Wake a spectator for Round 1

One bit of postseason news this morning, as it was officially announced that Tim Wakefield will not participate in the Division Series. However, the Red Sox recommended to Wakefield that he not have immediate surgery on his back in case they need him for subsequent rounds.

“Great,” said Wakefield. “I’ll be ready.”

Other than that, the knuckleballer did not feel like chatting with the smattering of reporters who tried to catch him this morning.


That must be hard to take after pitching so well the 1st half!!! Wake being the “team” guy that he is, will just suck it up, hang out and do what is asked of him. I’m glad that he is and has been a part of this team! Thanks Timmy!!!

Another regular season over… Where did it go?? Seems like yesterday when we were counting the days til we started and now…
but still, I am a bit melancholy today..


Hey Ellen,
I will miss this season. It hasn’t been easy. Papi and his downfall, the loss of Masterson — who seems quite bitter but sucks it up, the decay of Jason Bay, the rise and fall of poor Tim Wakefield and the collapse of Jason Varitek. Still there are good things to say. Clay Buckhotz finally got to shine, Lester proved dominate, Ellsbury is exploding in talent, J.D. Drew finds new and creative ways to get injured that far exceed those old boring back pains and Mike Lowell showed us just how tough he is.

Who would’ve thought back at the beginning of the season, that Papi would have almost 100 rbi (99)this year?? Good job Papi!

Dave.. The withdrawl will hit us soon enough.. I dont think Jbay deacyed all that much.. he’s tied for 2nd in HR”S!!
He has been a great acquisition, and the Sox would be smart to tie him up just as soon as they can..

The games were spring training like games. The scores didn’t mean much except for individual stats. Buchholz was going great but started to decay in the wrong time. 6 HRs in 6 IP. Not good. I guess he’ll be ok as a no.4 starter in the playoffs. The rejuvenated Papi finished the season with 99 rbis and 29 Hrs.

Wll Jon Bon, close out the seaon on a high note for us!!!
Come on Bubba make it quick and painless; for them and me!!!

I guessits a good thing that I like myself.. I spent the entire afternoon talking to me.. Inspiring conversation.

Well its ovah!!! Goodbye regular season 2009…

Dave: Jupiter radiates twice as much heat energy than it receives from the sun. The heat it raditaes has to do with the Jupiter’s gravity…………

Thanks and that’s cool. More science questions tomorrow. Have to do astronomy only because I’m focused on that area of science right now due to my daughter.

Also want to mention that Gonsalez was the Sox most valuable aquisition. I feel bad for Nick Green. I really like the guy and he has a great arm. I still feel he has great talent and it would be a waste not to find a way to fix him.

I see we had an adventurous game to finish the season. 12-7, eh? I missed some excitement. Hmmm…
I am sorry that Wake is not on the Round 1 playoff roster, but it is the right move. I’m not sure if Wake will be able to pitch again this year–and that would be a shame, indeed.
Dave, I give you the runner-up for the Red Sox No-Prize. A-Gonz was our second best pick-up. I very much agree with Brian that V-Mart is our most valuable pick-up, and I’m glad he was, considering we gave up Masterson to get him. In my book Brian gets the Red Sox No-Prize. Good job, V-Mart and A-Gonz! RSN is happy both of you are with us! GO SOX!


I disagree, V. Martinez was the most valuable acquisition. Without Martinez, I’m not sure if Boston would have made the playoffs. All Martinez has done is hit and drive in runs. Martinez also did a great job behind the plate handling Wakefield’s knuckleball. Gonzalez was solid as well but Martinez had a bigger impact than Gonzalez. The surprise of Gonzalez was his bat and the H.R.’s. I’m not sure who these scouts were that said Gonzalez’s range has slipped but he sure looked great out there at s.s.

I am hoping Delcarmen is kept off of the playoff roster. Delcarmen is getting hit on the field and on Saturday en route to Fenway he was in a car accident. The guy is getting hit all over the place. lol.

For the second consecutive year the Twins will play game #163. I think this year it will work out better for the Twins. Detroit had this division in there hands and they let it slip away. Somehow someway the Twins always seem to be in the middle of that division. How??? Not impressed with there starting pitching but the Twins just get it done. Not bad for a small market team.

V-Mart’s contribution was clearly visible and tangible. We could see V-Mart hit HRs and drove in runs. What A Gonz did was intangible. A Gonz stablized the middle infield. Who knows how many Sox wins were attributable to the pitcher’s confidence in the ss. Both were great acquisitions.

Nite all!! Tomorrow, we know is another day…

i think we can make it far. i predict to game 5 or possibly 6 of the alcs. i see cards and yanks world series

I like both of them, but I think Gonzalez has the edge. We got him for his glove, and he certainly hasn’t disappointed there. The frosting on the cake has been his bat. Awhile back CS posted on his blog about how important it is to a pitcher to have confidence in the middle infield – and specifically how important AGonz was to him.
On to the post season. Looking at those BAs over on the Angels roster makes me worry about our pitching. Those guys need to bring their best game if we want to have a chance against LAA. I think the LAA are a more formidable foe than the Yanks. The Yanks should have an easy time in the first round. If either the Twins or the Tiggers beat them, it will be an upset. (We can hope!)

Anyone have any notion why Francona is going with Buckholtz over Dice-K for the #3 spot? What does he see in Dice-K and what does he not see in Buckholtz to make this decision? Maybe secretly he has them both lined up for game 3. Given Buckholtz last two outings, we are not going to win any game he starts against the Angels? Does Dice-K have bad record against the Angels? He certainly is way more tested in big games than Buckholtz. Another curious decision — they most seem something in both of them to make this decision?

In no way, though, am I saying that A-Gonz was not a good move. I am VERY glad we picked him up for his glove, and his bat has been excellent. I agree with Andy that A-Gonz’s stats, esp. on defense, are not as obvious as BA and OBP, but we certainly have noticed the difference on defense! Thanks, A-Gonz! GO SOX!

I have to echo DNG?s concern about starting Buchholz in Game 3. First and foremost Dice-K has playoffs experience and not to mention Buchholz’s last 2 dismal outings against the near baseball dwellers. If the Sox were down by 4 runs in the early going, it will be very difficult to come back against the Angels. The Sox bats were alive because the Jays and Tribes pitching suck. If the Angels were to hit Dice-K hard, I don?t see why they can?t hit Buchholz harder. I don?t want to relive with Uncle?s infatuation with Buchholz in 2008. Perhaps Uncle and Farrell see something that we fans don?t. Just my two cents.

Sice Dice K’s return in Sept he beat the LAA (Lackey) with three hit 6 shut out innings. The only loss was against the Yankees with the “dismal” 1 run 7 IP. The other two wins were against the Oreo and the Tribes, not a big deal. Any team at any given day can beat those 2 teams.

I’d had my reservations about starting Dice-K since his return, but he has more than answered the questions I’d had about him. Dice-K has pitched very well, like he has something to prove. I’ve liked that a lot. I would want him to pitch in the ALDS, also. DGN noted that he does better on the road, if I remember right–Tito would be wise to consider that, esp. for the short series. GO SOX!

This bloody server is off by a full 20 MINUTES!! Wassup wit dat? AHEM! Mark?…

Greg, So far Mark has only gotten complaints from me. If he gets more complaints about our problems from others, maybe he will start to take it seriously. Email him at Mark.Newman@mlb.com. He has answered each email that I have sent him.
In fact, Since we all experience the problem(s), I think that EACH of us should email him. He says that ALLl of our problems, according to the IT dept at mlb.com, are caused by our use of the blog as an instantmessaging/chat forum, and that the blog is not set up to handle that kind of traffic.
Please… Everyone try to email him.

Dice K beat the Angels (6 shutout innings) at Fenway. Taking last 2 bad outings away, Buchholz had not faced a team which had better records than the Sox. Buchholz had faced Tor (2), CWS, Bal, TB (2), and KC. TB was the only team that finished above 500. It was disastrous against the then contending team CWS when he gave up 7 ER in 4.2 IP.

>>>>>>>> Monday Science <<<<<<<<<<<<
Got comets on my head and I can’t get them out…maybe because I did research for my daughter’s interest in astronomy…ya that’s it.
Anyway, the comet’s tail is the most visible moment in a comet’s life. What causes its tail?
Does a comet always have a tail and if it doesn’t, how can we see it?

Going to be a tough series with LAA. They will be out for blood after two years of failure. Sox don’t have, outside of Dice-K and Lester, a reliable arm to count on. Clay and Josh, with all due respect, have struggled and been very inconsistent. I don’t feel good about this series, but then again, when do I? Well, to be honest, in 2007, I felt we had a real chance. I could just see the consistency and energy of the team. They never were streaky, unlike the 2009 Sox and there was great consistency in pitching AND Josh Beckett was the Cy Young winner in my opinion. He was unstoppable.
Well, we’ll wait and see but if it’s bad, I may have to write a whiny John Lackey column.
“MOM…Dave’s writing another column about me and I can’t find my sippy cup! Why does he always call me a whiny baby!”
“It’s hard to tell dear.”
“Mom, these pullups make me itch. I hate them.”
“Yes dear.”
“Mom, I don’t want to pitch game one. I haven’t finished My Little Pony yet.”
“Yes Dear.”
“Mom, where’s my…”
“Yes Dear.”
Couldn’t help myself.

Comet’s tails are caused by solar radiation on the comet’s dust particles and due to ionized gas from the comet. We usually see two tails. Comets always have tails?

Good answer. When a comet gets near the sun, it heats it up turning that solid material into a gas. It’s called sublimation since it doesn’t go to the liquid stage first. Some comets have more than one tail as well depending on the sun.
Comets lose their tails once their orbit takes it away from a sun making it IMPOSSIBLE to spot it since comets have a charged dirty exterior. Scientists literally can’t see a comet until it forms a tail making it a difficult object to track. IN addition the comet tends to have the mother of all orbits, sometimes 80 year orbits so they are VERY hard to find their periodicity (repetition) when it reaches near us.
I think the most interesting thing about comets was the prediction that comets gave the planet the water. The problem is that comets have a heavier type of water (more neutrons) and we can’t find a lot of it on earth. So what happened? We may never know.

Manny Delcarman, is just reported got into a bad car accident. He seems OK but shaken up. It’s in the new thread. I’m smelling alcohol or drugs or improper speeds due to reckless driving but its easy to make accusations when you don’t have all the facts. It’s hard to wait and see.

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