Lester appears set for start

As of now, all indications are that Jon Lester will make his start on Thursday against the Indians. The Red Sox will be cautious, but Lester wants the tune-up before his likely start in Game 1 of the ALDS.

“He’s doing pretty well,”Red Sox manager Terry Francona said. “Now, again, it’s pretty early this morning for guys to be doing much. Wake went in the cage and threw because of the weather. But I don’t know that that’s a necessity for [him to throw a side. He’s got 33 starts under his belt anyway. Sometimes you take something that could be a negative and turn it into a positive. Just maybe hold off on how much he throws a side, or if he throws a side. Then we’ll go from there.”

Lester did some work on the exercise bike on Saturday.

 “He’s done good,” Francona said. “Before he goes and pitches, you can bet that we’re going to give him the twice-over. I actually think he’s going to be OK.”


Let me see if I can do this now..

Well the butt of choice today for Morgan is “Robby” Cano..
Nice bunt Obey Wan Jacoby!!!

ELLEN!! You’re here!! WHOO HOOO!!!! GO RED SOX!!!

I hope Jon will be able to start, and will be EFFECTIVE. With that leg injury, I am still wary. But now is the time to find out–not during the playoffs! GO JON! GO SOX!

Thank GOD Andy had a towel to “tidy up” – I can not stand the ESPN ANNOUNCERS!!!!

Julia, I still just keep the game on MUTE. Not worth the aggravation. GO SOX!

No HR’S what happened they turn the power off.

Hey all,
My lovely wife said the word ‘groovy’ today in reference to a pencil. Wow, are we OLD. I know that was real ‘swell’ of her not giving us any ‘jive’ but ‘Daddy’O’ it was ‘funky’ Now we’ll have to hear some ‘records’ and head to a ‘swell’ party.

Well just throw on some “play that funky music, whiteboy”!!!
lol or brick house….

Lester’s issue will be landing on that leg, he’ll know how good it feels when has his bullpen workout. Lester is big and strong…I don’t think he’ll have any issues going forward.

Did you see Robby “glide into 2nd base”… Morgan has used that term more than once today.. YEAH.. I ALSO SAW HIM GLIDE RIGHT IONTO THE TAG!!!!

I hope so, Brian. We’ll see.

I saw that the batboy came out with a towel to wipe off Petites uni when he took the fall…….Did the batboy come out and wipe ARods uniform off too???

Way to go, J-Bay and Youk! GO SOX! Still no outs–get em in!

Do they have enough towels (or batboys) to go around, Ellen?

Nice job, Papi! Just look at Jeter’s range on that play! Hmmm!…
2-0, runner at 3rd. 2 outs now, though–let’s get em in! GO SOX!

I go back & forth – when the Red Sox are up I put the volume back on. I’m also flipping with the Patriots game. I’m pretty sure Tom Brady is going to punch Joey Galloway before the game is over if he drops one more ball – the fans are booing Joey.

GREAT!! Now I can’t post!!!!

It is so hard watching Mikey run!😦 I’m liking the score!!

Welcome to New England, Joey. GO PATRIOTS!

Does anyone have a barf bag?? I think I’m going to puke with Morgans incessant A*s*s* kissing of Canoe.. Arod used to be his boytoy..Guess he’s afraid of kissing his butt now….

He can kiss A-Rod in a Canoe, though, Ellen! Hmmm!…

oops sorry.. my hair has faded from red to blonde.. CANO… my blonde!!

Interesting visual, though, Ellen. Speaking of barf bags!…

Interesting visual…glad I had lunch a while back. That was ‘far out’

Ugh – no more HR’s Mr. Byrd. Let’s get two more outs!!

I hate posting problems almost as much as the ESPN announcers!!!!

I guess Usain Bolt has as much taste as Spike Lee…

There’s Chicken Man, Julia! Anyone for wings?😉

Greg – real people are Red Sox fans – those who want to “see and be seen” go to Yankee games – they aren’t fans.

3 more for the Patriots, 19-10. We still cannot get in synch. As long, though, as we don’t get “in sink”–we’d get wet again. Hmmm!…

Byrd is pitching a hell of a game, now lets see some balls FLY.

Go figure, Julia.😉

Byrd is indeed doing well. We’d be wise to get him some run support. GO SOX!

How the HELLO did the Pats miss that punt?? GO PATRIOTS!

Memo to Patriots receivers: CATCH A BALL!

Greg – I am with you on the Pats game – we are not looking good!!!

And I would really like some run support for Byrd! Just saying…our pitchers have done their part the last few days – our batters need to step up.

That pitch was too high in the zone–Swish is going to cream it any time.
The Pats have yet to look good this year, Julia.:/

Nice running, SWISH!😉 GO SOX!

The Pats have not looked good – not having Welker in is hurting them.

On the replay it is hard to say if Swisher left early or not – but I’ll take the call!!

You’d better believe we’ll take the call, Julia–it’s a tie game right now without it, and they’d still be batting! GO SOX!

Good job, JD! Get him home, guys! GO SOX!
The Patriots need some pass-catching drills.:/


That is two games in a row that Ells has been fooled by a Tex hit.

Tom Brady got his 200 TD pass. 27th QB to do it and the 4th fastest.

And you’ll enjoy this – a Yankee fan just told me I was ignorant of the rules of baseball!! I told him he really didn’t want to do there!😉

Okay – am I happy that Saito is coming in??

Not me Girardi thinks his guys can hit our bullpen good.

Had to go and prep dinner.. (latin style pork roast, in case Arnie is here, I used a pork picnic shoulder, with appx 15 cloves of garlic hidden in little pockets in the meat, seasoned with the garlic, lime juice and oregano, black beans and rice)
but I’m back now.. is the posting better since the new thread?

Well.. that depends on what makes you happy Jules.. passed ball…. not so happy.. signs were changed up because of the baserunner at 2nd according to the professional buttheads in the booth..

Patriots finally decided to win. PROGRESS!
It is usually not a good sign when your RELIEVERS have as many decisions as, for example, Ramon Ramirez does (7-4), as opposed to holds or saves!

Ellen – I am NOT happy – why did we take Byrd out? He couldn’t get the 3rd out? NEITHER CAN SAITO!!!!

I already have the sound off, Inesad! DONE!

Wrong choice with Saito.. but who would have been the alternative?? RR?? MDC?? Just have to get the hot bats when we get back up… Oh BTW expect to see TCD now that the Yanks are leading. ..
I know what that TCD stands for… but I cant write it here!!!! and you guys know I’m not usually shy, so it has to be REALLY BAD!!!! IT IS!!!!!

more posting problems.. I’ll be back.

my sound is OFF!!! wow thats better


Well, Byrd was doing well but Saito couldn’t get the barn door closed.

Ellen, I hear my name!!! Sounds good. You cook that pork til it’s falling apart? I’d serve that with some fried plantains chopped onion and sour cream. And a sweet potato flan.
Hey, do you ever cook with annatto? I make a marinade for fish, pork or chicken that has orange juice, sherry vinegar, garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper and annatto seeds cooked in oil and then strained. It’s very good.

Im going to Jinx the Yankees right now,


A Yankees pitcher wearing 99, eh? Does that mean he is The Great One, or something? Delusions of grandeur… GO SOX!

You showed up here, tcd. Get over it.

The Yankees have retired too many numbers Greg! lol!

It is past time for our bats to get HOT!!!! WE MUST DO THIS!!!!!

But you see tcd133 – we adults can drink champagne – children can’t – sorry….

Kareem and Reg together? Talk about barf bags…

The Patriots won!😉

And we come home tomorrow! I love Fenway!!

Nice job, JD and V-Mart! GO SOX!


Myself, I’m not too concerned with these losses, the last two weeks of this season are meaningless anyway. Texas will never catch Boston, and Boston would never have caught NY anyway.

What disturbs me though, is the continued inability to get hits and score runs against NY pitching. Assuming we get by LAA and they get by Det, I don’t believe we can count on winning many 2-1 and 1-0 games against NY. One constant theme about playing NY in the second half of the season is that we are unable to get hits and score runs.

The solution? More “small ball”, I guess. Bunting the guy over, more hit-and-run, more attempted steals, work the count to get more walks, maybe “take one for the team” if the opportunity presents.

Matsui comes to the plate with men on second and third, two outs, he singles to give NY the lead. Ellsbury comes to the plate with men on second and third, two outs, and an opportunity to tie the game. He grounds out.

Pretty much sums up the Bos-NY experience in the last 10 games between these teams.

Go buy CC a LARGE hamburger he looks HUNGRY!

Depends on who is bunting, Ron. Bunt for a hit (aka, Jacoby), I’m fine. Bunt for “sacrifice”, not exactly I want the bunter to have a CHANCE to get on base. Dustin has tried some of that base-stealing, etc., and has done poorly at it, for the most part. I frankly think we are trying to do too much thinking at the plate and on the bases (not just against NY, either–other teams have had success against us for the same reasons). One problem I see is that we are not working counts. We are swinging at their pitches, and making easy outs. First pitch swings, even if we hit it, will not up the pitchers’ counts, and lets them off the hook. We need to be MUCH more patient at the plate! GO SOX!

Have to go and cook dinner now -see you all later – and hey – we come home to friendly Fenway – all is good!

The great equalizer in baseball, is anybody can beat you on any given day.

I must admit, tcd, I do not know that god, not that I care to.

You have no idea, dude. Your god is too small.

The difference is that the Yankees got the clutch hits they wanted. The Yanks won a tons of close games this season. The Sox? What do you expect a clutch hit with 2 outs. They couldn’t get a run in with RISP with none outs.
The moral victory is that Byrd, a fifth starter, pitch well. Couldn’t expect more from Byrd.
Why called in Saito with 2 on? Saito is best suited to start an inning. In that situation, I would call Ramirez or Bard. Ram or Bard may not get the job done. But still.
I have said it many times. The Sox have to hit and pitchers have to pitch to win. There is no such thing for a manager to manage a win. I know Uncle Tito has.999999999 winning percentage in the playoffs. But that .000001 percent is enough to sink to the “within one game of..” reality.

Well, you have to give the Yanks credit. They came to play and evidently we did not. I haven’t seen ELLs play so poorly in the field (and at bat as well). We got good pitching from DiceK and Tweety Byrd but we left our bats, and in some cases our brains, home. Fortunately, TB came up with 7 runs in the last two innings to edge TX 7-6. I believe our Magic number for thWC is now 2. Let’s try to win the next two games and not depend on TX losing. Once that happens Tito can play all the games he wants with the team until the playoffs. If we have to narrow the roster let’s hope Tito sees who performed and who did not. I tend to agree with some who said that Wake sdould be in the BP–unless Jon can’t make it and the Tito has to rethink things. In any case let’s first get the WC and then– looking long term– let’s get even with the Evil Empire and invite them to our AL championship party. GO SOX!!!!

The Yankees deserved the division but come playoff time, everyone starts 0-0. I think Boston has the best rotation among the teams in the playoffs, A.L. or N.L. I am concerned about the hitting and the guys in the bullpen before Papelbon. Papelbon hasn’t had a stellar season ( too many walks ) but come playoff time…Papelbon will be ready. He hasn’t given up a run in the playoffs! Wagner has been shaky lately ( Wagner’s October’s haven’t been good ) Bard is a total unknown come playoff time. Ramirez did well today but hasn’t done that well as of late. Oki I think will be dependable. Delcarmen should watch the playoffs with me. lol. Saito cracks when the game is close. Then again I remember back in 2003 when the bullpen didn’t really have a closer but guys like Williamson, Timlin and Embree stepped it up come playoff time. So many games are won and lost in October from the 6th inning thru the 8th inning. That is one area where the Yankees have improved drastically but will they prevail in Oct.???? Remember the Angels last year, they won over 100 games but (4) games into the playoffs….they went golfing/fishing!


I felt that Ramirez should have been summoned and not Saito. Saito is one of those guys that can’t be trusted with a lead. He feels the pressure when the game is close. I haven’t been impressed with him when the game is tight!


I was wondering if you get warm milk in the attic??? LOL!! Cookies????

At least the Patriots won today. I didn’t watch the Pats game but they doubled the Falcons in time of poss. Obviously N.E. had a hard time finishing drives—too many field goals. Tough game next week with the Ravens coming to N.E. The Ravens are a very physica teams, they will smack you in the mouth and they will come after Brady hard. I assume lots of blitzes from Balt. next Sunday. Also there young q.b. can make some big plays in the passing game. Flacco has one of the strongest arms in the N.F.L. This will be a tough game for N.E.

Memo to self – need ear plugs for the next time tcd sings….

Stop the presses – The Rays came BACK and beat the Rangers – our # is down to 2! WHOO HOOO!! I didn’t think the Rays had it in them! Thank you Rays!

A very disappointing weekend, not that it impacts the divison or the wc. Can’t the Sox just win one game for the sake of the fans? The Sox could win 2 out of 3, definitely 1 game if…never mind.

Brian – I was watching the Pats game – we really need Welker back. His being out is making a huge difference. Brady had an okay game and he threw his 200th TD – 4th faster to arrive at 200. They did a good job containing the Falcons – made them use all their downs. They played much better then last week. Next week is a big game for them.

Hey everyone,
First, I have to give Yankees the credit. They did what they needed to do to get the job done. They had tough pitching and tough hitting and of course they had tcd133 cheering them on. I mean…what more can you have!
So on the more pressing matters. tcd133, when you meet with the Yankees tonight, do NOT tell them you are a little boy wanting to become a man. That can be very dangerous with A-Rod around. That ‘Rod’ really does have a dire meaning so be careful!

Light science question for tonight:
Name the four seasons of the year.
Do you know why August is called August?

Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter

August – isn’t it named for Augustus Ceaser

Rock on Julia.

Rock on Julia although technically the seasons are never capitalized…but I’m being picky here.

Aren’t the names of the season considered “proper nouns” Dave?

Thanks Greg!

I think if Brady has his way – Galloway will be replaced before next week – he was BAD today – that TD pass he dropped? ugh!!!!!

No they are not, Julia–grammar question.😉 No, the seasons are not proper nouns, just the days and months.
Yes, we do need Welker–BAD! But the receivers should have caught more balls than they did–incl. Moss.

I would be just fine if Galloway were moved off the roster! Is Welker supposed to be out for a while? Can he throw out baserunners?😉

Does Welker pinch hit–esp. for Tek?😉 GO SOX! GO PATRIOTS!

It would be nice to see Welker playing somewhere Greg. The Patriots, as usual, aren’t saying much about his injury.

I ONLY know this because I helped my daughter with her grammar homework. The seasons names are rooted in simple descriptions of the times of the year (e.g. colder, warmer, etc) where days and months were named after important figures and so forth in history and earn the proper noun status. The season winter, I believe just derived from the words wet or white.
Incidentally, I wrote to the writers of her grammer book since they were mixing the origins a bit instead of sticking to Roman gods, they were mixing in some Greek gods and they wrote back and basically said, “it was for fun…lighten up.”
I’m such a nitpicker.

And yes I know that the Roman Gods were simply renamed Greek gods. Roman’s were never original but they surely knew how to take advantage of other people’s technologies.

The interesting thing, Dave and Julia, about the days of the week and the months of the year, is that the exact opposite is true in Spanish and French compared to English–they are all in the lower case (as are the seasons)! For example, January is “enero”/ “janvier”, Monday is “(el) lunes”/ “(le) lundi” (Spanish/ French). How’s that?😉

I do hope we actually start WINNING some games, so that we are not simply “backing into” the playoffs with Rangers losses! GO SOX!

The sad thing is the Yankees have accomplished what they wished for over the weekend by clinching the divison right in front of the Sox, by making sure that the Sox finished the season road record below 500 (actually 3 below), and preventing the Sox from clinching a wc in Yankee satadium. Before the series, all Sox fans wanted was just 1 win. Sigh..I know Uncle Tito is the greatest manager the Sox ever had. But I know most ML managers manage to win. It appears (my persoanl perception) that Uncle Tito manages to please a player. It is good to rest the regulars for the playoffs. It also appears that Uncle Tito is getting paid by how much the players like him. But can we wait till we have officially clinched. The Sox have a whole #$%^& week to rest and get ready for the playoffs.
The Sox can still win it all at the end. That is a topic for another discussion.

I continue to learn from you. You’re a really smart person.
Marie Curie died, sadly, of leukemia. Why did she die of this disease?

given V-Tek’s catching woes as of late, I’m actually feeling more comfortable with VMart behind the plate, however; that would mean Youk at first and Lowell at third. Now, given Lowell’s inability to leg out a sharp liner off Sabathia’s foot in game two of this past weekend, or leg out much of anything these days, have the Sox thought about starting Ortiz at first, Youk at third, VMart catching and Lowell at DH? Seems they’ve tried every combination this season BUT this one. Lowell can obviously hit, he just can’t run. Papi, while not exactly fast either, can at least get it moving. Then they could bring Tek in when he’s rested and go back to VMart at first and Youk at third. Thoughts?

Marie Curie died of exposure to radioactivity. First person ever to win Nobel Prize in two different fields, to wit, Physics and Chemisitry.

Tito can certainly rotate the players to rest them at convenient times. Having Lowell as DH won’t make him any faster at running, unless of course he being a bit tired playing the field. The key is that they have to gracefully find a use for Tek. Sadly he is, in reality, hurting the team. At some convenient point in the game Tito can always pinch-run for Mikey or Papi in the event they get on base and the situation dictates. This Tito has been doing. Again, Tek is the problem both defesively and offensively. Sad, but true.

I had great seats Saturday, (thanks to my company), the play V-Mart mad at the plate was one of the most athletic plays I’ve ever seen a catcher make. NO WAY Varitek makes that play. He could hardly move his glove on a mix up on a pitch.
If Francona starts Varitek it better be only if he bats from the right side of the plate.
Against the Angels I see only Kazmir as a starting lefty. Not sure what his avg. is against him.
To me the best way to use him is as defensive replacement late in games. Move V-Mart to 1st, Youk to 3rd, and Lowell takes a seat.

Well done Andrew. Her discovery of radium cost her dearly. She would often go in the lab at night and stare at the radioactive glow…ya real smart, but in fairness nobody had ANY idea that electromagnetic radiation (e.g. high frequency xray and gamma light) were so destructive to DNA.
The early x-ray discoveries happened because scientists just thought it was cool to stick their hand over uranium and witness their bones show up in the photo plates…ya…they were curious, brave and sadly ignorant of what they were handling.

Dave: X-ray radiation possibly killed another a great female scientist, a biophysicist Rosalind Franklin who discovered the structure of DNA, among other things.

also note she was one of the rare exceptions — a female scientist taken seriously. Sadly, in astronomy, it’s especially true that female scientists are NOT taken seriously. It’s an old boys club. Woman have contributed much to the field of science and are mostly ignored for their contributions.
Hubble, who discovered the expansion of the universe had the work of a female scientist who spotted the red shift but it was Hubble who deduced what it meant. Fair enough but her contribution was mostly lost to history.

How about a baseball question:
Do you think the Sox make the play-offs without the Victor Martinez trade?

Possibly but the Sox would still be in a dog fight for the wc. What will happen in the playoffs is anothet story.

Andy, remember when the Yanks signed Hinske? You suggested, tongue-in-cheek, that we should concede the division to them. Well, you were prophetic. 3 years running the team with Hinske has won the AL East title. Will Baltimore sign him this coming off-season??? LOL

Just as a point of interest: my hometown used to have many factories, and one of them was the Bulova watch and clock factory. They had radium dials back in the day. Women were hired to paint the numbers on the dial with radium paint. They were paid piece work, so it was an advantage to be fast. To get a good point on their paintbrushes they would put the brush to their lips and and twirl it. Well, most of those women died quite young due to radiation poisoning. Except one. A lady that was a friend of our family lived for years and years. She was provided 24 hour care by Timex which had purchased Bulova. She was the subject of much experimentation by doctors who marvelled at her longevity. My mom sometimes took care of her. Mom said you could put a Gieger counter up to her and she’d make it chatter like a PO’d squirrel! I think she was joking, but who knows!

I think that is a bit of an impossible question to answer.
First, while quite likely, the Sox have NOT made the wildcard yet. There is always a possibility they lose for the rest of the season. I’ve seen stranger things in baseball.
Second, while Martinez has greatly helped, so has Gonsalez sealing the hole at short, and so has the return of whining Dice-K and who can forget Clay Buckhotz who’s been nothing short of a Cy Young pitcher. Let us also not forget David Ortiz finding his swing again…partially, and the fire of Ellsbury’s bat. It’s a team and I always feel uncomfortable putting it all on one player.
Having said that, there is no question Victor has been a major force of contribution to the team.

Fascinating story. I remember reading about lead in paint. Apparently it added a shine to the paint. Now we realize that lead is like…REALLY bad material for our bodies. Same with asbestos.
I wish manufacturers would conduct more studies of the effects of their materials.
However, using a KNOWN radioactive substance that Marie Curie could testify to its effects was disgusting to me beyond belief. I’m glad this one woman survived. Somehow her DNA was able to repair itself. DNA is fascinating to me. It constantly reproduces itself but the light energy (yes all radioactivity is is high frequency light) from radium is quite harsh. I’m amazed. She’s a scientific miracle.

Oh Arnie,
she was kidding about the geiger counter. radium emits gamma radiation and the body absorbs it. It doesn’t reemit it. If the light energy just reflected off of her, it would set off a meter but absorbing the material only kills you.
DNA reproduces constantly. How her body was able to survive just blows my mind away. DNA actually has built in protection to screen out bad material but those systems are USUALLY easily defeated which is why we age and get disease. Wow…that’s just amazing.

Greg: This is the prophecy that I am not proud of just like Garry?s prediction that Byrd would gave up 5 runs in the first innings. Lol
Give credit where credit is due. The Yanks? second half surge is amazing. They didn?t have prolonged losing streak and had 49 come from behind wins. I have said that Yanks are historically a second half team. If the standing is close by ASB like this year, the possibility that the Yanks would overtake the Sox. Another prophecy I am not too proud of.

Dave, you are right, that A-Gonz trade has been as much of an impact move as V-Mart. I hope we retain both for a while.
Arnie, Hinske has been like Millar–making the trek to just about every team in the AL East, sometimes year-to year. Something about those AL East teams…
Inesad, I envy you. How often do you get to Fenway. I have never been!
You made the point, Inesad, that Tek would not have been able to make that tag that V-Mart made, and likely at this point, you would be right. Assuming that is the case, though, I do not see why Tek would be inserted “for defensive purposes”–there would be no advantage there. For injury replacement, to V-Mart, Youk, or Lowell, that would make sense, but not for defensive purposes.
By the way, Inesad (am I reading that User ID right?), what is your name? May I ask? Thanks.

A letter from tcd133.
“Dear guys…ah…had a great time with the Yankees. I bought them soy milk and cookies. They seemed to like me and after a while they really liked me.
A-Rod sent me to the back room and then suddenly everybody on the team did the same thing. I guess that was their way of connecting with me.
Later they had me dance around and sing songs for them. I didn’t like dress up but Johnny Damon kept tossing me $100,000 dollar bills like it was pennies. All the others did the same thing.
A-Rod told me he had some friends that wanted to meet me. I decided I had enough and ran home again. Somehow Mom’s attic seemed so much friendlier…and ya…Go Red Sox…I HATE THE #$#$ YANKEES!

Not a bad suggestion, esp. on an occasional basis, Daniel. I think it would benefit Lowell’s hip (and keep him in the lineup!) if he were to DH more often.

Dave, did you see my note to you (a couple of Ian’s posts back) about the geology in our area? If not, I’d be happy to re-post it–I think you would find it of interest. GO SOX!

Well Dave, it wasn’t with evil intent that the clock maufacturer used the radium paint. This was a long time ago, and it was unknown what low doses of radiation would do. Don’t be upset.

a second letter from tcd133.
“Dear guys…after that horrible treatment by the Yankees, I hung out in Boston. I got grief counselling from Tim Wakefield who is ordained in three churches. David Ortiz gave me a great time reading Greek and Roman history. I learned that the Sox give most of their salaries to charities. J.D. Drew gave me pain management therapy and Jason Varitek explained to me quantum physics. Tito was like a father figure to me showing me geology and nature. Wow, they are a great bunch of people. Go RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Greg,
I did not…please post again and thank you!

Fair enough. It’s just my dad worked in factories his entire life and while he wasn’t exposed to deadly chemicals (thank God), I really feel sensitive about factory workers since I know the life is a tough one.

Sure, Dave, here it is.
Dave, as the resident scientist around here (and for anyone else who is interested, of course!), you might find a geological phenomenon here of interest. We have a rock formation here along the Blue Ridge Parkway called “Looking Glass Rock”(my family and I took a trip there very recently–about 60 miles away from Asheville). As a scientist, I suspect you know about plutons–Looking Glass Rock is one. (A pluton is a rock that forms from underground volcanic activity. As I understand it, the lava and magma build up over the ages to form a dome-shaped rock). There is a beautiful waterfall by the same name (Looking Glass Falls) nearby. What is particularly striking about this one is that you can view it on the Blue Ridge Parkway from almost every angle–you can view it almost the entire 360 degree around. It is SPECTACULAR in autumn. Here is a link to view it:
You may particularly find it interesting, Dave.

I think Bay needs to be re-signed, but they also need another big bat. I haven’t followed the free agent market much this year. Who’s this year’s Teixeira? Theo always loves going after pitching. I wonder who he has in mind…

Hi All! Are we ready for some baseball?? Dave – lovely letters from tcd – but we always knew that about the Yankees! 😉 The lineup for tonight:

Jacoby Ellsbury-CF
Dustin Pedroia-2B
Victor Martinez-C
Kevin Youkilis-3B
David Ortiz-DH
Jason Bay-LF
J.D. Drew-RF
Casey Kotchman-1B
Alex Gonzalez-SS

Josh Beckett-SP

No Lowell no Tek.

The Rangers are playing in LA so we won’t know that score until late.

GO RED SOX!!! See you all for the game!

that rocks…ok bad pun there. That’s an amazing sight. I mean, it’s so cool.
It’s hard to believe that until recently it was assumed that the continents were static. Now we know just how dynamic and kinetic they are. Without that movement life on earth would be in serious trouble. The shifting of land masses stirs up important material from underneath the earth that enriches our soil. Cool stuff.
Greg, how far is that from Nashville, TN. I want to visit it?

looking at a map, we sight 240 miles??? Is that correct? That, with an average of 60 mph is about 4 hours?
I calculate 60 mph to allow for traffic jams, rest stops, etc.

Since most of us on this blog are hope springs eternal types — I will go along and say — that the Sox were just playing possum against the Yanks — to set them up –, that A-Rod, Sabathia, and Burnett will all fold in the post-season again, and that Wagner will miraculously shed his demons against the Yanks (he should never pitch against the Yanks in the post season), our bullpen will plug its leaks, and the RedSox bench will finally start hitting in the post-season, Lester and Beckett will get on track just in time, and Dice-K and Buckholtz will stay hot, and the entire offense will finally stay hot for three away series in a row against “good” teams, and they will also finally show a little fire. Those odds are not too bad🙂 , its a lock !!!

Needless to say, after spending a whole season on this blog, I still am afraid we will exit in the first series — I just don’t see it. One of the things we haven’t talked about much this year, is the Sox bench. Baldelli has been a disappointment (where is Bobby Kielty when you need him). He has had few key hits, but hasn’t really ignited or picked the team up all year, usually contributed to no-offense days — would have preferred Drew in more to get more hitting against lefties. I’d much rather rely on Drew in the post-season (from what I have seen) than Baldelli. Van Every (very early in the season) is the only bench player that carried the team for a day that I can recall.

The constant rotation in roles (which Francona has valiantly tried to balance) looks so far like it failed. Most of his players — are not tired (that worked) — but unfortunately one of them hot either or consistent (that failed).

Most of all, and we really can’t say this, cause we are not in the club-house,it sure seems like there is not enough fire (or confidence), no clutch bench players to call on, and no hot AND consistent players, we are good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to dismiss the Yanks or the Angles away — unless of course, we are playing possum — I find that hard to believe a ball club would do that — but that is my only hope at this point.

Ironically, I feel the Yanks confidence can be broken, the beginning of the year shows that, and none of their pitchers, except Petite have proven themselves in the post season. But their offense is so hot, they get ahead, make it easy on their pitchers, and take the pressure off. We (or someone) needs to put pressure back on the Yankees and those old cracks may show up again.

Dave, it is about an an hour (60-70 miles) SW of Asheville. It is on the Blue Ridge Parkway, not far from Waynesville. I am not precisely sure how far Nashville is from Asheville (nice rhyme), but that should give you an idea. On the Blue Ridge Parkway, as I mentioned, it is able to be seen almost the entire 360 degrees around, and as autumn is here, the leaves are starting to turn there–a FANTASTIC sight this time of year.

That’s a good point DG… CC’s 8+ career postseason ERA and Burnett’s lack of one is the only thing helping me sleep at night. I don’t think they need to do anything special like win out the rest of the season at this point… just rest the guys that need to be rested. Start playing Papi at first so he can get his glove ready should my previous suggestion come into play (HA), and take care of our big three: Beckett, Lester, Buchholz.

Bobby Kielty is one guy we could REALLY use, DGN. Eric Hinske was another underrated, almost unnoticed, player for us in 07, but he was very good for TB in 08, and now for NY. We could use him, also–let alone Sean Casey (right, Ellen?)!
As I mentioned earlier, it would really help our own case if we would be more patient at the plate, and stop swinging at the first or second pitch!

Uh, yeah Julia. That is NOT good. HMMM!… GO SOX!

Does baseball just keep getting crazier? The Pirates just beat the Dodgers 11-1! No division clinch for them!

dg & Daniel – I agree with both of you -CC & AJ are really unknown quantities in the playoffs. And our guys – we know what they can do. It is going to be a wild ride and I can’t wait!

PANIC TIME – maybe??? Beckett has been scratched and Bowden is pitching – reason unknown! UGH!!

The report is now back spasms for Beckett – can we get a pitcher who doesn’t have a back??😉

Don’t worry about Beckett. He just got time on the Spitzer telescope and as you know, that astronomy time is precious so he had to do that instead (LOL).
Spitzer telescope, by the way, is an infrared telescope. Infrared light is slightly lower in frequency than visible light which is why our little eyes can’t see it. Infrared runs remotes and so forth. It’s a handy range of light for detecting objects in space such as the core of comets or, with far infrared, cold matter such as the molecules generated from star explosions. OK, complicated but I could take an hour to explain it all and this was just for a joke!

catch all the fun at the web site of spitzer.

I sympathise. I had a spasm this weekend. Oh did it #$#$ hurt. I know his pain…but we all know its an excuse to spend time on his astronomy.

I should have know Dave – our Red Sox are such the Rhodes Scholars – bless their little hearts! I hope you are feeling better too! No more telescopes for you!😉

via Ian on Twitter – Lester will start on Thursday.

And Mike Lowell has had an injection & will sit a couple of days. It is sounding more like a set of M*A*S*H at Fenway.

The M*A*S*H Unit Syndrome returns to Fenway. Hmmm! I’d prefer that M*A*S*H remain in re-runs, thanks!:/
I’m hoping to be on for at least some of the game tonight. I hope to see that Bowden is doing well (I can hope, right?)😉

I’m hoping it’s nothing that will linger with Beckett. He’ll have (1) more tune-up for the playoffs if everything is o.k. for him. We saw a banged up Beckett in the playoffs last year and that wasn’t a good thing. If the Red Sox want to go anywhere in the playoffs, they will need a healthy Beckett. I’m guessing it’s a better to be safe than sorry approach for the Red Sox with Beckett tonight.

No time to think for Bowden tonight, he’ll do just fine.

Also on a positive note, Lester threw from the mound for the first time since his injury and I guess everything is o.k. with him. Great news for Lester and the Red Sox. This kid has battled back from cancer, I don’t think a bruise on his leg will set him back. Never a dull moment with the Red Sox, it always seems to be something.

“The actual conversation”
“Josh, “snapped Tito. “This telescope time is really depleting our team. I understand…”
“You don’t understand, “argued Josh. “You don’t understand the discoveries being made. Mike Lowell and Jed Lowrie…I mean, we’re a team and with David…”
Tito snapped his head against the table.
“Do you know how retarded I look making up injuries so you guys can have #$# telescope time. ”
Tito rolled back.
“Fine…anybody else?”
“Mike Lowell. He does fourier transforms like nobody and Jed Lowrie…”
Tito rolled his eyes.
“Whatever…just get going OK. PLEASE…I’ll just tell the press he had an injection or something…do you need Tim?”
Josh smiled.
“Tim Wakefield is our most valuable asset. We really need him for the rest of the season if you can spare him.”
Tito kicked his foot against the desk.
“Fine, the ‘astronomy club’ can take off leave everyone ELSE to win the series!”

OK Sox Bloggers,
Time for a little contest called…..what does tcd stand for. I’ll start with “Tiny Closet Dweller”.

So Now Tito is making up fake injuries so Beckett doesn’t pitch tonight. Tito and Beckett both know The Jays have Beckett’s number and would probably whack him for 5-6 runs, but back spasm’s. lol lol lol


Craig how does that sound???


That’s the reason why Beckett isn’t starting, come up with something better than that. Beckett isn’t ducking anyone. The Red Sox have some important games starting next week, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder what that could be. This just in, nobody is ducking the Blue Jays.


Your smarter than that.

Here’s what caused Beckett’s back spasm. 2 games, 10.1 innings, 14 hits, 6 walks, 5 home runs and 12 runs given up for a nifty era of 10.45. No wonder he has back spasms.


I’m guessing Halladay will have a bad neck this week and miss his start.

Bosox-How’d, you guess, lol


Sometimes my crystal ball is in focus. LOL!

Awesome Brian!!!!!!! You are in 1st place!!! BTW….No one has ducked the Jays since George Bell and Jesse Barfield were playing…

TCD=Totally Convoluted Dork

cfarm-actually although my post was meant as a joke as Bosox knows well, what you say isn’t correct. when everyone ducked us was in 92 and 93.

By the way is that TCD, directed at me?


The Jays sure had some great teams back in the day. Barfield had a great arm. Bell…you mean karate kid??? Remember when he charged the mound when Bruce Kison was on the hill??? An afternoon game in Toronto at old Exhibition Stadium. Those were the days.

gsjays – no tcd is an “oh so pleasant” Yankees fan who lives in his parent’s attic and is allowed to come out once a day for 1/2 hour. (Okay -the Yankee fan and living in his parents attic is true – the rest? It could only be 20 minutes a day) It was not directed towards you. tcd only shows up when the Yankees are winning – when they are losing? You don’t hear a pip out of him – he is OH SO kind – can’t you tell how much we enjoy him?

(the) Clownish

I’ll see if I can be more creative – be back soon!

Bosox-You guys should be pleased we’re starting Richmond against you. I expect the Sox to knock him out early like everyone else has.

gsjays – no tcd is an “oh so pleasant” Yankees fan who lives in his parent’s attic and is allowed to come out once a day for 1/2 hour. (Okay -the Yankee fan and living in his parents attic is true – the rest? It could only be 20 minutes a day) It was not directed towards you. tcd only shows up when the Yankees are winning – when they are losing? You don’t hear a pip out of him – he is OH SO kind – can’t you tell how much we enjoy him?

(the) Clownish

I’ll see if I can be more creative – be back soon!

All I remember from that incident was Bell telling the press to kiss his purple butt when they asked him why he did it. lol

of comments for me to catch up on… since its close to game time, I’ll probably read them tomorrow…my my my, you’ve all been busy lil boys and girls today!!!!

thats >>>lots>> of comments

Hey, what happened to you guys in New York?

Dave, I know exactly what you mean: my dad, grandfathers and most of my uncles worked in the factories.

d..ck (thats not DUCK)



Congrats, Robert on your team winning the East.. You are always a class act….

Robert – I echo Ellen’s sentiments – you REAL Yankees’ fans have waited a while for this.

GO RED SOX!!!!!!


new thread.. Ian snuck it in on me!!!

What are the chances…. we -resign Jason Bay and get Matt Holliday and stick him at First? We all know Matsui’s and Damon’s contracts are up this year and I GUARANTEE the Yankees will be looking at Holliday. Why wouldn’t they want to add YET ANOTHER 40-HR bat to their lineup. As scary as that sounds, it’s a realistic possibility. The Sox need a big bat and I think they need to go after Holliday, hardcore. Imagine how many HR he would crush at Fenway. That’s my guy. Matt Holliday. haha

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