Wake in limbo

No word yet on when Tim Wakefield will pitch again this season, or if he will. The veteran knuckleballer has battled through immense discomfort in his back to give the Red Sox four starts in the second half, during which he is 0-2 with a 6.00 ERA.

The Red Sox appear locked in to a rotation that will include Jon Lester, Josh Beckett, Clay Buchholz and Daisuke Matsuzaka. Considering Wakefield’s health, it’s unclear if there is much he could provide out of the bullpen.

“I don’t know. There’s so much uncertainty there,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “He’s not going to pitch this weekend. We have decisions to make, so I really don’t know. That’s one of the things we’ll talk about. It’s difficult for us. We all acknowledge who he is, what he’s done for the organization for a long time. He’s also out there on one leg, so it makes it difficult.”


It sounds like Wakefield’s next pitch could be in 2010, assuming he’ll return for another season. If Wakefield can’t go in the post-season, Byrd should take his spot.

Lester looking strong, he’s raring to go for game 1 in Anaheim. Great news for the Red Sox! Lester pitched a gem against the Angels last year in game 1.

Brian – I am excited to see Lester having a good start tonight. A few wins before the playoffs will be a plus!

Nice to see the Sox winning, but the lob is a real concern. Martinez and Youk HAVE to knock runners in to be successful in the playoffs. Hope this improves next week.

And we won!! It’s a start! Let’s hope Beckett does as well tomorrow! Night all!!!

Lester showed tonight he is raring to go for the playoffs. The next guy that needs to show that is Beckett. He had (3) cortisone shots the other day, count them folks… three of them! A year ago it was Beckett’s oblique and he had nothing in the playoffs last year. If Boston wants to go anywhere, they NEED Beckett to be Josh Beckett.

I’m with you Julia, a few wins would be nice. Also I would like too see Oki,Wagner, Ramirez and Bard pitch some scoreless innings over the next few days

Way to go, Jon! Way to finish it, PAP! A 3-hit shutout! YES! Good to see Jon do so well, esp. after the Toronto debacles. Beckett does need to follow this one up with one of his own–Brian is right on target about that! All four relievers need to show up, you are absolutely right, Brian. Pap has been a lot more solid since the AS Break, and hopefully the rest of the relief corps can follow suit, and show the form they did at the beginning of the year. But we can hope! GO SOX!

GSJays, you hinted you’d answer this question before, during our series against you–does GS stand for “Grand Slam”? If you don’t mind answering, I am curious. GO SOX!

Dave, you were asking some grammar questions on the previous post. Were they answered to your satisfaction?
You went to UMass? Were you there when Calipari was there? I almost chose to go to seminary in Boston, both for the teams, and because of the other Jesuit institution there (Boston College). The seminary in the Boston area (Gordon-Conwell Semiinary) is a lot like the one I went to in Pasadena, CA (Fuller Seminary).

Absolutely. I’m so bad at grammar.
Greg, to be honest, I never followed sports and tuned it all out but I was classroom, library and classroom and homework…oh and I did try to incorporate proper flirting when I could (LOL)

Cool, Dave. I just love sports, incl. college football and basketball. Take care.

That’s cool, GSJays. It can’t be a bad play on words for a baseball fan, though. Thanks! Take care. GO SOX!

Greg-GS are the initials to my first and last name. The way we were hitting home runs, I thought if we did hit a grand slam, I’d have fun with you on the subject. lol, but it didn’t happen.

I was out today and noticed that a comment I made yesterday never posted.It had to do with the math problem.If one were considering decimals in the 2 3/5 issue one can just say that 2 3/5 is 2 + 3/5. Then 3/5 written as a decimal is .6. One can then simply say that 2 3/5 can be written as 2.6. Does this help????

Naomi gets decimals in January. This semester is entirely fractions but thanks. Will contact you in January for that! I never liked decimals. They were a pain to keep track of the ‘.’ and the constant rounding got old for me. I stuck with fractions.
Glad you loved the sports. I did attend a couple of girl’s volleyball in college. That was fun but I don’t think I paid much attention to the score (LOL)

Time to go in another direction, granted I like this man too, but he cannot make it through a full season anymore.

I know that he shouldnt be in the rotation, but why not put him in the pen?? He has to be better than DelCarmen (hopefully soon to be late of the RedSox)

I agree Ellen, I think his leadership and veteran experience in the play-offs would be helpful.

My prayer for tonight, please Dice-K throw first pitch strikes. This guy would be awesome if he could do this. Enjoy the day.

I know that I’m getting us ahead of ourselves with my next question but… even though the Redsox dont normally play the free agent game (big big bucks), does anyone know of a list of players that will be free agents come the off season? I know Holliday (St Louis) will be, but I wonder who else??

Another problem with DiceK is that when he is ahead of the batter i.e., 0-2, he begins to fiddle around rather than go right at the batter. A waste-pitch, OK but before you know it the count gets to 3-2 and he throws a gopher ball. Additionally, his pitch count goes to 100 around the fifth or sixth inning. Further, that over-the-head windup- which seems to be a Japanese thing- , coupled with Tek’s throwing arm, virtually guarantees a stolen base.

It gives you everything.

Sounds like Masterson is really bummed that he got traded to the Indians — who wouldn’t be. I sure hope VMart does well in the playoffs and so does our bullpen, so we all don’t lament the trade in the end.

I found an interesting old article on Ortiz on the web, about his road to the SOX. After reading it, I concluded that the SOX should have brought Papa Jackson back this year just to be Ortiz’s personal hitting coach — I’ll bet that would have made a difference. Ortiz wasn’t hitting that well in Minnesota before his trade to Boston, but they were small-ball philosophy club (for everyone) and tried to get Ortiz to conform, which didn’t work well. Then in 2002, he lost his Mom in an car accident in the Dominican Republic. At that point, everything paled in comparison for him, and he just started to play ball, cause nothing else really mattered. Then the well heralded trade to Boston, where Lwe encourgaged him to swing away, instead of play small ball tactics, plus a few minor tweaks from Papa Jackson. To me it seem like the combination of traumatic events in his life, combined with the right fit at the right time — produced for Papi an extended period of time — where he just played ball, his mental state minimized baseball properly where he was relaxed at every bat, including the post seasons. Probably over the years, and with Magaden, tendencies perhaps — things have gotten more clinical again, and that may be showing in his hitting results. Key to Ortiz apparently is just play ball, have fun, stay relaxed.

Phil, yes it has been Dice-K’s problem that he has typically gotten ahead of the hitters, and then started to nibble. THE most encouraging thing to me about his last start (aside from his win) was that he DID NOT do that. He attacked the hitters FAR more than he typically had, he was more effective as a result, and he went farther into the game. I HOPE he does that again, so that that tendency might actually be a thing of the past. If so, he may indeed have learned something (FINALLY??) about pitching in the US, and adapted his game (like we have hoped on here that he would do). I SURE HOPE SO –he will be much more effective, and much better appreciated (I think!) by the fans, if he does this. LET’S HOPE! GO SOX!

I agree with you, DGN, about Papi. I read the same thing in an SI article. Much of his time when he struggled this year, I said often that he looked like that player we got after the Minnesota trade. Whether Papa Jackson would have made the difference, I don’t know, but I don’t doubt it–he very well may have helped a great deal. I also think he was still not at ease with Zazu being gone. Happily, he has caught SOME fire going into the end of the year, and got over the Mendoza line. If he can do so in the post-season that will be a big lift to our team’s post-season chances.

It’s been a long week so let’s make it easy…I think.
H2O (can’t do subscripts on this) is the formula for water.
What’s this formula.


(carbon, hydrogen and Oxygen). Carbon has 6 atoms, Hydrogen has 12 and Oxygen has 6.
HINT: It’s a food.

Sounds like sugar or alcohol, Dave.

What’s the idea behind Dark Matter? Is this the universal equivalent of the Yang side of our physical Yin? The balance of equal reaction ala Newton, that all things physical must have an equal and opposite “dark” side? Or is it a mathematized construct of scientists trying to justify their continued dependence on the Government Grant Dole? Gotta keep the grants coming!! Or is it science’s version of the substratum of consciousness underlying all existence? What say you, oh wise one?

It is indeed dextrose — sugar. Well done.
Dark matter, hey that’s an easy question to answer NOT! Do you have any idea how complicated that is to answer? No of course not otherwise you wouldn’t be asking it.
We do know that when you do calculations on velocities of stars in other galaxies (ya galaxies spin), the numbers don’t come out. Something is slowing the stars down. There is extra matter out there that’s doing it. That’s what made astonomers coin dark matter.
It’s a place holder for matter that is there but is not affected by light. Technically we already have tons of matter out there that is not affected by visible light. Radio light detects lots of organic compounds floating around the cold universe. This is simply the expulsion (pooping) of matter from stars that explode. Ya, tons of jokes there. Anyway, of course with heat these compounds break down but in cold space they are easily detected. That’s not dark matter. We can still see it with radio light. Ya radio is just light but at a HUGE wavelength which is why our eyes can’t see it.
Dark matter is a different story. We can see its effects. When two galaxies collide you see the affects of the two galaxies rubbing against something but it doesn’t emit light. That was the first proof (at least that’s the first proof that i know of). What is it? Scientists have some ideas but it will take the Haldron collider to get some answers…maybe.
Then there is dark energy. Gravity can’t hold the universe together. It’s tearing itself apart…literally. That dark is being called dark energy. It’s different than dark matter. Dark energy is just a name for something astronomers don’t understand.
Does that not answer your question or what? Well, let’s hope it gets discovered because I want to know. IMagine matter that emits NO light of any sort. No radio, infrared, visible, microwave, etc. I mean it disobeys all the properties of matter that we know of. Is it a new form of matter?

Now Professor Fernandes will continue his lecture on particle physics, What is Antimatter?

Lineup: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Martinez, Youkilis, Bay, Lowell (DH), Baldelli, Varitek, Gonzalez.

Hey all!!! I’m on my way out to bowl. I’m putting in my order now for alot of Dice-“K”‘s. I see eight for him tonight…. I hope I have more than that!!!
Come on Dice K, get dealin’ BABY!!! no diddlin’ around tonight!!!

Hi All! I don’t know how much I will be on tonight – my HS son should be arriving home shortly from his trip with his HS Oceanography team. BUT I will be cheering the Red Sox on!!!! GO RED SOX!!!!

Arnie — I need an EASY question!
Antimatter is simply matter with reversal of charges. There really isn’t much antimatter in the universe because when matter and antimatter collide they tend to destroy each other…producing huge amounts of energy. (Captain Kirk’s engine…which I always get a kick out of that the anti-matter engine is protected with some flimsy magnetic fields…ya right…sure.
Anyway, if you have an electron, proton, neutron, it’s antimatter equivalents are:
positron (same mass as an electron but with a positive charge)
antiproton (same mass, etc but – charge)
neutron’s don’t count…they don’t have a charge.
Of course with all these subatomic particles that combines to create a ton of antimatter.
Now the big question is why is the universe made up of the stuff of matter and not antimatter (which of course is a good thing since they destroy each other).
So the big question is why did the universe create particles of these particular charges instead of antimatter?
The common answer is that”this is how our universe works.
Does that mean there is a parallel universe of anti-matter?
Your guess is as good as mine.

While there isn’t a lot of anti-matter, any type of cosmic ray bombardment (like when a star explodes) generates antimatter but it is destroyed pretty quickly by the matter.
This has nothing to do with dark matter. Dark matter sticks around. Antimatter doesn’t (well, as far as science knows anyway).

Now Arnie,
please don’t ask me about quantum entanglement! (LOL)

Dave, the antimatter question was from Andy.

But don’t worry, I stay away from entanglements of any kind.
Skipjack, later tonight I’ll post a couple stories about squirrels and cats. They are smarter than you might think. Gotta run!! Go Sox.

Now who is Andy Arnie…hmmm say that five times fast!

Dave: Antimatter may just be the future of human space travel. When it comes to packing a punch, antimatter/matter reactions can’t be beat. When a particle and its antiparticle meet, they annihilate each other and their entire mass is converted into pure energy. How can antimatter help human exploration of space? The answer lies in Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2.

Dice-K gaives us another quality start. That’s very good.

Also with current technology, it is possible to obtain antimatter for US$25 million per gram by optimizing the collision and collection parameters (given current electricity generation costs). CERN laboratories produce antimatter regularly and indicated that if they could assemble all of the antimatter they’ve ever made at CERN and annihilate it with matter, they would have enough energy to light a single electric light bulb for a few minutes.

Arnie, I’m looking forward to those posts about squirrels and cats, since I am a big fan of both. My late mother loved birds and was forever engaged in a vain search for a squirrel-proof feeder. I think the final score was something like squirrels 30, Mom 0. As for cats, my wife and I have 5 house cats, 4 barn cats, and 6 porch cats – all spayed/neutered and properly vaccinated. When there is not a baseball game on, sometimes we entertain ourselves by just watching the cats.

As for baseball. I have been a Red Sox fan all my life, and my wife became a convert in 2004 (to both baseball and the Red Sox). So, there you have it, baseball and cats (and the occasional squirrel) – life is good!

I just checked the Rockies website and took a peek at the blog. There are 10 threads with a total of 4 comments. It’s sad, really. The Rockies are in a battle head-to-head with the Dodgers for the NL West title and there are no comments on the blog. We are lucky here to have such a passionate and knowledgeable family of fans.

Skipjack, that is some serious cat-age. Is that a word?? Anyway, after I get off work I’ll get back to you.

I read about that too. It may be the future of space travel, but it’s staggering cost and inherent danger. I think personally we should look at fusion but of course there is that slight problem with heat. Thanks to my daughter’s curiousity I learned that the sun is about +- 5000 Kelvin. That’s a heck of a lot of heat.

New thread!

Good to see Dice-K had another strong outing. He is doing his darnedest to earn that rotation spot in the playoffs that DGN was calling for. Way to go, Dice-K!
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that Lester’s outing last night was one of the best things we could have hoped for, esp. after being drilled in the leg the way he was. I hope he continues to pitch effectively into the playoffs! Hopefully, also, Josh’s back will not prevent him from pitching in the playoffs. We will NEED him to be effective if we are going to go anywhere in the playoffs. GO SOX!

A lot of the blogs threads are like that, Arnie, and it is unfortunate. The Braves blogs are good reading because they can get threads going as well as anyone. But most of them, including many of the “leaders” blogs, do not have many followers or posts. It is sad.

Skipjack47, we have 4 cats of our own. I think we could compare notes!😉 GO SOX!

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