Game 1 of the ALDS

Finally a gameday! It feels like we’ve been waiting a long time for this one.

Some interesting nuggets from the day so far. Red Sox manager Terry Francona has been feeling under the weather the last two days. He did not come out for pre-game introductions but was in the dugout for the start of the game. Francona was joking around on Wednesday  about a  bad experience with Del Taco. “I like Del Taco, but it doesn’t like me,” Francona quipped.

Pedro Gomez of ESPN reported that Francona had food poisoning. We will try to get that confirmed for you after the game.

In other news, Hideki Okajima, who has pitched just once since Sept. 23 because of a strained right side, seems to be doing much better.

“I think we’re really pleased with how quickly he’s come and how strong he feels. They cranked him around pretty aggressively yesterday. He didn’t feel anything,” Francona said.

The Sox will have a loaded bullpen tonight, one that includes Paul Byrd and Daisuke Matsuzaka as long men, and the usual crew of Okajima, Daniel Bard, Billy Wagner, Takashi Saito, Ramon Ramirez and Jonathan Papelbon.

Here are the lineups for both teams.

Red Sox
Ellsbury CF
Pedroia 2B
Martinez C
Youkilis 1B
Ortiz DH
Bay LF
Lowell 3B
Drew RF
Gonzalez SS


Figgins 3B
Abreu RF
Hunter CF
Guerrero DH
Rivera LF
Morales 1B
Kendrick 2B
Mathis C
Aybar SS



On ABC Nightly News – RemDawg and his battle with Cancer and Depression……..

I’m expecting Lester to go deep into this game tonight. He basically shut-down the Angels in game #1 last year and I think he’ll duplicate that outing tonight.

Martinez and Gonzalez are playing in there first playoff game as a member of the Red Sox…make it a good one guys!

Nothing would make me happier than Lackey having an L next to his name after tonight.

Morales has gone under the radar this season… not bad for a guy that hit more than 30 H.R.’s and knocked in more than 100 R.B.I.’s. All the ink goes to Hunter, Vlad and others. A quiet but very productive season, not too mention his avg. being over .300 If he was in N.Y. or Boston, he would be hyped up!

Francona is 7-2 in game #1. One of those losses came in Chicago with Matt Clement on the hill, does that count??? LOL!! I think we all knew Boston was going to get SMOKED that day. lol.

HEY-O everyone!!!
Well, here’s where it starts!!! Actually it started 162 games ago… Wow, seems like such a short time ago. This is a team that has struggled, and has come up short at times but has come through some really tough times on top. They are a tem that has drive. They pick each other up. Theyve lived a season in a mode of positive attitude. Lots of teams have what they like to call swagger, but I think that these RedSox have QUIET CONFIDENCE.

That just cut me off… (maybe it was trying to tell me something)
They dont need to shout about themselves from the mountain tops, they just go out and DO IT!!!
They believe in themselves and we all know that we believe in them too!
LET’SGOREDSOXLET’SGO!!! CLAPCLAPCLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sox are fielding the best lineup they can put on the field, and it’s a pretty good one. This should be a good series, but I think the Sox have a significant advantage with their pitching. As I listen to the clowns who call themselves experts or analysts think the Angels will run wild on the Sox catchers, and that would be the reason they win. Well, everyone has run wild on the Sox this year and they still managed to win 95 games. I don’t like to see that happen, and I do think it cost them some games, but I don’t think it will be the difference in the series. If all else were equal, I’d say that could be a tie breaker, but all things are not equal.

We have two quality teams who I think will play a good series, but the Sox are built for the post season. I’m not one for predictions, but I like the Sox winning this thing 3-1.

GO SOX!!!!!

Matt Clement.. wow he never came back after taking that line drive to the head, did he??? I remember reading about him about a year ago, he’s back home in Butler Pa. coaching high school basketball! Good luck to him!
ps.. anyone remember who was at bat when he got smacked..??? No cheating now….

hi Garry!!! Hows everything?? Is it coolong down at all up your way?? It was 93 here yesterday.. Are you coming down to Fort Lauderdale?

I think if Boston wins tonight, a sweep of the Angels. If the Angels win tonight, the series goes the distance.


Carl Crawford roped that one off of his head that night in St. Pete. If you look at Clement’s starts before that, he was slipping a bit. Not one of Theo’s better moves. Lowe and Pedro went elsewhere and Theo replaced them with Wells and Clement, enough said about those moves. lol.


I think your dead on about quiet confidence.

I read your posts and I have to say, I have the same feeling of doom. I sure hope Garry is right but for some reason the Sox this year don’t inspire confidence. I seldom get down on the Sox but this year they seem to lack something. That said:
GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send those Angels straight to HELL!!!

This morning it was snowing here. It will be cold games at Coors Field the next couple days. How’s the weather in New England??

Very Good BRI!!!!! I so much more like the Quite Confidence rather than the swagger, that makes me think of arrogance!!

Here’s a question for y’all…
What happens if the Dodger game goes into extra’s??Do they move our game to FX network as in past years?? Or do we get the shaft??

WOW ARNIE… Doom and gloom, huh?? No positivity?? No rose colored glasses?? No Pollyanna?? Come on please?????

Mark Loretta drives in the game winner for the Dodgers!!


I would assume T.N.T. would take over. Whenever Fox had a game that went into extra innings…FX would take over until that other game was over.

Remember last year when T.B.S. had that major glitch during the Bos. T.B. series—the first couple of innings were seen by the fans that were there and nobody else. I think a transformer blew. Never ever a dull moment. lol.

I guess the Cards don’t want to win – Mark Loretta……

Brian – TBS has had problems the last 2 days during the Phillies-Rockies games – it BETTER not happen tonight!


arnie must be hanging around too much with dave. Have faith! I smell sweep of the Angels. A split is as good. Then we have a three game series with the HFA.
I hate left coast games especially I have to get up really early for the office tomorrow morning. I am outta here. Go Sox. Go Lester.

Nice! Mark Loretta hits a walk-off!

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!


Didn’t your Canes bring “swagger” to college football??? lol. When the Canes won last Sat.—Musburger said the “swagger” is back in Miami. I think swagger is something for the media to go with. Alot of b.s. in my opinion.

All sorts of former Red Sox hanging around in the playoffs. Good for Loretta, he was excellent at second base for the Red Sox back in 2006. He also was a solid hitter. Someone named Pedroia was coming to Boston full-time and Loretta’s day’s in Boston were ovah.

The Cards turn to former Boston righty Pinero and if he wins….Smoltz takes the hill. Pedro to take the mound game 3 for Philly.

And for those “doom and gloomers” come on folks, I expect a series win and I’m usually quite cynical, etc.

Red Sox win the series 3-1 is my guess.


A cold front will roll into S.W. Florida tonight, it will dip under 80 degrees. lol. Hot in Fl.

I think Varitek will have a game winning hit in this series. Talking about being optimistic. OPTIMISTIC! On that note….Vodka is calling my name. lol.

Via Ian on Twitter:

Tito didn’t take part in pre-game intros. He’s a little under the weather today. He will manage the game.

I say Red Sox in 4 – split in LA and 2 straight at home!!


via Twitter:

Sunday’s start time is 12:07 p.m. Monday’s is 8:37 p.m., unless the other series is decided. Then it would be 7:37 p.m.

And already I can not post!!!!! SO NOT FAIR!!!!!!!

The times are WAY OFF!!!!

And Tito has food poisoning!

Lester – NO WALKS!!! ugh……

WHAT a Play MIKEY!!!




Let’s get some runs boys!!!!


Oh wait, Announcer Boy (Don Orsillo) is doing the game!

This HAS to bode well!


Well; we’re getting the bat on the ball and raising the pitch count, typical first inning, which is good; c’mon Lester!

Thats what they say Brian, but this year they finally have what I have said for years that they needed.. QUIET CONFIDENCE.. They even quoted the QB and Randy Shannon that Swagger is not equated with their game plan.

Hey Raj!!!! Havent seen you in… well almost forever!!!

Hey Ellen …… it was very hot up here today. I think the high was 94. I had to postpone my trip down your way earlier this month, but I’m looking toward the end of the month or maybe the first of November. I’ll keep you posted.

Lackey looked pretty good in the first inning. He threw nothing over the center of the plate. That’s a really weird strike zone TBS has up there. It looks about six inches wide. The camera angle from CF is really bad too. It will be very difficult to see where pitches really are. Angels have a good lineup. Lester better be on his game.

I like that Orsillo is doing this series. I didn’t think they’d let him do the Sox. They haven’t in the past. He is always well prepared.

Lots of family stuff going on Ellen; needless to say I’m moving back to CT from MA and leaving my very stable job after a year; mom was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer and while she’s doing fine after surgery, she’ll need chemo as well (for at least 4 months). Not only that, my grandfather recently passed away so my dad’s a bit depressed about recent events in life.

Somebody needs to give them time off from running their business so I need to be back home.

Enough of my sob story though, there’s a game to be watched!

Great play by Lowell. Hunter and Guerrero had good swings at Lester. Hunter just missed on his fly ball to left field. I think Lester threw too many pitches. He HAS to get ahead in the count better than he did in the first inning.

I knew I’d get some grief here for being glum, but just once, I don’t feel the love from our Sox. Hope I’m wrong and you guys can give a bunch of crap.

Lester’s looking pretty good so far.

Anybody see the Sullivan Tire commercial with DP? He looked like a kid on that trampoline. LOL.

Posting is weird, huh?

This home plate umpire doesn’t like the bottom of the strike zone so far.

Woah interference call…

Ump took the bat out of Ortiz’ hands that time.

If anybody is using IE 8, view the page in compatibility mode and at least you can get most things to load. Once the form to type the post is loaded just hit ESC to stop loading everything else on the page and you should be able to post.

Our bats needs to get hot!!! Come on Lester HOLD THEM!!!!

So far so good for Lester! Can we get some runs now!!!! Come on guys – RUN SUPPORT!!!!!


I know Ellen is having trouble ALSO!!! UGH!!!!!

Hey all. Good to hear from you again, Conny. Can you pinch-hit if Tek comes in?😉
Lester is holding his own right now. Brian, so true–we would like to see an additional “L” next to Lackey’s name!😉
Great job, A-Gonz! Talk about a solid pick-up by Theo. One of Theo’s better moves, in contrast to Wells and Clement (sounds like a law firm–DBen?). I do remember that hit Clement took off Crawford’s bat. He did not do as well with us as we’d wished, but I liked the guy. I hope he is doing well.
COME ON, DUSTIN! Let’s take advantage of the interference call!
Dodgers and Cardinals are playing a good series. Both teams are looking tough.

I’ll try this agan.. Sorry for your troubles Taj.. rememner you always have your “other” family here!!! My prayers are with you!!!
arnie I was just trying to convert you!! lol

Hey, Raj/Paco. I hope things go better for you and your family. Good to hear from you again. Take care of yourself.
Come on, Jon, let’s get Abreu! GO SOX!

Lester did not want to walk Abreu and face Hunter. This is a very scary situation…….. and the pitches are piling up for Lester.

Nice thing V-Mart said about Tek. GO SOX!

Not good, Jon! 20+ pitches this inning…
Garry, we sure saw what you were saying about the ump not liking the low strike! Ouch.

Nice job getting out of the inning, YIKES! Vlad should have seen that high pitch coming, and he still missed it. I hope Lester can settle down the next couple innings… GO SOX!

Ugh – ELLS!! Good work A-Gonz to get the first hit!!!


Oh – wait? Catcher interference? ugh – too bad we couldn’t make that count!


Oh wait – I tried to say that already!

Great job Lester!!!

No – walking Abreu again is NOT good!

And I still can not POST!!!!

Lester got out of THAT mess!!!!

How could he miss that call at first base. It was right in front of him.

Boy, did Bucknor miss that call! Youk tagged him pretty clearly.:/ Lester has had a quick inning up until then. Let’s see if he can rebound here. GO SOX!

Youk TAGGED HIM!!! That was a BAD call!!!

GOOD! He got that quick inning, in spite of the umps! Great work, Jon! (And no SB on the play, either!)😉
How did he miss it, Garry? Maybe because he is a Bucknor at 1B?:/ GO SOX!

Nice job, J-Bay! Come on, MIKE! Get him in! GO SOX!

I hate DPs when we are at bat…..we need to get Lester some run support….

The offense still hasn’t shown up, haven’t all year against decent pitching — I don’t know how we are going to overcome this. Sox are like a bunch a talented hitters, who can’t get on a roll offensively all year (unless the opposing pitching really breaks down) and even worse, consecutive hitters can’t get hot break out together even for short spurts. Elsbury gets hot, when Pedroia and Youk are cold. Then Youk get hot, and Els, and Ped remain cold, and so one — the rest of the guys same problem but too streaky and sporadic. The only bat that doesn’t seem streaky to me is A-Gonz! I am not sure how we overcome this, this post season. I was hoping for the one hot streak for several bats all year, to show in October, but so far, same old pattern. Maybe my mini-rant will put egg all over my face. COME ON OFFENSE, come all-live, its TIME!

Fri – Oct. 9 – ALDS “A” – Gm 2 – MIN @ NYY – 6:07 PM – TBS
Fri – Oct. 9 – ALDS “B” – Gm 2 – BOS @ LAA – 9:37 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Sat – Oct. 10 – NLDS “B” – Gm 3 – LAD @ STL – 6:07 PM – TBS
Sat – Oct. 10 – NLDS “A” – Gm 3 – PHI @ COL – 9:37 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Sun – Oct. 11 – ALDS “B” – Gm 3 – LAA @ BOS – 12:07 PM – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – NLDS “B” – Gm 4* – LAD @ STL – 3:37 PM – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – ALDS “A” – Gm 3 – NYY @ MIN – 7:07 PM – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – NLDS “A” – Gm 4 – PHI @ COL – 10:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Mon – Oct. 12 – ALDS “A” – Gm 4* – NYY @ MIN – 5:07 PM – TBS
Mon – Oct. 12 – ALDS “B” – Gm 4* – LAA @ BOS – 8:37 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Tue – Oct. 13 – NLDS “A” – Gm 5* – COL @ PHI – 6:07 PM – TBS
Tue – Oct. 13 – NLDS “B” – Gm 5* – STL @ LAD – 9:37 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Wed – Oct. 14 – ALDS “A” – Gm 5* – MIN @ NYY – 6:07 PM – TBS
Wed – Oct. 14 – ALDS “B” – Gm 5* – BOS @ LAA – 9:37 PM – TBS
* if necessary

Thanks Bob!

I agree dg – the offense is snoozing! GET Abreu out – PLEASE!!!!

THIS POSTING SUCKS…. mark Newman do something!!!!!!!!!!!!

GRRR…you know what, the umps really have kinda pooped all over the game.


3-0 is a lot to come back from but we’ll see

Yes, paco, the umps have screwed us (and esp. Jon!) right into the ground!:/
3-0 now! SIGH!

Just get out of the 5th Jon, and we’ll see the rest; although I gotta say, he’s quite ticked at the umps this game.

Too much emotion coming out from him right now. Mistakes happen this way and I think this is what’s happening.

Someone chided me that when I was complaining about the umpiring in the Min/Det game, that it was not yet the post season. I would not count Joe West or CBBucknor as play caliber umpires? To be honest don’t know that much about Joe West (but I have some memory of not so good? could be wrong). But CB Bucknor, he is always in the middle of controversy. How did he make it to the post season?

Jon SHOULD be ticked off (and then some) at the umps.
Kendry Morales and Mike Lowell should trade notes about Cuba!

Nice play, A-Gonz! The umps screwed him, also. GO SOX!

We should be able to come back from 3-0. Lackey isn’t pitching that great — RedSox just can’t hit.

You are right, DGN, Lackey does not have his best stuff, by far, while we are making him look like a genius.:/ GO SOX!

We can do this! Whata great grab by A-Gonz! Gee – Angels and their fans said the umps made bad calls in Boston because they were afraid of the Boston Fans – should we say the same?..hmmm….

Let’s get it back boys!!!!

Come on, guys! If we don’t hit Lackey, someone else will! Let’s get Jon some run support! GO SOX!

THAT’S BETTER! Way to go, DUSTIN! GO SOX! Get some RUNS!

Not many good swings by the Boston hitters, they look off-balance at the plate. Nothing squared.

Pedroia somehow someway hit that one, that pitch was around the letters.

Hunter’s H.R. was CRUSHED! A no doubter. It almost ended up in Disney Land. lol.

I never knew Abreu is Babe Ruth, he’s a very good hitter with alot of discipline at the plate and knows the strike-zone very well but I think Boston should challenge him. At least try to.

Nice job, V-Mart! LET’S GET EM HOME! GO SOX!

Let’s go Youk. Hit one hard here, find a gap.

Lackey forgot how to pitch. lol. He’s fighting himself out there right now.

Youk CANNOT take a 3-1 fast ball right down the middle.

Nifty play by Figgins. In that situation, Youk needs to come up big!

What the HELLO was Youk swinging at there? Taking the wrong pitch, swinging at ball 4…
SIGH! And then… GO SOX!

Lester gave up some lazers last inning, Francona needs to keep an eye on Lester here.

Come on, Tito, get tossed! Youk got him AGAIN! $&%^@($% Bucknor…


Crew chief “Cowboy” Joe West behind the plate tonight is usually very consistent. I believe he runs a ranch in the off-season. To me, he loves to make the unusual and controversial call. That catcher’s interference call in Ellsbury’s at bat looked phantom. Probably wants the camera on him to advertise his line of umpire gear. That yellow W under his chin stands for West not Wilson. The smaller print below says “West Vest.”

This is the WORSE umping I have seen all season….It makes you wonder how much they are getting paid to throw the game – I’m sorry but this is CRAZY!!!!

Great play, Mike! GO SOX! One more, Jon!

If Lowell just made good throws and didn’t hot dog it there wouldn’t even be a need for a call.

What is this guy watching??? Out easily. I think we should have Quinn Buckner ( former Celtic ) as the 1st base umpire. Scary thought……..C.B. is behind the plate tom. night. my oh my. lol.


First base umpire is horrible. If he couldn’t see to make the call, he should have asked for help from the home plate umpire. That was absolute B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!

Between the inconsistency behind the plate and that boob at first base, officiating gets a C- so far tonight.

Lowell did not hot dog a Da– thing, sawx87, he double-clutched. Put it somewhere.

Sorry, Garry, worse than a C- for these morons.

Bad umpires for sure but they are not the reason why Boston is losing.

My fear for the playoffs was the bats going silent. Also the guys before Papelbon not getting the job done.

Not sure what Bay was looking for. Bay does whiff alot.

No they aren’t, Brian. True enough. We could be still 0-0, and we would not be any better off, with next to ZERO offense.

Alot of weak at bats by Boston tonight. Lackey is mowing them down.

maybe not “hot dog”, but he got it, looked down took a few steps and threw. if he got the ball and threw it, the ball would have been down. oh well lester escaped on a nice play by Ells… Lackey looks pretty good tonight… We need vintage Josh tmrw… big game for the Sox

Can we get Quinn Buckner, Brian?

Lackey’s at 107. The Angel’s pen has not been good. He’ll come out for the eighth and Drew will get to him!!!

maybe not “hot dog”, but he got it, looked down took a few steps and threw. if he got the ball and threw it, the ball would have been down. oh well lester escaped on a nice play by Ells… Lackey looks pretty good tonight… We need vintage Josh tmrw… big game for the Sox

maybe not “hot dog”, but he got it, looked down took a few steps and threw. if he got the ball and threw it, the ball would have been down. oh well lester escaped on a nice play by Ells… Lackey looks pretty good tonight… We need vintage Josh tmrw… big game for the Sox

That is called a double clutch. It is also why the ball sailed, sawx87.
Lackey has looked sharp only because we are not sharp. He doesn’t have his usual stuff. Lester looked worse, though. He CERTAINLY was not his usual self.


Quinn couldn’t do any worse. lol. How about Billy Buckner over there??? He knows a thing or two about first base….except grounders down the line. lol.

Not that its over yet.. hopefully we get Lackey out now, doubt it, but we got Fuentes in the 9th whos not Mr. Automatic. Sorry about the multiple posts, blog is acting weird

Disneyland sure did the trick — don’t get me started about fantasies —

Another walk to Abreu. He isn’t that good. Boston is pitching him very carefully….Personally–I think too carefully.

I don’t think Ramirez was throwing at Hunter. Ramirez better not unravel here. He needs to have a clean inning here.

Saito is up? OH GOODY!

Quality relief appearance by Ramirez! Way to go!

So much for clean innings, Brian…

I think Ramirez is a tad nervous and he just lost Francona’s confidence. What happened to Ramirez??? He was outstanding for the first 3 months or so but lately…not so good.

Night folks, I’m going to have to lie down to watch the rest of this one.

The Angels are going for the throat.


For the moment, it’s not so clean. lol.

Why the heck are they pitching to Abreu like he’s Ty Cobb. Jeez, challenge the bloat!

I guess we could complain about 3 extra outs for the Angels in this game due to blown umpire calls, but let’s face it. Three hits and one walk just ain’t gonna get it done.


Saito is walking into a kitchen on fire!

Schillings opinion of the umpiring crew tonight and SO HAPPY to see our bullpen being so helpful…..

Night Garry…

Ron Kelly…

I’m with you about Abreu. Boston is treating him as if he is a triple crown winner.

Nifty double play by Boston. A rare double play. When was the last time you saw it happen that way???

These umps are missing calls everywhere.

This has not been one of Mike Lowell’s shining moments. He’s been awful today, and that double play? Hello Mike. There’s a force at third. Don’t just stand there and watch get over to bag or get the h*ll out of the way.

Get Lowell out. Get him some geritol and put him in a whirlpool bath and then put him to bed.

Put a fork in the Red Sox tonight. They are done.

The bats better show up tom. night. Surfer boy Weaver on the hill. You will never win a game if you don’t score a run.

good thing is its only 1 game…

Josh can make these 2 games worthwhile with a vintage Beckett start

Mike Lowell has always been one of my favorite Sox, he was the real unsung hero of the 2007 World Series. But he is hurting the team. If he’s injured, can’t run, can’t field, can’t throw, then he shouldn’t be playing. He shouldn’t even be on the roster.

9th inning rally? I’m glad Beckett will be on the mound tomorrow.

2007 WS MVP=Lowell

I thought Lester didn’t pitch all that bad tonight, one bad pitch to Hunter. He was hurt by a couple of bad calls, and he’s got to screw his head on better when it comes to dealing with Abreu. Perhaps the only saving grace in this game is that Francona took him out after 6 innings. Lester can come back and pitch Game 5 against Lackey.

Tomorrow Youkilis plays 3rd, Kotchman plays 1st, and Lowell can rest his weary bones.

2009 WS MVP <> Lowell

To Lowell’s defense, I think he’s too hobbled to be effective. It’s clear to me he’s hurting. The man’s a gold glover for god’s sake! But if he (or anyone else, for that matter) is at anything less than 100%, then he shouldn’t be playing. Use him as a pinch hitter, maybe he’ll pull off a Kirk Gibson. But get him out of the infield and keep him off the basepaths. He’s a liability right now.

And if it’s any consolation I guess, he could be playing like Brooks Robinson over there, it wouldn’t have made any difference tonight. You don’t win many games by scoring zero runs.

I wouldn’t mine seeing Kotchman at first tom. night. Not a bad idea by Ron Kelly.

I’m guessing Beckett will pitch to Abreu tom. night.

Lester was o.k. but in the playoffs, you need to be better than o.k. He gave up a rocket to Hunter and that was the difference. I still don’t understand the thinking with Abreu.

I waited all week for this. lol.

Good move by Francona, get Bard’s feet wet in Oct.

Well, I WAS having a very good week until this debacle. So much for that…
No amount of shoddy umpiring will make up for zero offense and pathetic defense. The Angels have not even had to THINK about stealing bases tonight…
Bard might as well pitch tonight, you’re right, Brian.


Pathetic defense is well said.

Too many good hitters on Boston for them to go down easy. Not many quality at bats by Boston tonight. In season’s past, Boston would battle you every pitch. I didn’t see much of that tonight. That is what makes the Yankee lineup tough, they battle you every at bat. That wears down a pitching staff.

I’ll give Lackey props, he came up big when it mattered the most.

That last out by Papi was very fitting. Not good at all. Sox had better find some bats and gloves for tomorrow. GO SOX!

3 errors and 4 hits will never ever get the job done!

Beckett can be Bob Gibson tomorrow night, if he doesn’t get any run support it will not matter.

We’ll get them in game two! Night all!!!

Francona needs to stay away from those taco’s…more green tea for Tito! Give C.B. Buckner one of those taco’s. LOL!

Anaheim Ducks beat the Bruins tonight. Hmmm…Co-inky-dinky…:/

Error or no error, it didn?t matter. The runs were all earned anyway. If you didn?t score run, it didn?t matter who was pitching. Not that it matters, Uncle shouldn?t have called on Saito to stop the bleeding. Uncle should bring in Bard, not Saito. If Uncle did, the score would be 0-3. It really didn?t matter. It matters if the score was close.
Uncle must have read my post, I said Abreu scares me the most and see what they did to Abreu. Lol
Let?s hope the real Beckett shows up and bring the series back to Fenway for a three game series with HFA. It has been a season long problem that the Sox have problem hitting decent pitching let alone great pitching.

Although Saito didn’t pitch bad, Bard would likely strike the free swinging Angels out in that situation.

Happy Leif Erickson Day All!!! I need a nap already…..while the poor umping did not cost us the game – our lack of hitting did – I thought it was interesting – TWICE in SI poll of players, CB Buckner has been voted the worse umpire in all of baseball and there was already a petition online to have CB Bucknor fired. There are a lot of people who feel the same way about him.

There is a lot riding on Beckett’s shoulders tonight….I hope they are big enough…

I havent read any comments yet, but here are mine:
I have always been a Mikey lover, but its clear that he no longer has the mobility to handle the duties at 3rd base. I think that if he plays, he should only dh until otherwise proven…
Acouple of plays at 1st, calls gone wrong… they go the other way and who knows.
Lackey shut our Sox batters down last night…. Good game pitched by him..
Lester was spotty and the pen?? ’nuff said.
Gotta go out and get em tonight.

Leif Erickson Day huh?? wasnt he a teen hearththrob in your day too Julia?? lol!!!!!!

Yes Ellen – Have his pinup poster on my wall! lol!

Before it was removed – CB Bucknor’s Wikipedia page was altered to say he was legally blind –

(And please -while I was NOT the one who wrote it – I post this here for the humor effect and in no way do I mean to offend anyone who is blind or visually impaired…)

How did you find that Julia?? Priceless!!!!! I HOPE that it is a joke.. but it would fully and finally explain his calls!!

It was changed during the game last night Ellen. I was sent the link via Twitter. If you go to Bucknor’s Wikipedia page now you will see that a block has been put on it because of “vandalism” LOL!!!

I hope Tito is feeling better tonight – stay away from the Tacos and maybe the water….

I have found what caused Tito to become ill.
He arrived in L.A. and was taken to a restaurant (near the stadium) and was served a bad piece of Rally Monkey. I think he was served a thigh/leg quarter. He’ll know better next time. lol

We shall overcome,
We shall overcome,
We shall overcome, tonight.

Oh, deep in my heart,
I do believe
We shall overcome, tonight..

I don’t — you all are better (or I should say more optimistic) fans than me. I see the SOX playing the way they have all year and its not going to get them very far in this year playoffs.

Funny, with all this Saber-math and statistics, I’ll bet there is no formula (thank goodness, perhaps) for how to assemble team chemistry. That intangible that even the same exact players may have more of one year, than another year.

The lack of this, is what seems to be hurting this team (or so it seems from a far). All the positive, confident talk and spirit comes from the web-site posts, but you don’t see it or hear it in any of the players or coaches faces or voices. Just everyone trying to hang in there, every one having subpar, average to good years, no one consistently excelling. I think you need a player or two really maintaining the momentum of club — and it hasn’t happened this year for the SOX. The Damon, Millar, Ortiz, Ramirez, Schilling, even Cabreara, and Kilty type mental forces are all gone from this team, and no one seems replaced it. It may be there under the hood, but it sure doesn’t show anymore.

Take it easy EVERYONE, only 1 game.

Hey everyone,
I was NOT surprised by game 1. It went as I expected. This is a team struggling to find its focus and it showed in the errors. They are desperate to get action going and desperate to find a win. I feel great sadness for a team that wants to win and can win but unable to find their focus.
All year its the same pattern. They get a tough pitcher and fall apart in one inning while the bats same silent. It has made me appreciate how hard it is to make a team jell.
It’s not over and this team CAN and SHOULD put it together today. It’s going to be tough but the Red Sox will rise like the sun and burn LA into the ground. Or…it’s a long winter.

Dave… I really hope I get the chance to make you eat your words!!!! Salt, pepper or mayo and mustard? Man……..

Can’t get easier than this one.
What is the difference between current and voltage and resistance?

Currants are those little black or red fruits out of which Creme De Cassis is made. Voltage was the French philosopher. Resistance is the main prize of a full course meal: as in Piece de Resistance.

Arnie: If Voltage is the French philosopher, Resistance must be the French Resistance that fought the Nazi German occupation of France.
Dave: Funny I was thinking about Ohm’s law the other day.
I = V/R
Creme de Cassis = French Philospher/French Resistence.

Warning and Disclaimer: this post is NOT politically correct!!!
CB Buckner has been nominated for the Helen Keller Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award,and the Hire the Handicapped’s Vision-Impaired Employee of the Year Prize!! The Braille Society has chipped in to give him a cash stipend for re-writing the MLB Rule Book in Braille for all the other umps.

Arnie (and Julia), no offense taken by anyone here! This just in, though, the Braille Society has hired my wife to to the Umpire MLB re-write, and to give CB Bucknor a whuppin behind the woodshed–she will also teach him the art of calling balls and strikes behind the plate tonight (man, will he need it!). By the way, this guy’s initials are CB, so what’s his nickname? RADIO?

Dave, I think your question has to do with “current” events. The headline is that there are numerous protests (read, “resistance”) to Bucknor calling the game tonight.😉 GO SOX!

Andy, not to be rude, but why in the world would you be thinking about Ohm’s Law?

Greg, I like your idea of having your wife give CB a whooopin’ behind the woodshed! He needs it!

arnie: When we were discussing electromagnetism which led me to think about electric currents and Ohm’s law. Remember those little words like volt, amperes in Physics 101.

Greg-Congrats to your wife! If she needs someone to HOLD CB down for his whooopin’ count me in!!


Well, I never took Physics 101. Never got past high school. I do recall that in my high school physics laboratory my lab partner caught the place on fire. I can’t remember what he did. The poor teacher was very high strung and she had a difficult time keeping her cool with us. Those are the only two things I remember about physics: The lab on fire, and Miss Jaekel quivering with rage behind her desk. Hey, now that I think of it, that might have been chemistry. Maybe I never took physics at all. Hmmmmm….

arnie: It must be the Chemistry lab that your lab partner misused the Bunsen burner to heat the compound. This is hilarious. Your post deserves a prize for being the funniest entry of the day. Ha ha…

arnie: I was so depressed all day until I read your lab on fire post. It made me laugh….

Glad I could help, Andy.
I didn’t exactly have a storied scholastic career, but miraculously, I scored in the top 5 percent nationwide when I took the SAT test they had in those days. I never did go to college; I wanted to go out at the top of my game!

I am impressed. For a guy who couldn’t add the fractions (you’re kidding me) and yet scored in the top 5% nationwide. You must be doing really well in reading, writing and style questions.

Hey Arnie, are you sure I wasn’t your lab partner that year? Keep me away from the Bunsen burners and the chemicals! I’ve said it before, I am the guy who would blow up the lab by accident. But then I would get out of chemistry, so…

Pedro is pitching for the Phillies tonight.

hey everyone!!! Here’s looking forward to a split oput in LA.. I hope that the Big “A” is kinder to us tonight..
see y’all after bowling… should be here around 10:00…

Congrats to Cole Hamels on the birth of his baby last night.
Adam Wainwright gets the “Whiner of the Post-Season” Award.

Great- you guys are all too smart – I’m going back to my wine! lol!

via Twitter: Looks like #RedSox are going to do their best to bring back Lester for Game 4 (if they get that far).

And Dice-K is available out of the pen tonight

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