Just play the games

Red Sox manager Terry Francona said he is not consumed between the crossover races. Entering the night, the Sox held a commanding eight-game lead on the Rangers in the Wild Card standings, while trailing the Yankees by five games (four in the loss column) in the American League East.

Does he go all out and try to win the division, or does he start resting the troops in anticipation of the playoffs?

“You know what, I think the best way to move forward is just play. I understand your point. There may come a time when you have to – I guess I hope we do have to make some decisions,” Francona said. “That would mean things have gone real well. But right now, no. we pretty much have a good rotation going with the way our guys are playing. We gave our pitchers an extra day with inserting Wake. We haven’t over-done anybody in the bullpen anyway so no, we just try to win.”

How much extra value would there be for the Red Sox if they won the division and got an extra playoff game at home?

“You know what, I don’t know. I really don’t know. I think the most important thing is to try to go in healthy, and having your pitching somewhat lined up,” Francona said. “I think as we’ve proven in the past, we’ve been a much better team at home during the regular season. I think that’s stating the obvious. I also think when we’ve gotten to the postseason in the past, we have been OK on the road. To get to that point, it normally comes down to having your pitching lined up. I think we’ve proven that.

“The year we didn’t [in 2005], Chicago got rid of us in a hurry. I guess that’s more what we care about. Last year, things actually looked pretty good and then Beckett had that oblique and that really changed the way our staff looked in a hurry.”

The Red Sox should have a much better handle on what their playoff fate will be after they complete a three-game series in New York on Sunday.

“Wherever our plan takes us, it will take us. We’ll see,” Francona said.


The rain could be the deciding factor in this game. GO SOX.

Walks will kill you. We were lucky that they only scored one run. Tito has to keep a close eye on Wake. Hopefuly he can go 5 innings–if not, don’t hesitate to pull him. Let’s get some more runs- we may need them GO SOX!!!

Walks do indeed kill, as do WP and PB (an extra risk with the knuckleball!). Let’s keep it going! GO SOX!

I’m as worried that Wake will be able to pitch at all the rest of this game, let alone get it over the plate! The rain can’t be helping! GO SOX!

Who invited the RAIN, anyways??????? Hi everyone! Look at all of those empty seats, too. WOW.

Let’s get this game in. Hope the weather holds up and we don’t waste the lead.

Hey Wendy! We are trying to get rid of the rain here in Western NC–I didn’t want them to put it in KC, though!😉 GO SOX!


That rain looks like our front yard!:/

Hope someone in the BP is warming up. Everyone that reaches first base almost automatically steals.

I’d give Wake one more batter!!!

C’mom SOX– let’s get some more RUNS!!!!!

I don’t know how much longer they will go before the tarp goes up. That would finish the night for Wake. GO SOX!

One more inning the game will be official.

Almost there…

It is starting to rain harder in KC. I wonder if Wake will be about to come back out. And will we see him again after tonight??


New Thread – and I CAN’T POST!!!!!

We got out of IT!!!!!!

V-MART! Got both runs back! Bad baserunning again by Dustin, though! (I guess he just wanted the inning to end! Hmmm!…) GO SOX!

NO WALKS!!!!!!

I think Uncle just wants Wake to get a big Win with 6 run lead.

Nice play by J-Bay! He has 36 HR, not a bad haul! Let’s finish this inning, guys! GO SOX!

Can we get 2 more outs and then call it a game???


THAT was not helpful! SIGH! GO SOX!

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. wtf. So close, but yet so far… This inning should be over, by now.

Wake up Tito. Get him out of there.

This is not going to end well if it keeps going.

3 run lead and Wake is still there.

92 pitches. With 6 BB, that is not a huge surprise. GO SOX!

Forget loyalty and start managing!!!!

Wake has got to go – BUT Delcarmen is warming up???? THAT is suppose to help?????

Uncle is taking to the ultimate limit with Wake.

Dr. I No Feelgood?! That isn’t helpful!:/

Not good. We are not leaving ourselves room for error, even if we get through this inning.
Wake was VERY fortunate that time! GO SOX!

One more bad pitch and we have a tie ballgame.

Well, the game is official, for better or worse now. Wake has had enough. GO SOX!

I don’t know what DelCarmen is going to do, but Wake should have been pulled after they had scored the first two runs. We shouldn’t have to be struggling. How much more can we expect fro the Sox in having to continue to grind out more runs???

I agree, Phil, that Wake should have been pulled before that inning was over–it is obvious he is hurting. I wish someone other than DelCarmen were warming up, though! GO SOX!

Nice job, J-Bay! We’ll take it! GO SOX!

Nice hit, Papi! Get em in, Mike! GO SOX!

Good running, J-Bay! Got a run back! 9-5! GO SOX!

9-5, that’s a movie…

Wake got out of the inning – THANK YOU JBAY!!! I think that is the end of Wake for tonight….


Well, DelCarmen’s in. Here goes nothin’…

nite all.. keeping good thoughts for you JUles!!!
GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT GOOD..
Dr Feelbad.. Dr. Strangeglove…. dr NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Delcarmen is getting hit hard. This game is not a sure thing at this stage. GO SOX.

I don’t believe this!!!

What was that about having no margin for error?…:/ GO SOX!

If we blow this game–Tito deserves all the credit!!!

Further, if we lose this game it could impact the remaining games we have to play>

via Ian on Twitter:

Delcarmen has been scored on in four of his last 6 outings and his 13.50 ERA for September managed to go up tonight.

Further, if we lose this game it could impact the remaining games we have to play>

I’m not sure “interesting” is a good word right now…:/

I don’t believe this, REDUX!

Well – are we having fun yet??? UGH!!! What a melt down!!!!

I don’t think I am going to comment anymore tonight since we are not allowed to use any profane language. I just hope that Tito realizes the mistakes that he made tonight. The first lesson is to forget the 5 inning rule that he continues to follow– no matter who is pitching. Let’s hope the Sox can come back and pull it out. Goodnight everyone!!!!

I got here in time to see the Sox take a 9-5 lead. Now they are trailing by 2. I have two observations. First, Delcarmen has lost a lot off his fast ball. Earlier in the season he’s around 97, now he’s 91-93. He’s also lost his command. Second, Bard is much less effective when he throws down in the strike zone. A 98/99 mph fast ball is much easier to catch up with when it’s knee high than when it’s belt high. We saw that in his last outing, and we’re seeing it again tonight.

It’s truly amazing that a team like the Royals comes out and beats up the Sox pitching staff like this. What’s up with that? Young guys, looking to make a name for themselves so they can make some money when they get ready to leave KC. They have nothing to lose.

Garry – KC was won 10 of their last 13! They are hot right now also.

I’m going to watch the rest (maybe) in bed!

night all!

A game like this is just tragic. Wake had nothing after the first 2 or 3 innings, yet ends up going out and getting smacked around. Tito left him in too long, and left no room for error. DelCarmen was in no position to be helpful, either. Just bad, all the way around. Garry is right, though, the Royals have nothing to lose, and can play spoiler as much as they please.

What a strange game. Wake looks good for two innings, then after the Sox score 6 in the top of the third he comes out a different pitcher altogether. Looked as if his back stiffened up with the long wait in the dugout. Delcarmen’s pitches look completely different than they did earlier in the year; his fastball has no life on it, his breaking pitches don’t break as much. Just seems like a different guy out there. Bard can’t get outs. Wagner gives up a killer walk with 2 outs that comes around to score. The Sox pitchers looked awful tonight.

I felt so bad for Wake. It was obvious (to me, at least!) that Wake was not going to make it effectively through the 5 innings, and that was exactly what happened. We did not pitch well enough, esp. after Wake, to win that game. No such thing as a moral victory with this outing. Better SUCCESS next time. GO SOX!
Take care, all!

Yankees are losing to the Angels, 3-0, in the 6th. Maybe we’ll “keep pace”, the hard way!

I wonder if Del Carmen sealed his fate tonight regarding the playoff roster. He has just not been effective at all in the second half of the season. Others in the bullpen have been spotty at times, but at least they’re effective more often than not. Del Carmen has been a dud for a couple months now.

Incredible… Let me guess…DelCarmen, Dr Feelbad came in and blew it up AGAIN???? Someone should BLOW HIM UP… Send him back to Boston. Not having somepne pitch when he’s supposed to isnt as bad as him actually pitching… For Gods Sakle… this was still Wakes game (as I remember) and we LOSE?????? He should be strung up!!! This is the ROYALS………… NOW WE’LL NEED TO WIN 3…………

^&&*(Uncle Tito, ^&*(9Delcarmen. Between Uncle Tito, Delcarmen, and Tek are enough to mess up my impossible dream. Two %^&* games that slipped away. The Sox would be in an enviable position of down 2 games in the loss coloumn. And tonight we have to face Greinke.
Uncle Tito has done 9 things right and yet 1 bad move can sink the ship. Does Uncle ever learn from Smoltz experiment? Did anyone hear what Tito said in the post game. I want to know.
Uncle Tito, repeat ten times after me “It’s not about Wake’s win. It’s about the win for the Red Sox”.
Delcarmen is a piece of crap and not worth my comment any more.
This loss falls fairly squarly on Uncle and Delcarmen. if the Sox didn’t win, what the Yanks did is immaterial. Argh……………


Tell us how you really feel. LOL! When it comes to Delcarmen, my viewpoint is I expect him to give some runs and then when it happens I don’t get mad—I just laugh! You should try it, I’m guessing you’ll feel alot better the next day. lol.


When it comes to the playoff roster for Delcarmen….I think he has sealed his fate for that and he also has punched his ticket out of Boston! AMEN!! His outings in the second-half have been BRUTAL. Except last Wed. against the Angels.

Wakes back (and I know back pain) surely stiffened up even more than it was originally, what with the rain, the wait and the cool weather… Unfortunately, I think that if he pitches again this year, it should probably be from the bull pen. 2innings here and there. That way he can still pitch but not so much as to further injure his back. With Delcarmens ineffectiveness in the pen, they are going to need a spot reliever. Any thoughts on that??

Brian: Truly I am not that pissed at Delcarmen than at Uncle Tito. Uncle is the one that put him there. Why put up with Delcarmen for 6 batters. Any manager would yank DC after 2 or 3 battters and let Bard or whoever takes over.
two ^&*( games gave away due to human errors……………
You weren’t here last night. Every bloggers screamed to yank Wake after 3 innings. Why???????????????????


Only negative with Wakefield in the pen, he would have to start an inning. I wouldn’t want him to come into a game with runners on base. That all being said, I believe Wakefield will be in the Sox pen come playoff time. I think Dice-K and Buchholz should be the 3rd and 4th starters.

Another pitcher who did well initially but has struggled his last 2 appearances or so is Wagner. He struggled last night, I wonder if the damp/rainy weather had an effect on him. Not the easiest conditions for a guy like Wagner coming off surgery…I’m surprised Francona even pitched him last night.

Ellen: Mike Bowden. We know Wake’s back stifened up and was probably in pain. 5 tough innings in the rain with 100 + pitches. Are you kidding me? What was Tito thinking?

Ps… Its days like this that I wont even go near the MLB network… Who wants to see this blown game over and over and over and……

I would have had Bowden or Saito come in after Wakefield. With the way Delcarmen is pitching he should never see the mound when Boston is ahead. Why in the world would Francona yank Wakefield after 3 innings???? After 3 innings the Sox were ahead 6-1…..This just in, NO manager will ever take out a starter after 3 innings when they are ahead 6-1. If that’s the case, that team’s pen would be TOAST in no time!! Also just because I wasn’t on here last night, doesn’t mean I didn’t watch the game. At times this system is goofy and I don’t bother with blogging on here. It’s frustrating at times and watching a baseball game should be FUN!!

Uncle Tito should be suspended for the rest of the season and in the playoffs. He will make the same mistake consciously or subconsciously again and again. Let him start anew in 2010 to do the good things for the team.

Brian: We sensed that Wake was in pain or that his back stiffened up. I was thinking the same thing with 6 run lead and let him pitch for another inning. When Wake struggled in 4th, I was saying let him finish the 4th. Then came in 5th when Wake lost his command and control, it was the time. The biggest problem was Delcarmen, why he had to pitch to the damage was done.


I have always stated on here that the Sox should bring back Ralph Houk! LOL! Perhaps Kevin Kennedy could be the bench coach. HA…HA….Andy I think you should keep away from sharp objects and don’t look out the window. lol. Grienke awaits tonight. This will be the BEST pitcher they’ll see, including the playoffs!

Andy—-I can’t stick up for Francona when he brought in Delcarmen. Delcarmen should NEVER EVER see the mound when the Sox are ahead. What Francona was thinking…I have no clue! Delcarmen’s problems are between the ears. lol.

Brian: The bad news is Greinke is pitching. The good news is Greinke in his career 3 starts against the Sox never beat the Sox. Brad Mills , manager for the remaing games and the playoffs.

I don’t understand, why call up Bowden and let him rot in the pen. Bowden in place of Del what’s that ^&**’s name from now on.

Andy, there are so many things that we dont know… maybe Bowden is having issues with pitches or something.. But I’m sure that there is a reason, what I dont know, but I’m sure there is one…..

moanin all……arggggggggggg…..well 007 said what i was thinkin and was gonna say….it was obvious poor timmy was not rt….it was cold and rainy and hes had bad back issues…but wait…lets just push it….pffffft…….am i missin somethin or is bowden hurt…..or is tito tryin to decide by playin del if he wants him playoffs…..big zack tonight…..gonna be rough…..gl sox ….ill be watchin….im wonderin if tito emptys his bench tonight….judge

Ellen: You may be right about Bowden. Why wait until the damge was done? Delcarmen faced six batters before he was yanked. Uncle is obviously not good at History. Did he remember the Sox blew a 9 run lead in a rain delayed game. The division was obtained with the struggling Yankees. But I am not sure any more. Tito should be lauded for getting the Sox into the postseason. Which idiot manager wouldn’t with the talents the Sox have.


Yeah, Dave, I knew that much about cats (between my extended family and me, we have four!), and why they land right-side up, and I would have guessed that much about giraffes and camels. Thanks!😉 GO SOX!

>>> Science question <<<<
After last night’s loss, I think we all need to get our minds on science. Here is the question:
Einstein called it the BIGGEST mistake of his career. He made a hypothesis that needed a ton of evidence to prove him wrong. What was that?
Since Einstein was wrong, who was right and what was the evidence?

On last night’s great question by Arnie, I did some research. Camels, Giraffe’s and cats do walk on their tiptoes as well. It helps with stealth.
Incidentally, the two left legs, two right legs thing, greatly increases speed in the animal which is why cheetah’s can accelerate so quickly. The idea is that thrust forward is now doubled since two legs at once are pushing the animal forward. The disadvantage is that it takes a ton of energy to keep up that pace.
tough loss last night. I felt bad for wakefield. He’s pitching with a body that needs surgery to correct. He’s still pitching despite the pain. Tough loss. I’m not blaming anyone though. In baseball, you never know.

Greg, the reason why a can is able to turn his or her body around in the air is that during a fall a cat can make great use of its tail and the short neck. A giraffe or camel would become a stir fry if the same thing were tried with them falling off a building. Although I understand that camel meat is quite tasty.

For a great no-prize, since we’re talking about mistakes, what phenomenon in space makes Einstein’s general relativity equations fail miserably? This question has nothing to do with the previous one.

id like to expand on chows most vivid comment”Which idiot manager wouldn’t with the talents the Sox have. ” ive been sayin this for yrs….so before you bash me giving my opinion just take it easy….the sox ownership and theo give tito some unreal talent….i dont agree with all the pick ups but sometimes u win sometimes you lose….the thing that gets me the most about tito is the fact that he for some unfriggin reason cant see the obvious….to me there are a few glaring deficiencies….and im not just sayin this cause the sox blew a game…he has absolutely no clue how to detect when a pitcher has lost it….maybe its farrell….there is no reason to leave wake in that game…none none none…rosters have expanded and the guy is hurt…i mean come the feck on….im not gonna go thru all the problems i perceive in his managerial woes…..he manages one of the best teams in baseball and thats why they have won under him….period….u wanna look at a manger….look at the twinkies,texas,colorado…..it really doesnt matter what i think or say but the team carries tito….he doesnt lead them..the team has had and has a number of role model players who lead by example which takes the heat of him also….he did not handle zazu rt either….i do like his appraoch to plrs who are in slumps…but even that he messes up by not movin em down in the line up for the hot hand….sigh….anyhoo the sox are still in the hunt for the east…lest hope that more games arent pizzed away…..go sox….judge

I think I have the solution to the Einstein puzzle.
The biggest mistake– Tito Einstien leaving Wake in toooooo loooong and replacing him with DelC.
Who was right– The blog members who continually requested that Tito Einstein pull Wake and were appaled when he brought in DelC
The evidence– Tito Einstein nlew last nights game.

Dave: This is probably not what you are looking for. Einstein’s greatest mistake according to him was his role in the invention of the atomic bomb and his signing a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt urging that the bomb be built.
Your question is too difficult and technical for me to answer. I know many experiments were conducted to prove Einstein’s Relativity Theory was wrong.

comparisons to einstein and tito…..einstein never graduated HS….tito never graduated managerial school….einstein develeoped relativity theory…tito chaos theory…einstein is a genius….tito is a an idiot savant….einstein a mathematics wizard….tito is a wizard at …..um….ummm….ok no more tito bashin….rock on tito…lol

I can put up with physical error like Tek didn’t block the passed ball. But it’s inexcusable to continuously make mental, judgment errors like staying so long with Wake even if he is healthy let alone in a cold and rainy night and replacing Wake with what’s his name and staying with him until the damage was done.

why chow….i mean these games dont matter rt….we have nothing to gain rt….pfffffft….maybe someone should tell tito they do matter…judge

Einstein’s biggest mistake…getting married. He gave all his money from Nobel Peace Prize to his wife.

Wow you guys are burning with anger this morning.
Anyway, Einstein’s biggest mistake was the assumption that universe was static. He even added a physical constant to his relativity theory to compensate for that factor. It took Hubble, and the Hubble constant to prove that the universe was expanding. He did it with LIGHT! If the universe was moving towards us, we’d see a shift of blue in color. (Blue is a higher frequency than red light). Since we see a red shift (towards a lower frequency of light) the universe is expanding. Einstein called it his greatest mistake and regretted the decision. He took out the constant. In fairness, even Newton, our greatest scientist thought the universe was static.
Second: Einstein’s relativity theory breaks down in black holes. The mass goes to infinity. Steven Hawkings, our greatest theoretical physicist modified the equations to get a number for the mass and argued that energy would be released from a black hole. That is now called Hawking’s radiation in honor of his discovery (and yes we have proof) so that black holes do not have infinite mass if they are emitting energy. Some of that mass is lost. Remember that mass and energy are essentially the same thing (e = mc (squared)).
Finally, I can’t give Hubble all the credit here. It took another scientist from the Catholic church who argued that the universe came from a single point (big bang) and Hubble used data provided from a LOT of scientists who did the research. In essence, Hubble just put the pieces together.

I like to do a BIG BANG on last night’s bullpen.

Actually Dave, almost all animals except bears, people and elephants, maybe a few others (wolverines), walk on their toes. And when cats run they push forward with their hind legs like other animals do. They don’t do the left left, right right thing when running.

I like Judge’s answer to the Einstein/Tito compare and contrast. Last night Tito let one slip away. I was fine with Wake through 5 but why Delcarmen? And to leave him out there when he had nothing. Of course, Bard and Wagner didn’t help, but still. That was disappointing last night.

Yes Dave, angry.. like you STILL get at that 4 letter word that was once our short stop…

Its a joke lady relax.

Andy, I agree that he left Wake in too long, I was hollering for him to come out after3. But there isnt much we can do about it. What are we gonna do?? Boycott the RedSox?? Not me…
That is the beauty of this blog, my friends!!! It not only lets us vent and rant and rave, but it allows others to comment and together we find a common more even ground….
GROUP HUG NOW, OKAY??? I feel all warm and fuzzy now.. oh wait, that’s the menopause again!!! lol

so was that rooster!!! Rooster, I’ve been on here from the beginning, and I think people no when I’m serious and when I’m not… Maybe after youve been here awhile….

and BTW.. who are you calling lady??? lol (that is a joke too)

LUGO!!!! Did someone mention that @#$#$, #$%#$#, @$#@#@# Shortstop….but I’m not angry.

You are right. I looked at the video so now I am stumped on what in the world is the locomotion while running. My bad. I should do my research before I make an answer!

I have no problem leaving Wake there that long knowing that Uncle wanted Wake to win the game for probably his last start of the season. Uncle?s intention is admirable. I have no problem replacing Wake with DC initially otherwise you are second guessing Uncle. What I find it objectionable is what Judge said the inability of Uncle to spot that the pitcher didn?t have it and stayed with the pitcher to the point of no return. I know Bard and Wag didn?t have it either. But w/o DC, the Sox would probably still win by 1 run.
What?s gone is gone. What is done is done. Uncle is still the manager. It?s not too late for Uncle to learn from past mistakes. Will he?

Lugo, Lugo, Lugo, Lugo, Lugo, Lugo, Lugo, Julio Lugo, Lugo, Julio my favorite shortstop. Will that make you angry? Ha..

The Yankees fans are the happiest bunch after lsoing a game and cuuting down the magic number by 1 and probably had the division locked up.

Now that Lugo is gone I have fond memories of his time in Boston. Those endearingly wild throws to first base sailing majestically into the stands. His funny scowl as he stood at the plate, knowing he would likely strike out or hit a slow roller to 2nd base. All those times he got thrown out on the base paths; he would jump up happily from his slide and dust himself off with great fanfare, and sulk back to the dugout!! THOSE were the days!

Woke up this morning to see snow in the mountains! Summer is flying by. I think I missed it this year.

Lineup: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Martinez, Youkilis, Ortiz, Bay, Drew, Varitek, Gonzalez.

Wrong lineup Andrew. Here is the correct lineup:
Manager -> Dennis Eckersley

1st base: John Travolta
2nd base: Nick Green
ss: Julio Lugo (just got him back)
3rd base: The Olsen twins out of rehab
lf: Manny Delcarman
CF: Javier Lopez
RF: J.D. Drew…ow scratched with sore eyelid. RF Jerry Seinfeld
C: Jason Varitek
P: Manny Delcarman
1st base coach: Rosanne
3rd base coach: Joan Rivers

Oops…Manny Delcarman is playing left field and pitching…well with the home runs he’s given up, who needs a left fielder anyway. (Man am I mean lately)

Francona on MDC: “We’re not going to give up on him.”

Which is just what they said about Papi… Tell me.. If DelCarmen weren’t the hometown boy, do you think it would be different?? I mean their stance on him and how he is looked at in the organization.

They will keep throwing DC out there to prove something. Luckily we have the wc pretty much locked up or else.. There goes my dream. Sigh….

Andy.. You can dream on my friend… Its not daylight yet. Daylights coming but its not hear yet… Sweet dreams, buddy…

that would be here, not hear!! BLONDAGE!!!!!

Ummm…Hi All! Why do I feel the need to put everyone in separate rooms and pass out chocolate chip cookies?

Yes – last night was a disaster – BUT how well have we done recently? With that manager many of you are wanting to fire/hang/impale/whatever? Guess what – HE IS GOING TO BLOW IT SOMETIMES!!!! But there is no one I would rather have managing the Red Sox right now! Leave the petty squabbling to the Yankee fans – get behind our boys and cheer them into Sox-tober!!! GO RED SOX!!! I BELIEVE!!!!!!

On the road again, had to listen to the debacle on XM radio last night — and looking thru all your comments, probably someone mentioned this, but didn’t see it — Francona motivation in leaving Wakefield in was certainly partially (if not substantially) due to the desire to rest his bullpen — which wound up failing miserably, but no one can put that on Francona. After seeing how the bullpen performed, I was wishing he had just left Wakefield in, couldn’t have been worse, who knows we might have won the game.

I think that is the second time Delcarmen and Bard have been associated with a really big inning — wasn’t they both involved in the 9-1 lead coughed up against the Orioles?

Still, depending upon you stance, this is the “genuis” of Francona — we all berate — and he never gives up on his guys. I have thought (as many of us have) that Delcarmen is unreliable (all past years) and now seems to have lost it again… I worry more about Daniel Bard — does he have the same tendencies??? too early for him — what will happen in the post season, with either of these guys, and Oki, and perhaps Wagner…. Our whole bullpen makes me nervous to be honest… but for the genius of Francona — once in the post season, their manager never game up on them all year…. and I think they sort of rise to occasion somewhat due to the post season, but probably in respect to a manager that had their back all year, every day. That said, I hope in the post season, he has a much faster trigger at the first signs of cracking.

The bugger is — we had that game in the bag — looks like the Yanks will probably drop at least two in Anaheim, maybe get swept — we had the division title in our grasp again, but we would need to sweep the Royals — plus I don’t know how we get a W tonite — but baseball is always has surprises. Still I think the division title swept away with the rain last night.

This game is going to be a joke. Byrd is throwing batting practice out there. I’d be surprised if the Sox aren’t trailing at least 5-0 after the first inning.

I could hit Paul Byrd.

Sorry, DGN, can’t agree on leaving Wake in to save the BP on this occasion, since Wake’s own health status has been in question. I am not convinced Wake’s remaining in the game did more harm than good in the playoff scheme of things; Wake was questionable for the playoffs, let alone the rest of the season, as it was. I would have liked him to have come out of the game for that reason alone. GO SOX!

I hate it when I’m right.

We still have 3 more games to play in KC!!! LET’S GET IT DONE BOYS!!! GO RED SOX!!! WHOO HOOO!!!!

Please tell me this is NOT happening………

Can we all chip in and BUY a pitcher?

get going here paulie.. hey paulie.. strike em OUT!!!!
no more bob’s

It was NOT ball 4!!!!!

But the HIT is UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1-8-3-7 a win tonight would be just HEAVEN..
come on everyone.. try it.. do it one time for me..
rhyme for me!!!!

wow, Paul Byrd can complain tomorrow like Fuentes did against us.. “The umps always give the calls to the home team!!!”… lol NOT

Are we attempting to reverse roles tonight compared to last night? If we get to 6-0 against, maybe we’re supposed to win!😉 (?!) GO SOX!

7-3-8-9, A win tonight would be just fine

4-6-2-1 come on boys, get it done!!

How’s that Ellen???


THis is the night to save the bull pen or see what Bowden can do. Byrd should stay away from FB and go with slider, changeup, and curve.

STOP IT DAVE! Roseanne Barr and Joan Rivers???!! STOP! If Rosie O’Donnell shows up, I’m getting off, so stop the world! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

18, 26, 48- hut–
Kansas City is a royal pain in my BUTT!

I saw a gem of OLD SCHOOL baseball with D-Lowe pitching for the Braves last night! D-Lowe pitched the first 5 innings, then their Japanese phenom, Kawakami, pitched the final 4 innings, for the save. Even with the lopsided score, the 4 relief innings gave Kawakami the save. Ah, those were the days! THAT’S the kind of baseball I like! GO SOX!

If the game is out of reach (not yet), give the ball to Delcarmen to finish up the game.

I was reminded of it esp. with Andy’s suggestion that Bowden (not Bobby Bowden!)😉 pitch in relief. I think it would be a good idea. GO SOX!

Give the ball to DelCarmen, Andy, and the third out of the inning might not come in 3 hours!:/ GO SOX!

Garry is right about 5 runs. I hope Greg you are right about the role reversal tonight.

Hey, all. Hey, Wendy, I just noticed you in among the cheerleaders!🙂 GO SOX!

So do I, Andy! GO SOX!

good job jules.. new thread!!!

We’re seeing why Greinke (hey, rhymes with my last name!)😉 is a leader for the Cy Young Award, low win total aside. He might pitch another CG if he keeps going like this! GO SOX!

Greinke lost 2 out of 3 career starts to the Sox. I wonder who was the opposing pitchers who must have pitched a shutout.

*********~~~~~~~~~~~~~new thread~~~~~~~~~~*********

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