Phillies will fight to make it a Series

I remember when I was growing up, the Super Bowl went through a bad rut where it seemed like almost every year, it was a blowout. The two games that stick in my mind during my youth that were great games were the 49ers-Bengals in 1988, and the Giants-Bills in 1990. Other than that, blah.

Is the same thing going on with the World Series? If the Yankees win tonight, that would make it six years in a row the Fall Classic has been five games or less.

It would be nice to see the Phillies push this thing back to New York for Game 6, and, who knows, maybe even a Game 7?

That double steal by Damon last night was one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen. It just goes to show you can see something completely new every time you watch a baseball game. I still can’t believe nobody on the Phillies made an attempt to cover third.

Let’s see what happens tonight. The Phillies should have plenty of fire in their eyes with Cliff Lee taking the mound on full rest.


You got to like Damon. He is in the middle of everything. All the money the Yankees spent last winter is going to pay off after all. Now I can honestly say if the Yankees win they bought this World Series.
Bud Selig is a great commisioner.

No question this is a disturbing issue but more importantly, it now gives Scott Boras an attitude that he can create a World Series team and now can prove it.
No question unless the Yankees do something stupid they’ll take it tonight. No question but now forget Jason Bay. He’ll be unaffordable. Boras will explode his salary. Honestly, I’m not impressed with Bay. He was a great fill in but not a Mark Texeira nor a Johnny Damon but he’ll command a Damon + salary.
Baseball now is the have and have nots. If you have dollars you will get somewhere. In fairness though the Mets pour money into players and get junk output so it’s not always so. Yankees made some smart moves for sure and they are paying off.

Dave, What does Scott Boras have to do with Jason Bays salary?? His agent is Joe Urbon…

MLBtraderumors is reporting that Zazu has been talking to an American League team.. They say its a Central Division team.. I say Twins or Indians.

9tedw: I am going to assume that your “great” remark about Selig, was siad with tongue in cheek and dripping with plenty of sarcasm. Otherwise, I think I will have to send the men with the straight jacket to find you!! lol

Abslolutely Ellen, and 146 million the Mets paid this year was lot, but in the range of about fair. 201 million paid is an awful big jump dont you say. With money coming off the books this year for the Yankees, and next, Holliday and Mauer will be their next projects. 2 pretty good players wouldn’t you say.

Abslolutely Ellen, and 146 million the Mets paid this year was lot, but in the range of about fair. 201 million paid is an awful big jump dont you say. With money coming off the books this year for the Yankees, and next, Holliday and Mauer will be their next projects. 2 pretty good players wouldn’t you say.

Dave, Ellen is right. Unless a change happens in the off-season, BORAS IS NOT J-BAY’S AGENT! We need to remember that.
“Beam Me Up Scotty” IS Holliday’s agent (again, unless a change is made). The only real way Born-a*s*s will affect Bay is if he attempts to keep up with Holliday, esp. with the Yankees involved.

Ellen, Greg,
Thank you for the correction. I am relieved once again to remind myself that Boras the ‘great’ is NOT Jason’s agent. Might have a chance of keeping him if we desire it.
There is NO way Zazu will be talking to ANY team but the Dodgers. He promised he’d play them….ah I meant play with himself…ah I meant play with them for the rest of his career and Zazu keeps his promises. He would never do anything but wash off last year in a warm shower and start again talking to the Dodgers about his career.

Hey Zazu fans. The all new and improved Zazu doll comes with its own shower and all new sayings by America’s number one baseball player.
“I need a shower!”
The all new Zazu doll comes with its own Cleveland, Red Sox and LA Dodgers jerseys!
“I hate the dodgers, they don’t like me and I don’t like them. I need a shower.”
But that’s not all folks, it also comes with an all new Twins jersey.
“I hate the Twins, they don’t like me. I need a shower.”
The all new Zazu doll also showers and watches TV and plays video games and just basically does his own thing.
“Ow, that hurt. Hey where’s my 25 million dollars…ah I need a shower.”
The all new Zazu doll is something the kids will love!
“Mom, I failed my math test. I’m doing what Zazu tells me to do. I’ve had it up to here with school. They don’t like me and I don’t like them. I’m taking a shower. ”
That’s right mom and dad, bring Zazu into YOUR house for all new fun.
“Support the family! That is SOOOO old. I’m taking a shower. !”
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Hi All! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for my dad. He is in the rehab facility but he had a very bad night – it is going to be a long hall. I’m going to watch some of the game tonight – don’t know if I make it through the whole game – but I really think Cliff Lee will pull through for the Phillies – I guess he has no choice! lol! I’ll try to stop by during the game. Thanks! You are all the BEST!


I think there are too many off days during these playoffs and W.S. and that is why these games are poorly played and are over quick. Those were some fantastic Super Bowls Ian mentioned. Norwood’s missed f.g. in Tampa and the Giants win. Montana to Taylor and the Niners win.

Ryan Howard missed home plate last night but the Yankees never saw it. If the Yankees did, all they had to do was tag Howard and he would have been out. The home plate umpire was waiting for Posada or someone with the Yankees to tag Howard out.

Lidge should have been covering third base, Lidge fell asleep.

Damon always hustles, you will never see Damon loaf on the bases. He plays the game hard! That is why he was one of my favorite players with the Red Sox.

The Yankees have Rivera, so if this series does get back to N.Y.—the Yankees will win!

I love it when Chamberlain struggles.

Was on some other teams sights, just reading comments. Wow it is amazing how much the hate the Yankees have in the U.S.
Take Care.

The Yanks will win the series unless someone?s name other than Lee on the Phillies can win a game big. The bullpen is so shaky that heading into the 9th with a couple of runs lead means a dramatic come from behind win for the Yanks.
But it?s pathetic that a $208MM team can?t find a 4th starter and was compelled to go with 3 starters in the postseason. Go Phillies.

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