Five years ago today …

For those Red Sox fans — and there are a lot of you — bummed that you are not watching your team play in the ALCS, keep this in mind:

Today is the five-year anniversary of Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS. I think that was the second most significant win in Red Sox history, right after Game 4 of that 2004 World Series.

Think about it, the Red Sox were down 3-0, which used to be a death sentence in a postseason series. The Red Sox are still the only team in either baseball or basketball to overcome a 3-0 series in any postseason series.

And how it became possible? They came back against Mariano Rivera in the ninth inning of Game 4. Millar walked, Roberts stole, and Big Papi sent everyone home in the 12th.

That set the stage for an even wilder Game 5. Papi again started the trek back with a Monster Mash against Tom Gordon. Millar again drew a walk. Roberts again pinch-ran. Trot Nixon — who had made two game-saving plays defensively earlier in the game — came through with a hit-and-run singe to right, making it corners and nobody out, Sox still down by a run in the 8th. The Yankees went to Mo again. Varitek came through with a sacrifice fly to tie it.

Three white-knuckle innings out of the bullpen by Tim Wakefield — with Varitek catching him — and finally Papi sent everyone home again, this time a “little flair” as Jerry Trupiano called it. Then Joe Buck proclaimed, “Damon is running to the plate, he can keep on running to New York … Game 6 tomorrow night.”

And yes, Game 6. The bloody sock. The A-Rod slap. The Bellhorn homer off the chest of a fan that was originally ruled a double. And pure guts by Keith Foulke, who finished his three-day, 100-pitch stand by blowing a fastball by Tony Clark to set up Game 7.

Game 7, the Red Sox sent Derek Lowe to the mound on two days rest. And he was brilliant. So was Johnny Damon, clocking two homers.

By the time it ended, the Red Sox were spraying each other with champagne in the very same clubhouse they were crying in one year earlier after the Grady/Aaron Boone fiasco.

Remember five years ago. It is probably one of your greatest sports memories ever.


Game 7 2004 A.L.C.S. and tonight is game 4 of the A.L.C.S. What’s wrong here???? Too many off days in the post-season. The Yankees/Angels have a built in off day for tomorrow, something I am against. Baseball has been doing that since 2007 during the L.C.S. All baseball is trying to do is drag out these playoffs.

The W.S. has some games slated for November. Some games might be played with snowflakes. lol. Global warming is where???? Al Gore go away!

Absolutely one of my favorites!!!! ‘ Specially the Trot Nixon part!!! lol🙂
and I too think that its going on way too long.. So is Football and OMG Basketball season drags on for-freakin’-ever!!! All for the Almighty Benjamin!!! (no not DBenjamin!! lol, although I do think he’s pretty grand!!)
I saw game 4 on MLBTV the other afternoon.. Love seeing that!!
We’ll be back!!

Way to many days off Brian! But wow! 5 years? Seems like yesterday! Baseball truly at it’s best! There will never be a team like that again – miss our cowboys and idiots!

Good memories from that 04 ALCS and WS! Perhaps tcd would enjoy them!…
Interesting Inbox segment on Pap, dealing with questions about whether he will have a rebound year, a sub-par year, or even be traded. I suspect that if he does pitch for us in ’10, we’ll be in something of a holding pattern. 9tedw is right that Pap’s numbers are, for the most part, quite good, even for all the headaches he gave us in the first part of the year. If we were to keep him, I think he would have a year rather similar to this one–good record and ERA, but living on a tightrope most of his outings. (He had only 3 BS, not incl. the ALDS game, but the way he walked that tightrope this year, the ALDS BS is not a great surprise). Once a deal is signed, through arbitration or not, it will be interesting to see if Pap remains our closer, or if he gets traded. I don’t see him moving to the rotation, and not very likely that he’ll be anything other than a closer. So it will be interesting to see if the Sox believe him to be worth the shot next year, or whether he will be a good trading chip.

“Cowboys and Idiots”? Is that an insane asylum in Dallas, or is that a football team in Dallas?😉 (Couldn’t pass that one up, DGN!)😉

Well. I see the announcers are still kissing the butts of the pinstripes… youd think that theyd kiss someone elses everyonce in a while just to break things up..
IOh and I see teh price of Chapstick stock is up this week!!! I guess Joe Buck and dipsnit bought a bunch for this series

Where is the Kazmir that used to go up against the Sox.. this IS NOT THE SAME GUY!!!!

With every Bobby Abreu at bat in this series, I find myself asking the question again: “Why was Lester pitching him like he was made of dynamite in Game 1 of the ALDS?”

Even though the series had just started….Abreu ended up going 5 for 9 against Boston and had some key hits in the 3 games. Maybe Lester just had a feeling. The Yankees are getting him out with no problem. That pretty much sums up our playoff hopes vs the Yankees playoff chances. HOPES was the big word in that last sentence. The Yankees spent the $$$$ and now it shows. Hopefully next year the Sox will hit a better stride going in to the playoffs. This year the Sox seemed to go through the motions and made the playoffs playing mediocre ball on the way in to the playoffs while the Yankees were hitting the ground running when they went in to the playoffs and haven’t slowed down. The Yankees have still showed fire even though those guys are making a ton of $$$$. To me it just looks like they are still having fun. The Sox looked like it was more of a job to them. As much as I dislike the Yankees….well there you have it. And the Yankees have those guys locked up for a while so the Sox better remember what it was like to have fun and quit lumbering on to the field like it’s just a job. Go Sox….Go Angels.

>>>>>>>>>>> Science Question >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Since we’re boning about (ha, ha), let’s do another bone question.
What are the two parts of the jaw. There is the lower jaw bone and the upper jaw bone (although in humans, it’s integrated into the skull. Can you name one (or two) of those?
Bonus: Can you name both?

Is A-Rod Peyton Manning right in front of our eyes??? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. The knock on these guys is they couldn’t get it done in the playoffs. Manning took his monkey off of his back, will A-Rod???

The Angels should win tomorrow but highly unlikely they’ll win two games this weekend!

Where is Hunter’s bat and Abreu’s???? Figgins’ bat is where???

This kills me to write this but the Yankees starting pitching has been UNREAL! Sabathia looked like Beckett back in 2007.

How about the story with Zazu. In the shower while his team was still playing game 4. No surprise. I thought he was supposed to be happy with the Dodgers. LOL!! Without him Boston wouldn’t have won it in 2004 or 2007 but…….If the Dodgers were smart, they would get rid of him after this year. Have him end up in south Florida and play for the Marlins! A place where nobody cares about baseball.


Why would I send you an email and congratulate you??? You have as much impact on that game as my couch. LOL!! You are a fan of the team, not a paid employee. Then again, something tells me….you actually think you are part of the team. My oh my! I think there is a balloon waiting for you in Colorado. HA…HA…

I can only hope for this kind of a comeback by the Dodgers. It only happens once in a lifetime though.. and it was awesome to watch when it did!

Buz –


That’s an old one, come up with something better than that. I am quite disappointed. lol.

Angels should win tomorrow night but unlikely they’ll win two games this weekend but stranger things have happened. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….I wonder what that could be???

upper is maxilla, lower is mandible.
Only reason I know this is that I have TMJ and have had the operation twice and need it again.!!!

TAKE THAT BACK BRIAN!! LOL.. I am in South Florida!!!!

Well TCD has ben right. I hate to say it but I think that the Yanks are in. Good job by your team TCD… I hope you enjoy it!!

Brian – you’re not talking about……;-) And remember – tcd lives in the attic and doesn’t have good TV reception. He is one of those disadvantaged children you read about…

And I thought I lived in a sleepy town:

Later all!


I only say Zazu should end up in South Florida because that is where he has a house. For the most part, people in Florida could care less about baseball. The two teams that are here in our state…. have a very difficult time getting people to the games. That speaks volumes right there about baseball fans in Florida. Lots and lots of empty seats for the Marlins and Rays. The Marlins do have that downtown park opening soon so perhaps there attendance will go up. It can only go up. LOL!! The Rays and there park, that is another story for another day! I think the Marlins and Rays should combine and play in Orlando. That will never happen but just a thought.

No prize, no prize, no prize! Well done.

Zazu in the shower. I love it! He’s Zazu all right. Perhaps that adds to the calm relaxation of the team because of his ‘charm’. Once again he’s doing the harmless escapades that charmed Red Sox audiences. We could laugh at it and see him as silly like cell phone calls between innings. Then sure went sour when he turned into a Scott Boras slave.
Manny has stupendous talent but if he applied himself, I can’t imagine where he could be as a player. Then again, perhaps his persona is what gets him through the pressures of the game. I don’t know.

You DO live in a sleepy town. Sorry to hear that news. Glad you’re OK. You’re one of the good ones!

Girardi is the reason why the Yankees are doing so well. His tough ‘don’t put up with crap’ attitude is the reason why the Yankees are where they are. Torre was too laid back. He’s a brilliant strategist and gets player respect but the Zazu escapades would never be tolerated by Girardi.
I said from the beginning that if Girardi could cut off the swelled egos of the Yankees, they’d be a great team this year and I was proven right — but I could have been wrong as well.
Torre is good for LA but having Zazu and Torre together could get ugly for Torre. Thinking about it, Zazu treats people like crap. Torre will have to sit and take it I guess.

TCD, I honestly think you’ve got it all wrong. Obviously, this is just my opinion, but I think you focus too much on the long run in baseball. Who cares which team wins more World Series in the next 5, 10, 20 years? Who cares how many titles the Yankees have won in their history? Because what good were 26 WS titles to you in 2004 and ’07? You probably repeated that number to yourself so you wouldn’t feel bitter, but you still were bitter to some degree, about the fact that we were celebrating and you weren’t. And if the Yankees do win it all this year, remembering ’04 and ’07 will similarly do little to help us feel better about your team winning yet again. I see things differently. I think it’s wiser to just look at each season as a new opportunity, as a 1-in-30 shot to win the title. If things don’t pan out, you savor the defeat, you “feel the pain”, you learn from it and you plan for next year, for the next shot. And when you finally do win the title, you savor your victory, you “feel the glory”, you learn from it and plan for next year, for the next shot. You see, if you look at the long run, it’s a never-ending race. So I don’t focus too much on counting titles, I prefer to enjoy each season and just enjoy the ride. I realize that a good Red Sox season doesn’t make me any better of a person, and a bad one doesn’t make me any worse. And similarly, if I just enjoy the ride each season, one more title won’t make my life any better in the long run, nor will one less title make my life any worse.
But as I said in my second sentence, that’s just my opinion. Maybe I’ve read too much Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra literature. This works for me, and if your way works for you, knock yourself out. Whatever tickles your pickle. Whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote. May you be happy!

Both Zazu and Papi have propert(ies) in Broward County, papi in Coral Springs and Parkland and Zazu has 2 or 3 in Miramar and Pembroke Pines… Well, there goes the neighborhood… lol

CARLOS – that was perfect! Live for today – the teams that won WS #12, 17 or 26 for the Yankees are not playing now. All that matters is the team today. It is wonderful to have a long history to your team – but throwing that around doesn’t make one a better fan nor does it have any bearing on the current team. Enjoy what you have today – for in a blink of an eye – or the crack of a bat – it can all be gone.

Thanks DAVE!! It takes all types. It is a little scary to think that someone like that was in town – here is some more info about him:

I like the PB & J code name myself…

Oh and tcd – IF the Yankees win the WS this year – there is a HECK of a long way to go in this century so I wouldn’t print up the t-shirts just yet. And don’t hold your breath waiting for emails from all of us…..

TCD, about the difference between hot dogs at Fenway and YS? You’re wrong there, the difference is the location of the decimal point: at Fenway it’s probably around $3.00 … at YS $30.00
Do you really have nothing better to do than to frequent a Red Sox blog??

and you would know about cellars TCD

tcd.. I didnt notice you around here last season when the Yanks were out of it by the 2nd week of September. SAo i guess youd know about lawn furniture too. Yes, you have gotten under the skin of Redsox fans.. but ringworm gets under the skin too…. OKay.., I have already congratukated you on yor season, now go home like a good little Yankee brat.. Why not go out and find some flies to pull the wings from… You are nothing but a Blog Troll. This is the last time I will stoop to respond to you. Pond scum that you are.
I do have a ? for you. How many of the 26 championships have you been around for???

Please… I know i just responded to him, but can we stop?? He’ll go away if he gets no reaction….
I hate this crap of “my ball team can beat up your ball team… ” its just like him; JUVENILE AND STUPID

I am not sure Giraldi is the reason for the Yankees success. At least he has something to do with it. What?s amazing about the Yanks was that the winning started little before the ASB and their ability to sustain the momentum to the postseason.
The Yankees have been notoriously a second half team. If the Yanks had a great first half, great start, the Yanks would be hard to beat. 2008 was the Yanks bad season and missed the postseason and yet they finished just 2 games behind the Red Sox. Imagine the Sod didn?t beat the Yanks 8-0 initially in 2009.
I have said it repeatedly that the Sox were very slow to react to the warning signs this year. It?s no accident that the Sox were swept out of the first round. Despite 95 wins, the warning signs included lack of clutch hitting, too many stranded runners in scoring positions, and sub 500 road records, inability to hit decent pitching, losing streak at the end of the season and sort of ?backed into? the playoffs by the Tex and TB losses. Complacency, complacency, complacency. In 2007 the Sox had the best record in MLB and 2007 the Sox finished 98-64 in 2004.
In 2006 the Sox were limping into the playoffs. This year thanks to Francona everybody was well rested and ready for the postseason. The Sox had to wait 3 years to win another WS after 2004. Perhaps 2010 is the year for the Sox assuming everyone wakes up and not indulging in complacency.

Did you hear about the terrorist wanting to strike terror in the malls across America (ap press). In a way, I couldn’t help but laugh a little since I really hate malls. IN a way, we’d be better off without them.
you rock and I have ‘no idea’ what you’re talking about. Sounds good!
Naomi is REALLY getting math. I love it. She’s gaining confidence. The technique that worked for her was to see rectangular boxes (well that didn’t work and I suggested blue tape hiding the numbers.) Then I suggested make it all a fraction and she got it!!!!!!!!!!
For example two numbers add up to 1200. One number is twice the other number.
Here’s how she did it.
One number is one piece of tape
The other number is two pieces of tape
Since we have three pieces of tape each is 1/3 of the whole. 1/3 * 1200 or 1200/3 gives her one piece of tape or 400. The other is just 800. She got it…OK it was about two hours of illustrations and examples, but it was worth it Parenting rocks.

Julia…me dumb. We’re talking about the same person. Listen if he ever gets free have him hit the abandoned mall in my Nashville suburb of Bellevue, TN.
It was once a decent mall with lots of local businesses until they got greedy and now its an abandoned eye sore.

Dave – I’ll send him south!

Ellen – you’re right – little children go away when we ignore them!

And Wake came through surgery okay to!!

Let’s hope rehab goes well!!!

Thanks for the link to the news on Wakefield, Julia! That’s very good news. And as you said, let’s hope rehab goes well.

Good to hear about Timmy!!! Theyll have him up and walking tonight..
When I had my surgery 2 years ago after I woke up the 1st thing I asked for was teh remote.. It was the Indians vs the hated NewYorkers.. I remember I couldnt find the station.. I kept dosing off while I was changing the remote!!! They told me if I could walk from my room around the nurses station and back to my room the next morning, I could go home..You know I was walking the floor!! You cant watch a playoff game in the hospital..

Hey all. Good to see that Wake’s surgery went well; we’ll see if it enables him to pitch effectively again, or if he does retire, perhaps it will make retired life a little easier for him. GO WAKE!
Dave, I hope Naomi continues to do well in math. If she can keep her mind on whatever method works for her, she hopefully will be able to realize that big numbers are not that scary, if she uses the same methods! Keep up the good work, Naomi!🙂
Andy, even more than after the ASB, what really helped the Yankees was that they did not fall far behind early in the season, even when they were not atop the standings. In 07, the Yankees had dug themselves too deep a hole to dig themselves out of, even though they played very solid ball in the second half that year. They did not do that this year, so whenever we were off track, it was even more amplified than it was in 07. They played well all year this time, and they haven’t let up.

You’re welcome Carlos! I don’t know who you all are pulling for in the NLCS – but I’d love to see Joe Torre get back to the WS! I know – Zazu – maybe he could just spend the whole WS in the shower! lol

Andy, I also remember when we (you and I included) were on the Red Sox’ case for not being pro-active about this, that, or the other problem (incl. some you listed in your post). I foresaw that not remedying those problems would be our undoing, even as far back as April and May, and sure enough, they did. So even when we did reach 95 wins, it did not “feel” like it.
You referenced Girardi, and said you were not sure how much he played a role in their success. We’ve had the same debate about Tito. I don’t think this team had the leader in the clubhouse that we needed to get “over the finish line”, if you will. So even if Tito had gone “Bobby Knight” on the team, he would have had some short-term success, probably, but little staying power to that success. Sooner or later, the players have to take it into their own hands. We did not have that this year, and that was the biggest problem we had, regardless of what Tito might or might not have done differently. But what do I know?…;)

And yes, Dave, I knew the answer to the “jaw” question. Ellen gets the “No-Prize” this time.😉 I referenced the zygomatic in an earlier post, and I mentioned my health teacher’s daily repetition of the skeletal system: “…Maxilla…Mandible…Zygomatic…”, etc.!
Ah, memories!😉

Carlos! I didn’t know you are interested in Eastern Philosophy!? Are you familiar with Dr. Vasant Lad? He’s in New Mexico and probably the most knowledgeable Ayurvedic physician outside of India. You can look him up on the web. He helped me with a stomach problem I had after a trip to India years ago. He’s fantastic.
I’m reading the life of Sarada Devi. Amazing woman! Quite a life she had.
Anyway, what you said to tcd is absolutely right. Maybe someday he will be as wise as you! We can hope.

Glad you liked my post….now I have an honest question. Why is it you come over here to brag about the Yankees? Let me answer that for you……it’s most likely because you have worn out your welcome on any Yankee site you have been to. Most Yankee fans like to talk to each other about Yankee achievments and pat each other on the back….kind of like we do over here as Red Sox fans. A lot of times we come here to get moral support from others who share the same common interest. Why you don’t celebrate with other Yankee fans is beyond me…unless you are such a huge moron that they will have nothing to do with you. If you go to the Yankee sites with your attitude we have seen on this site your own fans will have nothing to do with you either. I have seen that before and you are a classic case. Somehow…I don’t think I’m too far off base. Just because I stated some facts about my observation of this past season doesn’t mean I don’t think the Sox will be competitive next year. Sometimes it takes a sting to right the ship. Stay overconfident….it can only bite you later on….Go Sox and Go ANGELS!!!!!!

Glad you liked my post….now I have an honest question. Why is it you come over here to brag about the Yankees? Let me answer that for you……it’s most likely because you have worn out your welcome on any Yankee site you have been to. Most Yankee fans like to talk to each other about Yankee achievments and pat each other on the back….kind of like we do over here as Red Sox fans. A lot of times we come here to get moral support from others who share the same common interest. Why you don’t celebrate with other Yankee fans is beyond me…unless you are such a huge moron that they will have nothing to do with you. If you go to the Yankee sites with your attitude we have seen on this site your own fans will have nothing to do with you either. I have seen that before and you are a classic case. Somehow…I don’t think I’m too far off base. Just because I stated some facts about my observation of this past season doesn’t mean I don’t think the Sox will be competitive next year. Sometimes it takes a sting to right the ship. Stay overconfident….it can only bite you later on….Go Sox and Go ANGELS!!!!!!

Wow, that last one posted twice….and i don’t mind a bit!!!!!!!

I would laugh if the Yankees had the ring ceremony at Fenway…..what a slap in the face for Yankee fans that would be. Pay all that $$$$$ to watch 81 games in the new Yankee Stadium and then give them the rings at Fenway so the Yankee fans can’t even share in the glory. TCD….you need to think twice before you come over here with your retarded garbage. This is just more evidence why you have to come over here….you must get tore up on your own sites too….0 knowledge. It’s fun tearing you up….you make it so easy.

Morning all! Ian has a nice piece in Wakefield on So now we know the NL winner. I am surprised at how easily the Phillies beat the Dodgers. The Phillies look strong. Will they win back to back titles? I don’t see either AL team being able to walk all over them – it will be an interesting WS. Have to teach today – I’ll be back later!

Oh – and I love the headline in the Boston Globe today about our “home grown” terrorist arrested yesterday – The FBI calls him inept! He had very big plans – thankfully he and his cohorts were unable to accomplish anything.

And great job Bruins! They got the win last night without Savard & Lucic (who are out 4-6 weeks with broken bones) and Thornton! Flyers on deck tonight.

GREG – I believe you are right and John Smith who played for the Patriots is British – maybe he is flying across the pond with the team! They leave today.

Later! I hope you all have a great day!

Forgot one thing – those of us of a “certain age” who remember the Larry Bird – Magic Johnson era of basketball (basketball at it’s best, in my opinion) – they’ve written a book about the 1984 Championship series – I remember it well!

That book is on my list – once I finish reading “Game Six” about the ’75 WS! And yes, I remember that well also…

Craig, there is only one way to get rid of that troll. We all have to ignore him. I have posted my last response to him.
I am looking into a chat room for the brownie pointers for next season. It will be a password only site. That way we wont have to deal with this kind of problem.
Glad that Wakes surgery went well.

I can see in the not too distant future that we are going to have an alternative to those awful Thanksgiving Day football games. We’ll all be watching the World Series!!! Every year it gets later and later. During regular season play, the games are played daily, with the exception of a day off, say of usually every couple of weeks. Then the post season comes along and its > wait 4 days before it begins, then play a day and take a day off> then play a day take another day off. Well you get the idea. Its the BIG dollar that is behind all of this. There are so make the Post Season shorter without the owners losing any dollar days.
No WBC…. Its 5 days for the ASG!! It used to be play the Sunday before the game, have Monday off, Tuesday (the one right after the 4th of July) ASG and back to playing Wednesday. Thats my idea for shortening the season without costing the owners a dime.

Anybody else have an idea??

oh… and why do they need SO many travel days??? even during the regular season.. Look back 10-15 years and there werent so many!!!

If the Yankees do win the W.S. this year. Of course a BIG if…..Why would they get there world series rings at Fenway??? They would get there rings when they play there first home game. Which is against the Angels.

Tough life for Zazu next year, he has an option for 25 million next year. Looking ahead here but the Dodgers play the Red Sox in Boston next season. Something tells me he’ll be hurt a little before that series and miss that series in Boston. He might make the trip but unlikely he’ll play. We shall see.

Then there is another Cuban defector hanging around out there and looking for his $$$$. Aroldis Chapman ( from Cuba with the last name of Chapman–funny I thought ) he has a 100 m.p.h. fastball and I believe he throws lefty. Of course Boston and N.Y. will be after him, in other words…he’ll be signed by the Yankees! Boston is there to drive up the price but let’s face it….Nobody will ever outbid the Yankees! Only time Boston ever out did the Yankees was when they outbid them on Dice-K on the posting fee. Of course there is a catch, it was private and no negotiations. Remember it was the Mets that came in a distant second for the rights to talk with Dice-K. has a report that Jed Hoyer ( one of Theo’s assistants ) is coming close to being named g.m. of the Padres. I wonder if Theo and Hoyer will talk about Adrian Gonzalez???? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

I heard that about Hoyer last week. That is a team in serious need of “righting”. Owner in a N A S T Y divorce, and looking to not get stripped of 1/2 of the ball club. I could see Theo and Hoyer discussing the other Agon! That would be a good deal. Who would go????

Morning all!
Just a note from Zazu!
“Hey everyone. Zazu here! Whew…glad I’m out of the playoffs. One more day and my back and tail bones and stuff and all the other things would start hurting. Bad enough I only lost about 1/3 of the season for drugs. I needed more time!
I need a shower now. Oh, gonna be a long winter and all before the Dodgers come beggin’ to get me back. “Oh my knee. That right knee and left knee hurt so bad. I have to do the disabled list a LONG time…but if they pay me right…MAYBE Zazu be a DH or sometime for Dodgers.
“WHAT!!!! No DH in National League. Oh man…they make Zazu work hard. I need a shower and TV. I talk to Joe Torre and get TV by the batters box and a portable shower. Go laziness.
Hey Scott Boras — How bout $500 million for next year! Zazu need more money and a shower!”

>>>>>>>>>> Science Question >>>>>>>>>>>
I never knew these existed but they do. Sometimes a species is called a ‘living fossil’ What does that mean?

Another note from Zazu:
“Hey everyone. Bosoxbrian is wrong! Zazu is NOT going on disabled list before Boston. I’m going to get injured DURING the game. Oh I can see that hot shower now! Gonna feel SO good. Oh my aching neck. It hurt Zazu so much! I should be watching my team mates and supporting them during the game but then again I could be showering and watching TV. Hmmm, what shows a better attitude towards the game — oh you know it! Showers and tV. By now!

Good one Dave… Hey
I am starting a campaign to NOT RESPOND to ANYTHING that tcd may offer to us. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO EVER RESPOND TO ANYTHING HE EVER SAYS AGAIN!!!!
So if possible, do whatever youcan to ignore him and make him GO HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m also glad that Tim Wakefield, my personal favorite on the team, made it through surgery OK! Tim can be back next year in my book. He’s got class and represents a true Red Sox player.
Love ya Tim!

I have absolutely no interest in feeding the cockroaches so no worries. I’ve ignored him!

Oh and a living fossil??? I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wake is one of my favorites too, but can he pitch a full season, Seems to be on DL last 3 years after All-Star break, when in the middle of a pennant season. Sox have to scramble to get starters because of this. Trades have to be made, losing young prospects. Time to move on get younger here too. Again I like Wakefield, but this 4 million dollar salary is clouding front office minds.

Living fossil ?
A living fossil is where we find remains (fossils) of the animal yet it remains today.
Great examples include:
sharks, turtles, crocodiles.

I say no to Chapman, needs to much seasoning. I am hoping we draft Bryce Harper, if Wagner signs with someone after the 15th pick.

I say no to Chapman, needs to much seasoning. I am hoping we draft Bryce Harper, if Wagner signs with someone after the 15th pick.

I understand your point — I do but it’s all about perspective. Lugo, Penny and Smotz cost a LOT more than Wakefield and weren’t team leaders, they weren’t contributors and they certainly weren’t happy in Boston. Also consider Zazu and Dice-K who spent the year at Bally’s total workout. No Tim has earned the right to throw the ball in Boston.

I strongly suggest you report abuse on a certain individual. This has gone way too far. As far as I’m concerned, he needs to be thrown off the blogs.

I think that Wake is such a professional that if he feels he can’t help the team anymore, he’ll retire. When he signed the agreement to receive $4 mill. a year each year until he retired, he probably figured he was set financially for whenever he chose to retire. So his interest is probably not the money, but to keep doing what he loves and to keep helping the team he loves. I do think he loves the team and the city so much that he won’t try to drag out another season if he honestly doesn’t think he can help the team. I agree with 9tedw that at $4 mill. per year, another year of Wake could seem like such a bargain to the front office that it could ‘cloud their minds’, in the sense that at the end of the day, keeping Wake on the team means not only paying him but also taking up one of the precious 25 spots on the roster. But if he can have another season (a full one) similar to what he was doing in the first half of ’09, I’d say give him the spot!

Hey Carlos,
I agree. Tim is the best. I hope he stays. He’s earned the right to get the numbers. I wish he’d make the hall. An ignored rock on the team.


I know that it is irritating, Dave, but I’m waiting til he pulls a Fagan. Then the ammunition is there for MLB.COM to use. In the meantime, I’m just developing a thicker skin. And since he doesnt know what a Fagan is, chances are he’ll do it sooner than later.

Question: If a guy like Kelvin Escobar, is available to the Sox who would you rather have, Wake or him? Probably could get him for about same salary.

I think that a good scenario for Wake would be to come on board in June… Why not?? Clement did it as have others… The time line works!

I meant his “roidal” highness Roger Clemens, not Clement

There is a reason why you are a leader in this group and this is the reason. Well put!

Hi fellow bloggers with one exception, we have to congratulate Bob Kramer and the Phillies for earning a consecutive trip to the WS.
Congrats Bob and the Phillies!

Hi Arnie! Nice to see you again. I hadn’t heard about Sarada Devi nor Dr. Vasant Lad, but sounds like something that might interest me. I do like Eastern Philosophy, I think they are based on very GOOD ways of thinking and of living. I have some friends in Alburquerque and other parts of NM who might like knowing about the Ayurvedic Institute, and I just saw their website, so I’ll pass it on.
About Chapman, obviously we don’t know him and we don’t want to overpay for an unknown like some people think we did with Dice-K. And besides, a 100 mph fastball isn’t that big a deal in the majors if you can’t command it and if you don’t have something to complement it with. Big league hitters can hit a 100 mph fastball. Throwing in movement or changeups is what keeps them off-balance. Having said that, he could be a very valuable arm in the future, so it’s probably worth looking into.

Great to see you again. Kids are doing well. Naomi is working hard at math with evil fractions but is getting VERY good at them. Fortunately the rest of the semester, in her book, is graphs and basic geometry so she’ll sail through that one.

Hi All! Did you all hear about Theo’s comments about J.D. Drew today?

ummm…this is from the first paragraph –

“On Thursday morning, general manager Theo Epstein called him one of the most valuable outfielders in baseball.” And it’s interesting – look at his postseason numbers – I’m surprised at how good they are.

Bob Kramer – Sorry – but I’ll be pulling for the Angels tonight! I know you understand!🙂

Ellen – I will join your campaign of “not commenting” and agree about Wake – Let him pitch from June on! I think that would be great for him and the team! Reading today they say he should be able to begin rehab ASAP and should be ready to go long before the spring training. I hope that is the case – I would LOVE to have Wake back next season – he is a team leader and part of the heart and soul of the team.

9tedw, I want Wake, whether he pitches from June on, or not. NO question. Next?…


I heard Theo’s interview online today ( W.E.E.I. website ) and Theo must be drinking some heavy stuff today when he was talking about Drew. Theo said with the way Drew has played over the last three years, he’s actually come out to a tick more than 14 million per season. Is he serious???? One more question, how much is a tick anyway??? lol. When Drew was signed, the Red Sox were saying that he is going to be a run producing bat and hit fifth. Last time I checked, the guy is hitting 8th. Since joining Boston he hasn’t played in more than 140 games! I know I know he has had some HUGE H.R.’s in October( his grand slam during game 6 of the 2007 A.L.C.S. being the biggest one ) but if the Red Sox had to do it all over again and sign him to a 5 yr. contract worth 70 million, I hope they wouldn’t do it again. I was against it then as was most people. Some people get on him because he looks like a robot up there at the plate. That is what makes a team, different personalities. Youk and Pedroia are similar, obviously Drew is very different from them. My gripe with Drew is all these little injuries he seems to get during the year and somehow someway he can’t play more than 140 games. You have a guy like Lowell, who can barely run will try to gut it out almost every game if he had too. Drew’s threshold of pain must be low, just a hunch of course. Also when the Red Sox face some tough lefties, Francona will sit Drew. That baffles me! Boras pulled the wool over Theo’s eyes on that one. Then again Boras has done that too many teams over the years and will continue to do so. My other gripe with the Drew contract was who else was in the bidding???? It was another classic case of a team that bid against themselves, it happens every winter and it will happen again this winter….. Guranteed!

Wakefield for 4 million is a steal!

It should be a good one in Anaheim tonight. Will the off day hurt the Yankees? I think it hurt the Rays and Indians the last two years. Will it be three years in a row where the built in off day hurt the team up 3-1???? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Jules… Oh. OKAY I get it now… Theo must be trying to unload JD!!! lol Talking him up, making him look all shiny and new for the prospective tire kickers!!! Just kidding, well maybe just a little serious!!

Great, our FO and the field manegement are living in the past indulging in the past glory of 2 WS championships and “withine one game” of the WS.
No wonder the Sox were at where they were in 2009. I was joking that the season was ovah and the 2010 season was ovah as well, maybe I am not.

Brian.. Did you see the “DL” clause in JD’s contract?? take a look at that and tell me what you think??

Brian, perhaps a “tip-of-the-slongue” regarding Drew and a “tick”. After all, a tick is a parasite. Hmmm…
Andy, Theo and the FO seem to have a similar prism with Drew that he did with LugNuts and Loopy Lopez. I think that prism is rose-colored. Julia is right, Drew’s post-season numbers are solid, but one has to get to the post-season before that happens (pref. not on the DL, either)!:/


I’ve seen the D.L. clause with Drew’s contract. Basically if Drew plays the amount of games he has played, he’ll get his $$$$. In other words, Boston will have to pay him 14 million each season. Drew knows it and he’ll get his cash.

You might be right about them talking him up ( that thought crossed my mind as well ) but what team will touch his salary??? Once again Boston would have to eat a big portion of the remainder of the contract. I think these ugly contracts the Red Sox have, I hope it has taught Theo and the Red Sox a lesson. Don’t lock yourself into long term contracts with aging players. What did Drew do to get a long term big $$$$ deal???? Not enough according to my eyes. When it came to the Lowell and Ortiz contracts, I was all for it. I didn’t think Ortiz would fall this fast that quick. I figured 2010 was the season he would start to drop in production, not the last couple of years. When Lowell was a free agent he wanted a 4 year deal and the Red Sox weren’t going to give it to him. They stayed at 3 years and not a day more. It will be very interesting what the Sox do with Bay. Personally I wouldn’t go beyond 4 years. Same ordeal with Beckett, he’s a free agent after next season. Beckett will be looking for a big $$$$$ deal, I wouldn’t give it to him. I would float his name out there this winter and see what you could get in return. I’m sure I am the minority on that one but those are my thoughts.

I am all for it when they give Lester, Pedroia and players like that the long term deal. When you give it to Drew and free agents alike, your asking for trouble! The Red Sox are on the hook for 9 million for Lugo, ouch! There will be mistakes made when it comes to handing out long term contracts, that is Theo being a human but……

The Yankees handed out long term deals this past winter as if they were toll tickets to the Lincoln Tunnel and Holland Tunnel. So far in the early stages it has worked ( they are 5 wins away from the W.S. ) but we’ll see how those contracts look down the road. That will be the tell all sign. So far it looks the Yankees have struck gold but……….

I have to agree with you regarding Beckett and Bay and the Yankees long term K. Yes. It looks good for the Yanks this year. Who knows what will happen the second year and the third year. If Pettitte retires, the Yanks are without No. 3, 4 , and 5 starters for 2010, not to mention the DH, RF and the aging Posada. I give all the credits due to the Yanks this year. The Sox are not without problems. Hope Theo with a clear head will address the issues in the winter. Go Angels.


The Red Sox can pick up the option for Beckett next year at 12 million. Obviously they will.

Great question when you say what is long term. I’m with you when you say 4 yrs. or more is long term. Then again I guess it depends on how old the player is.

Brian and Andy, I suppose what the crux of the issue is what each terms a “long-term deal”. No longer than 3 years? That would be OK with me. Anything longer than that is a “long-term” deal? If that is the definition, then by and large, I would agree with your assessments.
If I am not mistaken, when I looked up Beckett’s contract extension, I read that his option year is 2010. Do you have different info–is it 2011? Beckett might indeed be a trading chip worth exploring, whether we have to pick up an option this year or not.
Yes, Theo was wise to sign Lowell at the 3-year level, and not more. Even though he was coming off the WS MVP that year, even the 3-year deal might have seemed like a “long-term” contract. I will be interested to see how Lowell’s hip, and his playing-time situation, will play out this off-season.

Brian, as much as we gripe about “Beam Me Up Scotty”, I think that “long-term contract” card (and the difference in definition!) is the one that makes the difference in nearly every contract with the Red Sox. Lowell was willing to forego the 4th year in his contract, and sign with us instead of Philly, whom he was also considering (as I recall). But Born-*** was not his agent. With Tek, on the other hand (Born-*** being his agent–the one thing he and A-Rod have in common!), two years was “long-term”. Born-***’ “genius” seems to be the ability to get the additional year, whereas we are willing to spend significant money PER YEAR. So we can get $12-15 mill per year, for shorter years, but still have significant $$$ per year. I wonder if Theo has considered giving players a choice: Longer contract, smaller $$ amounts, OR Shorter contract, larger $$ amounts. Theo SEEMS (and this may just be my perception), to simply give the “Big $$, Short Contract” option. I wonder if he sometimes boxes himself in that way. Perhaps he sees that as something he and the org. can live with. Just my two cents…

I agree about the Beckett and Lowell statements. I’m a little baffled about Beckett… I remember a couple of years ago we never knew which Brckett we were going to get on any given night. It was the same this season. According to the site for contracts, 2010 IS the year for the Club Option. so I think that gives the Sox some leeway there, right?

WOW… IT IS ABSOLUTELY POURING HERE!!! Its raining not only cats and dogs, but some small farm animals too!!!

Ok, here’s taking the Beckett talk to the next level. Since most of you (and I agree also) think Theo should kind of explore the possibility of trading Beckett, see what we could get for him, what do you all think the Sox should seek in exchange? Do you try and replace him with a younger, potentially dominating starting pitcher? Do you seek an impact bat, say at third base, shortstop or DH? Do you see if you can fool the Cardinals into giving back Lugo and Smoltz?😉
Here’s my suggestion: make a trade with the Rangers (of course, Beckett’s from Tx), for Elvis Andrus and Scott Feldman or Tommy Hunter. But maybe I’m asking for too much.
ELLEN, be careful out there!

Greg – I think you’ll like my blog today – it might be about your favorite sports agent! LOL!

Love how the Yankees-Angels game has started out!

Ellen – watch out in case any farm animals start falling! LOL!

GO ANGELS!!!! (You know – it does feel wrong to say that also.)

Looks like MLB is worried about the umps also:

No Bucknor in the WS!!

MLB, the Players Union AND the “professional” Umpires Union well SHOULD be worried… McLellands calls the other night were blatantly wrong as were calls in the ALDS SoxAngels matchup. I havent seen a whole lot of BAD calls in the post season for the NL. You can bet you will hre the call for instant replay. One of Seligs comments about instant replay was something like this: Baseball is not a game that can afford to go 4.5 to 5 hours… He’d rather get it WRONG and have the games end earlier than get it right, and keep what integrity that is left in the game of Baseball in tact. Way to go Buddy Boy!!!

and our RedSox games go 4 hours most nights anyway!! lol

The Angels pulled it out.. ALCS continues!!! YES>>> Go Angels!! Adenhart was present tonight, you could tell!!!

JD Drew did hit some big HRs in October. JD?s HR in Game 3 was soon forgotten because of Pap?s inopportune imposition. JD didn?t do a lick in the regular season 2009. Is JD worth $14MM?
I am all for the limited replay during the playoffs. A manager can challenge a questionable HR or fair or foul but not on strike/ball call. If the challenge is overturned, the team loses an out. How does it sound?
Game 6 is a must win for the Yanks and Angels. If the ALCS goes to Game 7 and even if the Yanks win, it really messes up the rotation for the WS. Burnett will forcibly be the Game 1 starter matching up against Lee or Hammel. The Yanks don?t want to see Burnett in Game 1 given last night?s performance. Giraldi has to decide whether to start Sabathia on 3 days rest or Pettitte for Game 2. Go Angels and Phillies.

Giraldi made the same mistake Francona did by staying tooo long with Burnett. At least Giraldi pulled AJ after 2 got on and Francona was patient enough to wait till the bases loaded and none outs.


I think the time has come where replay should be used during the playoffs. There have been too many missed calls. So far it hasn’t cost any team a game, yet……Remember Don Denkinger anyone????

I assume the Phillies will have Lee go game 1. If there is a game 7 between the Angels and Yankees and N.Y. wins. I’m guessing Sabathia would take the mound for game 1 against Philly.

Weaver should have at least started the 9th inning. Weaver was the only reliever that looked sharp. It seemed almost everyone out of the pen for both sides struggled. Rivera did his usual. He is the ULTIMATE weapon and I think a big reason why N.Y. will somehow someway take the series this weekend.

If I’m the Angels, I might want too keep Fuentes back in So. Cal. LOL!! Where is Percival???? HA…HA…


I didn’t mind seeing Burnett take the mound to start the 7th but as soon as Mathis got on…. Burnett should have been yanked right there. Burnett sat a longggg time! The Yankees can’t get Mathis out. lol.

Brian, I saw your comment about Instant Replay, heres mine from last night:

MLB, the Players Union AND the “professional” Umpires Union well SHOULD be worried… McLellands calls the other night were blatantly wrong as were calls in the ALDS SoxAngels matchup. I havent seen a whole lot of BAD calls in the post season for the NL. You can bet you will hear the call for instant replay. One of Seligs comments about instant replay was something like this: Baseball is not a game that can afford to go 4.5 to 5 hours… He’d rather get it WRONG and have the games end earlier than get it right, and keep what little integrity that is left in the game of Baseball in tact. Way to go Buddy Boy!!!

Brian: Sabathia to start Game 1 on 2 days rest? Are you kidding me? Game 1 starts on Wednesday. right? I am glad it’s not my decsion to make. Will Giraldi use 3 or 4 pitchers in a 7 game series. Who will be the 4th starter. Gaudlin? Will it be de ja vu (2004) for the Yanks? Very beatable Pettitte is pitching in Game 6.
Give the Yanks credit. they keep coming back and left the bases loaded in the 9th.
Did you see the pitch to Morales’s game winning tie breaking single, a FB right in the middle.


Game 1 is Wed. night….that would leave the hefty lefty out if the Angels/Yankees series went seven games. I thought game 1 was Thurs. night.

I absolutely love it when Chamberlain struggles!

I love to second guess Giraldi. Giraldi stayed with Burnett way too long although I have no problem letting him pitch in the 7th. Why Giraldi didn’t pinch hit for the headcase Swisher with bases full of the Yanks with 2 outs? I would call in LH Brett Garden albeit against a lefty. Eric Hinske would be a good pinch hitter but he is not on the roster. Another good move by Giraldi. I know Guzman has good speed.
Giraldi blew 2 games because of his “stupidity”, Game 3 was the Aceves for Roberson move. I love it. Go Angels and Phillies.

Why pinch run for A-Rod if Guzman didn’t attempt to steal?


Do You love to second guess Girardi more than Francona??? LOL!!

Gardner was already used as a pinch runner. Swisher couldn’t hit if I was pitching. lol. That guy is lost at the plate.

If Fuentes blew it, Angels skipper would be getting nailed today. I thought Weaver should have taken the hill for the 9th. Weaver got the Yankees in order and struck out Jeter to end the 8th. Fuentes walks the tightrope every outing.

I think the Angels will win tomorrow night but so far they haven’t solved Sabathia in this series. The games in which Sabathia started, the Yankees have won easily.


I agree with you 100%. If your going to pinch run for the hottest hitter in the planet, the pinch runner MUST attempt to steal a base. If not, why take out A-Rod in a game that tight.


I think baseball will eventually get some sort of instant replay other than for just H.R.’s. Will it be too late??? Perhaps a horrible call is made during a game 7 late in the game. So far these bad calls haven’t cost a team a game or a series but maybe it will someday soon. I hope not. Perhaps some sort of a challenge once or twice a game by the manager. ( like the N.F.L. without the red challenge flag of course ) The games are already long, what’s another 5 minutes or so. As long as the call is correct as you say. That is what is important! Perhaps the next commish will get it done! It’s time for baseball to step up to the 21st century.

I don’t second guess Francona. I only critize Tito for the I think obvious move he didn’t make. You didn’t see me second guess Tito for staying with Buchholz too long or yanking Wagner after 2 outs after the Game 3 until today.
Anyway I think Tito will be wiser in 2010 after the sweep knowing that being a nice guy doesn’t help the team.
I agree the Angels will likely win Game 6 which means the Phillies will win the WS again. Go Angels and Phillies.

I can live with a Phillies WS victory, even though I’d have to hear on a daily basis from my 2 bosses (ages 27 and 28) that they won b2b… Early in the season they said they wouldnt be watching because they ” had seen it all” with their 08 victory, then when Rollins was slumping, he was a piece of sh**, now he’s GOLD!! and their favorite Phillies player of ALL time… Fans like that are obnoxious!!!
But that would be much easier than one other result, and I wont say what that is due to my superstitions!!!

I had back surgery 3 yrs ago, and there is no such thing as minor back surgery. Sure you can do some everyday things, but throwing a baseball and swinging a golf club, is tough. I wish Tim Wakefield the best, but as Freddie Couples said, Once you have back problems you always have back problems”.

9tedw: My back surgery was 2 years ago, and while I can bowl, I cant stand for longer than 5 minutes and cant walk around the block (my husband is happy because I cant make it through the Mall!!! lol)with out major pain… Freddie Couples is right!!! My surgery was to remove a tumor on the right lower back, now I am facing another surgery for the same thing on the left side…. not looking forward to the surgery.

It’s easy to blame Giraldi for the loss as we did to Papelbon. There were a lot of blames to go around. Notably Phil Hughes, as a reliever, he could not record the first out after 4 batters. I am loving it. Go Angels and Phillies.

The weather in Ny tomorrow is not looking pretty according to sports talk radio and NOAA.GOV . maight be an awfully damp and cold game!

I was about to say the same thing. It’s gonna be heavy rain and T-storm tomorrow night in NY. If game 6 is pushed back to sunny Sunday, the good news for the Yankees fans is that CC can start in game 6. The bad news is CC won’t be able to start till Game 2 or 3 of the WS. I am loving it. Go Angels and Phillies.

Would that be short rest for donught boy???

I hope everything turns out allright, Ellen. Let us know when you do have that surgery so we can pray for you.
I think the Angels have a legitimate shot at winning the series, but it certainly won’t be easy. Saunders vs. Pettitte is a very good matchup, and offensively I think the Yankees have the edge, but… who knows, maybe momentum has swung the Angels way. If there’s a game 7 it might be Barney Sabathia vs. maybe Weaver again? And yes, that would throw the Yankees rotation completely for the WS. But what I’m thinking is, Michellin Man has obviously been lights-out throughout the playoffs and pretty much since June or so. But 3 starts in 10 days? And not just any starts, he threw 8 full innings (113 pitches) in Game 1 and another 8 frames (101 pitches) in Game 4. I think he might be fairly hittable if not burnt out if he were to pitch Sunday. And I think Weaver was pulled last night after just one inning to keep him fresh for a possible Game 7. Besides, Fuentes has been shaky as have been all closers minus Mo this postseason, but he had a very respectable 48 saves in the regular season. You’ve gotta trust your closer to close out the games, that’s what you’re paying him for.

Morning everyone…afternoon actually,

Glad to see New York humbled here and there. Glad also to see all quiet on the tcd133 front.
Easy one -> The heart beats at what rate and what do we call it (hint sinus…)
What is the term for an irregular heart rate.

Glad no more bony question.
Heart beats at various rate depends on the amount of intake of oxygen. Any rate between 70-100 beats per minute is considered normal.
Cardiac arrhythmia

Hey all!! I’m on my way out to do damage to some pins!!! Wish me luck… “Good luck and GOOOOOD Bowling”!!!!

I know that much about the heart, Dave. I could have answered those questions, but not too much else (incl. which valve or artery does what). Oh, well…;)


You don’t second guess Francona, lol. That’s the funniest thing I have read on here. My thoughts on second-guessing. It’s only second-guessing if it is said after it happens. If you or I say it before, I don’t consider that second-guessing.

This just in…Francona will always be a players manager, regardless how the season ends. He’ll always remain….Uncle Tito. Great name. lol.

I wish you the best too, Ellen. Hang in there.

Fast comment and I am on my way, does anyone have the feling that is the Yankees dont close it out tonight, or tommorrow, that the Angels have a little advantage. You face anyone 3 times, (Doughnut BOY), that the law of averages catches up to you?
Maybe Sciosia will do some bunting make this horse run around the mound a little.

9tedw: Thank You! It’ll be a while before it happens, but I appreciate the thought!!
I too think that the Angels have a good shot!! Have a good day…
Back later!!

I’m struck by the amount of antipathy that is expressed on this blog toward the long term deals some players are able to obtain in their negotiations with MLB teams. As I followed it, CC Sabathia made it clear that the Yanks would have to pay him a premium to get him to come to NY, and they agreed to it. Way to go, CC! Also, I believe Big Teix had Borass play the Sox off against the Yanks to get him the maximum deal he might see…well done Big Teix!!!

Unfortunately, most of us are not commodities that inspire this sort of bidding frenzy. For those who enjoy that position, more power to ya!!!

As an avid Sox fan, this is my concern about JBay…he is a hot commodity, and the Sox will have to overpay him vis-a-vis their evaluation of his worth in order to get him to stay in Boston.

I disagree with Tony Massaroti when he says the Sox are in the “catbird seat” (my phrase, not his) with the money coming off their books. I think the Sox are going to have to go “deeper into the hole” if they want to field a team that might win the WS. Certainly, its going to be an interesting “hot stove” season this year. But still in all, how well the Sox fare next year will be determined by how much they commit this off-season. a couple “bargain basement, off the rack” signings won’t do it. They need to spend more money than their contemplated ticket price increases may produce. If they don’t, they’ll win more than they lose, but may not make it to the play-offs. Good for me, as someone who is on the season ticket waitlist!!

Lets get on with the World Series, so we can start the “Hot Stove Season”!!!!!

Game 6 was postponed to Sunday to give the Angels’ bullpen extra day of rest. Advantage Angels. The Yanks better wrap it up on Sunday. If there is a Game 7, CC won’t be able to pitch until Game 3 of WS. Can’t beat Mother Nature.

Hey, DBen, good to have you back on!
I don’t disagree with you that we’d end up paying for J-Bay if we want to keep him. The same likely would be true, however, if Theo wants to pursue Matt Holliday or another FA for the LF spot. We’ll have to see if Theo pays for either one of them, otherwise we might end up with a “bargain-basement” LF.
We are going to have several “hold-over” contracts to contend with, also–most noteworthy being what we have to pay for Lugo, who has one year left on the contract he signed with us. We’ll be on the hook for that, along with whatever we pay for an option, or new contract, with A-Gonz (I anticipate we’ll reach an agreement with him in some form). That is only scratching the surface, though–we also have decisions to make regarding Papi, Lowell, and even Drew. So it remains to be seen how much “real” money we have to “play with”.
As far as “big contracts” are concerned, I think some of our (and perhaps Theo’s) reservations about long-term deals is the albatross we ended up with in Zazu’s contract. Yes, he played a big role in both our championships, but in between, we had a royal headache we were happy to get rid of in his (fortunately!) final year. We don’t want a repeat of that, let alone a large contract to a player who gets injured early and/ or often (like Drew). Unfortunately for both parties, this is what happened with Lowell, also, and he has been on the trade-rumor list as a consequence. Some of us have voiced the question whether the Yankees, for all their success now, might have similar problems with A-Rod and/ or Teixeira –neither of whom Theo was willing to match the contract demands for, esp. with contract length. And as I mentioned on a previous comment, that is for good and/ or bad. It may factor into whether we give J-Bay his contract demands. We’ve been willing to give large dollar amounts per year, for shorter years, and J-Bay may not take that, as Damon and Pedro did not before. We’ll see.
As far as CC is concerned, I also say “good for him”. We’ll see if it works out well for both parties in future years. Otherwise, if I remember the details from last winter, CC can opt out after 3 years (maybe 4). Again, we’ll see.

I think that more than Zazu’s contract, the hesitation comes when they think about Lugo’s!!! We’re still paying that lemon off. I do agree with the thought line that we need to pay in order to play, and yes to contend. Bay needs to stay in Boston. Theo, et al need, the in the most desperate way, to sign a bat. That said, the bat they sign MUST be a BIG ONE!!!! So go after Holliday through free agency and maybe through a trade take a stab at Matt Kemp or Andre Eithier (check their numbers before rebutting). They would be great whether or not the Sox re-sign Bay. I think that Eithier can play left and center, and Kemp can play center or right. Why not??
Also, the other A-Gon, IF Something is done that makes Papi gone/or Mikey goes away…. That would be a major shake up!!
Just my thoughts and my 2 cents………..

And IF what I read is correct, matt Kemp only signed a ONE year deal with the Dodgers in 08.. The Mc Courts (the current Dodger royalty) ar egoing through a bad and nasty divorce.. (I hear all of this on either Dan Patrick or Colin Cowherds show). Both want the club, but one will have to yell UNCLE and let go. So I’m sure that there will be some personnel changes in the Ravine!!

Further research has yeilded the information that both Eithier AND Kemp are arbitration eligible…

I’d be willing to entertain the idea of Kemp and/or Ethier, regardless of the McCourts. Do they have stats on either (or is that “Eithier” ;)?) of them in Fenway or Yankee Stadium(s)?
I’d be interested to see if Drew gets traded or Papi gets traded (not very likely) or released to make that happen.

Brian, it is interesting you brought up Fuentes and his adventurous saves. (Not unlike Pap! Hmmm!…) And to think we were considering signing Fuentes to one of those mega-contracts! Again, HMMM!…

Angels fans have had to deal with K-Rod’s adventures in the playoffs and now Fuentes. K-Rod looked unreal back in 2002 in the post-season but those days are longggg gone!

If I recall, Boston never even got into contract talks with Fuentes. That is one area of a team ( relief pitching ) you have to be very careful and sign a reliever to a multi year deal. Timlin worked out and of course Foulke did as well. Foulke was money in the playoffs back in 2004. Without Foulke, no W.S. title in Boston!

I”ll say it now and I have it said it already. When it comes to Bay….If he wants a 5th year…I say good luck! I felt the same way when Lowell was a free agent after the 2007 season. Sign Lowell to a 3 yr. deal and not a day more. Theo did the right thing with Damon when he was a free agent. Never ever fall in love with these guys and hand out long term deals like toll tickets. lol. A general manager in my opinion MUST see the bigger picture! Don’t live in the “now” moment!

D. Benjamin…

I see where the high school team in Columbus won yesterday. lol.

Teams better think long and hard before handing out long term big $$$$$ deals like candy. Good for Sabathia, Texeira and Burnett for getting there $$$$$. I wish I was related to them. If I was….I would have lots and lots of (D) Benjamins’. LOL!!


Last time I checked the Red Sox had a pretty good center fielder. Some guy named Ellsbury. lol. With H.R.’s down across baseball. I think a player like Ellsbury is more than valuable, not too mention his very affordable salary.

Holliday??? Please say you are joking. lol. How did his A.L. season go this past year??? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

I was saying that gthey can play left center and/or right.. Im not out of my right mind yet!! I thinks Ellsbury will just continue to improve!!!

Brian.. How would yours have gone if you were stuck in the cellar at Oakland??

One problem I have with Jason Bay is his strikeouts.
I’m sure he has 156K’S this year compared to Holliday’s 101.
I’m not buying into the AL or NL. Good Hitter is a good hitter.
Sox have to at least do some thinking about Holliday.

162 K’S sure is an awful lot.


I’m guessing my season would be the same, it wouldn’t matter where I played. My avg. would be .000 LOL!!
If you can hit a baseball, you can hit a baseball. It shouldn’t matter if you play in Oakland or Pittsburgh. Bay played in Pitts. and produced! Pretty much the same ugly scene in Pitts. and Oakland. Playing in front of friends and family. No excuses for Holliday…. None! Buyer beware if your going to give Holliday a long term big $$$$ deal. I hope Theo and the Red Sox don’t have him as a fall back option if Bay and the Red Sox can’t agree on a deal.

OK that is just one negative about Bay, the positive is he hit .392 against the Yankees.
But .254 against Tampa
.236 against Baltimore
.222 against Toronto
I like Bay but you have to shop around.


Any player that will hit more than 30 H.R. and drive in more than 100 R.B.I. is a positive in my book. Bay has proven he can thrive in the pressure of Boston. Number….numbers…..yawn!

Pats having a very difficult time with T.B. LOL!!

Kazmir turning out to be the Gagne trade for the Angels? Funny, Soscia seems to be such a together coach, full of energy, drive, amd smarts; but year, after year, his teams seem too many miscues in the post season? Coaching?

The Yanks did it with CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte, and Mariano Riviera. The Angels were lucky that they didn’t get swept.

The Yanks looked impressive tonight. It makes 2004 seem like longer ago! I REALLY HATE Rivera. Can we talk about him for a sec? I think he’s the greatest pitcher in the past 25 years. Think about it. The Yanks have been in ALL these playoff games with the games on the wire and they have a guy with a sub-1.00 ERA for the past 15 years that is capable of throwing multiple innings.

Last night he was throwing 89-90, down from his 95-96 of when he was younger, and he was STILL sawing off guys. Amazing.

Anyways, check out some great Boston Red Sox memorabilia from my client, Steiner Sports. Hopefully next season we’ll still be excited about purchasing memorabilia and not praying that the Phillies hold down the Yanks.


Rivera is the BIGGEST weapon in the playoffs. I don’t think words can describe him. It goes to show you how good those Boston teams have been over the years. Alot of big wins by the Red Sox over the years against Rivera. Someone not named Rivera MUST come up with some big outs against the Phillies. If Hughes and Chamberlain continue to struggle, the Phillies will win.

I loved watching Kazmir airmail that throw to first base.

When was the last team to win the World Series using only three starting pitchers during the entire playoffs??? Something the Yankees are attempting to do.

I don’t see Burnett or Pettitte pitching on three days rest. Most likely Gaudin will get a start unless the Yanks are up 3-0.

So dead on this blog. Where is everyone? Andrew where are you?
tcd133 is OUT. He won’t be back apparently because if the Yanks pennant win didn’t get him back nothing well – Yes!
I just finished a documentary on the 2004 Red Sox. Wow, what a team. They were unstoppable. Sox have to build on what they have. Ellsbury is emerging as a superstar. Now if we can get Dwight Evans into the Hall of Fame. He certainly deserved it.

I’ll second on Dewey, certainly one of the best RF in his era!
As far as tcd, he still has not surfaced on Bombers Beat, so Craig’s theory is off. Maybe he got tired of being a jerk!

Congrats on the New York Yanks and Phillies. It’s going to be a great series. I’ll see how Charlie Manuel manages against Yankee offense and pitching.

Winning it all with just 3 pitchers isnt so hard to do these days off when youve got a week of in between games!!! I know I’m exagerating. But think about it.. These guys start in February!!! Spring training evedryday until April1, then its virtually daily, non-stop til September 30th.. MLB needs to take away these extra days off between games in the post season. We’ll be watching baseball at Thanksgiving instead of those AWFUL Detroit Lions football games!!!
…and yes, I would take this stance even if it WAS our Sox in the BIGSHOW………………..

Dave.. Try not to tempt fate lol …. I think he may be out for other reasons!! (if you get my drift!!)

Well, Phillies and Yankees is not the series I would have hoped for, (well duh, we didn’t want the Yankees anyway!)😉 but they should not need travel days so much, even with 1-95 traffic! Too bad we’ll have those off days, anyway! Oh, well! Congrats, Bob!
Dave, I hope Naomi’s math is still going well!

Andy & Greg,
Thanks. After missing out on my dream ALCS, it’s great to have my dream WS. I wish I could share my joy with each and every one of you!

Ever have those days where you’re kid suddenly forgets how to do something after doing it for a week and doing great! AHHHH!
Poor thing couldn’t do the x + 2x = 100 type problem tonight. I’m sure tomorrow she’ll do fine. My wife reminds me that she tries so hard to get it right she panics and then there is NO point continuing. She’s right. She wants to be a scientist and has a perfectionist streak in her.
When she struggles I feel like a failure as a parent. I just want her to see math as fun and great and exciting but I’m reading this book “The 4th grade’ and they said right in the book when you hit fractions, ‘kids struggle.’ Naomi is NOT alone.

Dave, yep, absolutely. Been there, done that, will repeat in the future, I’m sure! No, Naomi is not alone, by far. It usually starts all over again with decimals, percents, etc.–it did with Jacquelyne, it did with many GED students I had. Keep at it, Naomi!🙂

Hi All! I know – but sorry, I have been busy learning MORE then I ever thought I would learn about knee surgery! Dad has his surgery this Thursday – he had a stroke a few years ago so there a few more challenges.

BOB – Congrats! You’ve waited a long time for this. I am looking forward to seeing Pedro pitch against the Yankees! Wow – who would have thought we would see that when the season began.

FYI – MLB is putting charities and community service front and center at the WS. The first night they will be hi-lighting their “Welcome Home Veterans” program. To all our service men & women out there who are reading this – thank you for all you do and God Bless you all! Come home safe!

DAVE – Naomi is a perfectionist? My oldest is as well. Yes, it can be tough at times, but the older they get – it’s a good thing! Good luck!! And something to know – 4th grade is a tough year for many kids. It is another one of those milestone years. There is a huge jump in brain development and social/emotional growth as well. The tweener years have begun and there are a lot of changes the kids have to get use to. Good luck!!

I’ll be back as much as I can this week – the schedule is just a little crazy! Oh, one more thing – WHY is a WS game going to be scheduled for Halloween night? Families should be able to concentrate on just having FUN that night!!

Hi Dave:
If Naomi can?t solve x + 2x = 100, perhaps she fails to understand what is x. Explain to her x is actually 1x and 1x + 2x has to be 3x. 3x = 100. So the value of 1 x is 100/3 = 33.3333333.
See if she can solve x + 2x = 90.

Hey all!! I’m back in the fold.. (back in the office). had yesterday off to have the MRI’s taken. 4.5 hours… whew!! Well hopefully this series will locate the problem.
Anyway, just thought I’d check in with you. Hope everything is going well..

I was just scrolling through the posts to see if I had missed any and saw that ALL of TCDs posts have been deleted!!

There is justice in the world. Thank you! I may have contacted mlb to let them know how tcd133 is treating everyone…may have of course (LOL)
I was using the x + 2x just as shorthand. She does the fraction method as you demonstrated…which by the way, somehow went back into her brain today. Sometimes it gets SO confusing trying to figure out what happened on Monday? Did we have a brain fault (LOL)!
My wife also said get ready for decimals in January. Oh boy! After fractions its graphs and angles with a protractor and parallel and perpendicular lines…easy stuff. She’ll ride home safely.

Avi (my younger) is having trouble separating common vs. proper nouns. Somehow her brain is confused. How would you explain it to her?


when he started taunting you and others who are just trying to be polite to him, I had had enough. This board means a lot to me and I don’t want someone like that ruining it.

Dave, I’m not much of a teacher… but each noun can be classified as either proper of common. One way to distinguish between the two is that a common noun, is just thaT..COMMON, nothing special about it. It is a generalized term. A proper noun is one that will be (when properly written, in capitals no matter where it is used in a sentence. Peoples names, names of cities, are examples of this.
I pulled this from Google. The 2nd list is the same as the 1st, except that the 2nd list is the proper nouns that realte to the common nouns in the 1st list

Common Noun >

Proper Noun>
Herman Melville
Mrs. Hacket
Tito’s Taco Palace
Declaration of Independence
University of Virginia

my brain is slow today and I forgot to proof… sorry for the errors.

I emailed them too and made a phone call. I do like the fact that they take care of these things quickly. They did the same thing when Fagan was infecting us here.

007 – maybe we should start signing up people here for 2010 to fill all the vacancies!

So where were you 5 years ago today (10/27) when the Red Sox won their first World Series in 86 years? Okay – I had to write about that today! Has it really been that long?

And it is official – pitching for the Phillies in game 2 will be none other then PEDRO! And yes, the game is in New York! Most interesting! We are expecting rain in the Boston Area tomorrow – I haven’t checked on the weather in NY – but I hope they can get the game in!!!

The Sox need an assistant general manager, a bench coach. a LF, a 4th & 5th OF, a 5th SP, ****, a back up catcher, a middle reliever, etc. for 2010.

Dave, I hope it will be smooth sailing with graphs, etc., for Naomi. That, BY FAR, is not my strong suit. I reach for the Motrin for whenever I have to help with graphs! I hope it is easier for Naomi than it was for me!😉
Try not to let Naomi’s problems make you feel like a failure. Easy to say, but it is what I deal with when Jacquelyne struggles with grammar and spelling. EASY stuff for me, but not for her. In that case, it is frustrating, but not failure. She often “gets it” all over again the next day–like Naomi did. Be patient!😉
By the way, Arnie alluded to it, Dave: Grammar IS my strong suit!😉

Yeah, I heard that Brad Mills went to the Astros today.. I think he’ll do a good job. He cant do any worse than the manager that they had.

********NEW THREAD************

I wish Brad Mills success in Houston. He’ll need it.
We do have many needs on the Red Sox, and Mills’ absence does add to the list, but even before that, I think there could be many other changes apart from the ones Andy mentioned, depending on how Wake does, how Lowell rehabs (and his playing time), to name a few. I think this team is going to look significantly different than it does now, and it may not even be as thorough as Theo would want. Andy perhaps hinted at this in his “etc.”! (Theo, avoid Wal-Mart and the Salvation Army rack! PLEASE!) We’ll see. GO SOX!

I hope we do get to see Pedro in the WS (he’s scheduled as stater for Game 2, as I understand). One of the few things that would make this Series interesting. (For me, anyway!😉

Dave, in your example, Andy referred to the 1x + 2x = 100. It should help her to see “x” as “1x) in other examples. Andy converted the example to a decimal, 33.333. Hopefully, she could see it also as 33 1/3, if you were to show her that example.

It’s great to see Pedro on the mound tonight against the Yanks in the toilet for Game 2. Last night’s game was an awesome performance by the Phillies. Not that this matters to us Sox fans! I also thought it was awesome that Mills got the manager gig in Houston. He has been a loyal servant here for the past half decade. Good luck Brad!

Finally, if you want to spend the offseason looking at some stuff from my client, Steiner Sports, check it out at the Boston Red Sox section there.

After the WS, we get the countdown to free agency. It’ll be a fascinating winter!

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