Varitek handling reduced role; Clinch party?

The Red Sox had a lineup on Friday night that had Jason Varitek behind the plate and Mike Lowell — despite four homers and 14 RBIs lifetime against Joba Chamberlain — on the bench.

“I really wish it was a little bit different,” Francona said. “He’s swung the bat so well off of Joba. It just doesn’t seem to make much sense to do that. We’ve got a couple of lefties the next two days. Again, and I know the numbers, it’s tremendous. I’m just trying to do something to not hurt him physically.”

Most often of late, Varitek has been the one to feel the lineup squeeze that has existed since Victor Martinez was acquired on July 31. Over that span, the Red Sox had played 50 games entering Friday, with each guy catching 25. Of course, Martinez has started at first base in nearly every instance when he wasn’t caching, while Varitek has ben relegated to the bench.

How has Varitek handled that?

“There was a reason they put that ‘C’ on his chest,” Francona said. “Even through maybe disappointment, or like you referred to it, a little bit of a reduced role, he still exhibits a lot of leadership. He’s helped Victor and he will continue to be very valuable to what we’re doing.”

Francona said that Varitek will catch two of the three games this weekend, but didn’t say if Martinez will catch Daisuke Matsuzaka on Saturday.

“It’s a possibility,” Francona said. “We don’t quite know yet what we’re going to do tomorrow or the next day. I don’t know if we want Tek to catch all three. We’ll see.”

In another matter, the Red Sox, as David Ortiz indicated Thursday in Kansas City, will have no reservations about spraying champagne at Yankee Stadium if they clinch the Wild Card this weekend.

Ortiz joked in KC that it would be nice not to have to get the home clubhouse at Fenway dirty.

Manager Terry Francona also indicated his team should relish the moment when they officially become one of the eight teams what will move on.

“Of course. Oh yeah. I’ve actually been asked a couple of times, hey, if this happens, are you guys going to celebrate?’ I could never quite understand that. Because we were fortunate enough to win six years ago and then a couple of years ago, why in the world would we not be happy if we’re fortunate enough to go back to the playoffs?” Francona said.

“I never did quite understand that. What we don’t need to do is choreograph anything. That’s the part I think we need to stay away from. A couple of years ago, when Pap danced out on the field after that crazy night when we were at home and Mora bunted [against the Yankees], [there was] all the craziness there that could probably only happen in New York or Boston. …  What I’d like for us to do is play good and if they’re comes a moment when we’re able to celebrate, just do whatever you feel like doing.”


It was a smart move to have Martinez catch Beckett the other night in K.C. and I assume we’ll see Martinez catch Dice-K tomorrow. The less I see of Varitek, the better. His bat is useless, he hasn’t hit anything in the second-half. Varitek’s poor play has made this decision alot easier for Francona. Would the Sox carry a 3rd catcher in the playoffs??? Kottaras??? Brown???

The Yankees are making Lester work tonight. While Joba is mowing down the Red Sox. Memo to the Red Sox hitters, make this kid work.

Are you captaining the Red Sox now, tcd?

MY goodness! Joba is making it look easy!

Nope, Lester is not on tonight at all.

I sure hope Jon is OK!

Since when do we let children decide what the Red Sox will and will not do?? I guess tcd’s mommy doesn’t let him watch much TV or he would know why Tek is our Captain.

I am concerned about Lester tonight. He is not on at all. And does anyone know how many innings joba-the-hut is pitching tonight?

Lester – settle in and get the job done!!!

I’m not having fun – how about you??

Nor I Julia. I just had a vodka and tonic!

Thank you J.D. – one out….finally…..this is going to be a long night……

tcd – I’m giving you fair warning – I have had a very, very tough day – why don’t you go and play with your little yankee friends and let us adults have our own time. In other words – go and find someone who cares….

Hey Julia. Don’t let this troll get to you! We all know that he/her is pond scum.

Thank you so much Mr. UMP for your utter failure on that Ball four.


This could be BIG trouble. The game is not important at this point.

It got Lester square on his knee – Oh lord we can not afford to lose him!!!!!

Lester is out – Hunter is in. I hope that Lester will be okay. You are so right Paul – the game does not matter at this point.

No, we can’t. That will be deadly this year for any playoff chances. I’m glad he is up and around. I hope JON is OK!

Lester is ambulatory, so that is a good sign!

The Yanks can score as many runs as they want. The well being of Lester that matters. Ortiz followed Lester to the clubhouse.

Hunter was just called up. I wonder why Uncle didn’t use Bowden?

He probably will, Andy, now that Lester is out of the game.

Beckett’s oblique last year before the playoffs and now who knows what’s going on with Lester’s knee. It didn’t look good. Lester did limp off on his own power and that was a good sign.

Chamberlain is in the groove!

This was one of Lester’s worst start of the year, he wasn’t fooling anyone out there. Lester normally does well in N.Y. Hopefully the next time we see Lester is out in Anaheim pitching in the playoffs.

Ortiz is that sort of guy – he cares so much about his team mates. I just hope Lester will be okay. We might see him at all the rest of the regular season.

COME ON V-Mart!! DO IT!!!!

I hope so, Brian, but I would be quite surprised if that were to happen.

Way to go, V-Mart! Now that we’ve cracked Joba a little, let’s do it again! GO SOX!

Ortiz wasn’t the only player that followed Lester into the clubhouse. Yankee fans showed some class when they gave Lester a nice applause.

Martinez put a charge into that one!

V-Mart!! I should have asked sooner! Via Twitter – Lester is being X-rayed right now.

Time to get the Rant and Grant working, Julia?

V-Mart picked a good way to extend his hitting streak! I hope Lowell is brought in, and V-Mart moved behind the plate–and not just tonight! GO SOX!

I don’t care about the game, win or lose. Lester matters.

And yet, Paul, the Yanks have tried mightily over the years to trade Matsui! Go figure!

I think so Greg!!

Rant and Grant – HUNTER – no RUNS for the Yankees!!

V-Mart’s career high 24 hitting streak.

V-Mart is on a tear! Can we bring Lowell in to pinch hit for Tek and more everyone around?

Via Ian on Twitter:

X-rays on Lester negative. Contusion of the right quad. Day to Day.

That is GREAT NEWS!!!!

Good news about Lester! Just a bad bruise. GO SOX.

WHO was V-Mart throwing to? Are some of the Celtics playing for us tonight???

Craig Sager of T.B.S. had a positive report regarding Lester and his knee.

The concern I assume is Lester being a lefty, it’s his landing leg.

Jones buzzed one around Matsui’s chin.

HUNTER – I guess you DID NOT HEAR ME – and see – not you are GONE!!!!

NO RUNS – We must HOLD them!!!


You didn’t here…. Kevin Garnett is playing for the Red Sox tonight. lol.

Last time Bowden saw the Yankees, he got SMOKED!

The Yankees struck gold when they got Hideki Matsui! He has been so durable over the years.

Lester is day to day. Charley Steiner ( E.S.P.N. sportscaster ) once said, ” aren’t we all day to day??? Great line I thought. It made me laugh.

5 stolen bases so far.

What will the Yankees do with Matsui at the end of the year??? His contract is up and he isn’t getting any younger. Damon’s contract is up as well after this season as well and he isn’t getting any younger as well.

The Yankees sure love Bowden!


5 steals and 10 hits. The Yanks are alive and well tonight.

The Red Sox are down by 5 runs but it seems more like 10 runs.

I think most of you have more faith than I do for the Sox in the post season this year. This game is not helping me change my mind. My feeling is they will exit in the first round — they haven’t been able to put it together all year, and still don’t seem to be able to. What a Dice-roll (pun intended) to think it will magically happen for the first time in the post season and last throughout it. With both Beckett and Lester shaky recently, even before tonight, one cannot envy Francona at all — our best chances could be to start Dice-K and Buckholtz (who seem to be the hottest and most effective SPs right now, and our bullpen has sprung leaks all September (really most of the 2nd half of the season), offense has shown little dominance except against teams already on the mat. I just don’t see it. I am suspecting I will be routing for whoever is playing the Yankees. Here’s hoping I am completely wrong.

DGN, Lester had been one of the ones, unlike Beckett, who HAD been steadier lately–all the more reason this injury would have hurt our chances. I would have been quite confident with Lester on the mound. I am not sure how quickly he will rebound before the post-season, but if we have him on the mound, I will like our chances a LOT more. GO SOX!


If Lester is ready for post-season, Boston should beat the Angels. Getting past the Yankees, that is a totally different story.

You said Lester being shaky even before tonight. I’m not sure what you mean by shaky??? Lester has been solid for most of the season.

I have seen enough of Varitek at the plate!!! He should do what Rudy Stein did for the Bad News Bears…lean into one!!! That’s the only way he will get on base.

^&&*( Tek one pitch one out. Rally killer. I want to hear someone defend Uncle.


Nobody can defend Uncle for playing Varitek, nobody!! I would rather see Kottaras or Brown! Dusty Brown or Ian Browne. LOL!!

007 – I wrote yesterday on my blog – we need to bench Tek. I love the guy – but the time has come.

Brian – Lester did not have all his pitches tonight – too many low & inside. Maybe he has the flu that Buchholz had.

Can someone explain to me why a playoff bound team can’t score 1 run with runners on 2d & 3d with no outs?
My conerns for the playoffs are the Sox suddenly stop hitting and Uncle. Sorry guys.

Too often, Andy, we have seen “one pitch, one out” rally kills from a LOT of us–not just Tek. We are not showing any patience in the batters box. I hope V-Mart is behind the plate regularly this post-season.


Lester was all over the place but sometimes when you don’t have your best stuff…you must dig deep down and gut it out. Give credit to the Yankees, these guys make pitchers work! They didn’t swing at any borderline pitches. This N.Y. lineup has made many pitchers this season look bad.

Those stranded runners in the 5th…………………..

We’d have been wise, further, to have had V-Mart behind the plate tonight, and regularly leading up to the post-season–V-Mart needs to get as much time with our pitchers as possible. GO SOX!


I’m with you when you say the Sox and there lack of hitting come playoff time. Francona’s playoff record speaks for itself! You don’t give him enough credit.

Posting issues here as well.


Baby steps for the Red Sox tonight.

Another stolen base. Walk A-Rod.

Ellsbury should have made that catch.

This is a great time for Delcarmen to come into the game because this game is ovah!

I have seen enough of Bowden tonight. The leadoff walk KILLED him this inning! When will pitchers learn???

That was a great inning for Bowden.

Brian – no doubt the Yankees are finding ways to hit everything – but Lester, in my opinion, was not as good as he has been.

Marte warming up for the Yankees.


And I’m having trouble posting…..

B.P. Bowden whenever he sees the Yankees.

Francona brings Delcarmen in. Translation….He is waving the white flag. Adios folks!

6-3 now! PROGRESS! GO SOX!

throwing…out….runners….not a skill…..the red sox possess………


Manny “I No Feel Good, Doctor” is warming up. Oh, YAY! GO SOX!

Oh Ells – I thought you were going to catch that one……..I really DO NOT like A-Rod…….

Greg – we might as well us “Dr. Feel Good” tonight rather then when a game is close.

True enough, Julia. OH YAY!:/

I wish, Julia, that DelCarmen had been Dr. Feelgood, and Dr. No-no, but too often it has been MANNY! NONONONONONO!:/

And we got our wish…..sigh….I guess that means this game is out of hand…..double sigh……

Okay – he actually struck out someone!

And the trouble posting is back….

Hey there.. I’m home… A bit disappointed but we still have a chane to right the ship tonight

I think Manny “nonononono” is back again! Can we trade him?? PLEASE!!!!!

That would be nice, Julia. We’d hoped (many of us, anyway!) that had happened at the start of LAST season, but what’s in a year?:/ GO SOX!

Hey guys,
I think I met TCD at Anaheim on Tuesday night. We went to the Angels/Yankees game. Of course I always wear my baseball garb no matter what stadium I go to a baseaball game at and of course as you all can guess….I only own Red Sox gear. We had great seats….4 rows behind the Angels dugout. I have been to Anaheim a few times and never even have had close to a problem. We had a few Yankee fans behind us and except for one of them…they were fine. AAAHHH but then there was one. For some reason he just could not get past the idea that I was wearing a Red Sox jersey. For 7 innings he was dropping F-bombs and describing his feelings for the Red Sox in graphic form. All this while standing up and blocking half of the view of about 20 fans. I refused to turn around and even acknowledge this guy. After several people moved with their kids the usher finally 86’d this guy out of the park. On his way out he almost did not survive his tirade as many of the Angel fans were waiting for him to do something stupid to the usher and security guard. What a clown. The more I ignored him the more he lost his mind until his exit. What was cool was….after the game 7 Yankee fans apologized to me which I told them was not necessarry. Those folks were very embarrassed. Other than that…it was a well played game which the Yankees won 6-5. Actually….I don’t even think TCD would pull something like that..I hope.

Go Sox!!!!!!!

I have never liked MDC!!! Local boy or not – new pitcher for the Yankees – gee maybe we can get some runs!!!

Aside from being a little premature, the idea of a “clinch party” seems almost like being nominated for an election run. Hmmm!…

Although he is a “homeboy”, I have to admit that JBay does strike out a lot. He does this on questionable pitches but that being said, he has been a good acquistion for the Sox. GO Sox.

It does Greg. And hmm…Pedey seems to be a little miffed with the homeplate umpire.


Hey – the Yankees didn’t score any runs that inning! WHOO HOOOO!!!!

Happy 28th B-Day Rocco!!! How about an HR???

TWO RUNS! WOW! Now THAT’S progress! Hmmm!… GO SOX!

And in keeping with that thought – why is Tek hitting? Should we not have a pinch hitter now!!!

Hey, Craig! Glad you had fun. How ya doin’? GO SOX!

I’ve been all right, Craig. Just keeping up with a 13-year-old: school, orthodontia, you know, the run-of-the-mill teenage stuff! GO SOX!

I agree with you…..I thought I’d never say this but….Tek is suffering at the plate and his behind the plate is not what it used to be. I love what he has done for the organization but I think he will hurt the Sox in the playoffs. I am assuming the Sox will make it to the playoffs by the way….I hate doing that too but Texas hasn’t done much without Hamilton and Young out. Tek…I love you but the time has come to become a role player and do your best when called upon. Go Sox…..

It was fun… and pleasure and all the while helping the guys and gals abroad was a good thing!!!!!! How have you been????

Not sure where everyone is but I know it is late down east! A pretty forgettable game. Maybe the boys know that they have a playoff lock. The Yankees made them look pretty ordinary. We will have to pick it up if we are going to go further. GO SOX.

Greg, BoSox — sorry to respond so much later, had to be away from my computer for a while tending to family matters, but to my point about Lester, his last start before tonight was shaky as I recall — and maybe even that last two starts — in both cases he hung in there, but was struggling to hold the fort — was not particularly re-assuring for the post season. Maybe once they clinch the WC, they can relax, and when its 0-0 all over-again, whoever gets the biggest 2nd wind — wins.

I have to say if Dice-K comes out strong against the Yanks — I would be tempted to start Dice-K and Buckholtz, (a) because opposing teams know them the least this year, and (b) they have both actually pitched better than both Beckett and Lester recently, and (c) I think both Dice-K and Buckholtz pitch better away than at home, and vice-versa for Lester and Beckett. Listen to the data.

I know what you are talking about Greg…..been there done that with 2 girls….now I am paying for their college!!!!! They certainly could be doing worse things though so no complaining here…..$$$$$ well spent if you ask me. Scholorships would have been nice though!!!!!!!!!!! Go Sox!!!

Greg – my 15year old went to his first HS football game and HS dance tonight…sigh…the fun begins! We’ll get them tomorrow!

Night all!!!

Hey Greg. Teen-age stuff? I left that behind a long time ago!

Yep, Paul, teen-age stuff–and the party is JUUUST getting started!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!
I hope Jon’s injury is not as serious as it looked–and as I think it will be for our playoff chances. GET WELL JON! GO SOX!
Take care, all!

I had been out so I had taped the game. I was surprised that Tek even started the game. I hope Jon is OK and that he recovers quickly. We have to take at least one game from the Yanks. I don’t count that WC until we are mathematically in- not anytime sooner. As far as Tek is concerned I think Tito should only use him if someone got hurt or the game is so lopsided that he can spell one of the catchers. He can’t hit and players steal on him at will. He is only hurting the team. The best thing for Tek to do at the end of this year is to retire as an active player. Sad, but it’s the best way to go. Let’s say a prayer that Jon gets well soon. Tomorrow is another day. Let’s go Sox!!!

Tek, it’s time to hang up your gear and join the ranks of the coaching staff — where I believe you’ll have a long and storied career ahead of you. I’ve worn your jersey faithfully for many years now, while listening to you get bashed by all the “experts” and have argued on your behalf. But now’s the time to pass the torch. You’ve got good young talent behind you and a more-than-capable player in V-Mart to assist with the transition. Hang ’em up, Tek, and go out in style.
As for TCD, let him rant. Sounds to me like the guy never got picked for dodgeball in p.e. class and is now playing keyboard commando to try to make up for his inadquacies. Besides, have any of you ever read some of the Yankee blogs? Geez. We’re talking 2nd grade writing skills from a bunch of people living in their parents’ basements riding an emotional, drug-induced rollercoaster.
Go Sox! Take two out of three and get ready for Anaheim.

So sad, but true. It will be strange when it actually is official.
He’s as much a part of the Sox as Fenway Park is.
I know its for the best, but God this makes me SAD.

4-50 this season against the Yankees, .080 avg. Stolen bases, and most games he catches are blowouts by the Yanks. Yes, I can safely say its time for him to go to the broadcast booth.

Remember with Varitek, he has a player option for 3 million next season. There is a team option for 5 million but there is no chance the Red Sox will excercise that option. Perhaps Varitek will get some lucky swings in the playoffs, you never know. Remember Troy O’Leary and his 7 R.B.I. game against the Tribe. Who in the world saw O’Leary having a 7 R.B.I. night in that deciding game???? I’ll answer that question for everyone…..NOBODY!! I’m not saying Varitek will have a 7 R.B.I. game in the playoffs but that is why they play the games!

Varitek at the plate now is like seeing that fat chick at the beach in a bikini or that 4 car pile-up on the highway. You must look, it’s almost comical seeing him strikeout or stranding runners on base. That is how I felt when he was facing Phil Coke in the 9th last night. Of course Varitek didn’t dissapoint! I assume his ex-wife must be loving his struggles!

Inesad: He’ll be going into coaching I believe… Pitching coach would be great… Hopefully somewhere with the Sox…

and Brian: I thought that was you watching me at the beach!!!lol

I’m will always watching you! LOL!! As long as I don’t bring t.c.d with me, I assume your o.k. with that. HA..HA…

3 million in today’s baseball is very cheap for DFA, remember Lugo?
As he was not offered any contract by any teams last year, he would clear waivers with no problem.
Might be good all around next year, he might find his swing in the minors, and in the meantime bring up a kid who the Sox can evaluate.

Leaving for the game this afternoon, curious to see if Dice-K, is the real deal, or if he is so-so, against a real formidable line-up. This might be his most important game of his career.
Go Sox!

moanin all….personally i dont think tek will be back next yr…i think his pride is hurt and will try and hook up with a team that give him the majority of the load…possibly SD or tampa or a few others who could use a veteran with a young staff…that said…i wonder where TITOS famous loyalty will lay this comming play offs….it better be with the fans of boston…playoffs are differant than regular season…your best team should walk on the field period….vmart behind the plate,yuke at 1st ,mikey at 3rd,and papi at dh…..period….as for the pitching rotation..why is there even a question here…even before last nights game….beckett is the man….his playoff record is stellar and is the type of pitcher who will bring it….lester is #2,and i take dice k as the 3rd starter(with a short leash)….omg dice k u say…..hes a proven big game pitcher,to be honest even tho buchy has done well of late,he still isnt proven….delcarmen has pitched himself out of the playoffs….im hopin bard gets some action in yankee stadium under pressure to see how he does this weekend…i have an interesting tidbit for u guys… yr b molina is a free agent….how would u like him behind the plate with vmart at 1st and catcher,yuke at 3rd with mikey and papi (if neither is dealt) sharing dh and fill in spot starts…somethin to think on….judge

I’d rather the Sox go after Mauer

lol …so would i trix….but that would be like winning the lottery….we had that happen with the 04 sox and a 4 game sweep of the stankees after being down 3 games to none….the biggest choke or comeback or both in the history of baseball….my life was complete that yr….judge

The reason why I’m doing so many questions about light, etc is because my daughter is so interested in the subject. When we get to weather and our atmosphere I PROMISE some stuff on thunderstorms.
The short answer though, is generally, you need a lot of heat to create massive enough evaporation to create those monster cumulous clouds to generate a thunderstom. You need a collision of warm (summer air) and cold air which is always found in the upper atmosphere. Can’t do that in winter.
The lightening process is a bit complex but the quick and dirty answer is that ice (cold air) and water (warm air) collide and generate static charge. the cold/warm air movement generates a large electric field and as these charges line up they create enough of a burst of energy that a lightening bolt develops.
There is a lot more to it than that but I’m working on gamma radiation notes for my daughter so my brain is in a different world right now.

The reason why I’m doing so many questions about light, etc is because my daughter is so interested in the subject. When we get to weather and our atmosphere I PROMISE some stuff on thunderstorms.
The short answer though, is generally, you need a lot of heat to create massive enough evaporation to create those monster cumulous clouds to generate a thunderstom. You need a collision of warm (summer air) and cold air which is always found in the upper atmosphere. Can’t do that in winter.
The lightening process is a bit complex but the quick and dirty answer is that ice (cold air) and water (warm air) collide and generate static charge. the cold/warm air movement generates a large electric field and as these charges line up they create enough of a burst of energy that a lightening bolt develops.
There is a lot more to it than that but I’m working on gamma radiation notes for my daughter so my brain is in a different world right now. We’re going through the entire electromagnetic spectrum for science. She’s going to be an oxygen molecule for halloweeen. Ya so Dad designs an LED circuit to represent the eight electrons orbiting the protons and neutrons. We are one nerdy family.

Who says you camt win the lottery twice.. and you cant win if you dont play…..


Mauer would be nice but highly unlikely. Mauer is a native of the Twin cities and I that would be a P.R. nightmare for the Twins if he ended up elsewhere. You build around guys like Mauer, you don’t let them go v.i.a. free agency. I He’s the face of that franchise! The Twins have there new park opening up next year, so the Twins will have lots and lots of fans in the seats. More $$$$$$$$$$ for them and that translates more $$$$$ for Mauer and I assume Morneau.

Mauer is a free agent after 2010 season, I’m guessing he gets locked up this winter by the Twins. He is one of the best players in the game and Twins fans are lucky to have him.

One can dream.. and the Twins ownership isnt exactly known for its generously open wallet and/or checkbook…

the one thing…rumor…that seems to constantly surface which ill be bettin on is han ram commin back to boston…florida needs pitching and they have a new park openin in 3 yrs i think….sox may make a push for a trade

Hey, Dave, did you see my post to you about geology in our area? If not, I’ll repost it–I think you’d find it interesting.
DGN, you were right in your recollection that Lester did not have his strongest outing the outing before this one. Good memory of that game.
That said, I am not ready to start Dice-K yet in a short series, if (and it is an IF) Jon is healthy. Dice-K still has yet to show me consistency this year–his sample size for success is too small this year–he had been consistently BAD–not shaky–before his injury. If he continues to pitch like he did his last outing (preferable with V-Mart behind the plate, Tito!), I would reconsider that stance. However, I want Lester pitching in that series if he is healthy. He has been our best horse this year, and we need his playoff experience. I hope, therefore, Jon is healthy, and strong enough to pitch on that leg, by that time. Ideally, I’d want Lester, Beckett, and Buch (not necessarily in that order) in a short series. I’d wait and see on Wake depending on how his back is doing.
By the way, DGN, I hope your family is well, and I hope it was not too serious an issue last night. Take care, DGN.

Judge, I’d consider that Han Ram trade if he and A-Gonz were to be **** tandem. Lowrie, in that case, would be a trading chip. I think we’d be wise to sign A-Gonz this year, even if we decline his option and sign him to a new contract. He has been money this year (and money well spent!), and we would likely sign him for far less than we would Han Ram. Further, we are still paying LugNuts’ salary, so we’ll have our hands tied for a little while.

I know Hanley is a “stud” but, he’s got the “bad in the clubhouse” element already in his young career. I’ve see it in the media down here more than once… He’s been extremely arrogant as well as disrespectful of the ownership and management. I dont know that Boston would take another “zazu”, I guess this one would be.. Hanley being Hanley…. BAAAARRRRRFFFFF………..

Let’s try again–A SHORTSTOP tandem. There, that’s better.:/
Ellen, I haven’t seen what you are referring to with Han Ram–perhaps it is one reason, though, we were willing to trade him to start with! Has Han Ram been in your local papers a few times too many?

oh but ellen…your king tito an absolute expert manager in the clubhouse …isnt he lol….he must be cause hes lackin during the game…

I think H. Ramirez would be a GREAT fit in Boston. In Boston he wouldn’t be the focal point like he is in South Florida. There are other stronger personalities in that Boston clubhouse, such as Pedroia/Youkilis/Ortiz/Lowell ( assuming Ortiz and Lowell is back next year. No gurantees there. Ramirez was called out by Uggla and I’m sure there were others on that team that weren’t too happy with his attitude. I know it’s a different sport but wasn’t Randy Moss supposed to be a ” Dude with a tude” Obviously that hasn’t been the case with N.E. Cory Dillon was another guy that was supposed to be “one of them”.

Personally I think Boston will target either Adrian Gonzalez or H. Ramirez too add some punch to this team!!! Both have friendly contracts, Ramirez’ contract is longer but affordable for a team like Boston.

Let’s not look get into the hot stove just yet, I think there are some big game to be won by Boston!

I dont think Tito wants to deal with another “personality” like Zazu’s… I know I wouldnt… I’m sure that there were many a time when Francona wanted nothing more than to give him a big ol’ squeeze… right around his neck while simutaneously putting his kleated fott up his ****!!! But then again.. it was just… _______ being _______.

thats FOOT


I don’t think H. Ramirez is another Zazu. Zazu in my opinion has done the worst thing ever…..He QUIT on his team!! I have way more respect for A-Rod than Zazu!

i agree with brian….having spent 8 yrs in the army and almost 2 yrs in combat zones…..the one thing u never do is quit on your buddies…even if you hate your superiors…now the service and baseball may not be the best anology but the concept is the same…i was shocked that a storied franchise like the dodgers picked up a plr like that…judge

Someone tell Sabathia it’s October! lol. He sure looks good out there, pounding the strike-zone with fastballs.

Hi All! Let’s see what Dice-K can bring to the game today! GO RED SOX!!!!

Jed Lowrie and Brian Anderson are in the lineup? Don’t know if I am loving this…and I already am ANNOYED by the FOX announcers!!


Your times on here are way off, Mark Newman needs a call.

What will Dice-K today??? The game inside a game. How Dice-K does is more important whether Boston wins today or gets a loss. Let’s face it, Boston has there sights on Anaheim!

My time is off by 18 minutes. Way off!

That was not a good top of the 1st. We need to hold them!!!! GO RED SOX!!!!


For the LOVE OF GOD!! Can we get ONE catcher who doesn’t try to throw the ball into the outfield!!!! UGH!!!!!!

They are WAY off – I’m off to email Mark Newman

A good throw by Martinez and I think Damon would have been nabbed. Of course a good throw, that could be a miracle. lol.

These Yankees sure make the pitcher work out there!

Brian – I sent Mark Newman an email about the times. I laid out for him what I thought the problem was and we’ll see what happens.

Dice-K got out of that one!! I like what I am seeing from him so far!

Great play by Dice-K…going to third base! Swisher was looking at Dice-K, he should have been focused on third like Dice-K was. Dice-K didn’t panic! He seems to pitch his best when runners are on base. I don’t know what the numbers say but that is my observation.

Lowrie gave it a ride but to the deepest part of the park.

Anderson needs to take a pitch there, that’s the Yankees approach today against Dice-K.

Great call by the home plate umpire.

Time to make Sabathia work. Make the big man sweat!

So – do we thank A-Rod for making two outs in the inning? LOL!! Let’s get some runs boys!!!

UGH!!! I thought Youk’s ball was going to drop!!! Come on Dice-K!!! We need to HOLD THEM!!!!

Jeter’s catch on Youkilis was a fairly routine play by a s.s. The way the Fox announcer sounded, it was the greatest play by a shortstop. Josh Lewin got quite excited.

Lowrie or Ellsbury has to make that play, no excuses!

Dice-K has to get (4) outs in the 4th inning.

There was no excuse for Lowrie or Ells to not to catch the ball. The FOX announcers? Their “love” for the Yankees I’m pretty sure is illegal in several states.

So is the homeplate ump on the Yankees payroll – that ball was NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE BAT!!!!!!!!!!

That wasn’t even close! How could a home plate umpire miss that call???

Mikey stole a BASE!!!! Oh my!!!!


Stole a base without a throw. What’s next??? Varitek coming off the bench and getting a game winning hit. lol.

Brian – is this the strangest game so far or what?? So why not – a Game winner for Tek!!

God help us….DICE-K GET AN OUT!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


We get to keep V-Mart – right? I’m just asking!!!!

MIKEY!!! OMG!!! HE made the 3rd out!!! WHOOOHOOOO!!!!

Well, Julia, looks like God helped us, or “Dice-K is a magician”, as Fox put it. The Yankees’ turn to LOB, this time!πŸ˜‰ How about V-Mart, with that tag of home plate and the foul-out, and Mike sure made a great play of his own! WAY TO GO, SOX D!
Can we score a couple runs of our own, now, please? Just sayin’…
Dice-K hasn’t been overly sharp, but he has been fortunate. He is keeping us in the game, though he threatened to blow it up this inning. Get it done, Dice-K! GO SOX!
And we’d better keep V-Mart!
Be back later!

Oh yes, that was a royal screw-up on Papi’s “foul ball”! What a load of…
Back later! GO SOX!

Hi Greg – I’m running back and forth now making dinner – Dice-K has not been sharp but he has been effective.

WE NEED TO GET OUR BATS GOING!!!!!!!!! Dice-K is doing his part – they need to do theirs!!!!

Oh great – Youk got hit!


AND I Can’t post!!!

But Dice-K did a great job. How about some RUN SUPPORT!!!!!

Where did our bats go? Really – where did they go???????


Thank you for foul balls!

WTF?????? Another stolen base…….UGH!!!

I do not like this “wait until the 9th inning to score) thing…..

Wags……..this is so not going well……….

Mikey would have made that play!!!! UGH!!!!! How did Woodward BLOW that??????

UGH!!! A broken bat hit for DAMON and 2 runs???? SO NOT GOOD!!!!!

OH COURSE – I can’t POST!!! UGH!!!!!!

Bard stops the bleeding – we have 3 outs……

GREAT – 1 out left!!!!


HE GOT A HIT!!!!!!!

I would have to agree with you Ellen – WHAT a disaster!

I think the Yankees had better not hit Youk tomorrow…

See you all later…

wow, first my Hurricanes get their a*s*s* handed to them and now this!!!! MY SPORTS DAY HAS SUCKED BIG!!!!

Not a good game today, either. Funny, our attendance is requested at the Cathedral? Good to know, but, clinch or not, we’ll be playing at that windtunnel/ bandbox they call a stadium. Oh, well. Oh, and Ellen: GO HOKIES!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

TX clubbed TB. We have to start to win some games. We can’t wait to back in. The Sox have to salvage at least one game angainst NY. As I have said many times– we can’t count on getting the WC until it’s a mathematical certainty. GO SOX!!! Do SOMETHING!!!

moanin all…well dice k looked like himself…but he did good…cc pitched good…but its not the playoffs yet…our best line up wasnt out there either….i know one thing…if i was the ownership….i would walk into the clubhouse before the game and walk around and say hi to everyone….then on the way out ….i would say this…how many of you want the yanks to clinch against us….i dont….oh and btw tito….i better see a real line up today…judge….actually this isnt totally accurate…because if i was ownership…well i think you know lol


I’m afraid we’ll see Varitek behind the plate today. Francona was talking on Friday and mentioned that Varitek would catch (2) games this weekend, my opinion like many on here…..That would be (2) too many. Give Brown or Kottaras a shot!


The w.c. race is ovah!

Went to game yesterday, that was one weird game.
C.C. does not stand for Calorie Counter.
Yankees find a parachute and taylor made it to fit him?
V-Mart is underated at catcher.
Cano’s HR, was ridiculous. Never though it would travel that far.
Phil Hughes is underated, this kid can throw.
Mike Lowell is a warrior. Sure wish we had him younger, he would be wearing the “C” instead of Varitek.
Oh by the way the YANKEE fans were mad that Varitek wasn’t starting. They call him the easiest out in baseball.
Forgot about Dice-K, if this guy could ever throw first pitch strikes he would be a 20 game winner. He has nasty stuff.
Glad to see him in person.

im bettin tito emptys bench today…we might see bay,and mikey ….vmart,yuke,pedey,jacoby, prob get day off…i hope not tho…i wouldnt want the yanks to clinch while i was there…i can say this though….the 1st round of playoffs will be tougher for the angels,tigers,or twins due to the fact they still have alot of work to do before they clinch….im bettin that atlanta is gonna steal the wc and i tell u what….i wouldnt wanna face that staff of vasquez,hudson,and hanson with a good BP in a short series…they been hittin the ball well too….watch out st louis…the braves are dangerous rt now….go sox demmit….judge

The big positive came out of the serise is that the Dice-K had three soild outings since the return. That’s good. The Sox starting pitching is solid. Don’t make mental and physical errors both the players and the manager. The Sox will be fine in the playoffs.
It’s raining in NY right now. To me this afternoon’s game is not that important with Byrd pitching other than we don’t want to see the Yanks celebrating beefore our eyes.

Well. pick your poison, folks.. Martinez hits .167 against Pettite while Tek bats a “strong” (lol) .211


I think St. Louis is the team to beat in the N.L. Carpenter and Wainwright are a nasty duo. Not too mention someone named Pujols and Holliday. We all know the best team doesn’t always win, who is playing the best!

Pretty impressive run by Atl.—just to be mentioned for the playoffs. Cox has done a solid job…per usual.

Hi All – cold and rainy here in Boston today – not sure what the weather will be like at game time in NY. There was an article in the Boston Globe today about the “method to Tito’s madness” and why JBay and all were not in the game yesterday. It made sense – we will clinch the wild card – we need to look ahead to having everyone ready for the playoffs.


Try Kotteras or Brown, I’m sure they can still swing a bat.
Read a good comment on Sox and Pinstripes.
Try something different. Nothing to lose.

I say Marc Sullivan or Rick Cerone. LOL!!

I agree with Phil… We are not a “cinch for the clinch” regarding the WildCard… We’ve all seen seasons unravel before.. You know the one about not counting your chickens??? I’m not counting until the shell is GONE


If Gene Mauch was managing the Red Sox—I would agree with you and Phil….lol… but last time I checked he wasn’t.

I just hope that this doesnt turn into one of those things that make you go “HMMMMMMM”



I wonder how long t.c.d. has until he goes back to the attic or the basement??? HA….HA…

Martinez isn’t in the starting lineup. Will we see him later as a pinch hitter???

And we have a rain delay! The tarp was put back on the field. I’ll check in – I’m going to watch some Patriots!!

It was very nice of tcd133 to offer to buy us all trips to New York in first class seats and limo rides to the hotel. I’m also looking forward to a five star hotel and yes I’ll pay for meals.
Of course all that money means that he’ll have to sell his transformer figures and his ten speed bike and his GI Joe dolls and all his Telletubbies DVD’s but this is a good guy here. Rock on.

Cool Dave – if tcd133 is paying count me in!! They are talking about a 2:05 start time for the Red Sox game.

Yes, it was, Dave–very nice of him. But he said we were going to the Cathedral–that must mean St. Patrick’s Cathedral. But the Yankees will not be on there–even on big-screen video displays, churches don’t play sports games on those (yet!). And they are playing in a windtunnel/ bandbox stadium, not a cathedral. So we’d miss the Yankee game he is so hung up on. DARN! GO SOX!
Oh, and don’t look now, but boy genius in the attic just knocked off the Teletubbies–he gave the orders to GI Joe.

And no, we are not a cinch to clinch. I don’t want us looking too far ahead, and I would rather keep our regulars sharp, so I want them playing, so that we DO clinch that spot. I’m not counting it until the three are in the bag. (All the more reason I wish Tito had not answered the “Clinch Party” question!) GO SOX!

Brian, if gene Mauch is unavailable, we can get you Grady Little. Hmmm!…

We can actually see how much of a downgrade he actually would be, Julia! Oh, YAY!
Dave, did the purse help him look incognito enough? Did he ask Tek politely to captain the Red Sox–he’d make sure he’d do a REALLY poor job!

You know – since tcd133 is already “captain” of our team – maybe he could manage also. I’m sure the teletubbies videos will help him make his fielding decisions.

Bri- He’s probably on a weekend pass from the “facility”…

tcd is probably one of those who made the teletubbies talk dirty!!!

So true about the location in New York, but please understand tcd133 is hooked on Flintstone chewable vitamins, an addition that has haunted him for years in his attic. Between that and his obsession with the teletubbies and the love songs he wrote for Tinkie Winkie, I mean…let’s have mercy on the poor boy.

It is nice that tcd133 did this for us. I’m just so sad he had to sell the tinkie winkie purse. He was using that to store his Yankee cap.

Things that make you go… HMMMMM
: When A RedSox player steals a base and there is no throw from catcher, it’s ‘defensive indifference; When the Yankees do the same and there is no throw from catcher, its a stolen base!!!!!

I want to invite tcd133 to take a taxi cab and see the world outside his attic. He can learn that there is more to life than the Yankees and the attic. There is science, history, great literature (beyond the Cat In The Hat) and art and engineering.
I mean, for heavens sakes what will he do when he discovers that for the last fifteen years, he’s already done puberty.

I want to invite tcd133 to take a taxi cab and see the world outside his attic. He can learn that there is more to life than the Yankees and the attic. There is science, history, great literature (beyond the Cat In The Hat) and art and engineering.
I mean, for heavens sakes what will he do when he discovers that for the last fifteen years, he has been ready to go out with a girl and can take that girl to some other place beyond Toys R’ Us.


Dave – I’ll chip in a couple of bucks for tcd133’s taxi ride – we Red Sox fans are a kind and generous group.


Nice hit for JBAY!!! Bring him HOME Youk!!!!


new thread

Sox started out 8-0 against Yankees if they lose today series is even. Thats unbelievable!

We are kind and generous, Julia, but he has others he can lean on–if he asks really nicely, perhaps Hank and George will splurge on his taxi.


Nice job, Mike! GO SOX! More runs, please!

AND the fun begins!! Everyone is getting hit by balls in this series!

Right to him. Drat! 1-0. GO SOX!

Julia, tcd didn’t ask LugNuts for fielding advice? Hmmm!…

Hey, Julia, did you send that protest letter re the ESPN announcers to the Commish? I hope you included Phillips!

I should Greg – they and the FOX guys are getting SO bad! I’m glad we got the one run – but I would have been hapier with another one.

We need to hold them this inning.

NICE knock down by Pedey & then the catch by Byrd!

From Ellen:

I cant post at all I have tried for the past 30 minutes both IE and Mozilla… I have emailed Ian a request for a new thread!!!
Give them my WOOOOOWOOOOOO for me please….

13-10, Patriots. Not exactly setting the world on fire there, either. Hmmm!…

Good job, Byrd! Way to strand the runner! GO SOX!


Nice to see, JR, that we are playing for the “pig picture”. Francona has his detractors, that’s fine. If he gets fired, or moves on, he will do so with this fan’s gratitude for 2 WS titles, with 2 totally different teams. I don’t like the idea that V-Mart sat out this game any more than anyone else, let alone you. If you are looking for a mgr. who “plays for the fans”, though, you will find a mgr. who gets his tail kicked, and then gets fired. Theo has not given Tito all the best tools to work with, esp. on the pitching staff. He also did something right in 04 and 07. Both Theo and Tito will likely be terminated soon enough, if not for your liking. When it happens, we’ll see if the next mgr. and GM can even THINK about having the same success record of Tito or Theo. GO SOX!

I’m all for the KYA manager Framcoma for being fired!!! Playing for the pig picture! Putting in Victor ruining his streak, resting everybody for what? I will tell you all this. Don’t expect us to go past LAA with the way this guy manages. Epstein & him need to go. What a royal embarrrasment this weekend was. Totally mi-managed from the get-go!…I don’t understand that for once can he just play for the fans. Who puts money into their rich system? We do! He is a NL manager who fell into Sh__!
Can’t stand the man. So he’s a players manager yet he throws Victor in to save his day….terrible just pathetic manging. Everyone who feels the way I do should go on J. Henry’s blog and voice their displeasure, I sure will.

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