Is it me, or is this the most hollow feeling at the end of a Red Sox season since 2003?

In ’05, they had Matt Clement pitching Game 1. Enough said. That, and they had just won their first World Series in 86 years just before that. In ’06, they were out of it for the last month, so there was plenty of time toe prepare for the end. Last year, I think everyone was proud of what the Red Sox did, overcoming all those injuries — not to mention the comeback from 7-0 down in Game 5 of the ALCS — and coming within one big hit of the World Series.

This year? They had all the pieces in place to make a strong run. They just didn’t put anything together in the postseason. I imagine this is how the Braves used to feel after one of their traditionally strong regular seasons would turn into nothing in October.

What changes should they make for 2010? I’d like everyone to chime in with their comments.

Thanks for all the comments and keeping the blog chats lively all year. I will continue to post in the offseason.



Ian – thanks for all your great posts this season and have no worry – we’ll be here this off-season offering Theo our “great” advice!

First thing – RESIGN BAY!!! And then how about tying Tek up as a pitching coach for the minor league teams? I’m sure I’ll have others!

Again – thanks for keeping us all up dated here and on Twitter!


Changes…..A catcher who can throw out baserunners on level with the league average. He doesn’t have to be a huge offensive threat/.260 15 and 50 will do from behind the plate. Youkalis at 3rd and Martinez at first. Keep Agon. Trade Lowell and Papelbon and see if you can get something. I like Bard as the closer…he challenges the hitters and I can see him as only getting better. Papelbon stopped doing the challenging and started fishing around too much trying to get every batter to swing at bad pitches. Doesn’t always work that way as we witnessed all year with Paps. He had vey few uninteresting saves. Keep Bay. Not sure about Drew…if he could stay healthy I think he would be awesome. Ortiz…Hmmmm…Is he the Ortiz of the first half or 2nd half???? That is something that Theo will have to judge. I think a major bat might help. Not sure who is available. Do i sound jumbled? I am. This season seems like it never got started. No rythym I guess. There as nothing with this team I could hang my hat on….but they are the Sox and we live with what they give us. Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great analogy…except Naomi doesn’t know decimals yet. That’s the second half of math.
It’s great. He gave great ideas that I can break down into simple pieces. He really does have a great mathematical mind. I’m impressed.

Dave, when will Naomi tackle decimals? I can handle fractions and decimals (I taught in a GED lab), but Julia’s son may have more effective ways to teach and remember them than I do. We’ll try! And if you have to tackle grammar in the meantime…;)
Dave, have you made any plans to visit the site I showed you on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or will that have to be for another time? I hope you get to see it, either in autumn or spring! Take care, Dave!

The Red Sox’ ouster is somewhat like 03, but I still compare it a lot to 06. I was certain the Red Sox COULD make a run, but I did not see it happening, so I was not that surprised. I was more surprised at the sweep. But that is simply my two cents.

Craig, I like your assessment. I would hope that V-Mart would be that catcher you described, and I think offensively he would be, but otherwise, put him at 1B, and get another catcher who can throw out runners at a better rate than he or Tek did. I would not be disheartened if we were to trade Papi, and I think Lowell would be fine in the DH role, but one or the other should be traded (if not both, and if Lowell doesn’t retire). I would like to see Drew traded, but I am not sure how many would be willing to take on his salary. I would hope we’d retain A-Gonz. I don’t know which will be a better option, either in trade or in the minors: a catcher, or a 3B/1B, but that would influence whether I’d put V-Mart at 1B or not. GO SOX!

Ok, here I my 2 cents:
(1) Keep A-Gonz until you find the short-stop of your future, the next Garciapara, or Jeter; A-Gonz has a few years in him; don’t mess around until you have your man — stop the short-stop curse since trading Cabrera.

(2) I like Julia’s idea of keeping Varitek, as a coach or player coach, he has shown the willingness to contribute in anyway, there is too much value in his head to let him go. Teach him to catch Wakefield🙂

(3) I am not as sold on Bay as everyone else, only because of his strikeouts, and streakiness this year– which was epidemic in the team this year. So keep him only for a reasonable deal.

(4) Have a talk with Dave Magedan (I know Ian you have defended him staunchly at times, but this was the worst offensive year I can remember; everyone caught the slump and streak contagion, and really never shook it all year — have DM (or whoever our batting coach is next year) — figure out how to keep the whole team out of prolonged slumps. Maybe they need horse blinders on, so that can’t know when another teammate is slumping🙂

(5) Papelbon can probably only operate as closer — if you not are going to keep him in that function, trade him.

(6) Replenish power in at least two positiions; we were as bad as a NL team this year; Bay, Elsbury, Lowell (does not strike fear into your opponent, although all good hitters), and Ortiz, (one of my favorites of course — but he hasn’t show his pension for clutch hits in several years, numbers sort of, but consistency and really clutch hits have disappeared for a while). I’d personally trade Ortiz, keep Mike Lowell as your DH, more consistent and also tops at 3B, – and as with the short stop position — don’t get another DH until you find your next Ortiz, just rotate power outfielders and infielders until you find your next DH; how long as it been since the Yankees had a DH? and they are stacked with power.

(7) Pitching: keep Lester, Buckholtz, Wake (might as well), Bard. Move Delcarmen. Trade anyone else (yes Beckett or Dice-K) only for very good deals, otherwise, keep them. Don’t use Oki so much next year.

(8) Let me help Francona manage games🙂 , LOL!

I meant in (7) above, don’t overwork Oki next year, we might still be playing if we could have used him last night.

Damon will most likely be looking for a home next year, would anyone take him back as a DH / outfielder?

To me, baseball has gotten so cut-throat, I can’t believe I still enjoy the game. We complain about how business like the SOX are, and then we also complain bitterly when we don’t win every year. Do we owe it to the Ortiz’s, Lowell’s, and Varitek’s in thank you to stick with them a year or two longer (maybe we already have), or do we push them out the door, the at the first signs of struggle when they coincidentally reach their mid 30s and there are younger prospects waiting in the wings? Its not an easy place to be in.

Amen to the “stop with the SS revolving door”. AGon is our man until something better is available. Pitching might well be our strenghth next year if Buchholz can continue on the path he is on. Drew may be too high priced to move as Greg mentioned. Guess we’ll just have to invest in a cortisone shot company. Does anyone think JD would make a good DH if he stays healthy or does he get hurt sitting the bench? Not sure…when he’s on he has a nice swing. I’d love to see V-Mart catching on a regular basis….just don’t know if he is good enough defensively to put there all season and I think it would be good if he knew where he was going to play on a consistent basis. I don’t think he’ll get good at any position if he doesn’t play the same place consistently. he performed well moving around but it had to be tough on him….Go Sox!!!!!

January but I welcome all ideas. Naomi is working hard at fractions. Julia’s son gave some good ideas but I welcome yours. Again, she’s getting stuck visualizing multiplication of fractions and I can understand because when you multiply fractions by whole numbers they look an awful lot like divisions (1/6 * 20) for example. That throws her mentality and I can understand that. I take fractions for granted but she has shown me how difficult they can be to understand when you try to explain them to somebody for the first time.

Thanks Dave. He threw it together pretty quickly – so I hope it made enough sense. Have you done the 20 = 20/1 yet? Maybe that would help if she saw the whole number as a fraction. Good luck!

Well, Huston Street just blew a save in the top of the 9th. 2 outs, no one on base and 2 strikes on the hitter with a 2 run lead. Couldn’t get the last out before 3 runs had scored. Sound familiar?


DGN, I also hope the SS carousel does not start up again, so I want A-Gonz signed quickly. I am perfectly happy to have A-Gonz on board, whether “someone better” comes along or not! He has been very solid for us this year, and is a better option than Lowrie.
I understand the reservation about J-Bay, but I think he would be at least as solid as Holliday, unless there are other options to consider. We’ll see.
As far as Papi is concerned, was that a “tip-of-the-slongue” in referring to Papi’s “pension” instead of “penchant”?😉
I think you have some solid ideas also.
From the previous thread, in case you did not see the response: Thanks again for reminding me of our ruined Thanksgiving that year, courtesy of the Cowboys over the Redskins! Thanks! (NOT!) 😉

This is (apart from Rivera) the post-season of the “blown save”, for sure, Arnie. Hmmm!…

My take on Papelbon is he needs to develop a different pitch which is effective for him, maybe a split finger change up. His problem is there’s no mystery in his 95 mph 4 seamer.
Everyone in the stadium knows that’s what’s coming when he needs a strike. Our guy Frasor had the same problem in 2008, developed his over the winter and this year was extremely effective. I think relievers need to continually evolve their pitches to be effective.

On Ortiz, Lowell and Varitek, I think the fans and the organization owe it to them to allow them to retire in grace for all they’ve done for the Sox. So they might slow you down in 2010-but look what they delivered over their career. Besides, none of them are trade able. My sense is they have huge clubhouse presence and freely pass knowledge off to the young guys-whats that worth?

I’d trade Beckett and Dice-k, just like I’d trade our Halladay and I’d keep Wakefield. The problem is, there’s not much available in the free agent market this year, so the Sox can’t expect to fill these starter roles from free agents. It might be you go through the pain of young starters next year like we did this year.

Dave, the way Julia described the whole number as a fraction (20=20/1) is how I always taught GED students to visualize the fraction, for multiplication or division, because it is the easiest way that I know of to see that multiplication of fractions is simply “straight across”. When we can see the equation 20/1 x 1/6 is the same as 20 x 1 (on the top) and 1 x 6 (on the bottom), it is easier to see the functions “straight across”. I hope that is clear, and maybe that will help Naomi in multiplication of fractions; it will help with division of fractions AND decimals (later) if she can see them that way. I hope it does help!

dgn; On the Damon question… not only No but HELLNO!!!!

He doesnt have the arm/shoulder to play the out field anymore, and I’m sorry, but he milked the Yankees, let him go and spend that extra million he got from them in another city…. Johnny who????? I know that I let my emotions takE over in situations like that but.. TURNCOAT!!!

Greg — sorry about the turkey day reminiscence; but it looks like we both can wallow in our misery for a few years to come, thanks to our team’s present ownership; also — I wish I could claim cleverness on the “pension” typo — I now have empathy for Mr. Bush🙂

Ellen — re Damon, I didn’t think so. How about Damon and Zazu for Bay, subject to Manny cutting his hair and Damon regrowing his?

Tell us how you really feel about Damon Ellen!!!!!! For a minute there I thought you were talking about F’ing Bucky Dent!!!!

GSJays, I also hope we can allow the three (Lowell, Papi, and Tek) to retire on their own terms. Tek had that opportunity last year, and we had some headaches from it; now that we have V-Mart, I would hope both sides would decline their contract options. I agree that none of the three is really tradeable–Papi MIGHT deliver some value, but his contract would be hard to trade. I’d trade Dice-K before Beckett, but I would consider trade options for both. I don’t see Wake returning to our rotation at all, and Lowell may not return either, both for health reasons. But yes, I think Papi, Lowell, Tek, and Wake have all been valuable in the clubhouse, and still could be, but we’d have few other roster spots left!😉
As for Pap, it has been documented that coaches were attempting to develop other pitches for Pap when he was projected as a starter, and was having considerable difficulty with it. He had (historically, anyway) been most effective when he was NOT trying to “trick” hitters with other pitches, and was blowing people away with the fastball. He has not been able to do that as effectively lately, and that has cost him–and us.
As far as young pitchers are concerned, we already are going through that process with Lester and Masterson (until he was traded), and it likely will continue for a while, with Buchholz, Hunter Jones, and Bowden (who has been projected as a starter by many–I remain far from convinced).

Damon is not unlike Bucky F. Dent! Turncoat is right!

I don’t know….I am just not ready to see Beckett leave yet…..if we still have him signed might as well take his 16-20 wins again next year…

I’d hope we’d do so with Beckett also, Craig. He had some injury issues last year and this year that gave me some pause though. Is he signed this year, or is he a FA?

I hope Beckett is signed for next year. I thought, though, that his extension that he signed in 06 was through this year. I could be mistaken!
I can’t say I’m a Dave Duncan-type, either, Craig. I have not observed closely Bowden’s delivery, or what his actual shortcomings are. I just see that he seems to lose some stamina as he goes through a game, which does not bode well for him as a starter! Hmmm!…

BTW…..Tomorrow I’ll be wearing my gaudiest Red Sox wind jacket to work….bring it on Yankee/Angel fans….and believe me….we have our share of those folks at work!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!

And the posting problems begin. OH, YAY!…
GSJays, Pap does have a macho complex, and does not know how to open his mouth without putting a foot in it. True enough. However, the shoulder problems he has had historically, which may have compounded his problems developing new pitches, put Pap on a tightly-controlled regimen by the coaching staff. He probably would like to be less regimented, but he seems to go along with the program. He has stated that he wants to go year-to-year contractually (through arbitration or not); we’ll see if his collapse this post-season readjusts his thinking somewhat–I doubt it, though.

I think he is signed…..come to think of it….this is the first year in a while that I don’t know who the big names are in the free agent market this off-season. Wonder if Dice-K is ready to come around? He looked a bit different after his rehab…..challenged the hitters a little better….It will be an interesting off-season

What do you think of Bowden’s delivery? I have not been impressed with his mechanics but I am no Dave Duncan!!!!!

greg-could be just a “matcho” attitude thing with Pap, thinking he can just blow everyone away, so he didn’t try. But if he doesn’t, he will be a lot less effective next year than this one.
I wouldn’t classify Lester as a young pitcher-he’s now your ace. Buchholz, Hunter Jones, and Bowden, yes-but not Lester. I saw Wakefield is going to have an operation, I wouldn’t expect he’d do that if he didn’t think he could come back. As a Blue Jays fan, I hope he doesn’t, cause he kills us, but he’s a great pitcher to put between two power pitchers and a class act.

GS Jays,
I think you hit the nail on the head. I think Papelbon has an attitude and it’s not good. He says a lot of things that either come out the wrong way or he is just a moron. It would not hurt my feelings if he were traded and we might even get someone decent in return. How about Papelbon for Aaron Hill?????? LOL!!!!

Re Damon — seriously now — I actually have finally forgiven him, thanks to Ian, and his writings on Damon and how hard he played for us when he was here. He is just another Yankee to me now, plus I want to enjoy memories of the 2004 season, and its kinda hard to do so, when you despise or are holding a grudge against one of the players without whom, you would have never gotten to the WS or won it.

People don’t always make good decisions, and who am I to say or judge, but I think Damon made a really bad one in leaving Boston.

He could have been a Boston hero forever had he stayed, instead of just another Yankee (who left no remarkable record, unless he saves the day this year for the Yanks) would have a much bigger legacy in baseball and probably could have come close to or exceeded his 13 million difference (not sure if I have that right) in endorsements with his Boston status, certainly longer term. In the end, we can’t blame it on his wife, or management, or his agent, it was his own “lesser” decision, we don’t know who or what influenced him finally, but it seems that money works the vulnerability of the ego in most these cases and wins.

But Damon’s move was good for Elsbury — where would he be otherwise? As much as I like Elsbury, he has not yet delivered to Boston what Damon did — its hopefully coming.

So I only defend Damon’s baseball contribution to the Sox in the end. Nothing more; rest of him, including some internet stores that are so bad I am guessing they must be smear fiction. And he obviously doesn’t make good decisions in my book.

Yes, GSJays, he is at least a 1A ace (with Beckett), but Lester is still a young pitcher. That is what excites me (and others, I think) about him–he still has a LOT of upside.
I do not doubt that Wake will attempt to pitch next year, and he is still a bargain for our FO at a $4 mil rolling option. I do not think his back will recuperate well enough for him to pitch regularly next year, though. I hope I am wrong!

I think Ellsbury will have a nice career….I just hope it’s with Boston. He plays unbelieveable defense and gives 120%. He hit .301 this year and stole 70 bases. I think he is one of the untouchables if you ask Theo right now. He is a very good lead-off hitter….something that is hard to find now-a-days.


That did help and I will add it to my notes. This is the presentation. PLEASE give feedback and make it better.
Multiplying fractions.

Up until now, when you multiply a number you get a larger quantity 4 X 3 = 12. That’s a fact. We know that is just 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 or 4 + 4 + 4. It’s repeated addition but we express it as a multiplication.
Multiplying fractions is a harder idea because the result is always LESS than the parts. This DECREASES the answer rather than increases it.

Let’s go back to sets. Up until now we have been dealing with parts of a whole. In other words, one pizza has four pieces and each piece is . This means that 4/4 is one since each piece is a part of the whole.
We can also discuss fractions as sets of things. For example, you are part of a family. You are of the family. Naturally we did not cut you into four pieces. You are one thing but as part of the family you are of the family. This is a set of things. You can look at our chairs.
What fraction of chairs (we have six total) have arms. (2/6) have arms. What fraction of chairs don’t have arms (4/6) or of course 2/3. We can they say that 2/6 out of 6 have arms. The ‘of’ means part of the set.
Now let’s put out 12 coins (do it on the table). Four will be pennies and eight will be dimes. That means that 4/12 (1/3) are pennies and 8/12 (2/3) will be dimes. We can also say that 8 out of 12 are dimes or 8/12 are dimes.

Now we can say that 4/12 of 12 are pennies right? But math pulls a trick on us! They REDUCE the 4/12 to make it look like a difference base. 4/12 = 1/3 of 12. But what is 1/3 of 12. That’s simply 1*12/3 = 4. That’s right. Our 4/12 is really just four coins.

What if we had 6/24 of 24. That means that 6 out of 24 are say…baseballs. 18/24 are basketballs. Of course we have to be tricky and realize that 6/24 reduces to and that out of 24 is 24/4 = 6. Gee I wonder where that 6 came from!

If we have 1/8 of 24 which of course is 24/8 = 3…can you guess the original fraction? Of course it’s 3/24 out of 24 but 3/24 reduces to 1/8 and we’re suddenly ALL confused.

We can have MORE fun with this as well. Up until now, we’ve been dealing with small numbers.

Let’s take:

of 12. That’s of the 12 items but guess what? THAT was NOT the original fraction. Somebody did a reduction on us ? tricky!

* 12 = 3 * 12 = 36 / 12 = 3. That means the original fraction was 3/12 out of 12 but 3/12 reduces to and we’re all confused. Does that make it easier.
Now all you guys…HELP me modify my notes to make it perfect.

DGN, I still think “Beam Me Up Scotty” Born-*** got into Damon’s head. I don’t know if he would second-guess his decision to play for the Yankees, even if they don’t win this year. As far as the question of “forgiveness” is concerned, I don’t really look at it that way. Damon was by far not the only one to go from the 04 team DIRECTLY to the Yankees–he was simply the most prominent, and the only one left! Mientkiewicz (he of the 04 final ball!), Bellhorn, Myers, and some others I am forgetting, all went to the Yankees for a while also. All of them are “turncoats”, in that sense–and it was one of the things that was difficult to stomach about the 04 team. But if you are a FA looking for higher $$ figures, that is not a surprise–it is almost expected.

My comments.
Rotation: Seems to be great. Beckett, Lester, Dice-k, Buch, Wakefield. It seems like the front office thinks that’s good enough. I’d want a super deal in the off-season for King Felix Hernandez but that’s just a dream.

Bullpen: Was great at the beginning, tired at the end. Ramon Rameriz was wayyyyyy over worked in my opinion. Do something about Delcarmen, trade him or something. Pap is still gonna be the closer and will most likely end up around 40 saves and sub 2 era next year as well. I hope we can keep Wagner even though he wants to be a closer, he has disgusting stuff.

Line-up: Youk is a great hitter don’t get me wrong, but we need someone who can be a great consistent clean-up hitter with high hr’s and rbi’s. I would not be surprised to see J-Bay go to another team. I would really like to see Matt Holliday as a Red Sox left fielder, and it’s a great hitter’s park. Either Lowell or Papi are gonna have to go I think. I believe Youk is going to be mainly playing 3rd base next year so maybe we can aquire Adrian Gonzalez or something and V-Mart can catch 3/5 of the starters, DH and play occasional 1st base.

Dream line up for next year.
Matt Holliday
Adrian Gonzalez

Dave, I think you are making the fractions issue WAY too complicated. First of all, 3/4 of 12 is 9, not 3. 1/4 of 12 is 3. It is not helpful (in this humble peon’s opinion) to say 3/12 OUT OF 12. It is either 3/12 OR 3 out of 12. If we do 3/4 x 12, we re-write it to say 3/4 x 12/1, or 3 x 12 and 4 x 1. 3 x 12 = 36; 4 x 1, of course, is 4. So your new fraction is 36/4 = 9!

Metalsf281, I assume “Alex” is Alex Gonzalez. That would be fine with me. I would not be so confident, myself, if Drew and Papi are still with the team. I am open to trading one or both of them, incl. potentially for Holliday. (Not so likely, I don’t think, but stranger things have happened). We’ll see.
I would be OK with Holliday in place of Bay, but I don’t see him being as solid a hitter in Fenway as many seem to think. I am open to being proven wrong, though! It is possible that Lowell may go, anyway, if his hip is still hindering him, and I think that is a real possibility. I’d keep him if he is healthy, though!

cfarnham04-We’d take Pap for Wells to help you out. lol

Dave, it is fine to see fractions as sets of things, esp. if that helps Naomi visualize things. Be careful when you are drawing up your sets, though, so that you make sure your sets DO fit the original question!

Here’s a link, I find useful for players contracts and potential free agents.


Thanks, GSJays, I also will take advantage of that site!😉 Take care.

Hey! BosoxBrian!

People on the blog are touting Matt Holliday as the Sox next left-fielder, and I had nothing to do influencing that (lol). Honestly, I don’t hope that the Sox go that way. I do believe they need to de-emphasize some building of a club tailor-made for Fenway, in favor of one that can hit on the road as well. I am pleased that my old Cleveburger VMart distinguished himself as much on the road as he did at home. The Sox don’t need to win 50 games on the road, but 45 would be nice. Then, when they win 50+ at home, they’re in!!!

Its only my sense, but I now think it will take a deal bigger than the JD Drew deal (5 yrs — $14 Mil per) to bring JBay back. With their need in left field and they’re desire to poke a hole in the Sox tires, I could see the Yanks offering JBay up to $17 Mil. per for 4-5 years. They’ve got at least both Damon and Matsui coming off the books this year, and that has to produce at least $20 Mil. Frankly, if the Sox were to go after a Yankee re-tread, I’d rather see Matsui than Damon. I just find Matsui a better clutch hitter for a DH.

As for the retooling that must go on, the Sox have to add a bat+ depending on whether JBay comes back or not. My comment has nothing to do with Sunday’s loss, but rather it has to do with the Sox admirable concept of redundancy. With the trades, minor league performances and promotions (Clayboy, Tazawa) this year, I don’t think the Sox can get enough talent from their shining minor league stars, like Casey Kelly and Stolmy Pimental, to justify trading them. Therefore, I believe if the Sox are to significantly remake the team, they are going to need to do it through trading an established player or two.

Where can the Sox turn for that — their closer position. I know trading Pap would be a jolt (almost as big a jolt as my agreeing with BSB again!!!(lol). Pap has convinced me that he will jump for the most money offered when he gets to FA in the not-too-distant future, and the Sox now have redundancy at that position. They could bring Billy Wagner back for a year or two, all of the while allowing Daniel Bard to continue learning the role. I think Pap’s value is high for a team not blessed with a great closer…say the Phillies in exchange for Jayson Werth. Now if the Phils win it all again, they may not agree that they have a gaping hole at closer…but I think the Dodgers and Yanks are more likely to expose that weakness than the Rockies were.

Now if they don’t get JBay to come back, boy I think they’ll have a LOT of work to do, and I’m not sure there’s that much talent out there. Maybe we’ll see Bobby Abreu in the outfield for the Sox next year!! Wouldn’t that be a turn of events? Did he sign for only one year, and how about Raul Ibanez of the Phils? Now that is the Sox of old, bringing in formerly great players in the hope that they have one more good year in them. I really don’t hope that is what is in store for 2010. If it is, then perhaps my position on the season ticket waiting list will improve dramatically!!!

I have one short comment. I believe Prince Fielder is a free agent this year. The Sox should make a run at him. Move Youk to third permanently, put Lowell on the bench, & keep Gonzales if possible.

D. Benjamin….

Football season came a little earlier this year. Pats and Brady not looking good. Right now it looks like it could be a Manning vs Manning Super Bowl. In college, there are (3) really good teams and in no order. Alabama, Florida and Texas. I think the game of the year will be Alabama vs Florida in the S.E.C. Championship game in Atlanta. I’m leaning towards Alabama in that one but of course alot of games to be played between now and then. Once again a playoff system is needed for college. Div. 1AA, Div.2 and Div.3 have a playoff system but Div. 1 can’t. My oh my!

Reading what Theo said yesterday, it sounds like Bay will be back and I am all for that. Bay is a guy that will hit more than 30 H.R.’s and over 100 R.B.I. and hit close to .300—that is a guy that is NEEDED!!! I here fans mention your guy Holliday and I can only laugh. The guy is a butcher in left and I’ll take Bay’s bat over him anyway. Holliday should go back to Colorado, lol.

I think there are (2) guys on this Red Sox team that could fetch alot in return and that is Papelbon ( still among the best closers in the game ) and Beckett ( not the ace in Boston anymore but still a solid starter ) I doubt both will be dealt but I think one of them will be. As I said on the previous thread…Beckett is a free agent after next year. I am not in favor of giving him a 5 year deal or more. That is a deal that pitchers as good as Beckett command. Look no further than Johan Santana, he was shut down for the final month or so. The Mets have him for several more years. With Papelbon, he wasn’t even available for game #7 last year in T.B. because of fatigue. I thought that was alarming when I read that a day or so after the season ended. We all know about Papelbon’s struggles this year. He would jump ahead of hitters 0-2, 1-2 BUT could never PUT them away. That was the case against the Angels on Sunday. Also too many walks for Papelbon this past season.

With regards to the s.s. position. I like the idea of Gonzalez back but not for 6 million next year. I wouldn’t pick up that option on Gonzalez. I would try to resign him at a cheaper 1 yr. deal.

The guy I would love too see in Boston is Adrian Gonzalez. Boston looked into him back around the trading deadline. Of course the Padres need to get a g.m. first but I’m guessing we’ll be hearing Adrian Gonzalez’s name mentioned during the winter quite a bit.

I’m not that high about Martinez being the every day catcher in Boston. I think that will effect his bat and he could be one of the worst throwing catcher’s I have seen. His throws are usually off target!

I also would like too Ortiz get out of Boston but his trade value is low, about as low as George W. Bush’s approval rating and soon Obama’s approval rating. LOL!! Ortiz is in the way in Boston. I said last winter, he is on the back (9) of his career and probably approaching the 17th green! How do you like that golf analogy????


Prince Fielder is signed thru next year. Just over 10 million coming his way.

After a weekend of purification of the emotion that is brought about by the Sunday?s tragic turn of event, I suddenly come to the rude awakening that the sweep is actually good for the team. If the Sox took the Angels to the Game 5 and lost, the front office and fans will again fall to the prey of false security that the Sox come within one game of ALCS. The sweep exposed the weaknesses of the Red Sox that can only be appropriately addressed by Theo in the offseason. I will leave it to Theo to amend the wrongs.
Dave: I agree with Greg your method is too complicated. My way is as follows of 12 which is of 12/1. Reduce the fraction to the lowest form which is 3/1 and 3/1 and multiple the numerators and denominators which become 9 and 1. Divide the numerator by the denominator. The answer is 9.
Take another example, 1/5 of 12 = 1/5 of 12/1. This is the lowest fraction and you can?t reduce further. Multiple the numerators and the denominator become 12/5. Dive the numerators by the denominator you will come up with 2 2/5 or 2.4.

I’ve had my fill of Papelbon already, but who would be better? and I like his baseball songs! Its pretty early to lay all your chips on Bard — and I would chose Paps over Wagner, and we all know we can’t have both. We don’t always appreciate what we got to its gone — SOX oughta know that well from the short stop fiasco since 2004.

Greg — no way is Belhorn a turncoat, probably not Meyers either. Sow were not interested in resigning either of them, especially Belhorn. Doug Mickievicne (or however you spell his name) — you can’t call a turncoat either because he never was a SOX really, just part of the package for 04. Speaking of journeyman — if the Yanks win the WS, old Erik Henkie might be a bit of good luck charm — with three WS appearances in row. I think he got the distinction of striking out for the final out against the Phillies. If he does represent the Yankees in the WS this year, I wouldn’t mind if he repeated that performance.

I dont think its a done deal that Papelbon will be the closer next year. I think that he may be fighting for that position with Bard. Wagner will want a closers role somewhere and I dont think its here, I didnt realize he’d been in the majors for 12 years!! With JonBon You can be sure that someone will do something to get his head on right. He went from 775 thousand a year in 08 to 6.25 mil in 09. I dont care who you are when you get an increase like that there are bound to be repercussions. He is year to year. There is also the possibility that he will be traded.

On lighter side, any athelete who dates a model or an actress invariably brings bad karma to the team. Tony Romo, Tom Brady and Buchholz who used to date a pet and now an actress. Look what they have done to their respective team. LOL.

Papelbon is arbitration eligible now… He had a one year only deal for 6.75 million, I dont see him getting that out of the Sox this time around. Will he accept the same or less money??
^^^^^^ I have a question for all^^^^^^^^^^^
What are you?? Are you a RedSox fan first, or are you a baseball fan first??
I think I am a baseball fan 1st and subsequently a RedSox fan…

Okay but I dont see the Sox up-ing their current outlay to him by much….

Great ideas and sorry about the math error. 3/4 of 12 is indeed 9. I can’t believe I messed that one up and I agree, break it down to simpler form. My biggest complaint from my daughter is that I make it too complex sometimes and take too many shortcuts. Having done math my entire life I’ve developed a slew of shortcuts that make sense only if you’ve done math your entire life and are not in 4th grade trying to figure out something new.
I agree with you. Simplify. This is a great group. Ya we are out of the post season but can we do math or what!

Come on now. You should know better. You cannot make less money when you go to arbitration. Team has to offer more than year before.
Player gives a figure then arbtrator makes a decision.

38-41 save chances, 1.85 ERA he is going to make a hefty pay raise in arbitration.

Great ideas and sorry about the math error. 3/4 of 12 is indeed 9. I can’t believe I messed that one up and I agree, break it down to simpler form. My biggest complaint from my daughter is that I make it too complex sometimes and take too many shortcuts. Having done math my entire life I’ve developed a slew of shortcuts that make sense only if you’ve done math your entire life and are not in 4th grade trying to figure out something new.
I agree with you. Simplify. This is a great group. Ya we are out of the post season but can we do math or what!

Science Question:
In an effort to simply, let’s have a simple science question that anyone can answer!
What is the difference between a physical change and a chemical change?
What is the difference between a homogeneous mixture and a heterogeneous mixture and I can see the jokes flying on that one (LOL)
Read this…Epstein didn’t pull punches and gave a polite tongue lashing to his team. The photo shows Terry Francona looking glum and starring at the table. It was very ugly but honest.

A simple difference is physical change doesn’t change what the substance is. Chemical change is where there is a chemical reaction, a new substance is formed.
As to the bonus question, a mixture of same kind and different kind.
Hey Arnie, what’s the difference between a **** and a hetero.

also see his inherited runner stats… WAY up. I like Papelbon, but I think that unless he returns to the solid “blow em away” closer that he was, the closers spot won’t automatically be his fighting for it.

Cmon Andy, this is a family blog…………..and why do you direct that query at me??????? Because I’m so worldly?? Enlighten us, oh wise one.

Arnie: What are you thinking? Either you know or don’t know what’s the difference between homogenous or hetreo mixture.
Here’s the supplemental science question for all:
What’s the difference betweeen a mixture and a compound?

Well done. Arnie can relate to this one. Take water and stick it in the freezer. It turns to ice. That’s a classic physical change since all you have to do is thaw the ice to get the water back. Physical changes never ‘change’ the substance.
Arnie can also tell you his experience with this one. Take sugar and a little water and stick it in a pan. Heat it up. What is left will not only burn the pan but create a chemical change so that you ain’t getting sugar back from that mess. However, Arnie knows is stuff so I honestly doubt he’ll ever burn something…but I’m sure his employees have done it once or twice. I left peas on the stove the other day boiling in water and forgot about them. When I came back the peas had turned into a nice black carbon that requires 100 grit sandpaper to take off…and it stunk!
Homogeneous mixture (**** meaning same) is exactly that. Mix water and salt and you’ll get an even distribution of the salt in the water. Now take pebbles and mix them in water. The two substances won’t combine and you’ll have a very visible heterogeneous mixture.

See Arnie Dave said you know and can relate to it.
Dave: What’s the difference between m & c?

The way I see it, DGN, if you’ve just won the WS with our team, and then go (esp.!) DIRECTLY to the rival team (whom we had just defeated in 7 games in the ALCS), you are a turncoat. Period. (And yes, Damon went to them in 06). The others were simply less well-known. Yes, if you are looking for more $$ as a FA, that move to the Yankees is a likely move. In that sense it is understandable, but not necessarily forgivable.

For those of you who do not resent my presence, here’s my thoughts to improve the Sox for 2010:

1) The Captain’s “C” needs to find it’s way onto the jersey of Youkilis, Pedroia, or Victor Martinez with Martinez being a long shot, however a spring training with the Sox may reviel him to be the best choice. He was the heart of the Indians.

2) Sign Billy Wagner to mentor Bard’s transition to closer along with Papelbon and begin Papelbon’s transition back to starter.

3) Sign Bay or Holliday for left field or trade for someone else. Holliday may be less of a fielder, but I think he has more “fire.”

I also think V-Mart will be the primary catcher “buying time” for the developement of Luis Exposito or Mark Wagner with Dusty Brown being a late inning defensive replacement. I’m not sure where Kotaras fits , if at all. An outside option would be going after Mauer for 2011, but it will take a lot of $$$$$$.

Retain Gonzales for shortstop, again “buying time” for a farmhand to develope or Lowrie to emerge healthy.

Not many changes, just bolster the heart and maybe add a little fire!

Oh, why didn’t you say so in the first place? A homogenius is a really smart “ginger” fellow. A hetero mixture sometimes appears on the dog show circuit as a borderland shelty collie. Very difficult to tell it’s a mixed breed and not a pure bred. Hope that helps.

A mixture is something that is stirred together, like a cake mix or vinaigrette. A compound is fused or baked together like a flan or banana bread.
I’m here for ya, just ask, anything about physics, science algorithms, you name it!!

Dave, yes, it is very easy to make things more complicated when you have an understanding of a subject. I run that risk all the time in philosophy and theology–my specialties. The good thing about working in a GED lab is that it FORCES you to simplify things. I work hard at making sure I am explaining concepts in LAYMAN’S terms, incl. math (since I am not a genius at math, I can relate to wanting things simple)!
The way I explained the equation to you is the simplest way I know. If Julia and her son have a simpler way that Naomi understands, great. In the meantime, maybe I have helped.

^^^^^^ I have a question for all^^^^^^^^^^^
What are you?? Are you a RedSox fan first, or are you a baseball fan first??
I think I am a baseball fan 1st and subsequently a RedSox fan…

Great answer on the hetero ? Arnie… thought I’d spit my tea out on that one…. I need some warning on those!! lol

Robert, How could any of us resent your presence here. Youve been nothing but nice and even encouraging to us. You are welcome here at anytime in my book!!!!!

9tedw, yes Pap may make a hefty raise in arbitration, but that does not mean we will be happy with him. Ellen is right: unless Pap returns to the SHUT DOWN closer he used to be, esp. in 07, his role may indeed be reduced, if not changed ENTIRELY. Theo (if he is awake!) will make that point in arbitration, and Pap would be WISE to heed it. This is where measuring by the numbers (as it was with Dice-K in 08, where he was effectively wild while going 18-3) can get you into trouble. Dig below the surface, and you are no longer on as solid ground as you thought.

Sorry Ellen.

Bob, I had hoped that the C on the jersey would “unofficially” be on Youk’s or Dustin’s jersey in 08. I am not sure if that has transitioned as smoothly as would have helped this year. You are right, it is time to make that official, and either one could fill that jersey letter nicely.

I would be VERY surprised if we were to get Scutaro cheaper than A-Gonz, Ron. Scutaro would be a VERY nice addition in my book, but I doubt we’d get him CHEAPER. If Theo does, he’d be up for “Larceny of the Year”.😉
Pap does have a screw loose. So do many closers.
I would hate to see us platoon players again next year. That hurt more than helped this past year, and I don’t want to repeat that.
I am still gonna wait to see IF Lowell returns before I determine a role for him. I don’t see that as a given.
Thanks, GSJays, for the website link. (It is on Blogspot, the same location as Red Sox Humor). It appears that Beckett has a club option for next year. We’ll see if Theo exercises it.
Aardsma did have a great year in Seattle. There’s the key, though–IN SEATTLE. The change of scenery seemed to help him, as it did LugNuts in St. Louis. Another reason why I am not sold on Holliday coming here. He MAY perform well here, maybe not.

True, Ellen, but Tek would be wise to exercise some leadership in another way and GIVE the C to Dustin or Youk. Esp. if he does it personally, it would be a way to boost Youk or Dustin, to say, “This is YOUR TEAM now”.

If Tek chooses not to excercise his option next season and isnt back, then we can talk about who wears the “C” on his uniform. Til then Tek is still the Captain.

Up here in Canada we get alot of Blue Jays games. One guy I’ve always been impressed with is Marco Scutaro, who I believe is a free agent this year. He’s a great leadoff guy and a very good fielding shortstop. I think he’d be a great addition to the team, a better hitter than A-Gon, and probably cheaper.

I’m kinda lukewarm on the idea of Lowell as a DH/3B–if he comes in with a clean bill of health and can run and doesn’t look to have 2 or 3 stints on DL, then maybe. But he’s injury prone and on the downside of his career. I think Ortiz is done and should move on. I think Varitek should go. Wakefield? Done.

I’d love to see A-Gon II (Adrian, not Alex) at 3B and Holliday in left (JBay? Too streaky and too “strike-outie”). Run a platoon system with Youkilis, Gonzalez, V-Mart, and another catcher, alternating between 3B, 1B, C and DH. Gonzalez should be the everyday cleanup guy too, not Youkilis. Dunno about Drew. One day he looks like a rusty gate, the next day he’s pounding out HRs.

I’d be temped to dump Papelbon and develop Bard as my closer (in retrospect, it might have been wise to dump Papelbon last year and keep Aardsma–did you see the kind of year he had in Seattle?). Papelbon is eventually going to leave anyway, might as well beat him to the punch. I have always thought he had a screw loose, anyway. Didn’t really “fit in” with the team.

And I’d dangle Beckett and Dice-K, see what you might get back with young starters. But if you can’t move ’em, then I wouldn’t mind keeping ’em (especially Beckett).

But sign Scutaro.

I just went over Naomi’s stuff and she figured it out with a smile. Your assistance made it possible. All the things you cautioned me on and guided me through happened and thanks to you, I was able to get her through it. Wonderful!
NOW…my younger daughter is having a new topic in math that her teacher confused her on. She’s in first grade.
They are trying to teach her you can add (in @#$@# first grade) (9 + 4) as 10 + 3. You can take the 4 as 3 + 1 and add that three to the 9 to make 10. To me that’s terribly complex for first grade…or is it me?

ALL of this stuff is VERY complicated for FIRST GRADE! We went through the same thing with my daughter: “They’re teaching WHAT in first grade…third grade…fifth grade…” It doesn’t slow down! Welcome to our world, Dave!

Compounds are simply atoims combined. The simplest are found in nature. Hydrogen for example is always found as a diatomic molecule (H2). Water of course is a compound combining H2 + O or oxygen. All the diatomic compounds can be remembered by this simple phrase ‘Have No Fear Of Ice Cold Beer’ — Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Florine, Oxygen, Iodine, Carbon, Bromine.
Mixtures are combined substances but that combining process doesn’t change the substances into something else…more like a physical change. Hmmm…an example. I suppose you can mix sugar and flour together. It doesn’t change either substance. However combining sodium (Na) and chlorine (cl) will change it to salt or sodium chloride.

So give me an answer for this one. I have NO idea how to make that easy to understand!

Why is EVERYONE so focused on Papelbon? We have much bigger problems than Papelbon believe me. He’s minor. How about David Ortiz or J.D. Drew and his consistent injury or Josh Beckett’s waning performance or Lowell’s hip. Compared to that, Papelbon is a Saturday afternoon coffee shop decision.
Papelbon started to slip when he introduced a slider. Since that moment he almost gave up on his cutter — which was always inconsistent and went to the slider…which was a disaster. Then suddenly he’s just throwing fastballs making him VERY vulnerable and it showed. Fortunately he was able to find corners enough to get him by. He just needs pitch number two to come back to form.

One other thing on Pap, 9tedw. Theo has a history of avoiding arbitration. We’ll see if Theo and Pap avoid it this year.

I might also add that Papelbon is still a dominate pitcher. Don’t give up on him yet.

I’m not about to give up on Pap. My only point AT THIS POINT is that he does not make things easy for himself in negotiations. He will either be our SHUT DOWN closer, or be traded, though.

Dave, what they are attempting to show, very simply, is that 9 + 4 and 10 + 3 give you the same answer. The “trick” they want her to see is that 10 is an easier number to add because it is a “round number”, whereas 9 can be harder to visualize the answer. They are simply trying to get her (as they did with our daughter) to see that.
I’m glad I was able to help Naomi. I don’t know if it helps your other daughter to see that “trick”, but that is the premise.
I’ll check in later! GO SOX!

Dave: Well done on mixture and compund. The big difference is that mixture is when two or more different substances are mixed together but not combined chemically.

Also, if I am not mistaken, Pap was hit hard on his fastballs. The good Angels hitters were sitting on his FBs. Pap was just the easy and last culprit for the loss. I am not ready to give up on him yet unless Pap asks for the moon. There were many blames to go around in that game and there is no point in elaborating.

Ellen, I too would have answered your question with the response that I was baseball fan first, and then a RedSox fan second — but I tested myself twice this year, and failed miserably.

I went to two PawSox games this year. Expecting to enjoy it both times, they were both miserably long and boring. I could hardly wait for the ninth inning (game seemed way too long). We stuck around only for the fireworks (which was the reason we went both times). It was during those games that I had to admit to myself, that it really wasn’t the game itself (though I do like it very much) but more so the SOX (and probably the fact that I associate them with the silly anointing of most often having to slay the evil empire NY dragon) — though this year we need the help of Angels, and Dodgers or Phillies.

To answer this question honestly, I would think one would have to ask oneself (1) How many baseball games do I watch other than SOX games? (2) Do I enjoy them? (3) Do I care more about how the game is played, or just who the stardom of the players and who wins or loses?

If one does not watch very many games other than SOX games, and doesn’t really hold an interest other teams or games, then one is probably a RedSox fan first, and baseball fan second, or maybe even just hooked on wanting to be a winner.

If you think your are baseball fan first because you like to watch the post season, even if the SOX aren’t in it — not sure that counts — too much draw to picking and rooting for the eventual winner and rooting against who you do not want to win.

League Championship Series by Date & Time EDT
NLCS Gm 1 – Thu – Oct. 15 – PHI @ LAD – 8:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 1 – Fri – Oct. 16 – LAA @ NYY – 7:57 PM – FOX
NLCS Gm 2 – Fri – Oct. 16 – PHI @ LAD – 4:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 2 – Sat – Oct. 17 – LAA @ NYY – 7:57 PM – FOX
– – – – – – – – – – – –
NLCS Gm 3 – Sun – Oct. 18 – LAD @ PHI – 8:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
NLCS Gm 4 – Mon – Oct. 19 – LAD @ PHI – 8:07 PM – TBS
ALCS Gm 3 – Mon – Oct. 19 – NYY @ LAA – 4:13 PM – FOX
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 4 – Tue – Oct. 20 – NYY @ LAA – 7:57 PM – FOX
– – – – – – – – – – – –
NLCS Gm 5* – Wed – Oct. 21 – LAD @ PHI – 8:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 5* – Thu – Oct. 22 – NYY @ LAA – 7:57 PM – FOX
– – – – – – – – – – – –
NLCS Gm 6* – Fri – Oct. 23 – PHI @ LAD – 8:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 6* – Sat – Oct. 24 – LAA @ NYY – 4:13 PM – FOX
NLCS Gm 7* – Sat – Oct. 24 – PHI @ LAD – 8:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 7* – Sun – Oct. 25 – LAA @ NYY – 8:20 PM – FOX
*if necessary

Yikes – I teach all day and come home and find out that you have all been very busy! lol!

Dave- I hope you daughter is doing better with fractions!

Bob – You are ALWAYS welcomed here and we love your input!!

Ellen – I love the game FIRST and my love for the Red Sox comes out of that.

Was the Rockies lose painful or what? We know just how their fans feel!!!

I’ll be back later to read and see what I missed! Time to go and start dinner!

League Championship Series by Date & Time EDT
NLCS Gm 1 – Thu – Oct. 15 – PHI @ LAD – 8:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
NLCS Gm 2 – Fri – Oct. 16 – PHI @ LAD – 4:07 PM – TBS
ALCS Gm 1 – Fri – Oct. 16 – LAA @ NYY – 7:57 PM – FOX
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 2 – Sat – Oct. 17 – LAA @ NYY – 7:57 PM – FOX
– – – – – – – – – – – –
NLCS Gm 3 – Sun – Oct. 18 – LAD @ PHI – 8:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 3 – Mon – Oct. 19 – NYY @ LAA – 4:13 PM – FOX
NLCS Gm 4 – Mon – Oct. 19 – LAD @ PHI – 8:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 4 – Tue – Oct. 20 – NYY @ LAA – 7:57 PM – FOX
– – – – – – – – – – – –
NLCS Gm 5* – Wed – Oct. 21 – LAD @ PHI – 8:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 5* – Thu – Oct. 22 – NYY @ LAA – 7:57 PM – FOX
– – – – – – – – – – – –
NLCS Gm 6* – Fri – Oct. 23 – PHI @ LAD – 8:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 6* – Sat – Oct. 24 – LAA @ NYY – 4:13 PM – FOX
NLCS Gm 7* – Sat – Oct. 24 – PHI @ LAD – 8:07 PM – TBS
– – – – – – – – – – – –
ALCS Gm 7* – Sun – Oct. 25 – LAA @ NYY – 8:20 PM – FOX
*if necessary

Good Afternoon my friends in mourning lol… I think come Spring Training we’ll see many unfamiliar faces in the home team clubhouse… Though I was a huge Tek supporter I feel his time to go is now, he can contribute in other areas as a coach or special asst. Vmart is not an everyday catcher, you gotta be able to throw people out and its just not something he can do, but Theo isn’t gonna spend anymore money for a catcher… I see additional needs at 3rd base… Lowell gutted it out and if you couldnt see he was hurting all year you were blind he gave it his all and I for one love watching him but the wheels just arent there…. Papi it was real but if you cant show up in April we got to find someone who can be there from day 1. Jbay I feel is the left fielder we should look to he was the one of the offensive leaders on this team… Youk to 3rd.. Adrian Gonzalez to 1st, Matt Holliday as DH??? Just a thought… Alex Gonzalez at short Lowrie needs to prove he can handle the everyday grind…. Drew did have his best season here… Ellen 5 yrs ago I would have said I’m a baseball fan first, Ive always been a Sox fan but now I’d have to say Red Sox first, reading the blogs and following you guys & girls its awesome being a SOX FAN!!! Even today… As for the C on someones chest it was given to Tek as a symbol if he leaves or isnt invited back the C shouldnt go to anyone put it back on the shelf…
My line up
Adrian Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez…

OMG the seasons only been over 2 days and I’m ranting…I think its 132 days till pitchers and catchers report… Tom

Congrats on your teams both made it to the LCS. I am hoping for the Angels/Phillies WS. I am rooting for the Phillies because of you.

Thanks to everyone Naomi is over the hump and I am SO grateful for you all. Now…as I was talking with Greg, my five year old, is getting into harder math at school. How can I tell her that 9 + 5 is harder than 10 + 4. She is now required to think that 9 + 5 is 10 +4. Naturally she’s totally lost and I want to help her get through this. Ug, school is hard! Can your son break it down and think like a five year old and help!
Thanks to Greg, the concept is indeed 10 is easier than 9 to add but how can she think in her head to do that.

Red Sox fan first and baseball fan second. They have been and will be the only team I will honor. I’ve tried but I can’t escape the history. The Sox are my team and the reason why I watch baseball. To watch a non Red Sox game is pointless…to me but to each his own. I’m always amazed how people can move to a new city and start honoring that team. To me, it’s your roots that count…but that’s me. If I grew up in New York, I’d be a Yankees fan (oh I am SO glad that curse is not on me, otherwise I’d be in my parent’s attic and acting like a two year old who never reached puberty!

Dave, if your younger daughter can see that 9 + 4 = 13 just as easily as 10 + 3 = 13, more power to her. I would hope that she would see that on its face, without the “trick”. Many students have a had a harder time seeing that, hence the “trick” was devised to try to see round numbers. I hope your younger daughter (what is her name?) can see that without it!

Thanks. Fox will be looking for Dodgers vs Yankees for all that $$$$$$. If it becomes a Freeway Series, I may be the only fan on the East coast watching!

TBS gets screwed again this year with only one game over the minimum for the Division Series. Love to know how much they paid for the rights vs actual income and how much is in Australian Dollars!!!

I have been at games or watched the team since the 40″s and have seen a lot of great players over that time. In general I wondered this year about why the Red Sox hitting dried up on the road. Certainly the players can face an ace at times, but several in a row makes no sense. The post season showed more of the same. Do they get tired on the road, are there life style changes or what do other people think.

As far as changes, I too agree that we can use Youklis at third while Martinez plays first and is a backup catcher. Varitek has been a very solid player for the Sox but appears not to be able to handle the long season. About the best I can see for him is a player coach or retirement. That leaves us in the market for a decent catcher who can throw someone out. A 269 average would be acceptable. Lowell is also getting up there, but is still a professional hitter and defends fairly well. Maybe he would work out in a backup situation but probably not as a day in day out player. We are solid at second and I like our shortstop. Perhaps Lowrie can be a utility player and eventually work his way in.

Ortiz didn’t have the best of years. I love what he has done for us, but maybe we can get a more reliable designated hitter. It shouldn’t be too much to hope for a 280 average with some power.
I disagree about Papelbon. He is a great physical specimen and he still has all the velocity he needs. Yes, he has to get back to mixing his pitches and using a split finger along with another pitch. Why can’t he learn that and improve. Maybe the failure will move him to try something new and better. I like the rest of the staff, but would suggest Wakefield is at the end of a great Red Sox career. We could use a fifth starter, but they are hard to come by.
Finally, the outfield is solid but still could use improvement. Ellsbury is top notch although with little power. Drew is also a good outfielder but had another season with multiple ailments. His hitting is a bit spotty. Bay also had a good year but will probably never hit for much average. He is a decent fielder and may go as a free agent and will be hard to replace.
So I would say goodby to Varitek, Ortiz, Wakefield and possibly Lowell and look to add one decent outfielder and possibly 2 if Bay goes through free agency and also a fifth starting pitcher.


I liked baseball before I discovered the Sox. Actually, I was introduced to the Sox by my dad. But I will sometimes stop to watch a few innings of Little League or softball.

Bob, good luck to your teams. We were hoping for a Sox/Yankees re-re-re-re-re-re-match but the Sox punked out on us. The Rockies lost, I can’t stomach the LA teams, so I am left with little reason to cheer. I hope you get your Phillie/Yanks match-up.

I enjoy reading all the schemes for putting the Sox back together again.

I like watching the games.. period.. I LOVE WATCHING THE SOX. But I grew up in a market that had no baseball, so I would watch anyone, because at one point or another they would talk RedSox. Oh, I also grew up in my “fathers house”
He would watch any ball game (and back in “the day” with only one TV you watched what ever Daddy wanted!!!) on the tube so I guess thats where I get it. I figuire it this way, if there was no baseball there would be no SOX!!! but, in the same breath for me it would be VERY hard to say that there would be baseball if there were no RedSox.. A conundrum FOR SURE!!!! Its the “chicken vs the egg” question.. I was just curious to see how everyone felt.

and Robert, I almost forgot.. Good Luck to you for your team(s) success in the LCS and the Series!!! You are truly a gentleman of the game!!!!

Ellen, I am a Red Sox fan first, then a baseball fan. In football, Patriots, then Redskins, then football itself.
Since I grew up in an area without a baseball team, I learned to appreciate baseball from afar. I learned football by going to Skins games, as well as watching football (college and pro). I was hooked on both, also, because I could not play either one. I was prohibited (for health reasons) from playing football, and because of my double-vision eyesight, I could not catch baseballs effectively. So I grew up effectively watching both sports, and living vicariously through them. I was passionate as a boy about football because I attended games. I was passionate about baseball because I could not play it as well, and I could imagine what it was like to attend baseball games in person.
Because we had no baseball team anymore in DC (I was 2 or 3 when the Senators left the second time), and my family was not into baseball the way we were in football. I learned it by watching the Red Sox and other teams on TV, wishing I were there. I learned to love a perfect game as much as I loved a slugfest, if not more.
Because, though, I had hooked on to the Red Sox in baseball, about the same time as I did football, I quickly was introduced to the world of the Red Sox Curse. I barely missed the 75 WS (and watching the biography, recently, of Luis Tiant, wishing all the more I had watched it!), I appreciated both the Red Sox and the Big Red Machine. I admired the Reds, I was hooked on the Red Sox. Watching Bucky F. Dent hose the Sox clinched the deal–I despised the Yankees. I held the same dislike of Dolphin players, like Larry Csonka and Bob Griese, in the NFL.
While I later learned to respect Yankee players (after their playing days, the way I would respect Roger Staubach and the Cowboys players) LATER, that would not happen while they were playing. So I am, to this day, PASSIONATE about the Red Sox, the Patriots, and yes, the Redskins.
The fact, though, that I was outside the milieu of the Boston sports franchises made it possible to appreciate the game itself, and grow up to admire great players from other teams, whether Jack Morris, Kirby Puckett, Nolan Ryan, the Big Red Machine (incl. Pete Rose), and others. I also got hooked on college football and (later) basketball.
Incidentally, during my elem school years, I was not a good athlete, and I was always one of the last guys picked for a team. So, esp. in football, I began to offer to referee the games, and I did so throughout my school years (I used a glove or a mitten as a flag!). Since I was not well-liked anyway, I could “take the heat”.😉 I often, to this day, therefore, “play referee” or “play umpire” during games. This is esp. true since I still live “out of market” and still am interested in the game. I enjoy watching Braves games here in this market, and I will compare what I see with what the umps or refs see during the games.
When I began watching the Redskins and the Patriots, both franchises were WRETCHED. We still rooted for the Skins, and I for the Patriots, even so. So when our glory days for the Skins, and later the Patriots and Red Sox, finally came, we had earned our stripes. I would not be about to fall off, though, when they tank (as the Skins lately have done).
Football and baseball are invariably intertwined, hence the answer here. Now, if are ready for the LONG VERSION…;)

Great suggestions Bill!!! I am a person who does not like nor adjust easily to change (shall we talk Trot Nixon?; I FINALLY have accepted that Drew has replaced him, lol) So, although I know that the end is either near or here for Jason, it will be so very hard not to see him behind that plate.. Oh how I wish I could see him take out Arod again!!! lol

Ellen, you grew up in a market??? A Winn-Dixie or a Piggly-Wiggly?

Good suggestions indeed, Saratoga Bill. We’ll see how Pap handles the first REAL failure of his career. And in contrast to last year, I am more that OK with Tek moving on now, whether V-Mart is behind the plate, or someone else. GO SOX!

GS Jays,
Thanks for the link…I appreciate it!!!!! No Vernon Wells for us… much does he make…I know it’s a lot and he is stealing it from the Jays!!!!! How do you guys look for next year? How ’bout Papelbon and Lowell for Halladay??????

Saratoga Bill,
Nice post…..I agree with most of it. Papelbon irritated a lot throughout the year…not just Sunday….his whole dimeanor gets to me. If he stays fine but I will not shed a tear if he is traded as i know Theo will not give him away so if he’s traded it will bring someone we need.

ellen i have those pics if ya wanna see em again lol… Tom

Greg, I was a HUGE Pats fan when I was about 13-18.. I liked them because I was 1 of 2females in a 5 man house.. the only way to get a word in or be noticed in a Dolphin house was to …. Be a Pats fan!!! I loved Grogan and Hannah and Hasslebeck and I’ll try this one Manu Tuiasasopo… But my one true love on the Pats at that time was Russ Francis… number 81 was number 1 in my heart and the only NFL jersey I have ever owned!!!!!!! He was a football dirt dawg!!! He was Darryl Stingley’s roomate and thats another story.. Was it Tatum or Dobler that hit Stingley,, I think it was Tatum… bad day in Pats history… But anyway, I can relate being out of market and watching what you could.. Ps.. not much of an NFL fan now, LOVE COLLEGE,,, for me “It’s ALL about the “U”!!! (UM) but I still cant help but sneak a peak at the Pats linescores in the paper… I did see the 2nd half of this weekends Pats game.. OUCH!!!!
I’m really enjoying reading these stories.. I guess it was a good question.

Sorry Papi but the time to go is now. Move Lowell to DH. He will be much more consistent. Youk to 3rd and V-Mart to 1st (although he wants to catch). If thats the case we need a big bat. As for who ever catches, all you need is a guy to hit .260 with 20hr and 80 RBI, and be able to throw out a turtle trying to steal 2nd! I say maximize production at the corners and play it safe at DH. Bay can stay but not for an over priced contract. How about Matt Holiday? Drew is fine in right, we just need to find a good 4th outfielder and suck that one up. A-Gonz needs to stay, Lowrie can spell him. Paps needs to develop something besides the fastball or 2010 will be his last year as our closer. Lets focus on getting Roy Halliday! The team never fired on all cylinders this year. The pitching was inconsistent as the hitting. Hey Tito, loosen the collar and play ball. I thought he was a little too predictable this year. Starting rotation opening day:


I think it can happen! Let’s just hope the Yanks dont try to steal Bay or grab Holiday or Halliday.

Arnie: Mostly Kwik Ckeck (later Winn Dixie) and Publix.. too funny, but I thought about that take on it when I said it… lol

Ellen, I LOVED Grogan, Cunningham, Morgan, Francis, and Hannah (who happens to share my birthday!).😉 I have not let Jack Tatum (it was he) off the hook to this day for the hit he put on Stingley. He was a favorite even before he was paralyzed, and it was a sad day in my eyes when Stingley died. I am keeping an eye on Matt Hasselbeck because of his connection to Don! GO PATRIOTS!

soxdrivemecraz-You might be able to get Halladay for Lowrie, Buchholz and a minor league prospect

We’d pass on Papelbon, unless you also included Buchholz and Lowrie. In addition, we could do is a sign and trade on Scutaro, so you didn’t give up two draft picks in signing him.
Wells contract pays him 100 mill over the next 4 years-thanks to JP Riccardi

soxdrivemecraz-Our new GM is refocusing the Jays organization from the disaster left by Riccardi with focus on more scouting and player development. So I expect our minor league system will see a major uplift over the next 2-3 years.

As you witnessed in the last series here, the Jays have some serious pop which will actually be stronger next year. Hill, Lind, Snider, Ruiz and Encarnacion are all capable of 25-35 Hr’s a year. I expect a couple more guys-Dopirak to come up and replace Overbay (whom I assume we’ll trade) and Arencibia to come up as catcher. Both are strong power hitters with similar potential to the others, but will need some time to adjust.

How we do next year, though, will be determined by how well our young starters-Romero, Rzepczynski, Cecil and Richmond do. We will get Marcum back at the start of the year and Litcsh back mid year, but the juries still out on Mcgowan. So it will be an interesting year for the Jays.

GS JAys,
Could be one of those years where no one saw it coming except the folks who follow them daily….

Morning everyone.. Ohhhh the wait has started..
I am enjoying looking at all the different scenarios for next year or few years and how everything might get to play out. I’m trying to come up with mine and I’m doing a little research first.

TCD you posted this the other day… What happens when the Yankees DONT win??? Will you go away and not come back???? I know that when they lose we wont hear from you for a lonnnnnggggg time….
Very quiet today. A day of mourning. You guys better pray (and I know you are) that by some act of God the Yankess don’t win the World Series this year. Because if things go accordingly and they do, not a day will go by that I won’t remind you of it on this blog.

By on October 12, 2009 12:36 PM

Ok, I’ve got some Ideas….

1) Bring Tek back. I admit that this is primarily sentimental but who can deny the leadership and smarts that Tek brings to the table, he’s a catching genius and on my short list of all-time catchers he’s right up there and I would hope that down the line he’d be a first ballot HOF guy. I digress, he can certainly help V-mart transition into a guy that all the pitchers feel good pitching to.

2) Pap. I know that this one blown postseason save doesn’t define him as a pitcher and there is no denying how great he has been but his location has been erratic and he put himself in too many situations that came incredibly close to giving me a panic attack. So what’s the solution, trade him, it may sound brash but if we can send him to a National League team with a young power bat (either 1B or 3B) such as a Adrian Gonzales and Heath Bell for Papelbon, Lars Anderson and a mid level pitching prospect or something of that nature we can upgrade our power, move Youk to 3B full time and still have a legit closer for Bard to work under for another year or half a year where Bell could become a great mid-season trade canidate.

3) Re-sign Bay. Matt Holiday seems like a head-case to me, Bay is a good hitter, and a solid fielder. So who else are we gonna get? He had 36 Homers this year with a considerable slump! If we can upgrade somewhere else on the field (see #2) we have Ellsbury, The Destroya, V-Mart, Adrian (see #2), Youk, Bay, Ortiz, Drew, A-Gonz (SS). That’s a pretty potent offense! The middle of the order could certainly be mixed around. But V-Mart would get tons of pitches to hit and the heart of the order is not one you’d want to see coming up in the late innings, or the early inning for that matter.

4) The rotation, this is the one spot that I think it gonna be great next year. Beckett, Lester, Bucholtz, Dice-K, and Wake. That’s pretty good, we could even upgrade with a workhorse like Lackey put him in the 3 spot and move wake to a long reliever/spot starter.

5) Go Sox, I’ll always be here cheering you on!

You uttered the magic word Lackey. I hope Dave is busy helping Naomi’s homework and won’t see your post.
Kidding aside, personally I don’t mind having Lackey aboard. Lester Lackey Beckett Dice-K Buchholz, not necessarily in that order.


I know it’s tough to think about adding a guy that shut us down only a few days ago, but there is no denying that guy can win games, and throw a lot of innings, if he’s slated no. 3 in a good rotation, and he doesn’t have the weight of a franchise on him when he takes the mound, and when he’s up against the no 3 or 4 of another team, I see advantage Lackey.

And for that matter, what about adding Chone Figgins, sorry Lowell but with Figgins at 3B? Speed, a good lead off hitter with the ability to score you a run in the first inning, that’s not so bad. With him and Ellsibury tearing up the base paths it’s be pretty sweet.

“Hey everyone on the Red Sox blog. I’ll show you who has the bigger stick! I’m a Yankee fan. Sure I live in my parent’s basement (shhhh…it’s not the attic) and I spend my time taunting you guys…like I’m still in seventh grade (shhhh) but the reality is, I like you guys. I really do! Ya, even though I have lots of friends (shhhh….not really) and am well liked everywhere (shhhh…not really) and I have a girlfriend (shhh…computer porn is a good thing) but the point is I like you guys! (shhh not too much of course).

>>>>>>>>> Science Question Of The Day <<<<<<<<
What is a nebula anyway?
Can you name the three types of nebula?

Loonie Lackey,
“Hey dudes. I’d be GLAD to be on the Red Sox. All I have are a few reqwirements!
1) I don’t have to work out!
2) I get my own Limo
3) I get to whine anytime I want!
4) My mommy has to be with me at all times!
5) I get to whine!
6) I get to compwaine…and that’s like whining!

-> I know what a nebula is! That’s what my teachers say my brain is (HA…that’s really funny…what me say!)

Soxrule: There’s your answer to adding Lackey to the rotation from Dave. lol
How about the Sox killer Abreu who is a consistent 15-20 HR and 100 rbi guy as a DH.
Dave: Nebula is actually interstellar dust or cloud. I will defer the answer to Julia and Arnie.

Lackey isn’t coming to Boston. Lackey will be looking for a contract in the range of 100 million or more, ZERO chance in Boston!


I think Grogan was one of the toughest q.b.’s to play the game. Any q.b. that had to sign a waiver to play a game is might tough in my book! ( a game against the Bills and Bruce Smith in Foxboro ) Grogan played some games with a neck brace, that is TOUGH!

Yeah, it’s like rather having a guy pissing out than outside the tent pissing in. Einsenhower said that.

Let me re-word what I just said. In regards Grogan playing with a neck brace. lol. Played many games ( big white padding behind the helmet ) to soften the blow when he was sacked. It was there to guard against more concussions. Grogan was one TOUGH S.O.B.–no doubt! You wouldn’t see a q.b. do that in today’s game but then again no team would even allow there q.b. to do that anyway.

Game 5 tonight….I hope Beckett bounces back. Will Boston hit Lackey??? LOL!!

What better way to make sure someone doesnt hurt you again than to make them (lACKEY) one of your own… GENIUS!!!!! Figgins too.. Can you imagine having 2- 65+basestealer on your team?? That would be awesome. How about if you threw Carl Crawford in there too?? HOOOOOOOOOOOO-EEEEEEEEEEE..

Lackey won’t get 100Mill anywhere.

I doubt very much that you’ll see anything like the top dollar free agent signings that we saw last year. Too much to risk anymore!! Plus the free agent Class of 2010 isnt like last years.


Are you saying Figgins isn’t a good base stealer??? LOL!! He’s a guy that relies on his legs and if his legs go…..Hmmmmmmmmmmmm……Don’t give him any long term deal. I think Figgins would be a perfect N.L. guy. He plays so many positions and he does well at all of them.

Chone Figgins stole 42 bases but caught 17 times which was a lot.

I woke up this morning and I said to myself, “Arnie,” I said, “what do you suppose a nebula is?” And then I realized the answer lay in another question I’ve puzzled over for years, “Where does the rubber on our tires go?” And as Einstein would say, “BINGO!!” Oh wait, Einstein wasn’t Catholic was he? Ok, where was I……..??……….Oh yes, nebulae. Well, you see, the tiny microscopic little pieces of dust from our tires are warmed by the sun and begin to rise up from the superhighways and byways eventually finding their way past the ionosphere, past the stratosphere, and are pushed by the cosmic wind of the galaxy under the interstellar bed, so to say, roiling and congealing into a great galactic dust-bunny. Gallileo and Copernicus worried over these dust-bunnies when they had their famous get together at a resort on Maui. Through hazy clouds of Maui Wowie smoke and struggling not to see double after a dozen Pina coladas, they came up with the Nebula Dust Mite Theory of life in outer space. Ever wonder why those space aliens in the movies are so funny looking? Well, the answer is: they evolved from deep space dust mites.
There you go, Dave. Say, did I ever answer your question about the tails of comets? Or was that, Tales of Comets, the savage and gruesome adventures of the Hoary Old Ice particles being dragged around by……………..ahhh, never mind.

Good one Arnie!!! I’m afraid I am severely intellectually overmatched on this blog… I may have to satart a sub-blog that caters to those, who like me, don’t know an atom from Adam!!!!

Hey Arnie, not nice to call those female ice particles names!!!

I’m not sure I want 2-65+ base steal people since we have 2-65 (since the + is assumed) = -63 (a negative value) which has to be explained to me what that means in terms of base stealing (LOL). OK, I am kidding here but I saw the math equation and couldn’t resist.
excellent answer. I have no idea what you said but it sounded so good.
Nebulas were first created through the big bang where hydrogen condensed around pockets of heavy dark matter. Nowadays they are created when stars explode.
There are three types (globules, reflection and emission). globules are pockets of matter that are so cold that only radio light can find them. They don’t make stars. If the nebula gets near a star it becomes a reflection nebula since a star provides the light. Again, cold stuff. An emission nebula is where the nebula found a pocket of gravity and is capable of making stars.

I’m not sure I want 2-65+ base steal people since we have 2-65 (since the + is assumed) = -63 (a negative value) which has to be explained to me what that means in terms of base stealing (LOL). OK, I am kidding here but I saw the math equation and couldn’t resist.
excellent answer. I have no idea what you said but it sounded so good.
Nebulas were first created through the big bang where hydrogen condensed around pockets of heavy dark matter. Nowadays they are created when stars explode.
There are three types (globules, reflection and emission). globules are pockets of matter that are so cold that only radio light can find them. They don’t make stars. If the nebula gets near a star it becomes a reflection nebula since a star provides the light. Again, cold stuff. An emission nebula is where the nebula found a pocket of gravity and is capable of making stars.

Ellen, you’re thinking of “whorey”……………….but that’s a story for another day. Perhaps later this winter.
Seriously Ellen, there is a huge difference between being intellegent and educated. Any fool can learn to regurgitate someone else’s theories. And to take pride in that is even greater foolishness. It takes fortitude combined with brain power to think for yourself. You have more of that than you give yourself credit for.

Arnie: Good one on nebula. For a moment I thought nebula is Francona’s state of mind at least at the press conference with Theo. LOL
Dave: You answer on nebula leads to a bigger question. How was Big Bang created or formed?

Thank you Arnie. about the ice particles.. I just love to be the blonde sometimes!! lol

I have always admired Ellen and her intelligence and Arnie…’regurgitate’ Feeling a little hostile these days?

From what I’ve read and studied and its been a lot, NOBODY understands where or WHY the big bang occured. It is known that it did happened based on a lot of evidence including microwave background radiation which takes a lot of explanation.
Anyway, from one single point, somehow, for some reason, a large explosion of material occured. That released simply quarks that formed hydrogen and we went from there.
My daughter asked the same question I asked — what was before the big bang. It’s a really good question and of course the evidence doesn’t exist so you have your imagination.

How about “parrot”? That work for ya? There was no hostility meant. I know your intentions are not to build yourself up or make yourself look smart, but simply to have some fun here. I was just trying to give Ellen a little psychological boost. Not that she needs it…..

nah.. I’m good Arnie, but I know youre always lookin out for me!!! that’s nice!

Ellen, Arnie,
Thanks. If we do get a Phillies vs. Yankees WS the balls will be flying out of the parks. I don’t know what the record is, but I will if that is the match up!

Hey, Dave, my daughter just pointed me to this Abbott and Costello take on multiplication (or, as Pippi Longstocking called it, “plutttification). If you can put up with the “promo ad” at the beginning, it is worth it. I LOVE Abbott and Costello, so if you (or Naomi) like their humor, you’d enjoy it. (And since you were just dealing with multiplication of fractions, rather appropriate!)
Here’s the link. I hope you enjoy it–I did!

Greg: I saw that one before. Costello is the genius of new math. Very funny if not funnier than who’s on first, what’s on second. I will watch it again.
Bob: I am afraid that it’s gonna be Angels/Phillies WS. Not that we don’t like the Yankess. It is becasue the way how the Angels resoundingly beat the Sox and the Yankees/Twins series, we know what happened to that series.

Naomi is QUITE inventive. I welcome if this is OK. With word problems like this we have:
Joe has 14 peaches. He gave 2/7 to Bob. How many peaches did Bob get.
I see it as 2/7 * 14 = 28/7 = 4 peaches.
Naomi sees:

2/7 * (2/2) = 4/14. She expanded the fraction to get the total. I mean…it works…it’s right…but is this something I should encourage or discourage. I don’t know what her teacher will say.

Thank you. Sorry I took it so personally. I work like 20 hours a week for Naomi’s school and to spew out the material on this site makes me feel like I’m not burning my brain out on astronomy in family isolation!

I might add this will work of course until you get a situation where we don’t have even numbers:
Joe gave Bob 2/8 out of 25 peaches (which of course is weird)
That would be:
2/8 * 25 = 50/8 which will not be an even number.
With her approach she’d be stuck because you can’t expand 8 to get 25.

Naomi LOVED the humor but she is such a literal person that she said “hey…that’s not right, ” instead of appreciating the humor. I had to keep reminding her that it’s a joke!

Don’t get your “hopes” up! And Dave, I don’t like peaches!

Once you’ve tried a real peach from a real peach tree — you WILL change your mind. Store peaches are cardboard. In Michigan, I grew my own trees — which are incredibly hard and let me tell you…it’s like peaches in heavy syrup. Rock on!

That is indeed the problem, Dave, and she would be wise to learn the way I showed you (or something similar, if Julia’s son’s method is different, for example). She is getting into the world of shortcuts, which is encouraging, because it sounds to me like she is catching on. If she REALLY UNDERSTANDS the way I showed you, she can take shortcuts from there–she has to MAKE SURE, however, that they answer the question(s) she’s given. But if she understands it well, and is able to see shortcuts, GREAT. Don’t force or push them, allow her to see them for herself. The final thing she needs to be careful of, esp. at this stage in her schoolwork, is that teachers like to see that she can SHOW HOW SHE GOT THE ANSWER. She needs to make sure she can do that.
The example you gave gets her into the arena of “improper fractions” (so-called). Is she getting to the point where they are dealing with those, and how to convert them to mixed numerals? Or is that next on the docket?
By the way, my daughter, Jacquelyne, is at the point in math where I have to tell her, “I can’t help you anymore. Let’s find you a tutor who can”!
As far as the humor is concerned, I am very much a literalist, but that is what I love about the humor. I can twist a slang expression or an idiom to its “literal” meaning, and play with it that way, or vice versa. That’s one thing that makes languages FUN!

Bob, you can send me Joe’s peaches! I’LL EAT EM!😉

She can do improper, mixed, swap between the two, etc. No big deal for her. That was actually done in the first few days of school.
I agree she should see both methods but her brain was seeing “see the denominator” and it became easy for her. She was having that problem in the multiplication. I’ll talk to her teacher about it and see what he says if its OK. She does show her work but she’s so good at mental math she tends to skip which is of course going to kill her in algebra.

Andy, “Who’s on First?” will always be my favorite, but they have some other HILARIOUS routines. The first time I was watchingthe video, I thought theyd’ do a play on “apiece”–so how many “pieces” do you want?😉
Be back later!

According to jon Heyman (of the not so politically correct statement on Twitter Sunday) of SI and SI.Com.: 2 Coaches interviewing for manager spots: Bogar and Brad Mills. What will Tito do w/out his sidekick Brad????

Greg: Never tied of Abbott & Costello routines. Can you name players of nine positions, who is on first, what’s on second….
Dave: Greg may have mentioned it. It is much easier to reduce the fraction to its lowest form first before dealing with the problem. e.g. 4/12 becomes 1/3. 14/30 becomes 7/15, etc…

Since, without any effort, I can recall that we traded away Carlos Pena, Hanley Rameriz, and Jeff Bagwell to name three productive bats — two BIG — do we not have any solution to our power outage in our farm system?

What is funny, also, about that “Who’s On First?” routine, Andy, is that they never named a LF! I hope it was not Zazu/Mr. Mom!…

“Who’s on 1st, What’s on 2nd, I Don’t Know Who’s on 3rd, Tomorrow is the pitcher, Today is the catcher, Why is RF, Because is CF, I Don’t Give a Darn is the SS”. No LF mentioned!😉

Where are you when I need you?????? Just dropped my wife off at the airport this morning. She will be in Fresno, Ca for 13 days opening a new Macy’s store. So what’s on tap for tonight???? How about some Stouffer’s Lasagna….WOOOOO HOOOOOOO as Ellen would say. I added some mozerella cheese all by myself as it seems Stouffer’s has decided to cut back on that item. I think I did that part right!!!!! Oh well….at least the Mountain Dew is cold!!!! Woe is me…..Go Sox!!!!!

Abbott & Costello are the only (2) guys in the Hall Of Fame not associated with baseball. That’s my nugget of the day. If Bay asks for a 5th yr.—-Boston might be without a leftfielder. Then where do they look????


Carlos Pena was let go, Boston never traded him. Bagwell was one of the worst trades, obviously not the worst. I think we all know the worst trade in Red Sox history. lol. Lou Gorman traded away Bagwell and admitted he never saw Bagwell play. Bagwell never showed power in the minors but the guy could hit. At least with Hanley Ramirez ( Annibel Sanchez was in that deal–oh by the way…threw a no hitter ) and a couple of other minor leaguers that have done nothing… the Red Sox did get Beckett and Lowell in return. Boston also got Mora in the deal as well and used him to get Crisp in a later deal. Theo’s deals have gone either way. If Theo was the g.m.—Beckett and Lowell would have never been wearing Red Sox uniforms. Bill LaJoie gets credit for that deal.

Greg, is this the one you like:

Greg, Andy,
After thinking it over, and knowing my daughter, I think for tonight’s homework, I’ll let her do it simply because she understands that technique and it will give her some confidence. She tends to figure things out easily once she convinces herself that it isn’t so bad. I know in a day or two I can remind her that the other way of doing it works just as well and it won’t freak her out. She’ll just see it as another way of doing it.
I’ll mention that to her teacher. I think it should be OK.
Naomi is very bright in math but often convinces herself that it’s too hard. When she devices a technique to figure it out, it boosts her confidence and gets her through it enough to try other methods.
Whew, being a parent can be tough (LOL). I’m just glad she isn’t having problems with grammar because that’s the subject that I’m not great at. I’d be having Ellen and Arnie on speed dial if that happened! (LOL)

For the Indian’s manager, I nominate tcd133. I’m sure hanging out a day or two with those players will turn him into the man that he always wanted to be…assuming he doesn’t have to sit down or has a problem with women’s clothing.


tcd and wisdom have never been said in the same sentence. lol.

dgneubert-Power Outage-The Sox do have one interesting prospect in lower A, Greenville Drive, who looks like an interesting power hitter, 22 year old Ryan Lavarnway, a catcher, who hit .285/.367/540 with 36 doubles, 21 hr.’s and 87 rbi’s in 106 games. He’s 6’4″, 225 pounds, so he’s the right size with good numbers, but probably 2-3 years away.

Hey TCD,
Hate to be the one to break it to you but………now that the Sox are out of the play-off picture…..75% of us could care less about the Yankees fate the rest of the way….win or lose. Life goes on. To tell you the truth….if your beloved Yankees don’t go all the way……..even if we knew where to find you out there in cyber world…no one would come looking for you to rub it in. No one on here is like that. So if you come over here… some class and respect….and may be share some of your baseball wisdom. I know there is some wisdom waiting to break out anytime now…..

Where are you when I need you?????? Just dropped my wife off at the airport this morning. She will be in Fresno, Ca for 13 days opening a new Macy’s store. So what’s on tap for tonight???? How about some Stouffer’s Lasagna….WOOOOO HOOOOOOO as Ellen would say. I added some mozerella cheese all by myself as it seems Stouffer’s has decided to cut back on that item. I think I did that part right!!!!! Oh well….at least the Mountain Dew is cold!!!! Woe is me…..Go Sox!!!!!

My bad, it’s the RF who is not mentioned. Why is in LF, not RF!😉
GSJays, thanks for the link. Never get tired of it! I have it on tape (NOT CD or DVD!–VHS! See Dave, dinosaurs are not extinct after all!)😉
I find it interesting how the versions change and adapt over the years. “Absolutely” is not mentioned in the version I have of their routine, where it is on this link! My version says “I Don’t Give A Darn” for the SS positiion, where they use “I Don’t Care” in the linked version. Just humoro(u)s trivia!

Dave, would Masterson set tcd straight?

Yes, GSJays, that is a version of the routine, and it has been a favorite of mine since the 4th grade. My best friend and his brother did the routine for a school talent show assembly, and it brought down the house! It was SO funny, and they did it VERY well (as I found when I heard the original later!)

I hear you Brian… least I know he isn’t prejudice….he showed GS Jays some love on here earlier……

Go to the grocery store and buy one of those cut up chickens they have in the meat dept. Then get 2 red bell peppers, one green bell pepper, one onion, some sliced mushrooms, 2 potatoes and some carrots. Pick up a can of stewed tomatoes.
When you get home rinse off the chicken, put it in a big bowl and rub some olive oil on it with some salt(about 2 teaspoons) and pepper, and a little garlic powder. If you have basil and oregano throw some of that in too. About 2 teaspoons of each. Then turn your oven on to 350 degrees. Peel 2 of the carrots, the potatoes, and cut them into chunks about an inch square. Toss them in with the chicken. Rinse off the peppers, cut them in half and take out the seeds and throw the seeds away. Cut the peppers into pieces the same as the potatoes. Toss those in with the chicken. Open the can of tomatoes. Guess where those go? That’s right, in with the chicken. Throw in the mushrooms. If you have some wine……, no, not Brian’s Boone’s Farm……. any red or white, pour a cup into the chicken mix. Add water till the chicken is covered.

Find a baking pan or casserole that your chicken mess will fit into. Pour in a little olive oil. Toss in all the chicken. Cover with foil and put it in the oven for….uh.. maybe an hour and a half. Maybe two, you’ll have to check it once in a while. Don’t let all the liquid evaporate.! When the chicken is tender, falling off the bones, it’s done. Adjust the salt and eat it with some nice Italian bread and butter.
That’s a really quick Chicken Cacciatore.
If you want to be fancy, get some salad mix like a Mesclun mix or some baby greens. Buy a bottle of Newman’s Own Italian and make a salad, too.

Give me a day or two and I may be able to come up with an easy meatloaf for ya. How long is your wife gone?

Try these meatloaf hamburgers, they are easier than meatloaf.
Get a pound of ground beef. Pick one that is about 80% lean. Before you go to the store check to see if you have eggs, bread crumbs, an onion, some thyme, sage, hamburger buns, ketchup,.
Also get some grated cheddar cheese.

Mix the beef, one cup of bread crumbs, 2 eggs,one quarter cup of the cheese, a quarter cup of minced onion, one teaspoon salt, some pepper, a half teaspoon each thyme and sage. Mix all this up good, use your hands, dive right in there!
Form this meat mixture into burgers about a half inch thick and cook them in a skillet with a little butter in it. Turn the heat on to medium. When you drop a tiny piece of butter in the skillet it should sizzle but not turn brown right away. Cook these burgers until they are nice and brown on one side then flip them. You should be able to cook two or three at a time. If they aren’t cooked all the way through even though they are brown on both sides, pour in a little of your trusty red or white wine and cover the pan. Be careful, it may hiss and sputter. They will cook fast with the added moisture and be really tasty. You can save any uncooked meat mixture for two or three days in the fridge. Or form them into burgers and freeze them.

Arnie….13 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe I was stationed away from her and the kids for a year in Korea…..and she juggled that with her eyes closed. She leaves for 13 days and here I am crapping myself!!!!!! And the kids are maintenance free now. All I have to worry about is me. Wow……I wonder what TCD will do when he has to leave the attic…..anyways….thanks Arnie….I can always count on you. BTW….I love Chicken Cacciatore. I just did not know all the work that went into it. Have you ever made beer can chicken on the grill????? I can do that and it’s awesome!!!!!!

I like the sounds of those burgers……guess what’s for dinner tomorrow?????? Thanks!!!!!!

How about some grilled shrimp?
Take some peeled raw shrimp, maybe . Medium size let’s say. 2 tablespoons butter. Mccormicks poultry spice, Tabasco sauce, a half cup of beer, some garlic salt and juice of half a lime. Fire up your grill. Take a big piece of aluminum foil. take the foil and pull up the four corners. Essentially you want to make a pouch to hold the shrimp, all the other ingredients and seal it up. So pull all 4 corners up and drop the shrimp, butter, a couple good shakes of the poultry seasoning and tobasco, sprinkle it well with the garlic salt. Add the beer. Careful!! don’t spill. Now fold the foil up so that the moisture will be trapped. Put this on your grill for about 8 minutes until it boils. When the shrimp are cooked through but not overcooked take the foil pack off the grill pour the shrimp over some rice. I learned this one from a guy at the fish fry in the Bahamas. It’s great with rice and red beans cooked with bacon.

I just made meat loaf, mashed taters and fresh green beans tonight… got a rewuest from my brother up the street for enough for a couple of sandwiches for lunch!!! YUMMMMMMMM

I am copying and pasting these to a word document….my wife will think twice about leaving me again when she ends up cooking some of this stuff!!!!!!

craig: I’ll put up some easy ones for you tomorrow, they Arent Arnie quality but I (if I dont mind saying so) am not too shabby in the kitchen!!!

Thanks Ellen…..could you Fed Ex me a meatlof sandwich?????LOL!!!!!

…and tcd leaves the attic/basement: 1st stop Taco (change my oil) Bell!!!! or Mc Raunchalds!!! lol
nite all.. tomorrow.

BoSoxBrian — interesting info about Bill LaJoie (the interim assistant when Theo resigned briefly) responsible for the Beckett/Lowell deal and we get at least (1) WS title out of that trade. Bill has a pretty impressive resume on Wikipedia — being associated with the 84 Tigers WS titles, and now the Dodgers…. who seem to be headed in the right direction…. hmmm … interesting…. maybe we need his help again.

I really like Theo, seems like a sharp guy — but over time I have deep down inside wondered if we didn’t have a run of beginner’s luck. Cause we haven’t seen shrewd moves since. The Beckett and Lowell trade always gave me a little hope that the ingenious trades of 2004 were not beginner’s luck, cause other than that — there are only stinkers. Drafting has been productive, Pedey, Elsbury — but trades and signing FAs….. all stinkers or barely break even. You gotta wonder a bit….

Do you have any idea who is behind the Lugo, Gagne deal, or letting Cabrerra go (thought that netted Elsbury in a compensatory draft pick)? I sure would like to know?

Draft picks — good so far. All other forms of acquisitions (trades, FA signings) under Theo (if you exclude Beckett and Lowell) — bad or average at best.

I guess I should except VMart — that was probably not a stinker trade, but then again, it wasn’t all that shrewd either, it was obvious and done out of necessity.

Theo has made some curious moves to be sure. The short stop mess, Drew , Gagne. Not all of those have been trades. Last winter’s signings looked good at first but proved to be disastrous,,,, Smoltz, Penny, and to a lesser extent Baldelli and Saito. But Theo did well with the Bay trade, Vmart and picking up Ramirez for Coco. Wagner was pretty good.
Theo appears to be constrained by the need to be careful with money and he sets limits and lives by them. Except for Dice-K and to some extent Drew. Why he gave Drew that much money is beyond me. Don’t even mention Lugo.
Two things happened this past season that were mysterious. One was the starters all seeming to struggle, especially the first half, except for Wake. Wake struggled to stay healthy during the second half. How many times did the starters go more than 6 innings? Or even get to the 6th? That had the effect of burning out some of the relievers who were great at the start of the year. The pitching staff never came together all year, really.
Second was the extended offensive slump. There were times last season when the hitters went day after day without scoring much, if at all. The offense was way below their capability. Didn’t make sense.
Overall the team just never came together. It felt like a long drawn out spring training. I don’t think it was anyone’s fault, that is just the way 2009 worked out.
If Theo can re-sign Bay that would be great. But with Drew in right, Ortiz as the DH and Mike Lowell’s health a question mark, where does the offense come from? Theo HAS to upgrade at least two of those three. If he can’t dump Drew and if he can’t deal with the third base issue, the Sox will struggle again in 2010. I’d really like to see Theo replace all three unless Lowell can prove he is healthy.

I like the idea of bringing back Bay but if he asks for a 5th year, I would look other places. I wouldn’t go beyond (4) years with Bay.

From what I have read, it sounds like Theo is going to that Walmart or Salvation Army route again. Rich Harden ( he gave up Nixon’s H.R. in the 2003 A.L.D.S. ) Justin Duchsherer ( he was once traded for Doug Mirabelli ) are the names being speculated already.

I agree with dgneubert 100% when you said…the Martinez trade wasn’t that shrewd…it was an obvious need and done out of necessity. Another trade made that same day made no sense then and doesn’t know and that was the LaRoche/Kotchman swap! I think overall Theo has done a “great” job with the farm system but his trades and free agent signings are either hit or miss. Boston has some ugly contracts on that roster for next season. Theo needs to take blame on that. I’m still satisfied he is the g.m. and of course the Red Sox ownership is among the best. We talk about this team struggling last year but they still won 95 games!

I love Youkilis’ reply if he was going to watch the Angels vs Yankees, he said he’ll be watching football. Great line by Youk! His Bengals are doing well and his Cinn. Bearcats are in the top 10.

Craig, What is your email address?? If you dont want to put it up email me at I’ll have some time this afternoon at work and I’ll send you some easy recipes. Got one for ribs in the oven thats super simple!!!

The key to the Sox this offseason has to be whether or not they bring back Bay. He will probably ask for too much. I actually was not that shocked by the outcome this season. I think it was clear that the Yankees THIS SEASON were in great shape. Their deals for Sabathia, Burnett, and Teixeira were for the next few years, and they’ll eat the cost of those huge deals down the road. They also have Jeter, Rivera, and Posada at the tail end of their careers but still playing at a high level. The Sox weren’t the same. Clearly Varitek, Ortiz, and Lowell were on the decline and will continue to be.

The key to next season will be the health of the rotation. If Beckett can stay relatively healthy and Dice K continues on his program and gets more fit, this rotation could carry the team. I’d obviously love to see Adrian Gonzalez come over, but to have a significant upgrade on offense we’d need to acquire him at a high price AND pay Bay. I don’t see the Sox doing both.

I also work for Steiner Sports and was just reviewing some stuff they have to remember the Sox season. It’s pretty cool so check out the Boston Red Sox memorabilia. Not to make this too commercial though. I’m a diehard sox fan that now can only hope that the Yanks don’t win it all. All of a sudden I’m a huge Angels fan😦

Durscherer was on the DL this entire season, Tommy John surgery, I beleive. But was a very good pitcher in 2008. His value post surgery remains to be seen.


Not only is Duchsherer coming off of surgery, he is also clinically depressed. Not a good fit in Boston. The other names being tossed around are Tim Hudson— he has a 12 million option for next year and I doubt that will be excercised by the Braves. Mark Mulder is another name in the Theo re-tread program. Other than being damaged goods, these pitchers have something in common. What is it??? Oh yeah, former member of the A’s. What is Billy Beane doing to these arms??? lol.

I wonder what it would take to get Brian Bannister from the Royals??? If the Red Sox are looking to fill out there rotation, he hasn’t logged many innings and has pitched in the A.L.— At least he will not be intimidated. Like some of these other guys that come from the N.L.

Hey everyone,
How ya all. Hope all is well.
Interesting comments. I hope all is well with you. Next season I hope the Sox do well. They are a great team with great potential.
Don’t beat up on Damon. He made a business decision. Yanks paid him more. For him, when he’s 50 and out of sports those Yankee paychecks will keep him happy. Papelbon is also someone after the cash flow. I can understand that. There is little loyalty in baseball for a lot of players for obvious reasons — the money is good. It’s a business like anything else.

>>> Science Question >>>>>>>>>.
What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur?

I didn’t know that about Johnny. Well, that was a calculated decision wasn’t it.
By the way Ellen, I respect you so much on this board. You’re smart, savvy, a great sense of humor and have the ability to show tcd133 what class is about on this board!

Dave, The reason we beat up on “poor” Johnny What’s-his-name isnt because he made a business decision, it’s because not too long before he jumped ships, he said he “could never see himself in pinstripes”… bee esssss!!!~
Well that will probably be the case next season.

The question is not clear. Is it a science or etymology question? Etymologically, dinosaur is a gigantic lizard. Dinos in Greek means huge & powerful and sauros means something like a lizard.
The Sox have the talents to win it all. This year just did not know how to put the talent parts together. Lack of hitting and discipline at the plate especially against good pitching killed the season abruptly. I don’t know whether it is Magadon’s fault or not. The Sox perhaps should joint a bidding war for Rudy Jeramillo, another BoraS client. LOL

Dave: Sorry your question is too vague and broad. I’d never answer it correctly, not that I know the answer. If that’s the answer you are looking for, the question should properly be phrased like What do dinos and birds have in common or something like that.

Thanks Dave!! Sometimes I just wish I had more book knowledgem you know the Chemistry and Science part of things… but thanks for the compliment..

Sorry Andrew,
Dinosaurs, as far as science is considered a dinosaur based on the hip structure. Dinosaurs could only move their legs like a pendulum, unable to swing the legs side to side. I often wonder to myself how they managed to elude prey since they had no flexibility that way.
I’m speculating that perhaps the bones were setup the way they were for the weight of these beasts but the early dinosaurs were REALLY tiny and yet had that hip structure. It’s bugged me. I’ll have to ask a paleo. I know two. Unfortunately they all give me different answers.
The joke: How do you get ten opinions — get two paleontologists in a room and ask the same question. It’s hard when no living evidence exists…although birds have the same type of hip…I believe anyway.

that shoule read: Sometimes I just wish that I had more book knowledge, you know, the …..

No worries. Not having this background doesn’t make you anything but someone who never explored those worlds. I know NOTHING about biology. I’m terrible at it. I wish I knew more but am starting to hear some podcasts.
This is what I am using to educate myself in biology. The podcast is free and open. You can download what you want. There are courses in chemistry, biology, etc. It helps with a daughter desperate for science believe me!

My e-mail is Thanks!!!

You are right. It was off the top of my head and I didn’t give a good question. My bad. I may have to call tcd133 and listen to him talk about Tinkie Winkie and his/her/it purse for punishment (LOL).

Ellen I might ad these podcasts are actual classroom recordings of UC Berkley in San Diego.

UC Berkley in San Diego? UC San Diego is in San Diego!


Does UC Berkley have a “Satellite School” in San Diego?

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