Medical updates

Not much news to report since it all ended for the Red Sox last Sunday, but there are a couple of minor medical updates.

Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, as first reported by, will have his back surgery on Wednesday at Massachusetts General Hospital. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Lawrence Borges. Once the procedure is over, the Red Sox can officially decide if Wakefield is back in the fold for the 2010 season.

Unless there are any complications, I fully expect Wakefield to embark on a 16th season with the Sox. I fully don’t get people who think they should commit that $4 million to a younger, healthier player. Wakefield fully earned his $4 million in the first half alone, making the All-Star team. If you need prove, then check out what Brad Penny did for $5 million of the Red Sox’s money and what John Smoltz did for $5.5 million.

Ever since agreeing to annual $4 million extensions every year, starting with the 2006 season, Wakefield has proved to be worth all of that money.

While Wakefield does need surgery, it apears that Jed Lowrie does not need another procedure on his torublesome left wrist.

Lowrie consulted with Dr. Donald Sheridan in Arizona shortly after the Red Sox were knocked out of the playoffs.

“The prognosis is good,” Lowrie wrote in an e-mail to “With rest, strength and conditioning it should be 100 percent.”

What is hardly 100 percent certain is who will be the starting shortstop for the Red Sox next season.


I hope Dr. Borges isn’t related to former Boston Globe writer and current writer of the Boston Herald Ron Borges. lol. Wakefield at 4 million is a bargain and on top of that he’ll be throwing to a catcher not only can catch a knuckleball but can hit as well.

It sounded like Theo called out Lowrie the other day. Lowrie so far has proven all he can do is get hurt.

I think that they should keep AGon. If Lowrie proves to be the wunderkind that he was projected to be at least we have relief at ss. But there is the question of whether AGon would allow himself to be relegated to backup. He was a jewel of a pick up this season.

I hope Wake is back next year!! He is worth every penny. And I’m with you Elle – let’s keep A-Gonz this time!

Ian, I sure hope you are right about Wake’s availability after his surgery. I would be very pleased to have Wake return–had he not gotten injured, who knows how many wins he could have had? I will not be optimistic about that until ST, though. GO WAKE!
I hope we re-sign A-Gonz, even if Lowrie’s wrist is doing well. Lowrie, I think, still needs another year under his belt. We’ll see. Thanks, Ian! GO SOX!

Watching some of the Angels/Yankees game and Burnett certainly looks solid out there. Abreu owned the Red Sox for three games and he hasn’t even been on base in this series…I assume he’ll reach base safely eventually against the Yankees.

Texeira with another solid play at first base. Can this guy stretch or what???? Texeira hasn’t done much at the plate but he is holding his own at first.

Hard to believe that this is the same Angels team that basically spanked the Sox out of the playoffs. The pitching has been pretty solid, but the defense has had some terrible lapses. And the last error was brutal, no way Aybar should have been trying for the DP on that last play of the game. Their hitting has gone south, along with all that speed on the basepaths. Abreu has suddenly discovered he’s not Ted Williams, and Vlad Guerrero? He’s become the Angel’s version of David Ortiz. And Fuentes had his own “Papelbon moment.”

Which brings me to an interesting question. Fuentes gets a blown save by giving up the homer to A-Rod in the 11th. But he finished the inning. What would have happened if the Angels scored in the 12th? Likely Fuentes would have stayed in the game (this time to try and get the win).

But what would the scoring have been if he blew the lead in the 12th again (but like in the 11th, didn’t lose the game)? Can the official scorer give a pitcher two blown save opportunities in the same game? I’d say no, because technically it’s not a save opportunity (he’s not trying to save the game for someone else, he’s trying to win it for himself).

See, this is what happens when the Sox are out of the playoffs. When you don’t really care who wins or loses, you start looking for other things in the game to keep your interest.

I said Aybar committed the 13th inning throwing error, of course it was Izturis. But they way their middle infielders are falling apart, it’s getting difficult to remember which one committed the most recent error.

When the game is going to be decided by the bullpen, the Yanks have the absolute advantage. Error or no eror, the Yanks would win in extra innings anyway. Another come from behind win for the Yanks. The Yanks will find a way to beat you one way or the other.
A-Rod has exocised the postseason demon.
The playoffs have exposed the weaknesses of the Red Sox, lack of clutch hitting among other things. The inability of Lester, Beckett, and Buchholz to go deep into innings effectively means a short playoffs. The Red Sox would be swept by the Yanks if Reds Sox somehow got by the Angels.
It shows that money can buy a championship. Sabathia & AJ excellent in two playoffs games and Tex helped the team with his glove.

Looks like the Yankees year. So far. Sox should take an example of the Patriots, Wakefield should be like Seau, sign him after the All-Star break, they should look for something better until then. Harden, Bedard would be better alternatives.

The Yankees went out and got Texeria, Swisher, Sabathia and Burnett during the offseason and all have been regular players.

Our Red Sox knew they had problems at short, catcher, possibly starting pitching and probably third base. The majority of the players we picked up in the off season are no longer here. It wasn’t until quite late that we got Alex Gonzalez, Victor Martinez and Billy Wagner.

I don’t think the front office did enough last winter to make the team competitive while the Yankees went whole hog and it shows.

I hope the front office recognizes the problems we have now with Lowrie, Wakefield and Lowell and act to back up those positions. Lowrie has the possibility of being a very good player but will need recovery time and there is a chance he won’t fully recovery his ability. Wakefield is getting old enough to really question whether he has a shot at coming back from surgery. Clearly the front office should plan for the likelihood that he won’t. Lowell is an excellent player but again, he may not recover enough of his speed next year either. And with those problems we can add issues with Ortiz coming back to where he was before he had medical issues. Lots of luck.

The Yankess will remain very solid with who they have and they will not stand pat. We have to improve to be in the mix at the end of the season.

Have mercy on the Sox!
There is a tendency to blame when it doesn’t go our way. We all do it. I do it.
The reality was that Lowrie was supposed to be the shortstop but his wrist threw away that option. It was also a hope that Lugo would take shortstop seriously. He didn’t. I never liked Lugo. He was a waste of cash.
Theo pays WAY too much money for junk and that shrinks the second highest payroll in the league. Drew, Lugo, Gagne were disasters!
Finally, Penny and Smotz weren’t bad ideas. They were reasonably cheap. Penny gave us some innings but Smotz was a walking hit. Byrd gave us more than Smotz.
But who could have forseen Beckett’s struggles or who could have expected David Ortiz to fall apart.
Lowell will come back. It was major surgery and most of us would not be playing third base after major surgery like that. It shows his character.
The Sox wanted Texeira but, as usual, everyone’s favorite wheeler dealer, Scott ‘burn you’ Boris did it again. Yankees have infinite pockets. They can’t buy a championship but they CAN buy anyone they want at any time they want.
Next year is a new year. We’ll do it.

Even if the Yanks go on to lose the next 4 games, they have shown me something this year. The Yanks were the laughing stock in the preseason and in the first half but were unstopable in the second half and the big M carries to the postseason. Unbelievable!
If the Yanks have a good start and the Sox don’t play consistently good baseball in 2010, the race can be ovah by ASB regardless what the Sox do/pick up in the off season.
What’s wrong with the Sox this year? Complacency on the part of the FO and field management – slow to realize and address the problem when it first arises.
The team was well rested for the postseason and now they have 150 days rest for the next season.


The race can be ovah by the A.S.B. next year??? LOL!! Nobody has even played a game in 2010 yet. Wow! I love your optimism. The season ended seven days ago. Let’s see what kind of team Boston puts together for 2010 before we speculate about the race next year.

I agree with you about the complacency of the front office/ownership. The Red Sox have some ugly contracts for next season. Ortiz’s being the UGLIEST. Ortiz is a ten five guy so it will be very difficult to trade Ortiz. He holds all the cards and what team will want him??? I’m guessing Ortiz will be wearing a Red Sox uniform in 2010, of course that will be his last season in Boston.

Also not much help on the farm for the team next year. It sounds like the next wave of prospects are in 2011 and beyond. You and I agree on Bowden and I think others on here do as well.

Do the Sox make a blockbuster deal this winter??? Does Theo get creative??? Adrian Gonzalez??? Felix Hernandez??? Obviously both will not end up in Boston but one of them could or then again they could end up staying in S.D. and Seattle.

I agree with you about the Yankees, they have all sorts of momentum but don’t give them the crown just yet.

9tedw, Wake may indeed be effective if he waits until after the AS break to pitch. His option would be picked up before the season, regardless of when he actually pitches–his contract, with its rolling option, would make that happen. When he pitches, though, is another matter. Conceivably, under your scenario, he could be put on the 60-day DL. It is certainly possible that he would indeed pitch less–or not at all–until after the AS break. We’ll see. I said before that I hope Ian is right that Wake will be ready to pitch in 2010. I am hoping his surgery and rehab would allow him to do that. I’m not certain at all that that will happen. I HOPE Wake will be able to pitch effectively from Day 1, but I am not so sure that he will.

Also there are some rumors that Billy Wagner might retire. That would stink. Only reason he was brought to Boston, other than needing another arm in the pen for the final six weeks or so is that he would sign somewhere else next year and Boston would get a draft pick for the compensation. If he retires, that pick would go out the window. Theo as we all know has done a solid job with the draft. Papelbon, Pedroia, Bard, Ellsbury, Masterson and Buchholz among others.

Saratoga Bill, it is entirely possible, with Lowell’s recovery from hip surgery, that he would have been most effective if he’d been the regular DH last year (esp. since Papi was not effective)–Lowell’s hitting was not the problem. We do still have a “back-up” to Lowell, and have had all year–Youk. That hasn’t changed now, either, as Youk can step in at 3B, V-Mart at 1B. We’ll see if Lowell returns next year–I’m not so sure he will. He is not likely to be traded, either, as he’d be most effective as a DH. That’s where I’d like to see him. Again, as with Wake, I HOPE Lowell can return, esp. as DH. I do think his fielding days would be few and far between next year.

Dave, the Sox did want Tex last winter, but we would be saddled with another “ugly” contract (to use Brian’s apt term!) had we done so. We’d be stuck with a LOOONNNGGG TERM deal, and that’s not what we need right now! I am still VERY glad we did not sign Tex.

It is interesting to me that Smoltz was not willing to go to the BP when he was here, but he did agree to do so in StL! Hmmm!… Theo would have been wise to have signed someone else last winter, if Smoltz was unwilling to do BP. We could have used it for someone like Harden or Bedard, as 9tedw suggested (or someone else).
Brian, last I saw with Wagner was that he was not looking to retire at all. Reportedly, his reaction to questions about retirement was, “Say what?”. We’ll see–the draft pick would certainly help!

I am beginning to think we will need the Ambassador to Japan to have a permanent consulate in Boston! With the Japanese pitchers we have, and are looking at again (Kikuchi-san reportedly being the latest possibility), we might as well! Hmmm!…


Wagner’s agent is saying he’s retiring and Wagner ( his word has more meaning ) is saying he isn’t retiring. Wagner has made comments that he would like to get to 400 saves for his career, he is 15 shy of 400 saves. T.B. needs someone to close, perhaps he’ll end up in T.B. Personally I wouldn’t want too see Wagner back in Boston. I’m with you regarding the draft pick, it would be nice to have.

Don’t count out Lowell just yet. He has battled back from cancer and also was a throw in during the Beckett trade. Most people counted out Lowell when he was struggling during spring training of that year. Obviously he proved those critics wrong. Lowell will be (1) yr. removed from hip surgery, I think he’ll be o.k. in 2010. His final season in Boston. Lowell is the ultimate gamer! Ortiz is the guy I am concerned about, I expect Ortiz to be back in Boston for his final season with the Red Sox and I am not counting on him to do much next year.

I see the Patriots won big today, as it was dump-trucking snow in Foxboro. Maybe that is the trick to get the Patriots to win–more snow (and perhaps a snowplow!)πŸ˜‰
Brian, I am not counting out Lowell at all. I think he would be a rather effective hitter, whether at 3B or DH. I think the issue is going to be playing time, though–I am not sure he will settle for the reduced playing time next year, and I am not sure he will get that kind of playing time. I hope he does–I would LOVE nothing more than to see him return and have a great year. I simply see a replay of the charade that Lowell went through last year with Tex, and I’m not sure if Lowell will be willing to go through that again. Again, I HOPE I am wrong, but I see a repeat of last year’s off-season, and I don’t know if he thinks it will be worth it.

I agree with you, Brian, on Papi. I don’t expect Papi to have a rebound year, and I would love Lowell to be in the slot at DH. I am ready for Papi to be moved on.
I think Wagner does want to reach that saves milestone, likely with someone else. He will not get those saves with us unless we move Pap and move Wagner to a closer role–not very likely! But I don’t think he’ll retire.

Hey all, I figured out why Boston trades have not gone so well lately — cause Theo is too busy working on his Hollywood career, playing John Rowland, the gardener (now restaurant owner) of Gabi (Eva Longoria) on Desparate Housewives. Check it out — pretty much a double if not him for realπŸ™‚

I know I’m just an old &%^$*, but I miss the days when the World Series was done by mid-October, and I miss WS day games. I know it will never happen because too much money is at stake (TV ratings, gate receipts, etc.). But baseball in November? Sorry, that’s as bad as hockey in June (or do they go into July now?). And what about when the day comes (and it will, mark my words) when the WS bleeds into December.

If I was king of the world, I would start the season a week earlier, and it would end in the last week of September. The first playoff round would be best-of-three (not 5) and all 3 games over 3 consecutive days would be played in the park of the higher seeded team. And there wouldn’t be 3 days between the end of the season and the start of the A/NLDS–only 1, to allow for tie breakers. The second series, A/NDCS would be best of 5, would start after one day’s rest following the DS, and would be done in a week (allowing for 2 travel days). The WS would then start after one day of rest followng the CS. Games would be played in the daytime, when the weather was more hospitable. And by the end of the 3rd week of October, it would be over.

I felt sorry for those players and fans in NY last night. Freezing in the dark at 1 am? I would have left too.

p.s. Oh, one last thing. All mascots would be banned. Except the Philly Phanatic and the San Diego Chicken.

I agree with every single word you said in that first paragraph, Ron, incl. the coming “baseball in Dec.” (in Minn.(?!), let alone Boston!). Yes, I see that coming–unfortunately.
Speaking of sounding like an old you-know-what, the “reward” the Patriots get for their big win today is to play next in LONDON! (Imagine that irony–Patriots in London! Hmmm!…) Sorry, jambo04, but the NFL has no business playing in London!

What happened to global warming???? LOL!!

Hey! BosoxBrian!

I’m not sure which is more embarrassing — the way the Buckeyes stunk out the joint in West Lafayette last weekend, or the fact that they are still in the Top 20!!!Must be a bunch of weak-a@@ed college pigskin teams. Good that there is no Ohio Trophy game — they’d probably get waxed by the Cincinnati Bearcats about like the Pats did to the Titans this week-end!! Glad I’m not a fan!!! (lol).

I just read an internet NFL QB rating that didn’t include Brady among the Top 10, even after yesterday’s performance. That has to be a result of some short memories. There aren’t 3 QB’s I’d rather have than Brady….and I’ll bet at least five of the head coaches would trade their more highly ranked QB even up for Brady! I know the Titans are winless, but some of those balls (esp. into the wind) were right on the money. Could be a fun second half of the season for the Pats.

I’m not sure which I enjoyed more: Watching the Jets lose, or watching Lee Evans catch all of the downfield passes for the Bills. I started wondering if TO was injured, but then I looked at the game stats that gave him 3 catches for 13 yards. What a force to be reckoned with!!! (lol).

I never would have recognized Pedro as a better mid-season pick up than Paul Byrd. Why do you suppose the Sox passed him over? He sure looked good in NLCS Game 2. Amazing though, how controversy continues to swirl about how long to pitch him. Its almost like the “3 Bears.” “Grady Little left him in toooo long….But Charlie Manuel pulled him out toooo soon.” Let’s see if somebody gets it juuuusssstttt rightt!!!

ronkelly.. I know that the Phanatic and the Chicken were the “originators” but dont you think that in your plan there night be room for Wally???

Wally. That’s the Red Sox mascot, right? Gotta tell you, seeing that furball at Fenway would be kinda like Liberace at the Sistine Chapal. Outta place.

Youpie can stay maybe, but only if they bring back the Expos.

Good analogy dbenj!!!

>>>>>>>>> Science Question >>>>>>>>>>>>>
First, I really am enjoying the biology podcasts of San Diego U. I’m learning a lot. I did not know about trans fats and what that actually means but I do now!
Anyway, here is the science of the day.
The bone that is often called the ‘knee cap’ has a medical term. Do you know what it is?
(I only know it because of my knee injury.)

Did you guys know — and I didn’t — that all hydrogenated fats are simply oils that are injected with tons of hydrogen. This is because the difference between butter (a saturated fat) and olive oil is the amount of hydrogen. Slam the material with hydrogen and you have a saturated (flooded with hydrogen) fat. So of course manufacturers said ‘well, why not just add our own).
So they do just that. Hydrogenated fats are simply vegetable oils that a bombarded with hydrogen and that thickens them out but it creates a hydrogen chain that unfortunately is quite different than saturated fats. This has the unfortunate side effect of exploding our cholesterol levels. (the body can’t break it down in other words.)
Cool stuff.

It is the patella.

I assume you are referring to the “patella”, in regards to the kneecap, or are you referring to something else?

Greg you are EXACTLY right. I grided the patella in my right knee enough that it looks like a mushroom with part of it cut off. I have to have injections of cartilage to keep the knee working.
Watch out with running. It can kill your knees.

You gave the credit to the wrong person. It wasn’t Greg. Ellen gave the correct answer.

Ellen and I both weighed in, Andy!πŸ˜‰
I still remember all that stuff from 8th grade health class–I can stil hear my intructor’s recitations. We memorized practically the entire skeletal system. (Because of my health history, I’ve had to remember more of it than I’ve cared to!) Oh, well…

Sorry about your health issues. You’ve hinted at it. You come across as an amazing person to know — as does Ellen. This board has some of the nicest and most devoted people I know. We may not bring home the brass ring every year in the World Series, but here is where the action is!

Sorry, Greg. Ellen had the right answer first ten minutes before yours. There is no way of telling that you didn’t peep into the answer. LOL

Andy, I think that the posting times were off. We were answering at the same time but my time was ahead of his somehow.. (mark newman!! )


Rock on Ellen. I didn’t see your answer and am VERY sorry. Please forgive! Stupid posting times. What is that idiot’s name again and email that managers this blog?


I used too strong a term. I sure the tech guy has a lot on his plate and I’m sure he’s not an idiot, just someone overwhelmed and unable to handle as many requests as he would like.

I wonder if Bobby Abreau now wishes he’d accepted the Angels offer of 2 years at $8 mill per year, seeing how great he’s been in the playoffs.

Dave, Mark Newman isnt the I.T. guy, but he is the one that forwards complaints to that department. Mark is in charge (I believe) of the blogs at MLB.COM… but as for the idiot remark, I dont know what size shoe he wears but it seems a good fit when it comes to the problems we’ve been having.

D. Benjamin….

Ohio State could lose another two games. They have remaining games at Penn State and at Michigan. They also have a home game against Iowa. Ohio State still has a chance for the Rose Bowl, I’m not sure if that is a good idea though. You know who could be waiting??? You guessed it…U.S.C. The Trojans will have a field day against Ohio State or any Big 10 team. lol. It looks like the B.C.S. Championship game it will have either Bama or Florida against Texas. I think Alabama is the best team in the nation. The Gators miss Percy Harvin, he could take it to the house from any spot on the field. The Gators don’t have that big play threat this year.

If Utley could have turned the double play, the outcome of that game might have been different. Of course Utley’s throw was just horrendous.

I was watching the game and I thought Pedro should have started the 8th inning. If a runner reached, I would have taken him out. The Phillies have some excellent starting pitching but there bullpen might not hold up against the Yankees or Angels. The Phillies lineup is as potent as the Yankees. If the Dodgers somehow someway beat the Phillies, I don’t think they would stand a chance in the W.S. Only thing the Dodgers have better than Philly ( other than better looking women and the weather is Broxton…the Dodgers closer. ) I doubt this series will go back to L.A.

Vlad just smoked one off of Pettitte! Brand new game. I think Pettitte went to the Brian Fuentes school of pitching, lol. Wayyyyy tooooooo goooood of a pitch for Vlad.

As I said before…Mark Newman is to the I.T. Dept. is what Julio Lugo is to short stops. LOL!!


Who cares what they’ll be chanting in 2093, I’ll be longgggggggggggggg gone like a Vlad H.R. ball. LOL!!

It appears the Angels and the Yankees like extra-inning games. Hmmm!…

!Oye, Carlos! ?Que’ tal? We’ve missed you on the blog, but I’ve seen you’ve been working on the Brownie Points translations. Keep up the good work–!sigue adelante! I hope you and your family are well. !Que’ te vaya bien!πŸ™‚

OK, I’m seriously excited. I spent about two hours over the weekend preparing notes to try and explain in detail how to setup word problems and she GOT IT.
She drew representative pictures, broke down details line by line and had a plan to solve the problem. To see her write things down like:
Total = 245
Cupcakes = 120
and then generate an equation almost made me cry…well…I sort of did because it was a wonderful thing and you should have see her eyes light up.
Rock ON!

Buenas noches, amigos! It certainly has been a while, and I am sorry I wasn’t around for the final weeks of the season, especially because of all the wise insight I missed out on. I truly consider you all very well-informed and witty, not to mention kind and open. The reason for my prolonged abscence was my involvement in several ongoing time-consuming activities, including spending time with my wife and one-year-old boy, studying for an MBA, my regular job and my new vocation — translating Ian’s articles to Spanish ( ). I plan to pop in from time to time during the offseason, and look forward to 2010 and to the moves the FO might make in preparation towards building another competitive team.
Regarding possible moves, for now I’ll just chime in and say I like our starting rotation, I’d like two lefty arms in the bullpen instead of just Oki, and while I believe Lowell and Papi could rebound and Lowrie could have a healthy and solid year, upgrades on either of these spots would only help us for 2010 and beyond. Lowell and Papi will likely not be back for 2011, and even if they do, they’re on a steady decline so it’s better to start thinking about that. My first move would be to look at the FA market, to try and conserve our excellent farm system. I’m going to do a bit of research to see what could be available and when I know, I’ll let you all know.

I have MISSED you. How are you! How are things going. I wish I knew spanish so I could communicate with you in that beautiful language.
I too have felt consumed with kids. It’s a lot of work but boy do I love them and the rewards are incredible!

Rock on, indeed, Dave! Say hi to Naomi for us! Good work!

Well, I guess the Angels are going to make the Yankees work for it. They’ll have to wait a little longer, I guess! (DARN! NOT!)

Oh, and Carlos, welcome, once again, to our out-of-sequence postings!πŸ˜‰ I hope you have been able to follow us nonetheless!

Wow. Tonight Joe Girardi outdid Charlie Manuel’s Game 2 eigth inning, when it comes to overmanaging. Sometimes you just gotta sit on your hands and leave well enough alone.

Hey, Ron, if there’s a Yankees-Phillies series, do you think Manuel and Girardi will have a pitcher per batter? HMMM!!!… Gotta wonder!

Hi Nation. Just passing through again. Greg, your Spanish is pretty decent! How close to the border are you? Unfortunately, I can see Mt. Cristo Rey and Juarez from my back porch…. ugh. At least I get New Mexico sunsets from the front porch! Hopefully the Sox can make some changes to the lineup that will fine-tune next year’s squad. I really believed this year’s team was special, but the rollercoaster ride didn’t end the way I would have liked. Alas, beisbol season ended last week for me. I’ve noticed some of you commenting on the NY / LA series. Who cares (aside from that fool tcd)? The Sox are out. The season is over! Well, maybe not for fans of the game itself, but when Boston exits, so do I (except for keeping an eye on Theo). I couldn’t tell you who’s ahead in either division now, other than to guess that, from the comments I’ve read, the Angels aren’t doing too well. I’m too deep into college football, anyhow. Hook ’em Horns!! And way to go Pats!
Nite, all!

Hi All! Sorry I haven’t been around – my dad is having surgery in a couple of weeks and we’ve been going to a bunch of doctor’s appointments. Nice to see the Angels finally win one and how about the “snow ball” of October for the Patriots! What a game it was! Hope to be on a little more this week!

Talk to you all soon!

Jim, I live nowhere near the border, but I lived in Mexico for a year and a half (church work), and I studied for 6+ years before that. (I lived in Mexico City and Veracruz. I also lived in SoCal for 5 LOOONGGG (!) years). I took entire seminary courses in Spanish while in SoCal. My “15 Minutes of Fame” (I believe it was Warhol who used that expression) is that I preached in Spanish (in Mexico) before I preached in English.πŸ˜‰ I have not used it regularly in about 5 years or so, so I would need to knock a little rust off!πŸ˜‰

P.S., Jim, that is how I knew what “Ruidoso” meant!πŸ˜‰

We’re thinking and praying for you, Julia. See ya soon!πŸ™‚

My prayers and thoughts are with you Jules!!! If you need anything that I can help with,pls email me.. I’m here for you!!
god Bless you all, special prayers for your Dad!!!

If you are still around in 2093 you’ll be wearing a diaper, drooling and talking to yourself in the dark. Kind of like you are doing right now….

carlos is back.. I dont recall the memo that he had requeated time off!!! lol..
Buenos noches Carlos.. Good to have you back!!!


No doubt Girardi and Manuel are great managers, and I understand wanting to match pitchers to batters (righties vs righties, etc.). But with the reduced rosters in the playoffs, it seems self evident that a manager has to employ that strategy very judiciously. Replacing a righty with a righty who had faced only 2 batters, to face a RH hitter with 2 out in the 11th inning with nobody on base and one pitcher remaining in the bullpen? That was not the time to make a pitching change.

I don’t think the move really “cost the Yankees the game”. You would expect the new guy to be able to get the one out to get to the 12th inning. But the point is Robertson was looking good, didn’t throw alot of pitches, probably could have pitched another inning or two of shutout ball. Why replace him?

Rule #1. If it works, don’t fix it.

Good Job by the Angels tonight!!! BAAAAAD base running by Bobby Abreu, but a tleast he broke out of the “funk” slump…
If the too early departed Nick Adenhart is watching,, he better start keeping his finger on the pulse of things… they need another Angel in the outfield!!! (and on the mound!!)
Zazu actually made a really good catch tonight!!! I had to go back and edit because I used his “old” RedSox name!!!!
I flip flop on this series. I like the Phillies but I dont want my bosses (Phreakin Phillie Phanatics to the MAX) to be able to hold it over me that they won back to back!!!! But there’s the Zazu thing.. I now think I can live with him winning in LA!!!! I WANT WHOEVER CAN DISPOSE OF NY IF THEY GET THERE..
Nite all!!!

Girardi willbe 2nd guessed in his decision to bring in Aceves tonight after Robertson only throwing a few pitches… Ovethinking a situation an kill you at times.. and
BTW pray tell where is tcd??

Ron, I was just being facetious. I like to pull a leg or two every once in a while.πŸ˜‰ It was not a serious idea–although it would make for a long game.πŸ˜‰ I do agree with you that mgrs. can over-manage a game very easily–I don’t like NL play as much, by and large, because mgrs. seem to outwit themselves while trying to outwit the other mgr. (and use up their BPs in the process)!
By the way, that is one reason I don’t like “specialist/ matchup” pitchers. I like pitchers who can get more than one batter out at a time–esp., as you mentioned, with reduced rosters!

Zazu CAN make good plays when he wants/ chooses to! Hmmm!…

Bringing in Rivera in the 10th was a good decision, because obviously the game was on the line. Replacing Damon with Hairston to improve the defense, even if it meant losing the DH was a smart decision too by Girardi. I like it when managers do those sorts of things, it shows that they’re really thinking.

But even if Aceves got the 3rd out in the 11th, it was still a questionable decision to bring him in because it was just sooooo unnecessary.

I might have let Rivera hit in the top of the 10th though. Just tell him to stand there and take 3 strikes, just so I could’ve used him in the 11th. I know Rivera has pitched alot in the past couple of days, but had the Yankees gotten the game into the 12th, they had Tex and A-Rod coming up.

Armchair managers!

Whew! The Angels in 6 can still happen. Giraldi made some questionable moves in the first 2 games which became moot when the Yanks won. CC and AJ on 3 days rest in Anaheim? Interesting.
Mariano Riviera is the BEST closer, no doubt about it. Despite the HRs, Pettitte pitched a quality game, 3 runs in 6.1 innings. What was pathethic was Lester and Beckett pitched as good or as bad as Pettitte, the Yanks no. 3 starter.
Go Angels and look forward to the Angels/Phillies WS.

Why Kendrick doesn’t play more is beyond me. The guy can flat out hit and also plays a good second base and can run a little. I assume we’ll see Kendrick at second base from this point moving forward.


Burnett will be pitching on regular rest when he takes the hill on Thursday. He last pitched Sat. night—game #2.

Kazmir pitched a gem against the Yankees in St. Pete earlier this year.

Where is Texeira’s bat????

Brian: I thought Game 5 is tomorrow. When the Sox are not in it, I didn’t follow the schedule that much. If there is a Game 7, CC will be pitching on a regular rest.

If the Angels went on to win the ALCS, Giraldi’s Aceves move would stand out and be remembered for a long time and was definitely the turning point of the series.
If the Yanks won last night, Bobby Abreu’s gaffe in base running would long be remembered as well.

>>>>>>>>>>> Blinded Me With Science >>>>>>>>>
Just decided to be goofy. OK here is the science question for today.
It’s the upper bone of your leg that has a VERY similar name to the primary artery in your leg.
Can you name that artery that once damaged can be quite…uh…terminal.

Dave, methinks it is the femur (rhymes with lemur).πŸ˜‰

So what is the name of the upper ARM bone. Hint: Funny question.πŸ˜‰

Speaking of “terminal”, Dave, it is not exactly a positive concept that you have to go to a bus “terminal”! Hmmm!… (Not to mention computers!)

You beat me again, Greg… Only because I just got into the office…LOL

Hey, Ellen, I am more than OK with continuing to split the skeletal “No-Prize”!πŸ˜‰

That was a very ‘humorous’ joke there! Anyway, you forgot the femerel (spelling) artery! Ellen and Greg can share the no prize.
Greg, found a way to deal with the one number is 2 times the size of the other number. Both add up to 3400. What are the two numbers.
Simple, see it as a fraction. Since the first number is one unit, the second number is two units (twice the size) and all three add up to 3400 then each one is 1/3 of the whole.
Whew…I hate teaching math! (LOL). Isn’t that what her teacher is for???

Meaning I thought they came home from school, headed to their room (like Leave It To Beaver) and did their homework. Nobody said I had to help (LOL)!

Dave, considering that the “humerus” (I think that is the spelling!) forms part of the “funny bone”!…;) I know practically all the bone structure (even the zygomatic!), not as certain on the arteries, but I probably could’ve guessed that one!

I’d like to see Theo make a move on that kid Mathis, he is young and just getting started. I know he hit .200 this year but he is only going to get better. Sciosia loves this kid, one catcher to another. Adios.

Another catcher that would be a good pick up is Montero at Arizona.. Hits well and is good behind the plate… but I’d rather have a big bat in the OF (We all know how many days Drew needs off per season)…

DAVE – I’ve missed you guys too! Things are good, my son started walking on his own on Saturday, so we’re just thrilled with him (and my back appreciates the relief!) How have you been? … JULIA – I pray everything goes well with your father, he’s lucky to have a daughter like you who’s there for him! … GREG and ELLEN – Thanks for the welcome back! I’ll make sure to formally request leaves of absence in the futureπŸ˜‰ … JIM MAYNARD – I’ve been to El Paso many times in my lifetime and have a few friends who live there. Such a nice place to live if it weren’t for the dodgy neighbor Juarez! Still, must’ve been nice to have the ‘Horns in town last year. Did you go to the game? ………..
As for postseason moves, I checked the early free agent news team by team, and found that there will likely be a very interesting lefty reliever available, Mike Gonzalez from the Braves. He had a 2.42 ERA for the season in what if I remember correctly was over 70 innings. Two other less interesting lefty reliever options are John Grabow from the Cubs and Joe Beimel from the Rockies. Marco Scutaro from the Jays could be available, but I don’t know if I’d like to get him over A-Gon or Lowrie. Matt Holliday might not be resigned by the Cards and could be an option if somehow we can’t resign Bay, but Holliday just seems like much more of an NL hitter to me.

Carlos! Como estas mi amigo? Que paso?
I was worried about you. I read a while back about a reporter being kidnapped in your town. Very scary. Glad to hear you are doing well and the family is fine.

Can the Angels make a series of it?
I saw a little of the Phillies game as I was flipping back and forth watching the Broncos game also. Glad I got to see Rollins’ hit for the walk-off. As Greg said earlier, this is the year of the blown save.

Thank you CARLOS! And your son is walking? It is all over now! lol! My oldest son will be driving in less then a year! Yikes!!!

For all you budding scientist – The Orionid Meteor Shower will peak overnight –

Peak activity will be about 6am eastern time – My oldest son and I went a couple of years ago to watch them (it was peak then at 3am!) – so if you’re up and the sky is clear – check them out! It is a great show.

The Riviera Spitter.
Here’s a video with a close up of Riviera in the last game against LA. If you stop the video between .05 and .06 you can actually see him spit. You will note almost 60% of the viewers of the video believe he spit on the ball as well.

Hey Carlos,
Glad to hear from you. You are one wonderful person. Great to see you’re doing OK.

I hope you are OK. I’m so sorry about the surgery. Be careful out there. We’re with you.

Julia, that would be 5:00 am my time…ug!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~N E W T H R E A D~~~~~~~~~~~~

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