Green still in limbo; Francona takes in some NFL

Shortstop Nick Green remains back in Boston doing rehab work with physical therapist Scott Waugh. In fact, the Red Sox told him not to join the team in New York this weekend so he can keep focusing on his non-baseball activities.

Green has what is believed to be a disc issue in his back that had been causing a “dead leg” type of numbness in his right side.

The Red Sox need to determine whether Green can get himself back in time to be on the postseason roster. Boston is a little deep when it comes to backup infielders. Jed Lowrie would be an ideal candidate to fill Green’s spot, but his surgically repaired left wrist is still not 100 percent. Veteran Chris Woodward was brought to the team earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Tim Wakefield will pitch Tuesday night agianst the Blue Jays.

Francona and some of his staff members went to Chiefs practice earlier today. Scott Pioli, the former general manager of the Patriots, is now running the show in KC. Francona and Pioli have a good relationship because of a mutual friend — Indians general manager Mark Shapiro.

What was that like?

“It was a different hour. I wish I could have stayed more, it was fun. It was a different mentality than we’re used to, I really enjoyed it,” Francona said.

How was it different? .
“Well, they’re 300 pound men trying to kill each other in practice, we’re taking grounders getting ready for a game,” laughed Francona.

Did he bring along fiery second baseman Dustin Pedroia for some tough talk?

“I’m not going to embarrass the organization,” quipped Francona.


Green is hurt? BUMMER–another reliever down!๐Ÿ˜‰ GO SOX!


What a beautiful set-up they have in K.C. with both the baseball stadium and football in the same parking lot. I-70 runs right by it. Too bad both teams that play there are bad but the Chiefs will turn it around with Pioli in charge. Pioli did a GREAT job in N.E. with the draft/free agents.

Beckett should be embarrassed by his performance tonight!! Last time I checked he was supposed to be the “ace” of this staff.

I know that the Sox basically have the wild card sewn up, but do ya think its time to pull Beckett??

that’s funny Greg..

Really great thread, Ian… I KNOW that Pedey would have tried to take on a linebacker or 2…

I wish it were not quite so funny, Ellen. It might end up being true, esp. if Josh keeps up like this!:/ GO SOX!

It could be a real disaster without the caught stealing. Win or lose, I am really disturbed by Beckett’s performance. Not good.

Bummer that Mike can’t run well; if Jacoby had been the hitter, he might have beaten that one out! GO SOX!

You put the Red Sox out of Fenway Pahk and they are just another team!

Nick Green not with the team….What does Heidi Whatney do???? LOL!!

Hey, at least we caught a base-stealer! That’s a new concept, at least! GO SOX!

Can Heidi throw out baserunners, Brian?๐Ÿ˜‰ GO SOX!

Can Heidi throw out baserunners, Brian?๐Ÿ˜‰ GO SOX!

Ah, here we go again with the double-posting! SIGH! GO SOX!

Is this the Royals with Brett, Hal McRae, Willie Wilson, Steve “bye bye” Balboni. LOL!!! Is Saberhagen on the mound??? Liebrandt???

Only game Boston should have lost in this series was last night with the games best pitcher on the other team!!

Nice job, Jacoby and Dustin! 3-2! NICE JOB! GO SOX!


I assume Heidi can throw a ball or two around. LOL!!

No HFA in the playoffs unless the Sox reach the WS. As I said in the previous thread, if Beckett is pitching against the LAA or the Yanks tonight, he had probably already taken an early shower.

Regardless of their “away” record Brian.. THE REDSOX ARE NEVER JUST ANOTHER TEAM!!!!

I could never imagine being a Royals fan. Next year’s season is ovah already.

Do you want Beck back in the 5th to give the run back?

Nice job, V-Mart! A 22-game hitting streak? Not bad! Get em home, guys! GO SOX!


I disagree! They play very well at home but on the road they have troubles! Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmm. lol.


If the Red Sox are going to go anywhere in Oct. They MUST figure out there road troubles. If not the season will be ovah rather quick!

I thought we’d be able to get to Hochevar sooner or later. I’m not sure Beckett’s replacement would not give the run back, either! GO SOX!

Brian: If you were a fan of Nats, Oreos, the 2010 season will be ovah by the end of April, 2010. KC can be competitive in 2010. Who knows.

With 4 run lead, I would let Beck get the win and call it a night. See what Bowden & co. can do from 6 inning on.


I don’t see how K.C. in 2010 will be competitive. If they clone Grienke about 5 times over… yes but what are the chances of that happening??? I’ll say slim and none. lol.

KC can be competitive if they keep their roster together. Andy is right, that is an advantage they have over the Nats (even with Strasburg right now) and the Pirates, let alone the Oreos. Whether they can keep it going or not, good question. They started out well this year, and then tanked.

Good thing Beckett can get the win tonight, in spite of himself. If he finishes the inning, that is… GO SOX!

Brian: The Royals are 2 starting pitchers away and the hitting is OK. They can be competitive in the AL West. I didn’t say they will win the division.

KC made some good moves in the off-season last winter, incl. getting Coco. Unfortunately, they went sideways, and then down, after he got injured. They’re doing some good things there.

Hey, look, Josh finished 5 IP! Go figure! GO SOX!

Talking about the best pitcher, IMO the CY will be either Greinke or King Felix. Greinke is under KC control till 2013. Are u thinking what I am thinking. Greinke already said he doesn’t like to play in NY. If you can acquire King Felix, Greinke, Wow, Pow.

If we could acquire even one of them, I think we’d significantly improve. A lot depends, though, on what/ whom we give up to get him/ them. GO SOX!

Does Beckett have another year on his contract with us, or is he a FA?

2 more on base! Come on, V-Mart! GO SOX!

Drat! OK, let’s see who comes in for the 6th. GO SOX!

PLease lets not celebrate yet… we’ve seen larger leads slip away.
BUT GREAT JOB GUYS!!! Way to stoke the fire!!!

I liked Youk’s extra lid!๐Ÿ˜‰ GO SOX!

Good, Josh finished the 6th. Not a great effort this time, either–2 LOB in the inning–but Josh got it done. GO SOX!

At least we’ve gotten some run support for Josh. Let’s keep it up! GO SOX!

Papi, you are not a golfer–yet, anyway! GO SOX!

DIRECTLY into the Papi Shift! SIGH! GO SOX!

Oki is not particularly sharp right now, either. SIGH! SO or DP, OKI! GO SOX!

There’s your eye candy, Trixie!๐Ÿ˜‰ GO SOX!

Way to battle, Oki! Nice out! One more! GO SOX!

Great job, Oki! Let’s get some more runs! GO SOX!

Yes it was rather incredible, Ron. Not vintage Beckett at all.:/
Way to go, Wags! GO SOX!


That was not vintage Beckett, was it? Twelve hit and a walk in 6 innings. Amazing that he only gave up 2 runs.

But no home runs, at least. With all those base runners and the way he’s been giving up the long ball lately, that’s a recipe for disaster.

NO NO Brian.. When Tek isnt there, THEN we ask what does Heidi do!!!!

Greg.. Grienke is signed to KC through 2012.. I’m sure he’ll be rethinking that move…

You know guys.. I’m starting to get some intermittent shakes and tremors.. I’m feeling a bit dizzy and………….
At least this year we have MLB network to take teh edge off!! lol

Going for the comfort of my comforter.. will watch from there.. Night guys!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!! HANG ON!!!

DRAT! Nice try, A-Gonz! Let’s finish this 9th inning! GO SOX!

Trixie, a solid dose of playoff baseball might help with the withdrawal symptoms!๐Ÿ˜‰ GO SOX!

THAT’S the way to finish a game! Nice job, Pap! (No adventures! YES!)
Glad the bats woke up, even if in only 2 innings! That sure helped to overcome a subpar outing by Beckett. I sure hope Josh can do better, or we won’t do so well in a playoff series!
Take care, all! Good win! GO SOX!

And that’s a wrap for Minnesota and Seattle as far at the WC goes. All that’s left is Texas.

The next week and a half is going to be like a loooong intermission before Act II begins.

Hey everyone. Any comments on how easy it is to get a single game ticket for a Fenway game around April 18 – 20, 2010? I’ve been a Sox fan since the late 1960s, but have never seen them play, let alone seen them play in Fenway. I’m planning on going to crossing the continent to run the Boston Marathon on April 19, 2010. It would be great to see them play while I’m there (TB is in town that weekend, and then TEX the following week). How easy/expensive is it to get a single game ticket at Fenway? Especially that early in the season?

Hey, Ron, I don’t know the answer, but I’d be interested to know! Join the club–I’ve never been to Fenway, either, and I’ve seen only one Red Sox game (in the mid ’80s). I hope you can go! GO SOX!
Night all!

Brian: Getting back what you said that the Sox are just an ordinary team on the road. The Sox played 500 ball (actually 1 above 500) away from Fenway as to date. Not good. That?s the reason why I am so hard on pushing for the division title. It?s not just for the pride and vanity. It is about the HFA and which team the Sox play at playoffs. I think this year it won?t make any difference whether as a division champion or as a wc other than no HFA.
If the Sox won the division last year, they would likely not face the pesky TB in ALCS.
I don?t like to see Beckett repeat his last night?s winning performance at the ALDS. And knowing Uncle, he would stay with Beck until he gives up 5 or 6 runs?..

ronkelly: Tickets (I’m almost sure) go on sale right after Christmas. If you go to the website for ACE tickets (they are in Boston) or Stubhub you shouldnt have too much trouble and it shouldnt be TOO expensive. What kind of price tag can you put on walking into Fenway Park for the 1st time….??Its priceless… I’ve never been either, cant wait til I can.

Thanks for the input, Greg and Ellen. I’ll look into it. I’ve had the opportunity to drive to Seattle to see the Sox (I live in Vancouver, BC, just 2 hrs away) but it’s such a hassle getting across the boarder. And usually the only time it’s difficult to get good Mariner’s tickets is when Boston is in town! Its much easier to get tickets when the Yankees are in Seattle (snicker snicker)

moanin all….sigh…..this is the best time of the year and the worst time of the year for me…..wahoooooooo the play offs are on our doorstep….but the end of the season is also comming….in the present economy where we work harder and longer hours to make ends meet…the sox are a daily event to look forward to….i still hate off days….something is missing….some people will say you are nuts for putting so much time into a game ….its just a game to those ppl…its NOT just a game to me….i wasnt around for the bucky friggin dent thingy but i was destroyed by the aaron friggin boone thingy in 2003….what a team we had….well we did pull it out the next yr in what will always be the greatest sporting event in my lifetime….to see the sox sweep 4 from the yanks to comeback and advance was perfect…to be honest it far out weighed the series win….now for the ppl like me who count the hrs each day till the sox are on…our season is winding down and the postseason is looming…what will happen,who will be a hero or a goat,and when will the last sox game be this yr…the addition of vmart and gonzo have me chompin at the bit…i have a warm and fuzzy feeling….i see fire in the eyes….go sox… thing that does keep me going in the offseason is the bruins….im an old school boston fan…i like the pats…but it was always sox,bruins,celts then pats….and when bird retired the celts are a distant 3rd….so now i have the sox and bruins and to be honest hockey isnt what it used to be… now i have the sox lol…this offseason for the sox will be very very interesting….will wake retire(i doubt it,maybe he will pull a clemens and justy pitch after the all star break),what will happen with mikey,and papi…will bay sign?….will vmart be givin a longterm contract,will tek be gone,will we trade for halladay or sign holliday….will we go after han ram….wow….so many things to happen in offseason…hopefully we will have a WS title to entice some plrs….one way or the other…alot of decisions to be made….this offseason could make or break theos job…sigh….so its time to make a run at the east title then charge into the playoffs either as a wild card team or a shocking east beast….no matter how we do it….im breathless with anticipation…..on many fronts…..GO SOX……JUDGE

>> Today’s science question <<
I decided to make it was easy as you can get…promise!
What factors can change a solid to a liquid. There are two in all.
How long a life does the planet earth have as a function of our sun?

Temperature and pressure.
A long time, very long time. Not in my life time. lol

You knocked it out of the park. Well done.
The sun:
at about 100 million years from now our sun will be exhausting its supply of hydrogen and start to switch to helium. This will result in a much smaller…but much HOTTER sun. As this happens our oceans will evaporate and our atmosphere will begin to burn off.
The sun itself has about 4 billion years of life left in it. It will turn into a red giant and burn off Mercury and Venus. Earth itself may or may not live to see that moment.
Finally it will nova out the outer material and turn into a carbon squished diamond. Kind of cool actually.

Ron / Ellen,
You haven’t EXERIENCED a baseball game until you’ve been to Fenway. Bar none that is the most amazing place for a game. Spend the day on Yawkey, eat El Tiante’s brats, take a Fenway tour, then sing Sweet Caroline in the 8th. It doesn’t get any better. I’ve attended games all over this country and only Wrigley comes close. Yankee Stadium was historic, but full of drunks and idiots. I was a Ranger fan (my home team) as a boy, until I attended my first game at Fenway at age 10. THAT changed it all for me and I’ve never looked back. Folks around here can’t understand the connection — but there have been some who’ve been to Fenway and they agree that there’s nothing like it. We go every year for two series’ — this year it was against the White Sox (a few weeks ago) and we’ll be back in N.E. for the Toronto series to close out the season and to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary with a ride on the Kangamangus highway. Fall in N.E. is glorious. Ball at Fenway is even better. You HAVE to experience it for yourselves. Go Sox.


You are a lucky man. Vancouver a beeeeeutiiful city!

Temperature and pressure will change a state of a material, not just from solid to liquid. Can change from liquied to gas or vice versa, any combination of solid, liquid, gas.
What a relief to hear that the earth won’t die in my life time. Whew! LOL. I can watch the Sox playoff games with a peace of mind.
Also, the sun’s increasing luminosity will destroy the earth’s biosphere thus hasten earth’s demise.

You can rest easy on that one. For sure we will make man extinct long before man has anything to worry about from the sun.
You are indeed right of course. Solid to mass is just one transition state. You also have sublimation as seen on comets where you go from solid to gas due to heat changes…hence the trailing tail when a comet goes by a sun.

You can rest easy on that one. For sure we will make man extinct long before man has anything to worry about from the sun.
You are indeed right of course. Solid to mass is just one transition state. You also have sublimation as seen on comets where you go from solid to gas due to heat changes…hence the trailing tail when a comet goes by a sun.
Andrew, I suspect you took quite a few science courses in college. Your knowledge is quite impressive.

Dave: Yes, I took a few science courses in college. I just remember the some basics. Don’t know the how and why. lol.
I have simple question for you. What’s lifespan of our sun? What do you call a dying sun?

Never mind , you already answer the question. 4 B years. What do you call a dying star?


Very funny, naming one of the white dwarfs Varitek.

lnesad…. OUCH.. that was harsh… (but becoming a reality, unfortunately)

technically, all stars die the minute they are born since their supply of hydrogen is limited. How long a star lives depends on its size. Our sun, a yellow dwarf, has a lifespan of about 8 billion years. Hypergiants can last less than a million years (150 times the size of our sun) and stars smaller than our sun are predicted to burn out in over a hundreds of billions of years but obviously no evidence exists since our universe is only 13.7 billion years old.
How that happens is this: stars have an inner core than fuse hydrogen to helium (it’s more complex than that but we’ll move on) and once the hydrogen runs out, the force of gravity squeezes the sun and that generates a ton of heat. That allows the hydrogen to fuse into lithium and then berilium all the way to carbon. Our sun runs out of size to fuse carbon into heavier elements and turns into a red giant and then burns out leaving, literally a diamond left.
Suns 4 – 8 times larger eventually squeeze down (since they are that much bigger into a neutron star.
Suns explosive in size can fuse into iron. Once they have an iron core they can’t fuse any higher. Because of the properties of iron, it just melts. It takes the supernova explosion due to pressure from gravity to have the outer parts of the star fuse materials into gold, silver, etc. That’s why those elements are so rare in the universe compared to iron and that’s why we have planets of iron and not gold or silver.
Eventually those monster stars generate a black hole that forms the center of galaxies. Galaxies will merge created even larger black holes.
So I guess a dying star is how you define what is dying. If it runs out of hydrogen then it begins its death sounds since after that (which is the last part of its life) it grows hotter and smaller before it becomes really large and then shrinks again.
Of course you could say when the star doesn’t fuse anymore (carbon for our star), or iron for the large monsters…or when it does its final explosion before turning into either a black hole, a neutron star or a white dwarf (piece of carbon). The sub stars (smaller than our own) and predicted to just burn out of material. They’re too small to squeeze the helium down to fuse into larger elements so they just fizzle out.

by the way Andrew, you’ve just about tapped out my knowledge of stars! (LOL)

When Tito has a star pitcher “burning out” it seems that we are waiting an eternity for him to make the move. I guess eternity is even lomger than the sun burning out.

Hey Ron. My son and a friend were able to get tickets at Fenway in July! They flew from Vancouver to Montreal and drove down to Boston for a Saturday afternoon game. They said it was awesome. Paul

Let’s give the poor man a break. The ‘I Hate Tito’ campaign won’t fix the situation. He is what he is and right now, I wouldn’t want his job.

When I make caramel for flan I heat the sugar in a saucepan until it melts. No pressure involved.

I was thinking that Naomi might enjoy working with sugar. It’s a lot of fun and there is some science in it. In fact, pastry making relys on a lot of physics and chemistry. It might be a fun way for her to learn some really basic stuff. For instance, working bread dough to develop gluten elasticity and extensibility( there are 2 basic gluten proteins) to get a good rise. Conversely, in most pastries you don’t want to develop gluten so you must be careful to avoid working the dough too much. Baking is much more scientific than cooking. Check out this link for basic sugar syrup fun facts:

remember you can either use heat or pressure and thanks. We’ll have fun with that. Naomi is addicted to science.

remember you can either use heat or pressure or both and thanks. We’ll have fun with that. Naomi is addicted to science.

Have Naomi check out Alton Brown’s show Good Eats on the food network. He’s kind of a geek, but he gives a lot of the science behind the food preparation, the whys and wherefores. His show on Angel cakes is very good with a lot of discussion about albumen and why egg whites act the way they do. Not that she would want to be a chef or pastry chef, but it is a fun way to apply science.

arnie: When you heat the sugar in a saucepan until it melts. There is pressure involvedat normal atmospheric pressure you and I don’t see.
At normal atmospheric pressure as you and I are now, let’s say it takes 212 degree F to melt the sugar. If you take the same sugar to a high pressure area, it can take 300 degree or higher to melt. Likewise if you take the suagr to a room where there is no air pressure, you can melt the sugar at room temperature.
The law is it takes temperature AND pressure to change a state of a material. Am I right Professor Fernandes?

No, no, Andy, just relax, no pressure at all! Put the sugar in your saucepan, turn the heat on medium and the sugar will melt and brown up. DON’T get any on you, it burns like napalm! You’ll get a nice blister in about 2 seconds! Then, when it is brown pour it into your baking pan for flan. Yum!!!

Jim, YOU are the fortunate one if you’ve been to Fenway that often (even living outside the area!) and can describe it that vividly. I’m even more jealous now!๐Ÿ˜‰
Speaking of Fenway, Julia, you had better be on good behavior there–your third trip to Fenway this year, and you are 0-2! You need to up your win % for this trip!๐Ÿ˜‰
Arnie and Dave, I am quite a good cook, I am an OK baker. Science has something to do with that, also. Measurements and timing have to be more precise with baking than with a lot of cooking, and with my screwed up eyesight (I see double without my glasses), chemistry, with its precise timing and measurements, frustrated the nonsense out of me. I enjoy baking, but for those same reasons, I am not as good at it.

Ellen, unfortunately, a LOT of truth in Inesad’s comment about Tek. All the more reason, I am glad we got V-Mart–and the fact that he has been hot at the bat is all the better!

Dave, what was the name of that song (I think it was a song, anyway!)? “Blinded by Science”? That fits me well–except I’m “Double-Visioned by Science”. It made my head spin!๐Ÿ˜‰ GO SOX!

Most pastry chefs are anal, fussy and a little prissy. Chefs are more in love with chaos. Chefs and pastry people do NOT get along well, generally. Think Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. You can strike a happy medium if you like to bake bread, it isn’t as precise as pastry.

Fenway is like going to a game in the “way back machine”. You can feel the history. And the eccentricity of the place. Bill Lee said one day he was doing some stretching in the outfield grass by himself and a pure white pigeon landed next to him. Lee said this pigeon was an embodiment of Babe Ruth or old Mr Yawkey, I can’t remember which, but they had a long conversation and at the end the pigeon flew away and Bill Lee saw it from time to time sitting on the very top of the stands. He said the pigeon told him that the Sox would win the World Series when they built a new stadium. Shows you what pigeons know!!!

Arnie, that is what I have understood about pastry chefs, and about their interactions with their chef counterparts. I can bake a pretty good loaf of bread, and I do some cakes well.๐Ÿ™‚

OK, let’s all get this temp/pressure idea in solid footing.
The states of matter are just labels we assign as heat is added to the matter in question.
Take ice. If you simply apply heat, the water molecules will be excited and change into a liquid state…which is just a label. Keep going and it changes to what we call a gas state. Remove the heat and water will eventually revert back to what we call ice.
Add pressure to nitrogen gas and it will be compressed and expand and of course heat up. Without using heat, you are still using energy to compress the nitrogen. The nitrogen will absorb the energy from the pressure and heat up. The pressure of gravity for example is what explodes a sun when it runs out of energy. All that built up matter squeezed together from gravity heats up exponentially and then we go supernova.
Pressure and heat are two different ideas but accomplish the same goal…and if you want to make effective bombs then by all means use pressure AND heat and you’ll have a real good time.

Seriously though, don’t do the bomb thing OK…

Hi All!! Texas is losing 10-3 in the 8th to Oakland – a win would give us another game in the wild card and cut our magic # to 4. I agree with all who said that Fenway is a GREAT place to see a baseball game!!! It is very special!!

OK Dave, let’s see if I got this right…..If I heat up a chunk of ice, water gets excited(good to know) and then I can make a label stick to it???? Ok I got the first sentence. Then if I keep heating up my ice I will get gas. Also good to know. And if I add pressure to nitrogen it will be compressed AND expand??? And all that will ultimately cause the sun to explode and we all die?? But not before we make a few bombs, just for fun. No wonder I dropped out of school!

Julia, have you gone to Game #.3 at Fenway yet–aka, attempt #.3 to get a win there for you? You need to up your win % for the year, right?๐Ÿ˜‰ GO SOX!

I’m going next Tuesday Greg – against Toronto. We should have clinched a playoff spot before then. Sadly – it looks like I will not get to see Wakefield!! The Red Sox have pushed him out to Wednesday to help lineup the rotation for the playoffs. Look like I will see Buchholz now. Oakland beat Texas tonight – our magic # is 4! GO RED SOX!!!

I’ll never forget the first time I went to Fenway. Stepped out of the semi-dark into the grandstand and was blown away by the green! I must have been about 8 or 9. I spent a lot of time there while in college (it was still affordable, back then). I have been to many parks since, but none can compare to Fenway.

come on clay..
see y’all later…

All of the bloggers here don’t want to see Delcarmen in the playoffs so are most bloggers in other blogs. Regardless, what do you think Uncle Tito will do? Manny or no Manny?
Another poll, whom do you like to see as a SP in Game 1 of ALDS? Beckett or Lester?

skipjack – I’ve lived in the Boston area all my life and I just love Fenway!! I too spent a lot of college days there – was cheap AND you could get tickets!

We get the Rem-Dawg in the booth for the first time in a Yankees series this season! It will be great to have him there.

GO RED SOX!!!!!!

23 game hitting for V-Mart! Keep it up!! Bring him home!!!


If Beckett is 100 % healthy, he should get the nod for game 1 in Anaheim. I’ll say Francona doesn’t choose Delcarmen for rd. 1 in the playoffs. If Francona does choose him, I’ll have to call Francona “cousin It”. HA…HA….It was foolish when he had Timlin and Byrd on the playoff roster last year. I just criticized Francona on here, oh no….The Francona worshippers will want too hunt me down. LOL!!

I wish it was 2 weeks from now, let the REAL games begin!!

Way to go, V-Mart! Get a couple more! GO SOX!
Julia, you’d be wise to get the Sox a win in the Toronto game. We can’t have an 0-3 record for you going into the playoffs–after all, at the rate you are going, you’ll end up with a playoff set of tickets, also, and we can’t have any losing streaks going into the playoffs!๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s to hoping that Rem-Dawg gets us some good vibes going in the Yankees series! GET WELL, REM-DAWG! GO SOX!

Greg – that chances of me getting playoff tickets are slim to none so NO worry! lol!

Clay needs to settle in and GET THIS DONE!!!!!

Good job, Buch! One more!! Hold em there! GO SOX!

Way to go, Buch! Let’s get Buch some runs! GO SOX!

The Royals worked the pitch count deep. 29 pitches in the first inning. Not good.

Great job for Clay to get out of that!!! Let’s get some runs boys!!!!

The Royals was another GREAT franchise when I was growing up. Year in and year out they ruled the A.L. West ( now they’re in the Central ) So many solid players they had, most of them thru there GREAT farm system. Royals, Pirates, Orioles these are franchises that are just clueless!

Yeah, Brian, I remember the Royals and the Pirates (and the Reds, for that matter!) being very good, if not kings of the hill, quite well as I was growing up, All the more sad, now, that they are the bottom-feeders of their leagues for so long now. GO SOX!

I love Ian’s headline….”Green Still In Limbo”. That has been the case for a while now. LOL!! Green did have a very surprising first-half, came up with a fair amount of clutch hits but faded and was never heard from again. His play at s.s. was poor even when he was hitting. He seemed more comfortable on the mound than he was at s.s. LOL!!

Way to go, Dustin! Come on, V-Mart, let’s increase that lead! GO SOX!


You said it perfectly….for so long now! I don’t see much of a future for those teams. Nothing consisent anyway, perhaps a decent year here and there. At least with the Rays you look at that team and they have some very good pieces on that team but K.C.—Balt.—Pitts.—very few on each team. Balt. has it the worst because of Bos. and N.Y. in the same division and those (2) teams have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

Well, so much for that rally! OK, Buch, let’s keep up the good work. Preferably with fewer pitches per inning!! GO SOX! Let’s get Buch some more runs to work with!


So – we are having a discussion on Twitter – anyone seen the ads for a company that you can text them a question and they will answer it. The company is called “KGB” – I think it is a bad name – and a lot of the young kids didn’t get what the KGB was. That is terrible – my boys know. But question – what do you think of the name?

A Boston win and they’ll be .500 on the road, thank heaven for the Orioles. HA..HA…

I know, Brian, and it is not likely to change anytime soon. Unfortunately for them.
Brian, the only real difference between Green and Lugo was that Green was hitting while LugNuts was not–thus somewhat evening out Green’s miscues. I hope we can do better at that in the upcoming years–A-Gonz should help with that! GO SOX!

Speaking of not knowing history, Julia! Why ANYONE would use the letters KGB instead of their “5-4-2” numbers is a real head-scratcher! Why would you do that to yourselves???!! GO SOX!

Keep up the good owrk, Buch! Get him some runs! GO SOX!

I guess that tells you what I think about that name, Julia!๐Ÿ˜‰


Blogging, tweeting/twitter, I assume your texting as well. A multi tasker you are. LOL!! Who came up with twitter??? Who was the first person to be on twitter??? Remember at one time there was myspace, now it’s facebook, what’s next??? When will they ever put seatbelts on the bus??? The kids should be able to buckle up!! We send men/women to the moon but no seatbelts for the kids on the bus! MY oh my!

When I was in high school there were no school district buses. We took the regular bus. Cost us 20 cents each way. Countless times I spent all my money on pinball and had to trade cigarettes for a couple of dimes so I could get home. Life was hard back in the day. LOL

Well – this game just got interesting!!!!

KC manager GONE!!!

Big Papi HR!!

I think the ump over reacted.

Let’s try this again.

When I was in high school there were no school district buses. We took the regular bus. Cost us 20 cents each way. Countless times I spent all my money on pinball and had to trade cigarettes for a couple of dimes so I could get home. Life was hard back in the day. LOL

Actually Brian – I don’t really text – I leave that to my 15 year old! lol!

I do Twitter, I do not do facebook or myspace

Seatbelts in buses is an interesting debate.

So….do you think a fan is going to throw something at the home plate ump?

Brian, seatbelts on a schoolbus are much more basic than Twitter, and yet they haven’t done it! They were installed in our school district for a grand total of 2 years when I was in HS, and I was seemingly the only one who was glad to have them–I happily wore mine! The rest of em? Hmmm!… GO SOX!

Julia, I don’t have the game on, I’m just following it. Was the HR disputed? Is that why Hillman was tossed?
Come on, Reddick! GO SOX!

Way to go, Reddick! 3-0! Come on, A-Gonz! GO SOX!


DRAT! OK, Buch, we have a lead for ya! Keep up the good pitching! GO SOX!

Arnie, are you a “Pinball Wizard”?๐Ÿ˜‰ I still am a video game junkie, as I was in HS when I could play and watch Pac-Man games for HOURS! (And Ms Pac-Man, also!–Dates me, eh?) GO SOX!

Way to go Buch! 1-2-3! Keep it up! GO SOX!
Arnie, if I were a smoker or a drinker, therefore, I’d have been up the creek!

Reddick is not major league ready yet. I always get a kick out of a pitching change where the manager replaces the struggling pitcher with a reliever with ERA over 13.
The way the rotation is set up, Uncle has the option of starting Beckett or Lester in Game 1. I don’t think Uncle has made up his mind yet. I agree with Brian if Beck is healthy, he should start. But we don’t know. Was last night’s game an abberation or Beck’s present form?

I’m having some trouble posting today.
Greg, I was pretty good at pinball. Never could master pool. And for some reason I despise video games. I’m too old for them, I think.
How about them there Sox, eh? Papi chasing 30 home runs, Buchy looking better and better. Vmart pushing Tek aside(now that’s sad) if Beckett can go into the post season strong the Sox will be tough. Beckett, Lester, Buchy, Dice-K. Killer!!!

I wonder what Billy Traber is doing???

I’m trying to follow on Gameday. Seems like Buch is having a great night so far!

Maybe Traber is playing Pac-Man, Brian! Who knows? As long as we don’t have him!

Good job, Mike! Get him home, Kotch! GO SOX!

Way to go, Kotch! 2B! Come on, Reddick, get em home! GO SOX!

Is it my imagination or does this ump have a very small strike zone?

DRAT! Did not drive em in. Come on, Buch! Keep up the good work!
Skipjack47, since you are following on Gameday, and I have just been following on the Red Sox front page, perhaps you heard: Why was the KC skipper tossed from the game? Was Papi’s HR disputed, or was there another reason?

Way to go, BUCH! 3 H through 5 IP! Great job! GO SOX!

The KC skipper was tossed when the KC pitcher threw near Lowell’s head (after two inside pitches) the ump warned both benches – the KC manager came out and the ump ejected him WAY to fast! The crew chief had to get between the two of them.

I’m off to bed – I have to get up early for my cousin’s funeral – I plan on being here for the Yankee’s game tomorrow night – so see you all then!

Good night and GO RED SOX!!!!

Thanks, Julia for that info! Take care! Praying for your cousin’s family!

Trey Hillman must have said the magic word that we bloggers here are too civilized to use.

2B, RBI! Way to go, Dustin! GO SOX!


Hey all… I think it might be safe for me to be here, but you never know.!!! Clay has looked VERY impressive tonight. Great composure, great pitches. oops, I spoke too soon.. He just hit the batter…
Anyway, I’ve got an early day tomorrow, so I’ll see you in the A.M.

Jules.. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family..
God Bless you and yours.

Great job, Buch! 6 solid IP! GO SOX!
Ellen, you don’t seem to have done too much damage!๐Ÿ˜‰ Buch got out of it!
How many other runners has Buch had, whether BB or HBP? He really seems to be coming on strong down the stretch, which will be great if he can keep it going for the playoffs! GO SOX!

Come on, Kotch! Get Mike home!
Yabuta-san seems to be in a “long-relief/ innings-eating” role tonight!

Buch seems to have gotten stingier with his pitches after a rougher first 2 innings. 94 pitches through 6 IP. Good work, Buch! GO SOX!

Well, Buch didn’t quite get through the 7th, 6 2/3 strong innings, though. Nice 2-pitch out for Ramon to finish the inning. Good job, Buch! GO SOX!

I hope Wake can pitch on Tues. as scheduled, and pitch effectively. GO WAKE! GO SOX!

GOOD! Walked a run home! Still bases loaded! GO SOX!

DRAT! Only one run in. I hope we don’t repeat that in the Yankees series. GO SOX!

2-R HR. Not good. Let’s finish this game, no more runs allowed! GO SOX!

Come on, Tito, we need another pitcher in there! Get it going! GO SOX!

We seem to have forgotten how to get outs, all of a sudden. Two more outs to go in the 8th, guys! The game is NOT over! Heads in the game! GO SOX!

This is pathetic! 3 runs in SO FAR, and the go-ahead run is at the plate???!! What the LLEH is this?

GOOD! SOMEONE LISTENED! Get some more runs, guys! We’re trying to give runs away, so we’ll need more! GO SOX!

Good! We have one run back! Come on, Dustin! Let’s get 2 more! GO SOX!

Nice SB Jacoby! Way to get him in, Dustin! Keep going! (Remember last inning?!) GO SOX!

Way to go, V-Mart! 5 errors for KC this game! THAT helps! GO SOX!

Nice job, Brian Anderson! 4 runs in the inning! (We got the runs back! YES! Memo to pitchers: Don’t give up the runs in the first place!) GO SOX!

That’s MUCH better, Saito-san! Good job to finish the game, after the near-debacle in the 8th!
GREAT JOB by Buch tonight–almost got through the 7th, with a shutout! Glad the bats were awake tonight! GO SOX!

Gotta love that promo line for the “All-Time 9”: “Who’s better–Papi or Ortiz?” Sounds a lot like the AFLAC Yogi-ism: “And they give you cash, which is just as good as money!”๐Ÿ˜‰
We usually are cheering, and not yelling at Papi when we use his Papi name, though. When we call him Ortiz, we usually are not too happy with him! Hmmm!… GO SOX!
Take care all! Good win, Sox!

I don’t know what Toronto was asking and what Boston was offering for Doc Halladay back in late July. But if Buchholz was part of the deal that Toronto refused…I’ll bet they’re kicking themselves now.

I’m not so sure I’d trade Buchholz for Halladay, anymore. He’s been outstanding since he was recalled…tremendous promise for next year. I know we’ve heard that before with Buchholz, but somehow he just seems more mature. He’s here to stay this time.

And y’know, I’ve been as critical about Ortiz as anyone this year. And although the average is still pretty low and he’s had two prolonged droughts this year, when you look at the HRs and RBIs, he has an outside chance of 30 and 100, respectively.

For an “off” year, that’s not too bad. And he looks to be warming up for the playoffs. Remember Drew’s GS against in the playoffs after a disappointing first season? A season of fan frustration was immediately forgotten. Maybe it’s going to be Ortiz these playoffs.

You’re confusing two different ideas. Liquid nitrogen is freezing cold because room temperatures immediately turns it into a gas. When you squeeze or compress nitrogen it’s going to heat up making it very difficult to turn into a liquid. The process actually cools the nitrogen as it gets compressed so you don’t have a great explosion.
That’s why on Titan? there is a liquid ocean of methane. Temps are not hot enough to turn it into a gas.
Suns gets squeezed or compressed at all times due to gravity. The larger the sun the greater the gravitational force. That’s why suns explode. Unless they have fuel to burn to compensate, gravity will take care of the rest. It’s also why the larger the sun the hotter the sun because of not only the fuel supply but the force of gravity crushing it.

It sounds like Lester will get the nod for game 1, chances are it will be in Anaheim against Lackey. Personally I would have gone with Beckett for game 1 but overall I don’t think it really matters. When your talking Lester and Beckett, it’s more like 1 and 1A. Bottom line Boston has the best duo in baseball and I think they have the best rotation in Oct.

Lester should do his usual against the Yanks in N.Y. and everyone’s favorite villain is on the hill for the bad guys. It would be nice if Boston could get a W in N.Y. tonight. Last time Lester pitched in N.Y. he did well but had nothing to show for it.

Good too see Ortiz hitting the longball, Boston will need his bat in the playoffs!! When the season started I thought Ortiz would hit 25-30 H.R. and end up around 100 R.B.I. but I didn’t think he would even hit more than 20 H.R. after his POOR start. Ortiz has had quite the comeback, I think the start he had this year was one of the WORST I have ever seen. 2009 has been a very trying season for Ortiz. I’m guessing one of the longgggest season’s of his career.

Disagree with a short 5 game series and days off Lester I would want to pitch twice against the Angels. Lefthander helps keep runners close to base too.
Lester is a horse, only Sox pitcher who can go on short notice.

Brian: I hate to say it but at this time Lester and Buckie are more effective than Beckett. I am pleasantly surprised by Ortiz’s bat and Saito coming out of the pen. Will they last? Who knows.
Pending the outcome of the NY series, those two blown games (Tek’s passed ball and the rain game) may or may not loom large. As I said, division or wc won’t make a huge difference this year other than the HFA. Last year it was.

Hey everyone.. I think the umps should just come out and warn Chamberlain now.. Whats the over under on when and how many he’ll plunk tonight?? I will be SHOCKED if he doesnt go after Youk or Martinez….
I am a little nervous about the game, but no more so than any series against them.
Lester should be able to tame the boppers.


Lester yes but Buchholz dunno about that. Are you saying you would have Buchholz start game 2 before Beckett??? Saito out of the pen, who knows what we’ll see from him. Only thing I know is when the game is tight, Saito doesn’t do well. Anyone can pitch with a big lead, well just about everyone. Obviously Ramirez couldn’t last night.

Home field advantage in the last 2 years has been HUGE in the A.L.C.S. In 2007 Boston showed that and of course the Rays showed that as well. Of course 2004 was a totally different story. I think 2003 home field advantage was the difference as well.

Speaking of the umps, that home plate umpire over-reacted last night big time! Those 2 pitches to Lowell were breaking balls, these umps are getting dumber as the season gets deeper!

Brian: No. No. I am leaning toward starting Lester in Game 1 and will be completely convinced after tonght’s game. Buckie who has no playoff experince is the no. 3 starter no matter what.
HFA is so huge a difference. That’s why I am crying for the divison not just for th pride and vanity. It means winning the ALCS and possible the WS. We HAD the shot for the division this year. but never mind……………sigh………………

Yes.. I think that he definitely over reacted. We can only hope that the umps in NewYork have more restraint and use more discretion.
Hopefully with the next Umpires contract they will tighten things up a bit.
Does anyone agree with me on the issue of the suspensions.. that get handed out when a position player is suspended as opposed to a picher?? A postition player (or reliever) could actually miss, say, 5 “games”. With the same suspension a rotation pitcher misses 1 game. Doesnt seem fair to me.


Dice-K should get the nod for game 3 at Fenway….Buchholz game 4. I’m guessing the Yankees will go with the longer series. If that’s the case Boston will need (4) starters in rd. 1 I assume the Yankees will go with the longer series. If the Yankees do choose the longer series in rd. 1—they could face Verlander twice! Verlander is a type of pitcher that can shutdown a lineup for an entire game. What will Girardi do??? Oh by the way Andy, don’t cry for the division, your wasting your tears. lol. Unless Boston swept the Yankees, then it could happen but highly unlikely that will happen but stranger things have happened.


These suspensions that are handed out at times are a joke! Look at Posada ( that fight with Toronto ) he’s the one who started everything and even made contact with the home plate umpire and got only 3 games. Explain that one to me. Personally I think baseball should come down hard and these brawls/headhunters will drop dramatically! Guranteed but the union will never allow that.


I don’t think Chamberlain will throw at anyone tonight.

The team that a computer picked ( I didn’t pick any players ) and I haven’t even looked on who’s on my team, I still have a chance to win….Now that is funny! Who is on my team???? LOL!!

When its our teams thats getting the suspension, and its a pitcher, of course we dont mind the lopsidedness (example: 5 games vs 1 start) but flip it around and then I think its unfair.. Suspensions should be games NOT Starts… Even playing field and all that…..
Bri… Do you think Chamberlain will throw at the RedSox batters tonight??
Oh BTW you are tied in the semi-finals as of today, 2 days left in the week. I cant wait until your team wins. Then I can go on the site and let the guys know that they were beaten by a never managed team!!! lol that’ll be FUN!!!

Here is a question for you guys:
Is Cliff Lee eligible for the Cy Yopung award ONLY in the NL?? He spent the majority of the season in the A.L….
That should be something that will make you gop HMMMMM….


He’s eligible but unlikely he’ll win. Remember last year when Zazu was traded to L.A. and he went on a tear and some folks tossed his name around for the M.V.P. in the N.L. last year.

Brian: The division was washed away with the rain the other night. That’s why I said we HAD the shot at division. It can still happen but unlikely. Sigh…..

Brian, This is your team… you kicked my butt.. Actually we split our series…

C Taylor Teagarden
1B Mark Teixeira
2B Alexei Ramํrez
3B Chris Davis
SS –empty
OF Carl Crawford
OF Vernon Wells
OF Johnny Damon
Util David Ortiz
BN Robinson Can๓
BN Jos้ Guill้n
BN David DeJes๚s

SP Zack Greinke
SP Brandon Morrow
SP Jered Weaver
SP John Smoltz
SP Phil Hughes
RP Frank Francisco
RP Matt Thornton
RP Jeremy Accardo
RP Darren Oliver
RP Dirk Hayhurst
P Brett Anderson
P Carl Pavano
BN Phil Coke
BN Justin Thomas

Yeah, but they talked about him being the NL mvp… not the AL. Lee spent more time in the AL, so could he be nominated in BOTH???


Thanks. That is the first look of my team. lol. I would have had Cano play second base and put Ramirez at s.s. Ramirez for a thin guy has some pop in his bat. I don’t even have a s.s. Now that is funny! I guess I’m like the Red Sox, lol. Of course that was before Gonzalez arrived.

I doubt Lee will get any votes for Cy Young in the A.L. I think he’ll get some votes in the N.L. but his chances of winning are remote. I think the N.L. is between Philly and St. Louis. I would lean towards St. Louis. New Hampshire native Chris Carpenter with Wainwright is a tough duo, not to mention Pujols and Holliday, the best one two punch in baseball.

I remember back in 1990, Willie McGee was traded from St. Louis to Oakland in late Aug. of that year. McGee had enough at bats too qualify and won the batting title in the N.L. even though he finished the year with the A’s.

tcd… If you had read the earlier posts, youd see that this is a team that was never managed.. the manager joined the league, had auto pick and then found he was unable to participate… So a team that has never had a move made to adjust it is winning that league… there are 18 teams in the league.
You have really funny timing when it comes to your visits….


To be honest with you, the division was lost when Boston couldn’t hit while they got swept out of N.Y. Boston was too far behind and N.Y. didn’t go on a extended losing streak. N.Y. bought the playoff berth but can they buy the W.S.???? I doubt it. Once again it comes down to starting pitching and that is the reason why there last title is 2000.


T.C.D. was just let out of his mom’s basement so he has no CLUE per usual. I’m guessing he has a pass for this weekend only, after Sunday….it’s back to the basement for t.c.d. HA…HA….

So true… lol


So very true. lol. Your Canes are kicking some butt. Over the years they have had a difficult time at Va. Tech but I think the Canes will win tom. Oklahoma next week, what a tough start to a season. If the Canes are still undefeated after the Oklahoma game…They should be in the top 5. Something tells me…the Canes and Noles will meet again…..this time at the A.C.C. Championship game in Tampa.

All these high-minded concepts of simultaneously expanded and compressed nitrogen and oceans of liquid flatulence on planet Clair are fine, but can you talk about something closer to home?? Take for instance, we had a thunderstorm last night here. I’ve noticed that occasionally, we get a snowstorm with thunder and lightening but that is quite rare. Why is it so much more common to have thunder and lightening in summer?? Thanks.

It would be nice if the Sox could take this series in New York. Just to send a message to themselves that they have re-captured the magic from earlier in the season. They are playing well right now and the pitching, hitting and fielding are finally all clicking together. What great good fortune to have that happen now.
Joba the Head-Hunter on the mound tonight. Let’s see how long it takes for him to buzz someone.

That was my first question of the day, Arnie…
How’re things out in the Wild Wild West??? I talk to my brother in Denver 2-3 times a week, but all he does is complain, so our conversations are short… I did read that you awoke to snowcapped peaks the other day… Whats the temp like during the day now?? I’ll trade you without even knowing what it is!!!

Oh.. and I say he (Joba-da-butt) does it by the 3rd inning and it will be either Youk, Vmart or Bay…. If he’s trying to make it look accidental, though, he should stay away from Youk and Bay as he has hit both of them before.

Hi Ellen, Things are great here. We had a cool week but the temps are supposed to be back in the high 70’s tomorrow. It’s been in the 50’s all week.
Sorry that your brother is not happy. Things will improve, I’m sure.
How is southern Florida these days??
Joba’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I would not be surprised if he threw at Youk’s head again. I think he needs a therapist.
Maybe Greg could counsel him.

tcd just gave away a little clue about himself.. The term “to spoon” is one that folks as old as say Arnie and myself are familiar with, certainly not a young person.. and if thats the case his moms gotta be REALLY old!! lol
TCD… do you still make your mom clean up after you?? Try to be nicer to her, huh??


Rumor had it that you were in the basement, I assume you must have been good boy lately and now your in the attic. Is it an upgrade??? lol.


I like to spork. lol.

I wonder how Craig is doing??
Since he has mastered the Shooting Bow Pose, I think he is ready for the Scorpion Pose.
Whatta ya say, Craig??? Ya up for it?

Hi All! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. My cousin who died was a police officer and while he did not die in the line of duty – the support his family received from his fellow officers throughout his entire illness, this week and today at the funeral was overwhelming. I had never been to the funeral of a police officer before – and the pageantry was impressive and touching and sad all at the same time. For any police officers who read Ian’s blog – please know that the support you show the family during these trying times is greatly appreciated. They even thought of his children – who are very young; I’m not sure his son will ever remember his dad – they had bears made at Build-a-Bear Workshop for them in police uniforms. It will be a long time before I will be able to walk by that store in the mall without tearing up.

So Red Sox – my cousin Joey was a great fan of yours – can we win one for him tonight???

I’ll be back in time for the game – GO RED SOX!!!! Let’s get the job DONE!!!!!

We’re thinking of you, Julia. I also have a cousin who is a career police officer. It’s a tough job.

Thinking of you and praying for you and your cousin’s family down here, Julia! Take care of yourself!
I see tcd has resurfaced. I was beginning to think he was running scared, since we’ve been gaining ground on his team (what was that team’s name again? Oh, yes…) Figures he would resurface during the upcoming series.
Arnie, I saw a note that perhaps I needed to schedule a counseling session or two for Joba-da-Hut. Maybe we can arrange that–I can squeeze in tcd while I am at it!๐Ÿ˜‰
Down here at our ballpark for the Tourists, a radiology office has a promo: “Ump’s head examined for free” (Garry might like that to happen for a few umps–starting perhaps with last night’s!). Perhaps tcd could benefit, also!

Dave, as the resident scientist around here (and for anyone else who is interested, of course!), you might find a geological phenomenon here of interest. We have a rock formation here along the Blue Ridge Parkway called “Looking Glass Rock”(my family and I took a trip there very recently–about 60 miles away from Asheville). As a scientist, I suspect you know about plutons–Looking Glass Rock is one. (A pluton is a rock that forms from underground volcanic activity. As I understand it, the lava and magma build up over the ages to form a dome-shaped rock). There is a beautiful waterfall by the same name (Looking Glass Falls) nearby. What is particularly striking about this one is that you can view it on the Blue Ridge Parkway from almost every angle–you can view it almost the entire 360 degree around. It is SPECTACULAR in autumn. Here is a link to view it:
You may particularly find it interesting, Dave.

I’m out the door, guys,,, and Jules of course…
I’m going to “strike” fear into our opponents!!!
and Hey Youk… DUCK… Joba-da-butt is on the mound!!!!

Via Ian on Twitter:

David Ortiz’s 25 homers since June 6 lead the American League.

Good luck bowling Ellen!!!

Let’s get a win tonight!!! GO RED SOX!!!!

OK Sox–Let’s take the Evil Empire– one game at a time. Let’s start tonight!!! GO SOX!!!!!

Let’s Do it RED SOX!!! Beat the Yankees!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!

Come on Lester!! You can DO IT!!!!!

Come on Lester – HOLD THEM!!!!!! You are SO much better then Joba-the-hut!!!!

Hey – Tek – HANG ON TO THE BALL!!! Not good!

UGH!!!!!! LESTER!!! THAT IS NOT GOOD!!!!!!! We can NOT let them score early!!!!!

The stolen bases are going to kill us – aren’t they??? UGH!!!!!!

LESTER!!! This is SOOOOOOO not good!!!!!

okay – minimum damage – GET IT BACK RED SOX!!!!!

Hi all. 30 pitches in the first inning! This is from one of our best pitchers. Not a good start. GO SOX.

Hi Paul – and we were NOT any good in the top of the 2nd! We’re making Joba look good!!

Settle in Lester – NO RUNS!!!!

Julia, Have the SB killed us yet? Rumor has it, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!๐Ÿ˜‰
How are you doing tonight, Julia? I hope today was not too tough for you!
How is everyone else tonight? GO SOX!

I have really had ENOUGH of these stolen bases!!!!

We really need to ditch those Friday lids!:/ GO SOX!

What is going on with Lester???? He is NOT pitching well.

And we survived the inning anyway!
Come on, Lester! Settle in! Let’s get Jon some runs! GO SOX!

NEW THREAD people! The first one on it is that Yankee troll.


This game is not going well is it? We need to see a MUCH better Lester this inning!!!!!

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