Varitek will help in any way he can

Always at the forefront of recent Red Sox postseason runs, Jason Varitek enters this one in a highly uncertain role. More likely than not, Varitek will start most — if not all — games on the bench in this Division Series, which starts Thursdya night against the Angels.

“You can’t really control playing time, but you can control the other parts where you contribute,” Varitek said. “It may not be by playing. It may be on the bench. You can’t really control those things, but it’s not the time of year to be selfish.”

How hard has it been?

“It’s different,” Varitek said. “It’s definitely different.”

Again, Varitek reiterated this was no time of year to sulk.

“I think we’re in the postseason. I don’t know what’s disappointing about being in the postseason. Everybody in this locker room at some point has helped the team win games,” Varitek said.


I think Varitek will do just great out in the bullpen warming up pitchers.

Varitek is the captain for a reason. Saying that he can help in anyway possible means that though he cannot help at the plate, he is there to help. That’s why he is the captain of this team. And that’s why this team is so successful.

Thu – Oct. 8 – NLDS “A” – Gm 2 – COL @ PHI – 2:37 p.m. – TBS
Thu – Oct. 8 – NLDS “B” – Gm 2 – STL @ LAD – 6:07 p.m. – TBS
Thu – Oct. 8 – ALDS “B” – Gm 1 – BOS @ LAA – 9:37 p.m. – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Fri – Oct. 9 – ALDS “A” – Gm 2 – MIN @ NYY – 6:07 p.m. – TBS
Fri – Oct. 9 – ALDS “B” – Gm 2 – BOS @ LAA – 9:37 p.m. – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Sat – Oct. 10 – NLDS “B” – Gm 3 – LAD @ STL – 6:07 p.m. – TBS
Sat – Oct. 10 – NLDS “A” – Gm 3 – PHI @ COL – 9:37 p.m. – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Sun – Oct. 11 – ALDS “B” – Gm 3 – LAA @ BOS – TBD – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – ALDS “A” – Gm 3 – NYY @ MIN – TBD – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – NLDS “B” – Gm 4* – LAD @ STL – TBD – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – NLDS “A” – Gm 4* – PHI @ COL – TBD – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Mon – Oct. 12 – ALDS “B” – Gm 4* – LAA @ BOS – TBD – TBS
Mon – Oct. 12 – ALDS “A” – Gm 4* – NYY @ MIN – TBD – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Tue – Oct. 13 – NLDS “A” – Gm 5* – COL @ PHI – TBD – TBS
Tue – Oct. 13 – NLDS “B” – Gm 5* – STL @ LAD – TBD – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Wed – Oct. 14 – ALDS “A” – Gm 5* – MIN @ NYY – TBD – TBS
Wed – Oct. 14 – ALDS “B” – Gm 5* – BOS @ LAA – TBD – TBS
* if necessary

I looked at the box scores of the three playoffs games. I am amazed that every manager treated the game like the 7th game of the WS. Can?t take the game for granted. Giraldi used 4 relievers to back up Sabbathia. In the Dodgers game each team used 6 pitchers. Torre made the gutsy call by yanking Wolf in the 4th inning with bases loaded and 2 outs and 1 run lead at the time.
I hope Uncle was watching the games and learn from the managers? moves and (mis)moves. Remember the famous motto of Joe Maddon ?It?s not about Garza?s win. It?s about the win for the Rays.?

>>> Science question (Everyone should know this one) <<<<
Define for me a scientific theory AND a scientific law. Every lay person should understand these two terms since they allow science to function.

I’m surprised about Girardi but I understand the move. He wanted the momentum but really, you’re the Yankees. You can beat the twins in your sleep but I suppose that was the knot in his stomach. Lose to the Twins and your job is on the line.
I’d be VERY surprised if the Yankees don’t win the World Series. New York has every cylinder firing for them and they have a lot of muscle to carry it off. Twins are an easy victory. Going to be interesting.

Dave: Can I amend your question to read “Define for me a scientific theory, a scinetific hypothesis. AND a scientific law”

Dave.. I guess that youre trying to be realistic here, but over the past couple of weeks youve been looking like a closet Yankee fan!! lol.. Careful, I hear its a slippery slope one you start!!!!! haha

Brian: I am a big fan of Uncle as an off the field manager. As to his in game managerial ability, argh?But I detect Uncle is changing. We will see hopefully he will run, sac bunt more in the upcoming playoff games.
Beckett is my concern as well. It?s time for Beckett to be honest with the management if his back is hurting. If so, Uncle should not start him in Game 2 with false hope that he will go 5 innings unscathed against a lineup from top to bottom with BA close .300. Then Dice K should start Game 2.
I think the Twins can take the Yanks to Game 5. Game 1 is a foregone conclusion with a tired and beat up Twins. With a day rest, a spilt at Yankees stadium, any thing can happen.

Nothing to be amazed at…… Welcome to playoff baseball. Remember last year when Papelbon came into game#5 around the 6th or 7th inning??? Boston was facing elimination and they needed there best arm to keep the Rays in check.
All bullpens are rested and raring to go! I’m guessing only Bard, Wagner, Oki and of course Papelbon has Francona’s confidence with a lead. Hopefully Lester gives the Red Sox a solid (7) innings! He came up BIG in game #1 last year and I am expecting a repeat performance tonight in Disney Land. Beckett tom. night, I really have no gut feeling on how he’ll do. I’m a little concerned about Beckett, his health worries me.

I was thinking the same thing when Torre lifted his starter that early but obviously Torre hit the right button. Gutsy as you say is the correct word to use. What happened to New Hampshire’s Chris Carpenter??? He normally comes up big but he looked pretty bad out there last night. One thing about Francona ( your not the biggest fan of his as we all know ) he isn’t afraid to lose and I think some managers are. That was the case with Maddon during game#7 last year. Bringing Price in was gutsy and Maddon wasn’t afraid of the critics/second guessers. It obviously paid for him and the Rays.

Dave: I know the answer to your science question. I will answer later.
My fellow bloggers, please try to answer Dave’s science question. It’s not difficult at all.


My opinion the Yankees series starts tom. night when Burnett is on the hill. How will Burnett pitch??? If the Twins can steal a victory tom. night—-Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. lol.

Can you go against the Roman Army. Hannibal tried, Sparticus tried. The danger about Rome was they never knew when to quit. Most other ‘civil’ societies knew when it was over. Rome never did. The Yankees seem to have that same mentality. They never quit. They are the Borg. I can’t STAND New York but I concede defeat when I see it.
Andrew, fair enough…now go out and answer it!
Burnett will do fine in post season. I promise you he’ll be dominant. If he isn’t Girardi will give him a reason not to sit down for a week.


Burnett’s numbers at home are much better than on the road. He has nasty stuff but when things go south on him, he doesn’t bounce back. He’s been known to have a melt down out there. He has the hardware but does he have the software???? LOL!


I don’t think you give Francona enough credit for his in game managing. I think he handles his pitching staff as good as anyone out there! His playoff record is 24-14, he must be doing something right when the game starts.


I’m with you about Dice-K tom. night and pushing back Beckett a couple more days. It was 10 days ago he had (3) cortisone shots. Nobody can tell me he’s 100%…. Nobody. I know I know…this time of year who’s 100% but……

Dave, two things:
1) Does the phrase ~down 0-3 in 07~ mean anything to you??
2) It doesn’t matter IF the Yankees are as much better than the Twins and Sox as you keep saying, as a RedSox fan I’m not going sit here and heap praise on them. I will when necessary, acknowledge a better team. But I will NEVER praise them or compare them to the Roman Army and/or Sparticus.


If the Red Sox have as much fight in them as you do….They will not lose a game until the 2010 reg. season. LOL!

Leave it to Varitek to take the high road. There is a class act, a team guy, A REDSOX through and through. I wish all of our guys had that kind of heart, most of them do I think. Wakefield seems to be cut from the same cloth. I can only pray and hope that the Sox packed their “A” game when they left for the coast. We shall see tonight at 9:37..

Oh and Dave… aren’t you the one who was packing up for the season when Texas tied us in the Wild Card race????
IDOBELIEVE you were!!

Dave you are really sounding like you’ve been hanging out on Bombers Beat and drinking their Kool-Aid!!!!


Has Dave been hanging around tcd??? LOL!

Nothing would make me more delighted (than say getting to feel like I’m 20 again) than the Yankees getting DESTROYED like a pack of whiny rich fat #$#$ as they are. Nothing! Also you are right about 2007. If Beckett was Beckett 07, I’d be singing a different tune because when Beckett is dominate, ain’t nobody gonna take him down.
You are also right about Texas. That’s an excellent point. I did write them off and look at them now. Ya, things can change!

Oh no! I’d better watch what I say. I don’t want to end up in my parent’s attic! (LOL)


LOL! I’m guessing with the playoffs on….. tcd is getting his pass extended. HA…HA….The sad part for tcd—-it’s a longgggggggggggg winter in that attic. I wonder if he has a window???

Hypothesis is an educated guess based on observation. e.g. Uncle Tito is the greatest manager in our galaxy based on his plaoyoffs records.
A scientific theory can be defined as a hypothesis that has been supported with repeated testing as true. A scientific theory is actually an accepted hypothesis. e.g. Einstein Relativity Theories.
Scientific law is an empirical observation or principle that appears to be without exception at the time it is made. e.g. Newton’s law of general gravitation, law on motion.
My scinece question for you: 1. Why Einstein’s General and Special Theory on Relativity not a scientific law? 2) Has any scientific law been disproven?

Here is the full ALDS Red Sox roster:

1. Jon Lester
2. Josh Beckett
3. Clay Buchholz
4. Daisuke Matsuzaka

5. Billy Wagner
6. Takashi Saito
7. Jonathan Papelbon
8. Paul Byrd
9. Daniel Bard
10. Hideki Okajima
11. Ramon Ramirez

12. Dustin Pedroia
13. Kevin Youkilis
14. Mike Lowell
15. Alex Gonzalez
16. Casey Kotchman
17. Jed Lowrie
18. David Ortiz

19. Brian Anderson
20. Jason Bay
21. Jacoby Ellsbiury
22. J.D. Drew
23. Joey Gathright

24. Victor Martinez
25. Jason Varitek

I wonder if tcd’s attic has one of those little carpet putting greens (like the ones exec’s used to have in their offices on tv)… that way he can practice along with his buddies!!!

ALMOST there.
A hypothesis is actually not a guess but a prediction. You predict behavior based on observation.
You start an observation and make a prediction. That prediction is your hypothesis. You can say, “the sun changes where it rises based on where I am on the earth. ” You then gather data and facts. You then realize that your observation is wrong. You change your hypothesis and say “OK sun always rises in the east no matter where I am on the planet.”
You have now defined a law. A law is indeed based on observation WITHOUT being able to explain why the sun rises in the east. Your law (again I’m making the law up) is the Sun Rising In The East Law. That says the sun always rises in the east.
You can leave it as a law or make a theory out of it, but if you’re going to do that you have to EXPLAIN the situation and offer predictions and tons of lab testing, etc. such as ALL planet’s sun’s rise in the east and set in the west” — which of course is totally wrong but you get the idea.
Newton’s Laws of gravity are laws because Issac couldn’t explain what in heck gravity was. However both laws and theories are tested the heck out of it.
Anyway, Newton was able to, based on observations, to calculate how gravity acts without having a CLUE what it was. All the math worked and we loved it because of it but we didn’t know what made gravity operate.
General relativity did that with Einstein offering up his theory. Now we see gravity as a mathematical model as a geometry in space. His theory allowed for the discovery of black holes because that was one of the predictions in the theory. Newton didn’t predict anything since he had no clue what gravity is. Einstein’s data is still quite used and has yet to be proven wrong but it falls apart in the atomic level. At the time, Einstein had no clue about it because it was yet to be discovered. When it was, he found the entire system radical and out of step with reality. In other words, it all works but nobody has a CLUE what’s going on.
In general also, theories get modified due to that predictive property. Newton’s laws on gravity were never thrown out but became more isolated. We go quantum physics and gravitons for the atomic world, then Newton for earth and then Einstein for everything else. Wouldn’t it be nice to merge all three!
I know of no laws that have been broken so far but, in fairness, I haven’t done a lot of research on it.
Some of the more common ones are:
“Energy can’t be created or destroyed — thermodynamics” which Einstein explained as E = mc (squared) and cast the theory that the reason why we can say this is that energy becomes matter and matter becomes energy.
Laws are more general than theories since they don’t require explanations and are far more tested. You tend to think principle and if it works out it becomes law. For example, Heizenberg’s uncertainty principle is IMPOSSIBLE to test so it will never be a law but so far the prediction seems to work out — even though you can’t actually do a test since the principle doesn’t allow for a test to prove it wrong!
(Have I made it complicated enough Andrew!)

Hi All – are we ready for some baseball?? I think we all knew that our Captain is a classy guy and would do what ever was asked of him to help the team. He IS a Red Sox – just like Tim Wakefield – and if helping the team means he sits and helps the guys get ready to take the field then that is what he does. Jorge Posada could take a few lessons from Tek on what it means to be a team player.

The Twins last night looked very tired by the time the game got into the late innings. I am hoping that the Twins will play a better game after some rest.

I like the roster for the ALDS – but one question (maybe I missed this somewhere along the way.) Why isn’t Reddick on the roster? I know that Gathright is there for speed – but I might have been tempted to take Reddick over Anderson – or did I get that one totally wrong? See you all later!!

GO RED SOX!!!!! Oh yay – on 7+ hours to go – I hate these West Coast games…

Heisenberg’s principle by the way says you can predict position and momentum but not both at the same time. He argues ANY test will fail since you add energy to the particle since you need energy to observe it. Of course that cancels any way to test for his truth.

I’ve never seen anyone as good as Varitek in blocking balls in the dirt.

One good thing this year is that I dont have to be at work early!!! I can watch the game and still get 6-7 hrs sleep!!

Wow — you all have been active! My post season record is 0-3 right now, which I suppose is good, cause I wouldn’t want to be 3-0 before the SOX play.

Really good to hear Varitek’s words. I think that helps more than we know. Everybody has to want it, and be together, and be unselfish, or you don’t have a chance. If he is not the best option on the field, than his mindset and preparation and support of the pitchers can still be just as effective as in years past.

Back in 2004, I had this eerie feeling that all was not lost, even after we were down 0-3. I know no one will believe me, but I did. This year, I just don’t have it, I have this very bad feeling that if we don’t take game, we will go out in three straight. I also think it would be better (as some others have suggested) to start Dice-K in game two (said it before) he in better in away games anyway, and I think Beckett is better at home (when he struggles).

Bottom line, we are 100% dependent upon our starting pitching and bullpen this year. We have the offense to win, with superior pitching, but we don’t have the offsense to carry us (or win) with less than superb pitching, I don’t even think good pitching brings us a title this year — at least not until the series itself, it needs to be near perfect.

couple of word ommistions above, but if you guys can answer Dave’s science questions, I am sure you can connect the dots on my diatribe…. meant “game one” and “world series” above🙂

Hope the SOX do way better than my typing tonight!

The Rockies are about to tie the series and so will the Twins tomorrow.
I hate to say Game 1 is a must win for the Sox. We don’t know which Beckett will show up, be it Beckett of 07 or 08? And we’ll have the wunderkind Buchholz (again unproven) in Game 3. oi vey.
As I said in the previous post, if Beckett’s back is hurting. he should be man enough to say “hey coach, I am not 80% ok, my back still hurts” and request that he be pushed back for a few days to Game 3 or 4 at Fenway.

Speak too soon. The Phillies are storming back. Not that I have any interest in that game.


The Rockies are TRYING to win – 5-3 now – COME ON ROCKIES!!!!


Reddick hits from the left side of the plate and Anderson hits from the right side of the plate. Also it would have meant the Red Sox would have had (2) youngsters backing up in the o.f. ( Gaithright and Reddick ) and I don’t think Boston wanted that. Obviously if Baldelli was healthy, he probably would have started against either Kazmir or Saunders and that would have meant Anderson would have been watching like Delcarmen. I’m guessing Drew will get the start against one of those tough lefties. Anderson isn’t much of a hitter but he is a better than average outfielder.

Thanks Brian – I knew Anderson wasn’t much of a hitter…

via Twitter – Lineup for tonight:


And you’re right about Drew Brian! lol!

Brian: I agree. The only advantage of having Reddick is his speed. We have Gaithright.
I would start Drew against lefties regardless. I will use Anderson in late innings if the Sox are ahead. We pay a $14MM man not just to hit against the righties.


I’m with you with Drew, he should face lefties, righties and pitchers that throw with there feet. lol. Drew has had some HUGE H.R.’s in Oct. for Boston.

Francona was talking the other day if Baldelli was healthy…he might have gotten a start against Saunders or Kazmir or Baldelli would have been used as a pinch hitter against Fuentes but that will not happen now. I still can’t believe the Angels have Oliver in there pen. I thought he would have been out of baseball by now. lol.

Last year Ellsbury ate up the Angels in rd. 1 Everyone talks about the Angels speed, the (2) fastest guy’s on the field are Ellsbury and Gaithright.


Perhaps I am pro Buchholz but I think he’s a type of pitcher that pitches to the game. I don’t think it’s conidience that he pitched really well against Sabathia, Halladay, Verlander among other top pitchers. I expect him to do really well on Sat.

Who is faster Ellsbury or Gaithright? Maybe neither, Buchholz is faster. lol


I think Lowell is faster. lol. Buchholz might be fast but we found out he doesn’t have a CLUE on the basepaths. lol.

Hey guys!

I just wanted to wish the Sox good luck tonight! I also just wanted to say hello to the family again. Go get ’em Sox!

Great too here from Conny. If the boys can’t get it done tonight, put Conny in the lineup for tom. night’s game.





Good Luck to The Sox

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