Game 2 of the ALDS

Sounds like Red Sox manager Terry Francona is leaning heavily toward Jon Lester on three days rest in Game 4, followed by Josh Beckett in a potential winner-take-all Game 5.

Dice-K is available out of the bullpen again tonight.

Lineup is the same as last night, but the Red Sox hope to get much better results tonight.

Tito is feeling a lot better after yesterday’s horrific food poisoning experience in which he said players could hear him from the clubhouse, well, getting sick in his office bathroom.


I’m not in favor of Lester or anyone else on that staff pitching on three days rest. If you don’t have a good enough 4th starter, I would be all for it. The Red Sox game #4 starter is Dice-K. He is more than capable. If the #4 starter was Paul Byrd, I would welcome Lester or anyone else on three days rest.

Time for these bats to get it cranking!

Brian, I am with you that there should not be anyone pitching on 3 days’ rest. If Dice-K is pitching out of the pen, though, that might become a reality. I hope it does not happen. I also wish Wake had been healthy enough to be on the roster to be that fourth starter, or the long reliever that Dice-K is anticipated to be. Get it done, tonight, Josh! Get some offense! GO SOX!

Do not worry about Game 4 yet. Worry about Game 2 then Game 3.

Hey everyone,
Just to be a completest, current is the flow of electrons through a wire and voltage is the force or pressure that moves electrons through a wire. Resistance of course it the material trying to stop electron flow.
John on 3 days rest — Dice-K out of the bullpen. What is Francona thinking?

Arnie, is it still snowing out where you are? I understand you guys are threatening to shatter the record lows for tonight. We’ll have to see how that impacts the Rockies’ playoff tonight. GO SOX!

What is Tito thinking, Dave? He’s thinking, “Get this series back to Boston, with a split in Anaheim”–and using every tool necessary to do it. We’ll see if the strategy works.

Looks like the Patriots-Broncos will be in the 50’s, though. Sounds like a heat wave!πŸ˜‰

Greg, it is supposed to start snowing tonight and tomorrow’s game time temp is projected at a balmy 26 degrees.

Put me on record as questioning the 3-day rest schedule for Lester and Beckett. Burn those guys out, and it may not matter whether or not we get by LA.

I don’t get the reasoning of bringing Dice-K out of the bullpen. Has he ever relieved? He doesn’t strike me as the kind of pitcher who would be an effective reliever.

I would go Buchholz and Dice-K in games 3 and 4, then back to Lester in game 5. “I don’t know, Davey…”

Hi All!

Yankees are losing 3-1, top of the 9th

Mike/Shakenbake said to say hi to you all and to let you know he will actually be able to watch the game!!

Let’s Go Red Sox – YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Beckett just get it done!!!

Go Twinkies!

Yanks-Twins tied, 3-3 bot 9th. A-Rod 2-R HR.

Yanks-Twins going to extras. 3-3.

What’s with Joe Nathan? 7/11 against Texiera, 7/13 against A-Rod — plus he has blown pretty much all inter-disvision games this year? Just coughed up the Twins two run lead in the bottom of the ninth and still nobody else? I thought my play-off draught was beginning to change… not yet anyway. Bummer.

Nathan has yet to perform well in the post-season. He has been (and apparently still is) a post-season choke artist.

Bottom of the 9th coming up – Twins up 3-0…..

Red Sox game is coming up…..

what’s up with this flippin’ coverage? I want to see the Sox NOW! If the situation were reversed, and the Sox were into extra innings, NY fans would be spitting bullets having to watch us. Anyone?

Alot of easy outs for the Red Sox in this series.

Drew will go deep tonight, I can feel it.

It’s about time they pitched to Abreu!

A-Rod looks locked in at the plate…. Scary.


News flash…T.N.T.

And Yankees/Twins in extra innings…..ugh….

A Rod just tied the game with a 9th inning two run homer — plus an RBI earlier — so he has all the RBIs for the Yanks tonight so far — I think he is over his choking — lets hope he doesn’t explode now.

Nathan has wilted right in front of our very own eyes. Getting saves in front of friends and family in Minnesota is one thing…getting it done in N.Y.—–A totally different story. Great pick off attempt. Not!


They did make an announcement. Not sure where you were. Perhaps pouring a drink??? lol.

Elsbury and Pedroia are not getting it done. Pedroia always starts the post season slow — so its risky line up for the top of the order for short initial series — not sure we had any other options.

Honey, I’M HOME….

Nathan’s ALDS record is something like (if I heard the TBS announcers correctly) 6 ALDS IP, 5 ER–before tonight.
Game is in extras, Rivera is out of the game.

Beckett looks like he is in total control. The Red Sox and Beckett were saying all along he is 100% healthy, I believe them now.

Where are the freaking bats???? Remember when Boston would grind out at bats???

Gardner with some great baserunning. Not! Does anyone want too win in N.Y. tonight???

Twins will win it with a H.R. from some unknown/obscure player they have. That sums up there roster. lol.

Another night of looking at Boras. My poor eyes. LOL!!

Welcome, Trixie. Let’s see if the Twins are over their choking yet, also. Let’s get some OFFENSE, Sox. LET’S GO!

Hey, Julia, is Ginny looking to come over to the blog when Kaz pitches?

The Red Sox go down quietly again and again. Nothing is squared, soft outs. All year long, they have had major issues against good pitchers not named Halladay.

Come on, Josh! We need to split this set before going back to Boston! GET SOME OFFENSE FOR JOSH, GUYS! GO SOX!

Soxchk–are you watching TNT? The Sox game will be on there until the Yanks game is over, then it will switch over to TBS.

I am so p/o’d I can’t stand it!!! Isn’t anyone else upset with this coverage of extra innings YANKEES. I want my Sox NOW!!!!

1-2-3.. Good.

Nathan is about to blow the game to the Yanks, and we still blow on offense — arrgh!

If they are choking, I suggest all the Sox forget how to do the Heimlich Manuever…

I meant Yanks…

OMG greg thank you so much, i was watching TBS and just switched over to TNT. Thank you thank you. why didn’t they make the announcement on TBS?

Holy cow, Nathan is single-handling blowing it for the Twins, he had a runner on 2nd caught dead — and he threw the ball into center field, not a man on third, one out — and Jeter, and Damon, game over momentarily.

NICE first inning for Beckett!!!

Greg – I’m not sure about Ginny – let me email you later….


At one point, Soxchk, TBS did make the announcement–that’s how I knew. You may have been out of the room when they said so. Glad I could help, though. GO SOX!

there’s my Joshie. Greg if you were here, I’d give you a big bear hug, can’t thank you enough.

Your turn tonight Jules!!

I cannot believe Gardenhire let Nathan anywhere near the mound in the 10th. But what do I know, I’m just a peon…

Twins escaped that inning, still tied, 3-3, into the 11th. We’ll be on TNT for a while…

wooowooogrew… do what we want you to do!!!!

Nice try, JD. I hope we see more hustle like that this game… GO SOX!

ok back to the couch and able to breathe once again. thanks again Greg, you RULE!!

Well, I guess we still don’t have our bats through customs. We might have to get GSJays to get the Sox their bats… GO SOX!

Yes it is my turn – so if I don’t post for a while you know why!

Our bats are missing again!!! NOT GOOD!!!

I know, Soxchk, that’s why I’m called King Gringorio I on here.πŸ˜‰ Stick around and blog with us if you can, incl. after the season–we are here during the off-season, also. GO SOX!

Nice catch, JD! We may have our gripes with Drew during the season, but he is getting it done this post-season, as before! Way to go, JD! GO SOX!

3 solid IP for Josh. He seems to have really good stuff tonight. Let’s hope he can keep it up past 5 IP. GO SOX!

Man, glad I am not a Twins fan (just a SOX and anti-Yankee fan) — Twins just loaded the basis top 11th with no outs and didn’t score.

I think we should put Varitek in! we need some offense, maybe he can hit. I don’t get it — these Angel pitchers don’t look that tough, not sure why we can’t get any hits.

Finally, a spark!

3B! Nice job Jacoby!! Now get him IN!! WE HAVE NO ONE OUT! GO SOX!

I saw that with the Twins, DGN. That Nathan Choke Bug is going around their clubhouse.:/ GO SOX!

Twins did NOT deserve to win that game – ugh!!

GREAT HIT FOR ELLS!!! Can we bring him home????

Yanks win in 11. Figures.


And the “Let Go Red Sox” cheers are LOUD in LA!!!

Great job, V-Mart! WE HAVE A LEAD! WOOOOW!
No, the Twins did not deserve that game if they load the bases and cannot score–let alone blowing a lead in the 9th.


I’m not pleased with ANY of these Boston hitters or so called hitters.

Ortiz is 0 for 6 in the series and has struck out 4 times. Remember Canseco and Vaughn back in 1995 against the Tribe??? Not good memories and it reminds me of Ortiz here.

Good thing Jacoby got the 3B, or we’d still have him on first! Absolutely sad.

MIKEY!!! What hip problem???

I am NOT pleased with Joshua Patrick Beckett…..

I have figured out how the RedSox can take this series and win it all this year after all — they need to make a pack that if they don’t win it all, they will wear Turner leisure suits (or whatever those field announcers think theyare wearing, may only be one, but sure is hideous) — that ought to do the trick!

I meant to suggest, wear those suits until Spring Training 2010!!!

LOVE it dg – quick – fax it to them!!!!

Josh gave up the tying run, but we have only produced (again!!) 2 hits tonight. Josh would have had to pitch a shutout to get us a win. We can’t even advance a runner to 2B…SIGH!


I think we have seen this act before.

Pedroia looks like when he first came up to the major leagues!

These Boston hitters go down easy. Alot of ugly at bats.

Yep, we’ve seen this reel a few too many times, Brian.

Where are the bats, Beckett can’t do it all alone. These guys should be embarrassed, Weaver is not that good

This is hard to watch!

Did they send their bats ahead again???

Josh caught a break (don’t tell Bucknor, though!)–JUUUST a bit outside!

Bay or Drew will go deep!

Beckett’s tank is getting near empty. Morales with a lengthy at bat.

Does Beckett have enough to get out of this 7th inning??

6 solid IP, with that one run given up. Can’t ask too much more from Josh tonight. At this rate, though, he’ll get stuck with a ND. GO SOX!

Beckett needs to pitch to Rivera carefully, first base is open.

Those pesky middle infielders of the Angels.

The Angels are making Beckett work. I wonder if the Red Sox can do that to the Angels pitchers???

Josh did a great job – can we let him hit also?

Greg – did you get the email I sent you?

Boston NEEDS to keep this a 1 run game.

This game is reminding me of that Beckett game against the Yankees. He was outstanding, but the team couldn’t pull the bat out of their *** that night.

I here Kate Smith warming up.

Wagner was ready.

I think Francona stuck with Beckett a batter or two too long. Wagner was ready. It was obvious Beckett was running on empty.

Yep, 0-3 this year — we need to get ready to start rooting for these guys — if you get my drift.

Beckett is losing it…..we need him to get through this inning

OMG…..this is not good…..

Beckett pitches a heck of a game tonight, and might lose anyway. Zero offense. PATHETIC!

OMG…..this is not good…..

Speed on the paths + inability to throw out runners = disaster

If that run on second scores, this game is out of reach. It might already be out of reach.

Thanks, Julia!
Come on, Josh! Finish the inning! Get it done! GO SOX!

@&&##@^$%#&! SIGH!

What’s the phrase? Stick a fork in them, they’re done.

Can’t pin this one on Josh. He nearly got through the 7th, when Tito probably should have put someone else in after 6 IP. No offense. We won’t win anything that way.
Oliver might as well be Vida Blue. We’re making Jeff Weaver look like Fergie Jenkins, also.:/
Julia and Brian, we have all been trying to diagnose what the problem is this year with this team, and none of us has been able to ID the problem, except to say that they don’t have “IT”–whatever IT is.:/
I still think it is this site wreaking havoc on our team…

That’s been a BIG “IF”, this second half esp., GSJays. But yes, we CAN do it. But…

On the bright side, if the hitter’s impression of the San Diego Padres continues on Sunday, then we won’t have to worry about Lester and Beckett pitching on 3-days rest.

You gotta hand it to LA. They’re good. Excellent clutch hitting, excellent speed, smart hitters (Vlad notwithstanding).

These Red Sox hitters look totally clueless/hapless at the plate.

Dave Magidan should get some heat for this.

oh brother.
quick, when do we play Baltimore again?

Ron Kelly…

I agree with you totally. They are making the Red Sox look bad. Beckett hit a wall in the 7th inning, Francona should have seen that but was a tad late with the hook on Beckett.

Quite true about 3 day’s rest. lol.

In 2003 Boston dropped the first 2 games in Oakland. A heatbreaker of a game in game #1 and lost against Zito in game #2 but Boston took the series against the A’s. It has happened before.

Why is Lowrie up there????

Oliver thinks he is Vida Blue. lol.

I’m not sure the boys have the desire to win. They are a very confusing team this year….

Ron Kelly…

Sorry to inform you, they don’t play the Orioles until 2010. LOL!! Thank heaven for the Orioles, pad those wins this year. lol.


There seems to be something missing with this team this year. I really don’t know what it is but that is how it has looked for a few months now. I can’t put my finger on it.

3 runs isn’t much if these guys start to hit

In 2003 when Boston dropped the first two games of that series, I still felt Boston was going to comeback. In 2003 the Red Sox had alot of memorable wins, comeback type of wins. Games that were decided late, clutch hitting, just clutch play all around. In 2009…I haven’t seen much of that. It seemed whenever they turned the corner this season, they would lose 3 out of 4. I still think Boston will win two games in Boston but……


3 runs for the Red Sox, that will take a lifetime. lol. Absolutely horrible at bats, one after another.

You have to give the Twins credit, although they (or at least Nathan) blew todays game, so far they’ve given the Yankees more difficulty than anyone expected. Heck, they clubbed in an inherited runner against Rivera tonight.

Sox have shown nothing in these two games (other than 2 pretty good starts by Lester and Beckett). The only guy who’s done anything with a bat is Ellsbury. But they haven’t really been in either of these two games, and you can’t expect Lester and Beckett to hold back the floodgates for ever.

About all that’s left for this game is to predict how Youkilis and Ortiz will make outs in the 9th. Ortiz will strike out (that one’s easy), and Youk will…I say he pops up in foul territory on the first base side.

And if Bay gets to bat, he strikes out looking.
Bets anyone?

Brian – they just don’t seem to have the fire in them….

I’m going to finish the game in bed. Good night all…

Ron Kelly…

Beckett and Lester did o.k. but they weren’t the best pitcher in either game. Lackey was better than Lester and Weaver was better than Beckett, it’s just that simple. The Angels are beating the Red Sox in every way possible.

Martinez drove in the only run. What has happened to Youkilis???? Put him on milk carton. Bay and Drew as well. Ortiz’s bat going south in October doesn’t surprise me at all. I expected him too struggle.

OMG. Stop the presses. They nail a runner.

Ron Kelly…

LOL! Youk will single to left. Ortiz will ground into a d.p. and Bay will fly out to left. That’s the inning and the game.

Boston down 0-2 in the series turns to Buchholz. Kazmir and his smug look takes the hill in Boston. I would love too see Boston pound Kazmir!


I feel the same way. As I said earlier….I can’t put my finger on it. Who knows.


Like the other mediocre Angel pitchers in this series, the ghost of Cy Young will take over the body of Scott Kazmir on Sunday, and Clay Buchholz throws batting practice.

Do I sound cynical? I had a bad week at work. I come home and I’m forced to live vicariously through these guys. And they come up with an effort like this.

Beckett and Lester may not have been the best pitchers out there this series, but both had us in the game. If we’d actually HIT A BALL once in a while, we’d have been MUCH better off–and both Lackey and Weaver gave us the opportunities. We did not convert them.:/


NHL, Ron? Anaheim beat Boston last night. Deja vu?
Take care, all.

Ron Kelly…

I doubt Buchholz will throw b.p.

Kazmir has pitched some gems against Boston but the Red Sox have hit him as well.

Some home cooking will get the job done.

Bad week at work, never heard of that one. LOL!

I work at McDonald’s and my manager yelled at me because I made the hot fudge sundae’s first before given the customer his quarter pounder and french fries. LOL!

guess my week in the office wasn’t that bad, after all.

The tide usually turns at some point in all sports, lets hope its not a long turn.

I certainly hope the Yankees don’t make it to the WS — I have a dumb reason, — if they do, and win it, they can claim bragging rights for the best team of this decade, with 3 WS appeaances and 2 wins. If they don’t make it at, SOX can — with 2 WS appearances and 2 wins. If the do make it, and lose, its sort of a toss up, 3 WS appearances, but only 1 win.

bosox-It’s most of the hitters-what is that now 8 hits in 18 innings and two of them were from Ellsbury, so 6 hits spread between the rest over 2 games. Not gonna win to many like that. Hope they come back in Fenway.

The Red Sox have warning track power!

Absolutely pathetic plate appearance’s, each and every one of them!

Boston is getting outclassed in every category! I hope Fenway is friendly to the Red Sox, it better be.


6 of those 8 hits are singles. I think Varitek is teaching these guys how to hit. LOL!

Starting to look like a LAD vs NYY (or LAA) WS. I may have to sit this one out.

What’s happening in the NHL?

Well here is where we find out what the RedSox are made of: Iron or Clay (and I dont mean Buchholz).
I may be being served MY words from Dave, and I’ll take some Salt, pepper and a little horseradish sauce with mine please.
But I will not give up until I KNOW that……………
I cant say it.
>>>Dave…. I hope that I’m the one doing the serving.
I couldnt even get past my 1st couple of posts here last night..

Hey, all. I hope this day ends better than it started.:/
This team will not advance any further UNLESS it has a Dave Roberts type of “Pivot Moment”. Unless someone makes a play like Dave Roberts’ steal in 04, this series will end quickly. But it IS possible. The Red Sox were looking dead in the water in 04 until Roberts’ play, and we snowballed everyone from there. In 07, when it looked like Cleveland might actually take the ALCS, even after we out-classed them in Game 1 (and then Cleveland took the next 3), it took Beckett slamming the door in Game 5 to snowball straight to the 07 WS championship. WE NEED SOMETHING LIKE THAT NOW! Otherwise, we will go veeerrrrry quietly into that good night. I am not going to give up anything until that is decided tomorrow night, but we need SOMEONE, like a Joey Gathright, to make a play to spark the rest of the team. Otherwise, Ron, you will be exactly right.

Amen Brother Greg!!!

Waaay back, earlier in the season (seem’s like about 10 years ago now) when the Sox overtook the Jays in the standings and won their 12 (?) in a row and they were 7-0 vs NYY, I thought at the time that there was nothing that could stop them–and when Ortiz and Dice-K would inevitably come around, the WS was a slam dunk.

Things sort of ground to a halt just before the AS break, and they never recovered. And then the Smoltz and Penny stuff, the Lugo stuff. The 4-game sweep by NYY. This team has been flickering since late June/early July, and the flame on the candle is about to go out. It would take a miracle to get by NYY in the ALCS, and before that could happen it’s going to take another miracle to come back from 0-2 in the ALDS. If these 2 miracles happen, we might have a chance in the WS, but only because the NL is so weak (not because the Sox are so strong).

We had such great expectations for this team from the outset, and they really disappointed. I think some sentimental ties must be broken if we are to contend next year (Ortiz and Varitek definitely, perhaps even Beckett and Lowell). I will watch and hope, but I know lost causes. And this is a lost cause if I’ve ever seen one.

As Red Sox fans, Ron, we ALL know “lost causes”. This does indeed look like one–I am not about to deny that. You are absolutely right, we have had two completely different seasons this year. The difference between this team before the AS Break and after the AS Break is as stark a difference I have seen in a while. I don’t predict in any way that we WILL have a play like Roberts in 04 (if I do turn out to be right, I’m buying a Lotto ticket!)–I just know that that is what it will take to win this series, let alone any other series! But we know “lost causes” when we’ve seen ’em, and we know what the Red Sox CAN do with “lost causes”. We’ll see. GO SOX!


Hey everyone,
I’ve been thinking a lot about the Sox. The second game loss didn’t surprise me at all. Beckett did fine but gave up the long ball. It hurt him but when pitchers go out there expecting their team to generate one run at most, that puts a LOT of pressure on them.
Beckett is having a much better year than last year but in general the Sox have labored since coming out of the gate. Nothing has come easy or smooth. Nobody has excelled. It’s been more of a quiet struggle to do anything and that can wear on your confidence.
The other problem of course was the revolving door of players. It’s hard to generate a cohesive unit when the line up changes on a daily basic. Smotz — gone, Penny — gone, Lugo — gone, Varitek — chopped down, Lowell — gone, Masterson — gone, etc. When you move around people like that, it’s a sign of trying to make it work.
In the end, the Sox did make it to the playoff rounds and I for one would perhaps be happier if it just ends instead of enduring more of this pain. I would LOVE to see a turnaround and would be willing to eat a slice of rice bread with hot sauce on it if I am wrong (yes I would do that)
However, I look at next year. Heads are going to roll for sure. It will either work or not. Candidates for the chopping block may include Wakefield, Lowell, Beckett and Bay. I hope not because I do think Wake has one more year in him and I do think Lowell will come back as will Beckett. Bay will move on. He wants another job with more money and I can understand that but we’ll see.
Right now they need to soldify shortstop (hopefully Lowrie will come back), catcher (will we have V_Mart?), pitchers (keep Clay PLEASE!) and get a certain Blue Jays arm, third base (hopefully Lowell will come back).
Gonna be interesting.

Sat – Oct. 10 – NLDS “B” – Gm 3 – LAD @ STL – 6:07 PM – TBS
Sat – Oct. 10 – NLDS “A” – Gm 3 – PHI @ COL – 9:37 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Sun – Oct. 11 – ALDS “B” – Gm 3 – LAA @ BOS – 12:07 PM – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – NLDS “B” – Gm 4* – LAD @ STL – 3:37 PM – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – ALDS “A” – Gm 3 – NYY @ MIN – 7:07 PM – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – NLDS “A” – Gm 4 – PHI @ COL – 10:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Mon – Oct. 12 – ALDS “A” – Gm 4* – NYY @ MIN – 5:07 PM – TBS
Mon – Oct. 12 – ALDS “B” – Gm 4* – LAA @ BOS – 8:37 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Tue – Oct. 13 – NLDS “A” – Gm 5* – COL @ PHI – 6:07 PM – TBS
Tue – Oct. 13 – NLDS “B” – Gm 5* – STL @ LAD – 9:37 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Wed – Oct. 14 – ALDS “A” – Gm 5* – MIN @ NYY – 6:07 PM – TBS
Wed – Oct. 14 – ALDS “B” – Gm 5* – BOS @ LAA – 9:37 PM – TBS
* if necessary
Note: If only one game is needed on Monday, it will start at 7:37 PM.
If only one game is needed on Tuesday and/or Wednesday it will start at 8:07 PM

Sat – Oct. 10 – NLDS “B” – Gm 3 – LAD @ STL – 6:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Sun – Oct. 11 – ALDS “B” – Gm 3 – LAA @ BOS – 12:07 PM – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – NLDS “B” – Gm 4* – LAD @ STL – 3:37 PM – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – ALDS “A” – Gm 3 – NYY @ MIN – 7:07 PM – TBS
Sun – Oct. 11 – NLDS “A” – Gm 3 – PHI @ COL – 9:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Mon – Oct. 12 – ALDS “A” – Gm 4* – NYY @ MIN – 5:07 PM – TBS
Mon – Oct. 12 – ALDS “B” – Gm 4* – LAA @ BOS – 8:37 PM – TBS
Mon – Oct. 12 – NLDS “A” – Gm 4 – PHI @ COL – TBD – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Tue – Oct. 13 – NLDS “A” – Gm 5* – COL @ PHI – 6:07 PM – TBS
Tue – Oct. 13 – NLDS “B” – Gm 5* – STL @ LAD – 9:37 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Wed – Oct. 14 – ALDS “A” – Gm 5* – MIN @ NYY – 6:07 PM – TBS
Wed – Oct. 14 – ALDS “B” – Gm 5* – BOS @ LAA – 9:37 PM – TBS
* if necessary
Note: If only one game is needed on Monday, it will start at 7:37 PM.
If only one game is needed on Tuesday and/or Wednesday it will start at 8:07 PM

Dave, Just one 2 part ?. 1A: Lowell gone?? and 1B: Is there something wrong with Alex Gonzalez???

Dave, were you referring to injuries when you referred to Lowell as “gone” (this year), or are you foreseeing that Lowell will not return next year? Lowell, if I remember right, has one more year on his 3-year extension signed after 07. If he does not retire–which is a real possibility, given his hip–we’d need to release or trade him.
As far as A-Gonz is concerned, if I (again) recall previous discussions correctly, we are not likely to pick up his option, considering the money we are also paying LugNuts after trading him (read, “money pit”). We’d need to sign him to a new contract in that case, but we would be WISE to do so. It is interesting to me, though, that you are “lamenting” the changes made regarding LugNuts in particular, as much as we were clamoring for him to be traded. We got that wish, and I am not regretting that at all.
I do not think, though, that Wake will return to the team, at least as a pitcher. I don’t see Wake recovering from his back injuries adequately for him to pitch again. As a coach, I hope so–in some form. But I doubt he will pitch next year.

I don’t regret Lugnuts going away but I do regret that sucking salary drain that he took with him. In a way would it have been better to just send him to the minors with brain injuries or something made up (LOL)
I would like Lowell to be back. I keep hoping that he’ll have the winter to recover and come back with fire. We’ll see. I like Lowell a lot.
I do not see us signing Gonsalez. He’s too much money after the Lugnuts money drain. We’ll see.

Dave, I’d agree on the LugNuts money drain, but we will need to sign someone to pair with Lowrie, who is recuperating from the IR himself. It might as well be A-Gonz, as he will be as realistic a salary as any other SS we might sign. And A-Gonz HAS delivered very nicely this year, in contrast to LugNuts.

I am mixing sports today. I meant the DL, not the IR, for Lowrie.

I could be horribly wrong, but I dont see that Lowrie is our future. Just something about him scares me. I see him as one of those who ends up being on the DL a good part of (each season) his career.

ellenc-I totally agree with you. I think the first move Theo should do after the season is dump Lowrie to my lowly Blue Jays. lol

What we should do is trade J.D.Drew (and I like him probably better than anyone on this blog) and sign Abreau away from the Angels (he has been consistent for six or more years and more durable, probably too old for RedSox saber-math).

I wish Wakefield would retire (he has not helped us in the post season since 2003 — his only contribution in 2004 that I recall was doing mop up duties on game 3 against the Yanks (saving the pen) when we got blown out 19-8. I think he did win game 1 of the WS that year as well, but the score was like 11-9 (as I recall). Since then he has been injured or had not much gas left come October. But he is such a favorite, I can’t see the SOX every trading him, or anyone picking him up either. So he will be a RedSox or retired.

So many people did not perform this year, one could argue for major reconstruction. There certainly doesn’t seem to be a leader or winning chemistry on this particular team. I’d almost venture to say that all the players had sub-par years, certainly only good at best. Bay, Drew, Lowell, Varitek, Ortiz, all the short-stops except A-Gonz, Baldelli, all the pitchers (including the bullpen, except for Papelbon, who held it together, but was on the edge alot), all under-performed or met only minimal expectations, and even Youkolis, Elsbury, and Pedroia, where too streaky and did not really have great years offensively.

But once you dismantle a team (take it from a Cowboy fan, please forgive me that one serious flawπŸ™‚ it can take a very long time to rebuild it. Problem is, I think this team already has been dismantled. The spirit or 2004 is gone, the mentalities that a Millar, Ramierez-Ortiz tandem, Damon, Cabrera, Dave Roberts, Schilling brought to the team, those supremely confident mentalities (some for good reasons, some for bad reasons) seem too absent from this team. Winning consistently can have a lot to do with building that confidence. Whatever the reason, its doesn’t seem to be around in sufficient quantities. They need to get that back to best the best.

Yea, the worst continuous exhibition of imperialism and bully-ish and selfish, unfair use of money in the MLB over a century, has it momentary victories, when the team routinely purchases a grossly unfair advantage over others, can bask it is own glory that only it and is fan see any value in — while the rest of world counts it as nothing (given the means it always uses to win) and rather rejoices in each and every of the many other times, some lesser financed team, who builds their team, instead of buys them — defeats them. I wouldn’t gloat to early, if the SoX exit early this year, the Angels lay in wait for you? How well have faired against that team, recently?

dgn.. he only comes over here to bash.. he picked the lock on the attic again. mom needs to buy “master lock” brand!!, or schlage, harder to pick!!!

yea, I know, I couldn’t help myself — but I like your response much better!!!!

Back to current day challenges, I can’t believe Francona is starting Buckholtz over Dice-K. Dice-K must have lost all favor and/or confidence with Francona this year.

With all the marbles on the line, hasn’t Dice-K pitched much better than Buckholtz over the last two outings? and he has much more playoff experience? I wonder what the reasoning is? Do they know something we don’t know — or are they sending him a message for the rest of his contract? Is there some statistic (since this is like the beginning of the season for him) that after 4 or 5 games, he normally hits a valley, and the SOX aren’t going to put such a trend (if it even exists) up against a playoff scenario?

Any theories behind this decision? Maybe Tito is planning to pitch them both tomorrow night, just decided to start with Buckholtz?

dah — I guess I should read our own web-site — pretty much explained there.

This is the nightmare that I feared before the series started. Down by 0-2 and Buchholz starts in an elimination game. Again we have to trust Uncle Tito who is he best manager the Sox ever had. He must know something we don’t. Dice-K pitches much better than Buchholz in September is an understatement, not to mention Dice-K’s experrience in the playoffs.
Does it matter whether Buc or Dice-K in Game 3?
Without getting into Beckett’s performance and whether Uncle stayed too long with Beckett, you don’t win any game with just one run in a playoff game even your opponent is the Oreos.
If the season is ovah on Sunday, the season might be ovah for 2010. It’s gonna be a long winter for Theo to pluck the holes.

Ellenc-Buchholz only has 1.54 years of mlb service so he’s not in arbitration next year. Francona is signed through 2011 and the club has options for 2012 and 2013.

I think that Francona sees something in Buchholz that we dont. So, I guess, we have to “trust in Tito”!!
and speaking of contracts, (and this is a question for the sake of the question, with no subquestion hiding there) What year does Terry’s contract run through? I think another reason he may be going with Buchholz over Matsuzaka is: IF DiceK pitches and loses, he is worth less of his market value next year (and I think they will be shopping him) and doesnt Buchholz have to go through arbitration next year?? I dont know if that makes sense to anyone but me or not!! lol (if not just consider the source)

I willsay something for you tcd… you do have a sense of humor.
one other thing…. how long do you think Hank and Co. will keep this up? Neither of those spoiled rich kids have enough sense to be able to run a financial empire in the sense of “long term”. Before long there will be infighting over their rolls etc. George Steinbrenner was a finacial genius; the kids he gave his swimmers to make CANNOT hold a candle to him!!!!
Oh and I hope that you dont live in NY City.. if so you and your ancestors(God Forbid) will be paying your taxes for Yankee Stadium for the next 4 generations. The Yankees didnt pay for Yankee Stadium, Its the House that the Taxpayers built!!!!!

Oh and you really arent as bad as alot of the other Yankee fans that have sullied their keyboards (according to their substandards) by stepping into RedSox territory. BUT YOU DONT HOLD A CANDLE TO ROBERT KRAMER!!!! Robert Kramer is like Jeter and Bernie Williams and Joe Torre; a CLASS ACT!!!!

Thanks Ellen!

Thank God for the Yankees…..because without them you’d be in a lot of trouble…If you weren’t lashing out on this site…I’d hate to see what you’d be doing instead to displace your aggressions. You can use us to keep yourself out of trouble…..but this won’t last forever for you….you’ll get tired of this sooner or later and move on to bigger and better ways to displace you tirades….good luck to you after this doesn’t do it for you anymore. You are gonna need it. Kramer….thanks for your attitude….very refreshing and always knowledeagble.

It’s a lot bigger than that….baseball is just a game….I have a feeling you find that out one day…


Guys like tcd will NEVER EVER get it. When and if he ever does, I’m guessing it will be too late. I think when the Yankees win, I really believe he thinks he had a part in the game. Is he a paid employee??? lol.

Who decided the Angels plans on getting to Boston???? They will not get into Boston until 8:30 p.m. tonight. I find that to be odd, getting in that late for a early game the next day.

Buchholz is the least of my worries tomorrow, it’s the hitting or lack there of. 8 hits…1 run…6 singles. Pathetic! Alot of bad at bats in the first (2) games! There is such a thing as a quality at bat or a quality out. Make Kazmir work!!!

No, I do not regret not signing Teixeira, as I did not regret not signing A-Rod.

Even if we do advance in the playoffs, Andy, we will have plenty of holes we will need to fill. They may not only be on the playing field, either.

DGN, you are a Cowboy fan? ACK! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!……;)

Greg, yes sorry, but that was formed back in the Tom Laundry days, when they were a class act, before Mr. Jones (the Al Davis of the Cowboys) bought and ruined the team (though he had a great run of beginners luck). I held my allegiance because of Aikman, Moose, Emmit, Novachek, Norv Tuner, never was much of Irvin fan — he embarrassed me too much. But those victories weren’t as satisfying as those under Laundry, cause the character underlying the whole organization seemed to be going steadily down hill fast. Now, its just a boyhood allegiance, its hard to break.

I really pity tcd. What kind of non-life could he have that he needs to come here and spew hatred and brag about someone else’s accomplishments?? It’s pathetic!!

DGN, as a Washington, DC native, and Redskins season-ticket holder, I DESPISED the Cowboys. I grew up a dual fan of the Redskins and the Patriots. I came from a family of avid Skins fans, and my brother had the AUDACITY to become a Cowboy fan. (He grew out of it, before we had to beat it out of him!). I grew to respect many of the Cowboy players, but usually not until they retired–whether Staubach, Dorsett, Golden Richards, Randy White, etc., and later, Aikman and Moose, and, yes, Landry. But not while they played. I intensely disliked Hollywood Henderson, and the persona he brought to those 70s teams. I had the same reaction to Irvin.
But no, while we liked Theismann on the field, we did not like his motormouth off it–same with Riggo. (We still remember and laugh at an incident where Sandra Day O’Connor had jsut been inaugurated, and Riggins made an appearance at a gala in her honor, and he got hammered. Just before he passed out, his punch-line was “Loosen up, Sandy baby!”. That was Riggo!) But I lived in the same community outside DC where many of the Redskins lived, and I remember just bumping into Dave Butz and Mark Murphy, from our vaunted 80s defenses. We had other occasions where we were able to get to interact, and talk casually with, players who lived in our area, from Jay Schroeder to Mark Rypien. Not all of them were our favorite players, but we still liked the fact we could interact with them, and get autographs, without paying a “signing fee”.

And we thought WE had no life, Arnie? Hmmm!… GO SOX!

tcd.. according to your fans, Cashman should have been fired about a dozen times in the last 2 seasons… and as recently as just before the AllStar Break.. so when you can decide as to when he’s good and he;s not and when he’s a part of the braintrust or not, let us all in RSN know, ok???
but the next ime, please be sure.. and you are right about not being a class act, but you do have a sense of humor. and you are right about the game 7.. and I also like games 4, 5, and 6 in 2004!! lol.. I dont think that we’ll ever see a RS Yanks series like that again.. though I would LOVE it!!!!

Greg, I know you don’t like the hot weather. You’d be very happy here today. It is a crisp 22 degrees tonight. Our short summer ended in a hurry!

Robert… My friend, you are more than welcome.. Thank you for showing all of us here that just like with the RedSox, there are good Yankee fans along with TCD… lol

Arnie, when do I come? Sounds GREAT to me! Not to the rest of my family though.

Arnie.. I’m on the next flight out in the A.M…. lol
94 hre today… WHEW!!!! a real forehead mopper!
See ya’ll b4 1st pitch at noon tomorow!!!

Cmon out Greg!
Ellen, you better have every piece of clothing you have ever owned on when you arrive! You would still be cold. It’s nasty out here today.

Hey everyone,
First, tcd133, why are you guys picking on the poor boy? How in heck do you know he’s not more than 13 years old here! Have mercy!
Second, there is a warped theory that Clay has no playoff experience and perhaps this is Francona saying ‘I know we’re done,let’s give Clay a chance.”
OK, the theory makes no sense but it’s late and I’ve been working on an electronics project all day and my brain is fried. I have LCD’s and parallel circuits and load balancing and voltage dividers running through my head.

I get the feeling sometimes that Francona manages by his “gut” more than his head. I think there is some merit to the argument that he’s trying not to lose any more Dice-K’s value because he’s being shipped. Maybe he senses that it’s a lost cause, and he’s building for the future by giving Buchholz some playoff experience. But most of all I think he “feels in his gut” that Buchholz is due to pitch a gem. I hope he’s right.

What I fear is a 4- or 5-run top of the first, which Buchholz is known for when he’s off his game. My fear is that the Sox are out of the game before they even get their first at-bats. Keep a close eye on Buchholz, and if he’s getting clubbed around in the first inning, Francona should get him out of there tout de suite. This isn’t May or June anymore.

Hey Greg, funny I always despised the Steelers and Bradshaw, now I think he is hilarious (sometimes goes a bit too far) and no longer despise the Steelers — and I think Bradshaw maybe a Dallas native (imagine that).

Now there is only one team I deeply dislike (hint: they have pinstripes on their uniiforms). I guess I just enjoy football now; baseball I do not yet have under equal control (maybe it has something to do with vesting into 162 games instead of 16 games).

My first live Cowboy game at Texas Stadium (I am sure you know this one) was Thanksgiving Day against the Redskins when Stauback was quarterback, played rather poor, and the Skins were clocking us, and they finally knocked out Staubuck (literally) late in the game with only a few minutest left. Then we sent in a no-name QB backup Clint Longley (and he had the game of his life, and the only game I think as it turned out) — and he just kept throwing the ball deep to Golden Richards (as I recall) — the Boys pulled out on the most amazing comeback in those few minutes (it might have been three TDs), one of the biggest comebacks in their history. I was hooked.

Anyway, ironically, I sort of liked the Skins even back then, rooted for them, even in Super Bowls, only exception was when they were playing the Cowboys or contending closely for the playoffs — loved ol’ crazy George Allen against Tom Laundry — that was classic — the NFL has never had that contrast since.

The “classic” match-ups seem to be going by the wayside, as are the classic people/personalities. I think they have been replaced by their monied descendants. As the salaries of the players, profits of the owners and ticket and apparel prices to the fans go up and up, the matchups seem to be more like big businesses going one on one against each other. Very few Cowboy/Redskin like matches out there anymore….

DGN, you are close regarding Bradshaw. He is a Louisiana native, near Shreveport. I would not be surprised, though, if he has lived in Dallas, or if he were to move there–it seems he would fit right in, in Dallas!πŸ˜‰

Oh, and yes, DGN, I remember that Thanksgiving game, unfortunately. It was so kind of you to ruin our Thanksgiving that way.πŸ˜‰

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