Pedro on deck as the drama builds

Now, we have ourselves a full-fledged World Series. This, thanks to Chase Utley and Cliff Lee, who have, in tandem, kept the Phillies in this series.

Pedro Martinez will pitch Game 6 again in enemy territory at Yankee Stadium with a chance to make this Fall Classic truly classic and force a Game 7. The Yankees will counter with Andy Pettitte, and you wonder how he will fare on three days rest at this stage of his career.

Obviously not having a fourth starter is a glaring hole for the Yankees. The next couple of days will tell us if it is a fatal hole.

I’m thinking Game 6 gets the best ratings in the New England market for any non-Red Sox World Series game ever. Still a whole lot of Pedro fans in the Nation.


Break Reggie Jacksons record Chase!!!!!!!
Another arrogant Yankee… probably the MOST arrogant of ALL time.

Hey Ellen,
Boy is this board going quiet. What happened? Are we not family! Are we not friends. Come on folks, let’s fire up this blog again and make it fantastic.

Dave, something tells me this board will not be quiet for long, esp. once the FA period begins. Right now, there is not much to discuss, baseball-wise, so without “Science Question of the Day”, we have not had much to chime in on. Otherwise, Ellen and I could do “Grammar Question” or I could do “Spanish Questions” with Carlos (but not really)..;). Methinks, otherwise, that the board will have PLENTY to talk about once this WS is over and FA begins! Patience, Grasshopper”…;)

Hi ALL!!! Thank you to all for your “love and support” – we got the good news today – they are about 95% sure that my dad’s reaction was due to the pain meds and not another stroke. He was mentally a lot better today and the rehab is beginning in earnest. I might have left you all a little something on my blog! lol!

GREG – no Grammar!!! I think once the WS and over and the hot stove starts up the blog here will be hopping! Until then – GO PEDRO and GO PHILLIES!!!!

Thanks again!!


>>>>>>>>> SCIENCE QUESTION >>>>>>>>>>>>
OK here is your science question of the day…and I DON’t know the answer to this one so I’m hoping someone will chime in.
The hubble telescope is a famous scope. What type of light does it pick up (hint: it does more than visible).

What, Julia? You don’t want to do sentence diagramming and other grammar fun?😉

Am I correct, Dave, that it detects ultraviolet and/ or infrared? I am not sure, either.

Am I correct, Dave, that it detects ultraviolet and/ or infrared? I am not sure, either.

Let’s go Pedro….Clap, Clap, clap clap clap

We will have trouble posting again when the FA period starts up.. Thats how busy it’ll be here….
Oh btw.. I have my 16 year old computer genius working on a chat room for us aside from Brownie points.. We can still chat here during the day, but during the game we will be able to talk NONSTOP with no delays.. it should be up and running after the 1st of the year.!!!!!
Oh and it will be by invitation and password only.. Does anyone object to that?? We can always invite friends and fans that we know so we arent limited to “just us”!!! lol Let me know if you all are ok with this.

I’d be JUST FINE with that, Trixie. These posting troubles are going on, even when it HASN’T been busy. As long as I don’t need a fancy gizmo…;)

Hubble telescope can view galaxies, star clusters, 7,000,000 light years away and other objects across a wide electromagnetic spectrum, from ultraviolet to near-infrared light, radiation, gamma rays, etc.

Andrew, Greg,
All great guesses. Hubble can do visible and infrared. They actually have to stick a coolant to keep the lens frozen cold (as if space isn’t cool enough) to get the best possible images in infrared and avoid any sort of interference from visible light. It’s one of the things that astronauts do when the maintain hubble.
Of course a standard camera lens is significantly smaller but any camera can pick up infrared images…if you want to tear it apart and remove the filter that blocks the light.
(it’s an old article but it sums it up).
Infrared light can penetrate dust…unlike visible so you can see into the centers of galaxies with it.
Andrew, unfortunately, you need really complicated telescopes to grab x-ray and gamma light and as I learned…they ain’t easy to build!
Xray uses thin aluminum plates. As the really high frequency light strikes the plates it bounces off and reflects. It of course leaves shadows and its the shadows that the telescope uses for an image.
Gamma uses a crystal. The light strikes the crystal and bounces around. That kills any ability to know where it comes from. Astronomers infer from that that gamma light is present and go from there so as you may have guessed they have little ability to know where it comes from. They use a special ground telecope to help a bit but fortunately gamma light occurs where x-ray light occurs so you can infer direction from there. Gamma light explosions happens when you have a supernova burst.

that actually sounds terrific. It will keep unruly children who live in attics from wasting our time.
……………….. SCIENCE QUESTION…………………….
It’s actually a scary one. The first use of gamma ray telescopes were NOT for astronomy. They were for something else but now astronomers use those telescopes. Can you figure out what the first use was. (HINT: it wasn’t for science).

Dave: The first gamma-ray telescope carried into orbit, on the satellite in 1961. What was the first use if it wasn’t for astronomy?

that is indeed the question but the answer is in the cold war. The US government wanted to monitor bomb drops and these devices give off gamma ray bursts so a bunch of satellites were put into orbit to monitor…not stars but gamma ray bursts.
Astronomers noticed that the bursts that were first detected were not from russia but from outer space. Nobody knew till later they were star explosions but it opened up a whole new world of science…and yes we came THIS close to having a nuclear war.

Dave, interesting stuff, both about the Hubble Telescope, and about gamma-ray uses. I thought it was actually going to be for something more sinister, like an update on a medieval torture device. The answer actually makes sense, and I would not be surprised, first, if the Soviets also made use of gamma rays like that (their scientists were no slouches, either), and if that technology is still used.

Dave: The more scary is that the govt is developing a novel explosive that would release a flood of high-energy gamma rays from the nuclei of certain atoms. If a weapon that exploits this energy source could be devised, (pray it’s not feasible) it would have a power approaching that of a nuclear weapon – the gamma ray weapon.

Interesting point. Sometimes I become so US centric that I forget that. Soviet scientists have given us a LOT of technology. The two most famous are satellites (they came first) and the images from Venus. Sending a probe to the surface of a planet that rains sulfuric acid and has steel melting temperatures is truly an amazing accomplishment. I was very impressed.
I only wish we didn’t have such hostility towards each other. I love science so much and I wish the sides would come together and work together on projects. The international space station is an example of that type of participation.

We had to cancel our trip to that terrific site. October bled money for us in much needed items that we couldn’t hold off on any more. Going to half to hold off till next year. I hate poor economies.

Dave, I hope you do get to go to Looking Glass Rock sometime in the future. Spring and autumn are the best times–esp. autumn! The falls by the same “Looking Glass” name are also very beautiful, and not far from the pluton. I’m glad I piqued your interest, though, and perhaps you and Naomi can enjoy it sometime!🙂

I would love to especially since we finished the Alice in Wonderland book “Through the Looking Glass” which was fun for more wild than the first one!

Hi All!

GREG – NO GRAMMAR!! My boys already call me the Grammar Nazis! lol!

AND if you need a laugh – 27 reasons to root against the Yankees:

Are we all ready to see Pedro win tonight?? GO PHILLIES!!!

It’s amazing how much energy and thought go into destroying life. It’s amazing how little is done to make the world a better place. I remember the neutron bomb…ug. Destroy people but not property and that’s somehow more humane. Give me a break.

But due to their tissue penetrating property, gamma rays have a wide variety of medical uses such as in CT scans and radiation therapy. Despite their cancer-causing properties, gamma rays are also used to treat some types of cancer. There are some beneficial applications of gamma rays.

Looking back the WS, the Yankees just scored 1 more run than the Phillies. The Yankees did not overpower the Philles. They won by 2 runs, 3 runs, and 3 runs. Petitte hasn’t pitched on 3 days rest since 2006.

Hey Julia,
I wish I was better with grammar so please give some grammar quizzes so I can help out my daughter with her grammar homework; albeit she’s doing very well in grammar.
I think Naomi’s finally got those word problems and she can so division of fractions in her sleep — not that it will help on testing since they haven’t covered it, but she knows it. Then again I can see this old joke:
“I think I understand word problems.”
“Wait…the moment passed.”
(That’s borrowed from quantum physics. Just replace word problems with quantum physics.)

Dave – I’ll see what I can come up with for grammar! I’m glad that Naomi is doing well in math. Sometimes it takes awhile for the ideas to click, but when they do, she’ll never forget them.

Here we go Pedro!!!

Well.. I know its not accurate or right to say that one team “doesnt want the win” more than the other team, but it sure seems that way tonight. Once again, I thought that Grady Little was in the dugout.. In a game like this where there is no tomorrow unless you are victorious tonight, if your starter is in trouble.. get him the hellout of there!! You dont leave him in for another inning!!! Manuel did just that and it bit him in the a*s*s. Tomorrow at my office will not be a “congenial” work place… UNLESS something huge happens. I love Pedro, but I thought that they should have used Happ to start and have Hamels in the wings ready to go just in case. AND by God if they do make it to tomorrow night, they HAVE TO USE CLIFF LEE. He is the only one that has silenced the Yankee bats to the point of acheiving the W.
All I can say is that I hope Pettit breaks down in quick fashion and that the Phils take advantage just as quickly.


It pains me. The Phils literally had ONE lights out pitcher that was able to shut down that lineup and you can’t copy and paste Cliff Lee. Should Pedro have been taken out? It seems logical to me but who else can he put in there. It seems no matter whom the Phils send up the Yanks get enough runs off of them.
Having said that I wonder why Pedro was put in there. His finesse style baseball isn’t going to cut it against the Yanks.
I guess I’m supposed to congratulate the Yankees but after tcd133, I don’t have it in my heart right now.

ELLEN – the game last night did have a feeling of deja-vu to it. Why the heck wasn’t Pedro pulled sooner? Did the Phillies forget they had to win last night to get to game 7??

BOB- Congrats to you – I know you’ve waited a long time and Matsui was a worthy MVP.

BRING ON THE HOT STOVE!!!! Theo – you have some work to do!! Get to it!!!!

Is it Spring Training yet?? GO RED SOX!!!!

Dave.. They should have pulled Pedro early and put Happ in, had he faltered, put in Hamels. You cant win tomorrow when there is no tomorrow. You have to pull out ALL the stops and go for it.

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