Happy 90th birthday, Johnny Pesky

A nice moment has just unfolded here at Fenway, with the Red Sox celebrating Johnny Pesky’s 90th birthday with an on-field presentation. Pesky’s birthday was yesterday, when the Red Sox were in New York, so they honored the occasion tonight.

Pesky went to the mound with his red fungo bat and threw a ceremonial first pitch to Jason Varitek.

Johnny is as good an ambassador as any Major League team has. Even though Johnny isn’t around the park as much as he used to, it’s still great to see him whenever he is. Just a complete class act. That’s all I can say about him.

And Johnny’s Number 6 hangs proudly on that right-field facade, along with Bobby Doerr, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice and Carlton Fisk.


I should sing to Johnny in the syle of Marilyn Monroe:
Happy Bir-th-day to you. happy Bir-th-day, to you.

Are we having fun yet???

Happy Birthday Johnny!!!!!!

Let’s win one for him!!!!!


Well I guess the guys know I’m here..
I’m out for a while!!!
Back Later…

Hey gang!!
Maybe Bowden can settle down enough for the Sox to catch up and overtake the Jays. I think this will end up as a win for our boys!

My posts end up scattered all over the place. What’s up with that? Let’s see where this one goes, maybe to the old thread.

How about Eck? Do you think he is free to pitch tonight? We better score a LOT of runs…I mean a LOT

And Tito is on the phone……

So is Bowden doing a Beckett impersonation or what? lol


Well that was a better inning for Bowden.

Let’s score some more runs!!!

Is there a nicer guy in the world than Johnny Pesky?? I’m amazed that Varitek caught the ball. lol.

I guess Bowden thought he was facing the Yankees in the 1st inning, then again maybe he was doing his impersonation of Byrd in K.C. LOL!

Long game still to go.

Hi Arnie! I didn’t see you all the way up there!

This inning is going much better – we can NOT leave bases loaded even with 2 outs!

I guess Pedey did not listen to me…..

Gee bases loaded and we can’t get a hit..again again???

The only good thing is that Richmond now has a high pitch count just like Bowden.

It appears that Dustin Pedroia has tried to do too much this year. He isn’t doing badly, but he sometimes presses and takes too big of a swing or gets thrown out on the bases. It doesn’t look like he is relaxed and having as much fun as he did the last couple years.

So much for Bowden settling down.

Great we don’t turn two and disaster strikes.

Let’s go Angels.. Let’s go Angels

Why is it whenever we face the Jay’s late in the season they seem to always have our number? Every year we seem to struggle against them in September.

One comment and I’m out again. GSJays, I doubt that Beckett chose to sit out this game, back spasms or not–Josh ain’t the type. Tito and/ or Theo, to “rest” him for the post-season, I would not doubt it–whether he were really injured, or simply “tweaked” something. Not Josh. Congrats, Johnny Pesky! 90 and still going! GO SOX!

Does Youk WANT to win this game. PLEASE no Michael Bowden during the playoffs!!!!

He is the only one. What is with Bay and all the strike outs lately. He is better than that??

We need Garry warming up!!!

YAY!!! I want Garry in the game!!!!


sigh……this is not how I wanted to homestand to start…..

greg-actually, as a guy betting on the Sox to win the next series, I thought it was a great decision to keep Beckett out. He has not performed well against the Jays for the last couple of years, and he’s a lot more important for next week. This game tonight means nothing.

It is raining in Sudbury – headed towards Boston??

I’m having back spasms tonight, so I’ll be unable to post any comments.


So we get it all out of our system now and we win the rest of the week????

Ok, I can overlook the Jays lighting up our minor league pitchers (even though that doesn’t look to good for our future prospects) — but only scoring three runs against Richmond – come on. This team is not ready for the post-season, nor do they even seem hungry for it. We have waited all year for them to wake up and play like they want it — they sure don’t know how to transmit that feeling. Perhaps that is not fair, but they look like a team out of the running, just showing up waiting for the season to end! Is it me, or does anyone else get that vibe?

While tonite’s game isn’t all that appealing, I’ve got a feeling that next week we’re going to see a dramatic turnaround. Not sure what has me leaning in that direction, but I think we’re going to give the Angels a whuppin’. And regardless of what some might think, I believe the Tigers have the ability to knock off the Stankees. Hey, if we have to lose to someone, I’d rather it be the Tigers than either of the other two. But since I’m a believer as well, I think we’ll be playing the Cardinals again.

I like you attitude Jimmy!! Since I’m going to be at Fenway tomorrow and since we are having thunder here not – I might call it an early night.

Talk to you all tomorrow and I will take some pics at the game!!!

I see Bowden did not grant my wish, and did not pitch very well. I still do not see Bowden as a starter, at least not in Boston (Sorry, Jeff).
Yes, GsJays, the series next week is far more important, and I’d rather have Josh pitch then, than I would tonight. Did you see my question to you the last time we played you guys? You mentioned one of your coaches (I forget who) has a good read on Josh, whether or not he was tipping his pitches. Do you know if that coach has a connection to Josh–with the Marlins, or otherwise? Thanks!
Did we get our other wish–is Garry pitching yet?πŸ˜‰ I’m warming up my Dan Quisenberry windup!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Yes, Brad Arnsberg, our pitching coach used to be his pitching coach with the Marlins.

Thanks, GSJays, I wondered how Arnsberg would have had as good a read on Josh as he does. THANKS! GO SOX!

Not withstanding the outcome, I didn’t think Bowden has very good stuff. Jones neither, but this kid Dustin Richardson looks good. Changes speed and lots of movement on his fastball, look like a keeper.

Well, it seems tonight that any offense we have going is via the longball. That ain’t gonna get it done. We might as well “audition” our Minor-League pitchers in a game like this!:/
Gotta go. Take care, all! GO SOX!

Absolutely, the right thing to do. Richardson isn’t far away from really contributing, the other two kids need more cooking. lol

Hi all. I wasn’t really interested in posting, given what has transpired in this game but I the Sox just seem to be going through the motions! White Flag? Hey, DGN, I agree with your post completely. I did not want us to be backing into the playoffs but it looks like this might be the case. GO SOX.

what a blah effort tonight. They might as well have just forfeited, but it turns out the weather pretty much did it for them. Looks like the Angels are going to have to put us in the playoffs.

GS Jays,
I know you and Brian have a good relationship. I was just joining in on the fun. Julia….thanks for explaining TCD for me. GS Jays….if you go back on prior threads you will see what a tool that TCD is. In fact…he may show up here tonight as the Sox got slapped around and the Yankees are wiining. Personally, I think if the Jays spend a little cash they will be in the thick of it again in the next year or two….as long as you guys hang on to Halladay. Go Sox!!!!
TCD=Total Complete Disaster

Kramer….Congrats…..hope to see you guys in October!!!!! Should be some good division series match-ups….Go Sox….win your way in!!!!!!!

Angels 11-0 after 7. It sure looks like the Angels are playing all out. They probably really want to play the Sox to try to get revenge. Their line-up is pretty potent. The lowest BA in today’s line-up is Napoli @ 265; everyone else is up in the 290’s to low 300’s. I sure hope this “backing in” to the WC doesn’t backfire on us. Right now both the Angels and the Yanks have some momentum going.
Happy Birthday Johnny P!

Buchholz will get the job done tonight, he has pitched exceptionally well. Last time against the Jays at Fenway, he shut them down! I’m expecting another outing just like that one. Have Papelbon come in during the 9th..save or no save and FINALLY clinch this w.c. berth! After tonight, Francona can treat every game as if it is Sunday. Get the players some rest and keep them fresh for next week, when the real season starts!

Bosox-One of the Toronto broadcasters had a chat with Tito before last nights game and asked him what his priorities were. Tito said “simple, get all my guys healthy for next week.” So, I think he believes Texas will lose at least one of the 3 games remaining with LA or the 3 games remaining with Seattle and the most important thing for the Sox to do is get as healthy and rested as possible for the playoffs. Wise manager, Tito.

It?s unreal the Sox can conceivably get into the playoffs by losing the remaining games intentionally or unintentionally thanks to our friends at Anaheim. Being rested and healthy doesn?t automatically translate into hits. If I were the manager I would start instruct the position players how to lay down a bunt and sacrifice. The Sox can?t afford to strand risp with none out or less than 1 out when hits are hard to come by. Playing small ball against a tough pitcher wins the game.

Do you think the Sox go hard after Aroldis Chapman? It was rumored he and his agent were in Yankee Stadium over the weekend.
If anyone hears anything about this, please post it.

Hope you got to see him in the WBC, a few months back.

Hey all,
Don’t be discouraged. Would you rather be the Baltimore Orioles or the Boston Red Sox right now….I thought so!
>>>>>>>>>> Science Question <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I’ll make it an easy one.
Why do we have the rock planets (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth) next to the sun and then we have the gas planets (Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn) away from the sun. How did the construction of our solar system create such a plan.
What is our smallest planet and what is our biggest planet

Oh yes,
Happy Birthday Johnny Pesky. I had the privilege of getting your autograph as a kid. I’m sure you don’t remember me (LOL)
It was a real memory that I can still capture it in my imagination. I’ll glad you’re still here and looking great. I remember in a book I read, you said you’ll die in a Red Sox uniform and now I truly believe you on that! You’re one of the good ones Johnny. May you live to be 100.

Hopefully Tito will prove me all wrong, but I am tempted to some up this whole season as over conservatism. The Sox management (and medical staff) sometimes remind me of a hovering mother who won’t let her child go out a play in the cold weather for fear of catching something. They have been so health conscious, and so rest conscious, so overly protective all year, that this, combined with their stock piling of folks in the same position (to also protect against the very circumstance they fear most) — has had the effect of resting and rotated everyone to sleep. Only Ortiz, Jacoby, and Dustin, have played regularly at the same position. Everyone else has been rotated and cycled too much in my opinion. We will have a bunch a rested players come October, but who of those will be hot, and having the mentality to bring it home, and enough practice to earn and be used to that situation and responsibility THIS YEAR, instead of looking to someone else to fulfill.

Its a very tough balance to strike, I admit. I just think the SOX have erred on the side of caution too much this year, and no one has the bloody sock mentality (so to speak) — and as a result we will train and rest and protect ourselves into an early exit, instead of fighting and clawing our to the top.

I should have added Bay as getting consistent play at one position — but same point.

Bonus question first. Jupiter (biggest) and Pluto (smallest). If Pluto is no longer considered a planet, then the Mercury.
The rocks planets are closest to the sun and the gas planets (mostly hydrogen and helium) are away from the sun. Why. It’s God’s will.
It is may be because hyrdrogen and helium are highly imflammable and if gets too hot, explosion may results.

Perhaps my whole comment isn’t quite fair, maybe it was the fact that in past years Ramirez and Ortiz had a level of consistency together that shielded the teams since 2003 better from the ups and downs. For whatever reason, the team this year, does not seem to be able to rise to the occasion for big games – at least not yet, either the pitching, the bullpen, or the offense doesn’t show up enough, and we often split or lose big series. The only play that has been excellent all year in all series has been the fielding.

dgn: I tend to agree with you. Where do you strike the balance? I don’t know. Hope Tito knows. As I said earlier, Rest and health do not necessarily mean hits. As long as the players are not physically banged up, they can effectively play extra 19 games in October.

Largest planet: Jupiter
Smallest planet: C.C. Sabathia
The gas planets cannot exist too close to the sun cecause of the intense gravitational pull of the sun. Only the hard rock planets can withstand the sun’s gravity.

Right on, as far as the planets are concerned. Pluto is no longer considered a planet simply because it crosses other planet’s orbits. Ya, hair splitting but it’s now considered more of a comet with a moon. Perhaps someday we’ll have a definition but a planet basically is just what we want to call an orbiting rock.
And I said this was an easy question. What do I know?
Our solar system was created due to a massive explosion of a star towards the hypergiant lines. When you get stars large enough, they fuse an iron core. When that star explodes and releases its material, especially iron gets released. That’s why all the planets have iron cores. It’s also why we have a little gold and silver. Large stars, and ONLY large stars produce those heavy elements.
Eventually all these materials form a gas cloud nebula that will form stars. Since iron is much heavier than the gases, the gases will expand to further out in space. The iron will stick closer to the nebula.
Once stars forms (in our case, just the one star but nebulas tend to create more than one star), the extra gravity will create an orbit. That orbit will allow a huge amount of iron asteroids to rotate around the star. Eventually those iron asteroids will collide enough to create the core planets.
Those outer gases, thanks to the sun’s gravity, form farther out in the solar system. Of course gas escapes the created solar system and not all the rocks form planets. Some formed the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Hope that helps…and ya, it’s a bit complicated and I said it was easy!

sorry…..that’s BECAUSE, not cecause.

DGN, I couldn’t agree with you more about the Sox being over-conscious about health, and over-stocking the same positions. I would argue it has had the exact opposite effect. I think if Mike Lowell had been able to play with far fewer rest days (be that at 3B or DH), his hip would be stronger now than it is. What we can tell is that very few have been hot with the bat at the same time, and our pitchers seem to be rusty at the same times. That is not good for them, or for the team. We need to stop babying our players. Period. GO SOX!

Dave, as far as Pluto is concerned, until the pros come up with better explanations as to why Pluto is “suddenly” not a planet, it will still be a planet in my astronomer-wannabe book. As far as I can tell, the things that are “disqualifying” Pluto from being a planet are things that have been known about the planet for a LONG time, and they simply haven’t known what to do with its orbital “aberration”. The professional scientists can de-classify it all they wish, but they need to come up with better expalnations and/ or classifications if they are going to change this humble peon’s mind. Oh, well. Asi’ anda la vida (Such is life).
Dave, are there other comets with moons? Or is Pluto an “aberration” there, also? Has Pluto been observed with a tail–or would it if it were to be orbiting closer to the sun? It doesn’t sound like a comet to me, either. But what do I know?πŸ˜‰

Technically, Sabathia is a gas giant, not a planet. So therefore, the smallest planet is actually Jabba Chamberlain.

Note how the pull of the sun’s gravity has actually shaped his head into a round ball.

And although the comet Damon doesn’t have a moon, it definitely does have a tail.

Ron, I assume that while CC is the gas giant, Jabba-da-Hut is simply a gas bag?

Sorry Ron, my bad. If only I had paid attention more,,,,er… at all in school.

Isn’t Pluto named after a cartoon dog? That would disqualify it right there. Dogs are too co-dependent to be planets on their own.
Dave, aren’t you glad we are such good students?

Arnie, I think you are right about Pluto the dog–he orbits the food bowl! That must be the REAL planet–Pluto must be a satellite, then!…Hmmm…;)

Detroit lost the first game of a double header, so Minnesota’s only one back. The real problem with that, is that race is likely going to go to the wire and regardless of which team wins, they won’t have a lot left to take on the Yanks.

Hi All – sorry I missed the science question today! Via Ian on Twitter:

Ellsbury, Pedroia, V. Mart, Youkilis, Ortiz, Bay, Drew, Kotchman, Gonzalez, and Buchholz pitching for champagne.

I’ll be at the game tonight – you’ll hear me – I’ll be the one cheering REALLY loud!! GO RED SOX!!!!!

I’ll post pictures on my blog tomorrow!!

The whole thing with a planet is an utter mess that’s really hard to resolve. The original origin came about when we knew so little about planets. I mean, we didn’t even know about the asteroid belt and the TONS of planet like objects floating around the sun. That make things really sticky. Like anything else in science, the more evidence you gather, the more you have a better understanding but then struggle with how to resolve those new issues. It’s fun and frustrating at the same time.
Anyway, Pluto just doesn’t come close enough to the sun to experience that comet tail. If it did, you’d see a tail.
We don’t know enough about comets to say moons or not but Pluto certainly does have one. In 2015 we’ll know a lot more since a probe arrives taking the FIRST images of PLUTO. That will SO ROCK! You can’t really get a good image due to its orbit and distance from the sun. Since planets can’t generate their own energy (OK Jupiter actually does and it is classified as both a planet and a cold sun but that’s another story)…anyway, Pluto is so far away without an emission light source it’s really almost impossible to get a clear image unless you are there taking it. Then of course you have to rely on the small amount of light available and take VERY LONG EXPOSURE images.

Dave & Greg:
The definition of “planet” set in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) states that in the Solar System a planet is a celestial body that:
is in orbit around the Sun,
has sufficient mass to assume hydrostatic equilibrium (a nearly round shape), and
has “cleared the neighbourhood” around its orbit.
Therefore, by IAU definition, pluto is no longer a planet although many scientists still maintain Pluto is a planet.

Isn’t there a kind of compromise regarding pluto? Don’t they call it a “planetoid” or something like that? (an “astronet?”)

Well done and that’s EXACTLY what was added to make it not a planet — cleared space around its orbit. Essentially the definition is the ‘what I want a planet to be’ rather than anything based on properties.
For example, Mercury is essentially an iron rock floating around in space. It’s not much different than an asteroid but it’s alone rather than with other material. It doesn’t have a moon either. It’s pretty boring. Outside of that new demand, Mercury can easily be classified as an asteroid.
Ya, planetoid is what they’re using but the reality is they need a new definition for the ‘not planet’ planet. It just gets sillier and sillier.

Here’s a bonus question for those who missed it.
Why are the planets basically made of IRON. Where do we get all that iron and why?

I also read somewhere that much of the controversy regarding Pluto’s changed status is due to resistance amongst American astronomers, because Pluto is the only “planet” to be discovered by an American (Claude Tombaugh in the 1930s).

I’m looking forward to the pictures that are going to be seen from that deep space orbiter in a few years. Can you imagine such a frozen, desolate and isolated place such as Pluto or Charon? I mean, other than east central Alberta where I grew up, that is.

Pluto was instead re-classified as a “dwarf planet”. The main difference between a dwarf planet and the real thing is that the dwarf variety has not cleared the area of its orbital path.

How about “the UN-planet” (reference to Monty Python’s un-parrot)?

That I didn’t know. A dwarf planet is certainly an escape clause!

Just curious — bad question for any takers??? —

Hypothetically, lets say that if the Angels make it to the ALCS against the Yanks, that they beat them (cause they seem to have some mojo working against the Yanks) — and lets say hypothetically again, that if the SOX make it to the ALCS — that they lose to the Yanks this year. If those were the only two possible outcomes, which would you prefer (a) beat the Angels in the ALDS, and play in the ALCS and lose to the Yanks, or (b) lose to the Angels in the ALDS and enjoy the pleasure of the Angles knocking off the Yankees in the ALCS?

Of course this is like a very poor survey, that only gives you undesirable choices to choose from.

I’ll also take unplanet:
Here we are having a great conversation about planets and we are bring up sports on the science blog! (LOL)

I saw a K.D. Lang video that had Alberta…it looked like an awesome place to live actually.
I too look forward to seeing Pluto. It will be cool — assuming everything goes well. To me its a miracle that JPL can design such amazing crafts. They have to continually calculate the arrival since Pluto is moving and aircraft has speed so you have to time it using rotational velocity and a bunch of other factors — it’s VERY complicated to send a space craft to find a planet that’s moving and you’re moving, etc.
I remember in physics in college I wanted my professor to teach me that stuff and he bowed out adding that it was very complicated. Oh well.

The other option is that the Det or the Twinkies can knock the Yanks out of ALDS.
The better option is the Sox beat the LAA in the ALDS and Det or Minn in ALCS.
If someone points a gun at my head to pick one of DGN’s options, it would painfully be option B.

Dave: What does Naomi’s science text book say? 8 or 9 planets in our solar system?

The planets have their own union,,,,,the IAU??? So THAT’S where Jimmy Hoffa ended up!!! It’s all coming clear to me now.

DGN, if the Sox are going to lose I’ll take choice B. Less anxiety for me that way. Get it over with and avoid the bitter pill of the Yanks beating us. I had enough of that for a lifetime.

Hey Dave, k.d. lang (all lower case) is awesome, she’s from the same neck of the woods as me. I remember a number of years ago she took alot of flack from people in that area (ultra conservative, real cow country…think Texas without as much oil) when she came out as gay and vegetarian. I remember her doing a public service announcement, she was standing next to a cow, and said “why do we call some animals pets and other animals dinner?”

Very courageous woman, I really admire her. Fantastic Patsy Cline voice.

Good to see the planets have unionized! Viva the IAU!πŸ˜‰
If “dwarf planets” are “not quite the real thing”, how soon before Mercury loses its status? ;)–It ain’t THAT much larger than Pluto, and it has no satellites! I find that “escape clause” more amusing than helpful. Things that make this astronomer wannabe go Hmmm!… (And yes, I remembered Tombaugh’s name!)
Glad we finally solved the Hoffa problem also! Good going, Arnie! What’s next on the world’s problems list? Ah, yes, whether to play the Angels or the Yankees.
I’d take choice B also, compared to A, but I’d like to see what is behind Door C–playing in the WS! GO SOX!

One country’s pet is another country’s dinner, Ron! Hmmm!…

It will indeed be SO COOL to see the satellite photos of Pluto when the time comes. Perhaps it will begin to resolve some of the questions posed here (and/ or bring up new ones!)πŸ˜‰

I too look forward to seeing Pluto…but I always get him mixed up with Goofy!!! lol

I agree with you Andy!!! Thats a tough one to get by!!

dgn: those are both depressing choices!!! WOW

Ellen, Julia, & Craig,

Thanks for the congrats on the Yankees success this year. We spent a ton of $$$ and more than got our money’s worth in Sabathia and Teixeira. I think what has been the most important is the defense at 1B. Teix can also throw, something Giambi was loath to do.

As for the talk of CC and Joba relating to planets, you are all way off base. CC, in more ways than one, is as big a STAR as you can get! And Joba should become one, baring injury! LOL!!! Just kidding!

In any case, the champagne should flow in Boston tonight! And in a short series (5 or 7 games) any participant can be dangerous! Too many times a WC team pulls off an upset, i.e. the 2003 Marlins and 2004 Red Sox. No time to be over-confident or content just yet!!!

Funny! I have the 90th post on Peskey’s 90th birthday!!!

And six has always been my number. Check the number of letters in ROBERT GEORGE KRAMER! Nostradamus where are you!!!

I chose option-B as well.

Ellen, its not entirely depressing when the Yankees lose, is itπŸ™‚ ? Unless the Yankees are playing the Taliban or Al Quaeda — I am probably routing for their opponent! Not sure why — may have something to do with the fact that they try to buy their way into playoffs every year, and outbid and take away every coveted resource that another team may need, unless they simply have no place to put them. Of course, the RedSox never do that to any other teamπŸ™‚

I see the Sox have started right where they left off last night. Arrrggghhhh!


I just now turned on the game, saw the 4-0 and thought it was a repeat of last night’s game… (WTF?) LOUDER, Julia!!! We can’t HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!

In the first inning Buchholz looked like the Buchholz of last year. I hope he can put that terrible 1st inning behind him.

Way to go Martinez, all this guy does is drive in runs. Chip away, chip away, this is the Blue Jays!

So, I see we’re spotting Toronto 4 runs again, how nice of us. I wonder what inning Tito will be throwing in the towel. Try again tomorrow.

So, I see we’re spotting Toronto 4 runs again, how nice of us. I wonder what inning Tito will be throwing in the towel. Try again tomorrow.

So, I see we’re spotting Toronto 4 runs again, how nice of us. I wonder what inning Tito will be throwing in the towel. Try again tomorrow.

Another H.R. by the Jays, Buchholz is serving them up!

Just like last night: give up 4, get 1 back.
The Sox are pissing me off!!!

Wow Bob!! 666,,,,,that’s spooky. Are you getting ready to start up Armageddon sometime soon?

sorry about the triple play. don’t know how that happened.

Great race in the A.L. Central, a Twins victory tonight and they’ll be tied for 1st place. The Twins are always hanging around this time of year. Something tells me these teams will be playing game #163 to decide the division.

You can’t let it happen in the ALDs. 2 on and none outs and Kotchman gidp. Argh…The Sox can still clinch tonight if our good friends at Anaheim take care of the Rangers. Unreal.

Than you A Gonz.

H.R. Derby for Toronto tonight.

Buchholz’s change-up is great tonight, it changes the score. lol. My oh my, he is getting killed out there tonight.

bosox-we’ve been doing that lately. The Jays have hit more home runs in September than any other team-must be 40 now.

Andy, the Rangers losing would give us the WC, but we are still doing what you and others have warned against–backing into the WC, not going on the winning streak like we need to. We will not last in the WC series that way…

Buckie boy is impersonating Beckett. Coughed up 4 HRs in 3 innings. Not good.

40 is a great number here in Sept.
Buchholz is having major problems tonight. He looks like the Buchholz of last year. Boston needs to get something going and soon. I would like too see Boston clinch a playoff spot by winning on the field, not finding out around 1:00 a.m. if Texas lost.

Is coughing up HRs supposed to be an ailment that gets treated with medication or just R & R? Sounds like it would sideline someone for a while! Hmmm!…

Bosox-Our guys have picked up on his change up, it doesn’t appear he holds any more surprises for us.

Julia is at the game tonight–her record before tonight (at games she has attended) is 0-2…She was SUPPOSED to right that ship!… Oh, well!… GO SOX!

Youk is one of the R.B.I. guys on the Red Sox, in that situation…he must come thru!

More bonehead baserunning by Pedroia. I think we have seen that act before.

Dump play by Pedoria.


For some reason Buchholz is having major issues getting the ball down low tonight. Last time at Fenway, he baffled the Jays. Is Buchholz feeling the pressure???

No, The Jays have figured out his changeup-I think all 4 home runs came on change ups.


Any change-up that is up in the zone….will end up a longggg way from home plate. lol.

Maybe Martinez has figured it out, that pitch sequence was all fastballs and sliders, no change ups.


It’s amazing how good a pitcher can look when he gets it down in the zone. I hope Buchholz can settle in and keep the Jays where they are at. Romero has gotten smoked all year by Boston.

True, that is the other problem he’s having with his changeup. lol

Yep, Boston have had Romero’s number, like we’ve had Beckett’s. Funny how that works isn’t it.

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