Bay in an unfamiliar spot

It appeared there was a misprint in the lineup card for Saturday night’s game. Left fielder Jason Bay was batting in the No. 2 spot in the batting order, hardly where you’d expect the team’s best home run hitter to be.

Bay had fun with Francona after seeing his slot in the lineup. “He goes, you’ve finally come to your senses.”

Before the game, Bay joked that he had told Francona it was about time the team started utilizing his on-base capabilities.

With Jacoby Ellsbury getting the night off, Dustin Pedroia moved to the leadoff spot. That move paid immediate dividends when Pedroia unloaded for a solo shot that went on to Lansdowne Street in the bottom of the first. Bay also looked fine in a spot he will probably never hit in again, nailing an RBI single in the second that tied the game.

Getting Ellsbury some time off was something Francona loved having the opportunity to do. The speedy center fielder has 621 at-bats, topped only by Dustin Pedroia.


And UGH!!! I still can not see the game!!!!! I no likey NESN & Comcast. Heard there was a balk???

Hey, Julia, thanks for the heads-up on the new thread. I didn’t see if it was a balk or simply a BB to Dustin. Josh has NOT looked good, Andy. His back may still be an issue. But their pitcher has very little control right now, either! GO SOX!

YOUK! 8-4! YES! (I did mention their pitcher has no control now, right?)😉 GO SOX!

You’re welcome Greg – I still can’t see the game but I saw on that V-Mart got a grand slam!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

I don’t care about how many runs the Sox score. It’s about how Beckett performs against an AAA lineup tonight. How is his back, etc. Let’s see how Beckett does with at least 4 run lead.

Josh will need to step it up, Andy, incl. with this 4-run lead. He has not looked sharp. Get it done, Josh! GO SOX!

Bruins are doing a nice tribute to Fred Cusick right now. He was the voice of the Bruins when I was growing up. He will be missed….

Cool, Julia. I saw the Bruins score earlier. GO SOX!

Way to go, V-Mart! I checked in right after that, when Youk got on base! GO SOX!

Bruins up 4-0 now Greg! I still can NOT get the Red Sox game on TV so I’m watching the Bruins. Beckett seemed to have settled in that inning.

Nice job, Kotch! GO SOX!
Did you get the message I sent you, Julia?

HR! Nice one, Brian Anderson!
His bat seems to be doing well, but Anderson is going to benefit from more RF exp. if he is to replace Drew in RF.

Interesting. NESN was showing a pitch that V-mart pop-fouled off, and their catcher missed, right before the GS. Shows how much a game can be one of inches–they make that play, V-Mart is out, and no GS. GO SOX!

Nice SO of Hafner, Josh! GO SOX!
80+ pitches, 4 ER for josh through 4 IP. Not his best.:/

Josh got through 5 IP, 10-4 score. Paul Byrd in relief, and off to a good start: 1 pitch, 1 out. Keep it up, Paul! GO SOX!

Choo hit a 2-R HR off Byrd in the 7th. 10-6 score. GO SOX!

Dusty Brown just hit his first career HR in the bottom of the 8th. 11-6 Sox. GO SOX!

Minn won and the Det is about to be shut out or at least lose. The Minn will tie for the div lead. And the Yanks are 7-0 against the Minn in the regular season. I am rooting for the Tigers.

11=6 final. Richardson pitched the 9th, scoreless.
Paul Byrd gave up 3 hits, two of them almost consecutive. After a single, Choo hit the 2-R HR on almost the next pitch. Those were just about the only bad pitches Byrd threw in the 3 IP of relief. I hope he can do more of that in long relief if we need it (minus the HR, of course!). Good job, Paul! GO SOX!

It took a while, and it was by far not his best outing (esp. for 5 IP), but Josh finally got another win. He got enough offensive support tonight. Hopefully, he’ll be a little stronger once the ALDS starts. Byrd looked good in his relief role. Good win! GO SOX!

And at least we can be glad we are not Tiger fans right now!

Or TB Fans. Do you realize that if the Sox win tomorrow, they’ll have the exact same W-L record as last year?

No so for TB.

moanin all….how about detroit….those poor fans….or u could look at it like this….in 04 when we were down 3 games to none i wonder how many were sayin those poor boston fans….another choke yr…..well the sox made history….i wonder what will happen in detroit….im bettin on verlander….the problem is… long will verlander have to pitch…and what will it do to the yanks series….if they end up tied and have to play a game monday….wow…anyhoo…either way the yanks are happy…and we have LA…..gonna be a fun race….go sox….judge

5 rbi’s from the catcher position, can anyone find out the date this last happened?

Yea, I suppose you could look at this either way (a) this will put Detroit and/or Minn in the play-off mode and get them sharp going into the Yank series, but (b) much more likely that the SP for either team will not be in-line and judging (at least for Detroit) this will be fatal in a short series against the Yanks. So its going to be up to the ALCS opponent to take out the Yanks this year.

Hey all,
Glad to be here. This blog is such great therapy for me. Why, I’d be doing things like reading more books otherwise (LOL)
This is one I suspect nobody will know the answer too since I learned it yesterday but it’s so COOL an question I just had to give it.
If Jupiter would be just 4 – 8 times larger, what would the planet turn into?
HINT: Jupiter generates its own heat.

For those who continue to drum Varitek into the ground (and yes I know its time for him to step back) Tek has hit the same number of HR’s as Pedey in 48 fewer games..
I also know that this is just a bit in the entire scheme of things. We all know its time for Tek to step back and take a less than everyday role, but do we really have to continue to bash him?? This a “what have you done for me today” BUSINESS, I’m aware, but DO NOT EVER FORGET WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR THE SOX. HE WAS A HUGE PIECE OF THE 2004 AND 2007 TEAMS. So just say thanks and quit the clobbering of the captain.

Very good. To think that our solar system could have been a binary star system is incredible to me. I learned this doing research of binary stars for my daughter. Apparently there are a LOT of binary star systems and our system could have been one had Jupiter decided to get bigger.
Jupiter does have a massive magnetic field, larger than earth and generates its own heat. Even if the sun were turned off, we’d see heat. Now as to what causes the heat, I don’t know. I know the answer is out there but I have to research it.

(That was a reaction to an earlier post on the last thread) sorry.

Jupiter is the most massive planet in our solar system, twice as massive as all the planets combined. If the Jupiter would be 4-8 times larger, it could turn into a star. It could because 8 times larger may be or may not be massive enough to combust into nuclear fusion like the sun does.

The Sox will likely use Tek to catch Dice-K.

Another regular season over… Where did it go?? Seems like yesterday when we were counting the days til we started and now…
but still, I am a bit melancholy today..

New thread


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