Buchholz belted

Better now for Buchholz to have a night like this than his first postseason start, right?

Four homers in three innings. How unfathomable is that? Buchholz had given up four homers over his last 58 2/3 innings entering tonight.

In other news, the Red Sox again have Hideki Okajima available in the bullpen. The lefty had an injured right side that had kept him out a few days. Mike Lowell will return to the mix on Thursday.

Nick Green, still trying to prove he’s healthy enough to be on the postseason roster, could be back in action by Friday.


So many posting problems…. WOW.. I sincerely hope they solve these problems in the off season. I wonder, How DO you start a chat room… Maybe that would be a solution for us.
I hate to say it but we look weak… and thrown out stealing…

There are some teams where everything just clicks and it all goes so smoothly…and then there is the 2009 Red Sox for some reason why don’t get a break…EVER.

Hey Trixie! How are ya? Thrown out stealing–perhaps that is why we haven’t tried it more often! Now, if WE could throw THEM out on steal attempts, we’d be better off! Hmmm!:/

If the Red Sox play like this…do we WANT them in the playoffs? I’d rather have them at their peak than this. It’s kind of humiliating to see them struggle like this against the Blue Jays…AT HOME!

Law of Averages, Dave? In 07, not much went wrong for us at all, let alone when we caught fire in 04! Hmmm!… GO SOX!

Let’s see if Papi can do better than Big Pop-Up. GO SOX!

Are we going to need Nick Green in the BP? Hmmm!…

oooooooooooooooohpapi!!! gopapi!!!!

Way to go, Papi! Come on, J-Bay! GO SOX!

good job Papi!!! lets go guys!!!
Hey is that Julia sitting behind homeplate, dressed likie and mimicing (sp) the umpire??? If so YOU GO JULES lol

Wow, this game isn’t going as planned at all!!!!!!

So, back to science. Dave can you define, and compare and contrast the following:
1. Nova
2. Super Nova
3. Chevy Nova
4. Bossa Nova
Then we’ll move on to black holes, dark matter, man holes, silly putty and will someone PLEASE tell me how I can keep the squirrels off my bird feeder? Thanks Dave.

Great at bat by Ortiz. Is Pedroia the dumbest baserunner on the Red Sox? Down by (4) runs and he tried stealing 3rd base. Dumb! Stupid! Moronic!

Especially Big Papi followed with a single. Some one has to talk to Pedey.

That’s all! Nova and Supernova’s are just size variants. Nova’s are for dwarf stars that explode (they become red giants before that) and supernova’s are for the hypergiant stars that are quite larger than our sun.
Squirrels are AMAZING animals. I really love their abilities and skills. Did you know they bury a lot of their food so its available during winter months. I mean what a smart animal and its skill set is amazing.
As far as squirrel proofing your feeder — good luck.

Nick Swisher doing MLB.com ads! Hmmm!…
Brian, I would THINK Dustin knows baserunning fundamentals better than that, but… I still think he is trying too hard–so much so, that he might be forgetting the more fundamental things. Inexplicable…

Thta’s how and why a player gets too comfy with the manager. He knows the manager will stand up for him for his mental and physical error.
I wonder how the Sox gonna celebrate at the clinch party by losing the game and the Rangers lose also?

The old joke about Chevy Novas was that they are a “no go”: “No va”, in Spanish (as you may know, Arnie) means “it doesn’t go”.😉 GO SOX! (NOT “No Go”)!

Is it the club record by a pitcher to cough up 5 Hrs in 5 consecutive innings?

Sox don’t deserve a wc bout if this is their playing ability. I know they want it but you go in with confidence and the ability to win. It’s not only about your team but your ability to represent the American league. I’d late to see the sox get crushed in the playoffs but that’s what’s going to happen if they continue like this. It’s just abysmal.


1988 Boston Red Sox won the A.L. East and they found out in a bar in Cleveland. lol. Most of the team gathered at a local watering hole after playing the Tribe. Those were the days. lol.

Ian started this thread saying, “better that Buch get hit hard now than in the playoffs”. How sure are we that it won’t happen then, also?:/ I hate that we have seemingly been playing as if the playoffs are an inevitability. That is the definition of “backing into the playoffs”! SIGH! GO SOX!

Dave, my feeders are squirrel proof already. I just tossed that one in for fun. I have a peanut plant in my garden that was planted by a squirrel. And a funny thing happened about 4 years ago: There was a squirrel burying nuts in my yard and as he went along a blue jay was following him stealing his nuts! It was funny in person, doesn’t sound so good telling it.

OK, back to baseball!!!!!!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!!! Kill those Jays!!!!!!!

5 HR in 5 IP, Andy? That is quite a cough! Might need to get a doctor for it! GO SOX!

Brian: You may not agree. I repeat, my greatest concerns are the Sox stop hitting and strand too many runners AND the manager doesn’t know or not willing to manage a close game.

2000 New York Yankees lost 15 of there last 18 games, they ended that season on a (7) game losing streak. A few weeks later they won the World Series, oh by the way, there last title. lol.

Speaking of Blue Jays, eh, Arnie? Hmmm!… Did yours come in from Toronto?😉 They drove the squirrels “nuts”? Hmmm!…


My concern is the Sox hitting with men on base/scor. pos. and the bullpen, the guys before Papelbon. Francona’s playoff record speaks for itself, I repeat, you do not give him enough credit.

I am outta here. Hopefully we are “back” in the playoffs by losing 5 consecutive games. Unreal and it is real. Sigh….


It’s real, it’s happening. lol. Keep away from sharp objects. It’s going to be o.k.—My Dr. told me today it would be just fine. LOL!! He promised me.

I agree with you, Brian, Tito does not get enough credit for what he’s done right. That said, I hope your “Doctor” was not Manny “Dr. Strangeglove”… GO SOX!


I really can’t say who my Dr. is—All I can say he is quite knowledgeable. He also gives me my meds cheap. LOL!!

Francona has waived the white flag for tonight’s game, Saito is in. Anytime Delcarmen or Saito is in, I say adios. That’s Francona’s signal of saying I don’t care. LOL! Good enough for me. Ha…Ha…Enjoy folks.

Go Texas beat the Angels, have the Sox earn this w.c. Have Boston win a game on the field!!

It looks like the only ones who are having fun out there are the two “umps” in the stands “calling balls and strikes”! Trixie mentioned them earlier. I wonder if they’d get tossed if they argue balls and strikes! Hmmm!… GO SOX!

wow.. talk about meltdown!!!! “HELP ME I’M mELLLLTTIIINGG!!!!

I think Adam Lind likes hitting in Fenway.

True enough, Brian! Sad, but true! GO SOX! I don’t think this is what was meant by “we are back in the playoffs”. Hmmm!… GO SOX!

8-2 .. CAN YOU SAY WE SUCK TONIGHT.. AND LAST NIGHT AND THIS PAST WEEKEND???? and, ouch.. thi is Trixie the cheerleader talking….

I think you are right, GSJays!:/ (Does your User ID stand for “Grand Slam Jays”, by the way?) GO SOX!


I think Adam Lind likes hitting anywhere. lol.

Good cheer, Trixie. Again, sad but true.:/ GO SOX!

I’ll tell you after tomorrow’s game. lol

Julia is going to be 0-3 at her games attended. HEY, JULIA! Step AWAY from the ballpark!😉

As you wish, GSJays.😉 GO SOX!

Bosox-remember the arguments I used to have on the Jays site about Adam Lind. Everyone else didn’t think he’d ever amount to much, but I watched him play a couple of games in AAA and knew better. Had to be the only Jays fan who supported him.

Last time after Boston got there butts handed to them in N.Y.—they came back to Fenway and took the first (3) games from Detroit…this time they are getting beat like an egg. Two nights in a row where the starting pitcher got drilled in the 1st inning and that pretty much sealed the fate for the Red Sox. This team is playing lackluster/uninspiring baseball. They look lifeless!

Pitching tanking is one thing, scoring no runs against inferior teams is another, and losing 5 in row at this time, is still another — this team is not ready for the post season.

I think it will come down to my option (a) or (b) from the previous thread — (a) getting past the Angels somehow (not likely as the Angels have something to play for — past disappointments and the loss of Anderhart) and then us losing to the Yanks in the ALCS, or (b) falling quickly to the Angels, and let the Angels work their vodoo and take out the Yanks in the ALCS.

I just don’t see it this year. This team doesn’t seem like a happy, inspired, or confident team, and haven’t all year. Too many key people with broken or no spirit, Drew, Varitek, Ortiz, some in our bullpen. Not sure if it started with the Ramirez debacle last year, when our last free-spirit left the team. Francona, is a great manager, but he doesn’t seem to inspire (or at least what he shows the public) — so there are no more free spirits left on the Sox, no one to inspire confidence, nothing to play for, except business, another ring. It usually takes more than that — and we don’t seem to have it, that extra cohesion that is conspicuous in winning teams.


If Jays fans didn’t think he would do any good, they must be blind. lol.

Come on Julia-ya gotta go to tomorrows game. lol


If I had tickets for tomorrow’s game I would be happy that the Sox got smoked….again. I also would be pulling for the Rangers tonight in DisneyLand.

bosox-a lot of fans expect instant success and it seldom happens. Now Lind and Hill own the city. lol

So much for the Sox peaking at the right time. They were playing so well until they hit NY. Oh well, none of this matters very much. It would have been a nice thing for the Sox to win their way into the playoffs. However, they have won 91 games so I think they deserve to be in the post season.

My biggest concern heading into the post season is the health of Lester, and especially Josh Beckett. Three cortisone shots tells me the problem isn’t as minor as we are being led to believe. Also, his starting on Saturday tells me Lester will open the series against the Angels.

Hey, Garry, long time no see. How are ya? GO SOX!

THAT’S BETTER YOUK! (Someone remembered how to hit! Go figure!) GO SOX!

Hey Greg, doing well, thanks! I’ve been out of commission for a little bit with some dental work.

Gotta give the Sox a little credit, they don’t quit easily. They may not win tonight, but they’re going down swinging.

2B! Way to go Papi! 8-4. The Sox are at least making this more interesting!😉 GO SOX!

I think, Garry, that Julia is trying to get her first win of her own this year. She is at the game tonight, and she is winless (0-2) on the year so far. Hmmm!…

Way to go, JD! HR! GO SOX!

Hey, the Sox are coming back

HOW did you squirrel proof your feeders? I HAVE to know.

Well even if they don’t pull this one out and I get to eat some of my gloomy words — at least they are showing some fire — you gotta like that.

What a classless thing to by Papelbon.

I don’t really understand the strategy of hitting Reddick for gonzalez. Gonzo has been swinging the bat pretty well and has shown some pop. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

So, do you run Ellsbury now?

I don’t understand that Gonzo substitution either — we just get back in this and Tito has to handi-cap us even more — Gonzo has a nack for clutch hits as well — bad move — I set it over and over, let Francona manage the team, someone else the game — arrgh.

I’m joining in for the clincher! I’ll catch up on my reading later.

The Sox made a game of it. They gave it the old college try,,,,too bad they’re not in college anymore.
Dave, I’ll email you with my squirrel proof techniques.

You gotta wonder how Youk takes a fast ball right down the middle. I guess that’s what you call “GUESSING WRONG”. Night folks.

Wow!! look where my post ended up! 10 places up the column. What a crazy computer!!

Oh NO! I’ll be up following the Angels vs Rangers on GameDay………………this is still the night!!!

Well, we can’t say we didn’t have a shot at that game, after the 5-run 8th, and having the guys up there whom we’d want at the plate to get it done. We had our shot there. Drat! GO SOX!
Hey, Bob! How are things on Cloud 9?😉

After 1 Texas 0 LAA 1.

Well I bet we tie that game if Gonzo was allowed to lead off — easy to say — but he has a awful lot of clutch hits in his short tenure with us this year — maybe Tito didn’t want to use them up — unexplainable to me.


Great up here! Come and join me!!!

Florida knocked the Braves off tonight 5-4.

Yep, Bob, that Braves game was on in our local market. Been able to follow Derek Lowe with the Braves this year. Tim Hudson pitched tonight–poorly.
I think I’d be bringing the wrong Kool-Aid to Cloud 9 were I to join you, Bob!😉

Colorado just scored 3 to lead the Brew Crew 4-2.

That’s after 6.

Hey there’s hope for the Sox yet tonight. LA 2 Texas 0

Four posts zapped!

Hey, a good one!

Texas scores………….HR by David Murphy!

Angels add two=4-1 end of 4. Feldman out for Texas!

Texas adds 1=4-2 end of 5.

Ouch! Angels started three subs then pulled Abreu and Figgins after 4, now Mathis & Matthews after 5.

Same score after 6.

Angels add 1 = 5-2 after 7.

Still 5-2 after 8. Three outs to go!!!

POP THE CORKS IN BOSTON!!! Final Angels 5 Rangers 2!!!

I REFUSE to take the blame for the lose last night! Buchholz looked AWFUL! He was “thinking” again instead of pitching! Taking way too long between pitches. Not a good sign.

Last night was first time I truly understood what “home field” advantage means. When Papi came up in the 8th – the crowd stood up and started chanting “Papi, Papi” – he had to step out of the box for a second and you could see him quickly look at the crowds. And the look on his face when he got the double and the fans went wild? It was priceless. No one sat down the rest of the inning and when we thought we could catch our breathes when the inning was over – they started playing “Shipping Up to Boston” and if it was possible the crowd got even crazier!! Not sure if Pap will get fined for “going to slow” again – it was worth it! Everyone at the game will gladly chip in to pay the fine. And you saw last night at Fenway that you don’t need cowbells or drums or cheerleaders or mascots jumping on top of the dugouts – just real fans at the game! Fenway was as loud last night as it can get inside of the Boston Garden! My chest and throat still hurt from all the screaming!!

Saito really needs to leave the fielding to the infields – that error he made was unnecessary. And Billy Wagner looked great. There is something “right” about him coming in to the game with Country music playing – though he should grow the facial hair back.

Yes, we lost – but Fenway was a very magical place last night!

Robert – thank you for the congrats! It is greatly appreciated. While I am delighted that we are in the playoffs – it is a little bit of a let down that we couldn’t get in on our own. BUT none of that will matter next week! GO RED SOX!! I’ll put some pictures later on my blog. I have to teach today so it won’t be until later today.

I would have liked too seen the Red Sox win the game on the field and punch your ticket to the playoffs that way but that is how it goes sometimes. They did fight back and show some life and that is a good thing.

More good news from the game last night, Wagner and Ramirez pitched scoreless frames. Both have been struggling a bit lately. Boston will need both of them in the playoffs. Too many games are won and lost in the playoffs between the 6th-8th innings.

Saito did his usual, I hope he isn’t back next year. I am praying he isn’t on the playoff roster, Saito and Delcarmen should watch far away!

Drew continues his hot hitting ways, he’s a type of player that can carry a team for a while. He has had some HUGE October H.R.’s with the Red Sox.

Is it a record that a team clinched a playoff berth after losing 5 consecutive games? 6 HR game, not good. First Uncle Tito should give Scoscia a call thanking him for beating the Tex.
How many times I have to say that Josh Reddick is not ready for ML pitching. Reddick is a great AA hitter and a good AAA hitter. Reddick is 1 to 2 years away from the ML at best. For now I would never use Reddick to pinch hit for anyone even against a RHP.
I looked at the last 5 games as ST games and hope the Sox will rebound in the playoffs.

Robert, Thanks for the update and the congrats!!!! As I have said from the start, You are always a class act…
I dont care how we got there. We are in the playoffs!!!!
Now lets take this clean slate and write the words” ALDS Winner on it”!!!!

…that’s the 1st step… One step at a time!!!!

Congrats to the Sox and Sox fans for winning the WC. How you got in will be forgotten in about a day. So enjoy the moment and get ready for the real season which starts next week.

>>>> Science >>> Question >>>
I can’t believe the season is one game from being over. Bummer. I hope they win tonight for Tim Wakefield’s sake but of course we have the ace of the club going against him.
OK, let’s get down to basics. Here’s a science question for you.
We have a magnetic field around the planet. Mars has no such field. Why is our magnetic field important and why is it weakening.

Congrads to the Yankees tcd. I’m really happy for them. I’m sure at the party, after they dressed you up and gave you the proper makeup, you all had a good ole’ time.

Verlander, Porcello, Jackson.
Those 3 names could haunt the Yankees.
One thing is for sure, nothing is a sure thing in baseball. Detroit has been playing for their lives for about a month now, with Jim Leyland.
So we will worry about the Sox, and to my Yankee friend better hope that those 3 names dont get hot together for one series.
I always think about the “Amazing Mets” of 69 when teams think they won the World Series.

Just throwing this out there, I could not believe it either. The Angels are 77-10 after leading in seven innings.

That is without a doubt, the most intelligent and funny comment you’ve made and because of that I will concede – The Red Sox really squeaked by and frankly do not have a prayer, unless things change, of getting anywhere in the playoffs.

I wouldn’t discount the N.L. just yet. Cards have Wainwright and Carpenter as there top (2) starters and someone named Pujols, not too mention Holliday. I think the Cards will win the N.L.—I wonder about there bullpen, especially there closer Ryan Franklin.

Sox will have hands there full with the Angels. Lester and Beckett better be on top of there game, if not the Angels will run all over the bases. A leadoff walk/single will be a double in no time at all.

Dave: The magnetic field can affect communications, electric power and other human activities as well as animals that use the field to navigate during migration. I am sure there is military implication as well. The increased solar flare activities such as geomagnetic storms weaken the magnetic field.

Sounds like a cliche, the Sox must at least split the first two games at Anaheim. If Beck and Lester were Beck & Lester in 2008 ALCS, it would be very short series for the Sox.

Arnie… The way you keep squirrels off your bird feeder is
A) Get rid of the bird feeder
B) Feed the squirrels. They love p-nuts in the shell. Not only do they eat them right away, they also bury them for later!! I have 5 that I feed daily. I feed the birds on the front yard and the squirrels on the side yard.


The reg. season numbers don’t mean a thing when it comes to post-season play. I’ll take Carpenter/Wainwright against the Rockies any day of the week. Don’t forget about Holliday, wouldn’t he love to crush the Rockies in the playoffs. They traded him away last winter, it might bite them you know where. lol. I would be very surprised if the Rockies swept the Cards, very surprised. For some reason you don’t think the N.L. has a chance. If we go by your logic, remember the Phillies beat the Yanks 2 out of 3 in N.Y. Personally I don’t put much stock in the reg. season when it comes to October baseball but apparently you do but when it comes to your beloved N.Y. Yankees you don’t, why is that??? Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmm. LOL!!


Here’s a great cliche’…The Red Sox must take (1) game at a time, one inning at a time, one at bat at a time. lol. I love when I here that. Great insight. HA..HA…

This is actually a serious problem. The earth’s magnetic field flips every so often to the south pole. Before that happens it appears weakened but in reality its just moving. When it moves to the south pole the earth is relatively unprotected from UV radiation and other ill effects. Fortunately the gamma and X-ray radiation shouldn’t be a problem but UV will especially near UV (near the vislble light range).
So how do we KNOW about the magnetic flip?
1) We monitor the field and it’s continuously moving. It’s also speeding up right now so we know its getting ready for a flip.
2) we have the sailing records of the ships and they recorded the flip in the magnetic poles (although nobody could explain it).
So why is the field moving? Simple, the field moves because the earth’s core is moving. We’re essentially a liquid iron core. That core…thankfully is moving and is also one of the reasons why the continents move.
Mars has sadly cooled off completely. There is no longer (or ever will be) a magnetic field on the planet and that means ALL UV light smashes the atmosphere. If we ever live on Mars, we’ll need to protect ourselves against a bombardment of skin cancer.

Thanks for the complement on the Red Sox but I have to face reality. Sox may look good on paper but their ability this year to win in sadly desperate. They are streaky and that’s a red flag screaming the inability to win on a regular basis. They’ve lost the last five games and can’t seem to get it together.
It’s how well you play in the playoffs so technically the Sox could be dominate in the playoffs but we’ll see. It seems unlikely to me.

Yea, I tend to agree, the Sox have not put together all year, so odds are they won’t be able to in the playoffs either, plus I am not even sure if Francona knows who is go to guys are this year. How could he know. Drew is getting hot again.

Unless the Sox are going to be like the Edementon Oilers of a few years back, and show up for the playoffs, taking most of the regular season off — I don’t see us getting out of round 1 with the Angels this year. Check out this article on the Angels home page: “History vs. Sox means nothing to Angels”. — two points from that — (1) the Angels are ready for us, don’t count of any jinx or unexplainable poor play handing us the series, and (2) I wish there was some guy on the Sox team, talking like Hunter — if there is Sox are keeping it a secret — but that is what you need to win in the post season.

Dave, One game?? We’ve got a series with Cleveland starting tomorrow. End the season on a Wednesday??
No, but it is starting to feel a little like withdrawl to me…..

Dave: The Earth’s magnetic field reverses at intervals, ranging from tens of thousands to many millions of years, with an average interval of approximately 250,000 years. The last such event I read occurred some 780,000 years ago. It is a serious problem for mankind but the shift doesn’t pose clear and immiment danger for us yet.

If I was you guys, I wouldn’t worry at all about how the Sox are playing at the moment. This is an experienced, tried and proven play off team with a history of success that no other team in the playoffs has. Playoff’s are always a brand new season and successful experience is huge and most times the deciding factor. Maybe the Sox lose the next 5 games, and then win 12 in a row-who knows.

And to tcd133-I don’t think if I was you I’d celebrate quite just yet. Three of your so called stars being CC, Burnett and A-Rod have all performed miserably in the playoffs and there’s no reason to think that will change this time around. You do have a great team on paper-no question, but that doesn’t win the series. If Boston’s pitching is healthy, they are the favorites in my mind-although I’d be damned scared of St Louis, because they’re going to be real hard to beat regardless of who faces them.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear…yes when it shifts it will shift back. At some point in our future the earth’s core will cool off and we’ll end up like Mars but that’s not a big deal since the sun will take care of us at some point as well. Then when that happens, when Andromeda collides with us, we’ve got a whole new set of problems. When galaxies collide they release huge amounts of gamma and xray radiation and that just isn’t a happy thing for DNA. Then when we run out of hydrogen our universe will fizzle away…but enough bad news (LOL)
Thank you. I feel much better. I really thought this was it. We still have time to redeem ourselves and let’s get a win for Tim Wakefield. Poor guy has earned it.

tcd-I guess I got you so excited, you couldn’t contain your self and posted the same message twice-lol, not a surprise.
Burnett has never won a “big game”, he’s always failed miserably and likely will again this year. You’ve watched him for one year, I’ve watched him for 3-it’s not in his dna-believe me. BUT, you really miss my point in all your shouting and that is “the playoffs are a different season” and regardless of what you look like on paper, means little, . Being a star in the regular season seldom translates into being a playoff star. “Having the greatest hitting infield in history”-whether that’s true or not and I doubt if it is doesn’t matter, show me how these guys perform together as a unit in the playoffs.

Bottom line is get control of your mouth, because it’s making a lot of promises your team might not be able to keep. That and respect the fact you’re not on the Yank’s blog, you’re on the Sox blog, so be a gentleman/lady if at all possible.

tcd-tell you the truth, I couldn’t care less whether you think I make correct statements or not, but facts are facts. Hey, if Hill or Lind ultimately sign with NY and get paid a gazillion dollars a year-good for them. But we do have them for the next 5 years and get to enjoy watching them hit home runs in your stadium, like they did in Boston did over the last few games. Real all-stars in the making, no doubt. BUT the real home run hitter for the Jays is going to be Travis Snider. I’d expect him to hit 40-50 a year within the next couple of years and we have two more kids like him on on the way. You might remember Snider, he hit two back to back to your upper deck in right field last series when we whacked you guys. lol

Dave: According to one study the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field has decreased 10 percent over the past 150 years, raising the remote possibility that it may collapse and later reverse, flipping the planet’s poles for the first time in nearly a million years.
At that rate of decline, the field could vanish altogether in 1,500 to 2,000 years. Whew! It’s not in my life time.
Hundreds of years could pass before a flip-flopped field returned to where it was 780,000 years ago.
Over the southern Atlantic Ocean, a continued weakening of the magnetic field has diminished the shielding effect it has locally in protecting the Earth from the natural radiation that bombards our planet from space.
The weakening — if coupled with a subsequently large influx of radiation in the form of protons streaming from the sun — can also affect the chemistry of the atmosphere. That can lead to significant but temporary losses of atmospheric ozone. Start worrying.

tcd-It’s not about the last 100 years, it’s about the next 3 weeks, franchise history matters not at all. As I said the Yanks are a good team on paper, BUT the series winner isn’t about who’s better on paper, it’s about who gets the big hits and who plays the best at that time. I have no problem with any fan who’s proud of his team and I’ll be happy to congratulate you if you win and of course you should be pleased to congratulate the Sox fans when they win. I suspect though, the moment your guys lose, you’ll go crawl back under that rock you came from and no one on this site will ever hear from tcd133 again.

dave-I expect Wakefield will handle our guys well, like he always does. We beat the crap out of Beckett, but Wakefield has had our young hitters number for a while. And Sox hitters have given Halladay fits in the last couple of years. So I’d say advantage Sox tonight.

It is hilarious to see a Blue Jays fan and a child of a moron and an idiot (with one exception we know) arguing in the Red Sox blog.
We are with you gsjays.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear…yes when it shifts it will shift back. At some point in our future the earth’s core will cool off and we’ll end up like Mars but that’s not a big deal since the sun will take care of us at some point as well. Then when that happens, when Andromeda collides with us, we’ve got a whole new set of problems. When galaxies collide they release huge amounts of gamma and xray radiation and that just isn’t a happy thing for DNA. Then when we run out of hydrogen our universe will fizzle away…but enough bad news (LOL)
Thank you. I feel much better. I really thought this was it. We still have time to redeem ourselves and let’s get a win for Tim Wakefield. Poor guy has earned it.

That coupled with global warming has made me seriously consider that man’s future on the planet is in definite question. The problem of course is that most government’s refuse to take action and sadly the United States has been completely in the dark of the situation.
We are facing frightening possibilities. Mass extinctions of wildlife due to our own ignorance, devastating effects on our environment due to climate change and finally a weakening magnetic field. I believe the magnetic field will flip and I also believe we’ve got more life in it but I’m NO expert in earth’s magnetic fields. The sun’s photon energy is simply ultraviolet light but the sun also emits gamma and xray but our atmosphere tends to absorb it…for now.
I’m not worried but I am saddened. I had hoped that mankind would start to consider these situations but we are not.

Lineup: Gathright (CF), Reddick (LF), Kotchman, Ortiz, Baldelli (RF), Kottaras, Gonzalez, Lowrie (3B), Woodward (2B).

Dont be mad with the way we won the wild card… remember last week we were the best team in the league… we won the wild card in all the season… not in the last five games… REMEMBER 2004!! GO SOX

Wow — guess everyone else is proclaimed tuned and ready to go

Reimind me if I ever want to buy tickets in Fenway, not to pick one of the last six games or so — if I want to see some of our stars play.

dgn: Don’t be surprised that tonight’s lineup beat the Doc and the Jays when our regular stars couldn’t. lol

They should play this game at City Of Palms Park. LOL! Will we see Wakefield or Halladay running in the outfield when they are done for the night???

I went to the final game in 1990…Game #162 and that was the game Brunansky made that great catch in r.f.–robbing current White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen! Of course a week later the Red Sox season was done! Oakland smoked them (4) straight! Which was no surprise. Game 4 was when Clemens was on a roid rage and snapped at Terry Cooney. LOL!!

Oh by the way…the WINNNER of the debate. GsJays in a LANDSLIDE over tcd. LOL!!

Don’t feel bad about global warming. Most scientists, including the ones I know here who work for some of the atmospheric research places in Boulder, are backing away from the human-caused explanation of global warming. Also, the evidence points to no warming since 1999. The computer models they used were flawed in a huge way. And if you look closely, the warming comes first, then the CO2. Finally, if you check the finances of some of the loudest proponents of man-made global warming they just happen to be heavily invested in the carbon offset industry. Things that make us go: Hmmmmmm…….
Cheer up, all is well. The planet has warmed and cooled for hundreds of millions of years and will continue to do so whether we like it or not. No worries.

I feel bad for the fans for tonight’s game. Watching spring training baseball but at regular season ticket prices. The dice you roll when you buy late Sept. games.

Francona is going with backup tonight, where is Varitek??? HA..HA…LOL.

Global Warming, I had frost on my car (8) times last winter. LOL!! I live in Florida.

I think that’s real neighborly of the Sox to put out that lineup against our good Dr. since it’s probably his last start as a Blue Jay.

007-You might be right-our guys seriously struggle against Wakefield.

Yes the planet has cooled and warmed but where are you getting your data from? With all due respect, global warming has been PROVEN. It’s a fact and it’s a fact that its human caused. The data is there.

It’s an insult to Tim!
To put backup when Tim needs a win to finish off the season feels bit cruel to the pitcher who’s killing himself with an injury that’s incredibly painful.

My daughter is really struggling on one concept in her homework. Help me explain it to her.
If you have 2 3/5 = 1 x/5
(Of course its not listed as x but you have to find the numerator of the second fraction.
It’s easy to do of course.
You’ve lost one from the first fraction (2 -1) or (5/5). Add that to the 3/5 of the first fraction to get 8/5 or 1 8/5 since the one is added on to create the equivalent fraction.
In other words:
2 3/5 = 1 8/5.
I’ve proven it to her making it 13/5 = 13/5 (converting to improper fractions) but she can’t seem to see the swapping of data between the two fractions to make them equivalent.
I’ve spent an hour with her on this and she just doesn’t get the idea behind it. I’ve tried everything in my brain. I welcome some creative solutions to help her get past this roadblock!

What a day on this blog. We had a Blue Jays ( GSJays ) and a Yankee fan ( tcd—the fool of all fools ) having a discussion. GsJays slammed it home on him. Now we have Arnie ( everyone’s fav. chef ) and Dave ( the funniest guy on here ) discussing Global Warming. I wonder if we can get Al Gore to chime in. LOL!! Then again, if Gore was on here…I would be gone like a Adam Lind H.R. ball. LOL!!

What is the biggest concern for the Red Sox in the playoffs??? Other than players staying healthy. Mine is the Sox not hitting with runners on base/coming up empty with guys on base with (2) outs and the bullpen before Papelbon.

Oh by the way….it’s supposed to snow in Anaheim next week. So much for global warming. lol.

Dave F.

What grade is your daughter in??? I need to go back to school, that stuff is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beyond me. LOL! I always did well during lunch though.

Dave, the warming of the planet has been proven. The man-made cause is NOT proven. I have a close friend who is a scientist and he studies these things for a living. Maybe I can get him to refer you to some research. I’ve seen some of the graphs and charts, they don’t show what you are being led to believe. Rest assured, global warming is not caused by your SUV.

YOU ARE WELCOME HERE ANYTIME!!!! If you dont watcj out, we’ll grant you an honorary RedSox Nation Membership!!!

Great…now please help me help my daughter here! Help me help her understand the math.
My daughter is in 4th grade.

ellen-hey I am a BLue Jays fan but more importantly a baseball fan and become a Sox fan when the playoffs start, I’ve already placed my bet. lol.
We had, I think the same guy visit our blog (under a different name) and try the same thing a while back, so I’ve had practice. But I have no time for nauseating fans like that, in the end it’s sport and a game, not life and death.

Julia…where is Julia! You teach math don’t you…or something like that or something!

hey we’re a family here…math help needed!

Jules… Sis you just see that? You can follow Wally on Twitter!!! I’d be kind of afraid though, he may STALK YOU!!!!!

DO YOU?????????????????????????
Believing… Its a lifestyle choice!!!

how about 2 3/5=1 + 1 + 3/5 which can the be written as 5/5 + 5/5 + 3/5 Since 5/5 =1 you then have 1 + 5/5 + 3/5 which is then 1 + (5/5 +3/ 5) or 1 + 8/5. Of course you hav to step her through it.

Dave.. NOT MATH.. I’m English and composition.. Grammar, essays and such. may dgn or Dbenjamin… When she needs help in English I’ll try and lend a hand.. I had trouble with pre-algebra in high school!!! lol

Dave, maybe you can use your hands and fingers to explain to Naomi. Hold up your hand—–one hand —five fingers. Two hands —ten fingers. Two hands plus three fingers equals 13 fingers. I remember some of those concepts when I was a kid made no sense at all to me, even though they made perfect sense a year or two later. Good luck.
And look outside the media global warming box—–you’ll find I’m right. Don’t worry, be happy!

Hi All! Ellen – I already follow Wally on Twitter! Jim Rice is on there also and does HE have some funny comments! I FINALLY have some pictures up on my blog from last night (http://werbiefitz.mlblogs.com) Sorry not the best photographer. It was a great night – even if we did lose.

I coach a science team Dave. I think pangelotti has a really good way to explain it. She needs to understand first the concept of reducing fractions – once she can understand that 5/5 = 1 the rest should fall into place. There are some really good math websites that have problems and worksheets. I would print out ones for my boys to do as extra work. Also – have her work first with simple fractions that can be reduced – 5/4 or 8/8 – once that clicks, the rest will fall into place. If you want me to find some of the sites I used, let me know – I probably have some of them still bookmarked.

Looks like I missed a fun day today – had to teach and my oldest left with his HS Oceanography team to go to NJ for three days.

Poor Wake is having a tough start – I really hate seeing him suffer like this.


Is Wakefield still hurting?

Halladay hit PAPI????? Remdawg is right – THAT was on purpose!! There is NO way Pap hit Lind on purpose – we WANTED that game!!!!!

Well.. well..well!!! The warnings are out..
Class act “Doc”…. it hit Papi right on the elbow (like Lind) but wouldnt have it Papi hadn’t moved.

payback is a b.i.t.c.h., lol

The problem gsjays – what was the motive for Pap to hit Lind on purpose last night? We could not afford to have him tossed or worse – suspended – we were down by a run in a game that we wanted to win and even umps did not feel that it was done on purpose – there were no warnings issued. I was at the game last night.

I have no problem with Halladay plunking Ortiz. My opinion, Papelbon started it anyway. Lind hit 3 H.R.’s off of Red Sox pitching. Personally I would have liked it better if Papelbon tried to strike-out Lind—instead of hitting him! I have never had any issues when a pitcher sticks up for his teammates. Props to you Halladay! As long as a pitcher doesn’t throw one at his head. Hmmmmmmmmmmm who could that be??? Chamberlain??? Shields threw one at Crisp’s leg’s last year, no issue there.

Julia, of course Pap hit Lind on purpose, he didn’t want Lind to set a record of hitting the 4th home run off him. Beckett beaned Scutaro on purpose and tried to bean Barajas twice. A message was just sent by our good Dr. Our guys aren’t target practise. About time I’d say.

Five to nothing Jays. Have I seen this movie before???

I’ll take those websites and thanks for your graciousness.
Thank you good approach. I’ll try that tonight.
No problem.
Fingers are a good idea as well.

Ya, Chamberlain did that in NY, and our guy threw one right behind Posada’s knee. Posado charged the mound, a brawl broke out and both were ejected and suspended for 3 games. Both NY and Boston combined have hit over 15 jays in the last couple of series without retaliation. It had to stop.

Sox are abysmal tonight. What do you expect right?


I don’t have a doubt that Papelbon tossed at Lind. So if the umps don’t think so, then the umps are right??? I don’t agree with that. Lowell had (2) off-speed pitches up and in last week in K.C. and the umps thought that the Royals were throwing at Lowell. No way was that the case, sometimes the umps are wrong in situations like this. Why would the Royals throw a couple of breaking balls if they are throwing at someone??? That was a classic case where the umps were dead wrong.

I think Wake hit the batter to get out of the game… Go figure, they were warned, he wants out and they make him stay… Punishment???

I think it was all about the fact that the last time a visiting player hit 3 home runs in one game at Fenway was was Sept. 15, 1996 and I don’t think 4 in one games ever been accomplished. Pap didn’t want to be part of that record.

It makes no SENSE for Pap to risk getting tossed or worse – suspended! Why risk that? Even Lind said today he didn’t think that Pap did it on purpose.

Dave – I’ll find what I have – do you want me to post them here or send them directly to you?

I told you guys its just like GroundHogs Day with Bill Murray.. Tito is Murray in this edition..
and Jules.. No doubt that JonBon hit Lind intentionally..
Did anyone else see Lind in the dugout, all smiles, when Papi got hit?? and then did you hear his politically correct statement about whether he thought Pap hit him on purpose?? CRAPANDGARBAGE!!! I’m tired of PC statements.. just come out and be freakin’ honest!!!

Julia-He wasn’t going to get tossed, that only happens after a warning has been issued. What else would Lind say, we’re gonna retaliate tomorrow. lol


Tell us how you really feel about politically correct statement. lol. This day and age, the truth is very difficult.

bosox-tell that to Beckett-he’s a head hunter.

Whats with the posting here-its all over the place.

Dave – here is what I have – I will say it has been about 4 years since I have used them – so check them out – there could have been some changes:


Also – I found at Barnes and Noble (or I’m sure any book store) you can find some really good workbooks that do a pretty good job of going through different Math problems. I always bought them several years ahead for the boys to work on.

I hope it helps. Sometimes having someone else “explain it” other then a parent is helpful. Our kids don’t always want to believe us. Good luck!!

I think back to Bob Gibson; if somebody was hitting him hard at some point they would be hitting the dirt. He had no problem throwing high and tight if that is what he felt he needed to do. And I heard Ron Blomberg talking about hitting behind Reggie Jackson; he said that Reggie would stand and admire his home runs and sure enough the pitcher would hit Ron Blomberg with the next pitch. It’s part of baseball. I have np problem with it.
If a player speaks his mind he gets trashed in the press, if he gives the standard answer he’s much better off. It’s not the player’s fault, it’s the media.

Pedro was a guy that backed up his teammates 100%! If someone threw at a member of the Red Sox, Pedro had there back. I loved that about him. Only negative with Pedro was at times he would throw one at someone’s head. I don’t think that is the place to go.

Ron Bloomberg…the first ever D.H.

Saw TCD getting all worked up over the glorious Yankees and how there is no way this great team on paper could possibly lose to anyone in this post season. He must be very young. Has anyone on here briefed him on the Big Red Machine of 1970-1974? What a team they had!!!!! 1970–lost to the Orioles in the WS. 1972…lost to the A’s in the WS. 1973….lost to the Mets in the NLCS. Any team could get hot in the post season and when that happens …..everyone is vulnerable. What about the 2001 Mariners….won 116 regular season games….did not even make the WS that year. TCD’s glorious Yankees beat them in the ALCS and they only had 95 wins that year. On paper…the Mariners had them beat hands down. Maybe the Sox backed in….but TCD better hope that they did not back into a tightly wound slingshot…..they could come flying out and cause a big wake….you just never know. My glass is always half full!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!!!

Craig – I don’t think tcd gets out much or has access to news papers or books pre 2006 – he has lived a sheltered life…..

Not to give away my age but I was at the Ron Blomberg game. Sox won 15-5. Windiest game I ever attended at Fenway.

Julia…these are great. Thanks for the links!

This is pathetic. Way to limp into the playoffs. Its embarrassing. Right now I hope they go three and out against the Angels.

You’re welcome Dave!

rnodine – we aren’t the first team that has stumbled at the end of the season. Brian abouve pointed out that the 2000 Yankees (last time they won the WS) ended the season with a 7 game losing streak. Next week a new season begins!

Keep the faith…….one thing about major leaugers…they put losses behind them a lot quicker than we do. Bothers them less because it’s a job and they go out there for 162 games. But one thing a good team like the Sox do not do…they don’t leave the dugout thinking they are going to lose….I can live with that. Go Sox.

Thanks. I will keep that in mind and cheer up. It sure has been painful to watch.

Hey, all, how are we tonight (apart from the score!)? I’ve been helping with homework today, so couldn’t catch the game yet.
Way to limp into the playoffs, indeed. Whether tcd gets to celebrate his “team on paper” in the WS or not, we are going to have to play FAR better than we have been, against them, or the Angels, or the Tigers. I wish we were not phoning it in, and still could THINK about playing hard!:/
I see we had a plunked batter (HBP), and some discussion about Pap’s plunking Lind last night. YOU BET Pap was hitting Lind on purpose. I’d have preferred the IBB way, but it was a sure way to put him on, and “pay him back” for hitting the HRs he did. Absolutely, it was a “purpose pitch”, like Arnie mentioned about Bob Gibson throwing “purpose pitches”. Pap wanted to make it look “accidental”, but it was very intentional!
Come on, Sox, let’s stop limping, and start playing like we DESERVE to be in the playoffs–or our stay in the playoffs WILL be short! GO SOX!

Nick Green is still returning on Friday? DRAT! We’ll still be short a reliever until then?! (Only half kidding!):/ GO SOX!

Julia, you are SO right about other people being able to explain something better than we can, many times. I can explain something to my daughter, but often she will not “understand” it, or believe it, until someone else does the explaining–whether they explain it differently than I did, or not! Kind of their way of getting a “second opinion”. I am skeptical by nature, so I constantly was doing the same thing–so I applaud my daughter for doing the same thing, and not simply taking something on “face value”–be it fact or opinion.

Looks like Detroit is going to hang on to their playoff position, and hold off Minnesota for the division. It is not a done deal yet, but it is looking more that way.

12-0, only 3 hits for us tonight. If that ain’t limping into the playoffs, I don’t know what is! OUCH! GO SOX!

GSJays, I add my kudos for attempting to set tcd straight–whether he heeds it or not. I tip my cap to you. Take care, and thanks.🙂 GO SOX!

That was Halladay at his finest.

Dave – you’ll learn – they never believe us parents! lol! Good luck to her!

Hi Greg – I have some pictures from last nights game up on my blog.

Going to get some sleep! See you all tomorrow! It’s a new day & a new team! YAY!!!

I think Papelbon could have had bragging rights striking out Lind after the 3 homeruns he smoked yesterday….but he hit him instead. Sometimes I think the players get the wrong motivation out there. The best way to teach someone a lesson is to make him look foolish at the plate….not give him a free ticket to first. That’s bush league in my book. And could have gotten Papi or someone else hurt today. Go Sox.

Fractions used to give me fits. I recall the teacher telling us that 4/8ths was equal to 1/2, when any fool could see that 4/8 was waaay more than 1/2! Then they would tell us to add 1/2, 3/8 and 4/9. So I would add them up and voila!!! The answer is: 8/19!
Hated it.

Hi Nation. It’s great to be celebrating a wedding anniversary (12) here in Boston this week but watching the Jays take batting practice wasn’t what we had in mind for this final series. So we’ll just mosey on up to Lake Winnepesaukee for 4 more days and pass on watching the series with the Tribe. Not much to say about tonite’s game. The fans at Fenway were still supportive, though many around us were somewhat deflated by this 3-game performance. The highlight for us was “Sweet Caroline”…… Last night was fun, then Youk went down looking… sigh….. Anyhow we’re still optimistic that the Tigers have the Yanks’ number and the boys can handle the Angels. It’s been a crazy year, no? Keep the faith! Have a great week, Nation, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed back in Texas next week.
Nite, All!

See y’all tomorow!!

Hey Modine.. take your HOPE somewhere else buddy!!!

or is that rnodine… either way, take that somewhere else…

cfarnham04-My guys played with a vengeance tonight and sent a very strong message to the Sox by purposely embarrassing them in front of their fans. Papelbon and Beckett can be thanked for that. Hit our guys and expect payback two fold was the message.
And you’re right-it was a bush league stunt by Papelbon and a dangerous one from Beckett who beaned Scutaro and tried to bean Barajas.

The Red Sox don’t seem to care how they finish. Personally I would like too see some momentum going into the playoffs. The Red Sox do have some vets who have been there done that but there are questions going into the playoffs. I think more questions this year than last year. Francona and Epstein believe given the players rest down the stretch is the way to go but how much rest is too much rest???? Only time will tell. If Boston gets past the Angels in the 1st rd.—the Red Sox plan worked but if they lose to the Angels, they will be second-guessed all winter long!

Are you %^&* serious or just joking that 1/2+3/8+4/9=8/19. Where did you learn the new math? LOL.
Your homework of the day figure out the correct answer and may get Dave’s non prize prize.

GS, While I can see that your players would want to come out guns a’blazin’ (and did) Youve got to figure that the Sox werent embarassed, the had all of Pawtucket, Portland and some others in there… Had they been worried about this game, you wouldnt have seen 3rd stringers in there…
and Yes I believe that anytime ANYONE throws at the head they should be suspended for alot more than 1 apperance…(5days).

I read some articles online and it sounds like Wakefield will be watching the playoffs this year. I’m guessing Byrd will take Wakefield’s spot on the playoff roster and be used only as a long reliever or he could be used as an emergency starter if a Red Sox starter couldn’t go. Francona and Theo said the playoff roster is 99% set.

I don’t see how the Jays embarrassed the Red Sox. The Jays have embarrassed themselves with another losing season. I think old man Bush was the president when the Jays were in the playoffs. lol. In other words, it’s been a while.

moanin all…..not much to comment on except to thank ownership for fielding another playoff team….lets hope we can continue our dominance of LA and meet detroit in the alds….woot woot…yes i said detroit….i have a weird feeling that detroit is gonna thump the yanks….verlander twice would be scary in a 5 game series…7 gamer the yanks would easily win i think…but short series the best team doesnt always win….im kinda hopin we face the yanks so we can revisit another epic series but i just think detroit will win in 5….anyhoo….get rested sox….we are gonna need it…judge

>>>>>>>>>>>> Science Question Of The Day <<<<<<<<<
Easy one…for once:
The three elementary particles that make up an atom are:
What are two of the elementary particles made of? The third is already an elementary particle.
If you can answer both, give yourself a no-prize.
please tell me that the guy who’s giving you global warming advice is NOT giving you fractions advice!

>>>>>>>>>>>> Science Question Of The Day <<<<<<<<<
Easy one…for once:
The three elementary particles that make up an atom are:
What are two of the elementary particles made of? The third is already an elementary particle.
If you can answer both, give yourself a no-prize.
please tell me that the guy who’s giving you global warming advice is NOT giving you fractions advice and please note you’re a great guy and that is always felt by me even when I kid you!

Nobody here seems to have commented that last night was Baldelli’s first ML appearance at 3B. The Sox have used three position players to pitch this year, Van Every, Green, and Dusty Brown who pitched better than Delcarmen last night.

Incidentally, Yankees are now 102 wins. An amazing achievement and while I’m NO Yankees fan, I have to congratulate them on an amazing accomplishment. They are the force to be reckoned with in the playoffs and experience or not, you beat the Yankees and you win the World Series…IMHO.

Good call and let’s not forget poor Lopez’s right field stint. Strange year.

Dave: I know the answer. But I will defer to other takers first.

Andy, Dave,
Haha, my first fractions assignment in 2nd or 3rd grade included adding fractions; and that’s what I did.

Hey, aren’t atoms made of neutron, electrons and protons? As far as I can tell, everything we see, touch and hear is made of energy.

arnie: What’s the answer? 1/2+3/8+4/9 not equal to 8/19.
You are not getting the nonprize prize on that one.

NOBODY backs into the play-offs. That is a bunch of bull, you earn the right to play in them.
This team went through a bunch of things this year, Smoltz and Penny not doing what was expected, Varitek in a season long slump, Big Papi, going sub-par. Wakefield’s back, I’ll tell most teams would have folded it up.
To me this season was their FINEST HOUR.
I am proud of this team because of how they fought and never gave up. Come Play-offs this will help them more than people think.

Andy, the answer is: who cares what the answer is. If I need to figure a fraction for a recipe or a percentage for pricing our menu or math to figure out our P&L’s I get it done; otherwise I don’t worry. My non-prize can go to someone more deserving.
For the playoffs this year it will take Beckett and Lester to be dominant and the hitters to step up and get timely hits off the good pitchers. They have the talent, it just depends if they bring it on the days they need to.


Close, you have the idea of adding fractions. It is not simply by adding numerators and denominators. The answer is 1.32 or 1 8/25.
DGN: May be the rallying calls are being done by someone or even by Uncle in private. Who knows? I have said it many times. The Sox have to hit, timely hit and the pitchers have to pitch to win in the playoffs. As to the babysitting manager, never mind.

Still the recent trend is not encouraging at all (losing 8 of 10). However, given the recent trend, I pretty much agree with their strategy — (1) save and line up your pitching to your best possible advantage — and (2) give everyone else a long as break as possible — since no one has been hot or consistent for a while (except for Drew) — with ball player memories — given them a long break, let them at least get mentally out of their funk — and start over with a new mind set for the playoffs. Most important thing is to not carry any mental baggage into the playoffs.

That said, and I know at least Ellen will let me have it — I feel a quick exit to the Angels coming as well. They have the better offensive average (consistently all year) than we do, their pitching is comparable (if not better, given our current performances from our starters), more faster players, more switch hitters — and they have lazer focus on us this year, not to let some unexplainable jinx work on them this year — plus they have a Tori Hunter keeping the confidence of the whole team up an together. Talk is usually cheap, so perhaps the SOX don’t need a voice, other than their play — the slightly short comeback against the Jays the other night, showed they never give up, but you just don’t hear a rallying cry from any member of the team or managers this year. That is a little disconcerting, other teams seem to want it more.

You are right. The three basic sub atomic particles are protons, neutrons and electrons. The protons and neutrons, having the highest mass take up space in the nucleus and the electrons float around it in s,p,d,f orbitals which can get so #$#$ complicated, I’ve shed tears over trying to figure it out. You really work the calculus on those crazy orbits.
Arnie, I love ya man…you know that, but please tutor my daughter on cooking and don’t tutor my daughter on fractions. (LOL)

Dave: May I supplement arnie’s answer? Electrons, protons, and neutrons. Protons and neutrons make up an atom’s nucleus. Each proton and each neutron contains quarks. A quark is an elmentary sub atomic particle. Right?
arnie: Do not tutor on fractions. We have school children may be visting this blog. LOL

The components of protons and neutrons are quarks. They are the stuff of life…in a way. There are six types of quarks but we only care about the up and down quarks.
Quarks are UNBELIEVABLY complicated but for our purposes they either have a +2/3 charge which is an up quark or a -1/3 charge (down quark)
A proton has two up quarks and one down quark. Add up the fractions and you’ll get a positive charge. 2/3 + 2/3 = 4/3 – 1/3 = 3/3 or 1 or a charge of 1.
A neutron has a neutral charge with two down quarks at -1/3 and one up quark at a +2/3 charge equally zero.
-1/3 + -1/3 = -2/3 + 2/3 = 0. That’s why the neutron is a neutral charge.
(Yes I had to look up quark charges. That to me in a bit on the trivial side of knowing what quarks make up what in a nucleus.

you are a VERY smart and wonderful person and PLEASE understand we’re just kidding and I’ve made mistakes too on math ALL the time. The Red marker was well used on my tests in college. Yes I did well but how many tests did I get -4 points off for an addition. I’m sure you’re fantastic at fractions. Everyone makes a mistake.
Sensitive Dave!

I’m no Math major but all Boston has to do is win (11) games in the playoffs and they’ll win the W.S.

Cleveland fired his manager. Can’t believe it. Wedge was all right. A decent tough guy. Sad to see him go.

Math, Physics, and EE are interrelated in that you need a solid background in math which is the common language for physical science and engineering. The laws of nature such as equations for electromagnetics and circuit analysis are mathematical expression. You have to be proficient in math to do well in physics and or engineering.

I was THIS close to becoming a math major. I moreso wanted to be a physics major. It would have been a cool choice instead of EE. Oh well, live and…LEARN.

Ellen, did you graduate from The U? Or are you a fan like DBen?
Dave, where did you study EE? Vanderbilt, since you live in Nashville (do they have an EE school)?
Julia, you are not taking the blame for the loss, eh? Would Tito have subbed out A-Gonz if you were not there?😉 (I kid, of course!)
I will be out most of the evening at a college fair, promoting my alma mater, Marquette. I will miss most of the game tonight, but I MIGHT catch the end.
Incidentallly, one thing (other than D-Wade) that we are VERY proud of at Marquette is that this is our Centennial Year for admitting women to the University. We were the first Catholic school (Jesuit or otherwise) to admit women, anywhere in the world, starting in 1909. We are VERY proud of that at Marquette!
I hope to catch you guys tonight!

bosox/ellen-I think both you guys misunderstood my post or maybe I might have not stated it differently. Point is this has been brewing for a while. In the last series here, Beckett beaned Scutaro, put him out for a week and then tried to bean Barajas twice.
In the Toronto series 5 Jays were hit by Boston pitching, two of which were from Beckett again and one from Papelbon. So imo, the Jays came here here looking for payback which was to ensure Boston didn’t get a chance to celebrate on the field, force them to back into the playoffs and subsequently embarrass them in front of their fans.
The Jays accomplished that by sweeping and outscoring Boston 31-12 in the series while hitting 13 home runs and establishing a new Jays record with 45 home runs in the month. And by the way with two AAA starters and missing arguably the best lead off hitter in the AL this year. The Halladay retaliation was payback for hitting Lind and not really the main event, but hopefully sent the message intended.
Now if you two guys weren’t embarrassed, that’s your call, but I’d expect a number of fans and players are, but that’s just my opinion.

Greg: Jesuit priests (SJ) run very very fine institutions of higher learning in the US and worldwide, to name a few your Marquette, Georgetown, Creighton, Boston College, and Fordham in NY. Society of Jesus (SJ) is the Cathoilic order best known in the field of education. You must have received a very good education at Marquette. Proud of you.

Dave, don’t worry about me, I’m not easily insulted. The only class I really enjoyed was Apathy 101, but quite often I forgot to attend. I had real problems with the random, useless(to me) and totally boring subjects we learned in school. I could not wait to get out. I’m much happier working.
Hey, are the Sox playing tonight? Ya think Tito will give everybody a second day off?

No one wants to lose 12-0, GSJays, so on one level you are right. I think, though, we’d have been more embarrassed, and the Jays’ message would have been more effective, if we had had our regulars in there for the shellacking instead of our Pawtucket and Portland guys. In that sense, we would not only not be embarrassed, we’d be foolish to expect otherwise–esp. against Halladay. I’m more concerned with how we did (not) play down the stretch, not just against your Jays. Hmmm…
Be back tonight! GO SOX!

Yes, Andy, we have a fine family of institutions with the Jesuits. In sports, though, anyone is welcome to beat Georgetown!😉

Umass (grew up in Massachusetts)
You are right but I loved the math of physics far more than the math of engineering. Engineering never appealed to me. I did it to please, at the time, my role model, my Uncle. Bad idea! Never take up a subject to make someone proud of you. They are either proud of you for who you are or not. I was never happy in engineering and went to computer science which paid the bills but my heart was in Physics. I loved it and miss it to this day. Guess that why I keep studying it.

Although, as I’ve learned, you can know the subject but to teach it to help your child out, is yet another challenge.
She now gets it through practice (great sheets Julia) and a break down of steps technique (thanks cf). I’ve learned that with kids they need to see every step. I’ve developed so many short cuts and techniques over the years that I tend to use those forgetting that I ‘developed’ them but did not learn the topic through them.

1/2 + 3/8 + 4/9
This is not an easy one.
First, convert the 1/2 to an 8th denominator.
4/8 = 1/2 so 4/8 + 3/8 = 7/8
Next, I cross multiplied (home grown technique) to deal with the rest:
7/8 + 4/9 = 7 * 9 + 4 * 8 / (8 *9) = (63 + 32) / 72 = 95 / 72.
That’s an improper fraction so we need to deal with that.
95/72 = 72/72 + 23/72 = 1 23/72
Somebody check me on that one.

incidentally, the cross multiply technique is just a shortcut to avoid the old 9/9 * 7/8 and 8/8 * 4/9. It’s just a time saver taking advantage of the fact that the numerator and denominator are the same.

thought you were smart and now I know it. You had a great education.

Full squad tonight except that Gathwright sub for JD and minus Tek.
Dave: To add that fractions, there are two ways, 1) find the common denominators for the three fractions. Do it 2 fractions at a time.
I have a easy way by coverting the fractions to decimals.
1/2 =0.5, 3/8 = 0.38 , 4/9 = 0.44, the sum of which are 1.32. Then convert it back to fraction which is 1 32/100. Reduce the fraction 32/100 to its lowest form which is 8/25.
The answer is 1.32 or 1 8/25.

For those looking to check their higher math calculations by converting to decimals just take 2 3/5 which will equals 2 plus 3/5 which equals 2 plus .6 or 2.6. You can then go from there any way you like.

Sorry guys. I just pulled those fractions out of the air to illustrate how confusing fractions can be to a kid, and here you are still puzzling out the answer. If I had known, I would have made it easier.

Greg & Dave:
The Catholic orders do run many good secondary schools and colleges. I myself went to a HS run by the Marist Brothers in NY which adequately prepared me for the college and the LS.

You’re playing a bit of rounding games here. 1 23/72 is the exact answer where 1.32 or 8/25 is an approximation. Essentially what you did was round the 23 to 24/72 to get the reduction of 8/32.
Remember 3/8 is not EXACTY .38, its .375 and 4/9 is .444444 indefinitely. Only .5 divides exactly so ya…its an easy technique but NOT as accurate.

Remember every time you round up you’re approximating. To get 24/72 you’d have to round up as you did.
Are you kidding? This is the most fun I’ve had on the blog yet!

Hi arnie: I didn’t mean to be insulting either or anything close to it. I find it hilarious that you simply added the numerators (top fraction) and the denominators (lower fraction) to come up with the answer.

This got me into trouble in calculus. Every time I did a technique like that I saw the red marker. Math people wanted exact answers. That’s why, in my day, calculators that couldn’t do fractions, did decimals and we paid the consequences.

Ok Andrew…concede!

Dave: You are right. My answer by rounding off to the nearest is acceptable to a math teacher, but not to an engineer like you. The answer has to be exact or a .00001 would make a huge difference in practical application.

GS: Greg’s Your answer to is exactly what I was thinking.. sorry if I was misleading in my previous post.

Do you know how many RED marks I got on tests when I did that! That’s when I learned to love fractions because fractions gave me better scores. It’s unfortunate because you are right. In general life, decimals are just fine…just those .0001 cents that the bank took away from us until somebody got smart with the decimals (LOL)


Why would I be embarassed by the Red Sox play during the Blue Jays series??? I am just a fan of the team—- not a paid employee, wish I was. LOL!!


If a team won more than 90 games–how is that backing into the playoffs??? Did they clinch the w.c. during ideal conditions??? I would say no but they didn’t back in. I have heard many people say the Red Sox have backed in—-I don’t think that is the word/words to describe it. All four teams in the A.L. start out 0-0 next week and we’ll see what happens. I recall the 2000 Yankees stumbling in Sept. They had one of the worst Septembers of a team that won it all.

Playoffs are now filled… Rockies just clinched NL WildCard..

The Rockies went into the playoffs on fire back in 2007—we all know the story there. lol. There hot again going into the playoffs. They win alot of games close, very exciting!

I wish it was a week from today!

As I said yesterday, Its clean slate time.. !st thing to be written on ours: ALDS Champions…..

….AND I forgot about AL central… yet to be determined…

What do y’all think: I think that the Tigers have a better chance of beating the Yankees.. but who would WE rather face, if the oppotunity is claimed???

Andy, no offense taken. Not in the least. I had a very difficult time in school because I was completely unmotivated which drove my teachers and parents crazy. I still fall asleep if I have to take a class or attend a meeting.

I would love to see a rematch of 2007!!! The Rocks are better this year than in ’07. More pitching and a good bench. They never give up. The Sox have some challenges this year I think, but you never know, they could come out swinging this post-season and embarrass that other team to the south of them.
The Angels will put up a fight but I think they go down once more.

Note to batters: Take the long wooden instrument, swing at the spherical object coming (very quickly)toward you. Be careful to place it (by making contact of sphere with wooden instrument) out of park OR may be placed where an opposing player (wearing a uniform different than your own) IS NOT!!! LOL
love Trixie!!!

JUUUUUULES, where are you… ???

I say we win tonight.. the beer vendor behind home plate area has a different inflection in his voice tonight…

How would you liketo be Eric Wedge these next few days( or on his staff for that matter)?? To go from having your name bounced around as a possible manager of the year in 2007 to being fired now, but managing the remainder of the games. wow.. tough job to have.
Good Luck to Eric Wedge.. I’m sure he’ll have a job come February!!

Why didn’t they wait to fire Wedge until the last few games were over? That’s strange.

Naomi figured it OUT! FINALLY, thanks to everyone on the board. It really helped me out. Sometimes I forget how hard it was for me since fractions are relatively easy for me now…but never completely easy!
I dread decimals in January! (just kidding, actually she may like them much better than fractions.)

Wedge was a member of the Red Sox many years ago. He was left for the expansion draft ( Rockies took him ) and the Boston media was all over former Red Sox g.m. for doing that. Obviously Gorman made the right call. Wedge never turned out to be much of a player. He was a highly regarded prospect coming out of Witchita State.

The funniest story when it came to a manger being fired was Davey Johnson with the Orioles. Named manager of the year and that same day or the next day was fired by Peter Angelos. LOL!!

Ellen or anyone (grammar question),
This is my WORST subject. The verb have, I always thought of as a helping or auxillary verb. In my daughter’s grammar homework, she had the sentence of “I have shoes” Naturally have is the only verb but her text has always put have as a function of an action verb (I have running to do today). How does the HAVE verb actually work?

The Tribe should get rid of the very over-rated g.m. they have—Mark Shapiro. Where’s the talent???

You know, it’s kind of sad to face a guy with a 0 – 3 and 8.71 ERA and score one run on him…sad you know.

FINALLY I understand it. That makes sense. As I, do not proudly say, I suck at grammar!

OK 3 – 0 is more respective.

It can be used to make present tense past tense and vice-versa.. Arnie is absolutely correct ..
Arnie, I believe that is what is referred to as past perfect tense.

Dave, the two examples you use are the exact same usage for the verb “have”. In your second sentence “running” is a noun. Both use “have” to indicate possession. The act of possessing something. You are thinking of have’s use to create a past participle, as in: I have been to Fenway. It is a modifier of another verb. Or the future/past as in : I will have been to Fenway after next week’s trip. I forget what that is called.
Greg can help you more I’m sure, he’s a language whizzzz.

I don’t have the game on, but the line score indicates Lester is having a good night. Best news in a while!! Next up—–Beckett. If Josh can get dialed in it will be a whole other season starting next week!!

btw.. we were discussing the St. Louis Cards pitchers the other night. It seems not only can they pitch, at least one of them can hit too… Carpenter belted a Grand Slam today in their 13-0 bludgeoning of the Reds…. OUCH!!!!

Hi All! and “Hello Cleveland”!!! Is Drew Carey in town?? This game is going so much better!! I’ll be in and out tonight – but GO Red Sox!!!!!

I see that the Rockies are back in the playoffs! Anyone want to see a 2007 repeat??😉

Thanks Ellen.

Carpenter belted a GS? Great! I love pitchers like him who can hit, whether or not it is the longball. (Carlos Zambrano and Micah Owings are two others). If more pitchers HIT, I’d abolish the DH tomorrow (and not necessarily for power). Sadly, too few do.

Colorado is back in the playoffs, eh? GREAT! They can talk about something other than the Broncos in Denver. (Yeah, we’ll see about that). I would not mind AT ALL an 07 repeat–the Asheville papers would talk about the Rockies for a change, and not just the Braves! That hasn’t happened since 07, either.

Recently, I watched a squirrel burying acorns. He would bury the acorn, then take a side-step and mark with pee. I thought how clever! After burying about 5 acorns this way, he looked up and noticed me watching him. He gave me what I swear was a dirty look, then scurried off. I left and came back later and noticed that all the acorns had been dug up. I didn’t see any bluejays around when he was burying them, so I assumed he came back and took them elsewhere, since his cache had been ‘discovered’ by a human.

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