Red Sox breathe sigh of relief on Gonzalez

The Red Sox have one less thing to worry about, as follow-up X-rays on Alex Gonzalez’s right wrist taken this morning came back negative, according to the Boston Herald.

The shortstop was hit by a Kerry Wood fastball on Friday night and given a fluoroscan exam, which was inconclusive. The Red Sox were a little concerned when they saw a line in the flouroscan. But all worries were pushed aside with this morning’s more comprehensive test.

The Sox can ill-afford to lose Gonzalez for any lenght of time, given the health concerns for backup shorstops Jed Lowrie and Nick Green.


Good to hear that A-Gonz should be OK following that HBP. He will be key if the Red Sox are going to have success on offense. With Dice-K pitching better than he has in a year (GOOD!), if Josh can get back healthy and on track, our pitching should be shaping up nicely. Let’s hope! GO SOX!

Conceptually time travel is possible if we can build a spaceship like Capt Kirk’s Enterprise that travels at a speed of light. We know theoretically antimatter comes into contact with normal matter, these equal but opposite particles collide to produce an explosion emitting pure radiation, which travels out of the point of the explosion at the speed of light. Both particles that created the explosion are completely annihilated, leaving behind other subatomic particles. The explosion that occurs when antimatter and matter interact transfers the entire mass of both objects into energy. Scientists believe that this energy is more powerful than any that can be generated by other propulsion methods.
Practically, the problem with developing antimatter propulsion is that there is a lack of antimatter existing in the universe as you have said earlier. If there were equal amounts of matter and antimatter, we would likely see these reactions around us. Since antimatter doesn’t exist around us, we don’t see the light that would result from it colliding with matter.
The man made high energy produced at CERN labs are too costly and the amount of energy produced is too negligible.
“Star Trek” Enterprise was propelled by antimatter as the high-energy fuel, the stuff that sends the starship faster than the speed of light would be possible if someday we discover antimatter in the universe. We know that residue of antimatter appears to exist primarily in cosmic rays. Who knows in 100 years from now…..

I’m sorry, is this a baseball blog, sci-fy blog, or science blog — haven’t been able to distinguish over the past few days, LOL.

Anyway, I know a few SOX who could use some anti-matter in their bats for the play-offs. Of course I route for all the team, but I suspect that the SOX would be better off without Baldelli in the post-season. He has come up with a few clutch hits and RBIs, but not really any really big ones all year. I would much rather take my chances with Drew in the clutch than with Baldelli, but there is always a sleeper or two that shows up in the post season, so you never know.

I must confess that deep down, I still don’t expect to get past the Angels this year or the Yanks for that matter. For some reason, I think beating the Angels will be tougher than beating the Yanks. The Angels have 4-7 years of pent-up determination and focus to get past us this year. The SOX will need to match and exceed that determination (and consistancy) — and that seems very problematic to me, from what the SOX have shown this season.

This team hasn’t won me over this year, in the tenacity scale. It may be that I have more of an issue with medical staff for this team. They seem to hypochondriac and fear this team into pea-princes, don’t risk this, don’t risk that, don’t hurt yourself, etc. all year– and ironically, with all this protection (alias fear) injuries plague them all year constantly and in abundance, and it seams this happens almost every year (since 2004), and it seems higher to me on average than for other teams — so it seems that either the regime, paranoia, or constant worry seems to bring about a higher incident rate than for other teams. I can’t prove this (haven’t done the comparison) — but I can’t imagine its higher in other teams. Who loses so many pitchers and so many short-stops in one season?

Still, I will be hoping and expecting to win each game. If we do pull it out some how, there sure is potential for some great story lines: (1) Sox against Torre (again) and Zazu of course — but even just as provocative (to me) — would be the SoX verse the Cards (and Smoltz and Lugo) — man that one has some subplots that would run deep now. I sure wouldn’t want to get beat in the WS by those two friends — some serious egg would fall on RSN faces if so.

That is great news about A-Gonz! If we lost him who would we have at short-stop?? That is one position that I am concerned over our depth at. dg – there is no question that the Angels will be tough to beat – but I’m feeling good about this team and I think we can do it. It is pouring here right now – don’t know if they will get the game in or not. Bay is batting third tonight – according to Ian via twitter Bay will get a few quick at bats and then will be taken out of the game to rest. If I hear anything about the game I’ll let you all know. And the Bruins take on the Hurricanes tonight also. Busy sports night in Boston – both teams are at home and the Patriots play at Foxboro tomorrow afternoon.

from the previous thread:
Here again, Dave, I am not even going to pretend I can engage this discussion intelligently.

dgn: If it does come down to the Sox and Cards, I’ll be much more worried about Wainright and Carpenter… although I do agree that it would be deflating to say the least if either had anything significant to do with the beating….

Sorry to disappoint but you have two problems with your idea.
1) You can’t go at the speed of light. It just won’t work. You can’t go even NEAR the speed of light. The amount of mass you’d need to propel yourself to such speeds is IMPOSSIBLE. p=mv.
v = p/m.
To get the speed of light you’d need tons of momentum and hardly any mass. Therefore since you can’t do that, you’d need tons of mass and then explode the momentum to get that speed. Can’t happen.
Now even with antimatter as a propellent you’ve still got to propel that cold matter at light speed. You also have another issue. F=ma. As the speed increases so will the force of impact. A pebble, at the right speed acts like a bullet and would destroy the ship. No known substance can handle such an impact. That’s why even fast robots flying through space are always in danger of destruction from impacts.
2) Captain Kirk didn’t go even NEAR light speed. He used warp drive. In essence, he created a gravity bubble that warped space (general relativity) but in his case, the idea went further. Space was squeezed together so that the enterprise could travel between objects much much quicker. In essence you create a large wormhole and pull everything towards you. Then instead of say 4 light years, you can make it a few minutes. That’s a serious problem because you’d need the energy of the universe to draw things together like that. Even a monster black hole can only eat things near it. It doesn’t pull other material toward it and that’s the strongest gravitational object in the universe. Gravity just isn’t a strong source of energy. Can’t happen.

You can’t use antimatter in a bat. The bat would be instantly destroyed once it came in contact with the wood of the bat!

I think that was dgnuebert and I think it was meant as a joke….

No.. Unfortunately my college was all local community college (BCC). I’m trying to find the time to work in a couple of classes at either NovaSoutheastern or Florida International Univ in the spring.
As far as me being a Cane fan, well another case of me growing up “Daddy’s little tomboy”…. six years old and watching the Hurricanes lose and lose and lose til the 80’s…

here we go woth weird posting times again.. gotta love that MLB Mark (not so much when it comes to this)!!! He says its because we use this as a chat room/IM type of forum… I dont know a ton about computers but, I dont think that can cause our posting times to be off by 20 minutes!!!

Greg: who is our resident computer geek?? (If we have one). I wonder how you set up an IM board or a chat room.. I think thats what we need to look into for next season if MLB doesnt have this all worked out.

I saw the blurb about JP Ricciardi.. also it is being reported that the Toronto players have made it clear that they DO NOT want Cito Gaston back… Dave Trembly has been retained as skipper of the Orioles. They have some real good young players coming up.

Well, then, dave, I suppose it is a good thing that those balls are made of hides, and not antimatter!
Ellen, I don’t know if you saw my question about whether you are an alum of the U. Are you? Just curious.

Not so much, indeed, Ellen! (Nice going, Mark! Uh, not.) Thanks, Ellen! I’ve never liked the Canes, or the Gators–sorry! (NOT!)

Other than Mark, Ellen, I’d ask Julia on that one. She has been in touch with Mark (as I think you know), and she is the one who uses those techno-gadgets. So she MIGHT know something about setting up a chatroom. Another thing I know very little about. I learned what little I know via the “Rile and Terror” Method. (i.e., finding out the hard way, after MANY hours!):/
Julia, do you have an answer to Ellen’s inquiry? GO SOX!

DGN, Sox/ Cards would be an interesting series (reprise 04), and even Sox/ Rockies. The Rockies SHOULD be better this time around (but what do I know?). I will be interested to follow the Rockies’ progress this year, as our (theoretically) “local” team.

WE all love who we know!! Thak God WE know the REDSOX>>> Not that OTHER team!

Yes – we can set up chat rooms for use during the games. If that is something we want to consider for next season/this one I can look into it. (I have a 15 year old son – I’m sure he can help! lol!!) I also know that some people have used a live chat that they have posted on their blog just doing game time. (I’ll have to see who they used.) If Ian did something like that then anyone who wondered by during the game could participate. It is only “turned” on during game time – the rest of the time the blog would function as it does now. I did send Mark and email about the “time stamp” problem and no, I have not heard back from him. I know – you are surprised….

GREAT!!! NESN Plus is messed up in the Boston area so none of here can see the game right now!!! UGH!!!!!

Well, Josh decided to spot them 2 runs before we get to bat. Not so much, Josh.:/ GO SOX!

2-1, that’s a LITTLE better. You need a 1-2-3 inning, now, Josh! GO SOX!

Josh is not looking good right now–his control is not there. 3-1.:/

Failed DP led to another run. 4-1. Josh’s pitch count will be through the roof if he keeps this up. SIGH!:/ GO SOX!

It’s our turn for a rally now (and Papi can’t kill it–he just made the score 4-2). Bases loaded, no outs! GO SOX!


I don’t care about how many runs the Sox score. It’s about how Beckett performs against an AAA lineup tonight. How is his back, etc.

Tie game, 4-4, bases still loaded, 1 out. J-Bay RBI single–way to go, J-Bay! Josh MIGHT win, in spite of himself–the Indians pitcher can’t find the plate anymore, either. (Darn! NOT!)

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