Live from The Bronx

The Red Sox might be done, but I’m not. Here I am in New York, ready to be your humble servant — as the late, great Will McDonough used to say — for this American League Championship Series.

Today at Yankee Stadium was dreary with a capital D. Just disgusting out there. Players seem fairly confident Friday night’s Game 1 will go on as scheduled, but we’ll see.

Everyone seems to like the Yankees in this series. The one reason I like them is because their bullpen is better than the Angels. That’s the one thing the Red Sox really messed up in their Division Series. By their utter inability to hit, they could never exploit that Angels’ weakness — the bullpen.

This is going to be a great series though. I fully expect it to go seven.


If the game has to come down to the bullpen, the Yanks have the clear advantage. The Yanks had at least 49 come from behind wins in the regular season.

Ian, You say everybody likes the Yanks to win?? All the sporets talk radio I’m listeneing to and MLB network, is giving the edge to the Angels… Maybe everyone in New York likes them to win…. oops ‘magine that!!! I dont want them winning thats for DAMNED SURE…

Ian, You say everybody likes the Yanks to win?? All the sports talk radio I’m listeneing to and MLB network, is giving the edge to the Angels… Maybe everyone in New York likes them to win…. oops ‘magine that!!! I dont want them winning thats for DAMNED SURE…

Ian, my cousin emailed me that it is snowing in Ct. You have snow in New York?

Ok folks, here’s a math puzzle for Dave, and a recipe for Ellen, Julia and our newest kitchen magician:Craig!
We make ribs in our restaurant that are very popular. Spicy but flavorful.
I will give you the quantities we use, you will have to do the arithmetic to break down the recipe for home use. It’s easy.
We use St. Louis style pork ribs.
One 35 pound case of ribs. 10 pounds jalapeno peppers, stemmed, blanched in boiling water for 5 minutes and pureed in a blender. 6.6 pounds of canned whole peeled tomatoes, 30 cloves of garlic blended with 2 cups water.
Take the ribs and do one of 2 things: If cooking them in your oven, cut the ribs into individual rib pieces, rub them well with garlic salt and pepper. Roast them in a 450 degree oven for 15 to 20 minutes. If you use your outdoor grill, place the racks of ribs whole over the hot coals after you have rubbed them with the garlic salt and pepper. Brown them up well. Then cut them after they are cool. In a large saucepan, place the ribs, tomatoes(blended) and the jalapenos.And the blended garlic. Add water to cover. Season with 1/4 cup of cumin and 1/4 cup of oregano. Add a tiny pinch of cloves. Salt to taste.Let them simmer until tender and the meat falls off the bone. Serve with refried beans and fried potatoes and corn tortillas.
Dave, do the math, if you were to use 5 pounds of ribs, do you divide by 7 or multiply by 1/7?

If I knew the Yanks were going to lose the WS — I would definitely prefer they lose in the WS and against the Dodgers — you know that would be the best for baseball, way better than a Phillie/Yanks series or Phillie/Angels series or a freeway series (yawn!!!).

Joe and Zazu against the Yanks — doesn’t get any better than that (unless you are a Red Sox fanπŸ™‚ . And besides — we are all just itching to route for Zazu one last time, aren’t we? However, since I obviously cannot guarantee a WS loss for the Yanks, I have to root for each an every opportunity for early exit for them — better safe than sorry. My apoligies to KramerπŸ™‚

I’ll take those ribs, Arnie! My dad does GREAT ribs. I cook, but I do not have the tools here to grill. So we enjoy his. Yours sound GREAT!πŸ˜‰ One day I might be able to try the “saucepan” version!

It’s raining lightly in NY.
Tomorrow night: Cloudy with showers. Low near 40F. Winds NNE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
Saturday: Showers early, becoming a steady rain later in the day. High 47F. Winds NE at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

I’ll make an assumption here.
1) I’m assuming you’re asking that your recipe is 35 pounds and you want to make it useful for 5 pounds correct?
To get that value take the 35 & multiply by 1/7 which is the same as dividing by 7 since the one is pretty much useless in the fraction. Or of course you could reverse the operation and take that 5 & multiply by 7 to get the 35.
I’m assuming that’s what you’re asking.

Dave, I thought it might be useful for Naomi to see how a fraction could be helpful in real life. One time I asked my Algebra II teacher what use Algebra II would be to me later in life and she responded,” What if you become an Algebra teacher?” Needless to say, I never picked up my book for that class again.

Sports aren’t too bad for those “useful fractions”, also! We use 1/3 and 2/3 of an inning all the time. I told my daughter that I learned my 7’s mult. table via football scores ( TDs, with the extra point, of course!)

Great idea. I’ll present it to her.
Here’s the story as it goes. Naomi is doing the common denominator method (as I call it) for 1/7 of 35 to get 5/35 of 35 but then complains the numbers are too big. I show her just multiply 1/7 * 35 and then she says it’s harder to visualize (not her word visualize) the problem…so I then go back to the denominator and…the numbers are too big. I can’t win.

I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. “What if you become an algrebra teacher? Oh it’s priceless!”
I’ll present that problem to her tonight. I think Naomi will like it!

Swear to God, Dave, that’s what she said.

Algebra’s basic purpose is to solve for the unknown in a structured way. If you have two parts to solve the problem and need the third part, you use algebra. Now I know, that sounds like everyday math but with algebra you can create equations and manipulate them like numbers to solve for the unknown.
Calculus is so cool because it uses algebra to solve two problems:
1) The area of something that can’t use length * width or something to that effect like the area of the Toronto skydome.
2) The non linear (uneven) slope of a line. For example, to calculate the exact speed at a particular moment of someone running down a track can’t be done with normal methods but calculus allows you to literally derive or make an equation to do it. It’s actually really easy math. it’s the integral calculus (calculating the area under curves, etc. that gets to be really hard.
I went as far as Fourier transforms and stopped. I had had enough. That’s nasty math. Fourier transforms allow you to take any shape and make it into sines and cosines. Really hard math. I mean it, really hard math.

I would have said to her (or was it a him), “now you know why you’re an algebra teacher!”

Sounds familiar, Dave. Unfortunately, as you know, the numbers only get bigger, so she’ll just have to figure out, “Oh well, that’s the way it goes”. I heard that plenty of that, also. My daughter also had the “It’s too hard, the numbers are just too big” complaint also. That’s why I concentrated on method, not the numbers. Once she learns the method (I prefer the “common denominator” method, but whichever works!), you just have to remind her: THE METHOD WORKS THE SAME WAY, NO MATTER THE NUMBERS! Sooner or later, esp. if she is the “inventive type”, as you described her, she’ll figure it out. She just can’t use the complaint to get out of her homework!πŸ˜‰

Your old algebra teacher. Does she live in New York and have a son who lives in his attic…er…basement pretending to be in the attic.

I almost forgot, Dave, on one of the previous threads, Julia left some math websites for you and Naomi (and they might work for your other daughter). They might help! If you are using them already, skip this message. OOPS, too late, message over!πŸ˜‰

Oh she doesn’t but I tell you the complaining does get old real quick. Then it turns into crying when she gets frustrating enough. Man, was math this hard for us? Answer – no because math in school now is much more demanding. I’ve noticed it myself in her schoolwork compared to when I went to school. I suppose its a good thing but they never told me this when I became a parent. Let’s see, where is that owner’s manual on my daughter again? (LOL)

I lost my owner’s manual also, Dave. Yes, it gets old, but it is how it goes, and she (and we) just have to plug on (I fit the “Pluggers” comic very well, if anyone has seen that comic strip). Because then they become teenagers! Hmmm!… I hear ya!

If the Angels could sneak one out of N.Y.—I like the Angels in six games. Of course a big if. The Yankees have been lethal at home all year, especially in the second-half. Hard to believe the lowly Nationals took 2 of 3 from the Yankees in N.Y. Of course that was long ago and the Yankees are a different team.

If I’m the Angels…tease A-Rod, give him nothing to hit! Have Texeira and others beat you.

As Lester, Beckett and Buchholz found out, these Angels battle you. Just like the Yankees do, it should a fun series!
I’m not sold on the guys before Rivera. The Twins had some chances against Hughes and others but couldn’t cash in. Of course the biggest weapon on any team is Rivera!

I also think if Girardi goes to a three man rotation, that is a mistake!

All this talk of the ” Legend” named Joba and the guy so far is nothing more than a set-up man.

That all being said, I could really care who wins as long as it is a long series and some good drama unfolds!

Joba da Legend, Brian? Uh, yeah right. Still just plain ol’ Joba da Hut! Wit da Joba Rules…
I hope the Angels can get snatch one in NY and then hold serve, but we’ll see. That is their best shot, no question.

Greg, My family is also a “Pluggers” Family!!!! My mom used to cut them out and send them to my oldest brother in
Denver… She never did grab onto the computer that I bought for her… Matter of fact I’m using that one now!!

Some people may think of him as a legend, (he’s a legend in his own mind for sure!! lol)
But to me he’ll always be Joba da Butt!!!!!

When I mention the word “legend” about Joba. It is dripping with major sarcasm. lol. The pitcher I think that will be better than Chamberlain is Hughes. I assume N.Y. will have Hughes in the rotation next year. He’ll swap spots with Chamberlain, that would be funny.

I agree with you Dave about Chamberlain being a killer set-up guy and potentially a solid closer.

Why don’t they tell you these things BEFORE you become parents so you’re better prepared (LOL)
Can you generate some real life cooking problems for Naomi. Please put it in this form as it matches her homework. Either email me or just stick them in the blog.
Julio Lugo had 45 brain cells in his head. He then took out 4/5 of his brain cells. How much of his brain did he take out?
OK, DON’t make that a Julio Lugo problem. Make them kid friendly and cooking friendly. I just hate Julio Lugo.

Joba Chamberlandy (LOL) was a KILLER setup man and the idiots in charge decided to make him a starter. Dumb move. It crippled the Yankee bullpen. Chamberlanly isn’t a great starting pitcher. He doesn’t have the versatility. It was a dumb move and I hope the Yankees make more of them.

I have a dear friend who is going through a painful divorce and I was so depressed about it last night.
Seeing you type “new alert — Dave hates Julio Lugo — made me roar with laughter. Thank you!

I’m rooting for ANYONE but LA Dodgers and New York Yankees.

LA because of Zazu, although in fairness I have respect for Joe Torre.
New York – I have great respect for Girardi. He’s a fine manager and the team is great but I get headaches everytime tcd133 pretends to have passed puberty.

Cleveland just doesn’t have a lot of cash flow. Examine how many people attend the games — it’s a ghost town compared to Fenway. It’s a sad case indeed. Cleveland gave us, Zazu, Ortiz, Sebastian, etc.


I would like to know who each of us is pulling for tonight and why.
I’m pulling for the Phils because I dont want Zazu ANYWHERE near the Series!!!!

I would like to see the Phillies as well. Game #2 starter for Philly tomorrow is Pedro.

I like the Phillies in five games! Then again I

Then again I thought St. Louis would take out the Dodgers. lol.

Just think if the Indians held on to some of there guys, they would be the team to beat in the A.L. if not all of baseball. Lots of former Inidans in the playoffs. Another franchise that just can’t get it done, that sums up that city and there sports franchises. LOL!!

me too Brian.. “the best 1-2 starters in baseball.” guess not!

With the respect that I feel for Joe Torre, I cant say that I’d feel bad if he got in.. But then there’s that Zazu factor…
ARGHHH.. another conundrum!!!!
Where is Jules??

these posting problems suck!!!! thanks a ton, Mark Newman,,, the fans pay your salary too!! No fans, no MLB.COM


Holliday couldn’t make that catch in game #2 and that was all she wrote for the Cards in October. Carpenter in game #1 came up lame, I was surprised.

The Phillies made quick work of the Dodgers last year and I think that will happen again this year.

Maybe you can explain to Naomi that 1/7 of 35 can be mathematically expressed as 1/7 x 35 which becomes 35/7 and the answer is 5.
The key to remember is “of” is the multiplication sign and the line between the numerator and the denomiator is actually the division sign which will be helpful when she starts to learn decimals. e.g. 1/2 =0.5

Just the other night we had a surprise birthday party lined up for 21 people. But 2/3 of them never came. How many place settings did we have to remove?

Also, I have a banana bread recipe that uses 30 ripe bananas. But I just checked in dry storage and I’ve only got 10 bananas. Normally this recipe makes 12 loaves. How many loaf pans should I prepare?

And last night 2/3 of the way through the night I had a dream that I was swimming at the beach in the Bahamas. I was swimming underwater and had to come up for air. But I was too deep in the ocean so I would not make it to the surface before I had to take a breath, so I woke up in a panic. If I normally sleep 15 hours and woke up at 2 AM, what time did I go to bed?

Hey, Ian, Yankee Stadium is not dreary normally, when it is not raining?πŸ˜‰

Here’s my favorite math problem. It comes from the book Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.
If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long would it take a one-legged grasshopper to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle?

these posting problems suck!!!! thanks a ton, Mark Newman,,, the fans pay your salary too!! No fans, no MLB.COM

Hi All! Thanks for the recipe Arnie! Sorry to stop by so late; had to teach today and had parent’s night for my 7th grader.

The weather is awful here. Cold and rainy – parts of MA were getting some snow (western part of the state) and they say it will be 15-20 degrees below normal over the weekend. If they get the game in it will be cold!

I have tried to post a response to Brian for 45 minutes!!! Good Job Newman…
Woahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Arnie, I cant wait for the answer to that one!!!

You went to bed REALLY early after a late party!!!!

Night all!! See you in the a.m.!!
…..”We are fam-i-ly…got all my Brownie pointers with me!!!”

The Sox bullpen was OVERRATED. It was based on their lights out performances over the first 2+ months of the season.

I’m sure if we looked, from June on, the numbers of the Bullpen would have been middle of the pack.

I’m picking the Angels in 6, and would love to see them sweep. It’s funny, though. I don’t really want the Yankees to lose because I hate the Yankees (well A-Rod…), but because 95% of the Yankee fans are annoying, cocky, and pompus as all get out, and I would love to hear them cry again.

Red Sox Ramblings:

Thanks for the recipes……not sure about 7 or 1/7 but if I cook enough I’ll have enough for 7 days!!!!!! My daughters are taking me to the Outback on Saturday night….God bless those little monkeys!!!!! Ellen……my answer to your “We are family” is “I will survive”….thanks to you guys!!!!!!

Arnie, is the answer to the grasshopper question “a day and a half”? Sounds right!πŸ˜‰


Well tonight is the start of the ALCS. I SOOOO want the Yankees to crash and burn.. (sorry Robert). I wish that I could say otherwise for Robert but I want all the NASTY Yankees fans that I have come in contact with to feel it. I don’t ever brag about the Sox to “other fans”, fans of other teams. I dont brag because I dont want to have someone be able to come back and throw my words in my face. But just this morning I was at the grocery store (and I have a RedSox tag and my RSN member stickers on my back windows of my truck) I was just parking and getting out of the truck and a guy with a Yankees T-Shirt and hat made a point of coming up to me and telling me how badly the “RedSox Suck” and used a few explpetives that would be censored here. I just thanked him for pointing that out to me and went on my way. Then in the store he did it again. I dont see the point in that. I wanted to go off on him but I know thats what he expected and I wouldnt stoop to his level!!!
Anyway, Go Angels!!!!

When I was getting abused by the Yankee fan in Anaheim last month I just completely ignored the guy. He must have thought I was deaf. I found out that it bothered him more when I ignored him than if I had traded barbs with him. By the 7th inning this guys was frustrated and furious. All I could do was smile inside. Don’t these people realize that sooner or later your team may have unforeseen issues and you may end up eating your words? That something I don’t like to do so have guarded optimism at all times with the Sox. I always feel like I’ll jinx the team by talking smack so I just roll with the tide. Unlike most Yankee fans….I don’t consider the entire season a failure if the Sox don’t go all the way. I just take what they give me. Really, that’s all any fan can do. Go Sox!!!!

Yankee fans can boast and gloat whatever they want. We shall see by this time next week. Go Angels.
Math Problem of the Day for Dave, Arnie, Greg and Anyone:
Joe’s father is 55 years old. He is 15 years older than twice the age of Joe. How old is Joe?

thanks you guys.. Craig, It seems that you and I are of the same mind set. The last time I talked smack was at a UM PennSt game and I said something about Joe Pa going back to the Happy Valley sanitarium (UM was up big at the time) well no sooner did those words come out of my mouth and the Nittney (sp) Lions intercept Miami and turn the game around..We lost. That was about 12-15 years ago and I have never talked smack SINCE!!!!!

Joe is 20….?

The difference between 50 and 15 is 40 /2=20 (20 x2= 40+15=55)

Ellen: Excellent. You have won a non prize prize. Very good indeed. Congrats.

YAY me!!!! Glad to know I’m still as smart as a 3rd grader!!! lol

Well done and you beat me to it. I was fixing a toilet in the house (I wore gloves)!
Don’t say EVER you’re not smart! I did the same thing but with algebra. Here is my solution.
Jf (Joe’s father) = 55
Jf = 15 + 2j, where J = Joe
55 = 15 + 2j
(55-15)/2 = j
40/2= j
j = 20

>>>>>>>>>> Science question >>>>>>>>>>>>>
This is for everyone.
Water is H2O (can’t do subscripts on this blog).
How many atoms are in water?
How many atoms are in:
C6H12O6 (again can’t do subscripts but the C is carbon, the H is hydrogen and the O is oxygen.

Dave: I will solve the Joe’age with algebra also. Let x be Joe’s age and you did.
A lot of times algebra makes solving math problem little easier.
One molecule of water has two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to a single oxygen atom.
Can I say the same for C6H12O6 (glucose) – 6 carbon atoms, 12 H atoms, and 6 O atoms?
A simple math problme for you or anyone:
A quadrilateral contains angles measuring 60 degree, 90 degree, 120 degree, and x degree. What is the value of x ?

Before I answer that can you help me…or ANYONE.
Naomi always struggles with these and if I throw in Algebra I’ll fry her brain.
two numbers add up to value say 240.
one number is twice the value of the other number.
Now with yours — assuming interior angles, all quads add up to 360 on angles.

360 – (60 + 90 + 120) = x
360 – (150 + 120) = x
360 – 270 = x
360 – 270 = 90.
Oh ya, I could have also realized symmetry. Oh well, that works too.

Excellent. X = 90

Your problem:
x + 2x = 240
3x = 240
x = 240/3
x = 80
The two numbers are 80 and 160 (2x)

Good luck with Naomi!

Hi to all the Red Sox loving science geeks! We have a black hole here on earth!

No – the earth will not be swallowed up – but it is really cool!

Dave – I hope Naomi is doing well with the Math! Good luck!

Andrew, Julia,
That’s the problem. I did the same thing with Naomi and of course I can’t show her algebra. Is there a way to represent it without algebra. I’m just seeing x!
That’s so #$ cool! I love it. Thank you!

Really now, Julia, we have had a black hole in our very own country for a long time now–Washington, DC, of course! (Only half-kidding!)

Dave, with the type of equations you are discussing, I don’t see how you avoid introducing algebraic concepts into your discussions. Even with the “Joe’s age” question, you are introducing variables, and algebraic operations. Ellen’s way of writing it out is the closest we come to not using variables and algebra–but you still need to know how to set up the equations! Naomi may protest now, but she should get to the point where those things are second nature.

Dave, Greg: I agree. I don’t see how one can solve that problem without using algebraic equation. What grade is Naomi in? It seems to be an elementary algebra problem.

Andrew, Greg,
She’s only in fourth grade. I don’t see how I can help her with this without algebra but I’m programmed from a life of math to see it as algebra. I hesitate to show her x variables, etc. That’s heavy math at her age.


You heard it here first. Sadly, I see Yankees in five…perhaps 4. LA doesn’t have a prayer and I struggle with this. LA is the biggest bunch of whiners I’ve ever seen but New York…is New York. What do you do?

The Angels need to split the first 2 and it comes down to a 5 game series with HFA. If so, I see the Angels in 6.

I understand, Dave. We said the exact same thing–SHE’S IN FOURTH GRADE?! I get it. But by the time we got to fourth-grade math, we were already doing variables in equations, and “simple” (ahem!) algebra. And we kept saying, “What the…??”, esp. since they seemed to be trying to “dumb down” math in the earlier grades, like with the addition trick I showed you. (Make up your minds already!…) They might as well just get them used to seeing 9 + 4 = 13, without the trick! Trust me, Dave, I get it.

Ellen, did you get an e-mail I attempted to send you yesterday? Let me know!

Hi all! Just got home. The Angels suck worse than I did tonight. Nice way for Lackey to fold up his tent for the Yankees… No sippey cup for him tonight.
GREG: I havent checked my email yet today, I’ll do that in a bit.

Greg, I checked my email and have gotten new mail, but nothing from you.

I’ll try again, Ellen, here goes nothin’.πŸ˜‰

I can’t argue with you there. Math is getting more and more intense in schools for sure. I guess Naomi will get some ‘speeded up’ math to solve a few problems. I’ll try to water it down for her though.
Gee Greg, did life seem a lot simpler when you and I were kids? I mean we didn’t have 1/1000 of the problems that kids have nowadays or am I overreacting here?

Gee tcd.. You must be getting some short(er) term memory loss. I seem to recall that in 04 there was a team that BLEW YOUR A*S*S*E*S AWAY!!!!! I think it just might have been the well put together
RedSox!!! and in 07 as well..
And I think that the Rays and Phillies were pretty well put together and dominant last season…

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