’ll be done at five innings. Wow.

I have to commend you for your ability to:
A. Stay awake during those science classes.
B. Remember anything from those classes for more than 5 minutes after the exam.
How do you do it?
And don’t be trying to BS me by saying you enjoy it!! !!! LOL

I’m watching them both also, Julia! Patriots sure like FGs today.:/
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, J-BAY! Can we get you a new contract for a present?😉
Good to see Dice-K has only two hits to this point, hopefully he can limit his walks!
Nice job, A-Gonz! Let’s get these guys home! GO SOX!

2 runs! Nice job, Jacoby and Dustin! Keep it up, V-Mart! GO SOX!

You sure got that right, Arnie! It sure put me to sleep!😉

Here is the truth. I have an eight year old daughter who loves science so much she doesn’t mind the extra work load from me to cover it. That enthusiasm allows me to sit through podcast chemistry, astronomy and geology lectures from various universities and going through my old college text books to generate material for her to learn.
Granted I’m not teaching her bosons but she actually knows the structure of an atom and the basics of the light spectrum from x-ray to radio. She’s a nerd and if she loves it…you better believe Dad loves it because that’s what Dad’s do.

Drat, V-Mart! Well, 6 runs, 6 Oreos eaten, let’s see if Dice-K can keep it going! GO SOX!

Incidentally Arnie,
To relearn material that I had sweated through is incredibly painful knowing that at one time the mole (in reference to the number of molecules or atoms not the creature which is also known for Avagadro’s number or 6.02 E 23 atoms / mol or molecules / mol or formula units / mol) for example was such an easy concept…until you forget it. Then they’re light and atomic structure. Man brains sometimes are pathetic. You either use it or lose it.

I think instead of Bosons, you should teach her Bostons!!! and I didnt know an avocado had a number!!!! 634-5789…

That’s great, Dave. My daughter has more of a mind for science than I do. I don’t see it (yet) as a passion in her, but she seems to enjoy it. Suits me just fine. She just knows that I can only do so much before my brain has a cramp. I needed Motrin by the end of a science class, let alone a semester!

Come on, Dice-K, no more runs! GO SOX!

… test tubes, bunson burners and goggles!!!!

Good on you, Dave. Maybe there is a fun science toy I can send her for Christmas. Does she have a microscope?

Dave – it great that your daughter loves science – my oldest son is a huge science geek and he competes on science teams. He is competing on the Oceanography team (NOSB) at his HS. His area of expertize is physics – they are going to NJ in a couple of weeks to go out on a 60 foot ship to use a lot of the equipment. The school they are going to is mostly ROTC kids going into the Navy & Marines. They kids are doing pretty high-level college stuff – you should see the text books they use!!

So far so good for the Red Sox – Dice-K has been pretty good.

Naomi would LOVE that. You’d make her day.
I have a natural aptitude for science and math but struggle in the arts and poetry. That’s my weakness and I have a tin ear and can’t sing nor play an instrument…but even the cheapest stereo equipment sounds great to me so that’s a BIG plus!

my daughter has almost perfect pitch and tries not to laugh when I sing and is gifted in math and science and is coordinated as well. Oh these genetically engineered children nowadays (LOL)

Oh congrats to your son. PLEASE tell him to chose what he wants NOT what he feels will give him the most bang for the buck. I chose electrical engineering instead of physics (my first love) and spent the next ten years after that regretting that decision and HATING EE.

Physics people make crap wages but I would have loved it. EE makes great money but I HATED it. Nuff said.

Don’t beat yourself up. I had my headaches in math. Fourier transforms gave me nightmares at first but I got through them and learned to love them. I got A’s in physics and A’s in chemistry and math but had to work hard at history and poetry and literature. Those were sweat for me. I’m not wired for that while you blew through Greek and Roman history and I envy that.
If you love astronomy, check out the podcast astronomy cast (astronomycast.com). It’s hosted by a real astronomer that covers the material instead of making it a news thing. I wish she would go through the math as well but I like the theories.


Baltimore is having a really bad day here.

Fair enough. You’re a very smart man and I’m glad you love astronomy. I REALLY want the problems of dark matter and energy solved in my lifetime. Can’t leave that mystery behind…I mean imagine an energy source that doesn’t reply on electromagnetic energy. I mean it could change the course of human history…literally!

Have you ever seen I Claudius. I’m seeing it now and enjoying it very much, even though the history is slightly altered for dramatic purposes and it’s great to see Patrick Stewart in the film…with HAIR! I had no idea the man had curly hair…or was that a wig?

Why are my posts out of order!

Come on, Dice-K, let’s get this inning done! No runs, please! GO SOX!

That’s cool, Julia! Good luck to him!

Nice job, Dice-K! He’s doing what we asked him to do! Keep it up, Dice-K! GO SOX!

I wish I could sing and I’d love to play guitar just to sing Paul Simon Songs. I LOVE Paul Simon and it would be great to do something with a guitar besides talking about standing waves but I also realize my own limitations.
Oh well, we’re given what we’re given and I’ve been given so much I have nothing to complain about.

Gotta sign off now. Heading out to a friends. Take care and I’m sure I’m coming home to a Sox win. Right?

I wish I had more of an aptitude for science, Dave, but my brain can only take so much. I worked HARD for my C in physics, so I could take astronomy in college. I am an astronomer wannabe (emphasis on wannabe), because I love astronomy, but I can’t make heads or tails of the math equations!

Come on, YOUK! Get em home! GO SOX!

Bases loaded, no one out! Come on, J-BAY! GO SOX!
Glad J-Bay is feeling better, esp. for his birthday!

Trust me, Dave, I don’t beat myself up over it, I just know there is only so much that I can do before my brain shuts down!😉 GO SOX!

The Patriots are doing about as well as the Oreos.:/

Drat, only one run out of that rally! That won’t get it done in the playoffs, or in the NY series! GO SOX!

Dave, my wife and I both have perfect pitch, and both have taken voice lessons. But our daughter CANNOT SING! Go figure! She does well, considering that, on the tuba.

Posts are out of order because the servers are SCREWED UP! (Get ON it, Mark!):/
Finish the game off, Sox! The Patriots need to get back on track! SIGH! GO SOX!

DiceK seems to be faltering. One more batter and Tito should pull him. Don”t wait until the hole is too deep.

No, I have not seen I Claudius, Dave. I think my folks had it on one time if it was on Masterpiece Theatre when I was young (back in the Alistair Cooke days), but no, I have not seen it.

We got our wish, Phil, Dice-K was pulled. Ramirez was effective last night. Let’s see if he can do it again! GO SOX!

Thanks Dave and Greg! It’s hard to say what my son is leaning towards – he is into computers and programing, loves the whole category of physics as well as oceanography. It will be interesting to see where he ends up.

I am SO glad we got out of that with just one run!!!

Good, only one run surrendered. Keep it going, Sox! GO SOX!

This game isn’t over yet. Let’s get some more runs!!!!

Way to go Els!!!

Way to go Jacoby! We got the run back! Keep it up, Ramon! GO SOX!

Good job, Ramon! I’m still VERY glad we got him when we traded Coco. GO SOX!
I hope Oki does as well as Ramon did! Finish this game, Sox!
Julia, I could see that Patriots result coming when they were not playing much better than they did against Buffalo. SIGH!:/ GO PATRIOTS!

Wieters broke all Mark Teixeira’s at Georgia Tech.

Nice job, Oki! GO SOX! Finish this game!

LAA up 10-5 in the top of the 9th.

The Patriots went down today – and to the JETS!!! UGH!!!

The Red Sox game is going well. Glad one of the Boston teams are doing well.

So why are Red Sox fans leaving the game early today at Camden Yards? Maybe they have planes to catch! lol!


One more out – let’s get it boys!!!!

Planes, as opposed to Jets, right, Julia?:/
Come on, Saito-san, let’s finish this game up! GO SOX!

We won!! Our magic number is 7 to make the playoffs – the Yankees are currently down 2-0 to the Mariners. Off to make dinner – see you all later!

Nice job, guys! Way to get the offense going! Great win! GO SOX!

Does Marquette have a baseball team?

Yes, we do, Rooster7, but it is not a “big-time” program. I hope one day that will change, as it did with our basketball team. Tom Crean and Dwyane Wade (yes, he’s our guy!) helped catapult us quite a bit! GO MARQUETTE!😉
Incidentally, speaking of college baseball, that is the one thing I have against Youk. He attended our arch-rival school, Cincinnati! OUCH!😉

I have a question of the day – whether the acquisitions of V-Mart, A Gonz have little to do, a lot to do, or nothing to do with the current Sox winning streak?
It is a beauty to see V-Mart swing the bat and A Gonz’s play at SS. How do you compare A Gonz Pedroia combo with that of Rick Burleson and Jerry Remy?
The Yanks are trailing the Mariners. The Yanks can still come back. If the lead holds, 4 in the loss column. Dream, just keep dreaming.

Andy.. I think that those acquisitions have just about EVERYTHING to do with our position right now… How many balls that Agon has stopped )out or not) would have wound up being runs scored?? and then we had Youk on the bench for a week and Mikey having to rest.. I’d say that, Theo going out and picking those 2 up, was hugely instrumental in our recent sucess!!!

Martinez has a 19 game hitting streak going as well, his bat while not a lot of HR’s has been very big!!! Alot of key hits….

I agree about the acquisition of AGon and VMart. They have made a real difference. That Gonzalez-Pedroia combination is fantastic. Add to that the bat of Martinez and his versatility as catcher/1B – gives Tito lots of options. Lowell certainly doesn’t like sitting, (he is the consummate competitor, after all) but getting him some rest while his hip recovers may well extend his career.

It’s official that the Sox are down by FOUR in the loss column. I said it last week that the WC race was unofficially ovah. The Sox have a loftier goal, dream to chase. Let’s face it the Royals aren’t as easy as the Oreos b/c we have to face the Cy Young candidate Greinke. And the Yanks are in Anaheim. The pennant race is not ovah and is alive and well.

I’m with you, Brian, I’ll take Dustin and A-Gonz and compare em ANY DAY! A-Gonz and V-Mart have been critical to our success this second half. We would not be anywhere close (as I see it) to where we are in the AL East race (MAYBE in the WC race) without them both! Tek can be phased out gradually with V-Mart behind the plate.
Rooster7, by the way, by “big time” program in baseball, I mean in Big East competition. We (Marquette) are not in the Big East in baseball, as we are in our other sports.

Another easy win for the Red Sox over the O’s. Does Boston own the Orioles or what. The Red Sox have pounded this team all season long. I watch the Orioles and I have no idea how they even win any series, they are freaking PATHETIC. Who built this team???? What were they thinking??? Were they thinking???? Thank heaven I am not a fan of the Orioles. When I was growing up they were one of the elite franchises, now they are one of the worst in the game!!! Look no further than Angelos, he is a JOKE!! Lee McPhail has his work cut out.


I’ll take this D.P. combo of Pedroia and Gonzalez over Burleson and Remy any day of the week!! I just think Pedroia and Gonzalez are just that good, no slight to Burleson and Remy but…………

It’s obvious that Gonzalez and Martinez have had an impact on this team. The numbers don’t lie. The bottom line is the win column!!! Big hits by both and Gonzalez’s play at s.s. gives the pitchers confidence. Also Martinez gets MAJOR props for catching Wakefield, you would never know he has never caught a knuckleball. You would think Martinez has been doing it for years!! I assume both Martinez and Gonzalez are good guys in the clubhouse as well, just icing on the cake!!!

I meant to say Andy MacPhail but maybe Lee his father can help and perhaps some uncles/cousins. LOL!!

Brian: The Oreos did beat the Yanks 2 out of 3 in their last meeting. The Oreos need to bring back Earl Weaver to fire up the team. If the Sox can sweep the Royals, I will be singing what’s that tune?

im with chow….ive been sayin the yanks better not get warm and fuzzy for a few weeks now….a tough trip for the yanks and that series commin is loomin….for the sox if they just get the wc will be ok….but if the yanks choke and the sox steal the east….lawdy that will be a major psyche slam….judge


The Orioles need talent. LOL!

Remember that Beckett is slated to pitch on Wed. night, that means he’ll miss the N.Y. series. I think Boston doesn’t really care about the div.—that’s the signal they are sending anyway. Beckett is slated to miss the N.Y. series. I believe Beckett should pitch Tues. night ( reg. rest ) and that would line him up on Sun. for the final game against the Yankees. The way it’s set up at the moment, Byrd will pitch Sun. in N.Y. Francona has it set up this way because he’ll have Beckett going game 1 in Anaheim on Thurs. night with Lackey on the hill for the Angels.

My greatest concern is Greinke and Sabathia in the series opener in NY. I have no problem with Uncle’s setting up the rotation if Beck is Beck of 07. But Beck is not much better than Lester or Buchholz as he pitches. Only Uncle Tito has to answer the question, whether he’d rather face the Angels or the Yankees in the ALCS and then acts accordingly. May the force, intelligence, common sense be with Uncle Tito!


Beckett’s last (2) starts were solid. He has the best resume’ among any starting pitcher in baseball! Only Rivera has a better resume’ than Beckett among active pitchers. I don’t care who Boston is playing in the playoffs, no team can match a duo of Beckett and Lester. It will be interesting to see how Dice-K does in N.Y.on Friday. So far so good for Dice-K.

Grienke will be tough for sure on Tues. night, he just doesn’t give up many runs. The good Byrd better show up!!

Let’s hope that Wake can give us a good 5,6 inning game and that our bats continue to produce. Winning that first game gets us off on the right foot and hopefully the momentum can keep us going. Let’s also root for the LAA and hope that they can bring us even closer to the Evil Empire. So long as we can keep winning we willl increase the pressure. They can hear our footsteps and are looking over their shoulder. GO SOX!!!

Don’t look now, but the Sox are only 5 back of the Yankees. Three more head to head meetings, and right now they play at LA while we are playing KC. Might not be out of this thing just yet…

I think the sox have made a big mistake not getting V-Mart more time behind the plate. It’s going to be too late to try and switch things up in the playoffs. It’s obvious that we need his bat and truthfully, Tek is an automatic out. Can we take that risk just so he can be behind the plate? I’m ready to move on so should the sox.

I think that first in the east and/or first overall is a bit overrated, which is why I don’t really care if we catch up to NYY or stay ahead of LAA in overall winning pct. I think it’s more important to set up your rotation, don’t overwork any starters and keep the bullpen fresh, keep everyone active and rested, and have a good series against NY.

Five games is alot to make up in two weeks, I’d hate to see decisions being made to achieve that short-term end to the detriment of longer-term and much more meaningful goals. Let ’em have first place, we have far bigger fish to fry.

soxdriveme: its not as simple as “just moving on”. Francona has to take into consideration the rest of the line up… like if Mikey has to sit a game, or who we have on the hill.. Dont worry I think that Tito knows what he’s doing… if he soesnt he sure does a good job covering it up!!!
btw.. Dont you think the Sox know that its time to get someone else behind the plate?? Why do you think they went and GOT MARTINEZ??? Its a gradual thing……

ronkelly: Although I think that the RedSox wouldnt mind having the division (especially at the expense of the Yankees), I think its the fans (alot of them, not all) that would love to stuff it to the Yanks.. I’m sure that the mind set in the FO and the coaching staff is just to take it as it goes, as you said.. not overworking anyone etc. If, in the process, they do get the Division… its gravy

I have noticed that no team in any division in AL or NL has cliched a playoff spot or a dision… is it late for that or is it just my blondage at work…

Ellen: The Yanks can clinch a playoffs berth by 1 win or 1 Rangers Loss.
The Sox should aim at the divison while not overworking its pitching staff and starting lineup. The balancing act is possible especially both are heading in opposite direction.

>>>>>>>>>>> Science Question >>>>>>>>>>>
It’s the weekday so the science question gets harder today. No more easy ones today.
This one I had to look up to refresh my memory but it was fun.
Why is the sky blue? The answer isn’t as simple as you may think.
BONUS: Why does Mars have a red sky instead of a blue sky.

Dave: I don?t know exactly why the sky is blue. But I think it has to do with light and the atmosphere. We know light is a kind of energy that travels in waves. When the light passes through the electromagnetic field of the earth?s atmosphere, the sky appears blue. Wrong? Kinda like when a light passses through a prism, we see a spectrum of rainbow color.
Mars is prevalent with reddish iron oxide.

Thanks. Dave. So it has a lot to do with wavelength of the spectrum of colors. Good to know.
B/w you provided the answer too soon without according our learned bloggers the opportunity to answer.

Here’s the answer. Visible light has a spectrum of 700 – 400 nm. 400 nm is the violet blue colors (and that’s key) while red is the larger wavelengths at 700 nm.
When blue light passes through a wet atmosphere with lots of water it has a hard time passing through it due to its smaller wavelength. Reds pass through due to its larger wavelength and doesn’t get interrupted for the most part. Blue on the other hand really struggles bouncing off of everything. Therefore the blue light scatters in the atmosphere giving us the great blue color.
During sunsets…the sun is now on the horizon instead of overhead. Blue is still scattered of course but instead of the reds dropping down on you from the sky, they travel along the horizon and now you can see them clearly. If we were to tilt the sky 90 degrees during the day but leave the earth the same (not possible of course) you would see the reddish tones during the day and the entire day would look like a sunset.
Mars shows red because there is no water in the atmosphere to scatter the blue light and so blue light can’t scatter and therefore all the light from the sun passes through the atmosphere (what little of it there is).
Incidentally, rainbows are simply setting up droplets of water in the right conditions to break up the white light of the sun (just a mixture of the visible light) into its components and create a gorgeous scattering effect. Rainbows simply create a prism to break up all the light frequencies. You can spray a few drops of water on the counter and shine light at it the right way and create rainbows.

Here’s the answer. Visible light has a spectrum of 700 – 400 nm. 400 nm is the violet blue colors (and that’s key) while red is the larger wavelengths at 700 nm.
When blue light passes through a wet atmosphere with lots of water and other gases (nitrogen, oxygen, etc) it has a hard time passing through this material due to its smaller wavelength. Reds pass through due to its larger wavelength (distance between crests of the light) and doesn’t get interrupted for the most part. Blue on the other hand really struggles bouncing off of everything. Therefore the blue light scatters in the atmosphere giving us the great blue color.
During sunsets…the sun is now on the horizon instead of overhead. Blue is still scattered of course but instead of the reds dropping down on you from the sky, they travel along the horizon and now you can see them clearly. If we were to tilt the sky 90 degrees during the day but leave the earth the same (not possible of course) you would see the reddish tones during the day and the entire day would look like a sunset.
Mars shows red because there is no water in the atmosphere to scatter the blue light and so blue light can’t scatter and therefore all the light from the sun passes through the atmosphere (what little of it there is).
Incidentally, rainbows are simply setting up droplets of water in the right conditions to break up the white light of the sun (just a mixture of the visible light) into its components and create a gorgeous scattering effect. Rainbows simply create a prism to break up all the light frequencies. You can spray a few drops of water on the counter and shine light at it the right way and create rainbows.

Mar’s iron surface and its dust storms do certainly create the red atmosphere. Most of the sun’s light doesn’t scatter due to a thin atmosphere and its the surface dust and reflection of that light that create the red atmosphere. My bad.

Hi All! Good question today Dave!

14 games left! 7 at home and 7 away. It is getting crazy – do we dare think – could we win the division? I know the ONLY thing that matters is getting there – but the “what might be” is fun to think about!!

This is weird. I posted my comment after reading Dave’s answer to the question. And yet my comment was posted at a time earlier than Dave’s answer was posted. It’s scary. Are we in a time machine?

Gee, here I thought that Mars is for women( normally pink but when they are angy they turn red) and earth is for men.Now I am really confused.

Now I am confused. I thought Mars is for men and Venus is for women and Earth is for, never mind.

Now I have it–Venus is for women and Mars is where they send men when they failed to comply in negotiations on earth.

The next question is where does Lugo belong ????

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and Earth is where they attempt to negotiate–by whatever means necessary!😉
Dave, I should have gotten here sooner–that was a science question I could have taken a stab at! (I just get lost with the nanometers!)😉 Take care–be back later!

Phil: Lugo is from the planet Ork.
Weather would be the Sox’s worst enemy. It’s raining in KC and severe thunderstorm tonight is in the forecast.

That’s what I understood about LugNuts, also, Andy. I wonder if he knows Mork!😉

Greg: Mork and Lugo are friends and neighbors. Nano, Nano.

My best/worst for 2009. Ya I know the season is not over yet but here is my list:
Best letgo:
Julio Lugo. I was so glad to be free from poor Julio.
Biggest surprises:
Jacobe Ellsbury. he continues to improve and impress me.
Tim Wakefield: He really showed how amazing a man he is as well as a great pitcher.
Biggest letdowns:
Nick Green – what can I say. I like the guy and wanted him to succeed but have to admit, Gon came in and showed me what a shortstop is supposed to do:
David Ortiz – wow…what happened? The Jim Rice of our team really fell apart this year. It breaks my heart because I suspect he’s a great guy.
John Smotz – a future hall of famer never found it in Boston.
Jason Varitek – wow…what can I say.
Most important purchase.
Gonzales – ya, a good shortstop really does ease the pain doesn’t it.
Most underrated:
Terry Francona – puts up with a whole lot of crap and comes through.
Tim Wakefield – what more can I add to his accolades.
Biggest whiners:
Dice-K – training programs ruining your career. Ya, a free workout program while getting paid to do it — ya…sure. whatever.
Best Team players:
Mike Lowell who puts out no matter how much pain he’s in.
Tim Wakefield – who makes one of the lowest salaries on the team but still continues to kick tail on the field.
Jason Varitek – ya, he’s suffering all right but he works his tail off and we all know it.
Most missed player:
Mark Kotsay – what can I say, I liked the man.
Justin Masterson – ya but I admit when I’m wrong. V-Mart was really needed for this team…if anything to remove Varitek from the equation. Poor Jason.

Nano nano, indeed, Andy! Right, LugNuts?!
I’ll very much miss Masterson, Dave, but we needed V-Mart, or at least someone like him!
Stay healthy, Wake and Mike Lowell! We’ll need both of you! GO SOX!

Biggest whiners, Dave? Scioscia and his Pavlov-trained Angels!

All the fun I miss when I as away from a computer! lol!!

I guess it has been raining all day in KC and they might not get the game in tonight.

You mean you were away from your computer, Julia? What happened to all your clones? Did you downsize?😉
It has rained here, pretty steadily, for 5 days straight (VERY unusual for this time of year!) and we’ve seen the sun even less. (Kind of like you in New England earlier this year, from what I understand!)
Overheard at the grocery store: “I think I’ll move to Seattle, so I can get some sunshine”!! HMMM!…

I just realized that the Red Sox have the second best record in the ML as of this moment. Things can change after tonight’s games.

Lineup: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Martinez, Youkilis, Bay, Ortiz, Lowell, Baldelli, Gonzalez.

Dave, I have a question for you. What do cats, camels and giraffes have in common?

I hope they get the game in. I missed all the weekend games. Too much work.
Maybe the Sox can make a race out of it in the Al East, just to keep themselves sharp, even if they don’t win it.


Can I take a stab at that question??
Is it because they all can survive with very little water?? or liquid?

You got it, Dave. When they walk they move both legs on one side, then both legs on the other side.

for some strange reason those quadripeds [four leged] have this walking pattern. They walk left legs then right. I believe bears and very drunk people do it too. It’s a very strange walk and all three possess that pattern. I’m not sure why such an evolutionary trait exists or what purpose it serves. Perhaps its a speed advantage.
Mammals tend to have a locomotion walk that differs from reptiles who do the side-to-side type walk such as crocs. Dinosaurs were unique since they could only go forwards or backwards with their legs posessing NO side movement at all. Perhaps it was due to their extreme sizes.
Whatever the reason, I believe that’s the answer.

see what eight year old science nerds teach you (LOL)

Sorry Greg – only me today. I might be away from my computer later this week as well. One of my cousins died this morning – he was in his early 40s. So if I’m not around a lot this week – I just have some family obligations to take care of.

The tarp is coming off so it looks like we will get the game in.

I’m loving it… Sean Casey (MY SEAN CASEY) is in the booth with Don Orsillo!!!

julia, I’m sorry for your loss.. Try to let your memories light your days ahead!!!! My prayers are with you and your family
God Bless.

Thanks Ellen & Greg!

I agree with you Ellen – I’m loving Sean Casey in the booth!


I hope the game is able to be played also. I can catch most, if not all, of the game tonight.
Sorry for your loss, Julia–prayers to your family.
Speaking of D-Wade, he’s on the set of MNF tonight. (Thank goodness he is not a Dolphin fan!–I might have to go find him and set him straight otherwise!)😉

Welcome Back Tim Wakefield.. be strong Timmy!!!

…and look how colr coordinated Orsillo and Casey are!!! Very nice..lol

Hi all. Hey Greg. The people in your grocery store know something! It is sunny and warm out here on the West Coast! I know the sun can’t be shining on Tim Wakefield in the literal sense but I hope he brought his A-game with him. GO SOX.

arnie & dave: I thought cats, giraffes and camels walk on toes unlike other four legged animals.

Hey, Paul! Yes, they are on to something, even if it is a head-scratcher for us, normally. Usually Seattle is the wet spot! (A childhood friend lives there, and she was pleased with her weather lately, but scratching her head, also!) We are normally coming out of “rainy” season (what there is) here. NOT THIS YEAR!
Way to go, guys! Let’s get some runs for Wake!
I REALLY hope, for him as well as for us, that Wake can do well tonight! GO WAKE! GO SOX!

GREAT first inning for Wakefield!!!! Let’s get him some run support!!!!

I don’t see why Ortiz is batting in front of Lowell against a LHP.

Way to go, Mike, way to go, Rocco! Mike looked like he did sliding into 3rd the way he did 07 WS Game 2!🙂 Nice job, MIKE! GO SOX!

Hey, Dave, if you drop a camel or a giraffe from a tall building, does it land upright the way a cat does?😉

GREAT first inning for Wakefield!!!! Let’s get him some run support!!!!

WHAT? He didn’t chase that Wiffleball for Ball 4?😉 DRAT! GO SOX!

Nic, good start for Wake… Go Wake..

Greg: Good question. Let’s find out by experimenting. While yiou’re doing it, find out if a camel and giraffe land on the ground the same time although one is heavier than the other. lol

Andy.. At least Uncle has moved him down in the order… we cant have everything all the time!! lol

Come on, DUSTIN!
I said back in May that I was REALLY glad that we finished our West Coast trips early in the season, as hard as they were at the time. As we’re closing the gap on the Yankees, this is where I REALLY hope that pays off! GO SOX!

Come on, DUSTIN!
I said back in May that I was REALLY glad that we finished our West Coast trips early in the season, as hard as they were at the time. As we’re closing the gap on the Yankees, this is where I REALLY hope that pays off! GO SOX!

Way to go TEAM!!! Lte’s hope Wake can continue as he is going and give us a GOOD 5 innings.

Double-posting again! SIGH!
Let’s start that experiment, Andy! Anyone in you area have a cherry -picker or a crane we can borrow?😉

1st and 2nd, no outs! Come on, YOUK! GO SOX!

Tito should keep a short leash on Wake. If he seems to be unable to control his pitches he should be pulled. We can’t afford to squander the lead.

JBAY!! The birthday boy comes through again!!!!


Tito should keep a short leash on Wake. If he seems to be unable to control his pitches he should be pulled. We can’t afford to squander the lead.

Thanks to JBay’s 3 run shot or Ortiz would killl the rally.

Way to get on base, Papi! Get em home, guys! GO SOX!


Hard to comment. keep getting bounced. Watch Wake. Pull him if he falters-no matter what inning!!!!

Come on, MIKE! GO SOX!

Give Wake one more batter, then pull him

Well, Big Papi didn’t kill the rally but I don’t think we are going much further this inning. Whoops! Big error and the inning continues. GO SOX.

Drat, Mike! Nice job, Rocco! GO SOX!

WAY TO GO A-GONZ! Bases loaded! Get em home, guys! GO SOX!


Yahoo! Els is hot. GO SOX.

via Ian on Twitter:

Is it me, or does it feel like the Baltimore series has merely resumed in Kansas City?

Lots of support for Wake already! GO SOX.

Nice job, DUSTIN! GO SOX! 6-0! More runs!

My apology to Big Papi. He didn’t kill the rally. Papi sustained the rally by drawing a BB or the inning would be ovah. Uncle is a genius.



V-Mart killed the rally. lol

We didn’t have to pinch-run for Papi, either, Andy! GO SOX!

Come on, Wake! No more walks!
I hope he can get it done, at least through 5 IP! GO SOX!

Greg: You are right about the left coast trip. Imagine the Sox have to LAA, and Mariners instead of Oreos and KC at this time. There would be no pennant race and the wc race is still on.

NO!!! He loaded the bases!! UGH!! Come on Wake!!!!! You can DO THIS!!!!!

Not to mention the fact that the Yankees just had a West Coast trip themselves! We’ll see how that plays in the next Yankee series, whether it has an impact.
Wake doesn’t seem to be able to control his pitches any more. I think he’s hurting.

Wake needed that out! I hope the rain doesn’t become a factor, either! GO SOX!

Bummer! PB! Get that last strike, Wake! GO SOX!
Even though he is likely to finish this inning, I am not sure he’ll be able to hold up too much longer! I hope I’m wrong!
Nice job, Wake, to finish the inning! Good, only one run. GO SOX!

Wake did a great job to get out of that – but he is in SOOOOO much pain. I can’t help but wonder – will we see him again this season?

Not too shabby got out of a bases loaded jam with just one run on a passed ball.

I also hope we will be able to get through 5 innings in this game! Here’s to hoping! GO SOX!


nite all.. keeping good thoughts for you JUles!!!
GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT GOOD..
Dr Feelbad.. Dr. Strangeglove…. dr NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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