Red Sox are back in season

Now that the Yankees have capped off their 27th World Series championship, the work begins all over again for 30 general managers. This is their time of year. Free agents can’t start filing as early as today.

Jason Bay and Boston’s other eligible free agents aren’t eligible to sign with another team until Nov. 19.

What will this Hot Stove season bring? While the lasting image of the 2009 Red Sox is a sweep by the Angels in the Division Series, the fact of the matter is that this team is in pretty good shape going forward.

That being said, you know Theo Epstein will do something significant. The question is, exactly what?

Will there be major changes or subtle tweaks?

On a side note, it was too bad that Pedro just didn’t have it last night. I could tell from the first pitch it wasn’t going to be his night. He didn’t have that look of excitement he normally has when he knows he has his good stuff. He was so deliberate between pitches. There was little to no life on his fastball. And Matsui got him.

The next baseball game we will see will take place under the warm sun of Fort Myers. Bundle up until then!


I don’t know what the numbers say but it seems like Matsui always had some good at bats against Pedro over the years.

The Phillies had some chances to win but couldn’t get the job done. Hamels was staked to a 3-0 lead and coughed it up. Lidge couldn’t get the job done during game 4. I think it was obvious too everyone that the Yankees have been the best team in baseball since July sometime and they capped it off with the W.S.

If Theo is going to get this team back on track, he will have to be very creative this winter! I have faith in him and the ownership!

Hot Stove!! Let it begin!! Theo – let’s make some moves and let’s do it soon!! The real games begin now!! Go RED SOX!!!

The Phillies would have a chance to win IF Hamels was 2008 Hamels like even with a shaky bullpen. If Pedro was Phillies’ no. 2 pitcher, Philadelphia you have a problem.
Phillies were just one lights out pitcher short of repeating.
If Pedro was yanked sooner, Happ and Hamels would likely mess it up worse than Pedro. Charlie M. knows his bullpen.
The Yanks got the big hits from Matsui and A-Rod when needed even if Texeira didn’t hit a lick. When Youk and Bay stopped hitting, let alone clutch hitting Boston, you’ve got a problem.

It’s cold in Nashville as it is this time of year but alas, I fear no snow again this year. I miss it. When my five year old has NO little idea what snow is like, I’m worried. In Michigan, Naomi KNEW what snow was like.
Anyway, tough series for the Phils. Once again pitching kills chances and the Phils has ONE ace. I would have probably pulled out all stops as well just to get a game 7 and hope for the best. You have all winter to rest. Congrats to the Yanks. They bought…errr…earned it.
You are right about the effective uses of gamma light; however, I must confess that NOTHING gives me more fear than the idea of getting cancer. You destroy the host to kill the disease. Hopefully someday we’ll have better treatments.
>>>>>>>>> Science >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
What are the TWO big elements, technically diatomic molecules that make up our atmosphere?

Hot Stove:
Strengths from the Sox,
Youk, Pedroia, Beckett, Lowell (even hurt this guy contributes), Ellsbury, Bay (when he doesn’t strike out), V-Mart (although doesn’t have the brains of Jason, Lowrie (with a healthy wrist), Papelbon (with a controlled ego and a second pitch), Dice-K (when he’s not eating twinkies and complaining), Tim Wakefield (I love the guy what can I say), Clay B.
J.D. Drew (always hurt), Lugo’s contract, bad moves by Theo that gave up good prospects, David Ortiz (unless he can pull himself together), a catcher (I like V-Mart but I think Jason handled the staff better, you don’t get the most no hitters by just hanging out)
Overall, it’s a good team. It really is but it’s missing consistency.

Nitrogen and Oxygen. I will second your wishes. More importantly, consistent hitting, hitting, hitting.

Bob George Kramer: Congrats on your team winning the WS! Will you be at the ticker tape parade tomorrow? My office is just a couple of blocks from the City Hall. Stop by if you are around.

My initial wishes:
1) A big bat
2) Dice-K gets in shape for the spring
3) Tim Wakefield gets a chance to get it done in 2010
4) Jon Lester continues to improve
5) Ellsbury continues to thrive
6) Lowell comes back with fire
7) David Ortiz comes back with fire
8) We get Lowrie back on track
9) Beckett comes back to 2007 Beckett
10) Papelbon finds a second pitch besides heat. He needs it.

>>>>>>>> Correction on science
Technically the two elements are NOT the only ones in our atmosphere but the majority.

Save the 4 million on Wakefield, add 5 million, and get Harden, hope this is the Sox first move. If this WS showed me something, you absolutley have to have dominating pitching against the Yanks.

correct. Sadly helium and hydrogen don’t hang out in the atmosphere. Helium is actually produced from natural radioactivity that occurs on the earth but once that’s gone, it’s gone.
I’m glad for Damon that the Yankees won. He’s what he is, but he is a player. I’m sad he said what he said, but I can’t deny his ability…although he would have been one heck of a player for the Red Sox in future years.

My Pop who is 94 yrs. young, and who has a great love of baseball said it best last night, “This is the most tainted WS win since the Black Sox Scandal”.
Congrats the Yanks enjoy this.
Take Care.

I know the Black Sox lost, but he is up there in yrs.

Finally, it’s over. The best team won, and that’s the way it should be. Unfortunately, the second best team didn’t finish second. Both the Angels and the Red Sox were better than anything the National League could put up against the Yankees.

I’m glad Hidecki Matsui got the MVP. All he does is come to play, every day. For as long as he’s been around, I was surprised at his inability to communicate. That took something from the post game interview. He’s a good player, and a good person. I remember a few years back he wrote an unsolicited $500,000 check to help out tsunami victims. I was also glad for Andy Petite and Mariano Rivera. It’s good to see old warriors do what they do best. I felt bad for Pedro. He is a shell of his former self, and he should hang up the spikes. I didn’t enjoy seeing one of the most dominating pitchers in the history of the game resort to tomfoolery on the pitcher’s mound to try to get by. Of course, in my opinion, conditioning was at least a part of the issue. He looked soft and out of shape to me.

I predict the Yankees will make a bid for Jason Bay, and it’s likely Johnny Damon’s days in NY are over. I don’t think the outfield of the future for the Yankees includes Damon or Nick Swisher. They have some holes to fill.

Hi All – I suspect by now you have all heard about the tragedy that took place at Ft. Hood in Texas. I know we have some current and former members of the military who read Ian’s blog and who are great fans of the Red Sox and of baseball – I offer my condolences to the family of the victims, to all the soldiers stationed at Ft. Hood and to all our men and women in the military – you are in our thoughts and prayers. This is another sad day in American history. God Bless You All!


Well it has ended.. and now it begins again!! The RedSox acquired outfielder Jeremy Hermida from the Florida Marlins for Hunter Jones and a Class A LHP ( I believe). I see this as a piece of an upcoming trade. Hermida has been a bit of a disapointment in So Florida. I guess you could say he has never quite lived up to the expectations that were placed upon him.
Garry… I do think the PinStripes will try to acquire Bay, but I think it will be to replace Damon in the outfield, moving him to the DH spot. Both he and Matsui are on the FA list.
Bobby Abreu signed again with the Angels, a 2 year deal I think.
Oh and Vicente Padilla has been taking shooting lessons from Plaxico Buress… He shot himself in the leg at a shooting range near his home town.. OUCH…..

The season is warming up…
Bring it on!!!!

I echo Julias sentiments for the familes of the Military personnel at Fort Hood . God Bless you.

and Please.. before I forget!!!!
Congratulations Robert… either way you were going to be a winner but somehow I suspect that you a are a much happier camper with the outcome. You had the better team this year.
Congrats to you and the Yankees. WELL DONE!

Hey everyone,
Julia. Ditto. That was a depressing way to end a way at a Fort. Wow.
Theo is once again collecting recyclables. Hunter Jones needs time and will be something special. What were they thinking?

Dave,, he’ll be a good piece ina trade.. think about it. He isnt thinking of replacing Bay(if he doesnt sign withthe Sox) with Hermida, believe me. I think that he’ll be a piece for a trade to a National League team, say maybe the Padres.Our old asst GM, Jed Hoyer is out there now, so you may see some talks and trades with SanDiego.

Jules.. Hermida never lived up to his prospect ranking (thought to have been the #4 prospect at the time).. He would give you a glimpse of a really good bat and defense from time to time but then phhhht….. nothing.

Night all.. meet ya back here tomorrow.. more hot stove. sssssssssssss… hot

Sorry, 9tedw, but that idea about Harden is almost laughable. First off, if Theo wants to acquire Harden, I have little problem with that. His splits may or may not be good at Fenway, but I am not sold that he will be good on our team for an entire year. Wake was one of our most dominant pitchers this year, and made the AS team for a reason. Whether he is able to pitch next year or not remains to be seen, but in my book, he is welcome back anytime, IF he is able. But the idea that Harden is automatically going to make our rotation better is questionable at best.

My condolences and prayers to the men and women at Fort Hood, and throughout our military. God Bless them all!

Theo acquired Baldelli’s replacement, Hermida!!! I can feel the love, Theo, I can feel it!
‘010 is gonna be a great year! It’s all coming together.
I hear that Theo is negotiating with Julia Lugo; Julio’s fraternal (or is that sisternal?) twin! The scouting report is that she is almost as good as her brother, and she reportedly lives in Dave’s neighborhood. Dave?? Is that true? I can’t wait for the satire next year! Get your keyboard ready Dave.
Ellen, maybe you’re right about the Hermida trade looming on the horizon. Hermida, Kotchman and Ortiz for Adrian Gonzales! Might work. maybe Theo can throw in Mirabelli!

Hermida may or may not be a good addition to our team were he to stay. This move strikes me as the equivalent of the Adam LaRoche deal. I would not be surprised to see him be a chip in a larger deal. If not, yes he would likely be a player who could help us off the bench, or whenever Drew gets sent back to the paper recycler. I am a little disturbed, however, that we dealt Hunter Jones to get him. Jones, I think, was dealt away too quickly, and not at the right price. Perhaps Hermida will surprise me. (It would not be the first time). We’ll see.

I think the word would be “sororital” twin, Arnie.😉 Perhaps that is how Dave arranged some of those “Zazu penalty dates”! Dave, do you have an inside track with LugNuts’ sister?😉

Ellen, did I see our resident troll resurface on the previous blog? Hmmm!…
Bob, it pains me to do it, but I gotta tip my hat to the Yankees for the WS win. SIGH! Congratulations, Bob.

Greg, how about sartorial or seratoninal? Hermanatorial?? Cisternal?? Whatever.

Seratoninal sounds like a winner to me, Arnie! Let’s go with it!😉

“As an organization, we don’t define ourselves relative to any other club,” Epstein said. “We have an organizational goal of winning 95 games and getting to the playoffs as many years as we can. We actually hit that number on the nose this season and felt great about ourselves going into the postseason. So things didn’t go our way for three games in October, but we’re certainly really happy with where we are as an organization.”
Am I the only one who is a little disturbed by this quote of Theo’s (in Ian’s article)? It sounds like the recipe to tread water, except that he hasn’t added the water. So much for “trying to win the division” let alone the WS.:/

The organization goal of winning 95 games may or may not take the Red Sox to the playoffs. The goal is to win the division and take off from there. Winning the division is not just for the pride and HFA but for the realistic shot at the WS. Correct me if I am wrong, historically a WC team crowns a WS championship is considerably improbable than a division champion. 2004 happens once in a millennium.
I hope Uncle Tito realizes that making the players happy and rested do not necessarily translate into winning the game. I think the Uncle will be wiser in 2010.

Greg, I didnt see that but, I think what he said may just be “the company line”, you know, what a corporation head would say to stockholders. No it doesnt inspire confidence in my book. I’m sure that there will be moves made that when its all said and done will make this a stronger and more solid team for the future.
What I try to remember is that before Theo and Co got here, we had ZERO CHAMPIONSHIPS in 86 years, now we have 2 and have made the post season, what 6 or 7 out of the last 10??? I hope that we don’t start to get that “Yankee” mentality (Robert that excludes you, of course)that we are “ENTITLED” simply because we are the RedSox…..
With regard to Hunter Jones.. Yes it may come back to bite the Sox in the **** later, but somtimes you have to sell off SOME of the future to build for the present. With only a couple of “bad deals” that Theo has made, we have to think that he’s got plans to make us better than a 95 win team…

Go get em Theo.. keep the stove HOT!!!!

Hey.. I just noticed that Senor Ez (Hooooolian Tavarez) is a free agent.. maybe we should get him. lol
On a slightly more serious note I did notice that a couple of the Molina bros. are FA’s… I just found that tickling the brain….

Listen I like Tim Wakefield too, but heres some stats from last year. A very good season for him.
4.50 era against Yankees
9.00 against Rays
6.89 Blue Jays
11.95 ERA Runners in scoring position
27.00 era with men on 2nd and 3rd.
15.55 era with men on 1st and 2nd.
10.80 era with men on 3rd.
With the knuckleball you might as well count walks as doubles, singles as doubles. Im just thinking maybe Sox will be looking in another direction this off-season. This is not a knock on Tim.
Have a nice day everyone.

If Wake is healthy, 9tedw, he’s going nowhere. Stats don’t, and never will, tell the entire story, so you can throw any stats you want at me, and they will never show the entire picture. You threw similar stats around about Pap, and yet he gave us more heartburn than most of us on here care to remember. Thank goodness he improved as the season went on. Wake’s value is only to us. I still doubt he will be healthy enough to pitch, and it is possible that he will only do so in long relief and/ or BP if so. But Wake is not the type who will stick around if he cannot help the team. I hope he can.

Long relief or spot-starts, I intended to say.

Out to bowl, y’all.. anyone checking in later??

Ellen, Julia, Andy, and Greg,
Thanks for your kind words. And to everyone else who had kind thoughts but couldn’t bear to type, thanks as well!
Good to see the Sox management making some moves already! The 2010 season is already underway!!!

Congrats to the Yanks. I was feeling sorry for myself over a certain participant (no longer) in the blog.
Theo Epstein, there are times I think he should be fired. He makes such bone headed moves it shocks me that he’s still around. We had a left fielder that we gave away for Gagne and his latest statement sounds like someone in the House of Representatives (my goals are for today. Forget about tomorrow). Of course its easy being on the outside.

first off, I must say I hope we resign Bay and not be tempted into Holliday … Bay has the personality and has already proved he can mash in fenway, Holliday is good but is a Boras client and potentially has inflated stats from hitter friendly Coor’s Field …..Love Tek but honestly we cant sign him we should sign Yorvit Torrealba and have him be the backup he was unbelievable in the second half this year i believe this would be a perfect fit but is it realistic? … other than that we need a top of the rotation starter as does every team

first off, I must say I hope we resign Bay and not be tempted into Holliday … Bay has the personality and has already proved he can mash in fenway, Holliday is good but is a Boras client and potentially has inflated stats from hitter friendly Coor’s Field …..Love Tek but honestly we cant sign him we should sign Yorvit Torrealba and have him be the backup he was unbelievable in the second half this year i believe this would be a perfect fit but is it realistic? … other than that we need a top of the rotation starter as does every team

Gangsta003: Torrealba?? another Rockie?? How about one of the Molina Brothers… plenty of good catching stats there!!!

… And I agree about the Boras part.. I think that Theo and Co. should shy away from ANY future contracts with Boras clients.. man he sure makes a ton o money off his “clients”

Hi All!

First – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JERRY REMY!!! Today is his 57th birthday! I hope he spends all of next season in the broadcast booth where he belongs!!!

BOB – You’re very welcomed! You are a great addition here on Brownie Points!

GREG – I agree with you – if Wake is healthy he should NOT be going anywhere! Wake brings something to the team that stats do not show.

ELLEN – maybe we can take Boras out and show him the bottom of Boston Harbor! lol!

I’m not overly fond of Fox Sports when it comes to baseball – But the NFL crew on Fox did a wonderful job broadcasting live from Afghanistan today. And Terry Bradshaw did a very respectful job leading the soldiers and crew in a rendition of God Bless America. Great job guys and God Bless our Troops and America.

Wakefield 9.0 4 2 2 2 4 0 3.00
(W, 1-1)

9tedw, since you decided to play the stats game with me earlier in the week, I am going to throw one back at you, to demonstrate that stats, while valuable, NEVER tell the entire story. This stat line would look very ordinary most days, except for the “9 IP”. The game came on Tax Day, immediately after the BP had been significantly “taxed” after Dice-K lasted only one inning. Ian recounted that day that Wake went to Tito and said, in short, “Give me the ball, I will give the BP a rest”. And he did. Granted, if this had happened when our offense went AWOL late last year, this would have ended in a probable ND, and stat geeks would have forgotten this situation. But Wake gave up those two runs in the 8th and 9th innings, after Lowell (remember him??) had already put up our 8 runs. Ian, the following day, put it well:
So perhaps it is time for people to stop sending me e-mails wondering why Wakefield is in the rotation, and why his spot isn’t filled by a more glamorous pitcher who throws hard.

Why is Wakefield in the rotation? Let’s start with the fact that he is one of the top bargains in baseball and has been for the last several years. The man — who signed a contract that was all about loyalty to a city and to a team — makes $4 million a year. That is $4 million for double-digit wins and 150 to 180 innings every year.

If Wake is healthy, THAT is the guy I want on this team, whether Harden (or anyone else) joins the team, and at $4 mil, you will not do much better. Theo and the FO would be FOOLS to pass that up. So I hope Wake IS healthy enough to give us LEADERSHIP like that day in April.

Still want to play the stats game?

“After Lowell and the rest of the team put up 8 runs”, is what that was supposed to read. Nice job, Gringorio.:/

Hey everyone,
Gonsalez didn’t get his extension. I feel bad for Lowrie. Got a lot of pressure on him to perform next year. It was a lot of money but I don’t know. Lugo, Drew, Gagme???

great site for school. Highly recommend it. Got lots of word problems for Naomi to devour. We all know how much kids ‘love’ word problems.

That looks like a good site, Dave. It appears that it should help both Naomi and Avi, and for more than just math, should you choose. I hope it helps!
We anticipated that A-Gonz’s option might not be picked up, but it is still possible that they’ll re-sign him to a new contract. I hope so; otherwise, if Theo has his eye on Scutaro or someone else, I hope he signs that SS to a longer-term deal (if he is a FA), or has him on board past this next year (if via trade). I do hope he avoids like Bobby Crosby, though.
Take care, Dave. GO SOX!

The Sox didnt excercise the Gonzalez option BUT they can still sign him. I just hope this isnt the start of “musical shortstops” again. I’m sorry but Idon’t see Lowrie as the answer, I just dont. maybe they are making a play For Marcos Scutaro (Jays)…

Yea, I am beginning to wonder about RedSox management with all their vaunted evaluation techniques — they are becoming more and more predictable; still looking for bargain basement deals (Hermida), and curiously ignoring those who have consistently played well for you (Gonzales) because they think you are overvalued. Let’s see — let’s sign a guy who has under-achieved his whole career, who was drafted 11th overall (and magically he will find himself in Boston, like Lugo, Renteria, Smotz, Penny, Baldelli, and many others have🙂 — and lets not sign the only short-stop that has played well for us since Cabrera — cause he is too expensive (by our evaluation system) — and because we like continuing failing at the short-stop position. If you will pay $4 mill for Wakefield, why on earth would you not pay $6 mill for Gonzales until you have your next superstart short stop?

Perhaps the Sox have been burned by their recent big money contracts and now are gun shy. Can’t say I blame them for that… the Yanks sure have shown that it doesn’t always work out…. until this year unfortunately.

Everyone…message from Theo Epstein.
“We’ve had severe problems with the shortstop position over the years from Julio Lugo to…others I don’t want to mention. Actually I only mention Julio because we are still paying his m(censored) f(censored) s(censored) a(censored) salary.
Anyway, we’ve decided not to have a shortstop position this year. That of course will leave a major hole between second and third but we have confidence in our pitching staff as well as Dustin’s range and frankly I must confess, I don’t appreciate Dustin hanging up on me with such a suggestion.
There has been some resistance to the move. Some like the entire Red Sox staff are calling me a man with holes drilled in my head but we feel this is the best course of action. Now of course that leaves eight men on the field but we’re adding a new position called rightstop. The rightstop will sit between first base and the dugout. That we believe will really help with people hitting the ball foul. We think that someone with the talent of…well I don’t know but I’m sure someone with enough talent will do it.

DGN, I agree that A-Gonz should have been picked up, as he is a bargain for $6 mil, and not much more $$ than Wake (whether Wake is picked up or not). Theo seems to have this budget in his mind that he’ll only spend X amount of $$, including what we have to blow in paying off the LugNuts mistake. I would not be surprised if he is gun-shy about any contracts, and I can’t blame him for that, either. I think, though, that if he had simply bitten the bullet, and picked up A-Gonz’ option, that problem could at least have been punted to next year, and been able to settle the question RELATIVELY inexpensively. A-Gonz is as much of a bargain for a shortstop as we are likely to find (not unlike Wake for a pitcher), and he was sure-handed in the field, less so with the bat (but neither was anyone else). But Theo must have Scutaro, or someone like him (NOT Crosby, please!), in mind. I hope he does get it done, and preferably past 2010. GET IT DONE, THEO!!

V-Mart and Wake are back, add Hermida

Baldelli, A-Gonzalez, Varitek, Bay, Saito…..gone for now

We have a gap in our farm system, very few players on both sides of the ball are ready to help this season maybe even next so I fully expect to see Theo cut a deal

With Hoyer in SD and very familiar with our system I’m thinking as many are that Adrian Gonzalez will be manning the 1B slot for the Sox next season. Not sure what the package would be but Hermida, Reddick, Delcarmen, Bowden, Bard, Kelly, Anderson, Lowrie could all be part

Iglesias is a Cuban……part of a pacakge to Florida to re-acquire Hanley?

Ramirez (hence the last name) is another head case, and from what I’ve seen down here in So FL, in the not too distant future you will see HanRam being HanRam, unless someone does something to put an end to his prima-dona crap. NO reacquisition of Hanley!!!!!!!

We need to sign Jason Bay .. for a start (It’s imperative)
I agree on bringing back Alex Gonzlez, if they don’t bring him back we should get Marco Scutaro and play him on SS
I would be great to have Chone Figgins
And we need a SP, either Halladay or Lackey

Theo mustn’t be afraid of making some investments …
(like it looked on 2009)

Morning all! The Boston Media is reporting this morning that Wakefield will retire after the 2011 season and that Tek will exercise his players option and come back as the backup catcher. I’m happy with both of these things – though don’t you wish Wake could pitch forever? AND I’m glad our Captain will have a chance to say good-bye the right way.

I am truly glad that Wake will be back. They need to use him judiciously. As well, I look forward to seeing Varitek behind the plate, albeit in a diminishd capacity. I think this paves the way for him into coaching. I think both he and Wake have futures in coaching if they choose.
Now lets get rolling with with Bay-bay Re-Signing!!!!


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